Kate hosted maternal mental health roundtable at Kensington Palace

Kate hosted maternal mental health roundtable at Kensington Palace

Yesterday, November 1, Kate Middleton hosted a roundtable discussion on maternal mental health at Kensington Palace with experts from various charities that the Royal Foundation works with.

Kate at KP mental health roundtable s
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

KP posted the above photo on Twitter, and wrote of the engagement:

    “The Duchess of Cambridge today hosted a roundtable discussion on maternal mental health at Kensington Palace with The Royal Foundation. The Duchess is keen to develop an understanding of the issues surrounding maternal mental health, and to learn what support is available. At least 20% of women are affected by mental health problems during pregnancy or in the first year following the birth of a child. If left untreated, maternal mental health problems can have significant and long lasting effect on the woman and her family. Experts were from [Maternal Mental Health Alliance, Anna Freud Centre, Family Action, King’s College London, Best Beginnings, and the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists.] The Duchess has spoken about the importance of having open conversations about maternal health, and the impact this can have on family.”

KP also announced a new engagement for Kate on November 14. She will visit the Hornsey Road Children’s Centre in London to see some of the valuable family and parental support services which are delivered at the Centre, including those offered by the charity Family Action, of which the Queen is patron. During the visit, Kate will see the facilities which support local parents and young children, and will learn more about Family Action’s perinatal mental health services which operate nationwide. She will hear some of the personal experiences from parents who have benefited from the charity’s support, and volunteers who are supporting them.

For fashion at the roundtable, Kate is wearing a Boutique Moschino “Bow-embellished wool and cotton-blend jacket” ($340). Back in May, Kate was spotted out driving ahead of Pippa’s wedding, and it appears that Kate may have been wearing this jacket in those photos.

64 thoughts on “Kate hosted maternal mental health roundtable at Kensington Palace

    1. Good ol’ Kate. Ever keen to learn. So she ‘hosts’ this discussion, why? So she can learn? Or to look busy in a photo op? What did she contribute besides bringing the body? The floof continues. Like Catherine Quinn, this roundtable is meant to confer a mantle of gravitas/professionalism on this frivolous, vacant woman. I wonder if she was wearing her watch as well.

    1. Kate might have been the hostess in name, but the women really driving this roundtable are pictured at the end of the table to Kate’s left: Lorraine Heggessey and Catherine Quinn.

      We’ve all wondered why Quinn took this appointment. I believe Heggessey may be at least partly responsible. Those two powerful, accomplished women have to have known each other or been well known to one another, since both have been heads of charitable giving for large organizations (among their extensive lists of other positions), and both are active in mentoring women business leaders. And I bet that Heggessey lured Quinn with the challenge of helping her transform Kate into a modern working royal from being what she is now–basically a royal mannequin. That would be a very tempting and exciting challenge for someone with Quinn’s background.

      An older quote from an interview Quinn gave about why she accepted a position at the Oxford Business School could also give some insight into why she took her new role: “That was the key for me: taking a rather unwieldy, old-school model of academic administration and making it run to new standards”. That’s exactly what she’ll try to do with Kate.

      Lots of forces swirling around Kate atm. Will be interesting to see which ones prevail.

      1. “And I bet that Heggessey lured Quinn with the challenge of helping her transform Kate into a modern working royal from being what she is now–basically a royal mannequin.“

        Terrific insight. Except that I believe that the goal is to transform Kate’s image into the *perception* of a modern, working royal. Already CQ has lent a professional veneer to Kate (while Kate herself has not changed) and comments suggest that the optics are working.

      2. Bravo Lizzie. I love the way you have tied up all the loose knots here and made sense of what was a baffling move on Ms. Quinn’s part. Now how much do you think PoW was the third cog in this wheel of creating a future Queen of Substance and not a clothes horse?

        I must say Kate does look much happier and more engaged over her last two engagements. Long may it continue.

      3. This could very well be true, but it makes Kate seem really stupid, because she needs handlers to show her how to do, well, everything. A normal, functioning adult should be able to do this job with ease. I wonder if Ms. Quinn keeps treats in her bag for Kate when she performs well.

        Is Kate unable to do basic day-to-day tasks because she has been coddled all her life, or able to do tasks but is unwilling due to them due to laziness and/or a sense of entitlement? We seem to go back and forth on this. Either way, it is really sad that a grown woman needs professional minders of this caliber to help her perform.

        1. To say that a normal, functioning adult should be able to do this job with ease is… not really true. Not everyone can be a leader. Some people are better suited to being, well, cogs. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s all about recognizing your strengths and living a full life. But Kate has been marketed to us as something and someone she is not. I never thought she was lazy. It took real effort and discipline to waity around for ten years. Kate could have a valuable, meaningful role. I don’t know that would look like because Kate’s true nature has been hidden from us in favour of the next-gen Diana PR she’s been sold as. Maybe CQ can sort it out.

          1. I don’t see anyone in the RF needing to be a leader. Perennial favorite Diana wasn’t a leader. I’m talking about the basic skills of attending an event, being dressed appropriately, being prepared for the activity, and conducting yourself appropriately. Kate doesn’t seem to be able to do any of this without help. Many conversations on this blog revolve around why she can’t do these seemingly simple things.

          2. The whole concept of ‘royalty’ is based on being better than others, being a role model, leading people. In medieval times that was done by force; now it is achieved through PR. But we all know these folk are nothing special nor possess special gifts. They are just the recipients of an antiquated system way out of sync with modern thinking.

            The point of these events is to show the ‘royals’ in a positive light in order to keep people placated that they ‘do a good job’ and therefore worthy of the gravy train they would never willingly relinquish. This is achieved by charities used as props for the inevitable photo op and roll-out to various media outlets. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

        2. I think she’s afraid and nervous that she will do something wrong and would rather avoid things rather than tackle them.

          1. I think once she gets comfortable with these events and she will if CQ teaches her the skills she needs, then we might start see her real self emerge. Right now she is so ill prepared that instead of trying she just seems to want to disappear.

          2. Uh, she’s had 6+ yrs to prepare and get comfortable. Most of us would have lost our jobs if it took us that long to get with the program

          3. Afraid my ass. She is lazy and doesn’t want to work. Hence getting pregnant all the time. Although a part of me is convinced Waity got pregnant this time because she figured Harry and Meghan were going to get engaged and she wanted to take the attention off of them.

  1. I support anything that supports maternal mental health. Luckily it’s something that health professionals are quick to catch here in New Zealand.

    I do hope something positive came out of the talks?

    But why did KP announce it a day after it happened?

    1. KP posted the tweets yesterday, on the day the event happened. I’m a day late getting my post up.

      1. Oops, sorry KMR! Im not critisizing you! I was thinking that I hadn’t seen anything from KP on Instagram about this meeting. I would have thought it would have been something they would have wanted to promote? Pregnant Kate caring about maternal mental health? It would be a great cause to get behind.

        But then the person (people?) doing the KP Instagram posts can be a bit lax.. Last month I saw they posted something about Prince Harry, but in the blurb they put (notice the caps placement here) Prince harry. And followed it up with “Duke if Cambridge”.

        Details, details, details…

        But if you can’t get the boss’s name right?

  2. KP must stop using the word keen. It means ambitious and six years later Kate has shown no real ambition to do much of anything in a serious manner. Did she even speak at this round table?

    Anyway the bows on the jacket are childish and unprofessional.

    1. She always wants to learn and hear but do nothing else. KP’s great PR optics making them seem as if they do a ton of stuff and affect change, when they don’t.

    2. Sorry, my dictionary (and personal understanding) are that it means enthusiastic or eager. Is it perhaps a British thing that eagerness is looked down on?

  3. The question is, does she really do this, because it’s her own will and opinion or just because she has to do it because of their theme-block “mental health” plus pregnancy?

  4. Catherine Quinn is already doing good work. Look, I know we roll our eyes at Kate’s work ethic, but perception matters. If they tweet a picture of her at a maternal roundtable meeting, it gets press and attention from the public. Sure, we might find it annoying she’s praised for sitting at a table (maybe she stayed a few minutes and that was her work of the day or maybe she really led the discussion – no one can be sure from a picture). But, the image of her working on such issues is very important. People want to think the royals care about issues and their taxpayer money is being put to good use. Bringing these women together is a strong image. Even if it really is an empty box, it looks really great under your Christmas tree with paper and ribbons.

    1. I know what you mean, Ann, but I believe people are sick of “good images” in general.Most people are thankful today for people who have ambition for all people, not just themselves. Kate has surely good intentions, but she lacks of self-initiative, it’s quite obvious.

    2. To be fair to Kate here, when the Swedes post nothing but a photo of a meeting, I’ve said that the British trio should do that as some sort of acknowledgement of their meetings. So credit where credit is due and good on KP for at least posting a photo and not just listing this on the CC like I’ve asked them to do in the past.

      1. KP also chose their words better this time. Instead of ‘leading’ a round table discussion Kate ‘hosted’ it which is quite a different thing altogether. Remember the derision from the last round table when we were expected to believe that Kate was chairing and mentoring a group of professionals. I see subtle changes at work here.

    3. An image of working on an issue is not the same as rolling up one’s sleeves and getting into things on your own. I must say, Quinn is doing her part, but Kate is such a light weight that I am finally aware that it does not matter how much she appears to do, it’s substance, Substance, SUBSTANCE (Sorry about all caps) that should really count and matter. The train left the station, Kate. A long time ago. If only you had boarded it and made the proverbial connecting ones. I’m a bit too bored and tired of all the lack of focus, work and apparent real interest in the past to put too much credence in this I’m sorry, but that is how I feel.

      I also want the word “Keen” struck from all speeches, press releases and correspondence from the Royals My mom told me that when she was a child there was a comic book in the U.S. called Katie Keen. Mom doesn’t remember what Katie’s occupation was — just that she had gorgeous clothes! Sound familiar? Ok, well, I should have said tons of clothes, not gorgeous when referring to Kate.

      And, yes, her appearance reminded me of her Huff Post Guest Editor meeting. In and out! No real input and off she went. Shopping, I think.

      1. I agree. At this point the PR manipulation is too obvious, which detracts from the improved image she is trying to present. The key to manipulating someone is to make sure they don’t know they are being manipulated.

    4. how many times have they tried to tell us they do these type of meetings and we all stay yeah right?! So she at least made kate get dressed and actually do one of these meetings with photokgraophic proof.
      Do I think Kate did much other than show up? Nope, but at least she did and that’s more than I suspect they did before. Call me a skeptical Sarah but I don’t believe anything out of this camp without hard evidence these days

      1. I agree Skeptical Sarah, without photographic proof I just don’t truly believe what they say. I think the whole “we’re preparing for our tour and can’t attend the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games” but really sunbathing nude in France really blew my trust in them. Plus the whole “hands on” parents who leave their baby to go to the Maldives was just the starting point for me not trusting their PR. It takes so long to earn trust but just a few seconds to lose it for good.

      2. I agree, Sarah (and Queen Lauri). Unfortunately the demonstrable lies that they and their PR team have spun over the years have not helped a situation (i.e., a reputation for laziness) that desperately needed helping. They must acknowledge their own role in the skepticism that some of the public have towards them.

  5. “Hosting” a round table meeting is better than doing nothing at all so a step in the right direction! Since none of us were there, we really don’t know how influential Kate’s comments were, but at least the event happened. I’m sure lots of ideas / info were shared by everyone and even if Kate does nothing as a follow up, the other professional women around the table will surely go back to their jobs with ideas, insights, info etc.

    1. I ask quite respectfully what Kate’s input might have been. Do you think she read the briefings well enough to make some pertinent post, beyond her recycling old comments from her HeadsTogether words? “Better late than never” is a phrase that I can say is a positive one, but in this case, I am just so tired of her laziness that I can only seem to hear the words, “What took you so long?” floating around in my mind. Those words accompany my jaded belief that she’s too kightweight a person to offer any real substance to such a meeting.

      But, then, we didn’t hear her words. Just wondered what people think she may have said — beyond spitting out some of the talking points in her briefings, which she may or may not have read in detail, I’m sorry, but I am beyond giving her much leeway these days.

    2. I agree. This is the kind of thing we applaud the Scandinavian royals for. Kate isn’t Max with a degree in finance, but she can at least shine a light. I see a positive step here. We have to cut the pattern of our hopes to the cloth of Kate’s qualifications and experience.

      Some of the comments here seem really to be questioning the reason for royalty in the modern world. That’s fair enough, and I am glad it’s not tax dollars supporting them. But I confess a liking for seeing jewels and clothes worn by those who mostly promote good causes.

      1. Kate has a degree from one of the best universities in the UK she should be able to do much better. Any academic degree teaches you a lot about doing your own research, communication, presenting ideas etc etc. If Kate wants to be a 21 st century princess she needs to deliver on a much high international scale….she will one day be queen of many nations ( although that may change) and her initiatives need to be broader than UK only.
        As is often said she is the same age as Diana when she died. However badly individuals may think of Diana she had a greater influence internationally on AIDS, landmines and other things than I can ever see Kate doing. What is wrong with her? Lazy, spoiled, praised for tiny steps of improvement. Will no better, Harry … he needs to marry and then I will judge a year into the marriage . He has potential he’s not totally achieving at the moment, but I know from personal experience that conducting a relationship across The Pond is very difficult.

  6. I can’t speculate what Kate’s real level of involvement or interest is in this mental health thing is, so in trying to transform her image, even being seen to host this group of people is positive. There has definitely been something going on behind the scenes to ensure that she is perceived as a working royal.
    P.S. I also find that word “keen’ overused, in the same way the word “awesome’ is overused. I wish both words could disappear for a while, like lace dresses 🙂

    1. I would rather her actually be a working royal than be perceived as one. KP should work on that. Maybe Kate and a Will need drill sergeants instead of PR spinners.

  7. Who exactly is Lorraine Heggessey ? And everytime I see Catherine Quinn, she is looking at Waity with this look on her face like, “Waity better not fuck this up.” She comes off as a stern headmistress making sure Waity does her job properly. To be honest, I hope Catherine ends up with Meghan-we all know that if Quinn exerts any actual pressure to make Waity work at all, she will be toast.

    1. Kitty, relax, we will have to wait and see. As Princess of Wales she will be expected to really step up especially as the King will be in his 70’s . Parents without such amazing childcare work, she needs to get a grip on reality .

    1. He really is a gorgeous boy with amazing parents. I have huge respect for the Bhutanese royals they seem to work so hard for their tiny country and certainly put it on the map. He looks such a happy and confident little lad.

    1. I was just thinking that the press are getting bored with waiting for news as we now have a ridiculous story in the DM this evening about how Sparkles has given up wearing shorts in public to please HM and appear more demure. Cue comparisons with Kate looking demure. Urggh. This current standard of journalism is just desperate.

      1. LOL, I just read that article Mrs BBV, which got me thinking that the press is really reaching trying to find something to write about regarding H&M.

        1. I couldn’t be bothered to provide the link Lauri because the article was such utter bobbalox and an insult to the intelligence of KMR’s readers.

  8. I realize that a photo is only a split second in time but the look on Kate’s face says I have no idea what any of these people are talking about but there is someone taking my picture so I better smile.

    It is nice that KP posted a picture we that we know that this meeting actually happened. Hopefully they will do this more often so we will know that their supposed meetings aren’t figments of the imagination. Someone above suggested that maybe Ms Quinn has treats for Kate in her bag. I have another idea – maybe Kate is earning shopping points for good behavior.

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