Quarterly Review: Kate Middleton’s 1st quarter engagement numbers

Quarterly Review: Kate Middleton’s 1st quarter engagement numbers

Since it’s the end of March, and (most likely) the end of Kate Middleton‘s public appearances until she strolls out of the Lindo Wing with Baby Cambridge 2, now would be an excellent time for a quarterly review of Kate’s appearances – and to check in to see how our polls compare to Kate’s visits. For a full list of Kate’s appearances go here; this post is a number crunch of her appearances so far this year.

January to March, Kate’s totals* are:

    16 days
    24 engagements

*These numbers do not include non-official appearances, out and abouts, shopping trips, and vacations.

Out of those 24 engagements, the numbers break down to:

    2 Royal Family Appearances in the UK
    14 Royal Duty Appearances in the UK
    3 Charity Appearances in the UK
    5 No Press Appearances in the UK
    0 Foreign Appearances

Whether or not you want to count the no press appearances, or the Royal Family appearances, or whichever, is up to you.

As far as other sightings, etc. some numbers are:

    1 Video message (in support of Place2Be)
    1 Official quote (to the Times)
    1 Non-official appearance in the UK (to the Goring Hotel)
    1 Out and About sighting in the UK* (in Bath for memorial service)
    4 Shopping trips that we know of (via photos or press)
    1 Vacation that we know of (two weeks in Mustique)

*Kate was also supposedly spotted taking George to the museum and to the park.

My numbers deviate slightly from LadyBlueRibbon‘s Duchess Kate Tracker. I counted Kate’s visit to Turner Contemporary as a charity appearance since she was there as Patron of the NPG; I counted the Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital School visit as a no press visit instead of a charity visit even though it was on behalf of Place2Be because all of Kate’s no press events were on behalf of one of her charities and no press takes precedence for me; I also counted three engagements in Portsmouth on February 12 instead of just one.

I’ll be honest with you, I’m shocked Kate did so many appearances in the first quarter of this year. I seriously thought she would only do one appearance in January, two or three in February, and one in March before disappearing. The fact that she did 24 engagements is shocking to me. Will she continue this flurry of engagements after the baby arrives, or will she disappear until the fall? I don’t know. I hope she keeps this pace up after the birth, but the cynic in me doesn’t think she will (given her track record). But she did prove me wrong once already this year, so it’s possible she could prove me wrong again. We’ll have to wait and see.

Now onto some comparisons with our last poll results (where we voted on different Kate related questions in order to try and predict what she will do – because she is fairly predictable).

Firstly, guys, I’m pretty sure I know why Kate was in mourning late last year and early this year… someone stole her LK Bennett nude Sledge pumps!! Kate has not worn her Sledges once this year, and they haven’t been seen publicly since the WWI commemorations in August of last year. That’s eight entire months without a Sledge sighting! We need to get the FBI, Scotland Yard, and Interpol on this STAT… someone kidnapped the Sledges! I don’t know if there was a ransom note or if someone is holding them hostage but I fear for their life, you guys. Kate must be panicked. No wonder she has looked so tired lately, she’s been so busy worrying about where her shoes are!

Anyway…. So far this year, Kate has been predictable in two of her most predictable categories: clothing color and crotch clutching. Kate has worn blue six times, or 35% of the time (the majority of those polled thought Kate would wear blue 30-40% of the time). Her next most worn color this year so far? Black. Because of course. And so far, Kate has proven 65% of those polled correct by holding her hands to her crotch at every single engagement she has been on.

Kate wore her hair down 7 times; in an updo 3 times; and half up 2 times. If we combine the updos and half up hairstyles, that is 5 times, or 41% of the time. Which is surprising – only 2% of those polled thought she’d wear her hair up (in some capacity) more than 40% of the time.

These are just four results out of many polls, and of course these comparisons are just preliminary figures based on three months of the year. Kate has plenty of time to change these figures.

Just about a month or so before we get to compare the Baby Cambridge 2 poll results!

I’m still hoping for a boy, though the press wants a girl so hard. The latest report claiming Kate is having a girl comes from the Daily Mail. They claim Kate has been eating a ton of chocolates and other sweets from a shop near Anmer Hall (and by “near” I mean a 40 minute drive from Anmer; but it’s closer to Anmer than KP). Apparently there is an “old wives tale” about how craving sweets means you’re having a girl. I don’t believe this for two reasons: 1) I don’t believe in “old wives tales” because usually there are a bunch of contradictory “old wives tales” for every thing they supposedly predict; and 2) Kate hasn’t gained that much weight, so I highly doubt she’s been pigging out on sweets.

PS. Kensington Palace announced that Prince William officially started work at his air ambulance job. He will now go through training and will begin flying in the summer.

    “The Duke of Cambridge has today started work as an employee of Bond Air Services.
    “Over the coming months he will undertake job-specific training before he begins piloting missions for East Anglian Air Ambulance during the summer.
    “The mandatory training will involve simulator, aircraft and in-flight skills training.”

PPS> This Katie Nicholl for the DM article about the work at Anmer Hall not being completed yet is just an excuse for when Kate moves back in with Mummy after the baby is born.

Photos: Getty – more pics from Kate’s last engagements in South London on March 27.

106 thoughts on “Quarterly Review: Kate Middleton’s 1st quarter engagement numbers

  1. These two are utterly ridiculous. The royal reporters better be prepared to start spinning William the savior, in the helicopter sugar.

    In my opinion, anmer was finished last fall. The midds totally stayed there for Christmas. I don’t think the queen would let the midds stay at wood farm for such an extensive period.

    This is just a new creative lie to explain her retreat to mummy. Must they publicize it this way – Can’t they just keep quiet?
    She should stay at anmer or kp. Clearly, wasting thousands of pounds for extra security is not something they are concerned with. Who cares about plebs? They must secure bucklebury palace.

    As for her engagements… Meh.
    This “busy period” just reaffirms the fact that she is lacking in every way and has barely improved in four years.

    1. I’m envisioning a revolving palace scenario, where, if Kate comes to Anmer, Will moves to Wood Farm. When Kate goes to Bucklebury Palace (Hee!), William goes back to Anmer. I bet William has a place in London too so they don’t have to share KP either. Of course the “Anmer isn’t done yet” is an excuse for Kate to move back in with her parents. I’m amazed at the brazenness of the lie! They had the builders in for drinks to thank them. They spent five or six weeks there for Xmas. Do they think we forgot? Do they think we’re morons? I don’t know why Kate doesnt move Carole into Anmer after the baby. She is the new Housekeeper after all (cough).

      1. I know. They made a big deal about Carole moving in and being the new housekeeper and shit. Now they’re claiming the work isn’t even done. It’s such BS.

      2. I hate moving. I would find it exhausting to be constantly moving around from home to home. Plus, wouldn’t it be better for the kids to have a consistent environment. Especially with a newborn who you are trying to settle into a routine?

    2. Yeah Anmer was finished last fall. They made a big deal of moving in last fall because the work was finished. They stayed there for an extended period over Christmas with the Midds. This “Anmer is not finished yet” is BS.

  2. Clearly, they have to have that cheese on toast!
    Well, thank goodness we have Sophie and the other royal ladies! Hopefully, they’ll have Tiara-stock, a three day tiara-fest with in-depth charity features, creative fashion, food and fun.

    1. I don’t think William will be getting that cheese on toast if Carole is too busy being the new baby’s mother.

  3. You know all of the work she did was completely wiped out for me with the release of that Anmer not being completed so she has to run to mummy after the baby comes. I’m thinking someone has had discussions with W&K about Carole and Michael being at Anmer so much and as a way to retaliate, Kate has decided to throw a different shade of beige on the walls and call it redecorating so she has to run home because it’s not done.

    And as far as Wood Farm, that’s where William is living while she and mummy and camped out at Anmer. If they release that they have been staying there no one will think twice about seeing William coming and going from there. Only problem will be that Kate will be at Bucklebury while he spends his paternity leave at Wood Farm.

    Highly dysfunctional, passive-aggressive couple being controlled like a pair of puppets by Ma Midds. I’ve special ordered a ton of popcorn so I don’t have to leave to restock while watching this whole thing crumble.

    1. Yeah I agree. Kate did so well getting out there these last three months, and now she’s completely regressed by claiming Anmer isn’t done and using that as an excuse to move back in with her mommy.

  4. This is an exhausting schedule for Kate. How will she manage to come up with the energy to make it through labor with baby #2. In truth I wish them a healthy baby and a non-eventful delivery.

    1. How much maternity leave should Kate take? Assuming she, like any and every other woman, needs/deserves time to recover and bond with her baby, how long? I’m asking as a serious question.

      1. Good question. Most women I know in the US get 6 weeks of paid maternity leave.
        Depends on how tough the labor is for Kate and how much she wants to get back into the game of appearances. Jason really seemed to push her in the first few months of this year. I doubt she will be on track again until the summer, but who knows.

        1. The legth of maternity leave differs widely from country to country. In Denmark women have the right to 4 weeks before birth and 14 weeks after. I think it is similar conditions in Sweden.
          I don’t know how much maternity leave women are entitled to in Britain though.

          1. The US pays the least for maternity leave, if at all. Depends on the State, but as a general rule, almost nil. A mother may get up to 3 months of leave, but that would often be unpaid. Ten years ago when I had my baby, giving birth was officially considered a “short term disability” and, provided you paid for this type of insurance, out of your own pocket, you could expect 2/3 of your normal pay following the first 8 weeks of birth. A C-section might give you up to 12 weeks. That appears to no longer be the case.

          2. Giving birth was considered “a short term disability”! Holy cow, that’s a really strange way to categorize a simple fact of nature. However, I have next to no knowledge of how private health insurance work since I’ve had the need for it.

          3. Calling it a short term disability is only a means to collecting an insurance benefit from and insurance company, AH. Normal recovery time for a birth is considered 6 weeks, so the insurance company considers a woman “disabled” and unable to work for those 6 weeks. She then collects a percentage of her salary during that time.

          4. That’s interesting to know. It certainly illuminates how private health insurance can be very different from the public and free health insurance than I’m familiar with.

      2. It depends on which country one lives. In the US maternity leave isn’t that long. My Latin professor was back at work in 3 weeks. The royal reporters claim women in the UK get 1 year maternity leave (which quite frankly I think is way too long; why should an employer hold a position for someone for an entire year?).

        1. Maternity Leave depends on the company your work for in the US. Some may offer 12 weeks (more if you have a C-section), 6 months (holding your job but no additional pay) or 12 months (guarantee a position somewhere in the organization). I have to two small children and think the UK plan is a great idea. There is nothing more important, IMO, in the bonding between mother and child. I think its wrong for babies to have to go to daycare etc. after only a few weeks after birth!

          1. In Australia you can have up to a years maternity leave from your Employer. You are paid for 18 weeks at the rate of $641.05 per week. When I had my daughter, my employer paid this to me after they had paid by the Government for it. And then unless your employer pays you maternity leave you get nothing else.

          2. I had co-workers go into labor while working as RN’s in a busy critical care unit. We would put in their IV, stick them in a wheelchair and take over their patients so they could go down to L&D. Some would take only 2 weeks off, since it was difficult to replace staff and hard to accumulate time off (which was based on the number of full time years someone had worked).
            People always think Americans are workaholics, but if you want your job, you follow the rules set down by the company.

        2. In Canada, you get up to a year maternity leave. Employers are required to hold your job for you. In many ways it does work out since you can hire someone for a year to cover the maternity leave instead of just a few months. Not everyone takes the whole year, but they are entitled to if they wish.

  5. Anmer isn’t finished yet? For fuck sake, they should fire their contractors or something. It’s been 2 years! And hello! They have Kensington Palace!!!! Why do the need to move back to her parents?! And wtf, does this mean when Carole and Michael moved in with William and KAte they were all staying in the tiny lodge house? What the hell Kate! No one has used their apartments at Kensington yet, for fuck’s sake!

    1. I think that the new PR scans the internet and discovered that Waity running home to momma doesn’t look good. So they manufactured justification. I think it’s that simple.

      1. It’s rather sad that Kate can not cope without Ma Middleton.
        Is she having to run home to Middleton Manor because Mrs Danvers (oops aka Carole) was annoying the staff at Anmer and Sandringham too much and went home?

    2. Yeah, this new claim completely contradicts everything they’ve been saying for the last 6 months. I think it’s total BS and just an excuse for Kate to move back in with mommy.

  6. Is there any minimum number of charities or causes that a royal must support? It seems to me it would be more valuable to throw every ounce of energy into one cause ( 2 or 3 charities dedicated to this cause) than to just show up once a year and smile and mumble for an hour. It’s too bad someone doesn’t encourage Kate to become immersed in something meaningful. Even if she doesn’t care initially, she might develop an interest while she learned about the cause. She has the opportunity to make a difference. Even though she made more appearances than most of us predicted, they seemed to be shallow connections.

    1. I don’t think there’s any set requirement for charities. The royals can do as many as they want depending on how many charities want them to be patron. If Kate had one or two charities she really did a lot with, then that would be much better than the nothing visits she does currently.

  7. We have numbers and we need substance. Kate needs to have some speeches and find a cause that she believes in and will do hard work for. I would hope that she keeps this up, but I bet that she won’t.

    The upkeep at KP eas a joke. Once it was announced that Will would be “working” in Norfolk, the writing was on the wall. Then we were sold about the goods about the Midds helping out at Anmer. Now going to Middleton Manor? If I were a British taxpayer in would be upset. They are paying for security at KP, AH, and now at Ma Midds’.

    1. The worst part about this supposed move to her parents after birth is the exorbitant cost that comes with the increased security – as well as all the hassle to the lives of the neighbours and other people living in the area.

      This whole situation kind of reminds me of an episode in the last season of West Wing, where the new First Lady wants to keep living in their old house in an ordinary neighbourhood. This causes a huge amount of inconvenience to both her and her neighbours because of the security measures and she finally realises that she can’t really maintain her old life (in her new role as First lady) without making a whole lot of other people’s lives and jobs much more complicated.

      Kate really needs to learn that lesson. Not only does an extended stay at her parents’ house cost the UK taxpayers thousands of £ – her being there also inconvenience the other people who live in that area. I had the impression that Amner was finished but if it isn’t why not have her mother stay at KP for a while after the birth – no one can claim that KP isn’t finished! And it is already a secure location and wouldn’t need the expensive extra security. I wonder if Kate even knows how expensive her staying at mummy’s is or how much bother it causes other people living in the area? Does she know? Or doesn’t she even care?

      1. Kate and William don’t really like KP for some reason. I think it’s too visible? Like they can’t hide their activities from their staff and royal neighbors. It’s probably a hothouse of gossip. They’ve hinted as such previously in their explanations as to why they wanted to move full time to Anmer. But then Carole drove their staff away, so Bucklebury it is!

        1. Well, if they don’t like KP why insist on having the largest appartment that faces out to the street, especially when it was already occupied? None of what they do make any sense to me.

          1. I agree, Art Historian. Right now the only thing that makes sense in their selection of Princess Margaret’s old apartment seems to be just their continued sense of entitlement and pure greed.

          2. I agree. If they didn’t like how visible and whatever KP is, then they shouldn’t have demanded the largest apartment in the place.

          3. I simply think that these two simply have no idea of the value of money and that it wouldn never occurt to them to take the needs of others into consideration.

        2. I really don’t understand why they picked KP in the first place. Will lived there with his mom, not the same apartment, but the same building. So, he is familiar with it. To me, when they first picked it, I assumed it was because Will had pleasant memories of childhood there. But then you would expect that they would spend time there if that was why they picked it. I would also assume that they were familiar with the layout before they decided to move in.

          It’s like they had to pick a place in London and just drew something out of a hat. Why not one of the other palaces? And why kick a charity out, spend millions of dollars on renos to not use it?

          1. I think they had every intention of using it, but things started to go really south with the relationship and they probably can’t stand that there are so many people around who will know what is going on in their relationship and report back to those who need to know.

            In an effort to get away from the eyes/spies they thought about Norfolk. But hiring the housekeeper and gardener who worked for HM didn’t work for them either because their little play of being the happy couple was over and they don’t want anyone running back and telling. I think they believe that if they hire someone who never worked for HM or the BRF, they’ll be golden. But I would be more wary of someone who’s never worked for the RF as they don’t necessarily know the rules, could get completely ticked off about their job and/or how they’re being treated and go for the money (confidentiality clause or not).

      2. Ken Wharfe on the security costs


        AH you make a lot of great points. They are putting forward this image of “reluctant royals, oh we want to be normal, we do not want the expensive perks.” Turns out, all of these games cost much more than staying put in Kensington Palace. As long as they’re not paying the bills – and they never do – they will have no concept of money.

        1. It is not just that they have no concept of money but also that it doesn’t even seem to occur to them that their actions cause a lot of other people unnecessary hassle. No consideration of other people beyonf their own needs and wants. Classic example of an arrogant sense of entitlement.

    2. Yes. She got her numbers up, and now it’s time to work on the substance of the visit. She needs to keep this up after the birth but I have a feeling that she won’t. She’ll lose momentum and won’t want to do anything.

  8. Yes, indeed. Kate did make many more appearances so far this year than I ever would have thought. I assume 6 weeks of maternity leave is the norm, but she is not going to be “normal.”
    She may do one appearance before the six weeks to stun us, but after that, I think things will calm down for her.

    I’m in a state of confusion over her moving in with Ma and Pa after the birth of Baby Cambridge 2, but I guess that is what is going to happen I agree with others. What the heck is wrong with KP?

    I’m still crossing my fingers for a boy, but I think she will have a daughter. Not because of the chocolates, just because everything seems to be so easy for her. Why have another boy so that she has to try again for a daughter? No, Ms. Perfect will have a girl the second time around and then she’s done. I don’t care what anyone says about her wanting three kids because she is from a family of three children How about William? He’s from a family of two boys?

    Good luck to the Royal Couple and PG. But, honestly, the marriage does seem to be a mess, doesn’t it? Sad, but true.

    1. BTW, someone mentioned in a previous post that Kate’s ankles never appear to swell during her pregnancies — even in the final months. Even when she’s wearing high heels . Check out her photo in the high heels. Her feet don’t look swollen at all. But, as previously stated, she appears to be one of the lucky, charmed ones, doesn’t she?

      1. My ankles didn’t swell in any of my pregnancies. Everyone has different levels of oedema I guess.

    2. Hi Jenny,

      I was thinking about the whole Kate having a daughter thing, and imagining how difficult things are going to get if she does. I’m sure she wants to, both to please (she thinks) the Queen and Will (she hopes). Reality is that the press will constantly be after the new little princess and Will’s going to go crazy locking her up, because he’ll be sure they’ll kill her like his mother. She’ll be Rapunzel in the tower, poor kid. There’s a good chance that everything’s going to break in the next two years, with Will being away so much with this new job, Kate doing 1 hour press ops that might just feature a charity, and PG getting PO’d because there’s a new kid taking his toys. I hate to think that’s the reason we don’t see PG, he may not want Kate or Will because he barely spends time with them, so he doesn’t listen to them. Will’s pose of keeping him “safe” from the evil press could be a red herring for the lack of relationship they have with their son, who’s not a cute infant anymore, easy to dress up and pose with.

      1. Please say it will NOT be a girl as the poor child will run the risk of being pimped out like her mother by her maternal grandmother. I hope Child Protection Services are paying attention!

        1. I don’t think Kate is a great role model for a girl. I very much hope she doesn’t have one. As Pippa has found Kate lucked out finding an emotionally damaged aristocrat who could be manipulated by an intact family he didn’t have.

      2. Sugar, I am close to reconsidering a girl because of your comment. I can see PW going crazy the minute a picture is posted without his consent! I am for a girl because I have never seen a British Princess grow up in current times. It would be very interesting. (Not counting the York girls because I haven’t seen them grow up)

    3. I agree that everything seems so perfect with her, but having a boy or girl is really not up to her, isn’t it? So why the acrimonious comment?

      1. If William wanted a daughter at all costs, they could do (illegal) gender selection of a pre-screened embryo. At that point, the choice would be up to them.

      2. Oops, so sorry, Penelope, for my “Acrimonioust. Need we delve into each other’s comments in such a way as you just did? Give me a break, ‘cuz I am having one heck of a day. Truly, KMR, is there a need to be so nasty as P just was, or am I too sensitive?

        1. Jenny, IMO, you are being overly sensentive. She asked a question, defend your position. That’s why I love this blog. As long as you are respectful to others…fire away (IMO but ultimately it’s up to KMR)

  9. KMR great post, you are very good at what you do:))
    What do you think about the idea to compare the number of visits to the first and second pregnancy?

    1. It would be interesting to see if she actually did more this time than last. That would make an interesting post.

  10. I wonder the reason the dim cambridsges do not want to live in K.P. is because the courtiers will put pressure on them to work? Everyone will see that they do not do dit squat! I have no proof, just thinking!

    1. I remember reading pretty much that after they moved into KP. They floated a trial balloon about moving back to Wales because they loved it so much and KP was like living in a fishbowl where everyone knew their business.

      1. I should have read further before I commented up thread. I agree Bluhare, they don’t like KP. I imagine it’s harder to keep their (interesting) marital dynamics a secret there. Whatever their married life is like, being at KP risks greater exposure. I’m sure the staff and neighbors gossip like little girls.

        1. I’ve said it before, but there is too much history at KP. Their apartment is across the courtyard from Diana’s old apartment. Plus, Kate is wearing her ring. IMHO, there’s too much baggage there. Not to defend Will, but I think it might bring back memories. They could have easily moved to St. James Palace. But, since Kate is SWF-ing Diana, it works perfectly. Or so she thought.

          1. Then they shouldn’t have demanded the largest KP apartment nor should he have given her Diana’s ring.

          2. Exactly KMR. It’s not like anyone offered them the apartment. They asked for it. They could’ve lived somewhere else. They just wanted to be greedy show offs. They still want to be greedy show offs, or at least Kate does when it comes to AH because most of the renovations that went on were her doing. Then she still was and still is spending the majority of her time at Buckleberry.

          3. If I remember properly, it was Kate who wanted that apartment. William wanted Diana’s but Kate thought it would be “creepy” to live there.

          4. Kate Middleton who cannot stay away from her parents home (now new home), didn’t understand her husband’s desire to live in his childhood home?

            Wasn’t there also a rumor that they toured the larger space and Middleton”loved it”? I think it was that she wanted the biggest royal home she could get. She waited 10 years for that ring, she’s going to take every royal perk she can.

          5. Good point about the childhood homes, My2Pence. Here’s a thought…maybe Will gets his mum’s ring and Harry gets her apartment. Or how do their parcel out what still remains of hers? I might be totally out to lunch here…anyone have any idea?

  11. Explanation of DuchessKateTracker numbers:
    1. Great point about Turner Contemporary counting towards her patronage visits – I added an asterisk to mark that and included a note, It doesn’t bump up the day numbers but it explains why we probably won’t see her do another National Portrait Gallery event this year. She’s checked that box.
    2. I originally had the hospital visit for Place2Be as a no press event – but then they released a video to the press that proved she was in attendance. This is one of those grey areas because a free press should have access if it is “official” work. However, the nature of this cause requires delicacy in patient confidentiality — so from my view – if that is the case – if they release proof of visit – I’ll count it in the regular totals. The foundation parties/workshops/dinners and whatever else where there is no 3rd party verification is where I put that info.
    3. Portsmouth visit was all related to the 1851 Trust – every piece of the visit – it was just at 3 different locations. If she moved to different locations for her Downton Abbey visit we still counted it as one visit. Also Portsmouth is a rescheduled engagement from 2014 which she cancelled. I’m keeping that as one.
    4. I always suspected the Downton Abbey visit was scheduled because the series was ending and it was the only way she was going to get to do it. So they hooked her up and was a pretty bull-sh*t engagement. They announced the series was ending after she had her fun (otherwise it would have been obvious that it served no purpose). The DuchessKateTracker is an independent record and not an analysis website – but I’ve got an invisible BULLSH*T marker next to that.
    5. We are in agreement on the number of days seen and unseen total – which is 16. March 31 is the 90th day of the year so that figure put’s Kate’s percentage at 17%. Someone working 5 days a week is at 72% for the first quarter. Someone working 3 days a week is at 43%. Duchess Kate Tracker has her at 13 public days which works out to one day a week in the first quarter – but not really “work”, because none of us think going to church and movie sets is “working”.

    Fun with numbers! Let’s do it again on June 30th! If she comes out of the house after giving birth!

  12. @KMR,

    Why are you hoping for a boy? I don’t recall a reason.

    I, too, hope for a boy. I think of Anne and her struggle within royal confines and legalities. I think of Dolittle and her self-absorption and utilitarianism. I think of mini-me’s. I also think that that poor child would carry the weight of expectation with her individuality smothered. It happened to Kate. I see a continuation of the smothering cycle thanks to Kate and Carole. I see someone trained to be a mere cypher within the Middleton stranglehold.

    1. I am hoping for a boy for several reasons, mainly because of the pressure put on a girl. The press and public would put so much pressure on a girl to be 1) perfect, and 2) a Diana clone. So if the little girl wanted to be her own person or, heaven for bid, ever makes a mistake, then the press and public would crucify her. Also, I have a feeling that Kate would be terrible with a girl. I think she would be competitive with a daughter. Kate would want to be the center of attention, the prettiest, etc. and when the daughter gets more attention, Kate would get mean and possibly abusive. Also, Carole Middleton already screwed up two daughters, and having a granddaughter to screw up is not a good thing.

      1. Do you think Harry’s daughter (should he have one), will be under the same scrutiny? She would also be Diana’s granddaughter. And if the Cambridges never have a girl, would it be even worse?
        What is your top reason for hoping George has a brother? Does it have more to do with Di’s long shadow (look up HALO Kate, or babies born with AIDS, and get your hands dirty, if you really want to “be” Di) or with the current Carole assuming the matriarch position in their lives? It’s interesting, either way it has something to do with their mothers. Mothers rule the world!!
        Does anybody really want her to be Diana? I truly believe Harry is the closest to Diana we will ever get. Or maybe HIS little girl….

    2. I think part of the reason people are hoping for a boy is that Kate is so terribly messed up. I can only imagine that her attempting to raise a small vulnerable little girl is a train wreck looking for a place to happen. Kate’s mother raised her to be nothing more that a swallow, insensitive, insecure little girl who spent the better part of her life stalking a prince.
      I think that a woman who has no understanding of her own self worth and no interest in anything of any substance is one of the worst role models a little girl can have. Assuming Kate would raise her daughter as she had been raised, the result would be yet another little girl who has no understand of what she could be, or how to achieve anything of substance other than catching a titled husband.
      Between William’s paranoia, Kate’s indifference and Ma Midd’s social climbing this little princess of theirs would be a mess. For some reason, I seem to think that a little boy would have better luck in that sort of toxic environment.
      The only positive I can think of is the fact that P Charles has stated several times that he wished he and Diana had had a daughter, maybe a grand-daughter would give him the incentive to pull rank and force W&K to act like adults.
      I would love to see a little princess, I just think that environment would be the worst thing for a little girl. There is not possible way that W&K will raise their children like the Swedish or Spanish royal children are being raised, with a sense of responsibility, duty or self respect.

  13. I was surprised Kate made so many appearances but they were all token and reaffirmed how dull she really is. I thought I would warm to her the more I saw her in public, but I think it’s had the opposite effect on me. She has no charisma and even her fashion is becoming predictable and boring. I’ve now started to follow other European royals such as Queen Letizia; Kate pales in comparison.

    1. That’s why I started following some of the other European royals, too.

      1. I really appreciate your Royal Round-ups! And as I said in the previous thread I would loved to do a report on the exhibit of QMII’s dresses when I’ve seen it.

    1. It’s not even 16 days!!. Her appearances equate to about 16 hours. That’s only two days of full time work. She’s a joke.

      1. Um, RT, it’s 17 hours. She stayed for two hours at Downton Abbey. Like, she worked really hard that day.

        1. Will Kate be given extra credit for work when she is in labour? That’s gotta be good for bumping up her totals?

    1. Read the article. Very little about Kate Middleton’s pregnancy wardrobe in the article. Kate is little more than a hook upon which the author hangs an anti-conservative, anti-Republican rant and giving the author an opportunity to say popular culture holds the Windsors up on a pedestal too much. Kate as a Rorschach test again for what is happening in a writer’s mind more than anything else.

      So what is in the article? A lot of nonsense about conservatives trying to tell women what to do with their bodies. Of course the author goes for the craziest of the right wing like Rush Limbaugh for her information on what conservatives think about birth control. Pretty clear the article’s author isn’t a conservative from the tone and attitude of the writing.

      Then, the author goes on to discuss how little she thinks of the royal family. She thinks is the royal family is venerated too much in popular culture.

      Finally, a bit of “isn’t Kate magical for walking out her front door while having HG” thrown in the mix but that’s the end of the article. Actually, it kind of book ends the article because the article starts off her article that way too.

      1. Good recap India– you said it all, and how pathetic does this writer look with her fallacies and non sequiturs? Sad. Instead of using Kate as a Trojan horse for her hate-spew, she had an opportunity to do an honest critique while maybe learning something and sharing that would have been worthwhile to Kate, like she’s learning sign language while she’s on maternity leave so she can jump back into charity work after some maternity leave (remember the need for two nannies?) instead, the article makes her, and Kate, look really stupid. Jason should phone her and ask her to keep her stories to the Easter Bunny or something that speed.

  14. In my opinion, the returning to Bucklebury is a nonsense story made up to yet again enforce the idea of Middletons controlling them. The Daily Mail are pushing this idea & it gets them an awful lot of clicks.

    It isn’t based in fact so until they do, please all don’t fall into the trap of getting riled up about it. I highly doubt its any more than shit-stirring clickbait.

    1. I’d say that, too, except this article was written by Katie Nicholl – the Midd’s long term go-to reporter. I’d put more stock in a Nicholl article to be what the Midds want out there than some random DM reporter. I guess we’ll see.

      1. Nice that Katie Nicholl is helping the midds out but she should be wary as they could turn on her like they turned on Niraj Tanna?

  15. Happy to see Kate has shown some improvement!! I have no problems with Kate taking time to prepare for the baby. I also think she should take as much of that year maternity leave as she can. I am hoping she has a girl! I am certain that wherever Kate and the kids decide to go, Carol Middleton will be there…..running things!!!

  16. The photo shown in the DM is a one story building. It looks like it might be a out building rather than the main house.

  17. Jimmy Kimmel in his opening monologue said:
    “In England yesterday, Princess Kate started her maternity leave. Isn’t her whole life maternity leave by the way?”

    AHHHHHH. I love it because it is so true!! 🙂

  18. J, you took the words right out of my mouth. Thank you! I was hoping that the clueless cambridges would not have anymore children, because they are immature! P.G. & the next baby i pity very much! I hope it is not a girl for the reasons stated above!

  19. 16 days – not even full days – are about one week per month. And yet she’s getting praised for working. Imagine if she had done that little bit when they got married with all the goodwill they had. They’ve set a reputation for laziness now.
    And how much has William worked this quarter? Or was he spending all his time “studying”?

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