Prince Harry plays polo

Prince Harry plays polo

My favorite Prince Harry is polo-playing Prince Harry. So for my enjoyment and yours, here is Prince Harry playing polo in the Maserati Jerudong Park Trophy polo match at Cirencester Park Polo Club in Cirencester, England yesterday, May 24 to brighten up your Memorial Day (or your regular Monday).

The charity polo match was in aid of WellChild, MapAction (both of which Harry is patron), and Centrepoint (of which Prince William is patron). Harry is a very good polo player, but his team lost 8 to 7.

It was thought The Petulant would show up for the polo match as well, but he did not. Interestingly, the Jerudong Trophy match is the polo match The Petulant left a very pregnant Duchess Kate to go play in July 2013 – only a week before Prince George was born. And the Jerudong Trophy match was George’s the first polo outing back in June 2014. But The Petulant decided to skip it this year. I guess he was tired after working four days in a row last week.

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  1. Rhiannon, it looks like Harry is all hot and sweaty. Time for you to get in there with a towel and to towel him off to make him more comfy. Of Course YOU will need a cold shower after this, but those are the sacrifices that you are willing to make for the Father of Lauri and my God Children’s Father.

  2. That last photograph…harry has an uncanny Diana expression…i swear he has more of her likeness as he gets older…nice to see.

    1. I thought that of the photo of him last week Jenndog. He has her mouth and her nose in that photo. He is looking more like her now than Petulant does.

      1. I can see Diana in his smile – he has her shy smile thing going on.

  3. Thanks KMR for this week’s Harry “fix”.
    He always looks good on a horse, and that grey is a great polo pony!
    Bet Harry will marry a girl who rides horses, unlike Kate who is “allergic” but not allergic enough that she has to stay away from polo matches?

    1. Two things:

      1) I ride horses. 😉

      2) I was thinking about Kate’s horse allergy just the other day. Because she supposedly has an allergy to horses, Sophie even said that as a reason why Kate would not take that Olympic equestrian up on his offer to teach her how to ride. Yet Kate has no problem standing really close to horses when at William’s polo matches. So how can she have an allergy to horses if she’s perfectly capable of attending polo matches without a problem? I’ve known the horse allergy was BS for years, but I never really put it together that Kate lied about the allergy and didn’t even bother to play that lie out. She doesn’t even care that her actions show her lie to be a lie. I mean, I know Kate and William have a huge problem with their actions negating their words, but damn they really don’t care about their actions proving that they are lying. Or they tell so many lies they don’t remember all of them. Either way, really dumb of them.

      1. Maybe it’s not that bad when she’s just standing near and maybe gets worse when she’s actually on top of the actual thing? Maybe she took some allergy medication before the polo match?

        1. I would think it would be worse when she is standing next to a horse rather than on top of one. On top of one her face would be several feet from the animal, whereas standing next to one her face would be much closer. If she’s allergic to the dander or something, then standing next to one would be worse, I would think.

          She could medicate with allergy medicine. I could see her doing that and then suffering to be a the polo match because William wants her to be there.

          1. Not everybody has to like horses. If Kate does not like horses, fine. But it’s silly to lie about allergies and hang around at a horse event just to please your husband. It’s not as if the husband would otherwise be all alone or something like that. It seems she is a true doormat.

          2. Yeah, but she’s so used to lying about so much that I don’t know if she can change her ways. (the HG, not doing charity visits then turning up shopping, etc.)

          3. I thought what she technically said years ago, was that she had an “aversion” to horses. Which could mean, she was scared to ride them.

            I thought the original article about this whole thing never technically used the word “allergy”, that was an assumption?

          4. I seem to remember during the BP reception for the Olympic athletes in fall 2012 that one of the equestrians offered to give Kate riding lessons, she agreed, and then Sophie told him that Kate was allergic to horses and would not be able to take riding lessons from him.

  4. Oh, seeing Harry playing polo is such a treat. Thanks for another great post, KMR.
    He does remind me more and more of Diana. And, yes, around the eyes, you see Charles and the Queen. So much for those horrid paternity rumors.

    Harry looks happy whenever we get to see him, while William mostly looks miserable What a shame that he fell into the Middleton mess. For the sake of those children, I hope there can be some real happiness at home.

    1. Harry looks more and more like Charles as he gets older. I’m glad, because those paternity rumors are terrible.

  5. Oh, KMR, thanks for the eye candy of the day. Harry is so hot. So handsome. So Royal!
    Love him on the polo pony. Love him anywhere, come to think of it. He does look more and more like Diana, and William less and less. Yes, you can also see Charles in Harry’s face.

    I agree that Harry always looks happy and full of life. William seems defeated on many levels. Occasionally, one sees a great photo in which he appears happy or engaged, but he just does not seem to be in his glory the way Harry is. That is sad. Both of them should be living lives that are full and rich with the promise of hope and integrity.

    1. As much as we complain about William and his Petulant ways, it really is sad if he is so unhappy.

      1. Agree. Nobody wants to see him unhappy.
        He and Harry experienced a devastating loss at a critical time in their youth.
        One can never take away the pain the loss of their mother must bring them. I just wish that William and his life with Kate and the children would bring him more joy. Perhaps, out of the public eye, he is truly a happier man. So sad that he cannot show and live more happily — like his brother seems to be able to do — when in public. I guess he is feeling the weight of the future crown with him always, too.

        1. I agree, I think that out of the public eye William is a happy man. He just can’t stand the media circus around him. I feel for him on this, because, come on really, all the scale of the fuss in front of the hospital when the babies were born was not something royals from other countries would ever have to endure. It can really piss someone off, if that someone is an introvert personality.

          William needs some counselling to adjust and accept this hoopla around him. Otherwise he’s really going to suffer.

    2. Thanks for e-candy of the week – lovely King Harry! It’s a pity Petulant could not come out of hiding to support the kids Charity event.

      As to km allergic to horses – in her decade of hunting P Will, many photos of km and ma carol at Polo events. Km also seem fine with P George first Father’s Day Polo visit.

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