Kate visits Foundling Museum, comments on Harry & Meghan’s engagement

Kate visits Foundling Museum, comments on Harry & Meghan’s engagement

Kate Middleton visited the Foundling Museum yesterday, November 28, and while walking into the museum, stopped to make a comment to reporters about the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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The Foundling Museum explores the history of the Foundling Hospital, the UK’s first children’s charity and first public art gallery. The Foundling Hospital, which continues today as the children’s charity Coram, was established in 1739 by the philanthropist Thomas Coram to care for babies at risk of abandonment. Instrumental in helping Coram realise his vision were the artist William Hogarth and the composer George Frideric Handel. The Foundling Museum is a history and art museum, which through a dynamic program of exhibitions and events, celebrates the ways in which artists of all disciplines have helped improve children’s lives for over 275 years.

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Kate arrived at the museum where she was shown around an exhibition about the history of the museum. From 1741, when the first babies were admitted, to 1954, when the last pupil was placed in foster care, the Foundling Hospital cared for and educated around 25,000 children. Kate viewed tokens left by mothers with their babies at The Foundling Hospital so they could identify them.

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Kate met children in various art therapy and art workshops, including children from The Thomas Coram nursery (which is next to the Foundling Museum) and Argyle Primary School. Kate viewed lanterns that the kids made, and sat in with the kids for an arts and crafts session.

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Kate commented on Harry and Meghan’s engagement announcement, saying:

    “William and I are absolutely thrilled. It’s such exciting news. It’s really happy time for any couple, and we wish them all the best. I hope they enjoy this happy moment.”

Rebecca English confirmed on Twitter that this statement is “what we call a pre-arranged ‘doorstep’.” As in, Kate stopping to be asked about this by reporters was planned.

Personally, I have no problem with Kate pre-planning a statement to say to reporters here. I wish Kate would do this for all of her engagments, or at least all of her solo engagements. I wish Kate would give a quote, even one sentence, to reporters about the engagement at each engagement. That would be amazing. Sadly, that won’t happen, but I wish it would.

Kate wore a new Kate Spade dress with a diamond pattern print from the Resort 2018 Collection. The hem on Kate’s dress is higher in the front than in the back because the dress is not a maternity dress and Kate’s midsection is pulled the front of the dress up.

Kate in Kate Spade at Foundling Museum s
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Kate accessorized the dress, which has a burgundy striped as part of the waist band, with her burgundy Gianvito Rossi pumps and burgundy Mulberry Bayswater clutch. Kate did not go for burgundy jewelry, though, opting instead for her Sapphire and Diamond earrings.

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As a programming note: Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced their engagement, I will officially be moving any coverage of Harry over to Meghan Markle Review. That blog is where I will cover Meghan and Harry.

As another note: I want to remind everyone to please be polite to each other and to the royals, including Kate. People have differing opinions, and that’s great, but we don’t need to be hostile to each other when discussing them. And we don’t need to be hostile to Kate either. Yes, Kate doesn’t read this blog, but WE have to read these comments, and when the tone is incredibly negative it makes it not fun. Both this and Meghan Markle Review are supposed to be fun. Yes, we comment negatively about certain things we dislike or are disappointed in, but we don’t have to be hateful when commenting about the royals and we don’t have to be hateful to each other when our opinions differ. Thank you.

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163 thoughts on “Kate visits Foundling Museum, comments on Harry & Meghan’s engagement

  1. Kate looked really nice today. I like the dress, it’s a bit quirky and stays away from too matronly, and the burgundy accessories are on point. She seemed engaged and friendly. Yes, the bar is low, but good job today Kate. Do wish she’d go to maternity clothes. I never wore them (I didn’t need to) but it looks silly with the hemlines and such when your chest is growing and so’s your belly. Stuff just doesn’t fit right.

    I’d like to visit this museum the next time we’re in London.

    As you know KMR I scoff at her needing a prepared statement about her brother-in-law’s engagement, I find that kinda silly, but it’s Kate who is unable to be spontaneous so I guess it’s okay. I just find it weird and reflective of how…inept she seems to be at a lot of social things. I don’t think it’s because of her personality or anything, just her upbringing. I do agree 150% that she should do this more often. Maybe talk a bit about why she is there. Or talk up a charity. Give them something from her even if it’s total PR garbage.

    1. I love the pop of color with the burgundy, I disagree about the dress style While I’m beyond thrilled that it’s longer than some of her choices from previous pregnancies it still, to me comes across as dowdy.
      I don’t have a problem with the pre prepared statement as I don’t think she’s that quick on her feet when faced with questions in a less than completely controlled environment.

        1. Excellent point! But why oh why won’t she get a honest to goodness professional stylest? Someone who can show her there’s a world of fashion between flasher and frump.

    2. Camilla made a statement that appeared much more sincere. But I also wonder how many times Kate has even met Meghan. That part of the interview was a little vague.

      1. I loved Camilla’s statement! So effusive and genuine. I wonder if it’s possible we could see joint engagements with Camilla and Meghan? I remember Kate went on one or two with Charles/Camilla years ago.

        I also found that portion of the interview rather vague. I thought Meghan’s quick interjection about Kate being so wonderful to be smart even if not totally honest.

        I’m most looking forward to their first joint appearance and the ensuing body language examinations. That will truly tell the tale.

        It would be nice if they genuinely got along, they’re both in such a uniquely odd circumstance it can only help to have honest support.

        1. No way are they genuinely going to get along. Not the dismal track record that Williams wife has of displaying genuine warmth and interest and friendliness toward other women that she is not related to. She is going to glare daggers at Meghan every chance she gets. And pull rank as well.

          Carole probably has a gaslighting list already drawn up that her daughter can deploy against Meghan. I am sure Pippa has weighed in also.

    3. She might have anxiety. It seems like bullying to keep harping on her being nervous and calling her inept. She’s clearly intelligent and seems very good with people one on one.

      It’s hard to understand how she manages to generate slouch vitriol.

      1. Her intelligence is not clear to me at all, but I do understand that these things are subject to perception. (getting into certain schools &/or earning a degree are not necessarily signs of intelligence to me, but being able to answer a simple question without a prepared statement is).

        The issue I have is not that she may suffer from anxiety, but that some have used that to excuse some of her behavior for the past 6.5 years. I suffer from anxiety and have had to work on coping & calming skills, but have had to fake my way through many a presentation, client meeting, meet & greet, etc. It takes work, and she certainly did what she could to nab William, but it almost seems like she thought her work was done once she got married. After all of these years she knows what her “job” entails, and she certainly has the time & resources to work on the areas that she is still, after all these years, lacking in.

      2. I would not say she is clearly intelligent. Remember her genius remark of “Can you taste the tea by smelling it?” Clearly not the words of someone with lot upstairs. And honestly, she is going to be queen. If she has anxiety, she needs to get over it. There is no reason she should have this much trouble or nervousness speaking in public after all this time.

          1. +1000000000

            Anxiety is awful and what successful treatment/management looks like is different for everyone. She gets ripped to shreds for the most petty things so it’s hard to imagine she would feel good about opening up about something so personal.

          2. Public speaking is the number one greatest fear for most people. Greater than death. I wouldn’t automatically assume a mental health issue is at play here.

            She speaks publicly so infrequently it’s hard to know if it’s regular nerves that most people experience in similar situations.

          1. It does indeed – sadly I know someone who lost their sense of smell and with it their taste and had to force themselves to eat – things didn’t just taste like nothing – they tasted off.

            Fine tea tasters know that smell is extremely important and visa versa – just as it is with wine.

            Kate’s sentence was poorly worded. It has nothing to do with intelligence – I know many inarticulate people who are brilliant, in fact some of the most brilliant people I know don’t express themselves well, and some fairly well-spoken people aren’t so bright. Fumbling to say things correctly has to do with confidence and many other things including the speech mechanism – which isn’t link to intelligence and the ability to think at the moment – again something some have, and others don’t.

            I don’t think Kate lacks intelligence although I do think she lacks confidence and that has worsened in the confines of the royal family rather than improved – whether it is William or the royal palace machine – which unquestionably is a confidence shredder – is hard to say. Kate also fears doing wrong too much – although the not fearing it isn’t wise either.

            I have wondered at times how much sense of history Kate has – this is what I sometimes miss in her.

      3. One of her charitable issues is supposed to be mental health. If she has such anxiety why is she not getting help for it since she must have access to the best treatment available. Many people around the world deal with anxiety and manage to do their job. They get help or cope otherwise. We are almost seven years into this and she still cannot do her job properly. It’s not going to get better because she will be expected to do more, especially if she becomes Queen consort. She needs to be getting treatment now if anxiety is truly an issue. Putting it off won’t help anymore but will make it worse.

      4. + 1, Sarah.

        This was a good event for her, and I was pleased to see her issue a sound bite. If she had anxiety about speaking to the cameras she handled it very nicely.

      5. What makes you think she’s “clearly intelligent” ? just because one goes to college doesn’t make them smart and vice versa.
        I actually cringe at things she says because she almost always comes off as unintelligent, uninformed or ill prepared. Whatever you want to call it.

          1. Now she can’t hold a conversation? I just don’t understand why the criticisms of her can’t be rational. She can clearly have a conversation, she clearly has friends, and I think we all know she’s not an unintelligent person. Good grief. All the petty criticism makes the comments section on this blog so unfortunate. It’s unfortunate because KMR is a good writer and provides us with good content. It’s a shame the comments can’t be more rational.

  2. I like this dress on Kate. ( besides for pulling up in front but I’ll pass that)
    She seemed interested and engaged.
    Kudos Kate ..

    1. I really like Kate’s outfit today, too. Compared to some of the midi floral dresses from last winter, it feels like she’s wearing this dress, rather than the dress wearing her. I’d happily have it in my wardrobe. The accessories aren’t ground breaking, but work well with the outfit.

      She’s having a very good hair day, too

      1. I found the dress rather predictable. Black — basically, with a thin bit of burgundy/red and shoes that let the entire outfit pop – a bit. Black for an appearance with kids is her thing.

        The matching clutch and shoes are rather predictable, too. I am not a fan of Kate’s clothing style. Obviously! I wish she’d start wearing some stylish maternity clothes She is showing more and earlier this time — mainly because this is baby three. I say, “Go for the maternity looks, Kate.”

        She did seem more engaged, but one picture here was so over the top and a few others on the DM yesterday were, as well.

        I believe the knowledge that she’d soon be sharing the world stage with Meghan has allowed Kate to become more involved in her appearances. Isn’t it about time, though?

        I find it difficult to get really excited about her. It’s been too long in coming. Yes, she may have anxiety. Yes, she’s not a charismatic person, nor is she a trained actress. But, if she would just be who she really is and embrace that, she’d wear well in public and probably in private, too. Maybe, she still doesn’t know who she is, though . Her mother made her into what Carole wanted her to be. And, Kate just went along.

        P.S. My mom is visiting and said Kate’s dress reminded her of styles many of the women she used to teach with wore way back when!

  3. Yes! I’m tired of hearing quotes from her from secondary sources regarding what she did or thought about the engagement. And just less comments about kids. Everything G and C do are just the same things other kids too. I wanna hear what she thought.

  4. Going after William and dealing with him for so long must have beaten her up inside, I think. It is really sad. Pictures of a younger Kate seem so much happier. William is not a kind person and judging by stories from friends and by what we see how he treats Kate… I’m sure she’s pretty unhappy, it shows in her eyes, especially the almost wary way she sometimes looks at him as if she didn’t please him well enough.

  5. Am I the only one who feels her comment is similar in wording to the press release from Harry’s secretary (announcing month and place of wedding) – I specifically refer to the “happy moment” expression?

    Dress too long, again, but I always love a pair of red shoes.

    This museum must hold some sad stories – those tokens left with their children by mothers would be highly emotional.

    1. +1

      It’s one thing to be critical but it’s another to display open bitterness and hostility, especially toward a person you don’t even know. It’s hard to enjoy the comments section when people are constantly jumping to the worst possible conclusion. Whatever Kate is she is NOT unintelligent.

  6. If she wasn’t pregnant I’d like this outfit. But it looks like something my 50+ year old mom would wear. BUT she is pregnant, 5 months pregnant. She needs to start buying actual maternity wear.

    1. +1

      I’m in my early-30s and wouldn’t be caught dead in this dress. It’s even more matronly than what my mid-60s mother-in-law wears!

    2. She has a lot of maternity wear/clothing she wore while previously pregnant but may not be actual maternity – and some of it was really nice! I get she has a bazillion dollars to spend on clothes and she clearly loves doing it BUT in this case and with an ear to the financial climate she should recycle non stop. We should rarely see her in anything new. A third pregnancy would be the perfect time for her to bust out a frugal clothing regime. And by frugal, I’m talking royal standards- not us plebs! It really just blows my mind that she’s still accumulating new. And this ensemble…forgettable and boring and a waste of money imo.

  7. With the bar set low this is a win from me, but I wish she would wear maternity dresses …repeats please… rather than a dress she won’t wear again.
    Prepared statement is better than nothing but in the news it was saying that even though prepared, she was incredibly nervous!

      1. I agree. I was reading Lainey and she brought up Kate’s engagement interview and how focusing all her effort on the accent drained the interview of all excitement. If she hasn’t mastered it by now, she never will. I truly don’t understand the desire to fake something so big for a lifetime.

  8. I don’t have a problem with Kate making a pre-arranged statement to reporters either. In fact I’m glad she did something different and out of her comfort zone. It was a short statement and all that was needed. She appeared visibly nervous to me but it was her first time doing something like this. I wonder if CQ coached her.
    Kate’s frock was lovely if somewhat matronly. I am not fussed by the uneven hemline but maybe it is time for her to move on to maternity clothes. She accessorised well today, the burgundy shoes and clutch complementing the colours in her frock.

  9. I thought she did well today. She came across as fully engaged. The dress is alright, but I’m reminded of her other black and white polka dot maternity dress.

    It would have been lovely if after giving her prepared remarks she added a sentence or two about why she was there. Maybe she’ll see after today that it won’t kill her to talk to the press a little bit.

  10. I wish Kate would learn to smoothe her dress down her backside when she bends over like this. Letting her dress drape down past her legs is the reason we have so many… erm… less than appropriate images from her last tour.

    Simple things, like the ability to clap, always mystify me as to why she can not grasp it.

    1. I always have this thought every single time. Ditto when she sits on a chair. She doesn’t smooth her dress so skirt is between chair and her bottom. Not a problem if she’s wearing a pencil dress / skirt, but always worrying with the flowy skirts she prefers.

    2. I wish she’d smooth down the back of her outfits before sitting in a car, or anywhere. There have been so many rumpled dresses and skirts at so many engagements. Her mother didn’t teach those girls everything, apparently. Just how to get a rich guy!

  11. I didn’t find the statement very sincere sounding. I mean I found out that today Camila called Megan “a star” on top of her effusive remarks from the day before. I just don’t feel any warmth from Kate on her sister-in-law to be, but what do I know.

    Cam’s remarks can’t help Kate either when she said nothing close about Kate when she got engaged to William…

    1. I think Harry made an effort to introduce Meghan to everyone in the family and make her comfortable with them and vice-versa.

      William never bothered with Kate, ever.

      1. It’s really strange how isolated they seem to be. Choose to be rather…

        I loved how easily Meghan spoke of all Harry’s family. Such warmth. It gives me hope for Charles relationship with his future grandchildren.

        1. I thought the same thing about Charles having a closer relationship with (hopefully) the future children of Harry and Meghan. I think the distance between his first grandchildren has been sad for him.

          1. ‘star’ is not a compliment – I think much of Charles’ issues with his sons are a result, not just of Camilla but that in an effort to promote her interests. their mother was rubbished.

          2. When I watched the video of Camilla’s statement about Meghan, her comments seemed really sincere and positive. Unless Camilla is also another trained actress who can project an emotion she doesn’t feel, I really think she legitimately likes Meghan.

            I can’t say the same about Kate because there was no emotion projected from her speech. I am not saying she dislikes her based on this, because Kate still is a poor public speaker even with basic comments but you don’t get “I look forward with developing a relationship with Meghan” vibe as you do with Camilla’s statement.

          3. We none of us know anyone’s intent – but being a star – in other words putting yourself forward would not normally being seen as a compliment in the royal family – where members are expected not to overshadow others. To my ears, it was a barbed remark.

            I don’t know if I would call it acting, but Camilla is certainly good at dissembling – after all, she is the one who rang Diana and said let’s have lunch and have a lovely chat about Charles, soon after Diana was engaged.

            There is an old mantra, that the person who gushes and comes on with heaps of praise is the one to be wary of and the person who is restrained is the one more likely to be speaking the truth. That may or may not always be so, but all royal family members have to be able to feign interest or enthusiasm when meeting people – so how genuine anyone is can be hard to tell.

      2. And I think his lack of introduction for assimilating his wife into his family shows his disregard and lack of respect for his family and his wife.

        1. Agreed. Especially since there was such emphasis put on the notion that Kate would have so much more support than Diana.

          I believe that in William’s mind, since he and his wife are to be top dogs, it’s incumbent on the family to ingratiate themselves. He’s been such a poor guide for her.

    2. It’s weird how Harry and Meghan didn’t mention Camilla at all in the interview. I know she is not their mother but she is their step-mother and part of their family yet William and Harry act like she doesn’t exist.

      1. She probably feels that Harry and especially Meghan don’t have anything to do with her. Like William, she was raised to think she was the only one who matters and not to care about anyone beyond her Middleton world, save William.

        And from I read way back when and from what was implied around the time William got engaged to her, Carole had very little to do with Michael’s family. There was an interview I swear I read with a member of Michael’s family that majorly shaded Carole.

    3. Lucky Meghan – sounds like she has Camilla firmly in her corner and I think that will be very very important going forward for the wife of the 6Th in line

    4. I don’t think that Camilla and her daughter-in-law have any relationship and that may be at William’s request, I don’t know. But I don’t remember Camilla making any remarks at all at the time of William’s engagement. If she did, they were not as warm.

      And are you really surprised that William’s wife isn’t warm toward Meghan? The claws and daggers are coming out.

  12. There isn’t much to say about today. Kate looked engaged and she was dressed appropriately. I don’t like the dress for my own taste, but it is very “kate”. I am just glad she wore a longer dress since she wears short hems when pregnant. She looked nice.

    A side note KMR-Kate didn’t talk to reporters, but rather 1 reporter away from the rest of the pack. There is a video from the other side where you can hear how annoyed the other reporters are for her talking to only 1 reporter. I am still glad she did it and do also wish she talked more-although it is clear she is nervous.

    1. Overit +1

      Those reporters were really niggly judging from their ‘mutterings’ on the video.

      When Kate got out of the car she was so pale I thought she was unwell.
      It wasn’t until she turned to face the camera and reporter that I realised she was nervous. But she was able to speak confidently.

      1. Wow almost 7 years on the job and she still cannot speak publicly without looking like she’ll throw up? No one is asking her to give a rousing oratory that’ll go down in history now; just a short, prepare, probably rehearsed statement on how she’s excited for her brother in law and an incoming family member. That’s it! And she has trouble with that? Wow! Her incompetence defies logic.

        1. More importantly William’s wife is what happens when you raise a child only to bag a rich man and to have no self-esteem, ambition or intellectual curiousity.

    2. But that’s what happens when you do canned statements like this. It would be madness to take questions from reporters and answer every one! One, pre-selected and coached reporter asks a question, Kate knows who to look for in the crowd and where said reporter will be standing, and she says her prepared sound bite.

      This is just how it works! No fault of Kate’s.

      1. Willy, of all people, gave a speech that made it seem like he really was happy for Harry and Meghan, although I could have done without him throwing Harry under the bus for raiding his fridge. Those type of stories are tired.

        But if he can summon up genuine emotion and be pleasant, surely his automaton of a wife can do the same or just take notes.

        1. I’m willing to give William the benefit of the doubt on this one because I genuinely believes that he loves his little brother tremendously.

          He’s awkward and stilted and that often comes across as mean. To an extent, I get the sense that he *is* entitled and a bit petulant. But I do not believe that his unpleasantness extends privately to Harry. When asked about him, Harry speaks very warmly of his older brother. I think they are close.

          And I believe that William is truly happy for Harry.

          For Kate’s part, I don’t think she is comfortable not being at the centre of the action. For a ready example, look to little sister Pippas wedding; Kate looked out of sorts and not confident. Caring for others is something for which she seems entirely unaccustomed. She has grown used to being the one looked after and not the other way round.

          I feel that Meghan’s appearance in the family will unsteady Kate for a bit, but I expect nothing short of absolute pleasantness in public.

      2. Alexandra-you might want to reread my comment. I didn’t say it was a fault of Kate’s! I was merely letting KMR know since she said she spoke to reports (plural). I wanted her to know it was 1 reporter. But thanks for taking my comment and twisting it into attacking Kate. Some people find problems no matter what!

        1. Overit: oh no, I didn’t mean for it to read that way! I meant that toward the reporters, like “hey guys no point in being annoyed you know how it goes!”

          Sorry for how it read to you, I certainly didn’t mean to twist your comment!

          Also, I get that you’re upset but the sarcastic “thanks” read a little rude to me. No need to meet perceived rudeness with more rudeness!

      1. Yep, I remember that video. Clearly her robot controls short circuited and she couldn’t speak like a normal person that day. It was beyond embarrassing. How a woman in her thirties has no basic conversational skills and keeps repeating the same thing over and over is beyond horrific.

        She should be ashamed of herself.

      2. Eek, that’s so painful to watch. I really hope she’s been getting coaching, but I have a feeling she hasn’t.

        I also hope she eventually clues into the fact that practice is what she needs the most. Speak publicly, realize the earth didn’t come off it’s axis, gain a drop of confidence, and do it again.

      3. I forgot how seriously annoyed William got as the interview went on. As if the reporters couldn’t see Kate was struggling- they hammered her in the fluffiest way possible, but it was like she hadn’t been listening to anything her husband said or the questions being addressed to him. Stand still look pretty? Not ok then and not ok now.

  13. The last photo of Kate is just great x)
    I like that she looks more engaged although she looks a bit tired.
    The dress looks comfortable.
    I thought that they would prepare some sentences for her about the engagement.It’s obvious that the press will always ask everyone in the family if something like this happens.So, it doesn’t suprise me, I guess everyone would prepare themselves for such questions.
    From what I can see, Kate did well

  14. I thought her dress appropriate and rather reminiscent of the young Diana. And yah! for good accessories and being engaged. I wonder why she doesn’t wear trousers for these get down with the kids events? Do you think it’s fear of the Queen’s disapproval? I believe both Sophie and Anne have worn them at events.

  15. The soundbite comment Kate gave was fine; it’s better than not giving one at all which would’ve been seen as rude.

    I like this dress. The colors are flattering (I just looked it up and according to a seasonal color analysis, Kate is a Cool Summer. Huh!) as is the dress. It’s long but doesn’t look blah to me; it accentuates her pregnant tummy in a nice way.

    I wish she’d done something with her hair but you can’t win them all.

    I too loved Camilla’s comments regarding Meghan!

    P.S. My seasonal color is Deep Winter (which is what I thought Kate was as well but, according to websites she is, like I said, a Cool Summer).

  16. Much better Kate Spade than the pink floral last year. I’ve noticed Kate is far more engaged with her outings this fall. She seems to be really enjoying the children, unlike previous years. I wonder if now that George has friends she is getting used to relating more to strangers’ children. I thought the prepared statement was fine. Camilla is far more engaging and spontaneous in all public statements, so no surprise to see Kate have a more reserved statement than her. I think Harry avoids talking about Camilla in public as he worries about the press comparing her to his mom, but when they are together it always seems warm and friendly. I think he is happy his father found happiness. I’m guessing Meghan will be closer to Charles and Camilla than Kate, if only for the reason that her family is a continent away and she came from a broken home (troubled half siblings, for example.)

    One of the reporters Twitter said Kate was nervous. And interestingly added that in private conversation she is really charming.

    1. Royal reporters’ opinion of private Kate is always interesting bearing in mind that they are part of the Palace PR. One keeps saying she is always rehearsed to the point that there is no spontenaity whatsoever, another keeps pushing the idea that she is rather charming in private and a third says she doesn’t say much, but simply lets people talk at her and since people like to talk about themselves, it gives impression that she was engaged with the conversation.

      Meanwhile her own family’s view seems to fall in the quiet, has no conversational ability, struggles to be interested in people assessment of private Kate.

        1. Depends on the situation. If it’s a quick room stroll, the Queen let’s people do all the talking, but also moves it along (or her ladies move her along) very quickly.

          If it’s a reception, she holds a proper conversation whereby she guides the conversation with leading questions based on the answers she receives.

          The reporter said Kate just lets you talk without asking questions or guiding the conversation and then comes in at the end with an exclamation.

      1. I’ll never forget the cousin commenting how Kate has always been self absorbed and impossible to be interested in anything but herself, and finds it hard to relate to people…

  17. I love that last picture of Kate!

    Boy this dress is kind of fuddy fuddy to me. It is possible to dress modestly and youthful at the same time. Queen Maxima has fun with her clothes. I wish Kate would have a little fun. She met with children who were told they would meet a princess. Why couldn’t she wear a dress with a but of color in it?

  18. I loved all the outfits and guess what? I was banned on Celebitchy for calling Kaiser out on her sexism! She deleted mines and another regulars comment because we told her she was being an hypcorite and she was deleting comments that weren’t breaking the rules but ones that didn’t agree with her.
    I’m done with that site. Thank you for being fair even when you don’t agree KMR.

    1. They ban everybody who doesn’t agree with their opinion. All across the board. It’s an echo chamber over there. I’m surprised to see any comments that don’t agree with them.

      It never used to be like that. It was irreverent, funny and open to all sorts of opinions. It attracted 000s of comments on any given thread.

      It’s only when Kaiser took over as the headwriter that it became the closed, kaiser’s own opinion echo chamber it has become. And it has lost many readers / commentors as a result.

      1. Celebitchy is the worst. The writers delete comments that don’t agree with their opinion on certain celebs, yet leave up the worst comments about celebs they dislike. They claim to be a feminist site, but are only ‘feminist’ about the celebs they like and everyone else gets treated like garbage. They are incredibly hypocritical and show clear bias in the celebs they like and dislike. And if you dare make a non-fawning comment about a celeb they like, you get banned.

    2. I only follow them on some articles but others I leave alone because I just don’t give a damn about the celeb though I’m loving the major grilling Matt Lauer is getting because I’ve said for YEARS there was something about him where you just couldn’t trust the man. I can’t believe my intuition was that spot on but I had no idea how horrendous it was to be in his presence.

  19. I find all Tory Burch/Kate Spade clothing excruciatingly boring and young fogey. I agree with all, time for Kate to wear maternity clothing. As far as her comment, I really do not care, rehearsed or not she had to say something positive and did her job.
    By the way, I think this baby will be a girl, Kate just seems to have filled out very quickly in her face and I remember that happened with Charlotte as well. Just to let you all know, I am not saying she is fat.

    1. I thought twins would be cool but that 5 month bump is way too small for that- especially being her third pregnancy. But wouldn’t that have capped things off!

  20. I am bored silly by Kate and just have resigned myself to the fact that this is it from her.
    Just was on DM website and read the story of her visit to garden with children. I’m just so over any of these PR little visits and hoped for substance of some kind for so long! Wanted her to find a cause to champion and rock it like crazy. Apparently, she thinks mental health is that cause, but to me, her affiliation with HeadsTogether is shallow and uninspiring.

    Truly, KMR, your hard work is appreciated and you bring life to all your posts. More life than Kate brings to most of her appearances. Ok, she is more engaging, but after 7 years, we need to constantly applaud that fact?

    1. Given that it was only recently she actually started engaging, the novelty hasn’t worn off yet… 😀

      It occasionally feels like an exercise in masochism to be following someone so slow to learn basic skills. Maybe I’m just an optimist?

      I always hoped that something would suddenly click and she’d just ‘get it’.

      On the other hand, she is learning, albeit at a glacial pace. Perhaps in 30 years she’ll reach her full potential? Too optimistic?

  21. We all know that she has the personality of week old roadkill, but dear God in heaven, could she not have expressed some enthusiasm, some excitement, something beyond a memorized platitude? And why on earth does a nearly 40 year old woman need to memorize a statement of congratulations? I know she’s not bright, but come on!

    Maybe when all her parts were assembled at the factory, spontaneity was left out, but this is ridiculous and just really, really sad. I can’t imagine being nearly 40 and that hollow and just a shell of..nothing.

    Oh and Carol Brady called and she wants her dress back.

    Interesting how Catherine Quinn was nowhere to be seen today. Maybe she knew that statement of non-congratulations and minor shade was an embarrassment.

    Twitter had a field day over her lack of emotion. But God Forbid she show interest in anyone or enthusiasm for those outside her Middleton circle.

    1. My guess would be she dd enough engagements with Kate – including one of her speaking to know where improvement is needed and how things operate and then would send out someone whilst she works – that’s actually how I would expect it to happen.

  22. I did a music project at school once. I found out about the foundling school\museum through looking at Handel’s biography. My dad had a collection on music and composers. I wrote about the stringed instruments. I found it sad but found it heart warming that the foundation was setup and that mothers left tokens as a remembrance to their children.

    I think Kate did well interacting with the children and looks enthusiastic. I am in my early thirties and I wouldn’t wear a dress like that. It is appropriate though. Why does Kate have to keep saying William and I. It really is ok to express an opinion on such a happy event. Camilla’s response is spot on and Charles was very delighted. Better than they have been playing husband and wife long enough. Which I thought rather strange to say at such a time.

  23. I like the concept of how artists have improved children’s lives. Whether that’s thru music or art. That looking at beautiful work can cheer me when I’m down or continue the tradition of going to the nutcracker with my niece, like my mother did with my sister and I. I also love seeing old medical instruments, not to mention seeing how societies evolved in their care of taking care of orphans and those most in need. So think this would be an interesting place to visit.
    Now on to the fashion! Not a fan of the dress. The band around the middle is what makes me not like it. Love her shoes tho. And another engaged Kate event! What does that make 5 now =) I used to think Kate’s OTT expressions ridiculous but I find them okay with children. I know I do crazy OTT things with my nieces. That’s what you do with munchkins and most usually love it and laugh. So this was a yay for me overall

    1. Sarah, I am envious. How neat to go and see the Nutcraker. Without giving too much away what was your impression? I enjoy time with my nieces very much. They are a crazy bunch but that is what endears them. If you can’t beat them, join them as they say 🙂

      1. I love the nutcracker!! It’s my favorite and I go every year! I’m sure part of that is the memories associated with it. Some cities have better productions than others but even a bad production is still good in mind. The 1st one I took my niece to was on OKC and not my fav and I was trying not be elitist and think my city’s is better than yours but we all know it was what I was thinking but she was 5 and loved it. I took her to NYC and we saw it there and it was hands down my favorite for the moment. Seattle had some weird Maurice Sendak nutcracker that wasn’t really my cup of tea but I’m more a classicist in regards to art.
        You should go at least once! And definitely take your nieces, fun and magic for all =)

        1. Thank you Sarah. Well my eldest niece is old enough to appreciate the ballet now as she does ballet classes. Rather good in my opinion. But this the bias talking. At Chatsworth house last year they had a Nutcracker theme with the rooms being dressed as the story and the characters moving in and around. I wish I had been able to see the magic. They had a bit of the story day by day on Facebook. Not the same but coming back from work and reading it was lovely. My cousin who lives in Seattle went to see the Nutcracker last year with her family. I am closer to London being in the UK.

          1. Ooh the Royal ballet nutcracker is on my nutcracker check off list!! You’re lucky, I think you have like 3-4 good productions to choose from

          2. Thank you Sarah. I will have to research them. Perhaps we could all go together someday. A word I loathe as someday is not a day of the week.

  24. The dress is matronly but I could’ve given it a bit of a pass if she’d done something with her security blanket, like a sleek ponytail. The earrings are out of place but I like the shoes and clutch. I do wish she’d stop picking at her fingers while she talks to people. It’s as bad as crotch clutching. Oh well, you can’t win them all.

    The statement was exactly what I’d expect from her: rehearsed, scripted, insincere PR fluff. Well done. *eyeroll* Camilla could teach her a few things if only Kate would let her. I can’t wait to see Meghan interact with Cams. I hope they can team up on women’s rights and sexual assault issues.

    1. William’s wife would never willingly team up with Meghan on anything. Her share the spotlight? I am sure Carole has hammered into her daughter she is Queen B. I also do not want a woman, who when she visited India on her tour with William last year, said “it was interesting” when she was told children were being mutilated.

      This is a woman who is tone deaf, who struggles to say the right thing and show compassion at all. She cannot relate to people in unfortunate circumstances and her relating to women who have been assaulted would be a disaster.

      Plus, she probably does not get the concept of women’s rights, since she enjoys being “looked after.” She has set women’s rights back 100 years. She is not the person to advocate at all.

      1. I agree 100%. I told my husband in the beginning that if he was looking for someone to sit in the background and be the good little housewife while he was the man ofthe house, he’d picked the wrong woman. I grew up in an all-female household and while my mother is so much like Kate in her needy vapidness, I decided early in life that I wanted to be able to take care of myself if need be. I always wanted to get married and have a *partner*. I got it, thankfully. Granted, I have a chronic illness and my husband is my “caretaker” I still work a full-time job from home and paid all my bills that I came into the marriage with and didn’t dump them all on him. I’m raising my girls to hopefully be strong, independent women and my son to see women as his equals.

  25. This is why I feel so excited about Meghan. It’s not just that she will be more fashionable, it’s that I look forward to her eloquence and enthusiasm.

  26. William’s loving comment on his brother’s engagement: “Personally, I hope it means he stays out of my fridge and will stop him scrounging my food which he’s done for the last few years.”

    He is such an a-hole. And people adore him and want him to be king instead of Charles. William, your constant insults are not funny and just show what a classless boor you are.

    1. William’s attempt at keeping it all light hearted. “Yup, yup all well and good all really happy so let’s move it along folks, nothing to see here carry on”. Cambridges- this is a huge deal- don’t minimalize it. Something genuine and from the heart from both of them to a reporter would not have been amiss. After all, it IS his only sibling and they’ve gone through the very worst together. All their responses say to me is that neither wished to address it, though I truly hope that was not their intent.

    2. Since they stayed at Amner up until a few months ago, which fridge is he talking about anyway? Did Harry take a chopper up there to raid his fridge?

    3. I think this is an example of William trying to be funny but just falls flat. Harry himself has joked about raiding their fridge

      1. William’s funny is just always so mean! And nobody calls him out on it. People just laugh like sycophantic robots. He suggested Daisy Ridley in Star Wars was ugly, people laughed. :/ (Harry looked mortified and Daisy looked upset.)

        1. I agree and I routinely call him out for his “jokes” but I don’t see this as one of those mean times. If I lived in the same city as my sister, they’d probs say the same thing about me! I don’t cook and they do. Maybe it’s a younger sibling thing? And as I said, Harry’s joked about it too
          The peeps at Whole Foods know me by my name and there’s a little group of us that have breaskfast together because we’re there so often.

        2. A lot of times William puts his foot in his mouth, but I see nothing wrong with the above comment. It is a typical joke between siblings. They have a relationship where you joke. My sister made a comment like that when I got engaged. It was funny-nothing malicious. I think it showed more personality.

          Also, I have said it before but there was nothing wrong with the Daisy comment. I just rewatched the video. Neither Harry or Daisy look upset. And he didn’t ‘call her ugly.” He joked that the mask was an upgrade. He was clearly joking and no one took it personally. Daisy is one who jokes around as well, so I am sure she wasn’t upset.

          I think because he does mess up that some people are just ready to attack him for anything now. I just don’t see anything wrong with either comment. Although, I am sarcastic and goof off, so comments like that aren’t upsetting.

          1. No. It is not a joke when you call somebody ugly as it is basically exactly what he did, not verbatim. “Hey, your mask is an upgrade”? What the feck is that? Defending his nastiness is just really ridiculous imo. Sometimes he can be funny bu tit is always at the expense of someone else. It’s cruel and this man is a future monarch. Imagine how it makes people feel. I would have been so hurt and upset that someone like that spoke to me that way. It says a lot about him as a person that he likes to make fun of other people. It is not an ice-breaker, it’s just mean. He’s got a history of it and I never see humor in it, I see him being an a-hole. Imagine if Harry spoke to people that way!

      2. It’s fine to tease… but this is usually done with close friends or family and generally in private. William’s major problem is that he has no sense of balance because people have acquiesced to him his whole life. His world view is never challenged. His remark to Daisy was just crude, but what could she do except suck it up because, you know, prince. Imagine if she had called him on it, in public, and walked out! With regard to Harry’s engagement, William has made that joke about his brother raiding the fridge before. I suspect he does not want to give anything away to the press or to the public, even his congratulations. Therefore he has pat ‘stories’ he puts out there that say nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    4. I thought it actually a very nice remark – which I don’t say always with William. Yes, he made a brother joke but he spoke nicely and said ‘they are caught up with the excitement of the moment’

      Meghan came on very strongly for her new nation – and there has been criticism. I believe that was William’s way of defusing that /

    5. Wow. It’s a mean-spirited putdown in the guise of humour. That’s what bullies/abusers do. What an immature piece of work that sourpuss is.

      Why can’t he simply say that he’s happy for his bro?

      And considering Harry has been doing a fair amount of hanging with Meghan for the past 18 months, does he have a secret transporter to take him to Anmer so he can raid the fridge?

    6. Speaking as an older sibling myself, this wasn’t humor (even attempted). It was just a mean, big brother, bullying tactic and William is known for using it often.

      As others have mentioned regarding the Daisy Ridley comment: that wasn’t cute or funny. It was just being flat-out rude and if someone said that (to my face and in public) there would definitely be a look of confusion and then a stink eye/glare from me.

  27. I like the dress. I’d hem it a few inches, personally, just to hit mid knee. I don’t mind that it’s an inch longer in the back. I think it’s a flattering line on us taller ladies. The dress doesn’t scream “I’m gonna go hang out with kids!” But Kate never has that vibe.

    What’s interesting to me about this outing is how very terribly fearful she is of speaking. I know we’ve all known it to a degree, but she’s paralyzed with anxiety. I feel for her. I can be a bit that way and I’m guessing it’s something she thought would get better. Sadly, with criticism (and I’m not saying some isn’t deserved), it appears it’s become harder for her to overcome. I may be alone in this, but I have a new sense of truly feeling for her anxiety after today.

  28. Random but Richard Palmer confirmed that Harry did the engagement properly. Everyone was aware, preparing, HM knew, Charles knew.

    And he confirmed that William told NOBODY about the engagement, nor that Kate accepted, until the day of the announcement. So the fact William went over his grandmother and father’s head is confirmed now. Says a lot about him.

      1. It’s been going on for years about how William did this and has been hinted at before, but to be confirmed by a royal reporter who usually has his nose up William’s backside is pretty amazing.

        William doing it last minute like that proves his disrespect and inconsiderate behavior, but he’ll only do things for himself. I doubt he respects anyone but himself, judging by his behavior towards Kate, Harry, his dad, his grandparents, and his future people for sure and certainly not the institution he’ll inherit. He’s a bitter angry petulant little man. These are the people who’ve held private meetings with reporters threatening no access–so in effect making them lose their jobs–if they are critical, bringing the kiddies in as a tonic.

        1. @Ellie

          I definitely didn’t follow the royals back in 2011 so I don’t remember anything other than them getting engaged. I’m hoping they weren’t completely unaware.

          1. Jessica: When William and Kate announced their engagement, all the media, not just the tabloids, said flatly that HM and Charles were given only 2hrs notice of the engagement.

            Literally 2hrs before the photocall. Information given to them by the Palace itself.

            It’s still listed as one of the things to know about William whenever such lists are made by media. As an example here is the Telegraph’s list for his 30th birthday : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/prince-william/9346139/Prince-Williams-30th-birthday-30-facts-about-the-Duke.html

            Item no 9.

          2. Kimothy: as much as William is protected, should TPTB decide to get rid of them, there are all these breadcrumbs scattered throughout the years that will be pulled up into one story to demonstrate his unsuitability.

            They don’t need to reveal derp dark secrets. Looking across the years, there some incident that was quickly glossed over, but the information is public and would cause serious anger once it’s allowed to gain traction.

            And yes, why is disrespecting your head of state and by extension your country a ‘fun fact’.

          3. To me, it’s not so much as the disrespecting the head of state and country (though that is most definitely rude)…..it’s straight-up dissing your own grandmother, grandfather (yes, I’m including Philip too) and father and that doesn’t sit right with me.

  29. Richard Palmer has actually gotten fed up with Wiliam and the Missus before. This isn’t new and to be frank, I don’t blame him and I am glad he called William out. I hope it happens all the time.

    I am beginning to think that the UK press is going to start a war re Harry vs William during the next six months to call out William for how he acted in the run up to his wedding vs how Harry is doing.

    And so far, they can throw it in Willy’s face that Harry, who is allegedly the rebel, did it right re protocol. But given that Meghan is not the typical royal bride, did he have a choice?

    1. Didn’t Richard Palmer get back into their good graces during those media meetings where the Trio basically threatened to not give them access if they didn’t suck up? And brought wee George too?

      1. Also “The Missus” is slang for wife in England. Cockney slang. How is that derogatory and why are you policing what I call her? That is not your place. Why do you care? Don’t like what I post move along.

      2. Both brothers use the vernacular from time to time; it’s not uncommon for them. Can’t recall how many times I’ve heard Harry use the word ‘ain’t’.

  30. re Richard Palmer and the meeting with George in tow, not sure if that was what calmed the waters. The snafu with Willy could have been after that.

    1. I’m curious about why these people who find fault with everything about Kate bother to come to a website about her. Why not go to websites about people you like? Being critical of the monarchy is one thing but the level of toxic hate that some of these people have is astounding.

      Kate might not read this blog in particular but I’m sure she’s aware of how much hostility and nit picking there is and it’s hard to blame her for being reluctant to really put herself out there.

      1. Because there are plenty of blogs that worship every little thing thing she does, acts like the sun shines out her bum, and so on. KMR was created I believe as an antidote to that. A lot of the vitriol here has become out of hand, but this is a more even-handed blog itself where people can come and say what they want without being accused of being awful, horrible people (as I was on a non-related forum mentioning I don’t like W&K, how dare I not like the Sainted Son of Diana!).

        1. One could say the same to Sarah , why not visit a sugar site instead?
          Visit the next post…so far all comments are positive, because we are balanced and praise where praise is due.

      2. I can’t speak for others Sarah, but for myself, I find the amount of public money that the BRF take in comparison to how little they (esp the “younger” ones) give back in public service, to be appalling. Kate and William are the biggest and most wasteful culprits thus far, with Harry vacationing very often and using a work trip to Botswana as a chance to woo Meghan. I personally believe that should and often keep up the level of criticism and keep our voices loud and clear, in decrying their waste of millions upon millions of taxpayer money (either given directly, or through tax write-offs, or mismanaging earmarked funds or through off-shore accounts).

        1. Red Tulip that makes perfect sense and is a really valid point.

          It’s the hostile name calling stuff that blows my mind. I think it would be interesting to hear from some of these people and what drives them to comment in such cruel ways but that didn’t go over well so I’m not going to ask anymore. I do still think it is an interesting phenomenon though.

          1. Thank You Sarah.

            I will speak for myself again: I had engaged in name calling of Kate too. Main reason being that I was legit appalled and furious that Kate hadn’t even bothered visiting her neighbors who were victims of Grenfell Tower fires. How could someone who lives in the same borough, the same city and have so much money and privilege, not offer to come by to provide some comfort, spread some joy, perhaps bring items that are necessary to rebuild lives? Maybe even host the parents and their families for tea or a picnic?

            Hey, I don’t live in the UK & I certainly don’t have the financial capacity that WK have, but I donated still. Especially more so, because I came to Canada as an immigrant & lived in one those aging high-rise apartment towers myself once upon a time & I shudder now to think the danger in it.

            And yet Kate cannot feel moved to do even a little something? She just likes to do events that she personally enjoys doing (sports or gardening type events) and being entertained, and forget everything else. Harry and William visited, I was told twice, but as similarly work-shy as they are to Kate, even they still visited twice. There you have my reason, Sarah.

        2. Same here. I don’t get all up in arms about whether Kate is a good public speaker or whether she should have worn this or that. It doesn’t really bother me. I just dislike the absurd waste of money.

          I get that royalty is about that – about taking money from other people, showing it off, and thus reinforcing their special elite status. But it rubs me the wrong way that every single day there’s about $10,000 in new clothes, hair and makeup. Be frugal, be kind, be hard working. That will make people respect you.

          The amazing thing to me is that they have so much influence! They can literally change the world! And yet they’re so involved in minutiae and outfits and redecorating and it’s so much wasted potential.

  31. That last photo is the best though- a glimpse into some self deprecating humour and we’ve seen flashes of this before! She’s ok with making herself look silly even in the face of dozens of cameras. I love that.

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