Princess Beatrice attended the Portrait Gala, too

Princess Beatrice attended the Portrait Gala, too

Princess Beatrice attended the Portrait Gala at the National Portrait Gallery last night, the same one Kate headlined.  The previous articles made no mention of her, but they got photos of her leaving (I’m guessing by the bag in her hand) the event.  She wore a black wrap dress and black heels, and carried a black clutch.  She wore her hair down and loose.  No jewelry (except a small tied bracelet on her wrist).  She looks nice.  I would have done an earring and worn my hair up, but she looks good.

You know what bugs the crap out of me, though?  The fact that the Express and the Mail took digs at her.  The Express said of Beatrice:  “The 25-year-old looked lovely in the ensemble, which she teamed with a pair of low-denier tights and pointed stilettos, but clearly decided against putting in the amount of effort Kate had. [emphasis KMR]”

While the Daily Mail said:  “And though she had gone for a far less glamorous look than the Duchess of Cambridge, Beatrice still looked chic and sophisticated.  But she may have been a little jealous that her grandmother hadn’t loaned her some jewellery for the night, as Catherine arrived with the Nizam of Hyderabad necklace around her neck.”

Really, guys?  Must you take a dig at Beatrice in order to make Kate look better?  Look, I’m no Beatrice apologist (she lost me with those 7 vacations last year), but those digs are unnecessary.

I wonder if Beatrice and Kate talked at all.  The Middletons and Yorks don’t get along, so I kind of doubt it past the polite greeting.  The articles are saying that of course Kate and Beatrice caught up once inside the event, but I don’t know.  Given their history I really doubt they spent much time talking. You know what would have been amazing, though, if Kate and Beatrice had posed for a photo together. That would have been awesome, and hilarious, and great. Their pained expressions would have been priceless.

3 thoughts on “Princess Beatrice attended the Portrait Gala, too

  1. i like beatrice much better for this evening she looked chic, i would have preferred her hair in an updo, but at least it was not on her face, kate looked cheap, she cheapens everrything she wears,she looked a mess, poor hair, poor shoes, no clutch bag, messy greasy hair, this woman will never upgrade herself!

  2. So, I am really late with this brain wave/light bulb moment, but here it is. There is no way Kate would want to see Beatrice inside, not with the cameras! This was her event, she was the star, she was wearing the Queens jewels, but had she been seen with Beatrice we wouldn’t of been talking about that at all! The Queen made sure at blood princesses were higher in the pecking order. Kate being without William would of had to of curtseyed to her would she not? Now that is a picture I would of loved to of seen.

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