Kate repeats 2013 Goat coat for Family Action visit

Kate repeats 2013 Goat coat for Family Action visit

Kate Middleton visited the Hornsey Road Children’s Centre yesterday, November 14, to see the work that they do, as well as the work of Family Action, of which The Queen is patron. This was a makeup engagement for the one Kate canceled last minute the day KP announced her third pregnancy.

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Kate arrived at the Centre and spoke to families who have benefited from the Centre’s support while the children participated in art class. Kate also spoke to representatives from Family Action about their nationwide perinatal mental health services.

Family Action works with over 45,000 families through over 135 community-based services to provide practical, emotional, and financial support to those who are experiencing poverty, disadvantage, and social isolation.

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Kate got on the floor at one point (which I love) to speak to the children, but one little boy was not feeling it.

Kate received flowers from a little girl named Nevaeh as she made her departure.

Kate receives flowers at Family Action
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There are no direct quotes from Kate, but several people she spoke to spoke about her to the press. Kate spoke with one man, who is raising his daughter alone, about how men, and William in particular, can struggle with adjusting to fatherhood.

    “Billy, 39, from Chatham spoke to [Kate] about adjusting to his new role as dad to seven-month-old Violet. He said afterwards: ‘She was saying William was sort of similar, I just wanted to let her know how Family Action have been there for me and I think they need more support.’ He added he suffered from severe depression but did not want his daughter taken into care. ‘I’ve managed to turn myself around. I’m a sole carer,’ he said. ‘I’ve been doing it since day one, I fed her her first bottle.’
    “Volunteer worker Maggie Sandy, said about Kate: ‘We just felt that she genuinely was interested. And it’s so good because it really raises the profile of perinatal mental health. We always say that this goes across social class, we reach all sorts of parents and it is actually to do with being a parent and she can relate to that.’ When asked about Kate’s comments about William, she added about dads: ‘We do offer support to dads. I think it’s so important because dad’s sometimes get left out in the mix after the birth of a baby and they sometimes get sidelined. She seems genuinely very interested.'”

Kate also spoke about George, citing his love of helicopters.

    “Michelle said: ‘She was asking about what Jacob liked and he said he liked aeroplanes and she was asking if he’d seen a Spitfire and we said we liked going to the Science Museum and RAF museum. She was saying how George likes helicopters, she was saying about the top floor of the Science Museum where the helicopters are.’

While accepting the posy before leaving, Kate mentioned that Charlotte’s favorite color is pink:

    “‘She asked me what my favourite colour is,’ said Nevaeh, who wore a baby pink party dress to present the Duchess with bouquet of flowers. I said it was pink and she said that’s Charlotte’s favourite colour too.'”


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Kate wore a repeat of an outfit she wore while pregnant with George in 2013: a cream Goat Redgrave Coat and black Topshop Collar Contrast Dress. Kate accessorized with her Russell & Bromley Half N Half black suede boots, Annouska Pearl Drop earrings, Mulberry Bayswater Clutch, and black tights.

I wasn’t a fan of this outfit the first time Kate wore it because I thought it looked too twee at the time, and I’m still not a fan of the coat or dress. But I do like it when Kate wears lower-heeled boots.

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Catherine Quinn accompanying the Duchess.

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111 thoughts on “Kate repeats 2013 Goat coat for Family Action visit

  1. What is this? Dress down Friday? Far too casual looking for a royal engagement. She looks like she’s doing a spot of shopping and lunch with her sister. These children want / need to see a princess doing her princess thing. Not someone masquerading as a part time princess.

    1. To be clear, I am not a fan of the outfit. Don’t like the boots and I don’t like the cut of the coat. The length is fine in my eyes- some people have interesting standards about modesty here. This was by no means a appointment that called for business attire (which is definitely not her strength).
      Even more interesting is that now people are calling her out because she dresses not princessy enough. I mean, when she does, they complain she dresses up too much and that those dressy outfits are not appropriate for a appointment including children.

      What I find bothering right now, is that her chain of engagements clearly shows that she has overcome her HG condition and that the announcement of HG with no further education about what that diagnoses really means, was a bad PR move. I know that medically speaking she can suffer from it and that it actually doesn`t lasts till birth in most cases. The term just describes excessive and longlasting vomiting which is obviously dangerous for mother and child. But in the public understandung the condition is always tied to those extreme and rare cases where the moher suffers from it till birth. So they should have been more specific on her HG course spicked with the infos that she is a case that gets better after 14 or 20 weeks or they should have just quietly cleared her calender a bit. I hate this kind of bad PR work and I wonder how her public reception would be with a better PR team.

      1. I find it interesting that you have made a judgement call on everyone that comments on this board without paying attention to anything we ever say.
        While I could tear apart your judgement call on length of a coat, which is clearly not business attire, I’m going to focus on HG which I had with all of my pregnancies and was so severe on the last one that both me and my daughter were nearly killed.

        HG severity throughout the pregnancy is not rare. In fact that’s kind of why HG is separated from regular morning sickness which generally lasts the length of time that Kate had her “HG”. I have tacked on a link that shows the distinction between regular morning sickness and HG including the fact that they state clearly “nausea that does NOT subside” throughout the pregnancy. I understand that so many are trying desperately to make Kate look good by saying how brave she is to continue to work two hours a month, while battling her non-existent HG, but that isn’t the case and anyone who can read would know this. She could, however, let the HG thing fall aside (which is kind of what she has done this pregnancy) and continue to go out and work as hard as she can before she takes her year off for her some made up pregnancy leave for people who barely work at all.


        1. Springs Mom…..you clearly have much better manners than me. I couldn’t even be bothered to reply. And thought I would leave the post unanswered to speak for itself as these type so often do.

          The fact of the matter is that when your Private Secretary looks smarter and better turned out that you do, you’ve got it wrong. And I say that as someone who loves Goat Fashion and frequently buys shift dresses from them.

          It’s all wrong, it’s too casual. The suede boots look scruffy especially combined with opaque tights. The skirt length is too short. I don’t think I’ve ever criticised Kate for being overdressed…..inappropriately dressed frequently but overdressed. I can’t think of a single occasion when she’s achieved that.

        2. I am sorry, but your link does not provide what I would classify a scientific source. The HG diagnosis is linked to the severity of the condition not the time length. Your experience sounds horrible and I am happy you and your baby got treatment and survived. I don’t know if the medical definition in our countries differ. But here, your experience would be an extrem case of an already extrem condition.
          About me defending her clothes. Yes, from time to time I comment that I like her clothes and even defend her choices. Her way of dressing is indeed the least worrying about her for me. Clothes are important for her role but in my opinion they are superficial compared to her work ethics. If I would be a fan looking for praise I wouldn’t visit this website. I am not very vocal here but that doesn’t mean I don’t think the same as most people here about her doing a bad job.

          1. HG is extreme by nature. It is medically defined as losing between 10-15% of your body weight through constant vomiting.

            Kate had none of these issues, clearly, judging by how healthy she looks.

            Regular morning sickness? Sure! I mean KP constantly back-pedals with saying how she h as “acute morning sickness”. If you had HG you couldn’t go out and do anything much less the holidays she’s taken whilst supposedly so seriously ill.

            I had it almost as bad as medically defined HG but my doctor wouldn’t formally diagnose me as I lost a bit under the threshold of weight. I lost a lot of weight and looked horrendous. Like I was dying. Scary stuff which is why Kate and KP’s lies to get her out of work make me angry. Just be honest. Morning sickness on its own sucks and people would understand.

  2. Again CQ dresses like the professional she is and Kate like the overgrown girl who has never had a job. That skirt was too short for the sitting she was doing and she was using the coat at one point to block a potential flash. Also a cream coat when seeing kids? She’s just so obvious. It’s time to show off the legs while pregnant so who cares about the type of event she’ll be doing.

    When they use others to repeat what Kate said it shows how little of substance she said at the event. If William had such a hard time being a first time father, with all the nannies, housekeepers and trips to the Maldives then what hope do regular dads have.

    1. It is not unusual for first time dads, and mums for that matter, to find parenting difficult. As it often said, there is no handbook on how to parent.
      Initially Kate and William did not have professional help after George was born. It wasn’t until he was seven months old that Maria was employed as nanny.

          1. Yeah, Jessie Webb was nanny from day one. Old lady out of retirement to help them, which is a bit odd; and Carole lived with them practically so they had two nannies.

      1. Williams old Nanny was there right from the beginning. There was never a time they didn’t have a nanny. Also Carole.

        It’s not about new parents needing help, that’s normal. But William didn’t see George that much at first and Kate even commented on it. That’s not the sign of someone who doesn’t know what to do, but just doesn’t care to deal with the rough stuff. Also he thought it was ok to ditch the kids during Easter to go to an ex girlfriend’s wedding. What kind of father leaves their kids on a major holiday, unless they have to for work or military service? I know of no caring father who would think of ever doing this.

          1. Easter is an important holiday in the UK and he is the future head of the Church of England. So culturally Easter is not a time when parents are taking vacations without their kids in his culture. Second William is not a single parent doing all the work raising his kids. He has a ton of help and Kate seems to do the remainder. He has plenty of time to take holidays throughout the year despite not even working a full time job.

            William is just a selfish being with no thought of his responsibilities. It’s why the third kid happened because he will not need to modify his life to adjust for the additional child.

        1. I have to say that there are many countries in which Easter is not such a big deal and for many people it’s not an important celebration for personal reasons, so I can understand William attended a friend’s wedding then. I have spent many Easters apart from my kid and it does not make me – or any other parent – a bad parent. As Easter is a long weekend, for me it’s often one of the few opportunities to go on holiday with friends without my kid if grandparents can help to look after her, a single parent as I am.

          1. Easter is the most important event of the Christian calendar. Fair enough if you’re not religious; no-one is served by the pretense of faith. Unfortunately for William, he is destined – by accident of birth – to take on the role of the Head of the Church of England so a little interest is kind of appropriate.

            But William has no faith and therein lies a problem for the CoE, where a requirement for the position as its Head is a demonstrated faith. I read that there has been talk in recent years that the CoE would begin to separate itself from the monarchy, presumably after Charles, and appoint on merit.

            But the above is part of a larger problem for William: he doesn’t want to be King, but privilege is his mother’s milk. He doesn’t want to perform public duty and have at-whim privacy but expects the public to keep funding him. At the simplest level, William wants to take and not give. My fleeting observation is that while monarchists talk about tradition as important to them, they turn a blind eye to the excesses and in-bred character flaws of the current incumbents who demonstrate in so many ways unfitness for purpose.

          2. But Grace, you are a single parent and who has a job, thus Easter affords you one of the few times you can get away for a short vacay. William doesn’t have a job and his EAAA doesn’t count as it’s recorded that he didn’t show up regularly. He can go vacation at any point during the year. Jecca the Colonialist’s wedding was held on Easter, why didn’t William take his family with him to the wedding? I’m sure it would’ve been a nice break on a huge ranch on stolen land for the whole useless lot of them?

  3. I think Kate did a great job. She came across as warm, interested and engaged. And I too loved that she sat on the floor.
    Kate looked lovely. I like her coat and and the little collar of her frock showing at the top. I liked that she wore boots with a lower heel but I wasn’t keen on the two tone effect of matte/non matte. Actually the matte/non matte (I don’t know what else to call it) reminded me of the fabric in queen’s frock at the Festival of Remembrance. And I thought the boots were too casual for the coat.
    I am hopeful that we see more of Kate.
    Catherine Q seemed more relaxed. She smiles – which is not something Rebecca was often seen to do.

    1. Loved that she sat on the floor as well. But to wear a dress that short when you know you’ll be doing lots of stooping down and sitting on the floor wasn’t appropriate, IMO.

      1. Well it is just normal for her, if you ask me She wears short dresses/coats when meeting with kids, knowing all too well she will be leaning forward to greet them at their level. I don’t know. I want to be more positive. She did look engaged and bless Catherine Quinn, whose demeanor is polished and relaxed. She does not ever look frazzled as Rebecca usually did.

        A whitish coat when visiting kids. Oh, how I wish it were a brighter color, but ok, that’s as far as my complaining goes after the shortness of the outfit.

        Sad that William was not more present (or, so it seems) when his babies were brought home and during those first months. He’s so strange, if you ask me . Seems to really love George, but those first months are so very essential and if he was not around, why? I’m tired of the “it’s hard for men,” comment. New parenthood is hard for mothers and dads. It seems that everything in their lives revolves around him. He’s tiresome and moody and petulant. Such a man who really feels the weight of the world on his shoulders, when actually, most people could probably care less about him. Sad, but true. A future monarch who alienates himself from others and begs to be a regular person. God, even regular Joe types care about others. I’m tired of his actions.

        Maybe, Ms. Quinn could work on him, too. She seems competent enough to multi-task. Taking him up a notch or two would really be an accomplishment!

  4. What the HELL is that hot mess she is wearing? Just when I thought Waity got the memo to retire all her 1980s Xanadu boots, she drags that pair out from her closet of Stored Up Wonders. That coat and dress are too short. In most pics, I couldn’t even tell Waity had a dress on because it blended in perfectly into her tights. And wearing cream or white around kids? This woman will never, ever learn. Catherine Quinn is a formidable woman, but even she can’t make Waity’s Stepford Wife robot controls function.

    Also, can someone explain why there is a fuss over Waity only doing 3 engagements outside of London last year? Not that I ever want to be in a position to defend Waity, but I’m curious.

    1. The other senior royals travel the entirety of the UK because the whole country pays for them not just London. Kate can barely be bothered to leave her backyard. Add to that the foreign tours where George and Charlotte have been seen but not locally, then you have irritated folks.

      Oh and has she bothered to see her neighbours at Grenfell yet?

      1. She should do an event for the kids at the natural history museum. Thus doing something fun and with one of her patronages! Win win

      2. No she hasn’t. She’s waity katie, the tired old mattress, who only likes to wait on Whiny Will. Otherwise, she only prefers to go out when she’s being waited on hand and foot by others.

        Willy and the Markle’ boyfriend only visited once- didn’t they say that they would be back!? Have they done any fundraising or visited the organizations that are working closely with the Grenfell fire survivors?

        1. Harry visited the Red Cross once or twice but it was a more private visit to help with donations and whatnot for the Grenfell disaster. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d done other private visits. AFAIK he also visited the victims, privately. No fuss. One photograph of the Red Cross thing. Don’t even think it was on the CC. Give credit where credit is due.

          1. Campbell +1
            The comment is disturbing. It is more a reflection of the moral compass of the author. In 2017 there is no place for such misogynistic and sexist comments.

          2. Campbell and the spectator:
            I think ‘the mattress’ was a term coined by William’s RPO detail to refer to Kate when both were students at St Andrews. It became part of the unflattering public lexicon that has persisted to this day in describing Kate. I’m not normalising it, just pointing out the term’s origin. It is indeed misogynist. I wonder if William knew his RPO’s were behind it, and if so, what he did about it.

        2. I don’t know about KMR, but calling someone a “tired, old mattress” seems pretty demeaning. It’s fine for you to air your grievances about Kate, particularly about her inaction re: Grenfell but you don’t have to be disgusting about it.

          1. I am disgusted by her. Sure it’s sexist and demeaning Nickname that I certainly never came up with- but unfortunately her action (inaction) has proven that name to be true overtime. So save your outrage and worry about the moral compass of a woman who isn’t moved by the devastation at Grenfell Towers and doesn’t use her enormous platform to even do one visit.

            And interesting how you all are jumping on me- I recall when we had a post about her nude photos in France, many of you were shaming her for being naked and saying her pics are in the public interest. Wouldn’t that be sexist and demeaning, let’s all throw stones at a woman caught naked. I believe I was one of The few who said that nude pics meant to be private shouldn’t be published, Just cuz her actions and decisions are questionable here.

    2. I agree, this outfit is awful. KMR nailed it: twee. My 5 year old wore an outfit like this to school yesterday. Grey dress with collar, black leggings and black ballet flats. Appropriate for a kindergartner, not appropriate for a working royal. The coat and dress are too short, and those boots are rediculous.

        1. But calling people names isn’t a very flattering look on anyone, even on the internet, and in fact detract from legitimate, reasoned criticism.

          1. It’s still name-calling whether the name “fits” or not since the name is used negatively. Imagine how upset you would be if someone were to use names like that about Meghan.

  5. I just feel like she doesn’t have the aura of a princess. I know I shouldn’t compare but Diana definitely had the aura of a royal princess even when she wasn’t born one like Kate. Kind of miss when we can grow up looking towards a fairytale princess but actually does the work to justify her privileged lifestyle.

  6. Short, cream coat around kids. Why?! Yikes, I just could imagine how messy it could get. Also, so, so short. I dress like this in winter but the dresses and if I wear a coat over it are right above the knee,n not several inches above; I don’t want any accidents when I sit down! The outfit is very childish and makes me think the kinda thing I wore as a wee one in the 1980s. Cute on a kid, weird on a grown woman with children of her own.

    It really is weird how all Kate ever says is George like X, Charlotte likes Y, William William William. No doubt he had trouble in the beginning, Kate admitted in Australia he was rarely around and he was caught going to clubs, bars, pubs, what have you, on vacations… I doubt either are hands on parents, but I can see Kate doing stuff with the kids. William, no way. They cramp his style, so does Kate.

    That man who is on his own.. Imagine William meeting him and complaining jokingly how he never sleeps ’cause his kids keep him up! Ugh.

    1. Exactly this. You can’t learn to be a father when you aren’t physically there. Did Charles do this? I thought he was fairly involved, at least not taking off on holidays while William was a baby. I could be wrong. Regardless, William has shown time and time again that he is a petulant and selfish person. Kate has her own issues, but she seems to be involved with the kids at some level. I really wonder about William beyond the photo ops.

      1. I recall letters Charles gushing about changing diapers, bathing them, cuddling them a lot. Of course they had nannies but both William and Harry had very loving, involved parents (involved for royals anyway).

  7. Love me some Catherine Quinn!! And the little girl Nevaeh looked precious in her pink outfit! Much to my dismay my niece was all about the pink too
    It would be nice if Kate took her coat off at these events. Act like she was going to stay for a bit. As some one who gets cold at events, I constantly layer but I’d never leave my coat on for something like this, especially cream coat activities with kids doesn’t really mix. Also find her skirt a wee bit short for this outing.
    To end on a positive I’m glad that Kate has continued with appearing more interested and engaged at her last couple events. Love that floral bouquet too!

    1. The florist did a lovely bouquet for Kate. I admit, I wonder what the royals do with all the flowers they are given. I read occasionally Diana gave the flowers away after the event.

      KMR has all the numbers, but it seems we get a spatter of events for 10 months, followed by two months of hurry up and get the event numbers up by the end of the year.

      Kate does seem more engaged and I am glad she wore a repeat coat. It makes me wonder if she should copy Diana and have a clothing auction for charity. She could do a coat and jacket sale. She has so many that look the same. It isn’t like she would miss her duplicate style coats. She could claim it was Prince George who made the suggestion.

    2. I’ve always thought the same about the royal women and their coats–I think it looks extremely odd and somewhat rude to stay in your coat when visiting someone or an organization. Is it just that their handlers believe it would look all too common to be seen removing and then later putting on a piece of clothing?

    3. +1 Sarah. I also love those earrings, they are some of her very best. Kick those Kiki’s to the curb already. They should only ever be allowed off duty- she would still get to wear them a lot!

  8. I have nothing negative to say about Catherine or this engagement.She is clearly interested in this issue and appropriately dressed.She made people feel better there.Good for her

  9. I’d have preferred this coat with smart pants as I had difficulties to see if she had anything under it at all. And it’d be lovely if she took off her coat sometimes. When you have your coat on, it looks like you were about to go any minute. But she looked genuinely engaged and interested, which is a good thing to see. I don’t think Kate comes across as a person with natural warmth and charisma, but showing genuine interest helps and makes people take her more seriously. Somehow I think she has set the bar very low by showing so little genuine interest in anything during her years as a member of the Royal Family that she will really have to work hard to get people see her as a real duchess who wants to give back.

    1. I agree with this take regarding clothing choice and general attitude.

      I too thought Kate was wearing pants, though they looked too sheer, then saw a skirt peeking out from under the coat. Unlike others I have no problem with the length of coat or skirt or with boots: she is a young woman and should dress as one. Too often Kate looks matronly, way older than she need be or feels comfortable with, all to meet some concept of ‘royal’ which I think is stifling.

      Kate is not naturally warm, nor driven by care for others or service so yes, it will be an up-hill task to convince people otherwise, especially if royalty comes under scrutiny re. purpose, cost (including transparency) and value. WH&K are under the impression that their futures (as they envision) will be completely on their terms, always. Not sure life works like that.

    2. As Harry has said, Kate’s not a natural with children, and it clearly showed before George and Charlotte came along. But now, after having her own children, she seems to engage with and relate to other parents and children more easily. So that’s a step forward. But we’re still waiting to see genuine interest in people or causes that have no connection to her own private, narrow sphere of existence.

        1. Oops, in looking for the article I realized I made a mistake. Not Harry, but a member of his inner circle was quoted alongside all the other quotes from Harry in a Newsweek article. The magazine was allowed an exclusive interview and given lots of access, so clearly the content was sanctioned by KP. Here’s the quote: “William was more successful academically, but when it comes to dealing with people, Harry knocks the spots off both him and Kate, especially with children. Harry is passionate about them and is a natural, which neither William nor Kate are.” http://www.newsweek.com/2017/06/30/prince-harry-depression-diana-death-why-world-needs-magic-627833.html

          1. When William was on his gap year he taught Spanish to some children in Chile. On the news William came across really well. At the hospital in Paddington once time when William was holding a baby and the nurse commented what a natural William was.

  10. I like her clothing-choice and the earrings, but not the hair-style.
    It seemed to have been a nice visit.
    Well made,Kate! I’m happy for her if something went right.

  11. Oh dear – well I am bored by a repeated coat and repeated Big Blue – in Australia we finally had an outcome to legislate Same Sex Marriage – that is to be celebrated – let the perennial little girl twirl her curles

    1. Much to celebrate for all Australians today: maturity, acceptance and empathy. Not much use for girly curl-twirling!

  12. I guess I’m in the minority as I like this outfit, though I do wish she would find out how practical trousers are for meeting with kids. I have always liked those boots, and she moves more easily without the sky-high heels. Also thought her make up was fresher and she was engaged. I prefer the shorter outfits to the matronly 40s look. I think CQ is making positive changes.

    Yesterday the DM had an article on eyebrow grooming in which KM was mentioned as needing help. Sorry, can’t figure out the link.

  13. I was really hoping there would be a photo of Catherine Quinn. It’s not just that she’s incredibly accomplished and well put together; so far there’s always been something about the way she presents herself that makes you want to keep looking.

  14. I like the coat, but it always seems odd when she keeps a coat on for an entire visit when she’s moving about and sitting on the floor. I don’t like Peter Pan collars ever, and this dress is no exception. overall, a good visit though with Kate looking interested and engaged.

    1. I don’t know, but it is a glaring pattern with Kate that as soon as she gets pregnant, her hemlines rise several inches.

      1. Maybe it is a way for the tabloids like the DM not to focus on her growing stomach and to ooh and ahh over her “fabulous pins”. I am not saying Kate is fat or body shaming her, but maybe she is uneasy with the body changes and weight gain pregnancy brings. I think we can comfortably say that one of Kate’s interests is how she looks and to always please her husband in all ways and I was under the impression that William likes super slim women so she has that added pressure to be slim no matter what. I am sure with her doctor’s guidance, she makes sure to gain only the absolute minimum amount of weight for a healthy pregnancy.

        1. She likes to enlongate hey body when she’s gaining weight. Also, she doesn’t use maternity clothes, so as her stomach gets larger, the dresses creep up.

        2. Kate should start growing a backbone.
          I get it, she wants to behave politely and elegant and that’s great.
          But in her case, she is too silent, to much without opinion.
          She could express herself much freer, it would be interesting.
          And if William doesn’t like her body during pregnancy, to.hell with him.The most important thing is that an unborn child is truly healthy, not that the father has something “nice” to look at.
          He really chose the right woman for his ego.

          1. Spot on Lovely Blossom. I have an uncle who was concerned that his daughter was putting on weight when she had her babies. To be honest he comes of as a misogynist. Men should be protective of their pregnant wifegf relative. I didn’t think of the ego boost though.

          2. I don’t think william wants her to be slim like she is.When they met at university she wasn’t this slim .I think she liked the results of her dieting for the wedding and continued it.

          3. Jecca is very slim.

            Kate’s just emulating that and probably the praise she gets for being so thin because in our society excessively thin = beauty. She was a pretty, healthy gal before all the dieting. :/

          4. The press routinely ignored when she got very thin and would say she is slim and fit. The extreme thinness is reinforced as positive by the media and when people comment on it they get told they are body shaming. They don’t just do it with her, but her notoriety helps enforce this notion that being extremely thin equals beautiful.

    2. Diana went with clothing that had interest at the neckline when she was pregnant. It was considered a way to draw attention away from her middle. Kate goes with short skirts to show off her legs. A different approach, but with a similar style goal with pregnancy dressing.

  15. There were more people than Catherine Quinn accompanying Kate on this outing: Sophie Agnew; the unpolished young woman with the long, honey-blonde hair who’s been with Kate for every single engagement at least since the summer; and another young woman with long, thick, blonde hair. So it took four additional people to be present for Kate to pull off a straightforward, short, local visit. Why?

    And heaven forbid that they or anyone be seen exiting with Kate, so after you see Quinn make her way to Kate’s car, you can see each of the others making a mad dash to get to the last car before the royal convoy pulls off. Not a very polished or professional final image of the KP staff.

    1. Oh, the image of the women rushing to the car is priceless. I have not seen a video, but you gave me a great laugh this AM. Thank you, Lizzie.

      1. Yes, that photo is of Sophie, and you can see a good glimpse of her face in the DM video as Kate is leaving and then also of her running to the car.

        Maybe in my comment that semicolon after Sophie’s name is getting lost or my sentence structure isn’t clear. There were four women tagging along with Kate: Catherine Quinn, Sophie Agnew, and two other blonde women.

  16. This visit actually made me angry. I think it was very strange that a man is sharing a story about raising a child alone and having to find help through welfare agencies, and she brings up William not knowing what to do. I get the whole attempting to make yourself relatable, but she should have stayed quiet. He was sharing what must have been an incredible struggle for him, and she took away from it with something that wasn’t comparable. Her wealth is showing.

    1. I agree. I wanted to know more about this man and the circumstances that led to his seeking help. It would have been great had the media focused on this, just to remind readers that folk are doing the best they can under extreme conditions, and to help when and however they can.

      Not wanting to be a Kate apologist, but I suspect she burbled on about William because she lacks the empathy and skills to just listen and hear the man. Like you, I think she was trying to relate when there was clearly no common ground.

      1. Or was she wanting to throw William under the bus? To make him look like he can’t/ couldn’t cope?

        It could be just me but I feel uncomfortable when one half of a couple say things which are less than nice about the other half of a couple. It’s like when you are out to dinner with a couple and they spend the evening snipping at each other. Yuck!

        1. I never thought of that. You may be right given the BRF’s patterns of communicating with each other through the press!! I’d prefer to think Kate was overwhelmed by this man’s circumstances; bringing up her husband’s difficulties was the best she could do on the fly. With luck, CQ is able to guide her in a ‘head teacher Kate is eager to please’ kind of way.

          1. Kate and William can get passive aggressive with each other, just look at the carrying on when they were racing America’s Cup boat on Auckland harbour for example.

  17. Kate’s terrible style strikes again. I actually like this coat. It would look great with a nice pair of pants (not Kate’s faded skinny jeggings), top and pair of heels. And for Pete’s sake. Stop buttoning things right up to the neck! So suffocating! If It weren’t so expensive, I’d actually buy this coat, albeit in a different colour. Other than that, I’ve got nothing to add. She’s just become the same old same old.

  18. I read each post and try to look past Kate’s behaviour etc as KMR gives us a great breakdown about the engagement and especially the charity, otherwise we never see much about the charity which is the reason why everyone, including Kate, are there.

    But this time I’m still stumped about the outfit Kate is wearing. OK, black is probably expected as she is seeing children and it’s a good idea to wear a somber colour round children right??? But the light coloured coat? As she did get down on the floor with the kids and there was glitter and paint around it’s probably mucky now – oh well back to the “closet of Stored Up Wonders”? But I’m afraid that it’s the length of her coat and dress that got to me. She’s got short legs so that length is just too close for comfort to her private parts. I know she wears shorter dresses etc when she’s pregnant but that’s too short when you are visiting children, a misstep and they could have seen everything.
    Now, consider what that outfit would have been like if she been wearing a nice pair of tailored trousers?

  19. I’italian and I like fashion. I think Kate is doing her best to show good taste in dressing but she hasn’t a taste of her own. I think her new secretary Catherine Quin is very elegant and shows a sure personality in choosing her wardrobe.

    1. I love candid shots!!! Thanks Jamel. I wonder when these where taken-maybe the summer? I can’t believe these haven’t been circulated before.

    2. Funny the blogs said they’d never post pics of the kids because of William and Kate’s threats, but they do anyway. These do look a bit familiar.

      Cute kids. Seems as if taken earlier this summer.

  20. I’ve read the criticism of Kate’s outfit on here. I also think, like one poster above, that Kate should have worn pants underneath the coat. Then there are those who love Kate’s style so much they copy it by buying the exact same pieces. I think this lady might accessorize the outfits better – at least the shoes look better matched to the outfits to me. Edit: I know she has copied Kate with some of the shoes. My comment references the pics where the shoes are different.


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