William & Kate visit BBC Radio 1

William & Kate visit BBC Radio 1

On Friday, Prince William and Kate Middleton stopped by BBC Radio 1 to pay a surprise visit to Adele Roberts who is running the London Marathon for Heads Together.

William, Kate BBC Radio 1 1 cs
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William and Kate did an interview with the hosts, and then helped read the Official Chart.

Below is a transcript of some of what William and Kate said. It is not a comprehensive transcript as I only care about what William and Kate said, and then for space and to save myself some time I only transcribed some of the things I found interesting.

What would you say to children who think their peers will judge them and parents who are overwhelmed?

    William: “I think, I mean, personally, you know, a huge thanks to people like Adele and everyone else who’ve taken on the baton of raising awareness for mental health and for Heads Together particularly. We’ve had a, you know, amazing time promoting mental health and particularly with Heads Together, sort of, campaign. But it’s been really eye opening for us as well and seeing just how much this issue of mental health is really brimming under the surface of public consciousness. It’s like if you equate it to a boiling pan of soup, or whatever, with the lid on, we’ve effectively just taken the lid off. And people are just, you know, taking the challenge on, the baton on, and saying yeah you know what I know someone or I know this or I’ve been through this myself and it’s just a case of trying to get people to have a conversation and realize that emotions are not a bad thing, we’ve all got emotions and we need to speak about them.”
    Kate: “And also, I suppose, the power of a simple conversation. You know, I met one young mother who said it was like, for her it was like medicine, and it just shows you, sort of, in, you know, moments like that actually how powerful just starting talking to people, um, can be.”

William texting into Adele’s show:

    William: “I have texted in, yep… I’ve texted in on Adele’s show most recently because I’ve been driving to work for the air ambulance shift and she’s the only one brave enough to be up at that time in the morning.”
    Kate: “What are you doing texting in your car?”
    William: “Obviously… I have not texted whilst driving because that is illegal.”

On going to concerts and things:

    William: “No, unfortunately that is a bit tricky. I’ve talked about going to Glastonbury before because I do love my music and Catherine as well.”
    Kate: “The last one we went to was Coldplay, wasn’t it?”
    William: “Yeah, we saw Coldplay at Wembley. That was amazing.”

It’s not something they can do all the time:

    William: “No, and, you know, I’ve got in enough trouble with my dancing recently, so it’s kind of best to keep away from that.”

Do they get The Queen birthday presents?

    William: “It’s quite hard to know what to give the Queen for her 91st birthday, she hasn’t really got… We’ve tried making a few things, now that we’ve got, now that the great-grandchildren are around you see they can make stuff and of course that goes down really well. Doesn’t matter what it looks like, it just goes down really well. So we stick to those sorts of presents.”

George does arts and crafts:

    William: “Well George does, he’s very good at arts and crafts.”
    Kate: “Are you taking credit for the arts and crafts, is that it?”

Harry called Kate “Cath” in his recent podcast interview:

    Kate: “Cath, yeah I don’t, I’m not sure actually, I’m not that familiar with it, I have to say, but I’ll answer to most things.”

What they watch on TV:

    William: “We’re both actually quite keen on boxsets. So yeah, we do, we’re a bit boxset-y, you know, when we get time in the evening to watch films… A lot of children’s programs, my goodness, there’s a lot of them out there… You have to pretend you’re really interested in it because George gets very upset if you’re not showing due diligence to the characters… Well, Fireman Sam has taken an awful lot of interest… Gone past Peppa Pig stage, with one of them, well George has gone past Peppa Pig stage, and Charlotte will probably be into Peppa Pig soon… We’ve watched Homeland, we’re big fans of Homeland. Game Of Thrones we’ve watched as well.”

Do they order in takeout food:

    Kate: “Absolutely… Curry, definitely.”

Here is the video of the interview:

And here is the video of them reading the Official Chart:

I mostly missed this on Friday because I wasn’t expecting it and it happened when I was doing other things, so I only saw a few things about it on Twitter but I saw people saying that they spoke about mental health and that they were naturals and whatnot, so I was pretty underwhelmed by this. I mean, it’s cool that they did a radio show and that they talked about random stuff, but I thought they were going to say more about mentalh health and Heads Together, but they only really touched on that twice – at the beginning and in the middle with the social media thing (that I didn’t quote in the transcription). And everything they did say about mental health was pretty much the same things they said in their #OkToSay video. So… yeah. I don’t have anything to add here.

William, Kate BBC Radio 1 5
[BBC Radio 1]

Kate wore a new ruffled shirt and trousers, opting for the Temperley London “Cypre Pointelle Frill Top” ($550) and black trousers. The trousers are slim-fitting trousers but they don’t have a tapered leg and I think they look good on Kate. But that shirt is one of the ugliest things I’ve seen her wear. I just can’t stand ruffles and frills, especially over the boobs. Kate also wore her Annoushka Pearl Drop Earrings, Cartier watch, and suede pumps.

If Kate had instead worn her Goat Binky Blouse she wore to the Heads Together launch with these pants, best look ever.

William, Kate Heads Together Snapchat filter s
[Heads Together @heads_together]

William and Kate also posed for a photo for the Heads Together Snapchat account which featured them using the Heads Together Snapchat filter.

I can’t wait to see the Royal Foundation/Heads Together finances for this year, because I’m so curious to know how much money they spent on headbands, Snapchat filters, Twitter icons, mugs, etc.

William, Kate, and Harry will be at the London Marathon later today, which I will cover tomorrow.

117 thoughts on “William & Kate visit BBC Radio 1

  1. That is the ugliest blouse she has picked, to date. My parents had bathroom curtains that looked like that top back in the 70’s.
    I wonder if they give the Queen anything for her birthday? I would hope so. Thanks for the post KMR.

    1. I would think a card would be good enough. I just give people cards at this point because I’m an adult and everyone I know is an adult, so unless they specifically ask for something I just do a card.

  2. Dear god that is one fug shirt!!!! That shirt has more frills than my infant daughter’s Easter dress! In addition to the frills is it also see through? I can’t tell. Almost any other shirt would have been an improvement. On the plus side, I thought her make up and hair looked nice here.

    I’m not surprised that this interview added nothing new to the Heads Together campaign. All they do is repeat the same platitudes over and over again. None of us should expect anything different. They really need to read the transcripts of their interviews. The amount of filler words that they use is ridiculous. It makes it very difficult to follow what they say, let alone understand the point they are trying to make.

    I did appreciate that they opened up a little bit about their personal life. They were at least trying to connect and seem relatable. Hopefully they don’t take this as they met their five year quota on letting the public in and retreat back into complete obsessive paranoia over their privacy.

    1. Totally agree Carter, this shirt is the ugliest I ever seen Kare wearing. Simply terrible. I am tired of hearing them saying the same thing over and over again. Did you see the DM article written by Amanda Platel? She complains about Kate saying motherhood is isolating. The comments are divided.

  3. Your transcript would have been cleaned up by others but I’m glad you didn’t; it shows fillers galore, but also the inability to construct a coherent thought. It could well be nerves borne from lack of preparation. The boiling pan with the lid has had its second outing in just a few days… It will be interesting to see how the trio keeps up the momentum and/or develops other narratives after the London Marathon.

    1. And they didn’t actually answer that first question. I can’t bear to listen to the whole thing, did the interviewer press for an answer or rephrase it later on?

        1. Thanks KMR!
          I guess this is the problem with interviewing royals, in trying to maintain the facade and keep the royals happy the interviewers’ skills may be called into question- not just this interviewer but all those that pander to the royals.
          Strange how officials are by and large expected to be knowledgeable on a wide range of issues, be articulate, get their points across, answer difficult questions and even questions that make them uncomfortable but not royals. I think it would be the other way around such that unelected royals, with no clear responsibilities or well defined goals or targets should, in every public interaction prove their worth or at least justify the excessive spending on their comforts and whims.
          In all honesty, that was a simple question, one that should have been expected and for which an appropriate was answer prepared. As a journalist myself, I think the interviewer should have pressed for a helpful answer on behalf of her listeners. W&K’s failure to get into the meat of the issue or at least use the BBC platform to speak to those that may require assistance beyond “starting a conversation” makes the whole exercise futile.
          I hope the show, for the sake of its listeners, interviewed actual experts in addition to these two pretenders in the run up to the marathon.

          1. W+K’s preferred style seems to be winging it. They never learn, and there is no-one to hold them to account. The interviewer was clearly lightweight, had ‘x’ questions to get through and wanted to get to the fluff asap. The opening question in KMR’s transcript seemed like a ruse; this was a puff exercise to promote W+K’s brand. It had nothing to do with HT. Look at the questions: takeout food, concerts, kids – just another PR exercise to portray them as ‘normal’.

        1. Cringeworthy fake for sure. For all the smiles and acting as if they want to be there – a hapoy couple – that photo with both in the car seems like a elephant in this phony pretend, Mental Health Week (except Prince Harry). Both lazy entitled in the car is the opposite of the happy friendly unit they try to display and contradictory when they are alone (different to when waity is with carol pips and the middeltons.

          Whiny seem he cant wait to hide away from waity and she looks like she is scared and expect he wont be there – back to separate secret palace/AH lives- sort of a ‘mental look’ on both faces!!

          They hate duties and the people funding their luxury life – the public- the photo of the car display the phony unit, one can see how scared waity looks. This whole week/s is a joke not credible by these two.
          Prince Harry and his Princess Henry (Meghan) need to take over this charity.

    2. Which begs to ask, why don’t they prepare, Jen? Oh, we know why.. Laziness. And, the fact, that they must certainly think they know it all and will have an easy time answering questions. You know, Like, etc. Those words are overused because they are not prepared for most things.

      Kate’s blouse was hideous. I could not see the trousers too well and don’t have time to search elsewhere. Sick of this campaign and its rather simplistic look on mental health concerns. Just talk about your feelings and everything will be all right.

      1. Yep, Jenny, they ‘think’ they know the material; after all, they’ve said the same phrases over and over, but still mostly flub in the moment, indicating the material is either not fully understood or they think they can wing it. But you have to practice all public interactions – not till you get it right – but until you can’t get it wrong. It’s commitment to honing your message in the clearest, most understandable way that is missing.

    3. You heard it here, folks. The “Heads Together, sort of, Campaign” promotes “mental health”. I’m glad we finally sorted that out.

      1. Good to know. I cannot believe how inarticulate they are.

        How much education have these two had again? At elite public schools and a high ranking UK university? This is the best Britain can offer as leadership?

  4. That top is the ugliest pieces of clothes of all time. It has too many things going on: frills, sheer panels and those hidjus sleeves. This shirt does her no favors. Kate has a long torso and this top drew attention to it. And the peplum at the bust and at the bottom. And that weird white panel at hips. It looks like it was tacked on for modesty. Even if you took that stuff off it would be ugly. See through and ill fitted. Kate…you need professionals who can help you.

    The one thing that struck me, besides the fug shirt was that Kate said she didn’t like to be called Cath. “Cath, yeah I don’t, I’m not sure actually, I’m not that familiar with it, I have to say, but I’ll answer to most things.” That last comment, imho, was telling. I will answer to most things. No no.no. That struck me wrong. There is one thing in the world that is yours: and that’s your name. It rubbed me so wrong.

    Thanks for the update, KMR!

    1. I picked up on that last comment too. That said I think Harry could get away with calling her Cath but very few others. I bet he started to say Kate and then turned it into and partial version of Catherine because of William’s weird efforts in trying to make that stick. It’s too late now. She will always be Kate.

      And the one time she doesn’t wear jeggings she happens to wear the ugliest blouse ever. And so expensive for faux Victorian fashion school reject. Just horrible taste.

      I won’t bother repeating my comments in previous posts about how Will and Kate just aren’t authentic enough to promote this serious issue and this shallow interview really did nothing to change my mind.

    2. Her response to ‘Cath’ reminded me of an insightful comment made by someone on previous thread about how Kate doesn’t really own any of her own opinions and always leaves room and filler to either be contradicted or validated.

      Most people would react firmly to a nickname version of their name they didn’t like, but Kate sort of fillers her dislike as if it is wrong of her to firmly that she doesn’t like ‘Cath’ and then softens the dislike with ‘i’ll answer to most things’.

      It’s an unexpected, unintentional window into her world.

      1. That was a red flag immediately to me and the most telling comment. My first thought was,”yeah, and you’ll do whatever you have to do”. In effect, “I’ll be whatever you want me to be”. Reminds me of a courtesan.

        This kind of fluid, unformed stance is manipulative to the extreme. There is no ‘there’, there. The only real and central presence is her want.

          1. Hasn’t Kate existed in William’s world almost entirely on his terms? Available on demand, treated like dirt… and she came back for more because she wanted to be taken care of = unlimited access to privilege.

          2. Yes, and that little snippet further substantiates her MO and validates our guesses. Again, she’s no victim unless one can be a victim of one’s greed.

            To subsume and annihilate oneself to such a degree just boggles the mind.

          3. +2

            Waity stalked hang on from young immature female and mum carol the adult, was the grown up decision maker to the threesome and intermediary to the RF …

        1. Maven: Amen to both your comments.

          Jen: by being so fluid to a point of not owning her own name, Kate can be whatever you or William or Carole want her to be. That is central to what her ultimate goal and how she goes about achievingnit.

          Sorta like those people who are promoted over more substantive people because they played the game rather than do any work.

          Her need is to be taken care of, to be rich, to have status etc and so forth, and she’ll be whatever her target wants her to be to achieve her goal. The humiliations barely register.

          1. And that’s because she’s ‘won’ the prize. So numb to internal truths just for money etc. However, venality doesn’t deserve pity any more than the unsubstantial people promoted to a level beyond their abilities.

        2. Your comparison to a courtesan is very apt. She is very submissive to William in public and it is well known she made herself available for him when he felt like it.

          I don’t see how someone like that doesn’t have major self esteem problems and frankly she will be transmitting this behaviour to Charlotte. Hopefully Charlotte can find a more assertive woman to be a role model as she grows up.

    3. She was the one who said around the time of the engagement to someone in a crowd, “I’m Kate. I’ll always be Kate.” He might try to force the issue of her name sometimes in public, but he himself has often referred to her as “Kate” through the years. He referred to her as Kate in their engagement interview and in his interview with Katie Couric.

      If Harry slips up, starts calling her Cath(erine) then corrects? It shows again how little time they spend together. If he always calls her Catherine, he wouldn’t stumble over it.

      1. I would not read so much into the Cath thing. It could just be an affectionate way that Harry enjoys calling her. A nickname that he uses for her, but perhaps, nobody else does.

        My real name is Genevieve, but as a kid, I preferred being called Jenny. I use both names at different times. Most of my oldest and dearest friends call me, Jenny. In business, I am often called Genevieve and I am comfortable with both. Those are my names, in my opinion. And, my husband often calls me Vieve, because he says he likes the sound of it and he hopes nobody else calls me that because it’s his special name for me. I am fine with that, too.

        Kate sounded very inarticulate when trying to answer the question as to why Harry calls her Cath. After fumbling around, she may have had a quick way to get out of the situation by saying, I’ll answer to anything.” It was glib and I would not take it too seriously. That’s me, though . By the way, for work, I always use my maiden name and I will correct people who use my married name. Otherwise, I am fine with my married name. If that makes me sound all over the map to some, so be it.

        Yes, names are very important and we all need to be comfortable when people call us something we don’t like, but again, if Harry is saying “Cath” in an affectionate way, I think Kate might understand that and not correct him.

        My two cents, anyway.

  5. It’s just amazing reading that. My brain spaces out because it’s so inarticulate.

    I love how Kate just asks William things. Like what concert did we go to? I did laugh at her saying he’s taking credit for George’s crafts. And I rolled my eyes at William getting in trouble for dancing. Um, no, idiot, it was because you went off to party and get wasted with hot young things as a 35 year old father or two who says he refuses to work because he wants to be a dad but goes off and parties instead on Commonwealth Day which is very important to your grandmother THE QUEEN. /rage

    The blouse is hideous. I wish they would say more, they say the same thing over and over and clearly would self-destruct if they tried to say anything else because they aren’t capable. Kate’s utter inability to speak puzzles me greatly.

    1. I think Kate asked William about the Coldplay concert because there is a lot they conceal from the press and she wanted to make sure they had their stories straight.

      And William texts on his way to work because he has a driver bringing him there. That’s obvious. He just forgot about the facade about being middle class and let that slip.

      1. Exactly what I was thinking. Gotta keep stuff straight. It just reminded me all of the engagement interview and the multiple cuts and giving Kate the answers they wanted, as well as the bit about them talking about different break-ups…

    2. The concert thing I can let go, because it seems natural to me to kind of forget when the last event you went to was and ask the person you went with if you remember it correctly, especially if you’ve been to multiple events with that person – “The last one was X, right?”. I’ve done that before. That, to me, isn’t some indication of being super unconfident like her constant use of “I suppose”/’you know” in everything and “wasn’t there” in the oktosay video. In the oktosay video she was stating an opinion and then asking for backup since she’s too unconfident in her own opinion, but here she was asking for factual data which may have slipped her mind, so I was okay with that.

      1. Btw, the fact that they went to a Coldplay concert without being photographed shows how much they can get away without being photographed. It just makes me wonder how much they ‘escape’ without anyone knowing.

      2. It just reminded me of the engagement interview, them talking about different break ups, and how they’re not on the same page. Made me think she asks him to make sure she can bring that up, but not something else, you know? Just because we know they obfuscate so much.

        1. Both not being on the same page was something that really struck out to me as well – after being married five (six?) years and being fans of boxsets, how can she not come up with even one current show they watch together?

          For every direct question aimed at her, the response was a mix of mumbles or laughs or one word answers. If she is really not good at answering, can they not have questions submitted in advance to atleast feign preparedness?

  6. MmWell that was Kate and William unfiltered. All those space fillers made it very hard to tell what they were trying to say? If only someone had provided them with some notes or a list of speaking points?

    And it could point to Kate not listening to what William says? He didn’t take credit for the arts and crafts Kate, he said George does it.

    As for the top? I only reason I can possibly think someone would weae that us rhat it shows how skinny they are?

    A commenter, last year I think, made a comment that Kate shops like a lottery winner, spends up big on expensive items with little thought to style. IMO this top is a great example of that statement.

    1. “If only someone had provided them with some notes or a list of speaking points?”

      If only they had read the notes they were provided with, as well as a list of speaking points.

      1. Having worked with several celebs who were spokespeoole for different charities, or fundraising campaigns, I can tell you that they may have said the same phrases over and over again, but each time they said something, it was like they were saying it for the first time. Granted, a few were actors, so they are specially trained and can pass that off. But, others just paid attention to their notes and really did research, too.

        They were interested in the causes and worked hard to make things go smoothly and effectively. I doubt W and K are cut from the same cloth.

        And, yet, they seem to really believe they are working hard. I guess work means something different to different people. I, for one, was offended by all the “you knows,” and “likes” they spoke, And, even if the interviewer brought more attention on them personally, they should have been prepared enough to bring the conversation back to HT. That’s what good spokespeople are adept at doing.

        1. ‘Sort of’ littered throughout most conversations irritates me. Since neither has ever worked in a job – as defined by our understanding of the term – I can imagine that having to turn up at a certain time to do something, however simple, is indeed work for them. If your life has been one of just pleasing oneself every day – shopping, lunching, tv, seeing friends – you can see why interruptions would be an annoyance and hard work, can’t you?

        2. Hi Jenny
          Oh yes, all those space fillers made it hard to concentrate on what they were saying. Plus I could hear my Mother’s voice way in the back of my head saying “would you like to have a think about what you are going to say and then come back and tell me so I don’t have to listen to you say all those fillers?” Can you guess what my eloquent Mum’s pet hate was?

          Big kisses to Miss Maddie and I hope she is no longer keeping you up at night?

          1. Hi, Cathy. Just love your mom’s words! What a woman. Like mum, like daughter!

            Madeleine is fine and I thank you for asking. She is getting into more and more things and growing by leaps and bounds. Sometimes, I look at her and wish she were six or seven months old again. The time goes too fast!

            I hope you are well and that life is treating you with the goodness you deserve.

          2. Thanks Jenny!

            Your words always make me smile 🙂

            I hope you are well and that life is treating you with the goodness you deserve.

            Same back at you too 🙂

  7. Well, that was interesting for me. I never would have thought William would ever mention Verbier on his own.To the rest:
    It’s just not nice to see them together, so much staged, nothing seems to come natural for them.
    Other couples aren’t that much afraid to say the false things, not every sentence is a new challenge.
    So, it’s hard to imagine how life is at home for them both. I suppose the same stiffness.

  8. I have several scattered thoughts to share.
    Reading the script vs watching the video take was like comparing apples to oranges. It was very telling how people get star struck in the presence of William and his wife. William turned red in the face a LOT. I don’t understand what was going on in her response to his question re: Harry calling her Cath. She looked a bit like deer in the headlights. Maybe it’s a family nickname and she doesn’t want the world to know? I can sort of relate to Kate’s verbal blunders. I can talk like an intelligent person to one or two people max. If there are more people than that looking at me and listening to me, I become so anxious and lose most train of thought and say something stupid. Im 50 and this still happens to me. I’m referring to people who are my friends and/or family!!! It was interesting to hear her try and talk with her posh voice while announcing with William. I don’t think she was able to quite pull it off. Did anyone else watch the video? Overall I think William, and I say William because he is in line to be king one day and he lost his mother at a young age due to tragic circumstances, lost another valuable platform of opportunity to say something profound or even affirming to those who suffer from mental health or know someone who suffers with mental health. (ie when the guy asks, what would you say to kids or parents? How hard is it to say something like, “To the youth that are listening right now, know that you are not alone…..etc etc To parents who are listening right now, if you or someone you know has mental health illness, don’t be afraid to talk with someone or to ask for help. We at Heads Together have created a resource guide so you or someone you know can locate the resources that are readily available including this hotline number xxx-xxxx.) I mean really, it doesn’t take a degree in rocket scientry to come up with something personal and meaningful. I think Harry seems to be a bit closer in maturity to say something to that affect. Anyhow, I can’t say for sure how I’d react if I had a personal audience with them or say some celebrity. I’d like to believe that I wouldn’t act all giddy. These peeps were giddy!

  9. William was so rude.
    Saying things like “it’s annoying” and “I could do a better job”.

    He needs to work on his tone if he’s going to attempt a “joke”, because it came off as rude instead of funny.

    1. I read ‘I could do a better job’ as I need to have another practise at it but maybe he meant it the way you thought he did?

      1. I’m not sure if we’re thinking of the same moment, but just to make sure we are, I’m talking about the music countdown bit where they took turns saying the artist and song title.

        I just found him to be really rude!

  10. As usual I respectfully disagree with most of the comments regarding Kate’s clothing. I thought she looked great and I love the blouse…. especially the sleeves.

  11. Why oh why would you spend $550 on such an ugly shirt? It is almost like she buys the ugliest thing in order to see if others buy it and then laughs about it. Seriously, that blouse isn’t worth $20. I am amazed at how many people on the sugar sites loved it-Kate can do not wrong. And I would love to see an outfit with nothing new since all she is doing is buying new clothes each engagement. She is spending to spend at this point.

    Yay for finally wearing pants, although, this was for radio so we will see if she ever wears them for a normal engagement.

    They didn’t talk much about ‘mental health’, aka emotions, but I thought they came off well. I listened to the 20 minute broadcast and it is the most natural/real they have sounded in awhile. They actually came off very likeable. Kate more than William since he can sound more arrogant when he is not intending to (such as they don’t go out to get the takeaway). Kate here seemed more normal and someone I would be friends with, which isn’t how she always comes across. I am glad they stopped by and had some friendly conversations.

    1. Totally agree about William’s arrogance. I don’t think it’s intentional – he’s just not self aware enough to measure his words and ends up ruining even the most innocuous comments. Kate, for as little as she spoke, came off much better. Surprisingly good-humored. I almost chuckled when she said she’d answer to most things.

  12. Is this the most they’ve opened up since the engagement interview? I thought they came across as likeable, but reading the transcript it is so obvious how many fillers and incomplete phrases they use, which is terrible considering they have likely had loads of training (at least William) in public speaking.

    They didn’t talk much about mental health, although to be fair, the interviewer clearly wanted this to be a lighthearted affair.

    Forget the blouse, she wore trousers! That’s a huge win.

    The blouse actually reminds me of something Diana would wear in 1979. Some styles should not return, but yet they always do…perhaps it’s due to nostalgia for the past? I’ve seen people wearing more early 80s styles lately, such as off the shoulder baggy sweatshirts, rolled jeans, and garish jewelry.

    I think this interview proves that William and Kate actually have to do very little to get press coverage. Have fun for twenty minutes on a radio show, and the international media covers it extensively. To me, it proves how little they have done in the past. I think many people, especially in the U.K., could now say “Heads Together” when asked to name a charity Kate is involved in…before this week, how many could name one cause of hers?

    1. But how many could name the eight charities who provide the services under the Heads Together banner, and know what they do?

      1. I don’t think I can even name them all. Okay, without looking: Place2Be; Mind; Best Beginnings; CALM; Help for Heroes? I can’t think of any others.

        1. Okay, I didn’t know know CALM was one of their charities and the header on of the last couple posts was that and I thought you were telling yourself to be CALM bwahahaha oopsies

      2. They are: Place2be; CALM; Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families; contact; best beginnings; The Mix; Mind; YoungMinds.

        Heads Together = William, Kate and Harry, so their personal brands get a very good airing, I think at the expense of the charities doing the real work. Hope the charities get a good slice of funds to keep their work going.

          1. Our combined difficulties in naming what actually comprises HT indicates that the charity partners have been subsumed by the umbrella HT shell, do not readily come to mind when HT is mentioned.

        1. Ding, ding, ding!!!!! You’ve hit the nail on the head! Heads Together was always really about developing the brand of William, Kate, and Harry first and foremost using mental health as the backdrop. If it was truly about the charities we would be able to name them and give a brief description of what they do.

          I really hope we get a financial statement with a break down if how much money was raised, how much money was given to each charity, and how much was spent on stupid things like those headbands.

  13. 1.) Kate’s fugly blouse reminds me of Seinfeld’s Puffy Shirt!


    Both are just soooo unattractive!

    2.) I totally heard this in their voices. Their constant “you know”‘s (and in the oddest places) really stood out to me. If my grandpa were alive, he’d be counting the “you know”‘s and then tell respond to them by saying, “yes, I know”

    3.) I actually kinda like that Kate called out William on texting while driving and made the remark about (basically) steeling George’s thunder regarding arts and crafts haha!

    4.) Yes, some children’s shows can be annoying but others can be really good and, personally, I’m a huge Disney fan and I love watching their films! Don’t get me started on which ones are my faves because I’ve split them up into different categories! 🙂

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens today (and afterwards) with the trio (and especially, W&K) once the marathon is over.

    1. Hi Kimothy! I found it interesting that William knew which shows the kids watched but Kate didn’t seem to have a clue. It made me wonder if indeed William is the more involved parent.

      1. I didn’t even pick up on that point! Great catch, Queen Lauri! **bows down to Queen Lauri’s awesome attentiveness** 😉

      2. I’m thinking of several times we have seen William and George together, Charlotte’s christening and at the taking of the photo for that stamp. George looks comfortable with William so I’m thinking he is with William more that Kate?

        And William said George likes Arts and Crafts so Kate was just being snippy there?

        George does arts and crafts:

        William: “Well George does, he’s very good at arts and crafts.”
        Kate: “Are you taking credit for the arts and crafts, is that it?”

        1. Passive aggressive comment there from Kate or was she just not listening as William wasn’t claiming credit there, IMO.

  14. The frills are to hide her figure, end of story. Same reason for her love of peplums. Expect to see more frills if her current pattern continues.

  15. For the first time I believe the mantra: being tall and thin makes everything look fine. I don’t like the top but it looks fine on her but would look like a catastrophe if you are short, heavier, etc.

  16. Every time I hear them speak about Heads Together I wonder why no one took them aside at the very beginning of this campaign, away from each other and the cameras and asked why they were interested in supporting these particular charities. It’s a difficult question, and I’m not sure they actually know the answer to it. We can tell the answers they give (esp. WK) are superficial at best, but more and more I’m convinced that no one made them think about the real reason, and that is part of why this campaign has been so directionless. At least they are showing up for appearances, and that is a marked improvement.

    What strikes me as sad is that William has stated that he hates the ribbon cutting type appearances, but doesn’t seem to understand that his lack of preparation and active participation preclude anything but those type of appearances. Hopefully he’s starting to see that?

  17. I only watched snippets of the video but I liked what I saw. I mean, we didn’t get to hear much about Heads Together but that’s no great loss. It was nice to hear them talk about themselves and I was almost surprised at how natural and sort of likeable they seemed. I do wish we could have heard more from Kate (though I’ll never get over her girlish voice – she just looks like someone that would have a much richer, deeper tone) but she seemed very sweet and good-humored. I liked her playful banter with William, especially. William’s joke about his dancing was a nice touch, and I found his going all red in the face almost endearing. He has a really nice speaking voice, too – don’t think I’ve ever really noticed before. He can be quite sharp-tongued, though. And he just lacks…warmth.

    Oh, right – Kate’s shirt is HIDEOUS. Phew.

    1. Setting aside the supposed reason for the interview, HT, I quite enjoyed this. Kate wasn’t guffawing and seemed naturally smiling and laughing. I also (to my embarrassment) really thought that their entrance was cool, and it really gave me goosebumps. I’m a bit concerned about myself. This was just fun to watch and hear, and William did come across as having a sense of humor, and Kate took a bit of a dig at him which was cute and seemed like a married couple having a bit of back and forth banter. I think that the atmosphere created by the radio guys created an informal environment and Kate and William responded to to it. That blouse seemed to be a bit girly and trying too hard to look vintage. (and the price is outrageous). However, all in all a very nice gesture and Adele was thrilled. Again, this is setting aside any serious purpose for this ‘event’.
      So, Harry called her ‘Cath’, that seems a bit familiar and I guess it’s no big deal to me, (except that it was Harry) but respect for sure those who take offense at this. Also seems a bit silly as a question but maybe just filler talk.
      This was so informal that one might forget for a bit that William insists that his wife is Catherine and makes people defer to her, maybe that was the idea.

      1. Someone it the UK may be able to help me with this one, but I thought the “Call me Catherine” comment came from the Middleton camp and specifically from Mike Middleton. I know I read this before the wedding occurred and I had wondered at the time if the Middletons were trying to make Kate sound more posh prewedding? I wish I could remember where I read it though!

  18. The Princes of Glib strike again with the same old talking points.

    To wit:

    Harry:It’s like taking the lid off a boiling pan. It’s been simmering for a very long time and everyone’s desperate for it to come out.

    Willy now: But it’s been really eye opening for us as well and seeing just how much this issue of mental health is really brimming under the surface of public consciousness.

    Willy March 2016: We feel it’s been raised higher up the ladder. It’s suddenly bubbling just under the surface.

    The Cambs (or their PR) also think this interview makes them relatable, like normal, common folk. Well, only if you’re glib and vapid too.

  19. I happen to like the blouse on Kate! It definitely suits her tall thin figure.
    Does anyone notice they have their hands on each other’s back in the photo?! Don’t think I’ve seen that with them yet?

  20. OK so I’ve been in London today supporting my son running the Virgin Money Marathon. So this was the Heads Together marathon? All the runners got a headband, very few wore them…less than a quarter certainly. There was one big supporters patch in Greenwich which was very much HT, but honestly there were also lots of patches of MacMillan, NSPCC and many more. HT certainly didn’t feel like a main sponsor.
    ( 3 hours 45 minutes after 2 weeks training if anyone is interested and £1.500 raised for Diabetes UK. ..proud mummy ).

    1. That’s a fantastic effort from your son – for thinking of others and demonstrating his commitment. No wonder you’re proud.

      Interesting about the headbands – I was watching out for them in photos.

    2. Congratulation to your son–under four hours, just stupendous. I love attending marathons. It’s thrilling to cheer all the different runners as they pass by. The Chicago marathon once had the route go through my Chicago neighborhood. Interesting about your observation regarding the headbands.

      1. Thanks everyone my younger son and I had a great day following the route. But I am disappointed that this really did not come over as a HT marathon.

        Rhiannon now you’re on the road to recovery why not apply for next year? We can have a KMR support team for you?

    3. Great news Birdy!

      Wow, £1.500 raised for Diabetes UK! Good for him!

      Interesting that few headbands were worn, were people keeping them as a souvenir? They didn’t look that comfortable to wear though, in my eyes.

      1. I think the runners will have been much happier with the adidas shirt they got at the end with the logo of a 99er ice cream with Big Ben as the chocolate flake. It’s a proper dry fit shirt so One to be used again. But we are planning to frame the photo they take as you finish with his number his medal and his HT headband.

  21. Kate, Whitesnake called. Their groupie wants her shirt back.

    I didn’t listen to the audio, I just tried to read the transcription (thanks, KMR!). A lot of filler. A lot of likes, you knows, ums, etc. Points for trying to keep it light, I suppose. As to the “let’s talk” line that keeps being bandied about, it occurred to me yesterday that a better slogan would have been “We’re listening” or a variation. With that change, it’s not putting the onus of talking about a difficult subject on the person who might be suffering, but instead indicating that if they are ready to talk or if they just need a supportive presence, the listener is there.

    That being said, I think this is the most I’ve ever seen Kate and William work consistently. I wonder where they will vacation after this campaign is over. #cynical

  22. Oh that frilled, see-through top is just awful. Maybe in black? Perfect opportunity to wear a nice chic top, maybe a fine knit in a beautiful colour.

  23. That top or is it a sweater? Whatever it is, it’s awful. I think she’s wearing black skinny jeans. If not, does anyone have a link to the actual trousers? Is she wearing black suede boots?

    1. They’re bootleg trousers. Not sure what brand, but you can see them in the video when she and Will walk into the studio.

  24. Could it be that the ruffles of the shirt have to conceal something ? Considering Kate’s now fuller face I am tempted to think she is expecting.

  25. I don’t think I like anything temperly and this top is just atrocious. Also not a fan of her hair. She vacillates between dowdy up dos or tween like. gah! We know she’s not averse to ponytails since she was sporting one to pippa’s so come on-wear one while “working”
    They’re both a pair of numpties and when you have to read how they speak it’s painful.
    I will say I actually agree with with William about kids and their shows, he totally nailed the kids and tv thing, I actually liked several of the shows my niece whatched (Thomas the train, Sophia, MLP, dr. Seuss) but I hated Sid the science guy and was grateful when she outgrew it. I redeemed myself with the love of pinkie pie tho =)

  26. It is becoming cringe worthy watching them both. We want Kate to open up but in the opening it almost seems painful. I feel she almost needs to be let free. Free of her Mom, William, and anything that doesn’t let her be herself?

  27. Hmm, I’ll give them a thumbs up for promoting HT, but sometimes they seem like a broken record, repeating things over and over again, although PH has Done a bit better recently and this interview seems a bit more personal. Call me a cynic, but I can honestly say I will never buy into Kate’s Patronage/HT events. If she was so interested in humanitarian work, I think she would have done a lot more before marrying PW, but she didn’t. At a certain point she must have known she was with PW for the long haul, she could have tried to have interests in charity beforehand, only then would I have taken her charity work as more genuine, instead of doing patronage/HT work because she’s obligated to.

  28. Camilla Tominey writes “the royals originally planned for the Heads Together initiative to culminate in the ‘marathon for mental health’ but now will keep it going.”

    What? I thought from the start mental health was going to be a long term cause. From this article, it looks like it was a short term project that did better than they expected, so they will continue to focus on it. Sigh. If they are so keen on a cause, they should plan for it to be a lifetime of work!

    1. That speaks volumes about their commitment to mental health, doesn’t it? And also answers the many questions on this blog as to their reasons for choosing it, what drives them etc. Turns out, it was a trendy topic for personal PR and as long as it works for them, they’ll keep it going.

    2. I think the only person committed to it is Harry through his work with veterans. The others, not so much.

      It shows how KP is totally inept, and so are their clients.

    3. That’s what I thought I had read somewhere that it was supposed to be a year long campaign culminating in the marathon. I honestly don’t know why they are bothering to continue it. What else is there to add? How many times can one say have a conversation?? Especially because the logical end to this campaign is to increase government funding and resources so people actually can have access to mental health services, but they are uniquely unable to campaign for that.

  29. When I compare the video with William, Harry and Kate to the video at Radio 1, I see that Kate is more confident when speaking at the picnic table. I think it’s because even though she knows many people will see it, she isn’t in an environment with many people or with strangers she doesn’t know watching her in person. Her voice still sounds girlish but she makes statements and doesn’t clarify them as much as she did at Radio 1. Everything I have seen indicates that she doesn’t like being in front of people. If that’s true then I hope she finds someone trained in cognitive behavioral therapy to help her out.

    1. I found her Radio 1 interview mainly inarticulate. “Curry, definitely” was the only thing I heard clearly.

      The “Cath” comment- my initial thought when I heard it was ” Ya Harry, you never know what’s going to come out that guy’s mouth, never been called Cath before but I’ll side eye it and roll with it at the same time”. It was her tone of voice did it for me.

      William clearly thought he was the center of attention. The host directed many comments to Kate, but hubby scooped 90% of them. Yes, he’s waaaay easier on the ears but just so supercilious.

      That sweater still doesn’t know what it wants to be it grows up. A boob ruffle and sheer torso too many, but other than that not the worst thing I’ve ever seen on her. She used to do casual so well. It’s almost like she no longer knows how to shop items that aren’t high end. Go back to Zara and Topshop and A&F and ASOS and Shopbop and get some fun cool not overpriced stuff- you’re only 35, it’s fine.

      1. I know right? She should shop like she did in her younger days. She did so much better. I also saw how William answered questions directed towards them both or towards Kate. My theory about why he wasn’t afraid to bring up his weekend away from his family is that he doesn’t think he did anything wrong. He will get a reality check at some point. It’s been a long time coming, but when the media finally turns on him it will be bad. I wish his parents and other family members had instilled in him a good work ethic. Perhaps they tried to throw out their strict upbringings, but they went too far in the other direction.

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