William & Kate to attend BAFTAs

William & Kate to attend BAFTAs

Kensington Palace announced yesterday that Prince William and Kate Middleton will attend the BAFTA Film Awards on February 12. They also announced several other February engagements.

Kate’s full February schedule (that we know of thus far):

  • February 5: William, Kate, and Harry will attend a training day for those running in the London Marathon for Heads Together.
  • February 6: William and Kate, Patron, will visit Place2Be in connection with Heads Together to kick off Children’s Mental Health Week.
  • February 6: William and Kate will attend the Guild of Health Writers Conference with Heads Together.
  • February 12: William and Kate will attend the BAFTA Film Awards.

This will be only the third time William has attended the BAFTA Film Awards since becoming President in 2010 – he previously attended in 2010 and 2014. This will be the first time Kate has attended the BAFTA Film Awards.

The couple did attend the (one and only, totally made up for William and Kate) BAFTA Brits To Watch Event in Los Angeles in 2011 during their first overseas tour as a couple (which is where these photos were taken).

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    1. That is also my concern. With that in mind and with her reknown qualities of thoughtfulness and selflessness in play, I expect her to wear a repeat of that hideous evening Erdem as she needs to keep expectations low so as not to damage the frailties of all the A list actresses, who as we speak are in a state of pure panic calling in every favour in town from a coterie of stylists, hairdressers and make up artists. Meanwhile rumour also has it the canapรฉs this year will actually be miniature cheese on toasts so William feels right at home.

    2. Both this and Mrs BBV’s comments made me chuckle. I’m sure the acting community will summon courage to cope with the combined dim wattage that is Kate and William.

      For such a self-aggrandising, pompous (alleged) comment from William to make the papers is a bold media move; the Cambridge’s are being flushed out as very unattractive. The second photo, above, shows the one consistent piece of ‘work’ Kate has done these past five years: flash Diana’s ring. So obvious.

      The schedule for 5-6 February looks typically light in substance:
      1. Marathon event – Wish everyone luck, you’re all amazing, and plug for Heads Together fund-raising.
      2. Place2Be – cut and paste platitudes (see previous HT outings).
      3. Health Writers’ Conference – Intro speech on how important it is to get the message out.
      All with self-referential deference to ‘my work’.

      1. The phrase ‘my work’ gets me every time. They ought to have a conversation with Princess Anne or PoW about the concept of work. Just because you’re more interested in one field than another and someone else does all your research in this area for you, work it is not. Keenness maybe. But hey three official engagements in January totalling circa five hours is certainly an improvement on previous years performance over the same period so I shall try to be a little less cynical……maybe.

      2. Oh, and you know at the health writers’ conference William, as always, will make the most of an opportunity to mention his experience with the EAAA, and he will refer to what they have learned from all of “their” research into mental health–yeah, right–all of those briefings that they don’t read in preparation for their few, brief outings to HT charities. I’m willing to bet that the royal trio have spent more time on their videos and photo shoots for the HT campaign than they have with mental health experts, patients or families.

        And I don’t mean this as an insult to the Guild of Health Writers, but I get the impression that it is a rather small organization, comprised mainly of freelancers and bloggers–rather lower profile, less mainstream media? Their own website says that guild seminars and events usually attract only 30 to 50 people. So not exactly a group that has a lot of influence in the media or reach into society, as the Association of British Science Writers does. In any case, the event does sound as though it will provide insight into the issues surrounding anxiety and the attendance of the royal trio will bring it coverage, though probably not the depth it deserves.

        I’m sure that the attendees will be presented with glossy, high-end pamphlets and other materials focusing on the royal trio and the Heads Together campaign, and that the cost for these publicity materials with their smiling faces will somehow be categorized within “charitable giving” by the royal foundation.

    1. The hedge that was planted at KP to block the views of the neighbours probably means they were serious about being in London a bit more. It’s ridiculous they did that considering fee can access it anyway, but it certainly fits with Williams paranoia about the public and press.

      1. Has anyone else noticed a change in the tone with WK’s coverage? It seems like the press are taking more and more cheap shots at them, in a sustained way. I have found that the photo captions in the Daily Mail are a good place to take the temperature of WK. The people who write the captions often have no f*ucks to give, and they’ve been having a ball since Xmas.

          1. Thanks. I just went ahead and googled it after I posted, then edited my post. They should’ve installed the hedges during the original reno. It would have minimised the fallout and the hedges would be more mature by now. Stupid Cambridges.

          2. I probably missed something, but to me the cost seems conservative. The part I missed is the planting cost. My experience has been the cost of the tree + the cost to install = double the cost of the tree.

          3. Considering the situation of the hedge relative to their apartment, this is a complete waste of time and money unless the point was to co-opt a public part of the park for WK’s own private use.

            The part they are enclosing is in a part of Kensington gardens completely away from their own apartments. Not even directly accessible to them via their apartment. A pap can’t access their apartment standing in that part of the park.

            They’ve used it only once that we know ie to do their PSA for Heads Together to launch the initiative.

            They don’t use it for the helicopter (non of the royals do) or even Kate/nanny walks in the park.

            The irony is that they cut down the screening trees next to their own apartment when they refurbished which left their upper windows vulnerable to anyone using the park on their side, but are putting up privacy trees around a part of the park/palace that is not close to them at all.

            To use an analogy, they are putting up a hedge on the farthest fence outside their neighbour’s property in the hope that it will shield their own backyard.

            If anyone should be pissed, it should be the neighbours because despite the protection they provide the WK including walls and gardens, the park at the end of their parts of the palace are now being enclosed because WK demanded it.

            And if this was truly about privacy, they would have put up screening trees along their back wall that looks directly into the park that leaves them vulnerable to anyone walking through the park or extended the shielding wall along the entire side of the park that backs onto their apartment.

  1. I notice we actually have an official State visit confirmed in the Diary now and I am most intrigued given comments that President Trump has made about Kate in the past, as to whether the Cambridges will attend or not. State visits usually take place in May / June or October / November.

    1. Usually there is an incoming State Visit in March, but one has not been announced for 2017 which saddens me.

      The US State Visit to the UK has been announced but the dates are not confirmed. It’s just “later this year”.

      1. I would not at all fault Kate for not being involved with that State Visit given the comments blaming her for the nude photos of her. I also wouldn’t fault William for not being involved.

        I’m more intrigued at what Charles will say, though. So I hope Charles is involved in some way.

        1. I disagree they should do what the government ask them to. The Queen has to receive HOS for whom she has no respect …I can think of quite a lot over the years. It’s her job. So as her representative it’s their job too.

          1. I understand you’re point, and to a certain extent agree with it, but William and Kate have only participated in three State Visits ever: Greeting the Obamas in 2011; Arrival of President of Singapore in 2014; and State Banquet for President of China in 2015. The Obamas were not on an official State Visit when they had dinner at KP in 2016. William and Kate rarely participate in State Visits so really them participating in this new one would be out of the norm for them. So I don’t find fault in them skipping it since they’ve skipped so many others over the years. I don’t think we should expect William and Kate to participate in any State Visits since they so rarely do.

          2. I disagree. How will they learn how to *do* State visits if they don’t do them? It’s good practice for them, good statecraft, more numbers for their totals, and good PR in general. I get not wanting to entertain the Donald, but it’s their job.

          3. Normally I would agree, but Cheeto has made disparaging and specific comments about Kate, whereas the Queen has not been disrespected directly like that by most leaders she sees. And he is a sexual predator and an unrepentant one. For this one instance only, I would say Kate is justified in avoiding this horrible human being. She is still the granddaughter in law of the monarch and so it is not necessary for her to attend.

          4. Because I don’t want this comment section to turn into a big argument, I ask everyone to please end the conversation about Trump and the State Visit.

        2. It seems to me that Charles does in fact have a moral compass so I expect to be conflicted about participating given the new US administration’s troubling stance on a wide variety of issues. After al, his respect for the Dalai Lama saw him take a stand during the Chinese state visit.

          Now, as for William and Kate, Trump may just be a convenient excuse for them to get out of work. Yes, they couple did have reasonable expectations of privacy but they’re also public figures and photographs of them sell for exorbitant amounts. In my reading of Trump’s tweets about the incident, quite possibly his least bizarre/offensive tweets, he pointed out that she is a public figure and so shouldn’t have been surprised that someone took those pictures.

          Also, can we talk about why people would feel sorry for William and Kate or give them a pass when it comes to meeting Trump? Meeting dignitaries is part of their job, isn’t it? I’m sure that every single one of us has had to handle awkward, trick or even uncomfortable situations as part of our jobs. But those our jobs, we’re paid to suck it up and I’m sure such situations have taught us a multitude of lessons from being more assertive or how handle difficulties with grace and dignity. It’s what “normal” people do, and William (not so much Kate) wants to be normal, right?

        3. Because I don’t want this comment section to turn into a big argument, I ask everyone to please end the conversation about Trump and the State Visit.

  2. So what was the point of the Daily Mail reporting that the Sun reported that W’s PR reported that W couldn’t attend BAFTA awards because every one would be overshadowed by KM? And then BAFTA reported that … oh never mind. W&KM are just one wild and crazy couple.

      1. Is it for nothing? It shows a difficult William and a vain Kate, both of whom, it would seem to the average person, to have tickets on themselves.* I wonder if it’s either a taunt to W+K for their treatment of the media and/or building a thinly-veiled case for their reluctance and general prickliness. So often, these articles are coded digs to royals.

        *To have tickets on himself: Australian slang. To be conceited or vain. To have an over-inflated opinion of oneself. http://kathrynwhiteauthor.blogspot.com.au/2013/09/phrases-and-idioms-tickets-on-himself.html

        1. I think it’s pointless. Regardless of what the actual conversations were behind the scenes (which The Sun may have reported accurately, we don’t know), as far as the article and cover go I don’t think it makes William seem difficult or Kate seem vain, I think it makes The Sun seem less credible than they already seem since BAFTA denied the story right away and KP announced W&K’s attendance just a few days later. The optics are that The Sun is not credible.

          1. I think it’s a tactic more along the lines Red Snapper noted above: taking pot shots when they can. The Sun, DM etc are compromised every which way. Either they are the voice of a particular royal or the faux royals (Middelton’s) or just towing the line; there is no serious reporting that you could trust.

            It could be as simple as William not wanting to attend again, making an eye-rollingly stupid excuse, and BAFTA calling him out. William should resign if he doesn’t want the BAFTA gig. Only attending twice in six years is rude, showing disinterest and disrespect.

          2. After a few years of deliberately misleading the public and press and issuing flat-out lies, KP (Jason Knauf) and related sources are no more credible than any of the tabloids IMO.

          3. I can’t see BAFTA confirming that if it was true tho. I think they weren’t going to go media(maybe thru BAFTA leak) writes up funny Kate I would out shine the stars so to be nice won’t go article (poor Helen Mirren crying in her cups I’m sure)
            Thus they now have to go. I’d say the media has their # and is starting to act on when they can
            Welcome back Indiana, I’ve missed your posts =)

    1. BAFTA just called William’s bluff because he was looking for another excuse not to attend? They must rue the day they offered him the President’s role.

    1. Really? They are doing so little, and only for their pet charities. Their role is much broader than just doing mental health things. I’m really disappointed. I do hope each visit doesn’t get another new outfit, it’s getting ridiculous.

      1. I agree, it’s better than last year but it isn’t much. Their future engagements are announced to exhaustion to make the public think they are working a lot. And I doubt Kate will go to the Bafta’s with a repeat.

    2. Personally I think that they are getting in some numbers now because they plan on taking extensive time off later in the year in order to settle the children into their “new home” and schedule. Plus, William will need plenty of time off to ponder his next career choice.

      1. Let’s also not forget that the Closer trial will be coming up, and with it probably much negative criticism on their behavior.

          1. It’s in the hands of the French prosecutors. The UK government doesn’t have control over the legal system of another sovereign nation. The photographers have a right to a fair trial and their lawyers will make sure that happens. Expect descriptions of the photos to be publicized in the media if not the photos themselves.

          2. It’s a criminal charge so the prosecutors control what happens. They could have decided to offer a deal with a lesser charge, but if they do it’s based on what they want to do. Will and Kate or the UK government have no power in that decision. I assume any offers for a lesser charge would have been made already because trial is set.

  3. It makes me laugh. BAFTA called them out, and nowthey have to go. Just like KP’s PR complaining William just can’t work royal duties because it’s required of him to not work AT ALL when he’s not flying, and EAAA printed a press release calling BS.

    New gown? I think yes, with the matronly bun or long flowing extensions– err, locks.

    Been away on a trip for my birthday! Missed this place. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I shake my head at the taxpayer funded hedge to give them privacy. Come on. Everyone else who lives in KP isn’t this damned paranoid.

    1. And how long has Kensington Palace been a royal residence too? Hundreds of years? But suddenly hedges are required because the lazy duo will be there on occasion.

    2. The hedge is in the wrong place if privacy for WK is the goal.

      I’ll repeat my analogy from upthread to explain.

      WK are obsessed by privacy, but the removed the shielding trees along the back wall of their own property which backs into the park and leaves their upper windows vulnerable to anyone walking through that very busy part of the park.

      WK decide to deal with this by putting up shielding trees across the farthest fence around the field that touches the outside of their neighbour’s property. At a position that doesn’t meet their own property at all and doesn’t deal with the vulnerability of their own property and hope that takes care of their problem.

      They and the royals do not use the part of the park that’s being enclosed, not even to land the helicopter. So i think they just want a part of the gardens that they use exclusively and sod the gloucesters whose view is going to be enclosed by this hedge.

      1. I just looked at maps to figure this out. You’re right, they are planting the hedges in the field across the street, to the side of their apartment. This won’t afford any privacy to the Cambridges. It will offer privacy to the Glousters and 4B (or block their view) but does nothing for the Cambridges because they have no windows on that side of the palace. What gives? This makes no sense.

        1. The crazy thing is that the Gloucesters already have shielding trees AND a wall along their property, so this extra shield is pointless except to enclose a field across the *street from them.

          *a road runs between their apartment wall and the field about to be enclosed. That road is at least 3 cars wide. So this field is really far from the Cambridges.

          I’m going to put my tinfoil hat on and say that WK want extra space as their own, above the space they’ve been allocated, and are using this excuse to slice off a portion of land from Kensington Gardens. Like they did with the tennis court at Anmer that ended up taking up land from a neighbouring tenant farmer.

          1. Jen: it is public access land. Just like the field on the other side of the Palace infront of Harry’s cottage where the helicopters land.

            Btw: it’s not just royal helicopters that land on that field.

            The newly enclosed field is occassionally used by WHK for their PSAs, but i guess if they want to enclose it then no one can object, including KP residents.

            All it takes is neighbours to object. Since all the neighbours are embassies or oligarchs who are barely there, no objection.

          1. 31 isn’t too old, and yet I still feel far younger. I think because I remember being on the internet as a child and being the youngest person around. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. This just in. Will and Kate to star in documentary Hidden Hedges. The doc will focus on the thrilling tale of how the new hedges around KP will thicken enough because privacy you know. The film will fund the new wall around Kensington Palace because unfortunately Britain is an island country so they can’t ask their neighbors to foot the bill and the British taxpayers said uh-uh we’re already paying for BP renovation. Release date whatever year they can finish it accdg to BAFTA.

  5. With the new DM article of WK wanting more privacy and planting trees which will cost the taxpayers 20,000 pounds, does William not know that this isn’t going to cut it when he is POW and eventually King? His obsession with privacy is making him so unpopular. Kate least public engagement the crowds was small for her. They annoy me so much but I have feeling they won’t be King and Queen so don’t care.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true celebs were concerned about Kate overshadowing them. I don’t think that came from Kensington Palace but from celebs expressing concern to the BAFTA organisation.

    Celebs are pretty fragile people and Kate is more interesting than an A list celeb. We get even the top stars all the time in various red carpets and news. Kate is pretty rationed. I see Angelina all the time. I don’t get a lot of Kate at a full on gala.

    I’m willing to give W&K a pass on this one, I reckon it came from over zealous celeb publicists.

    Also…not many have picked up on what these means for William? The heir to the throne is so damn boring he’s presence is of no issue!

    1. I doubt most celebs are worried about Kate. She is dull as hell and has bad fashion and slouches. They won’t be outshone by someone who still mumbles incomprehensibly if she even bothers to speak. She is no Princess Di.

      This was floated as an excuse for the lazy duo to skip the BAFTAs and the BAFTAs called their bluff.

    2. Really???? You think Kate is more interesting than some British actors/ess?? Give me Helen mirren, Judi dench, Maggie smith, Emma Thompson, Emma Watson……….
      Kate is “rationed” because she doesn’t know what the word work means.
      And the monstrosity of a dress that she wore to the james bond premiere pretty much guaranteed no one was outshined at that event.

      1. Don’t forget Kate Beckinsale. I wonder what Kate and William will talk about to the celebs. William admitting he doesn’t watch films because …. fill in the blank. Kate cannot carry a conversation for long either.

  7. Any idea of Meghan Markle got an invite to the BAFTAS?
    If anything she’ll probably outshine everyone or rather get all the attention just because of who she is dating and I think it might also be her first public appearance in the UK.
    If she does go, it would be interesting to see how William and Kate interact with her.

    1. Why would she be invited? I don’t think either she or Suits got nominated for anything. I imagine that if she really wanted to go she could probably grab an invite due to who she is dating though.

    2. I don’t see why Meghan would get an invite. She’s not nominated; plus she’s not a film actor, and she’s not a big celebrity, so I don’t think she would be asked to present or anything.

      I, personally, don’t think Meghan can or would outshine the celebs at the BAFTAs. Everyone will be caring about La La Land, Emma Stone, and Casey Affleck, plus the other winners and big celebs. Not too many people would be caring about Meghan.

      I’m just hoping that Kate will meet one of the actors/actresses I like so I have an excuse to post photos of them, too.

    1. I think it’s really, really silly but I didn’t get into the Diana fuss; I’m younger than Harry. Why not create a lasting legacy insofar as using that money towards HIV/AIDS education charities or The Halo Trust? Why a statue? Giving to charities Diana supported or creating a fund for them seems more appropriate than a statue, but again, I don’t get the love and even worship for her.

      1. Why can’t we have both? A small, poignant and permanent memorial needn’t cost the earth but would mean so much to the many who felt that the opportunity to do that after she died was not taken appropriately. I’m not asking for the size of the Victoria Memorial to be replicated, it wouldn’t be in keeping with her but something that everyone can access for those that want to is the least we can do. It has to be better than the pond, the island in Althorp and the tacky memorial in Harrods.

        1. I just have in mind some massive waste of money, but we’ll see how it turns out! I’m just not one who understands why there needs to be some statue of her. I get lots of people still love and even revere her, and as I said I’m not one of them (I was only 10 when she died), so I just don’t understand the purpose.

      2. Harry created Sentebale in Diana’s memory, which I think is a pretty amazing tribute. The statue, though, I can see as something both sons wanted as a physical reminder of their mother. It’s not really my sort of thing, but I won’t argue with anyone’s grief.

    2. I understand why William and Harry want another tangible memorial to their mother, this time to mark the 20th year of her death; it’s cathartic for them. If a statue was their choice, it would have been a more appropriate gesture for them to personally commission and pay for the sculpture. This approach does away with committees and asking the public for money, especially since previous memorials have attracted criticism for going over-budget and having the over-run met by government aka the taxpayer.

      It’s tricky. A figurative statue will most likely become a shrine for some. But for many (most?) Diana is not someone who figured in their lives, or is a distant memory, as is inevitable as time passes. I think this is more for William and Harry and their need to keep her memory alive when the world has moved on.

      I’m of the mind that since there are several memorials dedicated to Diana already, money donated to somehow help the very people she championed would be of greater ongoing use. By way of example: in New Zealand, after WWII, the government decided to build community halls across the country to commemorate the fallen instead of statues. They figured โ€“ correctly โ€“ that people would be able to enjoy all manner of activities in such buildings, as they belong to the community, and be more useful than statues.

  8. So, the Cambs will be observers and ‘keen’ to learn wherever they go. Not only that, they will not lead the charge anytime, anywhere soon. They’ll show up and feign to look interested. Plus ca change.

    The most ludicrous moment for me is the Tiresome Threesome attending a ‘training day’. Will they tell participants to ‘keep up the good work’? This all is like the anointed deigning to show up for worker bees and whoosh, dispersing their holy fragrance and inspiring harder work so the great unwashed can be winners. The redoubtable Prince Henry no longer gets a pass. He’s a piker like the Cambs. He’s old enough to know better.

    Meanwhile the BAFTA thing is just so much nothing stacked atop even more nothing.

    Can anyone see any royal toil in any of these engagements?

    1. No toil at all; it there ever? Just a rinse and repeat of previous events. It must be so irritating for those who have the discipline, good heart and resolve to participate in the Marathon to be patronised by a trio of life’s loafers. Since HT is the charity gaining from the London Marathon the event is but a PR exercise enjoining the public to contribute.

      1. I wonder how the directors of the events and charities don’t see how the Cambs drag their feet to these events. I doubt the atmosphere is crackling with high energy when they make their rare appearances.

        1. I’m sure they know that the ‘interest’ shown is fleeting and for self-serving reasons. If the charities can get some public attention resulting in donations and/or volunteers, maybe it’s worth it?

          1. You would hope some good comes from it. But the Cambs can’t help themselves when they come off as dolts and opportunists using the events to appear relevant and hard at work.

    1. No doubt part of the deal for stepping up a little more and moving to London. If Kate’s minimal efforts are considered worthy of a gong it’s not worth a bean.

      1. So is she getting the RFO or the RVO? It’s not fair how she is praised for her minimal work yet the same family were horrible to Diana.

        1. It’s a lie they were horrible to Diana; it was part of her ‘poor me’ narrative. HM, being one who sticks her head in the sand, didn’t know what to do about her.

          1. Philip did so much to try to prop-up Diana and encourage her, as proven by the letters. Not something many would expect of him, but his letters about HM and what she means to him give insight into who he truly is.

            It amazes me, 20 years on, that Diana’s lies and fabrications are still taken as gospel. There are still obsessed Diana fans out there who act like Charles cheated on them personally. SMH

          2. Well the Royal family knowingly allowed the marriage between Charles and Diana to happen- knowing that Charles was still carrying on with Kanga and Camilla. I can see how Diana would be bitter about that, considering she was a 19 year old virgin and was naive. And the brf continued turning a blind eye even when Charles numerous extra marital affairs became more public. So yes, in that sense this family did do a huge injustice to Diana and expected that she should just spread her legs, birth out some heirs and put up and shut up. Good on Diana, that she played them at their own PR game and nearly ruined them. It’s only because Diana is long dead that the BRF were able to recover their reputation and they hid many of their corrupt deeds, as a result. Doubt that if Diana were still alive, the BRF would be looked at as fondly as they are now.

          3. I think Diana wanted someone to save her, and that someone was the Prince of Wales (not Charles). She ultimately used Charles as much as he used her. She and her games with the press from Day One were legend, the memory of which has softened over time. The early articles and documentaries, right after her death, are enlightening.

            Frontline, the princess and the press

            These were two people who used each other, thought they were the answer to a problem. There was love and affection there, just not enough to overcome these two mismatched people. She herself said they loved each other, and anyone who said otherwise was lying.

            This marriage never would have lasted, even without any outside influences or people.

    2. This looks like a Carole planted article to me. Kate has done jack squat to deserve it and the Queen would not be speaking to the press.
      The DM comments are funny because they also list how little Kate does.
      She didn’t have a spectacular year by any means and the Queen isn’t going to succumb to peer pressure on that issue.

      1. I sincerely hope you are right. If the Queen gives Kate any kind of order I will lose all respect for her (the Queen). This is one area I feel strongly about. HM should draw a line in the sand and make Kate earn the RFO. Kate gets homes, clothes and jewels for doing the bare minimum. This one particular honor should be withheld until properly earned through years of hard work.

        1. The RFO is only for women, and Camilla has the RVO even though Charles doesn’t.

      2. Hasn’t the DM brought this up every year sometimes multiple times a year that Kate will finally get the RFO? Yawn. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  9. As reported in the Express: “…Today, Amanda Berry, chief executive of BAFTA, confirmed to Express.co.uk the Royal couple will definitely be turning up.

    She said: โ€œThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are fantastic supporters of BAFTA.”

    So what do they do, exactly?

    1. They watch films? Perhaps they have a super-secret BAFTA account (similar to Netflix) that they operate from Amner. All that time we thought they were just hiding out and avoiding work, they were actually studiously examining each and every BAFTA effort to be at their best for the organization. In between reading scientific articles, of course.

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