William, Kate & Harry to attend London Marathon

William, Kate & Harry to attend London Marathon

I’ve been waiting for KP to officially announce that Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry will attend the London Marathon and they finally did Monday morning (before dropping the press release about Pippa’s wedding). KP also announced several other engagements and released a new Heads Together message video from Harry.

William, Kate, Harry Heads Together photo April 2017
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Here are all of the upcoming engagements related to the marathon that KP announced:

  • April 18: William will attend a screening of BBC’s ‘Mind over Marathon’ documentary at the BBC Radio Theatre and launch of BBC mental health season.
  • April 19: Kate will host Team Heads Together runners at Kensington Palace.
  • April 20: William, Kate, and Harry will officially open the Global Academy in support of Heads Together.
  • April 23: William, Kate, and Harry will attend the London Marathon in support of Heads Together.
  • Additionally, though date not released, Harry will attend the London Marathon Expo with Heads Together.

In addition to the announcement of these upcoming appearances, KP/Heads Together released a new video message about the London Marathon. I think it is incredibly odd that William, Kate, and Harry came together to take a new photo wearing the Heads Together headbands (the header photo), but only Harry spoke in the new video. William and Kate were there, why didn’t they speak? Clearly the photo and video were taken the same day.

Also, I honestly thought this was the same photo from their first video they did a year ago because Kate is wearing literally the same exact thing. Kate, dear, please learn to stop repeating the same exact outfits for similar engagements. It makes it hard to distinguish between them. At least switch up the accessories or something.

The video is at the end of the post, below is my own transcript of Harry’s words in case you can’t watch the video.

    “You’ve been training for months, and the start line to the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon is finally within sight. I’m sure it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. William, Catherine, and I will be there to cheer you all on. We’re really excited that Heads Together is the chosen charity for this year’s marathon. We want to use this moment to help end the stigma that stops people talking, and change the conversation about mental health for good. You can make it the mental health marathon. We know that many of you will be running for some incredible charities because you’ve been directly affected by life changing issues, you’ll recognize the emotional impact these can have, and how talking about it openly can help. We all have mental health just as we all have physical health, and you can all play your part in the biggest every movement for mental health. When you collect your race pack, every single marathon runner will be given their own special edition Heads Together headband. Whatever cause you’re running for, wear your vest with pride and please wear your Heads Together headband, too. Together we’ll get the whole country talking about mental health. When we get our heads together we can achieve great things. Good luck. See you at the finish line.”

91 thoughts on “William, Kate & Harry to attend London Marathon

  1. Kate wearing the same Breton stripe top is weird. (I like Breton stripe tops. but seriously, girl has like 12. I have 2. And I LOVE STRIPES.) Also, what is up with the jeggings. It’s just icky to me since it’s an official photo, if she wants to wear ’em on private time doing whatever, sure, go ahead, but it is just weird with HOW tight they are. I have jeggings. They are not this tight.

    The picture is all sorts of awkward and it looks as if they positioned themselves to show off how skinny Kate is.

    Harry in the video is darling, charming and fun as always. Love seeing him in his element having fun promoting things. It makes me think W&K piggy-backed upon HIS mental health charity work with veterans and expanded it to give them something to put their names to when they do very little with it. Harry’s the one who gets it, AND who gets press.

    He says the same old same old rubbish we’ve all gone over as disliking since it’s vapid and has no real purpose so I don’t need to rehash that in my comment…

    Thanks KMR!

      1. That’s all I noticed and I don’t WANT to notice that, I want to focus on the message at hand however poorly explained it is.

        Harry at least provides focus on what it’s about. W&K are the obnoxious hangers-on getting praise for doing nothing or saying dangerous claptrap.

        I do hope the charities reach their goal and get a ton of much needed funding. Even having the royals as lame as they can be and as all-over-the-place as this message is, it does help.. I hope there are some results.

        1. An article last year from someone who worked for one of the organisations said there had been an increased demand for services, attributed to the HT platform. However, they had not seen any money to meet that increased demand.

          Kate has an unusual fascination for her genitals; too often a focus, clothed or unclothed, in photos.

      2. Hi Jen, I read some time ago that “thigh gap” is actually a sign of malnutrition and calorie restriction. However I also read recently that fitness bloggers get that look in their selfies by flexing their hips back to create that look, which I don’t agree with as they are promoting unhealthy body expectations.

        1. A thigh gap is about the skeletal structure. Some people’s hip joints are situated slightly further apart on their pelvis which gives them a thigh gap when their knees touch. The thighs are unable to touch because of the wideset of the hip joint. It’s more noticeable if they are skinny, but you don’t need to be super skinny, or even skinny at all, to have a thigh gap.

          Since it became fashionable, many women who want to be part of the trend are forcing a ‘thigh gap’ where it doesn’t appear naturally by losing weight such that they have such little flesh on their thigh bones that a gap appears as if they have wideset hip joint.

          Or they cortort / photoshop their bodies in photographs to give appearance of one.

          1. As Lovely Blossom says, this is not healthy thinking, and certainly not a way to build self-esteem. It’s a shame her position makes her a ‘role model’ to girls and young women, though in my view she is more the cautionary tale.

    1. I love stripe tops and own a ton. But mine are all varying colors and not just blue/white. I don’t see the point of wasting money on a shirt that looks like all the others. If they all look the same than just wear that one. Or At least buy different colors. I wonder if this photoo was supposed to look like the original. In that case, Kate should have looked up what she was wearing.

      1. My favorite top is a medium-gray long sleeved shirt with tiny white stripes from Banana Republic. It’s SO soft! I have a Breton striped top because I saw it on Kate and loved it (I’m embarrassed hahaha).

      2. I love striped tops too but this was either done intentionally (which in my opinion is odd) or shows incompetence in her team. They should be cataloging her clothes of when and where she wore items to prevent things like this from happening.
        The fact that no one would’ve known this was a new photo doesn’t really help promotion. Was the original photo done a yr ago?

        1. Honestly, I think it is good she has a simple, common outfit du jour. The focus is on the message, not the damn shirt.
          Men don’t get in shit for wearing similar clothing. Mark Zuckerberg, as well as other high-profile males (famous and non-famous), have made a point of having a simple, bland, similar wardrobe. Less things to have to think about.
          Imagine a female trying to do that. Having only three shirts and three bottoms for work.

          Now of course, we all know Kate is not a minimalist when it comes to clothing. For chrissakes how many Breton tops does she need?

          But, ultimately, I am not bothered by the capsule wardrobe she does have and glad she used it here. I hardly think this is a case where it such a huge mistake that ought to be prevented by cataloguing her clothing (which I feel probably happens anyway with more formal engagements).

          Le sigh. What a weird topic.

        2. When Kate becomes a woman of substance in the style of mark zuckerberg or when he was alive Steve jobs and his black turtlenecks then she can wear whatevs. Most of us give Victoria a pass on her blah hairstyle because we can focus in her message. Kate isn’t there. We do also criticize William for his terrible pants

    2. Kate is so wasteful. To have two nearly identical tops like is just pointless. And the obsession to show how skinny she is just shows that she has her own mental health issues she should be taking care of. I just hope she doesn’t burden Charlotte with her own obsession about her looks as Charlotte gets older.

      And again for Will and Kate not to speak in the video is pure laziness. If all three are going to head this group then all three need to speak.

      1. I’m so guilty of buying multiples of the same piece of clothing, Nicā˜¹ļø. I just bought 5 of the exact same white t-shirts that I wear all summer long, they will join the 10 others from previous summers. Sorry, lol.

    3. I am looking forward to Harry getting married. The two men on either side and Kate in the middle has gotten quite old. Few may understand this comment, because of the time frame and probably known only in the U.S., but Kate always looks like she is playing the Peggy Lipton character in the old Mod Squad TV series. The waif female in the center with her two protective men.

      1. Ha! She’s no Peggy Lipton (the character kicked *ss) but I get your drift. šŸ™‚ The two big strong men make the best accessories ever in emphasising her slender and helpless fragility. I bet she’s chuffed.

        1. Absolutely no disrespect to the beautiful Peggy Lipton or the character she played.

          I am glad at least someone got my drift.

          1. KM absolutely leans on H to provide some sort of human interaction when doing events. Well both W&KM do, but KM is really desperate for someone to explain everything to her and take care of her. H fills that need when they are in public.

          2. I am also sick of Kate being in the middle of the two princes.
            Maybe, since she was the oldest in the family, she wants to feel like the little sis here. Little sis to Harry, I mean.

            Still, how nice will it be when Harry has his own special someone to do things with and be photographed with as part of a foursome, not a trio! And, I’d love to see H move away from the Cambridge’s who just latch on to him and live off of his warm and caring achievements.

            I’m also concerned that I am losing interest quickly in HeadsTogether,as the message is getting so old. Let’s see what money is being raised and how many mew clinics are popping up to actually help thse who are finally feeling free to discuss their problems Also, what money can be raised for research?

            In the beginning, the HT program made a splash. Now, it’s just floundering around. Time to challenge this initiative in a new way and stop resting on one’s laurels. Put your heads together and come up with new ways to get strong messages out and good things happening that really benefit those who need them.

          3. Mary Elizabeth, I was thinking the same thing that it will be nice when H has a partner at his side. It’s really starting to look like Harry is babysitting these two at events. And they are leaning on him excessively because of their inherent weak natures and personalities.

    4. Haha, I also LOVE striped tops. I have 4 black – white with short and 2 with long sleeves and 2 blue and white with short sleeves and 3 with long sleeves. Wow, writing it down it really is more than I thought lol. But maybe it is my guilty pleasure šŸ™‚ So I can totally understand why kate has so many, though she could maybe switch up colours for photos next time?

      1. I bet most of us have multiple somethings. Nothing wrong with it, even for Kate.

        I think we get after Kate for her clothes because there is really nothing else to discuss. No speeches, no special causes, no interactions with the public, no view of her as a mother. If royals are truly meant to be ciphers no one will care about them. The Queen is not political, but we all know how she lights up at the racetrack. Seems like the KP staff has limited ideas, probably dictated by the privacy prince.

  2. It’s the same message, again. Talk is cheap unless it’s followed with action that impacts positively on people’s well-being. I’d rather Harry talk about how much money their RF has allocated to the eight partners and what they are doing with those grants. Do they actually announce the grants?

    Also, one of the UK newspapers had a 2016 Christmas charity collection and Heads Together was one of its recipients. Has the total been announced as well as who got what?

    Harry can talk more naturally than the other two, who are wooden in the extreme. He knows it, too, but needs to be careful that his easy manner doesn’t sound patronising. I had to laugh about athletes getting… a special HT headband! Geez… I’m tired of Kate parading her thinness like a badge of honour. She’s vain and a bore.

      1. *We can all play our part in the biggest moment in mental health*

        *change the conversation*

        *We all have mental health*

        I still don’t know what any of this means. But it does reveal that W,KM & H don’t know either.

        Aside: what happened to W’s initiative to develop an anti online bullying campaign and then meeting with Silicon Valley executives? Seems it was another of his quickly castoff projects that bit the dust as soon as he announced it.

        These three, ugh. Very privileged jokesters who are half heartedly trying to justify their tax payer funded life.

        1. Yep. The RF does appear to be a vehicle to justify their reliance on taxpayers’ largesse. Looking busy isn’t the same as being productive and working regularly towards clearly articulated goals, meeting measurable achievements. Certainly not rocking up in naff headbands spouting nothing of substance. But that’s all that’s on offer.

        2. Maybe the Silicon Valley Execs heard Big Willy Dancer talk about his version of online bullying and gave him the PFO- “please f off”. It would be wonderful if they don’t take this entitled clown seriously and actually spend their time talking to kids, educators, IT professionals on coming up with comprehensive anti-bullying strategies to combat toxic bullying and shaming online (which has unfortunately led to suicide of the young people being bullied)

          1. True, Red Tulip. They Silicon Valley execs would never take Willie seriously. He is kitsch in their minds. Perhaps Wills got the silent treatment and decided to forget it, but I think the anti-bullying social media thing was really just another ploy to look serious, nothing genuine. But good point, the subject (just like mental health) is too serious for an empty airhead like W to tackle.

          2. Did this already happen? I was hoping for some major shade to be thrown William’s way by the smart and hardworking Silicon Valley set.

          3. I forgot to add parents too, esp parents of kids who have been ruthlessly bullied online- they would be key stakeholders in all this. While I understand that William is a parent himself, but I am not sure if he is the kind of parent who spends a lot of time with his kids and understands them well.

          4. Jet, Yes W thought he would be the one to instruct tech tycoons–most who came from blue collar backgrounds, went to excellent universities and hustled like crazy to get start ups going–on the online menace of bullying. Can you imagine someone like Mark Cuban listening to Wills without rolling his eyes and snorting? I’d pay to see that meeting.

          5. Lol. Hera, You may know we have a show “Shark Tank” where five very wealthy entrepreneurs, Mark included, hear pitches from people wanting to partner with one of the Sharks. Mark is by far the smartest and funniest about sniffing out phonies and pompous jerks. For a while there were a lot of obnoxious Stanford business school grads and Mark pulverized them. They hadn’t done anything but were incredibly delusional. Mark can read people really well and says exactly what he thinks.

        3. What’s sad is Harry really cares about causes, and people, and clearly is educated about veterans and their specific mental health concerns so him parroting the same garbage over and over as told is disappointing.

          This initiative could do so much. Imagine if Charles were involved!

          1. I have a tin-hat consipracy theory about that Ellie.

            By all accounts, when Harry is takes on a cause, he delves into it as far as his talents /position will allow him. If nothing else, there is enthusiasm.

            We’ve seen it with his army career, the Diana Concert, Sentebale, Help for Heroes, WWTW, Invictus, conservation, AIDS etc When he discusses (or is interviewed) about any of them, he shows that he has done some research on the subject even if he isn’t giving perfect answers to the issues.

            Yet since WK’s marriage, apart from the London 2012 Olympics, he has been very subdued when out with them. At first he was solicitous to Kate (leading to those speculative articles about their relationship) then he started to look like he was babysitting them.

            At every turn, he gives way to them irrespective of protocol.

            I thimk that is a reflection of the Heads Together campaign.

            Whether it was his idea or he was asked to join it, he doesn’t seem to have delved into the topic beyond the depths of WK. Granted he discusses it in terms of veterans, but that speaks to work he was already doing for military charities rather than an indepth research required for wider non military community.

            And i think this is deliberate to give way to WK, especially K who is often credited with the HT idea/campaign.

            And so unimaginative are WK that they actually piggybacked onto Harry’s annual London Marathon charity drive. He was supporting the marathon for many years and had become it’s royal representative for varioys charities, and here come along WK with no idea about HT and Harry suggests his annual marathon charity drive and vioka, WK have a bright idea. So Harry does what he normally does for the marathon, except tjis time WK have coopted it.

            It shows in the videos that any mention of WK, especially K, is footage from engagements that she probably only showed for 20mins or 1hr, hated every minute and left asap with no follow up meanwhile Harry is trying to drive up enthusiasm for the marathon even if the message is basic and undeveloped.

            And btw, how much money do you want to bet that he can’t develop this idea any further because WK are the principals and he has to give way to them?

            Lots of thoughts this morning.


          2. Accurate thoughts, Hera; no tin foil hat needed.

            Harry mostly looks glum and tense at HT events; he is forced to be lesser than he can be because he needs to tiptoe around the egos of William and Kate, especially the latter if she seriously thinks she’s the brainchild behind HT. What a piece of work.

            Harry can’t move forward because W+K won’t do much. If he performs better, they will resent it. Of course, the Cambridge’s could actually do some work though it would be working against memory. It’s an absolute no win. His task must be to delicately extricate himself from Heads Together, or at most, work on the veterans aspect exclusively. Should he marry soon there is an in-built reason to set up a separate office and focus on things of interest to him and spouse.

          3. I’m with you, Hera. That sounds pretty darn plausible. For Harry’s faults he is well-educated and prepared for his engagements, and he is very passionate about the things he cares about and it shines through in everything he does and says. W&K don’t have that and must use Harry’s shine, hoping it will rub off but it does not because they are vapid, stubborn and utterly devoid of compassion and empathy. (I do think W has that in him somewhere, it’s evident at times, but K, no way.)

    1. “Iā€™d rather Harry talk about how much money their RF has allocated to the eight partners and what they are doing with those grants.”

      Perfect. I would more likely give to such an enterprise if I saw what work had been done, was being done. Empty words repeated ad nauseam don’t cut it.

      Their announced engagements largely require that they bring the body and schmooze a little; it’s like having celebrities on billboards exhorting you to give- 2D all the way. Hard work, that.

      I am curious as to how Kate’s ‘hosting’ of athletes goes. I can’t imagine her taking charge at all unlike Camilla. As for hospitality, all I’m foreseeing is a couple of biscuits and a glass of punch in one of those indifferent reception rooms at KP.

      1. I’m sure KM directs her staff to arrange something in which the guests have no incentive to stay (refreshments comprised of watered down punch and a few dry wafers pitifully arranged on a platter) and where she can make a quick exit.

      2. A journalist once posted pictures of a refreshments at reception hosted by Kate at KP. I think it was the pre-tour reception ahead of Asian tour.

        It was pitiful. Extremely basic. As if the team had ran out to the supermarket 5mins ahead of the reception and brought back what could be easily distilled into bowls + water bottles.

        No special touches, nothing to make the guests feel special or even think they were in a Palace.

        It looked like a high school refreshments table with less thoughtfulness

        1. Yea frankly that pre-Indian reception and the lack of hospitality shown was disrespectful and distasteful. As a person of Indian origin myself, where I come from a culture that is BIG on hospitality, I would’ve considered that a slap to my face if I had been invited to such a pitiful reception. And Kate’s poor performance where she is lookign anxious, like she’s about to cry and can’t wait to leave- probably gave further disrespect and discomfort to her guests by her lack of manners.

          1. It was very disrespectful and at the time shocking to see how little effort they put into a reception that should have been honoring their guests. Once again, they sent the message that they were just using people as props for feigning enthusiasm for the tour.

        2. Oh yes, the bowls of crackers. And Kate’s poorly tailored blue polka dot dress. And the confusion over who walks out the door first and greets people. That reception was a disaster.

        3. And then you have Camilla who cooks for people and serves them herself and loves every second of it, especially with little ones…

          1. Kate is looked after not vice versa. Therefore when she attends functions, she doesn’t notice details unless they involve looking after her and only viewed in that context.

            When it’s her turn to do the looking after, it doesn’t seem like she steps upto the plate.

            We saw it with the baby hampers, this redeption, at numerous engagements etc.

            When she is PsoW and later Queen Consort, we shall have very dull banquets, receptions etc

            And that goes for the bling too.

        4. That was the saddest looking spread and just shows how they can’t be bothered with basic niceties. A vegetable platter with dip would have been nicer than what they offered up.

          1. The pre-Indian tour reception was an insult to guests. W+K have staff to prep this work, and with a long tradition of BRF extending hospitality there is no excuse to deliver such a thoughtless result.

            This couple seems to either: (1) take the mickey whenever they can, secure in the knowledge no-one will call them out on their rudeness and lack of care, and/or (2) are completely useless, in which case, get them off the public teat.

    2. This is terrible of me to say but I’m actually bored by this campaign. I feel it’s the same ol same ol with them. They say the same catch phrases over and over again. Don’t address any of their own issues.
      If KMR hadn’t said this was a new pic, I would’ve thought it was the same old one. They can’t even make a new photo interesting
      I will say, I hope the people who use the services under the umbrella of heads together find it beneficial

      1. Agreed. It’s not stimulating or challenging. I would love to hear from someone, anyone associated with the campaign who has found it beneficial and in what ways beyond ‘raising awareness’. In fact, who is running the PR because this smacks of poorJason’s anemic style?

        1. It’s boring in my opinion because it’s never moved beyond the opening salvo of “let’s start a conversation.” How about a “conversation” outlining how the organization has set up goals or releasing a few progress reports regarding up-to-date donations, programs helped by this foundation? All organizations that want to be taken seriously and are accountable measure progress through some sort of metric. This trio doesn’t care enough to explain the HT foundation at all. And they aren’t bright enough to understand how real world organizations work today.

          If you have the same conversation every day, it doesn’t move any message or relationship beyond the superficial. But I suspect that’s what W&KM, in particular, want. Don’t bother me with anything, plebs. I do think that W&KM have lazily relegated Harry to the spokesperson role because he connects in ways W&K will never be able to do or want to do.

  3. KMR, had you not mentioned this was a new photo, I never would have known. It looks just like the old photo. I don’t get why they got together for a photo and didn’t do more.

    Kate will have 2 weeks off between engagements. I thought April was their big mental health month. I expected Kate to at least do something each week…. Btw, the hosting runners on the 19th is just to wish them good luck. I want that job šŸ™‚

    1. I, too, thought all three of them were supposed to be doing a lot with mental health in the lead up to the marathon, but it seems after the first flurry of engagements in Feb they’ve all fallen off with mental health. I thought it would pick back up in April, but I guess not.

      When KP first posted this photo, I legitimately thought it was the photo from last year. I also thought the video was the same as a previous one Harry did since both videos were shot in the same park area near KP. I really had to pay close attention to realize that they were different photos and videos.

      1. Well, if someone who authors a blog devoted to KM et al is getting confused about the sameness of the video messages/identical photo shoots, how do you think it plays to casual observers? They probably think it’s old stuff and turn off. What it does reveal, unwittingly, is that the trio is not progressing this issue at all, just coasting along with repetitive sound bites, which has been called out on this blog many times now.

      2. I just, once again, feel like it was all talk about how they were going to be doing so much leading up to the marathon and then really didn’t do much. I guess it’s my own fault for thinking they might change

        1. Yeah. They announced it and then they did a flurry of mental health engagements, so I assumed that would continue. But then they fell off it because that’s their MO.

          1. I totally forgot they made that announcement a few months ago about doing more for heads together in the lead up to the marathon! How anticlimactic!

          2. It’s so sad that they do that all the time. I’m so frustrated by the way William and Kate especially have ignored the awesome platform they have to truly make a difference for others. Their way of handling royal duties rather reminds more of the Queen and less of Charles, show up, shake hands as opposed to really trying to make a difference. Not modern at all.

      3. Yep, almost skipped this article because of that photo-Old photo old story I thought.(No offense KMR)I almost buy a Breton stripe in navy and white every time I shop,but I think of Kate and usually put it back!She would look so nice in regular jeans with flats and a sweater-But same old second skin jeggings and stripes on shirt with hair down.And while I’m on a tangent Why does she never do a chic French braid.I have hair like Kate sans winglets but can’t French braid to save myself if I had a stylist on hand sporty events would often see me in a French braid or a fishtail braid.Oh Kate why?

    1. I saw that!! I couldn’t believe Ā£57k. Some of the pieces in the thousands Ā£Ā£Ā£. Mostly don’t look better than high street.

  4. Hurray for Harry! I found it funny that even the engagements in the video, Harry comes off more genuine and engage. My biggest fear for HT has come true. All talk and no action. Okay we know that mental health is.extremely important. So, what are you going to do about it? What are the stats? What is the goal? Who are the pros who are a part of this? I just feel that this has gone way to yet another Cambridge, and to an extent Harry, flavor of the month.

    As far as Kate and her top, I wasn’t sure. She loves a repeat as it has been chronicled.

    Thanks for the update, KMR!

    1. +1

      and more credible as a caring human being.

      @Lovely b. Prince Harry definitely need to separate himself and his office from the two stooges.

      1. Hi, Rhiannon, hope you are well. Missed you the last few days.
        As always, loved your comments and agree with you! Hope things are moving along beautifully for you!!

        1. Hi, Jenny! I’m scooting along. I completed my first OCR since my diagnosis. I was only 4 minutes slower than last year! I raced my second this past weekend and twisted my ankle. Go figure.

          How are you and Madeline? Please send my best to Mary Elizabeth as well.

          1. Rhiannon, you are the best. Congrats to you on your finish, but oh, your second race. How is your ankle doing? Must have hurt!!! You take care and keep on keeping on. Your dedication and hard work are admirable.

            All is well here and thanks for asking. Baby has been sick, but as of this AM, feeling and doing better. She is non-stop when feeling well. I mean, NON STOP!

            I will send ME your best and know she will send the same back to you.

          2. Ouch! Hope this is a minor setback after all you have been through. I am so impressed by your hard work during your recovery from G-B.

        2. Hi, Rhiannon. Good to know you are racing and enjoying yourself and working so hard after all you went through. So sorry to learn of your ankle, though. I do hope each day has you feeling better.

          Thanks for your kind best wishes and I send mine back to you!

  5. I think it’s strange that they always are together as three. It comes across like three little children who should play together according to the parents.

  6. The only way i could tell the difference is the background hedge that is being grown to enclose KP.

    That wasn’t there in their previous video, and now you can see it.

    1. The first Canada trip people still saw them thru rose tinted glasses. It was actually during this tour that I actually started noticing them. But the tide has started to change. Their lack of work ethic, constant private time even on tours and dour attitudes is more apparent every time we see them or don’t see them for that matter. I saw pics from Charles and Camilla’s latest tour and thereseemed to enormous crowds there. The likes that we no longer see with William and Kate.
      I like how they spend huge part of the article bringing up the flashing part =) and how they bring up Charles doesn’t get to see the kids as much as Middleton’s

      1. Yes those were the days that held so much promise weren’t they? And then the bubble burst. I thought the description of the tour being like a personal holiday was very apt. Seems like the PoW has the measure of this pair.

        PoW recent tour was really good value. I wish there had been more coverage as so much of it looked really interesting. His audience with the Pope was very moving IMO.

  7. I predict that while Meghan is filming in Toronto, Harry royal engagements will be one week on and one week off, and the Cambridges will mirror that as well. I think they are all lazy..As far as the video is concerned, I mean we know Kate can’t do it.. her awkwardness would be epic and I think that KP knows that William comes of wooden and boring.. so Harry it is..

  8. William needs to do up one more button on his blouse; wispy chest hair is not a pleasant sight.

    If he’d only just glance a few degrees to his left, he’d see Harry completely owning ‘smart casual.’ The Cambridges really make it look hard, don’t they?

  9. I haven’t had time to read all the comments so apologies if I’m repeating something already said. Does anyone think there is a chance any of the royal trio are in secret training to run the marathon? It has been said that ensuring security would too difficult but Harry has previously been sent to a war zone? I think if they wanted to, it could be done – press embargo in place – they could run in disguise/costume- plenty of other charity runners do. They could also have a team of protection officers to run with the royal runner – like the team who ran with the torch bearers when the Olympic flame was taken around the country in 2012.
    It would be an amazing PR coup – at the finish line -imagine the commentary- ” and here is the runner dressed as panda bear – Wow it’s Prince William!” . I know it’s wishful thinking !

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