Is Prince Andrew banging a Croatian model who used to date George Clooney?

Is Prince Andrew banging a Croatian model who used to date George Clooney?

It’s being reported that Prince Andrew might be getting it on with a Croatian “model” who once dated George Clooney.  Monika Jakisic and Prince Andrew were reportedly seen having “intimate dinner dates” at restaurants in Mayfair on February 19—Andrew’s birthday.  Go here to see a bunch of sexy “modeling shots” of the chick.

Jakisic “dated” Clooney sometime in 2004, and were rumored to be hooking up again last fall.  An insider said, “They spent hours talking, and have an incredible connection.  He’s been calling and texting her ever since.”  How much do you want to bet that “insider” was the “Croatian Sensation”, Monika Jakisic, herself?  Seriously, she wanted that attention.  She probably wanted to be Clooney’s official, but he must have shut that down.

As for Andrew, eyewitnesses said of their b-day date: “They sat next to each other at an intimate table by the front of the restaurant and were cuddling up to each other.  Andrew was making Monika laugh and kissing her hand.  Monika gave him a birthday card and the server brought out a white birthday cake for dessert.”

They had a second PDA-filled date where he “wrapped his arms around Monika and kissed her”.  An onlooker said: “It was obvious they are a couple, they looked like two lovebirds!”

Yeah, it looks like this chick really wants some attention.  Andrew has had sketchy hook-ups before, but damn, why did he have to get with a famewhore like this chick?  Is that mean?  Is it sexist of me to automatically assume it is the girl who is calling the press because she wants attention?  I think it might be, except when it walks like a famewhore and talks like a famewhore and posts a ton of photos on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram like a famewhore then it probably is a famewhore.

Buckingham Palace isn’t commenting:  “We never comment on the private time of members of the Royal Family.”  Of course they aren’t going to comment, what would they say?  “Yes, Andrew is totally hitting it with a Croatian model”?  I wonder what the Queen thinks of this chick.  She’s got to hate famewhores, right?  So what do you think, is Andrew banging this chick or no?  He might be.  If he is though, it’s most likely not serious.  It isn’t “two lovebirds”, it’s that he wants to bang a hot chick and this one seems willing.

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