Hot Guy of the Month – April: Prince Harry

Hot Guy of the Month – April: Prince Harry

In honor of Prince Harry heading Down Under on Monday, April 6, to start his four week attachment to the Australian military, Prince Ginger is our Hot Guy of the Month for April.

Harry in a polo shirt:

Harry with children:

Harry with animals:

Prince Harry holding a puppy

Harry in uniforn:

Harry being cheeky:

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32 thoughts on “Hot Guy of the Month – April: Prince Harry

  1. What a nice thing to see first thing in the morning. Excellent choice, he’s definitely grown into his looks. And he’s finding his way and making his own mark on the BRF. Love this guy!

  2. Harry high-fiving that little boy–too much cute in one picture.

    I said years and years ago that Harry would be the handsome one in the family, and he’s certainly shown that to be true.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I woke up feeling awful this morning but these pictures are certainly making me feel better!!

    Harry has such a natural way with children, so easy going and caring. I really hope he finds a woman soon who will love him for himself, this man was meant to be a father. I wonder if her gets to spend much time with his nephew George?

    I’m still unsure why he’s spending time with the Australian military when he’s leaving service soon. It just doesn’t make any sense to go to a training for a job you will no longer be doing. There does seem to be a sense of aimlessness amongst the younger generation of royals. What with William trying his hand at commercial flying after another gap year, Harry taking another gap year to figure out what he wants to do, Kate moving from house to house. It’s just to bad that none of them seem able (or willing) to grab hold of their destiny. Prince Charles, for all of his faults, took hold of his destiny and created a wonderful and fulfilling position as heir to the throne.

    1. I doubt Harry spends much time with George. Kate takes George to Anmer or her mother’s house so much, and I don’t really think Will and Harry are that close anymore, so I doubt Harry spends that much time with George.

    2. I assume Harry is in Australia at this time as it’s coming up a very significant war anniversary. 100 years ago on April 25th the ANZACs fought at Gallipoli, and we commemorate that every year. It’s ‘bigger’ than Rememberance Day here, and Charles and Harry will both be attending services at the Gallipoli battlefield in Turkey.

      I can’t stress how important this is to Australians. You need to go into a lottery to be able to attend the dawn service at Gallipoli, such is the demand despite it being a very long and expensive journey.

      He was very handsome today, btw.

  4. Oh, yes, Harry is the man who should be king!
    I, too, was having a bad morning and these photos have done a world of good.
    PH is amazing. So much his Mum’s son! I love him with the baby and with all children. Love him playing polo. Love him dressed in a t-shirt as much as in a suit.
    The photo of him walking in to St. Paul’s on the day which was dedicated to those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan was touching beyond words. You could feel his pain and loyalty to the men and women in the military. (May, I add, what was that smirk on Kate’s face as she and PW walked behind Harry)?

    Truly, Harry is the man. Long may he reign in our hearts.

  5. Harry is absolutely gorgeous. You know what is funny actually is a man recently asked me who my ideal/ hottest guy would be out of anyone famous and my answer was Harry! He was kind of surprised because so many girls say movie stars but mine is Prince Harry all DAY!

    Harry looks A LOT like Charles in the first photo and the last photo has me drooling! Seeing the top of his boxers is sooo sexy! The photo of Harry being “cheeky” shows how his interest and spirit is so much stronger than Wills and Kate’s, sorry. He looks like he is enjoying himself so much! Just a natural with people, just like his mother. No uncomfortable body language or stiffness, just Harry being Harry. LOVE!

    Thanks so much for this post! Needed it too 🙂

    PS- In the photo of Harry in uniform, everyone else looks so somber and serious and Kate has this HUGE smirk on her face! LOL, I wonder what she was thinking… “Ah, I have on the best jewels in here today… Maybe I should get my hair cut tomorrow.” LOL

  6. Harry is a wonderful, natural, handsome young man. Di would be so proud. His documentary of Lesotho is terrific, and has so much of his mother’s spirit of genuine interest, connection and compassion. The UK should have a Hug Your Harry day

  7. Yes, Harry is fantastic. He looks so comfortable holding that baby and playing with the children. As a previous poster said, he’s definitely Diana’s son. Thanks, KMR, for this coverage.

  8. I think Harry has such a wonderful, natural way with people of all ages. I especially love to see his interaction with little ones , it is not staged or managed, what you see is what you get. There is nothing false in his reactions or mannerism’s, yes he is a natural, just like his mother was and I do think Harry has very good intentions. That photo with the little baby is just beautiful. We in Australia are very much looking forward to his visit. Thank you you KMR for the terrific coverage.

  9. Be still my heart. I am so very proud of Harry. I’ve always had a soft spot for him. He has grown into a handsome man and one that has substance. You can tell that there is no facade or pretense with him. I fell over when I saw the pic with him and that baby. I’m willing to run away to Australia over that pic. He is hot.

    I’ve never been a fan of Will. I’ve always rooted for Harry as he is better suited for the job than his brother. Harry has both the sense of duty and humanity from both the Windsors and his mom. Diana would be so proud of him.

  10. Might I add that I see Diana in the first picture. I find that it’s a shame that William gets the whole “Diana” legacy versus Harry. If anyone is fit to carry her legscy, it’s Harry. Now I have to go and drool over these pictures.

    1. There is a lot of Diana in that picture. The sideways glance, his slight smile…give it up William, Harry got it all.

    2. Yes! When I looked at the first photo and focused on his beautiful eyes, I could see Diana shining through them. Oh, how proud she must be of him! Thanks, KMR. Love Harry!

  11. I have always preferred Prince Harry over PW however I thought him potentially, a very impulsive person through his reckless behaviour in his younger years. Harry being the spare is under less stress than PW to conform and shine so I think he comes across as a “better” person for the top job.

    How he endured the endless speculation about possibly being Harry Hewitt, I can’t imagine. I see Prince Philip, Princess Di, QEII in the first picture so ends the speculation for me..

    How about that picture in Las Vegas??? :)))

    Happy Easter to KMR and to everyone.

    1. Beatrice, that speculation about Mr. Hewitt was extremely unfortunate. And Prince Harry’s coloring looks so much like that of Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer. He is a combination of both sides of his family, but fortunately favoring his mother in his looks and his ease and warmth around people.

  12. Thank you! Prince Harry is such a charismatic guy!You can tell through his body language how much he loves kids. He is so engaging with all the people that he meets! I can’t wait to see what all he does in life.

  13. This post has totally made my day. Prince Harry seems to have bottle best of both his worlds- the duty of Windsor heritage and his mother’s empathy. He has every happiness William lacks.

    Prince William should count his lucky stars that the British monarchy doesn’t have a tradition of pulling its rulers off the throne and exiling them in favor of the next brother down (as Greece did), and hope that Parliament doesn’t invent a way to impeach him and cancel his kingship in favor of Harry.

    1. Historically, no they don’t have that tradition. However, in recent times… Edward the 8th found that parliament has no problem passing over a reluctant monarch.
      As time goes on, the similarities between Will and the duke of Windsor become more apparent.

      William has always been the reluctant one and he continues to make a mess of things. If people thought Diana and fergie were a threat to the monarchy, wait till william really gets going.

      As for the cambridge kids, if their father leaves, it makes no sense to leave them in line.

      The only things keeping William from walking away are his wisteria in-laws, the taxpayer money tree, golden heir status, and the idea of Harry being king.

      When is William going to make hot guy of the month? 😀

      1. “The only things keeping William from walking away are his wisteria in-laws, the taxpayer money tree, golden heir status, and the idea of Harry being king.”

        Oh, Carole would have a fit if he quit. And the taxpayer money tree- specifically the Duchies of Cornwall and Lancaster- are far too good for his greedy little heart to pass up (and then refuse to take an active role in running).

        If William leaves, I would think the Cambridge children are automatically forfeited in turn.

        I see no political likability for William. Nobody gave a crap about his recent Asian tour. And he doesn’t have the deftness that his mother had for connecting with people, nor the astuteness honed by his grandmother. I don’t foresee a good reign, much less a lengthy one. He hasn’t got the respect of anyone, from his domestic staff to the press.

        Whereas with Harry, people dig him. They’ve forgiven the recent idiocy because he’s got a solid military record. His last US visit was fantastic. He would be a terrific King.

        William as Hot Guy? Oh, hopefully never!

        1. What being a spoiled, petulant legend in his own mind doesn’t do it? To each their own 🙂 (thank god for ginge!)

          I think he will implode long before then. The British media seems to be testing the waters for the war of the Cambridges. It’ll be interesting to see if he leaves on his own or if parliament says thanks, but no thanks.

          What does William bring to the table at age 33?
          His grandmother had been sovereign for nearly a decade.
          His father had started the prince’s trust and was already informed in affairs of the state.
          Even his “drunk, ne’er–do–well” brother has managed to successfully forge his own path.

          His mummy was a living icon by the time she was 33.

          William married his mattress. That’s his only accomplishment. Oh, He attends sports events and galas, if they don’t interfere with his holidays. It’s pathetic.

          1. Wow, William has no accomplishments at 33. Compared to QEII, Charles, and Diana, he has zip. Hell, even Harry has more- starting Sentebale, two tours of Afghanistan, and heading up the Invictus Games.

            All William’s got is marrying Waity? Jeez, those two can have each other. I definitely agree William didn’t marry for love. He married Waity for security blanket reasons, not love.

            You also seem to be right about the British press testing anti-Cambridge pieces. They’ve been deferential long enough, and what we’re seeing now is tame compared to what they can do in the future William tries rebuffing them when they inquire about his lack of real job or interest in kingship, as well as the real state of affairs with Waity.

  14. Sweet prince hot ginge with the baby. Awwww!
    Harry needs his own kids asap. He will make a fantastic father!

  15. Ok, ready to have my own post after replying to a few others.
    Prince Harry is so special. He truly should be King.
    What a handsome and engaging young man. How beautifully he relates to people — especially to children and infants. He is so much like his dear Mother and is carrying on her unique and loving legacy.

    Which photo is best? How can I decide? Love the first one . As I previously said, you can see Diana in his eyes. Love him in uniform! Love him in polo attire. Love him whenever he’s with babies or wee ones. Doesn’t matter what he’s wearing then. Just love seeing him interact with them. The photo of him holding the puppy is amazing, too.
    Thanks for making April so special KMR, with Harry as the man of the month!
    P.S. I also hope he finds a wonderful and loving woman to wed and that he becomes a father soon. What a wonderful one he will be.
    Oh, and my five year-old daughter calls him, Prince Wonderful. “That’s more than Charming, right?” she asked me.

      1. Thanks, Kip. I can fast forward in my mind a few years and see my daughter’s bedroom lined with all sorts of Prince Wonderful photos. She really is fascinated by him.

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