Did the name of Sofia Hellqvist’s wedding dress designer get leaked?

Did the name of Sofia Hellqvist’s wedding dress designer get leaked?

The Swedish Royal Palace will not officially announce who has designed Sofia Hellqvist‘s wedding dress until the wedding day, but as with Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine, it is possible that Sofia’s wedding dress designer has been leaked ahead of time. There is a rumor that Ida Sjöstedt is designing Sofia’s wedding dress.

Sofia Hellqvist wedding dress designer rumor

The information comes via Twitter – I don’t know what the actual source of the information is so who knows if this is true or not. Why am I bothering to bring this up? Mainly so I can go: NOOOOOO!!!!!

I was actually excited to see a really pretty wedding gown from Sofia, but now I’m thinking it’s going to be a disaster. I can’t stand Ida Sjöstedt’s designs – they’re terrible. Terrible, I tells you!

Both Sofia and Maddie have worn Ida Sjöstedt designs before. Sofia wore a berry-colored sequin and tulle concoction back in December at the Nobel Prize ceremony

Sofia Hellqvist Nobel Prize Banquet

And Maddie wore a black lace monstrosity at the World Childhood Foundation 15th anniversary dinner in September 2014.

Princess Madeleine Childhood gala dinner 1

Both of these gowns are terrible. I checked around this designer’s website and saw more bad. If this rumor is true, then I am really worried that Sofia’s dress is going to be a terrible sequin and lace disaster.

Other royal wedding info:

  • Not only will the wedding ceremony be broadcast, the wedding dinner will as well. SVT will broadcast the ceremony from the Royal Chapel and the wedding dinner from the White Sea in the Royal Palace.
  • The black tie pre-wedding dinner held on June 12, the night before the wedding on June 13, will be held at Ulriksdal Palace. Link.
  • Avicii and Icona Pop will preform at the wedding. Link.

Photos: Expressen/Svenskdam

20 thoughts on “Did the name of Sofia Hellqvist’s wedding dress designer get leaked?

  1. My god that berry dress was terrible. We have seamstresses in my country who can make better gowns. Please please choose someone else.

  2. Wow, it will be fun to see what she turns up in. I was actually hoping she’d up the barre and go for something super classic and beautiful. Now I’m having my doubts.

    1. I was hoping she’d wear something really beautiful and elegant, too, but now I’m really doubting that will happen if she went with this designer.

    1. I’m not actually sure why there is so much mystery surrounding who the designer is. They did that with Kate’s dress designer as well.

  3. The comments on magazine articles outside sweden have been scathing avout S.H.! I wonder if C.P. thinks everything will get better after the wedding? I hope she becomes an asset to sweden, but sophia has given me any hope that she will improve herself!

  4. I think the dress would be better in blue and maybe a wrap/pashmina to give it some mystery. Maddie’s dress is eye catching and can carry the black lace look off. Roll on June and well done Sweden on the Eurovison win.

    1. I’m guessing Sofia will get a new tiara. I just can’t see her wearing any of the ones currently in the SRF for various reasons.

      1. Yeah, I’m thinking she will get a new tiara as well. It would be a nice touch since her fiancee is the only son of the king.

  5. Is it terrible that I’m looking forward more to the food menu and pics than the wedding? I feel like I’m expecting too high a bar of tiaras, dresses, cute kids and gorgeous groom.

      1. Your prior posts really did justice to the delicious dishes. I almost want a recipe but with an eye to availability and $.

  6. Ohhh, that berry colored dress is so terrible. Maybe, the wedding gown will be better, but I don’t know. Does anyone with any taste help Sophia with her apparel choices? One’s wedding gown should be a dream of a dress, not a nightmare.

    1. I really hope they will keep the wedding dress tasteful. No sequins, no tulle.

      1. I looked on the designer’s website and she seems to love tulle. Ugh!
        I agree with you. No sequins. No tulle! I have a feeling Sophia will opt out of the sequins, but tulle seems like a given. I hope not, though. Too much like a wedding cake topper from time gone by.

        1. Based off of the designs Sofia and Maddie have already worn, and the designer’s website, I have a feeling there will be lots of tulle and lace and terribleness.

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