Kate in sparkly blue Jenny Packham for Royal Variety Performance

Kate in sparkly blue Jenny Packham for Royal Variety Performance

After a delay due to an incident in Oxford Street, Prince William and Kate Middleton attended the Royal Variety Performance at the Palladium Theatre in London last night, November 24.

William, Kate Royal Variety Performance 2017 s
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William and Kate arrived and were greeted out front before moving inside where Kate received flowers. The couple then watched the show, which was hosted by actress and comedian Miranda Hart, where William apparently got involved with Hart’s skit. The Royal Variety Performance will air on ITV in December.

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The Cambridges’ arrival was delayed almost an hour due to gunshots being reported at about 4:38pm local time. Police say they initially responded “as if the incident is terrorist-related” but have since said they had not yet found any suspects or any evidence of shots being fired at the station in Oxford Street. Due to the delay, the traditional meet-and-greet with the performers on stage was dropped.

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The Royal Variety Performance dates back to 1912, when King George V and Queen Mary agreed to attend a ‘Royal Command Performance’ at the Palace Theatre in London’s Cambridge Circus in aid of the Variety Artistes’ Benevolent Fund (the previous name of the Entertainment Artistes’ Benevolent Fund) and its proposed plans to build an extension to its Home for elderly entertainers, Brinsworth House. The second show was in 1919 at London’s Coliseum, and was the first to be billed a “Royal Variety Performance”. The Royal Variety became an annual event in 1921 when George V became Patron of the Variety Artistes’ Benevolent Fund. He decreed, after the show, that ‘the Monarch, or a representative of the Monarch, would attend an annual performance in aid of Brinsworth House and the Variety Artistes’ Benevolent Fund, once a year thereafter’.

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The Royal Variety Performance is given in aid of the Royal Variety Charity, of which the Queen is Patron. The Royal Variety Charity assists those who’ve worked professionally in the entertainment industry and are in need of help. The Royal Variety Charity also owns and manages its own residential and nursing care home for elderly entertainers, Brinsworth House in Twickenham, and also offers a nationwide grant scheme to assist those living in their own homes wherever they reside in the UK.

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Kate wore a new, glittery blue Jenny Packham gown which reminds me an awful lot of the glittery blue Jenny Packham gown Kate wore in Paris back in March. I much prefer last night’s gown to March’s gown.

Kate at gala dinner in Paris March 2017
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate wore the same earrings to the RVP that she wore in Paris: The Queen’s Diamond Chandelier Earrings.

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Kate’s shoes and clutch were the same as in Paris as well: her Oscar de la Renta Platinum Lamé Cabrina pumps (which I still love – Christmas splurge gift to myself?), and her Jenny Packham Casa clutch.

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Overall, I do think Kate looks pretty here – although I wish her hair had been up do show off the diamonds.

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163 thoughts on “Kate in sparkly blue Jenny Packham for Royal Variety Performance

  1. That dress is just awful. That said, Waity’s hair looked nice. KMR, are you going to make it so all the new comments will always be at the top?

    I have to say, I am getting to be way more interested in Charles and Camilla’s engagements than those of WillKnot and Cannot.

    1. Agree Leah, the dress is awful. In the pic of Kate face I see how she has aged, but this really does not bother me. I’m tired of seeing women using so many botox that their face look plastic. I saw a recent close up pic of Charlene of Monaco and it’s been very visible all her wrinkles around her eyes and personaly I liked it. She looked nice. I am not against a woman to use botox but many exaggerate and their faces become artificial.

      1. I wouldn’t hold up Charlene as some beacon of not using plastic surgery, given that she’s tweaked her face quite a bit over the years.

        1. Charlene has had so much work done that she legitimately has a different face.

          Kate’s current face, apart from pregnancy weight and face, is reverting back to what it would normally look like if she didn’t use botox and fillers.

          I wish she had never started messing with her face because now the botox amd fillers are wearing off and people are accusing her of looking tired when that is her natural face.

        2. I’m not talking about plastic surgery but botox. I know Charlene did plastic surgery but she has wrinkles around her eyes what is a sign she is not using too much botox.

          1. Charlene has had plastic surgery. It’s not just botox.

            Plastic surgery, filkers, botox are so normal these days that it isn’t a negative judgement to say someone has gone that route.

            The judgement becomes whether they have good work or if they have changed their face completely.

            It’s obvious that Leti has had surgery, and she had good work done.

            Charlene’s face is only just beginning to look like it belongs to her because she clearly wasn’t just going for improvement or stopping the match of time, she changed her face completely. Add in the excessive botox and fillers.

            To be clear, this is what Charlene looked like before she changed her face: https://www.thatsoyoo.com/FashionImages/1_DilemmaMain.jpg




            With regards to Kate, her natural face is tired. She inherited that from her father. She counteracts that by applying botox to key points in her face to ‘lift’ and make her face look alive and less tired looking. She’s been less liberal with the botox since George was born, but was lacquered into a masked between the wedding and her first pregnancy.

            No one doubts the toll pregnancy takes on a body or her responsibility of 2 kids under 5yrs old, BUT her tired face is her natural face. What you are seeing is the botox fading away because she doesn’t use it during pregnancies, and her natural face coming back.

            That’s also why it disappears overnight after each pregnancy because she goes back to the botox within 2-3months after she’s birthed the babies.

        3. So has Leti. Major plastic surgery, but she is lovely and we all seem to fawn all over her. I’m guilty of that. I thought Kate’s dress was awful. The close up shot showed a woman who is obviously going through a pregnancy. She is probably tired. With two kids at home who are very young and another on the way, no matter how much help she has, her body is going through a lot.

        4. Yea Charlene looks completely different from
          Her swimming days. I’m no expert, but she’s done lip injections, redone her teeth and something with her eyes from what I can make out.

          1. Sign up for the comment feed if it’s working. Then you see all the new ones without having to read the others. Then if you want to reply you can.

          1. I don’t mind either way. I think there could be a trail with the newer comments first but KMR as have enough on your plate to do I don’t want to create more work for you.

      1. The current system works well; good to be able to follow a thread. Otherwise you’d have to hunt for the thread to make sense of the comment posted that is in reply to another comment = time-consuming.

    2. Amen, Leah! That dress is simply awfull. No one over the age of 12 looks good in Sequins!

      I wish Kate would stop jutting out her lower jaw. I think its caused by her dental veneer’s being too big for her jaw/mouth. Looks terrible. I’m sure there’s plenty of dental experts in the UK that could fix it.

  2. I love how the Royal variety Performance provides residence and nursing home for elderly entertainers! They sound like a great charity
    I’m glad that William and Kate made an appearance and didn’t beg off because of the inciden/non incident.
    I’m not a fan of either of the Packham dresses. I wonder if tonight’s is actually prettier in person? I absolutely love her shoes tho!! Having said that, I think they’re too much with the sparkly dress. I’m of the mindset one or the other. There is such a thing as too much sparkly

  3. The color is so awful on her. It washes her out. The dress itself so so twee with the excessive sparkles and flower sequins. Some of Jenny Packham’s stuff is beautiful, this not so much… In gold or a deeper color it’d look better. I’d have done a matching plain pump, though I love the shoes, it’s too much glitter! William looks miserable like he doesn’t want to be there, I’m sure he doesn’t, at least Kate has eagerness and seems to interact far better than HRH Prince of Constipated Face.

    Kate does look great filled out more.

    And the hair is good for every day, but not for an event. She should have it up.

    1. Ellie, you summed up my thoughts regarding Kate’s fashion this evening perfectly.

      It’s always interesting to me to watch the videos and not just still pictures (thanks KMR for including both!) I cannot fathom how she can walk up those stairs, holding up her gown, clutch in hand with those sky high pumps. Regardless of pregnancy, I would think William would be a little more attentive to her and offer some gentlemanly assistance for her safety and confidence when they entered the venue. She looked very tentative and preoccupied with her balancing act. At least that’s what I thought after seeing the video.

      1. +1 Ellie and KiKi. At least Kate is angaging and by the way Ellie, “HRH Prince of Constipated Face”, OMG, perfect. I’m still laughing.

        1. I have to admit I’m puzzled by this – there are multiple photos of William looking quite animated and happy with all those celebrities – most of whom to this old lady look quite young! With the exception of Joan Collins – a classic – and Patricia Hodge. William even looks cheerful in the car.

          If you want to see a cold expression, look at Camilla last year I believe when one of the comedians targeted the royal couple making jokes. The lady was not amused. And whilst I’m not a Camilla fan, I have to say I completely agreed with her at that moment.

      2. Kiki: videos are always revealing. Pictures are often lies, and picked to push a particular narrative.

        With the OTT PR that surrounds all the royals, it’s always good to view video rather than the photos.

  4. I agree, Waity’s shoes, for once, are genius. Waity hasn’t gotten the memo that she doesn’t look great in pastels. She does better in deeper, more vibrant colors.

        1. Shhh! Our youngest’s middle name is Catherine and I have secretely giggled that William’s attempts to get everyone to call her Catherine haven’t caught on. We also call her Moira Cait but obviously, we’re spelling it in the Gaelic tradition.

          1. Actually mostly just americans call her Kate, everyone else calls her Catherine or Duchess.
            This things that americans have with nich names is very annoying, Im tired to introduce myself with my real name and people insist to call me with a short version even when I was at work in the Usa. Also my brother Nicholas, everybody in NYC calls him Nick regardles how much he hates and asked to be called Nicholas. My husbund is Nathaniel and everytime we are in america is like his name doesnt exist and people that we are not even friends with call him Nate. Its very much annoying.
            People around the world are not fans of nicknames, I kno for sure that I had to personally ask my boss in amaerica to stop calling me by the short version of my name and she looked surprised like I shouldnt have a say in how I like to be called, which is for my normal name.
            Should not be a thing or an issue to call someone by their name.
            Her name is Catherine, is not a huge problem or too difficult to call her for real real normal name, also nothing wrong with they trying to make sure people get her name is not Kate, like its Queen Elizabeth not queen Lilebeth, like its going to be Queen Mother or Quenn consorte Catherine and never Queen Kate.

          2. Agnes-Thanks for the generality that is very untrue about America. My husband’s name is Jonathan and no one calls him Jon. When some do, he politely tells them it is Jonathan and they never make that mistake again. We live in the US fyi. And I have never seen an issue like you describe. But it may also be about how you treat others and address them.

            Also, plenty of the newspapers and magazines in the UK call her Kate. So it is certainly not just Americans! But thanks for trying to put down the USA. Look at Hello magazine more often and you will see they call her Kate all the time.

            Furthermore there is a difference between a nickname like “lillebeth” and shorting a persons name like “Liz” or “Beth” (using the name Elizabeth). Two very different things. Kate isn’t a nickname, but a shorter version of her name. She even told people to just call her “Kate”. Obviously she has no issue with it so you shouldn’t either or take it so seriously!

          3. I agree with Overit. In my almost 30 years as an American, I’ve only very rarely seen people call someone a shortened version of their name without asking. I’ve seen bullies call people rude nicknames (such as ‘Waity’, ‘Mattress’), but that is entirely different than shortening someone’s name (such as ‘Kate’). I don’t want to discount yours and your family’s experiences, I just don’t think it’s correct to generalize about all Americans because of that.

            Also, it was the British press that called her Kate when she became a public figure, and then the world press followed after the British press outed her as William’s girlfriend. And lots of the British press still call her Kate.

          4. This may be Agnes’s personal experience, but it’s not true of either Britain or America.

            I meet many Americans in my line of work, and I spend time there and I don’t find this to be true of either country or at the very least noticeably more or less in each country.

            Though I do giggle at American use of DicK instead of Richard, but that’s my puerile sense of humour.

            On the subject of kate’s name, she only became Catherine at her engagement when it was announced that we should call her that. A decade of Kate or waitey Katie wasn’t easy to erase and she herself she was ‘simply Kate’ when a fan asked her directly whether she preferred Kate or Catherine. William initially struggled to call her Catherine and calls her Kate in the engagement interview and for a few years afterwards.

            In my experience of reading various royalblogs, only the sugar fans insist on calling her Catherine or the DoC and get bent out of shape at the continued use of Kate or Kate Middleton.

            I’ve never come across anyone who calls her Duchess. The royal family currently has 5 HRH royal duchesses, so if you used only Duchess, which one of them would you be referring to?

            FYI: the title of a person is never ever shortened to just ‘Duchess’. People who don’t understand how titles work know this very basic rule.

            Diana’s childhood nickname was ‘duch” which was alluding to hopes of her becoming a future Duchess, but there is a difference between a private nickname and a public one.

            The American press, people magazine in particular, keeps calling her Princess Kate, but that’s because they hope it catches on like Princess Diana.

            On the other side, the British media are notorious for shortening people’s names and or giving them tabloid monikers that stick eg Liz Hurley (she hates it) or Wacko Jacko (he played up to it). On that front, the American press are much more respectful than the British press.

          5. Also, no one calls HM ‘Queen Lillibet’. Everyone, even those that do not follow royals, understand that is her personal family nickname NOT something that is added to her Queen title.

            Further, everyone knows who the Queenmother or QM is in reference to. It is not a regular inherited title nor will Kate ever have it evennif it might prove technically true should Charlotte become Queen.

            QM was created specifically as an addition to distinguish the Queen from her own mother due to having the same first name in their title. That way we knew which Queen Elizabeth one was referring to.

            Secondly, it was created because QM refused to be called Dowager Queen which is the proper title of a widow of a title, in this case a Queen. She stuck to her guns and thus became HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother next to her daughter HM Queen Elizabeth. Shortened to The Queen Mother.

            If she had followed tradition like her predecessors, she would have been HM Dowager Queen Elizabeth and if Kate *outlives William at any moment regardless of whichever title *he* holds, she will automatically be Dowager X of the title he holds.

            *assuming they are still legally married because she loses her right to his titles in the event of divorce.

          6. @Agnes I have a feeling that your experiences have a lot to do with how you treat people. Just a hunch from your posts here. I was born and raised in the US and have always been asked if I prefer Meghan or Meg. Never has anyone gone against my preferences, but then I’m nice to people unless they give me reason not to be. In school and the workplace people are always asked if they prefer a shortened version of their name or a nickname (It’s almost always been a question on my new hire paperwork). That’s standard practice here. Only my family call me Meg. It’s never been an issue.

          1. True story: I was watching an old episode of Masterchef (don’t judge me!) and the contestants were told to cook for special VIP mystery guests. One contestant enthused “Could it be Prince William and Kate Middleton?!” I laughed, because Poor Jason has been shoving Princess Kate down everyone’s throats via People magazine, and it’s clearly not working. Oh dear.

          1. She went to St. Andrews specifically to bag William. She succeeded and that was more than 8 years together. She was waiting for the ring from day one.

    1. To KMR you said I’ve seen bullies call people rude nicknames (such as ‘Waity’, ‘Mattress’
      Bullies like Leah that does that like in this post and on many others and you never call her out?

      1. I’ve called Leah and others who use names like ‘Mattress’ out a lot recently, and have made my stance on the use of such names very clear: it’s sexist and I very strongly disagree with the use of those names. I have not banned those names nor have I banned the people who use them, because I’ve tried to logically point out why we shouldn’t, but I very much wish we wouldn’t use those names because they are gross.

        1. Hi KMR, thanks so much for addressing the use of those names. As I’ve said many times in the past, you’ve created such a wonderful online community here and it would be such a shame to have to overrun by bullies. I’ve cut down on my commenting here because I’m tired of them, you can’t have a conversation with them as it always must be their way. I get that we can all get passionate about our opinions but to insist on being rude and bullying in really beyond logical.

          I have to ask Leah and Red Snapper why is it so important to be so rude that KMR has commented on it and made her wishes known more than once? Are you really so immature that you can’t see how distressing those words are to KMR and others here? Or do you just not care about whose feelings you hurt as long as you can continue with your nonsense?

          1. @Agnes thank you your generalization of all Americans. There is a difference in shortening a name and a nick name. My daughter name is Katherine yet we call her Katie. That would be a shortened version. Now her friends at school call her Katie Bug which is her nickname at school. When I introduce myself to people I use my full name. Yet people that know me use a shorter version of my given name. It’s all about preference.

          2. That’s not the proper definition of bulllies, it is a laissez faire misuse of it, and dilutes the gravity of the charge It’s one thing to use language that offends some, and another to attack a commenter/commenters constantly and en masse.

            The moderator can directly tell them to cut out the offending language rather than have largely fly by nights land here to consistently and constantly lob personal attacks at others. These people never seem to be called out.

            Which do people prefer? A site that has an occasional bad word that offends some and can be nipped in the bud, or a passel of bullies who keep firiing off ad hominems? Recent attacks on a valued long time commenter come to mind.

            My objection is in the misuse of the word “bully” especially in relation to someone no one here has any dialogue or relationship with- Kate. One cannot bully someone who doesn’t know you exist. Meanwhile, y’all are here trashing commenters to their virtual faces just like a bully because you don’t like something someone said or the way that they said it. Each time, the site ends up in turmoil, the trolls win and things get shut down.

            So, what’s it to be?

          3. I recall a comment where Leah read KMR’s comment and agreed to stop using certain names. So why is she still being called a bully? Just because another person is saying something you disagree with doesn’t make them a bully and I take issue with that. It is up to KMR to decide what she wants to do with her blog and demanding to silence others because you don’t like what they say is fascist. I was personally called a b**** by a poster which is far more hurtful than any name Kate is called because she doesn’t actually read this blog. I got over it and keep posting. And I certainly don’t think calling her Kate is offensive.

          4. The correct definition of the word bully:

            noun -“a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.”
            verb – “use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.
            “a local man was bullied into helping them”
            synonyms: persecute, oppress, tyrannize, browbeat, harass, torment, intimidate, strong-arm, dominate;”

            It appears that I was incorrect in my usage of this word according to the above definitions, thank you for pointing that out Maven the first, it’s always good to learn something.

      2. Using the term “bullies” is out of place. It’s not a word to be thrown about lightly. That lessens the meaning and is doing a disservice to those who are truly being bullied. Personally attacking other commenters would be a form of bullying. Kate is not on this site. We are. I personally don’t take issue with “Waity” because that’s exactly what she did for a decade an it’s a well-known fact. “Mattress” is crossing the line and I won’t use it as that term *is* derogatory and has no place here. That was a name made up by William’s RPOs and none of us has any way of knowing whether the circumstances surrounding the nickname are true. But Waity? Yeah, she waity-ed for the better part of 10 years and we still criticize her remarkable lack of work ethic today. Nothing has changed.

      3. Agnes, if me using the word Waity offends you so much that you feel the need to call me a bully, well you must have a charmed life. I can’t believe that upsets you so. if that is the case, then you need serious hobbies and a life. Waity did just that. She waited for years for that ring, did nothing of value for anyone or to anyone. It is a fact that she WAITED, therefore she is and always will be Waity to me, especially in all the years as a royal, Waity has done NOTHING of substance.

        She just twirls her dolly curls, looks vapid, and says nothing but meaningless drivel about how “keen” she is. And Waity does not want to make a difference and she never will. Waity just wants endless privilege and to wear one endlessly ugly ensemble after the next and to ruin the gorgeous jewels the Queen lends her with her abysmal sense of style.

        If you don’t like what I say, ignore it. But hey, I’m flattered I’m on your mind. Cheers!

      4. I don’t think Leah is a bully she has a distinct posting style, as is her right, until KMR decides she oversteps the boundaries laid down on this board.

        Forgive me but you singling out a poster so specifically for personal criticism is bullying and I am getting just a tiny bit fed up of Leah being isolated on here by others for a cyber kicking.

        If you have a problem with any contribution and style of posting please take it to our moderator.

        Comments like yours are not constructive, they upset the general harmony on the board and make others feel isolated and uncomfortable.

        1. Thank you Mrs. BBV and all who have stood up for me. I do not consider mysefl a bully, but I am no fan of Waity. I can’t be a fan of a woman who did nothing but wait for a man and now she has a ring on her finger, one that dedicated her whole life to get, is nothing more than a glorified Stepford Wife who doesn’t even use her real accent when she speaks. How insecure is Waity that she uses a fake, posh accent.

          I just can’t with a woman who is a horrible role model for other women. There is nothing modern or remarkable about Kate. And I won’t stand for someone so uninterested in helping others or even working the bare minimum.

          1. For the record, if Kate were to take up a good cause and apply herself to it selflessly, I would stop thinking of her as Waity and be a fan. Anything, as long as it helps people somehow. “I’m keen to start a conversation about mental health!!1!” isn’t cutting it.

          2. I really hate all the personal comments one way and then the other. I’ve been subjected to it recently and it makes coming here unpleasant. Let’s hope for some engagement news next week to help us all move on. Although knowing many don’t like Meghan perhaps here will still not be peace and harmony. Let’s remember that the last time things got personal and unpleasant KMR took an extended break. We don’t want a break with the big news due next week.
            Scroll on past any commenters whose style you don’t like.
            Well that’s my attempt at peacemaker , well intentioned so please no adverse comments!

          3. I agree that bullying wasn’t the right word, but I think the overall point is that deliberately using names like “Waity” and particularly “Mattress” is not necessary and clearly mean-spirited. Those terms don’t add any value to the discussions that happen here. In fact, they detract from some of the very valid criticism that posters share about KM. There is no reason to continue to refer to her anything other than her name (be it Kate or Catherine ?). Imagine if everyone judged you based on your behaviour through your late teens and twenties? I’m sure we’d all have some pretty unfortunate nicknames attached to us too. Let’s be critical of Kate, you can even hate her and think she’s failing at her duties, but realize that we can do and think all of those things without calling her demeaning and sexist names.

            Also, loll forever at the twisted logic of saying that people who are rightfully calling out sexist and demeaning language are the ~real bullies~. Good one!

  5. I normally love Packham dresses, but this one is a total miss for me. I love the idea, but the actual product just looks cheap. Like someone went a little crazy with the bedazzler on their daughter’s dress. The large flowers on the non close up shots looked like butterflies at first. They are also distracting, like something peeling off of the dress. It just it too over the top-small flowers that look like stars, large flowers, sequins AND crystals . It looks like something I would find on kids dress, not a evening gown for a grown woman.

    I think simple crystals with the smaller flowers would have looked much more elegant and still have caught the light. The larger flowers make the dress look like a kid playing dress up. I love the color though. But a totally miss for Packham. This isn’t a diss on Kate, but rather Packham since she came up with this mess of a dress.

    1. Yes, this dress reminded me of an arts and crafts project. I wonder if by sitting down she ruins all the bedazzles on her posterior. And the underdress being shorter than the overlay looks like bad tailoring. Why do that? To show off those rediculous shoes?

      Like KMR, this dress instantly reminded me of the other sparkly blue Jenny Peckham dress, but I like the other dress better. This dress looks more matronly. Camilla could have worn this, and would have looked stunning.

  6. Bespoke so very expensive for a dress at an event where she is sitting 95% of the time. Surely an occasion for a repeat, especially as she has one so similar and being pregnant she won’t rewear?
    And this confirms my view of her wearing fabulous jewels. What’s the point if you can’t see them because of the hair?
    I too wonder if the dress is much more beautiful in the flesh than in photos.

        1. I’m sorry not sorry.

          My kiddo loved that movie when it came out, so like many stay at home moms I endured listening to it over and over when he demanded to watch it… over and over. He still loves to belt it out!

    1. I can’t think Kate has other long gowns she could wear when pregnant – the black lace has just been worn twice in a row and was worn to this event previously.

      She adapted the petrol Packham in her last pregnancy – it has also been worn multiple times and it would look dull for people looking up to see her in a box. These are the only long gowns she wore previously when pregnant and most of her other gowns wouldn’t fit.

      I suspect the high sparkle level is so that she can be seen easily – something royal ladies must consider. Since she wore black lace last time, this may have been pointed out; last time I believe Camilla wore red glitter.

      I suspect this gown might be worn again – for instance if she attends the diplomatic reception. As someone who keeps track of Kate’s gowns, she has re-worn quite a lot of them. She has a couple of maternity cocktail dresses but long gowns are expected for royals for Royal Variety.

    2. To me, almost anything bespoke is wasted on Kate. This one at least appears to fit her.
      IMO, the epitome of what a bespoke dress is and should do to a person was the rose colored Valentino dress that Michelle O wore for their last state visit. It fit her like a glove, looked beautiful on her and had wow factor.
      As someone who will probs never own a bespoke gown, it’s a shame to see them wasted

  7. I love the color of this dress, but there’s too much going on in it. It’s too heavily embellished and the sheer hem looks odd to me.

  8. “Kate wore a new, glittery blue Jenny Packham gown which reminds me an awful lot of the glittery blue Jenny Packham gown Kate wore in Paris back in March.” Me too! I actually thought it was a repeat but now that I think about it, does Kate have gowns that would be good maternity gowns? But wow, how many blue gowns does she have now? I really like the beading on this new gown although I thought there was too much of it on the top. Wish her hair wouldn’t cover her ears all the time especially if she’s going to wear big earrings. There’s a way to style her hair to keep it out of her face I’m sure.

  9. Look at the dress of La Premiére Dame during the last visit in Paris of the Royal couple! That is class! That is good taste! For the rest, non comment! All those lights on an evening gown make me think of a Christmas Tree. Be well.

    1. Sorry. It’s the wife of the English ambassador in Paris! At least this lady seems to have learned something in terms of fashion from the French couturiers who, with the Italians, are absolutely the best in the world. Farewell!

  10. I love the dress and all the press says its looks like a Queen Elsa iced blue dress, Actually she already on the list of the best dressed of the night.
    Again I dislike her make up, she just does the same with heavry black eyeliner and brown eyeshadow and the same boring lipstick.
    I though tonight would be a good occasion for Harry and Meghan to have their first oficial apperance in the UK, but I guess they wont do it before the engagement.

    1. They won’t just attend an event that is an official engagement for someone welse in the family. I mean come on now

  11. As a dress I rather like it but it’s just her…..she sucks the life out of everything. If that dress had been worn by a blonde it would have been spectacular. But it’s another icy blue gown that looks not unlike the myriad of other icy blue gowns she’s worn.

  12. Kate loves blue sparkles by Jenny Peckham – India, France, and here. Not my style at all, but she looks nice.

    The royal performance I remember best is when the Beatles performed and John Lennon said he appreciated the applause from the cheap seats, and the royals could rattle their jewelry to show their pleasure. I think it’s so interesting how today’s performers would never do such a thing…even those from that era like Mick Jagger accept honors from the royals nowadays. Is it because Diana made the royals like celebrities?

    The one royal who seems from that older era is Anne – a bit standoffishish/haughty in demeanor, but no question about her devotion to her role and Britain. There’s still a little mystique around her.

  13. While I don’t really like either one, I think I prefer the Paris dress. This is just my opinion, but the Variety dress highlights how ridiculous Kate is. The overlay is pooling on the floor. She is wearing a ridiculously high spike heel with a pointed toe. Either the heel or the toe could easily get caught in the overlay and cause her to fall. But, why should she do anything that might protect her baby?

  14. I prefer the Paris dress, slightly more restrained beading, but it may be that she has her hair half up so we can see those earrings. And I agree about the long net hem with stillettos. It looks dangerous.

    I’ve decided that KM wears her hair down or in a nape bun to disguise her hunched shoulders and forward thrust neck. Like the high waist to disguise the long torso, it really just calls attention to the problem.

    She seemed to be enjoying the performance but William, as usual, looked like he was sucking a lemon.

    1. She’s supposed to be a long time devotee to yoga and pilates so i find her poor posture really baffling. I guess that is another lie since the proof would be in the pudding, no?

      1. Exactly! I did classical dancing semi pro and practice yoga and stretches even during my current pregnancy- these activities do make you more aware of your body, thus any devotee will correct their posture.

      2. I still struggle with hunching, even after years of practice. I do remember, though, and correct, which I don’t see her do.

      3. “She’s supposed to be a long time devotee to yoga and pilates”

        Really? A good yoga teacher would correct posture etc during class, which leads to better posture out of class.

        1. Cathy +1

          “She’s supposed to be a long time devotee to yoga and pilates”

          Kate is “supposed” to practise yoga and pilates. In reality we don’t know that.

  15. I think she wants to take the Princess Sparkle nickname away from Meghan with this dress because she looks like she got attacked by a bedazzler..

    Again a new dress and more spending when she certainly had a few gowns that she could have worn even during this stage of pregnancy.

  16. OT, but KMR mentioned it, so i’ll update everyone.

    Regarding the ‘gunshots at Oxford circus’

    This morning police are looking for 2 men who caused the incident yesterday.

    It turns out the entire thing was a sort of hoax and a demonstration of the power of suggestion.

    What is alleged to have happened is that 2 men started quarrelling on the platform at Oxford Circus tube. For some reason this caused mass panic and during the panic someone tweeted out that they heard gunshots which immediately spread like a nuclear bomb through the crowd and entire area went into mass panic and drew anti-terrorist police.

    Everyone took it as absolute truth that gunshots were fired, but as we know there was no evidence found at all.

    Police have released pictures of the 2 men who are wanted for causing this incident and are very clear that it wasn’t a terror attack nor was it random attack nor were weapons of any kind involved.

    Unclear if police will tell us why these 2 men’s quarrell caused mass panic or why people were convinced shots had been fired.

    1. Here in the US the past two years have been a study in the power of suggestion with no real facts. There seems to be no end. That’s all I’ll say about that.

      1. Now that i’ve had time to think about it, i’m convinced it was a practice test ran using the unsuspecting public. Usually they are carried out under controlled situations, but thhis was done in real terms.

    2. Hera you were saying yesterday that Londoners are used to this, considering that they experienced IRA bombings decades ago. Granted, a city as old as London has seen its fair share of disaster and tragedy in loss of human life, but that doesn’t mean that people will be any less fearful and panicky for the next attack- what if they are the next victim?

      So that incident in Oxford and the mass panic it caused because someone “believed” they heard gunshots, is an illustration that while Londoners may be used to it, like you say, they aren’t immune to feeling fear. Given that Britain has been through a lot this year, it’s little wonder that an argument betweeen 2 very idiotic men, turned into a terrorism investigation.

      1. Yesterday’s public reaction was an outlier. Like reaction to Diana’s death.

        A couple of ‘gunshots’ or the suggestion of a couple of gunsjots causing mass hysteria vs 3 gun men shooting for 8mins before the police stopped them at London Bridge.

        Panic, but not mass hysteria.

  17. The Arts are important so happy to see K&W representing the Queen for this event.
    Can someone please tell me why a person has a gown made in almost the same style and color as one they already own? I too, thought this was a repeat until I realized that none of the articles I read about this event mentioned “thrifty Kate” or “recycling”. At least choose a different color family for heaven’s sake! If this gown had been a silvery grey it would have been an improvement.
    This gown had a lot going on and screamed out to me that old saying, “It’s not done, until it is over done”. All that was missing was one of those dollar store battery operated Christmas lights necklaces that flashes on and off.
    I am not a fan of icy blue, icy lavender and pastel pinks and on Kate, these colors are particularly bad. I have never liked pastels on any woman over the age of 18. I just find them very childish and lacking in sophistication. Also, even though Kate’s hair is shorter, it is still flopping all over the place and that brown eyeshadow is just BAD. This whole ensemble just keeps the fashion bar at it’s typical low level for Kate. Someone help her please, she has no spark, presence or poise.

  18. I love how whimsical the dress is. She really only has a few more years for this to be appropriate so she should take advantage while she still can.

    1. What do you mean? That she can’t wear a dress like this after 40? Helen Mirren wore a shiny Jenny Packham and she is twice Kate’s age.

      1. There was a huge difference in the design that Helen Mirren was wearing and the dress that Catherine is wearing right now. The designer is the same yes.

    2. I find the style more matronly than whimsical. It really doesn’t look different from what Camilla or the Queen would wear, except they would have fewer sparkles on it.

  19. I usually don’t comment on looks because I think Kate is very beautiful and under a really extraordinary amount of pressure to look perfect all the time. If I had that much pressure on me I would probably crack up.
    But in these pictures in particular, doesn’t her eye makeup seem really dark and heavy? I don’t believe she gets her makeup professionally done, not even for big events like this. There is no blending and it doesn’t look polished. Perhaps a lighter, shimmer eyeshadow would make her look nice a fresh? I dnot know why she feels like she needs so much dark eye makeup. Sometimes less is more and right now on runways all the models are wearing lighter makeup.
    I think maybe this makeup style is the same as her wedding in 2011 but it is starting to look a bit dated now.

    However, I do like the shorter hair cut on her although I wish it was partly pulled back to see the earrings better. I think Kate looks good pregnant. It suits her.

    1. I agree about makeup. I think it ages her. Check out Audrey Hepburn, who was nudged away from heavy eye makeup for My Fair Lady, and looked better for it.

    2. If she is going to do her own makeup then she should get help from a professional. She still doesn’t know what works for her colouring and features and does what Carole Middleton taught her decades ago. I say this because Carole does the eyeliner thing Kate does as well as the overdone eyeshadow.
      I just don’t understand how this keeps happening when she has a stylist on hand… what is that stylist actually paid to do?

  20. I much prefer the dress that she wore in Paris and for a moment I thought it was the sesame dress, like you KMR. That’s Kate and her wasteful spending, buying up things that look very similar to each other. This dress would look fabulous on an older woman like Camilla, but looks too matronly on Kate.

    When I saw those pics of Kate going up the stairs with the dress swishing around near her heels and clutching a purse, I felt afraid for her. And I couldn’t help think, William you insensitive boor, offer your arm to your pregnant wife, for the safety of her and your unborn child.

    It’s a wonderful thing this charity does and that the BRF have supported it for 100+yrs. hope you his support continues once the “younger” royals come to the throne.

  21. I still love these heels. But at that price… I just can’t justify buying them. Hate the dress. I actually like the original design a lot more. What is it with Kate making ugly bespoke versions of every designers’ work?

    1. I agree about the price of the shoes. I actually prefer Kate’s version of this dress. The original from the runway was ugly, in my opinion.

  22. Kate looks a thousand times better with some healthy weight on her. The contrast between the 2 photos of her in Packham gowns is amazing.

    The dress? In the end, I find it confusing. I like the dress but on her what should look good no longer can. Another sartortial miss. Unfortunately I do thiink she aims for a certain ethereal girly look but, in truth, she is neither ethereal nor particularly girly looking.

    Kate has quite the tan. Things that make you go hmm.

    1. She does look way better when pregnant. I like her hair this length. The dress looks junky and way worse than the Paris one.

      I wish she would stop wearing ice blue. It washes her out; she suits jewel tones way better.

      I do like the heels. I like how they show through the fabric. I dont care that she wears heels while pregnant, she works them fine.

  23. I was going to say I preferred the first version of the dress. I think looking again I prefer this. I think Kate’s dress is much prettier but it just looks a cold colour. I passed a pop up Elsa at the cinema today. It reminded me of that. William looks so rigid and his head is dropping down.

  24. I actually like the colour of this dress but I’m with the person up thread who said it looks like someone got the bedazzler out?

    And I’m also with Birdy. I agree that Kate should be wearing her hair up or back so the earrings are not lost amongst all the hair. If only Kate would take some guidance about how to wear statement pieces like this?

    I do have a little bug bear, I wish Kate would learn to walk more gracefully upstairs when wearing a long dress. I’ve noticed that she tends to grab handfuls of skirt which, to me, looks like she is carrying a bunch of washing.

    I think this dress is good, even with the expensive price tag and the possiblity she will wear it only once. Now the Jenny Packham dress I really liked on Kate was the pink one, I like it how she wore it in LA. I thought she looked great and she looked polished. This is how I expect Kate to look, not the Kate with the wonky eyebrows, heavy handed makeup and dreadful hair dos. Maybe I’m expecting too much? But if she can do it here…


    1. Kate has an engagement that day.

      It wouldn’t happen. Unless Harry pulls a William and does it so nobody knows what’s going on except the press.

      1. I could see it being next week just because the rumor mill is in overdrive and I’ve been wrong about Kate’s pregnancies every time (as in, the rumor mill was in overdrive, I said it wouldn’t happen, then she announces a pregnancy), but I would be surprised since Kate has engagements next week and William will be in Norway (or wherever he’s going). It would be an odd time to announce since KP will be busy elsewhere. But I’ve been wrong before about when KP chooses to announce stuff.

        1. Well next wk would be optimum post facial time =) so maybe not tue but mon or wed?
          Isn’t it Finland that William is off to?

      2. I agree it would be unlikely to announce just prior to or while Kate is at an event. I can’t imagine either Harry or Meghan wanting Kate to be the one to make the first off the cuff congratulatory remarks. But perhaps they will announce in afternoon after Kate’s done with her outing.

    1. They never treat professional photographers/journalist with any from of respect. I get their dislike of the paparazzi, but professional photographers who show up to publicize their ‘work’ should be treated better. They are the ones who keep the royals in the public eye. Without them, the common person would stop caring about them. As the Queen said before ‘we need the media more than they need us’ (or something to that affect). Will and Kate need to realize that.

      It is crummy though because they posed for photographers in NYC, but won’t for the UK photographers. It is even more disrespectful to their own professional photographers.

    2. Add this to the comment where William wanted to greet all the performers in under ten minutes just to get out and we have another evening of rudeness. The press need to publish this stories and not the boring pap they normally provide.

      1. William did that? Seriously? Where would he rather be? In his man cave playing video games? What is so precious about his time?

        This is so revealing of his entire attitude to his compatriots- indifference, petulance and arrogance. Unbelievable. Imagine if the people he met knew of this.

        Agreed, it would be wondrous if the media did their jobs. but I doubt that will ever happen.

        1. Probably had to rush home for the babysitter, given the delay due to the non- terrorist event at Oxford Circus. Oh no, wait, he has several live in nannies!!!

      2. Wasn’t that just a joke tweet? As far as I read, they didn’t even do the meet and greet because they arrived an hour late due to the Oxford Street incident.

      3. I read some time ago that the royals don’t enjoy the Royal Variety event and take it in turns to attend so this statement of William wanting to leave as soon as possible does not surprise me. Nor does his rudeness, a permanent companion it appears.

        When royals are invited to these things, they should appear gracious at the very least. The performers have given their time and talent for free and deserve thanks.

  25. Looks like Kate did 110 engagements in 2014 when she got pregnant with Char and had approx the same timeline all year.
    Do we know where she is at now?

    1. I don’t have an up-to-date tally for 2017 as I’ve been lazy and have not included Nov’s engagements in my list, but a quick look at my records I think Kate has done 14 engagements in Nov, which would put her at 97 currently for 2017. I can do an updated tally later today. However, Kate only did 91 engagements in 2014, not 110.

    1. I miss her, too, but saw one comment from her I think it was on the thread about Kate and William driving. I’m not sure. I hope your health is well, Rhiannon and hope you are well, too, Lauri.

      Just looked back and yes, Rhiannon did comment on Catherine Quinn’s great sense of style on the thread I mentioned above. Miss you, Rhiannon!!!

  26. I had a whole post typed and submitted yesterday and now I don’t see it. My phone hates this site for some reason. It bogs down and the words type on my screen one every 10 seconds. Bah.

    Anywayyyyy… It’s another Elsa dress for Kate that washes her out. It looks downright painful to sit in with all that chunky beading. I love the bedazzler reference, and that’s exactly what appears to have happened. The longer overlay is confusing me. So is her dark makeup and her insistence on wearing gorgeous jewelry but then covering it with her security blanket. Oh, well. Just chalk it up to typical Kate lack of style.

    I was so pleased to see how engaged William was and how much fun they were having during the performance. He willingly participated and was laughing at himself. If only they could be so relaxed and participatory for all of their engagements.

  27. I like it when she chooses to dress in some glittery dresses. Not what I would wear one ever, but if not in her position when can you wear fun stuff like this? Loves her sequened Jenny Packham dress. For this number- I am not biggest fan of the embelishments or the colour though. But the most annoying part for me is the skirt. Why is the underskirt so short? This brings the whole look down in my eyes.
    Her hair looks nice and healthy, but I am one of the few who prefered her long hair (personal preference). I would love to see her trying out different up-dos. And I really hope we will see more of the Queen’s jewelery on her. Those pieces are to gorgeous to stay hidden and I don’t think she has to “earn” it. The Queen can lent her stuff to whoever she wants, whenver she wants. I am just happy to see those gems.

    1. “I really hope we will see more of the Queen’s jewelery on her. Those pieces are to gorgeous to stay hidden and I don’t think she has to “earn” it. The Queen can lent her stuff to whoever she wants, whenver she wants. I am just happy to see those gems.”

      Caroline +1

      1. I am…..sad for Rhiannon but happy for Harry! I adore this sparkley treasure’s he’s found! I hope she lives up to our expectations and I can’t wait to see the ring! Xxx

        1. I can’t wait to see the ring. I hope it’s original but Harry doesn’t seem a skinflint like William! I also love how Harry did it properly: it’s organized, etc, and you can tell Harry respects the institution and his Granny by doing it the right way not like William with the press call THEN telling HM and Dad!

          I’m cynical about her, and her motives for being with him, but I do wish them every happiness and ablessed, long marriage with all those kids he wants.

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