Prince Harry & Meghan Markle are engaged

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle are engaged

This is a quick update about the engagement announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Clarence House officially made the announcement this morning. I have covered the statements from the Prince of Wales, as well as from Meghan’s parents and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, over on Meghan Markle Review. The newly engaged couple will do a photo call and interview later today, which I will also cover over on the other blog.

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    1. For me, it’s not that I don’t like her as a person.She seems to be a nice person, actually.
      I just always had a problem not knowing why she has charities.I think she loves to be in the spotlight(many actors do).It’s ok as an actor, but being royal is something different for me.
      She has more duties and she will have to do things even if she doesn’t always like them.
      It will be very interesting how she will live with this new life.

      1. Meghan has already dealt with those issues as an actress. Like most struggling actors, she’s had to take roles she didn’t like so could pay the bills.

        Her charity work is one of the things PR agencies have their clients do as a component of their clients’ image building. Maghan’s charity is one of Meghan’s PR agency’s partners.

        This is not to diminish Meghan’s charity work. Her choice of charity reveals her interests.

          1. I so agree with your statement, Lovely Blossom. But as Herazeus has pointed out in the past, a big whitewash happens for every royal bride. So we can only know her through her behaviour, through her works, to get to know her better.

            Like you, I’m hoping she comes through, but then I think- she’s marrying a gilded slacker, and words are cheap.

      2. Meghan comes from a well-to-do family with connections in Hollywood. She was born into privilege. I doubt she struggled much or took real risks. I am sure that struggle will be her backstory though.

    2. Hi – is this the other Cathy? If so then, how are you? I haven’t seen you post for a while. I hope everything is going well in your life?

      I’m happy for them too 🙂

  1. I am so excited …..sad for Rhiannon but so happy for Harry! I adore this sparkley treasure he’s found! I hope she lives up to our expectations and I can’t wait to see the ring! Xxx

    1. Kate has set the expectation bar so low, Meghan would have to refuse to leave her house to do worse. But I hope for their sake, and the future of the monarchy, that they work harder than the Cambridges.

    2. I am sad for Rhiannon too, we did all have fun planning their wedding. Here’s hoping our girl has found someone gorgeous so she is just as happy. And if you haven’t yet – I’m putting that thought out to the Universe for you Rhiannon.

      Happy for Harry! Happy for Meghan too 🙂

      1. Cathy, I wish rhiannon so much happiness and the best of health, too. I miss her sane and thoughtful comments. Her life radiates goodness and she is missed here.
        I hope you are well and that those tremors in NZ were not in your neck of the woods, although, I am sure that when you live in earthquake country, you do get used to these things.

        Great news about Harry and Meghan.

        1. Hi Jenny

          I hope you and Miss Maddie (and the rest of your family ) are all well.

          Thanks for asking, no – I am not near where the last earthquakes were. I’m at the other end of the North Island, in Auckland. I was born in Wellington and lived there until I was 7 so did feel a few shakes in my time, and yes – you do get used to them but they aren’t that often. Even so we still had earthquake drills at school (drop, cover, hold) as well as fire drills!

          I’m feeling the love with Harry and Meghan and wish them to best. Here’s hoping that they come here as their first overseas tour? Can you guess who just might be sick that day?????

          Be well, and I hope it’s not getting too cold where you are?

  2. Congratulations to them.
    I really hope that Meghan will announce which charities she will support today. Just so that we will know from the get go, will this woman work or not?
    KMR, on another note I want to add, how much I love your blogs. I always read, rarely comment, but a couple of new commenters raised my hackles when they asked why we review Kate so much. I love watching media and magazine, because the subtle messages are often stronger than their overt statements.
    Women like Kate who follow the traditional role are still portrayed as the perfect woman. I find it harmful, and as someone who has young nieces, have seen what a influence these type of messages have. I really appreciate your blog because they hold these royal women accountable and encourage substance over style. I have always started supporting some of these charities, because of your posts.
    Great job!
    I hope whoever helps manages these women, will do well to pay you a lot of attention.

    1. I agree whole heartedly. Women like Kate who act like a throwback to Victorian mores where women are ornaments and don’t use their voice really irritate me. She has a public platform and should be doing more than just please her husband. It’s regressive and dangerous and I hope Meghan manages to continue speaking, as she did in her life up until now.

      1. Even on prince Harry’s engagement day you manage to find a way to diss kate as for your young nieces Maria their role model should be their mother no a public figure they don’t no

          1. If anyone is paid lavishly by tax payers, those people are obligated to be role models, and show values, encourage support, and so forth. That places Kate and Meghan in the spotlight for that. Most people would embrace this opportunity to make the world a “better place”. Sadly, Kate’s history shows her value of chasing a Prince, and life stops there. Except for Botox. And popping children.
            Well, let’s hope Meghan is an inch astute.

      2. The press hold these public figures as role models, the same as actresses and athletes regardless of whether or not they should be doing so. When great privilege is given to someone they should use it for good and Kate has done very little. I will continue to critique someone who has privilege and fails to use it until they change their behaviour. Also try to use proper grammar and sentence structure because it comes off as illiterate.

        1. Just a quick reminder that not everyone online speaks English as a first language.

          I agree that Kate hasn’t been much of a role model so far, and that part of her job is, in fact, to be one. I had high hopes for Kate when she married, now I hold the same for Meghan.

          1. I had high hopes for Kate, too. But lo, and behold! I think I should hope Meghan would do better, but hey! Their husbands are both from the same block.

  3. Congratulations to them both! After the dumpster fire the news has been in 2017 globally- it should be a nice, happy read of the BRF royal wedding. However, headlines and speculation will reach a fever pitch coming up to the wedding day- oh boy. Hope Meghan is ready- her life has changed forever from now on.

    So does this mean that Meghan will now be joining the royals at Sandringham this year?

    1. Engaged usually doesn’t mean she’ll be joining, but HM could make an exception. Depends considering she has no family in the UK.

      1. Kate wanted to spend her last single Christmas with her family but even if that wasn’t the actual story HMTQ and DoE are really slowing down now. They are not going to last forever and I expect HM wants Harry there rather than not which will mean with Meghan. Apparently the year Harry missed when he was on active service the place was like a morgue. No doubt about it, Harry is a life enhancer.

  4. So many permeatations now going forward especially with her parents divorced. I hear her Daddy is very low key and is not going to enjoy all this attention on him at all. Christmas in U.K. with Harry and the RF…….Christmas in U.K. with either parents if not invited to Sandringham which I have said all along is not likely given the age of Harry’s beloved Grandparents. Then of course she may go to either Mum or Dad with it without Harry.

    But it truth I still think she’ll be at Sandringham with Harry with either Mum or Dad flying in on Boxing Day or her flying out to them.

    I can’t wait for the interview which I will scrutinise for every bit of joy their happiness with exude. I am desperate to know how she sees her role unfolding but I think she’s going to give it 110% and be flipping marvellous.

    I so wish Diana was alive for this……Harry was her baby. Love and demonstration of love are what connect Harry to her memory more closely than anything. It’s a love match, no two ways about that.

    1. I also think she is going to do a marvellous job! She will be enthusiastic, hard working, stylish but not outlandishly wasteful, friendly and open!
      Can’t wait to see the interview, and would honestly consider a trip to London if I thought there was the slightest chance of seeing anything on the big day!

      1. Well maybe best decide when we hear where they are to marry. I still hope it’s St George’s at Windsor. Agree with all the attributes you mention but the only thing that concerns me is that she won’t go at it in such a way that she shows her sister in law up for what she is. I think she will be advised to be tactful not to show Kate up.

        I also dread the fact the Kate may act as some kind of personal mentor to her. God forbid.

        1. I doubt Kate will ever let Meghan forget who is Queen B. Any ‘help’ she gives Meghan will be superficial, IMO. Combined with Harry’s deference to Willy, we may see a much more subdued Meghan in the future.

          1. You don’t even know what type of relationship her and kate have the story of snubbing given her a lift was from lainey gossip who lies through her back teeth she’s the one who started the Gretchen mol Harvey Weinstein rumour which was false and destroyed her reputation she also dissed prince george you sound like a bitter betty you never seem to miss an opportunity to kick the boot into kate when the story isn’t even about her

          2. What is there to doubt? Kate would only be treating her the way she and every other married-in has been treated. Oh sure they’re cordial and casual, and married-ins can be honored and respected, and “work” like everyone else. But never forget that these people’s entire worldview and livelihood is based on the concept that a person from the right family, who exits the right uterus, at the right time, in the right order, is special and better than other people. The Princess Royal, Princess Alexandra, Princess Michael of Kent, the reminders to Camilla and Kate of where they stand, (a memo that will surely rotate around again shortly after this wedding), etc., These people are all about breeding and the peaking order. Just because we don’t like or respect Kate it doesn’t make things any different either way. It doesn’t make the treatment ok. So let’s also not pretend that any of this is based on merit. (Anne pulled this sh*t with Diana!) OR act like Kate doesn’t, (and always will), outrank Meghan… Because she does. I mean… she does! Especially to those who buy into this crap. She does. Meghan will likely be firmly outranked by a baby and two toddlers by the time a wedding band is on her finger. Her royal life will peak on her wedding day. In a few years QEII will pass, Charles will be King (which will buy him 15 minutes dead center in the spotlight, like he’s always wanted. Which will end when…) William and Kate become the Waleses. Before you know it, in ten years, George and Charlotte will be teenagers and Meghan and Harry will be afterthoughts. And that’s before we have a new Princess Royal and G&C start to marry, and oh yeah, if the monarchy survives through this. Meghan will have 10 erratic years tops of even being Queen “B”. It happens to everyone. All young, “hot-ish” royals get their day in the sun, and their wedding, and then it’s all downhill from there. From the Kents, to Margaret, to Andrew, and hey, remember William? There is no reason for anyone in this family to pretend the soon-to-be sixth in line and his wife are more important than they are. And they never do. So I doubt they will. And I sincerely doubt Kate will be the one to change things. (Like, do you think Kate treats Sophie like her senior/superior? Equal at best, on a good day.) We’re talking about these people, right? And this was the first time they even let Charles into the center of the frame. Unless you believe The Trio’s “three-peas camped out on a beige couch in 1A watching Game of Thrones” rhetoric, Kate doesn’t even really have to concern herself with Meghan at all. (And hey maybe it is true nowadays. Perhaps that’s why Harry was too busy and comfortable to get a job like he said he would. But it definitely wasn’t true for as long as they’ve been pretending Kate and Harry are so close, before he left the military and before The Cambridges even lived at KP fulltime.) The Windsor’s are so dysfunctional, the Queen’s vacations and the dozen or so RF engagements are the only interactions they have with each in a year. So I’d be careful of what I wish for if you’re hoping The Trio becomes a quartet (and there’s no doubt in my mind that they formally, professionally, and publically will). Or if you think Kate would take Meghan under her wing… which would be genius of Ma Midds… that I’d love to see 🙂

            OT–I would just love to see the mental machinations if Kate and Meghan were attached at the hip, and had undeniable familial chemistry.* And they spent personal time together shopping, having dinner with Pippa and Ma. Fast-forward to Meghan and Kate sunglassed, yucking it up, fussing with their hair in the royal box at Wimbledon. Oh heads would explode. It’s like history repeating isn’t it? Some people never bought the hype around William and Kate. But it was The Cambridge’s refusal to work, peaking with them skipping out on the Paralympics that officially turned the tide. Now we have some people (mainly me and Maven I guess, lol) not drinking this Kool-Aid. Only this time Meghan and Harry will pay for the Cambridges’ sins. So if Harry keeps mirroring and mouthing William’s behavior and words (and he will, they enable and bring out the worst in each other*), and if Meghan fails to establish herself as anything much different from Kate, they won’t even have the same grace period that the DoLittle’s had, with the internet-active royal watchers I mean. Especially since so much of the Meghan fandom is actually just the inverse of Kate-hate, nothing would get them to turn on Meghan faster than if she and Kate became friendly. Just look at how people racked their brains trying to come up with reasons for why Harry would attend Pippa’s wedding. It’s everything except thinking Harry might be friends with her. It’s always everything except seeing these people share a philosophy, have intersecting goals–i.e., if you think William and Kate have a bad relationship. It doesn’t matter. Kate’s wants and needs help William achieve his needs—have similar ethics, and are basically all the same.

            * Again with the Kate-hate. Excuse the term, please. I don’t know what else to call it. But these people also need to be careful of what they wish for if they think Meghan’s going to usurp Kate or light a fire under her and William. You don’t want that! Look around here or even on Celebitchy. If Kate dresses nicely and seems enthused at an engagement we throw her a parade. If Kate and William improve even slightly they win. It’s a rigged game. In fact, maybe Meghan is the reason for the extra pep in Kate’s step and/or why the HG wasn’t as bad this time. Maybe Kate’s made a new friend or the games have already begun…
            ** People are constantly blaming William for Harry’s mistakes and character flaws without thinking it through to its logical conclusion. Being that Harry must also be mightily dumb, naïve, deferent, weak-willed, and amoral to be so easily led. And nothing will change that. No one (or no women) will come between them. And it will only get worse as Will gets more say and power in the family.

            BTW, @Maven a while ago you made a comment that there is no frenzy surrounding Meghan and Harry, and I agreed and I wrote a crazy long comment that I decided not to post and now I wish I had 😀 (It was stupid long, twice as long as this long-a** comment, and late too.) I literally went through the top tabloids and the top gossip sites and compared the last 12 months of Meghan/Harry coverage and the engagement watch to just Kate alone to back up your assertion. I picked Kate not for the obvious reason either. It’s because Kate from her wedding onward is second only to the Kardashians as an example of media coverage =/= actual interest or moving copy. Perhaps that’s a topic for another day as the media hype and palace pimping of this wedding kicks into high gear.

          3. Maven, I don’t know about that… in the interview, a little snippet sent alarm bells ringing: the bit about doing charity work around the Commonwealth. Meghan brought up getting to know the Commonwealth after the interviewer mentioned charity work, and Harry said there was lots of work to do around the Commonwealth.

            This leads me to think the statement is a signal:
            1. That they intend spending a good deal of time outside the UK. Yet the UK, via Charles, is paying for their upkeep. This safely keeps them from being compared with the Cambridge’s dismal work ethic as well as keeping them away from the UK press to an extent. They can hide more easily.
            2. That the ‘younger’ (read hot-ish as Dorothy says, above) royals will be sent to the colonies, notably Canada and Australia, as a mechanism to quell Republican sentiments and gee up support for the monarchy in distant lands. It’s been done before to keep the colonies ‘interested’. And all so that the power stays with the monarchy. Once Canada and Australia peel off having a foreigner as Head of State, the case for monarchy is diminished.

            I’d say that Britain has plenty of work that Harry and Meghan can get stuck into if they actually want to do more than turn up for a photo op, which is the current idea of royal ‘work’. Harry and Meghan don’t have to travel far to see suffering… cough, Grenfell, cough. Travelling to exotic and sunny climes for expensive PR trips

            Both Charles and William were mooted at various times (by UK establishment) to become Governor-General of Australia, a flawed idea, and rejected outright by Australian political leaders at the time who didn’t like being leaned on to accommodate posh men with nothing much to do and little ability to boot. I hope this idea won’t be re-visited in order to give Harry something to do as was the reason given for Charles and William.

            Time will tell how it pans out. Hoping the couple is true to their word about doing real work that counts for people less privileged. They could lead good lives if so. No-one needs the photo shoots.

          4. @dorothy totally random but your comment about “the trio” and GofT made me remember that the director of The Crown found out that the Queen had indeed watched the series as, apparently, Edward and Sophie and the kids like to head up
            to Windsor on weekends to watch a movie. They cajoled her, and apparently Zara had too, into watching it. I wish I could find the interview where he shared it but he was pretty tickled. So apparently some of them do cuddle and watch tv. It made me really happy.

          5. Jen, I have the very same suspicions as you. I see much travel to exotic places in their future where they will be wined, dined and entertained. What I want to see is *real mucking in*.

            Also, Harry wants a fairly private wedding as if he were a minor prince and owes little to the taxpayers. And then the couple expect a grand tour on an opulent scale which treats them like major royalty. I think that’s called having your cake and eating it too.

            It’s time for Harry to become a Mister and save him and us a lot of grief. Make your kids commoners and stop being hypocritical..

        2. Kate is not going to give her help. Don’t think Meghan forgot how Kate snubbed her and didn’t offer her a ride to go shopping to the same area. And what advice can Kate give really? She is still so bad at the job.

          1. Yep. She’ll have to curtsy to everyone until… I don’t know. Even Charlotte will outrank her because she’s a blood royal.

    2. I always feel sorry for the families of the people who marry into the royal family they never get a choice about their lives being splashed all over the papers

  5. Finally! Although it feels a bit anti-climactic to me. Just. Wow. This changes the dynamics of everything for us gossip mavens.

    I see they’re marrying in the spring not summer which is terrific- no waiting around. Will probably have babies soon after.

    Meanwhile, in Camp Middleton there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth. Let the games begin! Kate thinks she’s secure in her position but that’s not true in the public’s heart. She also perceives other women as competition.

    Biggest questions to me right now: the ring, and will she wear a tiara at the wedding.

    At last, our veil of boredom lifts.

    ETA: Whoever speculated that the facial or whatever of last week was a good indicator of an announcement- just amazing. Kudos.
    Divination by spa- who knew?

    1. I really hope that you’re wrong and there isn’t catty competition… I thought Will and Kate’s message was nice and seemed genuine, and I hope the foursome can get along and enjoy each other. I would love to see Kate and Meghan be close… Kate could learn much from Meghan and Meghan would have an automatic ally when joining the RF.

      1. Kate showed her character in that blind when she didn’t offer Meghan a ride to go shopping. She would have known that Harry was serious about Meghan at that time. So I doubt Kate is going to change her behaviour. Meghan will be ok though. I bet she makes friends with Zara and maybe even Sophie or Autumn Phillips.

        1. Kate ostensibly has no girlfriends, just her family. I wonder what Carole’s up to now with this news?

          Agreed. Meghan has friends, is sociable and knows how to network. She will fit in just fine with the other members of the RF, just not Kate and Willy. I’m also guessing babies are on the horizon given his broodiness and her age. I hope they have a girl that Charles can finally cuddle, spoil, and hang out with. Charles’ heart so deserves it.

          I can’t wait to see Meghan and Kate’s first appearance on the same stage. I wonder if Willy will continue his pigheaded tradition of a separate court at Christmas time.

        2. Blind items are nortorisly untrue most of the time they are just an excuse for the author to be mysoginistic and often homophobic like when they claimed actress where sleeping with harvey weinstein fir parts when he was actually sexually assaultingand raping them they were written by the same person who wrote the car story

          1. Lainey knows Jessica Mulroney who is friends with Meghan. It is highly unlikely that this one is untrue. And given that Kate really doesn’t seem to have any close female friends outside of her sister Pippa it certainly fits with what she has presented in the decade or so she has been covered by the press.

            And we need to stop tossing the word misogyny without basis. Saying Kate may have been rude to Meghan isn’t the same as someone being sexually assaulted. Some perspective is needed.

    2. Now this may be nasty of me but now I can’t help but think Kate and will are having another baby just To try to stay in/keep the spotlight on them next spring.

        1. yes yes i know! was just speculating that maybe they planned it because Kate expecting an engagement/wedding soon and wanted to stay in the spotlight as well 😉

      1. I think people here called it when it was announced Philip would be stepping down and W&K expected to step up. Then they released a long press release talking about how hard they’ll work–when Kate was already pregnant…

    3. Yes, but Kate has a huge home advantage – I think this is as best as the Middletons could hope for – Meghan has no popularity to start with in Britain -she’s literally just arrived. She’s going to need to start from ground up – proceeding very carefully. (And learning not to interrupt Harry!) And I hate to say it, her interview accent is as fake as Kate’s has been accused of being. She is lovely though, and so very American , no matter what her voice sounds like.

      Now for the positive side of this. Royal households are usually competitive but Harry and William seem close – and I think there is a possibility for friendship simply because Kate won’t perceive Meghan as a threat as she might have done a younger aristocratic woman. And Meghan’s easy way should help that. Meghan can learn both from what Kate knows and where errors have been made. And that should be a huge help.

      1. How is her accent fake? It sounds like a typical west coast accent to me, but without the affected nasally tones women (in particular) sometimes develop. I thought she sounded particularly well-spoken because she didn’t rely on filler words as,, too many of us do.

        1. Yeah. Meghan’s accent is not fake. That is the same voice she has always had. Watch her interviews from the years she was on Suits.

          1. She grew up in California and sounds like pretty much everyone else on the West Coast (I live in the Northwest).

          1. I also think she sounds very American. Not fake and posh. She’s an actress, so her voice has been trained to be more generic to appeal to all when she is on camera, or on stage. She speaks beautifully and has tremendous poise. But, her kind and friendly demeanor always shines through, too.

          2. graymatters,yes, this is very European.
            People here, no matter which country in Europe,tend to be on the one side fascinated by this “American confidence” and on the other side find it a bit silly.
            We Europeans are much more serious.That’s why I thought that it will not be that easy for Meghan, especially not in the British monarchy who is much more uptight than the common people.
            I hope she learns as much as possible about her new home country which is essential for representing it, but that she also gets accepted in the future if she shows good will.

          3. Lovely Blossom, why would confidence be considered as silly? Meghan is not overly confident and boastful. I would refer to her as a poised woman. I’m afraid that I don’t understand this take on confidence. I think many overly confident people are very annoying, but when a person is poised, I find that a plus. I’m not negating what you wrote, just wondering why some Europeans would think confidence is silly. And, to be honest, I am not sure if confidence is an “American thing.”

          4. Jenny, I don’t mean it as a negative thing or an insult to American people.
            It’s just my observation as an European, a try to explain
            what graymatters said.
            The easiest way to explain it is probably how you see us Europeans.
            Harry,William and Kate are much more reserved, whereas Meghan seems much more open and bubbly.That’s what they mean with “American confidence”.
            It’s nothing bad.But some Europeans smile at this character trait as “typical american”.
            This is all generell, there are of course people of all character traits in every country.

      2. I compared her voice in the interview with her voice in that silly quiz – there’s quite a difference – she’s put on an attempted British inflection. (I’ve never seen the TV show so don”t know what she sounded like there.

        1. I am not talking about her voice in Suits, I am talking about Meghan doing interviews while she was on Suits and I watched the interview with Harry-there is absolutely no British inflection.

    4. “I really hope that you’re wrong and there isn’t catty competition… I thought Will and Kate’s message was nice and seemed genuine, and I hope the foursome can get along and enjoy each other. I would love to see Kate and Meghan be close… Kate could learn much from Meghan and Meghan would have an automatic ally when joining the RF.

      Megan +1

      1. I find it amazing that Meghan and Harry will marry before Waity has that kid and can slim down. That was not the conventional wisdom. Everyone was like Meghan and Harry have to wait till after the kid is born. I bet Middletonland is livid.

        1. “Middletonland”. Ha! Seriously, Meghan is fabulous in public. So yeah, Kate’s got more status, but that seems to be it. I can see the Midds plotting now to keep Kate in the spotlight…unless they co-opt Meghan. Yikes, I just horrified myself.

          1. Kate is going to have to be nice to her. It’ll be like when the new girl moves in and everyone likes her and the old queen bee suddenly jumps on board. She’ll be totally left in the cold if she doesn’t get on board the Meghan train.

      1. I think May is more likely because Kate would have a cow about it being in March when she’s pregnant (yes, I believe she is that vapid and shallow indeed).

        I got married in May. It’s a great month!

        1. Same here. If It’s in March then Kate can’t hide and do nothing for two months before Baby C3 arrives. But if they do manage it in March I will be here every single day with my popcorn.

          1. And Spring is symbolic of fresh, newness and hope for the year ahead having left Winter behind. I would be a Spring bride if I could do it again.

          2. I married at the beginning of April, in Canada. Almost spring. There’s an unadorned simplicity to that time and a guaranteed burgeoning future.

            To go with the spring theme, Mrs BBV, Meghan should wear orange blossoms in her hair. This is fun!

          3. Omigosh, graymatters, that is absolutely brilliant. And she could carry it off. Moreover that was a love match as well.

            What a shame she can’t have us as stylists.

          4. Mrs BBV,

            Awww. Right back atcha. I hope you know that I am rooting for the happy fulfillment of your perspective on the monarchy which I find so pure and heartfelt. xx

      1. If only. Princess Donothing, Duchess of Dolittle, Countess Stayathome, Baroness Cantevenfakeit is spoiled beyond belief. So is her husband. I can’t see anyone not bending over backwards to accommodate their tantrums.

        1. Bwahahaha! That is all. 🙂

          I wouldn’t be surprised. I see Harry as a submissive, perhaps dependent personality. He’s deferred to Willy all his life and has taken on Willy’s attitudes and PR bushwah.

          1. March is Lent – a marriage then would offend a lot of traditional people. It’s not forbidden but not ideal either. April is better.

          2. Queen Victoria’s children married in Lent.

            Most people wouldn’t care. Britain is an areligious country nowadays. Weddings in Lent aren’t considered a bad thing these days even to the most traditional of Christians imo.

          3. Julia,

            No one is calling out Willy for not being religious or even bothering to pretend he is and he is destined to be Head of the COE. So I doubt that Lent is a big deal to most people.

          4. I saw a documentary a few years ago on the two brothers, and Harry’s answer to a question posed, is that he tries to help Will as much as possible because William will be However, now that Harry king someday and have a lot more to shoulder than he (Harry) will. That mindset may change now that Harry will be taking a wife.

          1. @Lovely Blossom: Touche.
            Well, I’ll be jiggered — Harry has made a fool out of me. I thought he’d only go so far as the engagement, and then everything will fizzle. But I was so wrong. Goodluck to the happy couple!

    1. It is rediculous that M&H should plan their reproductive lives around their sister-in-law. They should have babies on their schedule, and given their ages, the sooner the better.

      1. It would probably be more that William would be part of the wedding, and if his wife is in labour, he won’t be able to fulfill the role in the wedding.

        Edit: Oops sorry, I meant this is reference to when MH will plan their wedding date.

    2. March is Lent. I’ve having a very hard time seeing them marry during Lent – when church decorations are often kept subdued and weddings during that time aren’t considered to be the most lucky (neither traditionally is May.)

      I’m guessing the baby is due in March and they will marry in mid-April – past Charles and Camilla’s anniversary and before William and Kate’s.

      1. Advent (Late November Christmas Day) is a somber season in the church as well. I love the quiet mystery of it and the hymns we sing during it. O come O come Emmanuel brings me to my knees (figuratively) in tears (literally) during the evening Advent services in a dark church lit only by flickering candlelight.

  6. Congratulations to Prince Harry and Ms. Markle. I am very happy for them. She maybe a breath of fresh air for the BRF. I think she will have an uphill battle. The British press can be harsh and unforgiving. I really believe she will have to be on her A game. And not put a step out of place. Being an American and all. And becoming a member of a the Royal establishment. Hopefully her Princess Lesson will be better than Kate’s. On the plus side she has already worked in the professional world. So that is a plus. And has a work ethic. Even better.

    I am just surprised they are having a Spring wedding this coming year. I didn’t think anyone would dare try to upstage the third coming of a Cambridge. I wonder if it will be a small affair. St. George’s Chapel, at Windsor? Or are they going to go the route of the Duke of York and have an over the top state wedding. With that said, Andrew is the son of the ruling monarch. Where Prince Harry is the the grandson of a reigning monarch. We shall see. Either way it should be interesting.

    1. I think they want to get going on babies and didn’t want to wait a year of being in a grey area. Also, they don’t have visa issues because she will be married within six months doing it this way.

      1. I do agree with you. Isn’t she thirty six? Not that is old. I had my daughter at thirty six. In the medical world is of advanced maternal age. I think Harry will make a wonderful father. And I think Charles will be over the moon. I think he would get to see Harry’s children a lot more. That is just an opinion I have.

        1. We can just hope that Charles sees Harry’s children more.
          I don’t know how often he sees his other grandchildren, but I guess he is happy to show them his gardens. I know that he said he showed George how to plant a tree.And when little George is grown up, so the tree will be.
          He is interested in his grandchildren and thoughtful, of what I can see.

          1. They confirmed that two diamonds are taken from a brooch that Diana used to wear. Along with a diamond from Botswana. Harry put some thought into this ring.

          2. Very thoughtful indeed. He definitely is the more thoughtful of the two. Harry had more of Diana’s personality. Kate may be Big Blue, but I think Meghan will have a better ring.

          3. The ring is gorgeous. Simple yet stunning. And unlike with the Ring of Doom, Meghan wasn’t shoving her hand at the camera for all to see. It was an adorable, tactile photocall.

          4. I disagree on the showing of the ring. We all want to see the ring, and Meghan barely showed it to us.

          5. The ring is stunning. And what a great way to honor Diana. Just out of curiosity was the photo call in Diana Garden at Kensington Palace?

          6. Indeed it was…..not very White Garden at the moment but we do have our very own pictures of that garden where the engagement photocall was held. If KMR could humour me by choosing the most white one to put up aagin I would be thrilled.

            Maven I am going to take some credit for the pre engagement facial story along with Sarah. When we’re discussing whether it was going to be Friday last week or Monday / Tuesday this week we both agreed she was having the facial for being camera ready although Sarah got the recovery facial time down to 3/4 days and was closer to the actual announcement. But it was the final piece of the prediction that this was coming in November to enable Harry to be with Meghan at Christmas.

          7. Kudos to the spa diviners, Sarah and Mrs BBV. This is so out of my ken that I can only genuflect in awe. It’s like having 2 Shirley Holmses in our midst, keepin’ it elementary.

  7. Here’s to love! And to the happiness of this couple. What a nice way to start a Monday morning here in NY. Harry seems truly happy and I assume that Meghan is, too. I have mixed feelings about her, but this is not the time to vent. I wish them the very best that life can offer. It won’t be easy, so I hope they will always have each other’s backs and that love, good health and happiness will be with them. Wow, this is a nice bit of news!!!!!!!! I’m saying a May wedding. Maybe, the 26th? I don’t know what day of the week that is. Just came to me!

    1. That’t about the time when I was thinking. Mark my words, the wedding will be either first Friday (May 4) or the last Friday (May 25) in May. Either one of these days will give the British public a four day weekend if the wedding is declared a bank holiday, just like how Will and Kate had a Friday wedding before a Monday bank holiday. Even most pro-republic/anti-royalist British citizens will get excited for a royal wedding if it meant a four day weekend.

      Lent (the Queen is rather religious) plus the risk of a same day wedding/birth means there is NO chance of a late March/early April wedding. It’s possible they would have a April 20th wedding, give the Charles/Camilla, Will/Kate, and Harry/Meghan anniversaries on consecutive weeks. But I think the Royal family will want Kate time to recover/slim down from her pregnancy. And it allows for more baby #3 press coverage.

      I can’t decide which May date I think it more likely. May 25th would give them a six month engagement, just like Will and Kate had. However, with a May 4th wedding date would probably have them back from their honeymoon in time for Trooping of the Colour.

        1. You know until I read your reply, I had forgotten that it was never revealed when in April baby #3 is due. If she is due early April, then the risk is way too high to have a March wedding. If she’s due in late April, then there is still the matter of it being during Lent. The church really frowns upon weddings taking place during that time. Even if they aren’t religious, the Queen is and she is also head of the CofE. While she will probably give the couple free reign on much of the planning of the wedding, she will no doubt have a say in the date.

          In the media, there is equal speculation for a March and May wedding. However, those taking bets on the wedding think it’s more likely to happen in May.

          Since there won’t be a bank holiday, if I was placing a bet on the wedding day, I’d have to agree with Jenny and pick May 26th.

  8. I am so happy for them. I think Megan is a wonderful addition to the royal family in that she could actually bring them into the modern age. She’s worked hard her whole life and is socially adept. And unlike kate, she didn’t have to hunt harry down. She got his attention by virtue of who she is.

  9. I was so happy to wake up to that news this morning! I am over the moon for them. Finally, some excitement and a sense of hope again. I just hope she brought her work ethic over to the UK along with her dogs. Don’t let me down, Meghan. No giving us a bad name!

  10. MrsBBV
    November 20, 2017 at 9:40 am (1 week ago)
    Anyone thinking that there might be an engagement announced this week or next?

    Do I win a prize? I’m going with May at St. George’s for no other reason that it’s what I would choose.

      1. Well I have spoken to my Middleton connection today and she knows no more than what she reads in the paper. Not even a peep about the venue.

  11. If they are going to have a low key wedding. I’m going with St. George’s Chapel, at Windsor. This being Meghan’s second marriage. They may go that route. Yet if it’s a state wedding I’m thinking St. Paul’s Cathedral. Where Charles and Diana were married. I know William didn’t get it. Yet is is an heir to the a throne. So Westminster perhaps it had to be. I’m also going to throw out St. Mary Magdalene Church, at Sandringham. I’m going with May as well.

      1. I also wanted Guards but even that’s too small. I really hope the Obamas are invited. Apparently BO has met Harry recently in London. I love the fact that they find gravitas with Harry but BO struggled to make sensible conversation with William beyond nappy changing and sleepless nights. Says everything.

        1. I was hoping for St. Giles in Scotland and a lovely Scottish wedding but due to the time of year chosen, I would guess Windsor. A very nice choice.

          I think Meghan is going to have to be very careful as to politics and political connections – something that has made people uncomfortable about her.

          Corbyn spoke nicely but his supporters were jeering the couple. Do to the deadlines coming up, this is going to be a very sensitive time – it’s a whole new world for her – her whole way of speaking out and thinking is going to have to change. She’s gone from having a liberal way of thinking to needing to be a conservative with a slip of a ring on her finger.

      1. My only request for this wedding: please no Grace-Kelly-inspired wedding dresses! Heheheh. And yes to Harry in his military uniform.

        I had my own announcement to make today, to steal bit of thunder here: I am expecting my 2nd!

          1. Than You all! I finally told ppl at my work today too- my colleagues were like, “yea we suspected a month ago, when you showed up to work in sweatpants,” lol. It wasn’t a shitty sweatpant either, it was a brand new Roots one…oh well

        1. Congrats, Red Tulip! When are you due? Hope this is an easy pregnancy and that you will soon have another beautiful child to hold and love!

          1. Thank you all kindly ? due at the end of May. It’s been a pretty good one so far minus the exhaustion after a full day of work and a child to look after. Still can’t stand the smell of fried onions, lol.

        2. Congratulations Red Tulip! For what it’s worth, we (and many people we know) had a much easier transition to two than we did adding # one.

  12. Cheers to Prince Harry and Meghan!
    I’m loving her already… She’s out there and hard working.. And composed..
    Good luck to her for marrying into the royal family where protocol is huge and somewhat confining..
    But if she went in for it, I would hope she’s well informed.
    Can’t wait for the wedding!

      1. I just love the fact that they seem so genuinely in love….and they do know what ‘in love’ means. Very excited for them both.

        1. Birdy:
          “I just love the fact that they seem so genuinely in love….and they do know what ‘in love’ means. Very excited for them both.”

          I think Charles was trying to be facetious. He has that British SOH, and sometimes his statements sound cold.

          I often wonder whether Diana was in love with the idea of being in love? For instance, in that same engagement interview wherein Diana answered the question of being in love and getting married (not verbatim) she said, …Yes, that’s what I wanted … That’s what I want …

      2. I hate that the press have to ask that question but I’m not surprised. I think they handled it amazingly well. The whole interview was energetic and lovely. So different from another interview that shall remain nameless.

        1. Yes, definitely better than that interview. Meghan seems like a natural in front of the camera, i’m sure for the obvious reason of being an actress. That experience will really help her.

  13. Well. I have watched the videos and read the transcripts.
    I didn’t know what to expect and am pleasantly surprised.
    Meghan seems to me, a gentle person.
    The comment from Harry about the corgis sitting on Meghan’s feet during tea I thought interesting. Animals know!
    And their body language on the sofa, I thought, spoke volumes.
    Very close and turned to each other. Gorgeous.
    On a very superficial note I loved Meghan’s frock.
    Very elegant.
    As for the ring. Big but not too big.
    I loved the setting and the choice of stones.
    I thought this interview most successful.

    1. Agreed with everything you said. Their proximity and intimacy was in huge contrast to what we’ve seen in other interviews. These two are totally captivated with each other. And yes dogs always know. I bet HMTQ fell in love with Meghan at that moment.

  14. The body language in the interview is very telling. They both look elated. Wills looks so stiff in his engagement interview, almost like he just wanted to get it over with. Waity looked smug. Harry and Meghan look genuinely happy.

    1. Actually, I thought Kate just looked happy, although clueless about future works plans. William looked reserved, Harry very nervous and chatty Meghan like the cat who got the cream. Just my opinion – we all see things different ways and national standards can be part of that.

    1. I think you might have stumbled onto the wrong blog if you’re wondering why we care that someone in The Royal family matters.

        1. Don’t be mean. It is just a bit of fun. We all have different ideas, but I’m sure if we met any of these individuals we would be polite and nice.

  15. Off topic, again, but I wanted to.ask you this question I asked myself.
    Do you think that Kate feels used subconsciously by her mother?
    It’s quite interesting.Perhaps,Kate isn’t aware of itherself,.
    She always did what her family wanted.They didn’t force her, but directed her way.
    She always needs a leading hand, like a child.She never could develop an own character.
    It’s easy to see now when you see Meghan who has her own strong character,standing on her own feet and loves her mother dearly which the Middletons always pride themselves in(the stromg family bond).
    The Middletons seem to thought that you have little step for your children.
    Meghan worked her own way where she is now.
    Kate just went for which her parents paid and found her rich husband there.

    1. It’s very ironic you say this as my mum and I were discussing the events of the day and my mum said to me of course your Grandmother sees her as a ‘Pushy American’ based entirely on her vivacity, energy and something to say for herself but also your Grandmother can’t bear Kate as she’s a courtesan. (Forgive my GM people…..shes mid 80’s.)

      Now whereas I thought my GM would object to her Meghan’s career and being a divorcee and yes her ethenticity she loves all that, thinks it quite marvellous but ‘the girl’s just got too much to say for herself, like all Americans’. Honestly Granny but there you go.

      What she can’t understand is the modern, future Queen being so dull, unenquiring and like a 50’s throwback to what HMTQ was. Mrs Middleton has brought up a brittle girl with virtually no personality of her own who has modeled herself on her husband’s Grandmother as she was 50 years ago. Bought her a brilliant education but did she use it wisely or did she use it spectacularly to catch her main prize?

      Now is Kate cunningly presenting herself as the eminently suitable consort to a future king or is this Kate herself? I’m not sure whether she’s a Courtesan Kate more than Chameleon Kate and was it Carole who moulded her or her choice to present herself that way.

      1. This is such an interesting conversation, Mrs BBV.

        My older female relatives say exactly the same thing about Kate. Being strong feminists of the old school, and all the milestones they had to fight to get leaves them simultaneously furious and baffled by Kate.

        …but i come from a family of very strongwilled, opinionated females. I pity any man who would have dared to tell them what to do, what to think, and to model themselves into demure, silent, decorative ornament that is Kate. 6yrs in and still no glimpse of a personality no matter how hard the reporters try to sell us the fiction that there is one.

        And whilst it is never discussed in the MSM, Kate has managed to convey the idea that she can’t do or say anything without William’s input. As far as always ‘William and i’ in every public statement that manages to make it seem like it’s William’s idea and she would never dare say anything that was her own original thought or say it in a way that conveyed that it might ge her own original thought or washed through her own critical thought process.

        The public keeps projecting ideas that might explain why she behaves this way. Everything from social anxiety to shyness, but the woman is consistently showing us her lack of anything there. The reporters try to advance the idea that she is terrified of making the wrong move as if we are in Tudor England and her life dependent on a capricious mood of a capricious King. Oh wait…….?

        Richard Palmer tried to advance the idea that her silence at engagements or in private conversation actually made her a very good communicator which resulted in his being read the riot act by several commentors.

        The idea that silence means depth might be true of some people, but silenve can also mean the opposite, and Kate falls in the later version.

        And lacking any depth or interior life, she falls back on copying other royal figures and or idealised ideas of womanhood even if those ideas were actually regressive and harmful to woman.

    2. Im starting to seriously pity Kate.. It’s such a stark contrast between the two of them. Meghan’s a natural when it comes to spotlight. And to mention how she and Prince Harry were literally smitten and enmeshed, at ease and the energy between them.
      Kate, on the other hand, is still so stiff, or purposely reserved. Maybe Meghan will knock some sense of self into her.
      She will need to shape up or ship out.
      I am pitying her, even though she cooked and chose her own soup.

      1. Waity is beyond help at this point. She has no natural intelligence, warmth or interest in anything other than her family. She is just a waste of space and a disaster in her role. No life in her at all.

        1. Leah, I really enjoy your posts, and personally am not offended by your use of the name Waity. But KMR/MMR have asked you to stop using that term. Please do stop, or she may ban you, and we would miss your take on all things Kate and Meghan, which is interesting, challenging and often amusing.

  16. Interesting article today about a Cotswold Manor House that was taken off the market quite suddenly which I hope is true so that PoW gets grandchildren near him and means that Harry will be close to Zara & Mike, Peter & Autumn and all those adorable little ‘uns.

    I have always said I wanted Harry be the heir to Highrove, even though I was reminded it was technically unlikely, because Harry was so happy there as a child and clearly loves his cousins and is closer to his Father. Easy commute to London, Polo in the summer, gorgeous Cotswold stone properties. It’s a stunning part of U.K.

    I never understand the Cambridge choice of Norfolk logistically or personally. Apart from glorious beaches and shooting it’s not part of the family network…..maybe that was the attraction.

    1. There was a big article in one of the Sunday papers a few weeks ago about all the possible Cotswold homes that Charles could buy Harry. I agree, I think Harry is much more invested in the wider family, and because he is so nervous about protecting his privacy having family around him will help – people he knows he can trust. It will also help Meghan, who will be used to being away from her family, but still the time difference will make things feel more distant. Hopefully the wider family will welcome and support her.

      1. Yes I remember that article and I would adore that place…..much better than some imposing Stately home and much easier for Meghan to adjust to her new country and with her new family in a home like that, and it would be a home not a house.

      2. I wonder if Charles will gift them Harewood Park which he had set up for William and Kate, who then told Charles to eff off and took Anmer when Anmer still had its occupants… so HM had to kick them out to please Willy boy.

        Harry seems close to his dad and it would be nice for them to be near Highgrove.

        I wonder about which house it was?

    2. Do you think that Meghan’s mother will live in Great Britain in the near future?
      I could totally understand it, but I guess, there is too much family left in the US.
      If she stays in the US, they often have to fly back and forth the next decades.But I guess, it’s also hard to leave your home country if you like to live there.

      1. I think Doria has too much about her and too much class to ride off her daughter. She has her own life. I think she’ll do what she’s always done and give Meghan the space to be Meghan but she’ll be a much loved mother in law, very welcome, who visits a lot.

        1. Agreed; Doria is a very private person and is a social worker. She isn’t giving up her career to look over Meghan’s shoulder. Meghan can take care of herself and her mother will visit for the holidays.

      2. Maybe when M&H have kids. She’ll be around retirement age and might fancy a “new chapter” herself. That doesn’t mean that she’ll be living in Meghan’s back pocket, as I imagine she’d find her own things to do and her own friends, but she might enjoy being closer to any grandchildren.

      1. Love that house. When I was looking at moving to the U.K. I got on to a U.K. Real estate site and some part of one of the P & P property was up for sale. I think it was the pool that mr. Darcy dived into.

    3. Norfolk is the land of ‘turnip toffs’ William’s posh friends. It is outstanding for shooting, a main interest of William. (It is also a favourite place of Julia’s, although the Cotswold’s are delightful too.) William is also so determined on privacy, that the Sandringham estate is a good choice for him. Then too, the queen gave him the house (much too soon in my opinion) and it also fit in with his desired job.

      The Cotswolds choice for royals has been more about horses (Anne) and farming and gardening, and in the past, to some extent hunting (Charles and probably the Michaels who have since sold.) I haven’t seen a any interest in eventing on Harry’s part but polo could be a draw. I’ve not heard of either him or William going on hunts. Harry also has shown interest in gardening. So if he is to get Highgrove, it is possible he would choose to know that area. But as I recall, Charles doesn’t own Highgrove, the Duchy does, so it might be inherited by William as part of the Duchy when Charles takes the throne.

      I doubt that Harry is thinking of being close to Anne, although William at least is friendly with Peter Philips and Zara. Camilla amongst a pile of praise just sent a pointed remark at Meghan (I wonder how many will notice!) so somehow I don’t see Harry spending much time at Highgrove when she is present – he did not look happy sitting next to her in the carriage at the Trooping.)

      1. Julia, that was not a pointed remark if you mean Camilla saying America’s loss is their gain. You seem to constantly look for backhanded swipes at Meghan and to try to see something negative about Meghan, saying she needs to tone down, not be so outspoken.

        Harry likes her as is.

      2. William used to hunt as a teen. Here is a picture of him at at the beaufort fox hunt as a teen:

        Guy Pelly remains a keen hunter with them, which probably means so is William as they share alot of interests.

        What we know for sure is that William is a keen shooter and the Middletons have gone as far as arranging shoots for him.

        He also attends annual boar hunts in Spain. Ditto Harry. They were famously papped with Jecca at a Spanish airport a few years on their way to that year’s hunt.

        Due to his secrecy, it’s hard to know how much hunting he does, but stuff leaks out occassionally. And he travels for his hunting, not just in the UK.

        He once got into trouble for killing a protected bird in Kenya. The whole incident was hushed up, but you can still find reference to it in a few places:

        1. Now here’s an irony: Meghan is an almost vegan, or vegetarian or something? I may be wrong here, but given that premise, what is she doing with someone who leaves behind a crimson tide of innocent, vulnerable creatures cheaply slaughtered for fun? Or is it more about being good to her body? Darn, I know so little about her.

          1. I guess it depends on why she’s a “part time vegan” and her limits. Is she just that as a means to watch her diet, for not wanting to eat animals or just doesn’t like the taste?
            As a vegetarian for not wanting/needing to eat an animal, I would never be with someone who hunts but dating an omnivore doesn’t really bother me. So what Harry does would make him a No

          2. Vegetarian, vegan or meat eater, a man who hunts for fun would be given the heave-ho as far as I am concerned. Just no.

          3. Yeah. Bottom line, someone who murders helpless creatures for fun has a problem. She can confront him or silently accept the status quo. I would confront him. At 36, she no longer has an excuse.

            She wanted someone kind? What is kind about bloody slaughter?

  17. I’ve caught an interesting titbit today…..can’t remember where as I have read so much in the last 24 hours but apparently Zara, Sophie and Harry have all watched the Netflix production of The Crown and have loved it and insisted HMTQ watch it. Now whether she has or the gossip is true ……how lovely but I don’t think she’s going to enjoy season 2 much if the trailers are based on any kind of accuracy.

    But how weird sitting down and watching your life in a drama with this level of detail. I balled my eyes out on several occasions during Season 1 so imagine what it must to to the Royal Family watching an interpretion of themselves? Anyway 8th December is totally closed off in my diary. Carpet buffet planned…..chocolate by the slab, ten hours of binge watching Season 2 planned and a box of tissues at the ready.

    1. Francis Ford Coppola,the director of “The Godfather” wondered back then if true Mafiosi watch this movie and find it amusing.
      I know that Queen Elizabeth also.saw “The Queen” with Helen Mirren and “Victoria” with Rupert Friend.She critizised that the British uniforms would look to.much like the German ones if I remember correctly. It’s interesting to know that they watch movies about themselves,also.quite funny.

    2. I wish I could watch it with you!

      We should have some digital party with an open thread here to comment on the show as it goes@

    3. I would never watch anything on my family.

      Actually, there are loads of films and books on my family and whilst i’m aware of them, i’ve never read or watched any of them.

      Knowing the family history from the real people is all the knowledge i need. It would be so strange to read a fictionalised version or some random person’s idea of the family history.

      And any inaccuracies would drive me mad. Just like inaccuracies about the royals drive me mad.

        1. Luckily, the family history isn’t on a school curriculum, so unlike the royals, i can pretend i don’t see the books or films, which are plenty, and seemingly sourced from newspaper articles.

      1. “Knowing the family history from the real people is all the knowledge i need. ”

        I think that’s wise, Hera. In my experience, in real life it is better to ignore gossip and stranger stories. It’s not that difficult, I find. Things then stay real. And good.

        1. I never really had Sussex down as I know of no ties to that part of U.K. on his part. I had rather thought Duke of Clarence myself.

          But I’m not a Royal watcher really Jessica. I don’t have anything like Hera’s knowledge in these matters. I just like people, gossip and International Royalty and I loved Diana, dearly.

        2. Kind of hoping it is not Duke and Duchess of Sussex, too many SSSSS’s and hard to pronounce smoothly. I rather like Connaught but doubt it will be used.

          1. I doubt Connaught would be used either BostonBrahmin. It’s an Irish (Republic, not NI) province so it would be hugely controversial, I think.

          1. He’s more than likely right but I don’t think it’s announced until after HMTQ bestows it on the morning of the wedding.

            It’s also the bookies favourite too.

  18. I love that their first engagment will be Friday. They are hitting the ground running. I hope it is formal and not casual, so we can see Meghan dolled up. I am not crazy about informal engagments and fear the younger royals have way too many of them.

    I am also curious to see the crowd size and how they will react.

    What I am not happy about is that Meghan will join the Royal Foundation. I see much opportunity of her to be thrown under the bus and for her own charity ambitions to be stifled.

    I hope she comes to realize that she and Harry need to do their own thing and get away as far as they from Waity and Whiny.

      1. Hi Lauri, can you stop sounding like a broken record? If me calling Waity, Waity bothers you so much, you have no life at all. There are more serious problems in the world, like climate change, elephant poaching, sex trafficking. Get hot and bothered over stuff that matters, not some child woman who can’t even talk in her own natural voice or deliver a proper speech.

        1. Erm Leah, isnt it you who is getting hot and bothered about some child woman? So much so that you reduce yourself to childish name-calling, despite the blog-owners wishes?

        2. Clearly I have no life at all because your use of “Waity” bothers me. Considering I own this blog, I ask you to please stop using that term.

          1. Thanks KMR. I know this can’t be pleasant for you.
            I think some may forget that your intent for the blog is to create a warm, respectful atmosphere to review a royal that those here would generally want to do well, rather than be a spiteful hate blog.

        3. Hi Leah,

          I always enjoy your opinions and don’t care about your use of ‘Waity’ (and so many others still think it’s apt) but now KMR has put her foot down and is asking you to no longer use the ‘Waity’ moniker because it bothers *her*.

          I hope that you stop out of respect for her wishes and because I really want to hear your future opinions. You’re a lot of fun, you know. 🙂

          1. I agree. Leah, I am on the same page as you most of the time, so I echo the above: I hope you can find respect for the owner of this blog, because I do like reading your opinions about Will and Kate and I know I am not alone.

  19. But why not Westminster? Is this wedding being demoted to St. George’s due to Meghan being divorced. Good lord, I can hear Carole cackling now all the way from Bucklebury. I am sure Waity is smug too.

    1. I bet it will be as private as Harry can make it and hence, the choice. There won’t be the London crowds either. So basically they are pretty far away from everything, especially the rabble. One would think he wasn’t a prince. Oh wait, he’s a ‘modern’ prince (what an oxymoron). Someone correct me on the crowds if I’m wrong.

        1. Yes And their wedding was low-key because of the political/economic climate at the time. I suspect the reasoning is similar in this case. Also, the monarchy is not as popular now because of the cost of BP refurb and the Paradise papers, so I doubt they want another, hugely expensive security nightmare to potentially rile up the republicans.

        2. I still think that privacy is paramount. I doubt that Harry remotely has a finger on the pulse of economic trends.

          If you listen to their interview, what comes across over and over again is their hunkering down in the ‘cottage’, trying to roast chicken. IMO, Harry wants no eyes upon him but is not willing to give up the title, justifying it with the potential to do good works.

          Basically Harry wants to stay on royal welfare without giving much back. He’s still in the top 7 heirs, but acts like he’s entitled to the perks of a commoner.

    2. Everything isn’t about Carole Middleton and her feelings. I believe Harry always wanted a smaller wedding and wanted to avoid Westminster and the balcony kiss.

      1. It sure is about Kate. This is why I think it’s May. Kate must be skinny again before showing up in public. She’s that vapid and vain, sadly.

    3. Not much public interest in a big expensive wedding – at least, with no bank holiday attached – is the first reason. The statement said unusually the royal family will be paying for the wedding – they are very much taking the overall mood of the nation which is thinking of cost, especially at this time.

      Then despite all the comments, Meghan is divorced and that will matter to the queen if no one else. This fits where Charles and Camilla had their blessing.

      1. I still feel like the public and Meghan are getting gypped. I wanted a Westminster wedding and balcony kiss.

        If Meghan wasn’t divorced, I wonder if Westminster would have been the venue.

        1. Question for people in the know regarding Royal information. The internet sites (some, anyway) are saying that HM will not attend the wedding, just the reception. That’s because Meghan is divorced. The sites claim HM did not attend Charles and Camilla’s wedding, either. Just their reception.

          True or false?

          I’m also wondering if Meghan will wear a gown and tiara, but not a veil. Or, will her wedding attire be less formal? Gosh, I want the whole nine yards. Gown, veil, tiara, and all in attendance!!

          1. I’m going to say false. She was at Anne’s second wedding. The (official) reason for her not attending Charles and Camilla’s ceremony was that it was a civil ceremony and not a religious one.
            So I’m going to say she’ll be at Harry’s.

          2. No way would she miss this. The CoE has sanctioned remarriage in a Church and her relationship with H. is exceptionally close.

          3. Thanks, all. I just read on DM that HM will attend. Thankfully.

            Oh, I want to see that balcony kiss, too. Perhaps, a kiss on the steps of Windsor Castle will be our thrill!

          4. Apparently Meghan is on record as saying her most favourite wedding dress in history is Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy’s. I don’t think she’d go that slinky but I think that means we can rule out a traditional Royal style wedding gown. I’m thinking it will be very understated and pared back. I just pray it’s not Erdem.

            I would just love to see her in Elie Saab but I don’t know if she could get away with that.

          5. The Queen wasn’t at Charles and Camilla’s civil wedding ceremony, but she was present at the religious church blessing and hosted the wedding reception.

          6. Re Meghan’s wedding dress – “I’m thinking it will be very understated and pared back.” Agreed. Understated and pared back seems to be Meghan’s style/aesthetic.

            Re – “I just pray it’s not Erdem.” That made me chuckle.

          7. The queen didn’t attend the civil service of Charles and Camilla but she did attend the service of blessing for them at St. George’s.

            Many think that would be appropriate for Meghan and Harry too since Meghan is divorced. Since 2002, marrying divorced people in the church has been at the discretion of the vicar and many have been denied. There is feeling now a special exception is being made for Harry – technically not the case, but that’s the perception.

            Either way, a blessing, which as in the case of Charles, is still lovely, or a service, I’m sure the queen will attend.

            I doubt Westminster Abbey would have happened at the moment regardless or marital status – although the Abbey would have liked it – it draws tourists.

      2. I think Harry would never have wanted a big Westminster wedding anyway, he hates the press, the attention, and so on. I can imagine Meghan wanted it.

        St George’s is special to Harry as well, he was baptized and confirmed there.

        Could also be due to the fact that Meghan isn’t some homegrown royal bride, also about cost, and people not wanting another big to-do about it. And because her family seems a bit of a disaster outside her mother.

        1. I believe her father is very private and you also have to think how he’s going to cope with giving her away in front of such a congregation and worldwide audience.

    4. Let’s not forget Harry is 5th in line to the throne and once baby Cambridge 3 comes along he will be 6th in line by the time the wedding rolls around in May. Therefore all the guests that had to be invited to Prince William and Kate’s wedding don’t have to be invited to Prince Harry’s so they don’t need a wedding venue as big as Westminster Abbey.

  20. I’m putting this comment here because I can’t reply to DorothyZbornak and Maven’s comments further up for some reason (the comments about the royal pecking order and work ethic).

    I’m not a huge royal watcher, and certainly don’t know as much as many regular commenters, but I remember around the time of K&W’s wedding that there was talk of how the palace were going to work hard to ensure Kate wasn’t ‘another Diana’ and have past mistakes repeated. That was interpreted as meaning she would be looked after, and wouldn’t be isolated in the way Diana was.

    However, given that Kate’s workload has been so low, I’ve often wondered if it was more that the royals were determined not to have another ‘star’ on their hands, who would outshine her husband and rock the boat. Is it better for the institution for her to be dull, but uncontroversial, than a favourite with the public? Now, Kate’s doesn’t seem to have much of a work ethic of course, but could it be that that is not a problem for the palace so they don’t particularly push her to work hard?

    It’s just speculation on my part, of course, but it’s interesting given that Meghan appears more hard-working and charismatic so far.

    1. Yes, you are right! But not just Kate, Sophie and Camilla do low numbers too for full time royals. Last years numbers were:

      Camilla: 221
      Sophie: 179
      Kate: 140

      Back in the day Diana would do over 300 engagements a year. The public and media blamed the royal family for putting too much pressure on Diana and not giving her any support. Things changed after that scandal. I think the Queen has done a complete 180 so she can’t be blamed for not supporting the wives.

      Camilla has been married for 12 years and has done only one solo overseas trip in that time. Sophie has been married for 18 years and isn’t required to do more than 200 engagements a year. Kate’s been married 6 years and is still a part-time royal. And the Queen has been completely okay with this.

      So it’s not just Kate who is allowed or kept to low numbers.

      I’m 90% sure Meghan is going to have the same amount of numbers too. Everyone expecting Meghan to be super hardworking is in for disappointment. And I don’t think it will be her fault, there’a just no way she will be allowed to do more engagements than everyone else.

    2. I’m afraid that they want to make a second Kate out of Meghan.
      Just smiling, waving, showing up, step behind your husband.
      On the other hand, she surely knew this before the engagement.

      1. They definitely don’t want Meghan to outshine the entire monarchy (which isn’t very hard). She’ll definitely have to dial it back which is what Catherine did after the wedding as well.

    3. Hands down, I believe that Meghan is a star and will be a star. Unless she is restrained/suppressed which is a real possibility.

      I think Harry would be perfectly fine and proud to let Meghan shine and wouldn’t mind being in her shadow in this respect as he’s had a lifetime of practice with big bro; it’s second nature to him.

      Harry in effect will marry someone akin to his mother. Willy, on the other hand, married someone who fakes being like his mother. That’s my theory.

      1. That’s very interesting. I agree, Kate is not authentic and that must be a big strain on her. Meghan is an actress, of course she’s a star. I remember reading how Princess Grace chafed at the lack of creative outlet once she became a princess. She eventually took up poetry and art, as they were suitably ladylike activities.

      2. Hmm, I slightly disagree. I think Will always felt jealous about Diana putting other things before him – work, charities, men – and what he wants above all is someone who puts him first. That statement by Kate’s Jigsaw boss was very revealing, something like she needs to be on call for her boyfriend. I doubt Kate would be a workhorse if left to her own devices, but I am sure the key to keeping William happy is that he be the number one.

        With Harry and Meghan I am less sure. It could be that, being the second child, he was used to being more in the background. He seems to have found some fulfillment in his work and perhaps he can appreciate his Mother’s connection to her charities more than Will can.

    4. Some interesting replies! I hope she does work hard, I did believe the hype at first and thought Kate would be a royal with a bit of substance, but she’s been a disappointment. As The Spectator says, time will tell!

      By the way, KMR, I just want to say thank you for the blogs. I lurk a lot but have only commented a handful of times, and I think your posts offer an intelligent critique of the royals without ever veering into being b***y or shallow. I also think you do very well in maintaining a largely courteous atmosphere in the comments that still allows for strong opinions. It must be very hard work. It’s one of the reasons I hope Meghan proves to have more about her than Kate, as you’ll have lots to write about, ha ha – Kate doesn’t give people much to discuss beyond her clothes.

    1. What do *you* make of this?

      “The wedding is likely to be televised with the public involved, possibly by ballot”

      I hope this isn’t true. It’s beyond offensive.

          1. This person is horrible, and so are the Daily Mail for coming up with stories like this.

            All I can say is… guess who will not be invited to the wedding?

      1. DM is making that up with public joining them.

        Honestly I can see people liking that, being able to go to the wedding. Why not? St George’s only fits 800 people though. I can’t see Meghan’s family showing. They’re all a liability sans her parents really.

          1. I think it’s a stupid idea, and a lottery system or ballot is really dumb, but the concept of engaging people that way is kinda nice.

            TBH I want Harry to invite people who matter to him. The gal in Chicago whose name I forget who wrote to him about Full Effect in Nottingham (I know I got that story wrong but that is one amazing young lady). People whose lives he changed or who changed his life. Dave Henson and his family. Invictus folks who Harry adores and works hard for. Sentebale people. People who really matter to him in a public and private way instead of celebrities.

          2. There are some members of the public who would absolutely fall over themselves to attend a royal wedding.
            Perhaps those in charge thought a ballot the fairest way. I wouldn’t say it’s dumb but I do think it’s unusual, simply because I am not aware of it being done previously.

        1. Well considering the Middleton’s seemed to invite random peeps, it was kind of like a lotto system then too but just for the residents of bucklebury =)

  21. Gossip, gossip gossip……heard a rumour not by my friend in the know but another gossiper that Kate has invited Doria to stay at Amner this Christmas. So Sandringham is on, Kate & William and Harry & Meghan will be there.

    Now I’m not Kate’s biggest fan but what a jolly nice thing to do. (If true)

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