Kate attends Chelsea Flower Show

Kate attends Chelsea Flower Show

Kate Middleton made her second ever appearance at the Chelsea Flower Show yesterday, May 22.

Kate at Chelsea Flower Show
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Unlike last year when Kate was accompanied by both William and Harry, this year Kate went solo while walking around the various garden exhibits.

She stopped by the The Chris Evans Taste Garden where she met Mary Berry and Chris Evans (not Captain America), and ate a tomato off of the ground. From the Daily Mail:

    “Presenter Chris Evans offered Kate a cherry tomato from his Radio Two ‘taste garden’ at Chelsea Flower Show. Despite dropping it on the decking, the royal, resplendent in a £1,500 floral print Rochas dress, was happy to pop it in her mouth and munch away. After the snack, she told the Radio 2 DJ: ‘It’s delicious and sweet.’
    “And on the show itself, she added: ‘I loved it. I’m just getting into gardening with the children.’ The Cambridges have their own expansive kitchen garden at Anmer Hall, in Norfolk, where they grow asparagus. But Kate, 35, revealed she has had to teach Prince George, 3, not to eat the fox gloves – as they’re poisonous. Describing her own growing efforts, she said: ‘It makes such a difference when you take it from the ground.'”

Kate also visited The David Austin Rose exhibit where she saw the ‘William and Catherine Rose’ named in 2012 for The Royal Wedding.

Kate Rochas Pleated printed silk midi dress
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate wore a new green Rochas Pleated printed silk midi dress (which was $2,633 before going on sale for $974.21 before selling out). She paired the new dress with some old pieces: Monica Vinader Green Onyx Siren Wire Earrings, and LK Bennett Fern pumps.

The dress is not my style.

Others in attendance at the Chelsea Flower Show were The Queen, obviously, and Prince Philip, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, Princess Beatrice, and Princess Eugenie (and her boyfriend, Jack Brooksbank).

Kate at Chelsea Flower Show

Kate at Chelsea Flower Show

PS. I hope everyone in and around Manchester is safe. My thoughts are with those affected by the attack.

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  1. I actually like this dress, but would not pay $2,600 for it. It is a basic, timeless dress. Lucy Ricardo could have worn this and looked good for her era, although she would have accesorized better with a hat and pearls. Kate looked good.

    I hated Sophie’s dress. The material looks so stiff and ballooning, like it was made from fire-retardant blanket batting.

    I’m sad we didn’t get any photos of the flowers this year. (DM’s fault, not KMR’s). Last year there were so many beautiful flower installations (the Queen’s head and the field of Poppy’s come to mind). Sadder still that we have no photos of M&H after all the hoopla surrounding the event-that-shall-not-be-discussed-again.

    1. For me, there’s too much material in this basic dress. First, I’d make it a defined and proper waist, not the hitched up number Kate insists upon. Then I’d chop the hem to knee-length. Whoever is advising her to look 60+ needs to focus on their own wardrobe rather than living through a 35-year old.

      1. Jen, agree. I think a wider neckline, moving the waist and shortening it – it’s a cute dress and I like her ponytail. We shall not discuss the shoes.

        1. You took the words right out of my mouth. Her alterations throw off the proportions and the neckline is strangling her. It could have been a gay little tea dress. With the suggested changes I would love to wear it!

          However, she’s not getting much bang for her buck. It’s terribly overpriced for a frock any amateur could whip up. The silkworms must have been brought back by astronauts from the moon.

    2. Agree, JET Texas, I like the dress but I would never ever pay $2,633 or $974.21 for it. It’s ridiculous.

      OMG, I woke up with the sad news from Manchester. Terribe. My prayers for everyone

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with those in Manchester. Sending peace, love and comfort to the victims, their families and the first responders.

    I actually like the dress. She looks quite pretty. She needs to do something with her hands. Maybe the clutch helps her with that. HM and Sophie looked delightful. Bea’s outfit reminded me of the outfit Kate wore when she left for her honeymoon.

    Sending my love to my KMR friends. Today’s events are an example how a day can start with such beauty and end in such sadness. Make sure you hug a loved one, practice self care and thank those who run into danger in order to help.

    1. Agree rhiannon, Kate looks lost without her clutch. I saw a comment saying Kate may be a duchess but she is the queen of facial expressions.

          1. Agree Queen Lauri, her posture is better but she needs to improve her walking. It’s horrible and nothing elegant.

      1. Kate seems to be trying to do her best Joey Potter (from Dawson’s Creek TV series in the 1990’s) excessive facial expressions all the time. Keep in mind Kate, Joey was fiction and over half your age.

    2. Have missed you, Rhiannon and thank you for such lovely words. How are you?
      Sending love to you and all. May the people in Manchester know that people care and are praying for them . I just read that one of the children who lost her life was only 8 years old. Targeting, children, tweens, teens and their families is a cruel and senseless act of cowards!

  3. I thought this outfit was a win for Kate. Not her best, but certainly better than what she was wearing this weekend. She also seemed engaged and interested in the photos.

    Is it just me, or do William and Kate seem to be doing a lot more lately? Is this just their month where they boost numbers (for example, past Novembers) or are they actually beginning to work more? Just curious as to what everyone else thinks.

    1. I agree with you! I like her dress. It’s something I would have worn myself and she accessorized properly as well for it.

      I agree with you on the ‘doing more’ note. I hope that they can continue to do so since they’ve both been ‘keen’ to do more for so long

    2. I doubt it. It is almost June and Kate has only worked 26 days, and 39 engagements.

      In 2016 her totals were 133 engagements in 63 days. Half that amount would be 31 days and 66 engagements.

      Halfway through the year, she is no where near that. So again, they’ll boost their work in the last half or last quarter of the year and probably barely crack their totals of 2016.

  4. Have the royals released a statement about the attacks? Anyway, I like Kate’s overall look here. She doesn’t looks as matronly. See what a difference it makes when her hair is out of the way. I find the way she holds her hands curious though. She wasn’t carrying any clutch and she clearly can’t keep her hands to the sides. And she doesn’t even have her hair to play with because it’s all tied up.

    1. Not that I know of. They may release one later today once the palace press officers get in and start working.

      1. Just saw something on the news from the Queen to the Lord Lieutenant of Manchester. Seemed a nice message, in the tones of what we are only too familiar with these days.

  5. Pretty dress, I can see Kate is supporting British brands and British designers again, not.

    She needs a lesson in how to walk and where to put her hands?

    Oh well, at least we know George isn’t at home nibbling on the foxgloves?

    1. All food comes from the earth. It was fresh-picked, dropped and probably picked up within three seconds. Still healthier than what’s in stores.

      1. +1

        If you think picking a fresh piece of fruit up off the ground after a matter of seconds is gross, don’t think about the fact that your produce is grown in manure. Nothing beats fresh fruits and vegetables that aren’t mass produced. Dirt and germs are good for the immune system. We need more of them, not less.

  6. I am neutral on the dress, but glad her hair is back. In the second to last picture she looks a good 10 years older than she is. She has nasolabial folds, which usually do not show up until one’s mid-late 40s. I think the other 4 royal women pictured look much better that KM does, and they do not look ill at ease like she does.

    I think we can expect an uptick in her & Bill’s work events in preparation for the DoE’s retirement.

    “Oh well, at least we know George isn’t at home nibbling on the foxgloves?”
    All thanks to Nanny Maria, no doubt. I can picture KM offering some to George, and him saying, “no Mummy, that’s poison!”

  7. What is up with the awful belt? Placed too high again and uneven. Is this another one of their alterations they do for Kate’s clothes making them look terribly done? Nearly $3k for a dress is really sad. I guess it’s how they get her to work… let her spend more money.

    I find it weird how she constantly holds her hands like, clutching her fingers. At least it’s not crotch clutching. It’s such odd body language–don’t get near me, in a way, or is that just me?

    1. The dress seems to have a similar waistline on the model but the belt isn’t wonky. I was wondering the same thing.

    2. Not a fan of such a dark green dress. Te skirt, if a bit shorter, would have worked more, but I did like it’s flowing style for a garden event. I think I liked the bright green color of last year better, though.

      Kate’s hair looked nice and I can just imagine how she is still recuperating from the wedding and party. I give her credit for showing up. I know she darn well should, but with Kate, there have always been ways to get out of such events in the past, so it’s good she was in attendance.

      I loved the blue on HM . Just lovely!

    3. I think I would like this dress more but the placement of the belt is throwing it off for me. I don’t know if this is one of alterations but it makes the outfit a no

  8. I like the dress, it’s simple and elegant .
    But she can’t win. If the dress is long people complain that she is playing a Victorian 60+ wife, but if her dress is shorter than people call her a show off…

    1. I made no comment about Kate at all – nothing about whether she looks good or not or how she looked at all. I simply stated that the dress is not my style. How is expressing that a dress is not my personal style a “Kate can’t win” comment?

      1. But my comment is not directed to you. It’s general, about how people will always complain no matter what she is wearing. She can’t win. That’s what I am saying.

        1. You have to take it individually, though. Because “people will always complain no matter what she is wearing” can be said about literally every woman ever because different people have different tastes, and some people may love an outfit and others hate it, and then vice versa for a different outfit. Someone will always dislike something and someone will always like it. That’s just the nature of things. So sure, Kate can’t ever win because not everyone will ever love one outfit. But that’s true of everyone. No one will ever have everyone loving their specific outfit.

          But there is a difference between “people will always complain no matter what she is wearing”, and “[a certain individual] will always complain no matter what she is wearing”. The latter is a negative bias. The former is just the nature of having multiple people commenting on an outfit.

        2. Agnes, that is just not true. Many times, Kate has been praised for some of her choices. And, there are always sugars on most threads who love whatever she wears. Go back and have a gander.

    2. Agnes take a look at the European royals for ideas on how to dress appropriately without looking like a granny. Also if clothes are tailored like her wedding outfit the poor fit is inexcusable. There’s a huge distance between granny dressing and flashing. IMO anyway.
      More important things to worry about today, with 22 now confirmed dead, and it is confirmed that some of those are children.

      1. It’s terrible children are now being targeted too. It’s heartbreaking.
        The European royals have style. And I love how diverse their choices are.

  9. Saddened by Manchester but thinking of all the people helping, outnumbering evil by the hundreds.

    As for Kate I like this dress – it adds some weight to her, much nicer. Maybe a ittle shorter. Not sure about her ‘just started’ gardening comments – wasn’t she supposed to be gardening and chutney making for ages? I think it’s a good idea you’ve started a blog for Meghan, Kate seems intent on boring us all so much we eventually forget about her entirely.

  10. Not my style, but I don’t mind the dress on Kate aside from the belt placement. I like this darker green compared to the bright green last year.

    But, the price is astounding. Things do seem to sell out when she wears them….I understood when she was wearing things like Reiss, but this? It’s almost $1000 and that is more than a 50% discount. Rich women don’t seem to be running to copy her style, preferring either celebrity looks or very classic tailoring. So, the Kate Effect is really mysterious to me now.

    If I remember correctly, TUSK was going to have a display this year, but I guess not as William is not there..

  11. I like Kate’s look here. Her hair pulled back always a win.
    And by the way , Sophie is crotch clutching on 4th to last photo and no one commented on that. Eugine is picking her cuticles too without anyone criticizing… Just a thought..
    Prayers to victims of Manchester … It’s sad…

  12. My thoughts are filled about Manchester this morning and I am thinking about all the young people and parents who went out for a simple night of fun and will never return to their homes. Manchester Strong!
    Now on to the not so important—-
    Has Kate decided to channel the 1940’s? Like the heinous get-up she wore to her sister’s wedding, this dress also has a period look to it. All she needed were some little white gloves and a hat to complete the look. This was an appropriate look for this event. I did like Kate’s hair in this style, but she probably only wore it that way since the Queen was present, I have noticed when Kate is at an event with the Queen her hair is under control. As for her hand placement, it is odd that it never changes, but I think she does it so no one will attempt to touch her.
    I did not like Bea or Sophie’s fashion choices, I am not a fan of those dresses that are made of stiff looking spongy material and have skirts that are full on the bottom.

  13. A green flowery dress to a garden exhibit? Seriously? Hopefully someone had her on a short leash or she was in danger of being lost amid the foliage and not seen again till next year.. Oh wait..

    What a terrible day.

  14. I am heartbroken by yet another bombing attack done by evil and nasty people. Deliberately targeting & killing children, really, that’s what it has come down to now? How can the people who do this justify killing children?

    And honestly you know what I feel? The millions being spent on the royals need to be diverted to other things ailing the UK such as increased security services, anti-poverty initiatives to combat youth turning towards gangs and radicalism, primary education and healthcare, to name a few.

  15. KMR, what exactly is your taste? It seems like you dislike everything everyone wears all the time, lol!

    1. For the most part, I hate florals, lace, ruffles, turtleneck-style necklines, peter pan collars, and other frou-frou fashion elements. There are a few exceptions, but for the most part, if a dress/outfit has 1 or more of these elements, I’m going to dislike it.

      Examples of fashion I like:

      Queen Letizia at King Willem-Alexander’s birthday: http://katemiddletonreview.com/2017/05/01/king-willem-alexanders-50th-birthday-celebrations/
      Sophie at Harald and Sonja’s birthday: http://katemiddletonreview.com/2017/05/10/royals-in-tiaras-for-king-harald-queen-sonjas-80th-birthday-dinner/
      My favorite looks from Kate: http://katemiddletonreview.com/2016/10/25/my-top-25-favorite-kate-middleton-looks/
      My favorite royals fashion moments from the last three years:

      1. Looking at KMR’s 25 favorite KM looks, it is jarring how much she has aged in just a few years, and how her spark has left her. Very sad.

        1. It’s like the honeymoon is over. She finally realised that after nabbing the prince and being fussed over till the end of the wedding, that life got real. And she didn’t like it one bit. So she indulges in flights of fancy and fantasy with her tableaus of a seemingly gentler life, including apparel, where women were seen but not heard and kept the home hearths burning.

          1. Maven, you’d have to admit she’s a strange one. After six years, we know she loves to shop, be thin, colour in, and partake of luxury, but is not keen on work, no sirree. Her idea of a modern monarchy is a throwback to centuries past, of genteel ladylike pursuits, being seen every now and then, but never heard. How this got in her head is one of life’s mysteries. And why she expects others to support it is another.

      2. Gotcha. I hate florals on myself, but I can appreciate that others can wear them and wear them well. I’ve even following your blog for a few months and I really enjoy your breakdown of Kate’s events, and the way you offset the rose colored glasses the media tends to look at her with. I agree that she doesn’t always look amazing, but I don’t think she should have to either. Girl likes her striped shirts, I get it- I do to. But to be perfectly frank, in a jovial way that’s hard to pull off in a comment thread, the more I read of you criticizing her clothes, the more I picture you writing at home in fuzzy cat pajamas. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, either. Just not my cup of tea. A dress having elements that you don’t care for is different than someone dressing inappropriately or not trying at all.

        1. I think there is a difference between commenting that you don’t like an article of clothing, and negatively criticizing someone for wearing an article of clothing.

          There are exceptions, but for the most part, especially recently, when I comment about Kate’s clothes I am commenting about my own personal taste – that I don’t like an article of clothing, that I would have styled the article of clothing differently. Those types of things have nothing to do with Kate. If I were browsing online clothing stores and saw the article of clothing on the model, I would have those same thoughts and opinions on that article of clothing.

          In 2017, I’ve written about my own personal opinion specifically of the garment or styling or brand (in that the garment is not my taste or I would have styled the garment differently or I don’t like a brand), I’ve either praised Kate for looking pretty or not given my personal opinion on her fashion at all, or I’ve defended her choice to wear skinny jeans. There was only one time when I talked about fit negatively, and that was the BAFTAs when I said the sleeves looked too tight on her arms. I have not said any of her outfits this year have been inappropriate, and in fact have defended her when other people have (the skinny jeans). So I’m actually confused about why you think I’m negative toward Kate about fashion or criticizing her personally. I’ve said several times in my posts this year that her taste and mine differ, and that when I talk about her clothes I am talking about my opinion of the garment, not of her choice to wear it.

          Additionally, I don’t understand why what I wear to blog has anything to do with my opinion on clothes, but I do find it interesting that you bring it up. Because you’re doing the same thing to me that I do to Kate. You said that the “fuzzy cat pajamas” scenario you’ve concocted for me is not your cup of tea, and I say that Kate’s lace floral ruffles aren’t my taste. What’s the difference there? The fact that I’m judging a person’s real clothing choices and you’re judging a person’s fictitious clothing choices that you came up with in your head based on no knowledge of the person at all. Other than the fact that my opinions on the person’s clothes are based on fact and your opinions on the person’s clothes are based on your own imagination, there is no difference there. So then why is my opinion on Kate’s real clothes deemed to be negatively judging Kate, but your opinion on my fictitious clothes deemed to be acceptable?

          1. Exactly. If it’s a matter of taste, why must you comment at all? You wouldn’t say to someone’s face that their dress just wasn’t to your taste. I think that even if a person is a public figure they don’t deserve the constant scrutiny, when all they’ve done is wear something you would not. I get where you’re coming from in claiming that it’s not a personal attack. I just don’t think it’s very good manners, or setting a good example for your readers. Aren’t we meant to be more accepting and less judgmental of others? Why not just omit comment if you just don’t personally like it?

          2. Answer me this: Why did you comment on my blog? If you don’t personally like what I write, then why not just omit your comment? If we are meant to be more accepting and less judgmental of others, then why did you choose to not accept what I wrote and instead be judgmental of it and me? Why did you choose to do to me the same thing you are accusing me of doing to Kate? You didn’t answer my question from my last comment to you: Why is my opinion on Kate’s real clothes deemed to be negatively judging Kate, but your opinion on my fictitious clothes deemed to be acceptable?

            You have an opinion of me, and it’s negative, and by your own logic that means you shouldn’t have commented your opinion of me because it’s negative and therefore to voice it is bad manners. And it’s even more bad manners than what you’re accusing me of doing to Kate because while I am commenting to myself and my readers, you are commenting directly to me – your comments to me are more of a personal attack than my comments on Kate’s clothes.

            So why do you deem it acceptable to voice your negative opinion of me and my comments, but deem it unacceptable for me to voice my negative opinion of a dress?

            Answer those questions, and you’ll understand why I like commenting on fashion, even when it’s negative, and why I choose to voice my opinions instead of just omit them.

          3. The fallacious reasoning here is an attempt to muzzle criticism except for your own criticism aimed at real people, not ciphers like Waity. There are plenty of blogs out there that have nothing but fabulous things to say about Princess Catherine yet here y’all are.

            Considering the subtitle of this blog why bother landing here if it isn’t to smack down anyone who doesn’t worship Kate and to declare one’s virtuous intentions while policing others? It’s totally hypocritical while ironically setting up a no-win situation for any critic of Kate.

        2. I rarely get that sense from KMR. Others in the blog, yes. Sometimes to a fault. But I generally just see KMR say, “Uh, not so much.” And then I, a fan of many of the frou-frou elements, think to myself, “Really? I would totally wear that if I had $400 to spend on a skirt.

          1. Amen KMR.

            I’m so tired of this mentality that you can only have one kind of opinion and other people are going to tell you what it is.

          2. I’m not getting a reply button on the other comments so I’m putting it here. I do enjoy this blog, and I enjoy your writing. I appreciate that you are on top of Kate’s duties and can point out things others miss. I think the thread and my intent has gotten side tracked. I think it’s fair to ask what KMR’s taste is, and to say that as a reader sometimes it’s annoying to see that things are disliked so often. Perhaps I am blending what I’ve read in comments too much with my memory of what KMR says in posts. I think it’s constructive to ask why comment on personal taste at all. For the people who are questioning my logic, I hear you but I disagree. KMR puts out a product to consumers. I am a consumer, so my feedback is valid. The comparison isn’t valid, in my opinion. I’ve said multiple times that I like this blog, but it seems like what everyone is hearing is the opposite.

          3. And also, I’m not asking anyone to worship Kate! But I will point out that she is a real person, not a cipher.

          4. Rose,

            You are free to ask what my taste in clothes is. You are free to comment negatively about me and my writing. But we’re going to have to agree to disagree here because we have a fundamental disagreement about what is acceptable to talk about.

            I think it is perfectly acceptable to discuss fashion both positively and negatively. I think there is nothing wrong or “bad manners” about saying that I dislike an article of clothing someone else is wearing. You think that there is something wrong with commenting on an article of clothing someone else is wearing, and that we should not voice negative opinions.

            I think fashion is meant to be talked about, both positively and negatively. If fashion weren’t meant to be talked about, then fashion as we know it wouldn’t exist.

            I understand the some people have a “if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all” attitude. But I don’t. Which is why I approved your comments in the first place. I think it’s perfectly fine to voice disapproval, as long as it’s not hate-filled.

            Differing opinions offer a chance for discussion. The thing is, I already had this discussion last summer when someone brought this idea up, and I’ve already thought about it a lot and have come to my conclusion. I agreed with the woman last summer that we shouldn’t insult people for wearing clothes we don’t like, which is why I now specifically only state my own personal opinion on the articles of clothing or discuss my own styling preferences. I do not judge Kate for wearing the clothes that she wears; I simply state that I don’t find them appealing. I disagreed with the woman last summer that we shouldn’t say negative opinions on clothes, just like I disagree with you on that subject. Again, I think fashion is meant to be talked about, both positively and negatively.

            My fundamental belief around this subject is that fashion is meant to be discussed, and as long as we are not insulting the people who wear the fashion and rather just talk about our own preferences, then it’s not only acceptable but encouraged (seriously, the fashion industry wants us to talk about and care about their fashion).

            If you disagree with me on that, then that’s fine. If you cannot stand my blog because of my comments on fashion, then this isn’t the place for you. If you dislike my comments on fashion but your enjoyment of the rest of the blog outweighs that, then hang around. It’s your choice; do what’s right for you.

  16. Sending support and prayers to the people of Manchester and Great Britain. What a terrible night for those youngsters and their families. Such a senseless act. May peace fill our world and our hearts.

    If I may borrow a word from Kate, I am not keen on this dress. The flowing skirt was fine, I guess. The color and print did nothing for me, though. Especially at a flower show. I thought HM looked amazing and very spring-like. Kate’s dress was early autumnal, imo.

    Nice to see her out and about — especially after the wedding weekend, which must have been exhausting.

    On a sad day, celebrating the beauty of nature is actually quite lovely. Mother Earth needs us to respect her and care for her and respect and care for each other.

  17. Kate really is the queen of literal dressing, isn’t she? Green floral dress to the flower show! Having said that, I think she looks nice and elegant.
    Thanks to everyone for their kind thoughts about Manchester. I live near there, and remember collecting my son from a concert when he was a teenager. The news made me feel sick.

    1. Oh, Bea, I can only imagine how you and everyone from Manchester and GB feel. The world shares your sadness.

      So many parents are only too happy to drop their teens off at a concert and pick them up afterwards. Eager to hear how the show was and share in a child’s interests.

      What a shame that the world we live in has become so evil. And, yes, I call these acts evil.
      I hope that more and more people rise up against such horrors and that we all learn to live n peace and have respect for our differences, but honor the things we share.
      Debra, I am happy to hear your niece is well, but what a scary night you all had.
      And, Mrs. BBV, I can only imagine if my college town, or the place where I lived for years were attacked like this. Hurting and targeting kids. Just brutal.

      Support and prayers are coming to all in Manchester and Great Britain.

      1. Thank you for your lovely words, Mary Elizabeth. There have been so many today on this thread. It seems like a little, but it means a lot. xx

      2. You said that so perfectly. To have a place that holds dear memories be defiled in such a gross way must be horribly disturbing on such a deep level. I hope that those of you especially with close ties to Manchester feel some semblance of peace.

    2. The queen wore a floral print too. She often dresses literally (especially on her tours when she was younger) as a nod to whatever country/event/organization she’s visiting. I see Kate get a lot of flak for doing the same thing and I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone make a negative mention of the queen doing it. Kate may just be trying to follow in the queen’s footsteps. However, I think the queen’s skirt is much prettier than Kate’s dress and looks more appropriate for spring. I think Kate would have looked great in the same print.

      1. I think the Queen dresses in a symbolic way, although imo Kate tends to more. It’s not a criticism, just an observation.

      2. The Queen usually dresses with more style than Kate so if she is more literal it is carried off much better and in a less obvious way. Kate just has bad style and does not live up to the style icon label she was assigned early on.

    3. God Be With You, I as an American felt sick so I can’t imagine being that close, having those memories.
      God Bless the People of the UK and know that many people share, as much as we can, your pain and horror. I don’t have the adequate words, I’m not sure there are any, Bea.

  18. There are pictures in D.M. of Prince George in a car on the way to church & George is not wearing a seat belt! Are seat belts not required for children? I am from England so i do not know! Please post the link i am hopeless in posting Thanks!

    1. How many times have we seen Mia apparently w/out a seatbelt. Yes it’s on their property but it sets a bad precedent. My niece knows the car doesn’t go until everyone is buckled.
      They used to say most accidents happen within 5 miles of home.
      Considering Diana wasn’t wearing a seatbelt I would think they would be sticklers about that.

      1. They are royals breathing in a rarefied air which is far above our own. Different rules apply to them after all. I do not even drive the 3min drive to my child’s daycare without him being in his car seat and all buckled in, but then I’m just an ordinary, pleb.

        1. “They are royals breathing in a rarefied air which is far above our own. Different rules apply to them after all.”

          Or maybe they’re just stupid.

    2. If you are driving on private property / private road, you are not required to wear a seatbelt. You are also not required to have a driving license either. And if I remember rightly, vehicles over a certain age do not require you to wear seatbelts if they were not manufactured with them.

  19. I like Kate’s hair here, it’s not her usual blah do. I so wish she would learn to love the pretty bling and start incorporating a brooch at least. I give the queen a pass for he right staple pearl necklaces because she adds a different sparkly brooch. What a difference it makes!
    Not a fan of the bell sleeve trend so Sophie is a no for me too.
    I love Mary berry! Look how bright and lovely she looks. What ever happened to great British bake off?
    Eugenie also looks lovely

  20. The dress itself is fine. My issue is with the wearer. It’s not age appropriate and it fits poorly. I understand that the kimono style is in right now, but that bustline does not work on everyone.

    Her Maj looks wonderful as always. I dislike saying that my thoughts and prayers are with anyone because they do as much for the cause as Kate’s wiglets do for her look. Unfortunately, I don’t know what I could actually *do* to help, so I’m stuck with mere words. This senseless violence is becoming all too common and scares me for my children’s future.

    1. Yes, Meghan, I feel the same way, that there really are no words. All I can say is I am with everyone in spirit and that we are all in this together. Whatever hurts others hurts the rest of us- the innocent world is being victimised and wounded. But we all shall prevail as long as we stick together. And I know that we will stick together. For once, the internet is a great boon.

    2. Not useless, Meghan. I know I speak for fellow Brits and maybe Mancunians on here, but it is appreciated. I remember after the last attacks and seeing the Union Flag projected onto the Brandenberg Gate and feeling touched.

      1. I don’t think the expression of keeping the people in Manchester in my thoughts and prayers is useless. People want to feel they are not alone in their pain and we all need to be there for each other and fight evil with good.

        Whenever people lose a loved one, just hearing from someone else that the person is sorry for your loss, is a true comfort, I believe.

        Not everyone is religious, but for those who are, prayer seems a fine way of showing concern. And, to me, just commenting that one is sorry for this devastating act if far better than avoiding the issue. I realize the initial poster was not trying to avoid the issue, but I just wanted to comment that I think saying that prayers and thoughts are there with the people of Manchester is a good thing to say.

    1. No words, really. Very sad for the victims and families. NPR played a recording of a mother who still hadn’t heard from her daughter this morning who was at the concert. Heartbreaking what they are experiencing.

  21. I too, live in Manchester. I’ve been to many a concert at the venue.I’m watching the early evening news now for updates. This is a terrible attack on children , young teens and their families when they had gone out for a good time.
    The Queen led a 2 minute silence this afternoon at her garden party. There is a vigil in Albert Sq as we speak.
    Taxi drivers worked all night ,free of charge to ferry people home. Householders opened their homes to take people in. Hotels provided a safe place for children until their parents could locate them and pick them up.
    12 children under 16 have been killed, the youngest 8 yrs old.
    There have been queues of people at the blood donor centres.
    The emergency services were and still are amazing.
    Manchester has demonstrated their wonderful community spirit.

    1. Thank you for sharing. In the face of unspeakably evil inhumanity, the good acts of everyday people gives us hope. My sympathy to you and all those in your city.

    2. Hi Matty – did you go to the vigil? People are queuing round the block at Central Man U Hospital to give blood, my neighbour said.

      1. No, Bea, I didn’t go to the vigil. The people of Manchester are showing solidarity.This is a terrible thing for our city

    3. Matty I really hope I’m right in saying 12 people under 16 are in hospital. Not killed. We know of the beautiful 8 year old and an 18 year old, but I hope not 12 so young are dead.
      It’s so confusing I’m moving from the BBC to ITV and Sky and they are all saying slightly different things. All awful, 22 dead is awful . The impact on so many young lives is awful,even for those home safe tucked up in their own beds.

      1. Yes, Birdy, it’s all very confusing so I could be wrong. I hope so.
        I have just read on Dm that one of the adults seriously ill in hospital is the mother of the 8yr old who was killed.She doesn’t know yet that her daughter has died.

    4. Thank you so much for sharing all of that. It’s always amazing how communities are able to show their true spirit when tragedy strikes.

  22. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of the UK. I have to believe as said up thread that **we** outnumber **them**. My grandson’s tires were slashed in the parking lot of his employer. He is going to graduate from high school this week, gets awesome grades, helps his single mother, and is going to enlist in the Marine Corp. This horrendous vicious cowardly attack is why.
    I think the queen looks quite nice, and waity looks “fresher” than usual. In the days of the queen’s supposed concern about austerity I must be missing something, but perhaps the distraction from the ‘real world’ is worth it to the people of the UK and Commonwealth. (Common is quite a word when so many are hungry, cold, living in deplorable conditions, sick, and desperate). The wealth is there but it sure isn’t common. At least I don’t think so.
    God Bless Britain!!!

    1. “In the days of the queen’s supposed concern about austerity I must be missing something, but perhaps the distraction from the ‘real world’ is worth it to the people of the UK and Commonwealth.”

      I think that’s Hollywood’s place (as in the Great Depression) to offer bread and circuses not the BRF who devour resources and feed off the labour of those struggling. Because this is what they’re doing- finding ways to remain pampered and entitled and continue to live off the public welfare, all the while constantly enriching themselves- the queen is worth so much money it’s obscene. They really are parasites and IMO, don’t deserve any benefit of the doubt. I see little difference between them and the Romanovs.

      1. MavenTheFirst, I couldn’t agree more and my comment was meant to express my very deep anger in a passive aggressive way 🙂 These clowns, this tourist attraction is absolutely parasitical and completely hedonistic. (no wonder the queen has lived so long) .
        A moment of silence. Catherine and I would like to express. And then the **show** goes on and they prance about like this.

      2. Perfectly said royalsareajoke and MaventheFirst. And still, the ‘royals’ want more: Charles wanting the highly profitable people-owned Duchies for his family. The cynical use of charitable organisations to pad their workloads to ‘look busy’ is despicable. If on UK ground, you’d have to have a strong mind and spirit to resist the nonsense spread via their PR and compliant media organs. It will be interesting to see if there is a tipping point for the public with this lot. However, the public needs to be – individually and collectively – more active citizens, and demand the society they deserve rather than frittering their resources away on an underwhelming family whom no-one would give the time of day to in any other circumstances.

        1. My feelings exactly roaylsareajoke & Jen. I find it hilarious that royal families worldwide expect people to bow down to them but these “royals” are the one who have their begging bowls out, begging & eating up taxpayer money, to fund their lavish lifestyles. Then when they get married, thus new scroungers join the lot, they expect the public to pay for them too! Shouldn’t the royals bow down to the public instead, in gratitude for their money?

  23. To the commenters who pick out other royals doing things that Kate gets criticized for here, yet not them…the reason is the title of the blog.

  24. It’s good to see Mary Berry with the Queen. Sophie looks beautiful with her usual lit from within glow. I love her pink dress. The Yorks both look wonderful.

  25. For those who don’t like this blog, who feel the need to go all self righteous and decide what constitutes good or bad manners….I say there are a gazillion or more sites out there where you can have the Kool-Aid and crumpets served to you. I’m not speaking to anyone in particular, that’s not my place nor is it my style, I tend to think in simplistic terms. Wanna gush. Go for it, but don’t be slamming those who don’t. Not here. There’s a big difference between expressing an opposing opinion and not expressing an opinion but simply attacking. If nothing else, this really puts the ****spotlight***** on how little there is to say about waity katie other than her clothing or lack thereof.

    1. I like this blog. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again, just to be clear. I like this blog.

    2. Yes, the making of veiled or outright swipes at commenters rather than leaving a cogent comment as rebuttal about the subject at hand makes wonder if those people care about the purpose of this blog.

      1. I agree royalsareajoke: I got slammed by another commentator here not too long ago, saying that I must be a hateful & unhappy person because I am (I admit) one of the more sharper critics of Kate & the rest of the BRF here. And it was a regular commentator here, no less, who said that about me, which was surprising.

  26. KMR, is there a way to read comments on mobile devices? Once conversations get as long as ours it turns into a vertical column of letters on my iPhone.

  27. Well, I’m back in whack a doodle land, not me personally but one of my comments is awaiting moderation while others have gone straight thru. I know it’s something I’m doing or not but it’s weird. I don’t think anyone deprived of my oh so ever intelligent and important opinion is suffering any loss, I’m just a frustrated techno challenged chubby little person wanting to figure it out.
    I have a new smart phone, yesterday I got a call and couldn’t answer it, pushed all kinds of buttons but wound up having to call back on the house phone, and this is after I managed to place a call to my daughter (thank God it was her) and couldn’t stop it. She was roaring with laughter. I need a tutor.

    1. I imagine there is an automatic filter and the filter caught a word that it considers bad. It’s happened to me more than once, so you are not alone. If unsure, I substitute another character for one of the letters. The filter tends to get its feelings hurt very easily (I’m joking about the standard catch all automation, to be clear).

      LOL! I discovered I had been automatically dialing spam phone numbers in caller memory, long distance. Mortified.

  28. Finger clasping again! I’ve been commenting a lot on the finger clasping and here it is…AGAIN!

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