Prince William and Duchess Kate meet Hillary Clinton, Beyonce, and Jay Z

Prince William and Duchess Kate meet Hillary Clinton, Beyonce, and Jay Z

Sigh. They dragged poor Hillary Clinton into this, didn’t they. And apparently Duchess Kate really wanted to meet the Former First Lady, because Kate made an appearance at the conservation reception that she wasn’t originally scheduled to be at. That’s the highlight of this rest-of-day-two post. The lowlight? Prince William and Kate Middleton meeting Beyonce and Jay Z at the NBA game. Ugh.


We’ll start with the highs, and not just because it came first in the evening. William and Kate attended a reception at the British Consul General’s residence on behalf of Tusk Trust and United for Wildlife, where William, Hillary Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton all spoke about fighting the illegal wildlife trade. The event was co-hosted by the Royal Foundation [etc] and the Clinton Foundation [so much shorter!]. When Hillary Clinton spoke to Kate, she apparently told her a cute story about when Chelsea was a baby. Hillary would often sing to Chelsea, but then when Chelsea was a toddler there was a point when she would say, “No sing, no sing!” Because even as toddlers, children are embarrassed by their parents. Adorable! This wasn’t a random story, it relates to Kate’s earlier visit to Northside Center. The Former US Secretary of State said, “We’re trying to encourage more people to sing… because the research suggests that it’s beneficial.”


At the reception, William told guests: “I’m pretty exercised – to put it mildly – about the plight of some of the world’s most iconic species. These species are being illegally butchered in the name of trinkets and medicine. It’s easy to blame others for the problem – demand in South East Asia, not enough protection on the ground, and so on. But, if I may say, we could start with looking closer to home. Our own nations still have thriving black markets in these products, and we have to raise the game at home as well as abroad. But it’s not all doom and gloom. You’re the lights at the end of the tunnel. What all of us in this room represent, and tens of thousands of people out there, is solid purpose – a determination not to let our generation be the one that let this catastrophe occur. Time is running out, but this room reminds us that support is not running out. We can be optimistic.”

Hillary Clinton speaking at conservation reception

Chelsea Clinton speaks at conservation reception

After the reception, William and Kate headed over to the Barclays Center to launch the partnership between the Royal Foundation, United for Wildlife, and the NBA. William and Kate met with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, Global Ambassador Dikembe Mutombo, and Sr. Vice President, Community & Player Programs Kathleen Behrens, among others, to launch the program. Will and Kate also met LeBron James (I refuse to use his self-titled nickname), who presented them with a full-size jersey, and a mini jersey for Prince George. There was also a dinner before Will and Kate sat courtside to watch the second half of the game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Brooklyn Nets. Then came the blatant pandering to celebrity when the Cambridges met Beyonce and Jay z. According to the Mail, “Kensington Place courtiers had previously arranged with NBA officials that the two couples would meet during the third and fourth quarters of the game.” So that was always going to happen. Ugh. I realize a lot of people are fans of Beyonce and Jay Z, but I get aggrivated when people refer to them as “American Royalty” and call her “Queen B”. I think they are highly overrated. I am not a fan of their music at all really. Beyonce has had some fun dumb pop songs, but mostly her songs aren’t great. Anyway, enough of my dislike of Beyonce and Jay Z, back to Kate…

Will and Kate launch United for Wildlife and NBA program

Will and Kate meet LeBron James

Dinner for Will and Kate

Will and Kate sit courtside for NBA game

Will and Kate meet Beyonce and Jay Z

Will and Kate ate popcorn during the game.


Kate chose an American designer that she’s worn before for last nights appearances: the Tory Burch Bettina Coat (usually $595.00, but was on sale at $357.00 before it sold out). The coat is grey with metallic fibers. Kate also wore black skinny jeans and a black sweater under the coat. Ugh at the skinny jeans but at least she was wearing a coat so we couldn’t see the outline of her thigh gap. Kate carried her Mulberry clutch and wore Stuart Weitzman pumps.

Alls I have to say about day three’s appearances (less the Ground Zero visit) is homegirl better wear some bloody color!


Kate busted out some new (or new to me) earrings. She’s on a roll with the new ear bling – maybe she heard my pleas to switch up her jewelry. Kate wore the Crocodile Stud Silver Earrings from Zimbabwean designer Patrick Mavros. According to this report, Kate has had these earrings for years, but just hasn’t worn them publicly since she married. I like them, they’re cute and fitting for the event.

Tory Burch Bettina Coat Patrick Mavros Crocodile Stud Silver Earrings

By the way, there was a protest going on outside the Center, dubbed #RoyalShutdown. It was about the Eric Garner death and the grand jury’s refusal to indict the police officer who killed him via chokehold.

Links: Daily Mail 1 and 2.

Photos: Getty/UK in New York Twitter and Instagram/the NBA/Barclays Center Twitter/Getty/Tory Burch/Patrick Mavros

44 thoughts on “Prince William and Duchess Kate meet Hillary Clinton, Beyonce, and Jay Z

  1. Love the coat, great earrings, a win for Kate style-wise. I agree whole-heatedly with you KMR that the schmaltzy meet-up with Bea and J was sickening, and didn’t come off well; it looked awkward and forced. Maybe Kate felt like she was far enough away from Mommy that she could break out on her own style-wise, almost like someone forced to diet has the secret stash of chocolate they raid in defiance. Or maybe those earrings are really Rebecca’s and Kate borrowed them because she needed something not seen already.

    1. It just seems so pointless. What does it matter that W&K meet B&J? It’s not like B&J are doing anything as part of W&Ks charities or something. I mean, I can actually understand the LeBron James meet, because he’s a huge star in the NBA and the NBA is partnering with Will’s charity, so it makes sense for them to meet to promote the thing. But there is absolutely no point to W&K meeting B&J.

      1. Publicity. Another way to make sure this is the high profile visit the palace wants this to be to reposition W&K after many mistakes. It’s supposed to make them look important, but it comes off cheap.

        1. But that’s the thing, meeting B&J doesn’t make W&K look important, it makes B&J look important, like, “We’re so important the British Royals wanted to meet us.” It makes W&K seems cheap, as you said.

      2. Completely agree!! It was on par with throwing them up on the jumbotron kisscam…thank God that, at least, was prearranged NOT to happen. The comparisons flying around Twitter of the two “royal” couples were enraging me, but then I saw something about Kim and Kanye being more “royal” than Jay and Bey….and I just had to shut my phone off for awhile, or it would be in tiny pieces right now. Grrr

  2. Why is Kate dressing like a French grandmother?

    The little jersey for George is sweet.

    Saw this comment over at the Guardian. Interesting:

    “It just shows the difference between America and the UK. The people they take a pair of people who are rich and powerful solely due to their family lineage to meet, are successful and largely self-made African-Americans – Jay-Z, Beyoncé, LeBron James, Chirlane McCray (wife of NYC mayor Bill de Blasio), and of course the Obamas. What a stark contrast.”

    1. Whao ! I wish french grandmothers would dress like that !!! Actually, that’s rather the way young fashionable parisian girls dress…
      For the french grandmothers, you’d better take a look at madame Chirac !

      1. I live in France, married to a Frenchman – and I seen outfits like this countless times a day on middle-aged women here. In fact, my mother-in-law wore something similar the other day 🙂

        That may be the way young, fashionable, Parisian girls dress (I don’t live in Paris), but not to an NBA game in NYC!

      1. I would actually like to see Kate in a classic Chanel suit in a nice color. But she’s probably find some way to make it look pedestrian.

      2. It was fine for the reception! I don’t like it at all, not my thing, but it’s appropriate.

        But for the NBA game? Will changed, so they had time. I was looking at other photos and video and she just looks so uncomfortable and too dressy.

        1. It bugs me when I see celebs wear heels and whatnot to NBA games. Beyonce always wears massive heels to NBA games. So dumb. It’s a freaking basketball game, wear something comfy.

  3. I’m not a big fan of Beyonce and Jay Z either. I think Beyonce is pretty and has some talent, but she isn’t as talented as her minions make her out to be. A lot of her appeal to me is the relentless stream of photos and selfies that get released. Have never really been a fan of rap (except for some really old school stuff) so I’ve never gotten the hype of Jay Z.

    I too am hoping for a little color from Kate at Ground Zero, but I’m not holding my breath because it’s a somber setting.

    1. Beyonce has had some fun pop songs, I’ll give her that, but she’s not a hugely talented singer – just run of the mill voice whose image was packaged well. I don’t even think she’s that fashionable; I don’t like most of the things she wears. And of course I think she’s majorly full of herself. I just don’t get the hype of her.

      I dislike most rap. The lyrics are hugely misogynistic and that’s something I just cannot get behind.

      I’m sure Kate will wear something black because the 9/11 visit is a somber visit. I just hope she changes before heading to The Door. I want some color! And she better wear color for the GREAT reception and St. Andrews gala. I’ll be majorly disappointed if she wears black to the Gala.

      1. How ironic if Kate doesn’t wear black where it would be most important? And God help her if she has on a short dress and no panties. When I visited, up-drafts were common.

  4. This Tory Burch coat is much the same length as the Goat one she wore earlier. Except that she forgot to wear the pants underneath when she visited the kids.

  5. That expression of Kate looking at the popcorn (?) is similar to her expression with the peanut butter when they were with Frederick and Mary, wrapping packages for UNICEF. Just an observation, but the notable disdain for anything she doesn’t like is obvious. The Duke, at least, was game enough to try it.

  6. To me, Hilary Clinton and Michelle Obama are quite amazing with their education and accomplishments. I wonder after a visit, chat with the Duchess what would they think of her??? Well the Duchess has a university education too.

    I am not crazy about this outfit. I do agree with Liz above. Jeans or khakis with a pair of red/purple converse would be amazing for the basketball game.

    Not sure what kind of material this jacket is made of but I am not a fan of tweed or tweed like materials. They’re for old ladies. Seems to me the Duchess is into tweed. I have not liked any of her tweed coats. Tweed was all the rage I believe almost 10 years ago. My sister wore a skirt and my brother-in-law asked her which blanket was she wearing?

    1. I’d love to know what Hillary really thinks of Kate. She looked happy to meet her, but after having an actual conversation, you’d think Hillary would think Kate is well below her league. It’s interesting that Hillary didn’t mention what she thought of Kate, just what they chatted about.

        1. No jealousy involved for me, I just didn’t drink the Kool-Aid that’s being handed around by the sugars that make them think Kate can do no wrong. We just see things in a clear light and choose to comment on them.

  7. I like everything she’s worn so far. But it really would have made sense to wear the pink coat to the children’s center and the black coat to the 9/11 memorial. Such a weird choice to do it the other way around!

    1. Agree. Her choice to wear pink to the memorial museum and black to the childrens center is just odd.

  8. OOkay yall might get mad at me. BUT HOW THE HELL CHELSEA CLINTON LOOK BETTER THAN EVERYBODY IN THAT PICTURE especially look better than Kate!!!! Chelsea was not pretty but she was okay compared to what I saw from some people I have met. I want to know her secret. Chelsea give ugly girls a hand up Amen!!! Go Chelsea! No no kate!
    I love that purple Kate wore, the lace dress, and the tweed at NBA game.
    i guess they wanted them to meet there kin at the NBA game?? Who knows why? But make since.
    i sure hope they make it home safely. Glad they made it here safely.
    cute pic. Nice Jersey for George. I hoped he came would of been nice.
    why show up to a party you wasn’t supposed to go to hmmm i wonder if she was supposed to go but was undecided.
    i wonder if they stayed in the same room princess Diana stayed in.

  9. My first thought when I saw Beyonce and Kate: dumb and dumber. Both aren’t the smartest tools in the shed. My second thought is that they were mismatched. Kate could have worn the outfit that she wore at the wine tasting or something similar. I almost thought that she would pull out the striped tee. Will looked appropriate, Kate looked out of place.

    As far as the 9/11 memoral visit, I am speechless. She wore a fushia jacket. It was just too much. And she had a Carlyle Hotel umbrella. Um, no. No. And no. When you. Is it there, you need to be tasteful and understated. The color and the umbrella, which screams ostentatious, was too much.

  10. I cannot believe that fool a hot pink coat to the 9\11 memorial! This is so disrespectful to the victims, their families & friends! I should not be surprised, of chuck & grandma will let katie get away with this disgusting manners!

  11. I was surprised to see Kate wear the fushia coat to the 9/11
    memorial. I think a navy blue or black coat would have
    been a better choice. I liked the black coat from the day
    before. I can not understand why she insists on wearing
    skinny jeans to some functions. I would love to see her
    in a well tailored trouser. Princess Mary and Queen Letizia
    wear some beautiful trousers. Save the skinny jeans for
    the polo field. A beautiful red coat would have been nice
    for her event with the children. Bright and in the holiday
    spirit. I am not sure why she selects the green earrings
    on certain occasions. How about pearl studs( i.e. the Queen
    Mary studs), every royal lady has a pair. I think she needs
    a different stylist, one who follows royal protocol with a little
    bit of pizazz. In her later years Princess Diana could wow
    a crowd. Lady-like, elegant with a dose of updated style.
    Oh well, one can hope for a pretty selection for tonight’s

  12. How would anyone know Kate is wearing fantastic earrings, since that damned hair is ALWAYS in the way? Seriously….she has reached the point in her life where long hair is no longer becoming. It’s time to cut. I believe every woman reaches an age when short(er) hair is more becoming, and there is no magic age…it differs for each person. You’re there, Kate! Cut! Cut!

    By the way, Hillary looked fantastic.

  13. Loved Kate’s coat at the game. What was William wearing, though?
    Loved the little jersey for George. SOOOOO CUTE.
    Beyonce and JayZ are not American royalty. Or, if they are, it’/s a sure sign where this country is headed. I don’t like Rap music, either. I know JayZ owns the Nets, so I can see why everyone met at the game.
    As for Hillary, ugh. Don’t get me started. Yes, she’s smart, but where would she have gotten without sticking with Bill. Really exceptional women make it because of their own smarts, not for marrying someone who develops power and not for sleeping their way to the top. I don’t believe Hillary would have made it on her own. She makes me sick for sticking with a man who shows no respect for women of any age. He surely never respected Hillary or Chelsea when he was involved with Monica at the White House.

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