Prince William and Kate Middleton at memorial service for 6th Duke of Westminster

Prince William and Kate Middleton at memorial service for 6th Duke of Westminster

Prince William and Kate Middleton attended the memorial service for the 6th Duke of Westminster at Chester Cathedral yesterday, November 28. They joined Prince Charles, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Princess Eugenie, the Duke of Kent, Princess Alexandra, Prince Michael of Kent, and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

Gerald Grosvenor, 6th Duke of Westminster, died on August 9 at the age of 64 at the Royal Preston Hospital in Lancashire after suffering a heart attack on his Abbeystead Estate. Grosvenor is survived by his wife Natalia Grosvenor (who is Prince William’s godmother), his son Hugh Grosvenor, now 7th Duke of Westminster (who is Prince George’s godfather, and whose godfather is Prince Charles), and three daughters: Lady Tamara van Cutsem, Lady Edwina Snow, and Lady Viola Grosvenor.

The memorial service was held in front of some 1,400 mourners and was led by the Dean of Chester. Lady Edwina led the tributes by reading a personal poem titled ‘A letter to my father’. Hugh read Rudyard Kipling’s poem ‘If’. William also gave a reading, performing the Garter Prayer (part of the annual service for Knights of the Order of the Garter).

Kate wore a bunch of repeats to the memorial service: bespoke velvet patchwork Alexander McQueen coat from Remembrance Sunday 2015; John Boyd hat from Remembrance Sunday 2016; Mascaro/Pretty Ballerinas velvet bow clutch debuted in 2011, most recently worn to Festival of Remembrance 2016; Gianvito Rossi black suede pumps worn several times this year; and the Queen’s Diamond Stud and Pearl Drop Earrings worn a couple times this year.

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  1. I find it odd that Kate waved to the crowds as she was leaving. Honestly, I would find it odd if anyone from the Royal family waved to the crowds as this was a funeral, not something people turned out to see the Royals for. No one knew Kate was going to be there, but instead were there for the actual funeral. Maybe it’s me, but it just seems a little off to wave at something that is a somber event and not about you.

    Since it was a funeral, I don’t really care what anyone was wearing. However, I am glad we finally saw the full patchwork coat. I didn’t like it the first time she wore it when we could only see the waist up. And I like it even less seeing the full thing. I think it would be a nice coat without the velvet shoulder sections. Regardless though, at least everyone was appropriately dressed.

    It’s interesting that Kate hasn’t done as many events this month as in past months and she has nothing on the calendar. I think she will squeeze in one more engagement before Christmas and that is it. December is always a quiet month for her (as is January). She didn’t pad her numbers as much at the end, where as William has a few coming up I believe.

    1. The actual funeral was back in August – this was a memorial service.

      I like the coat, kind of. I wish the shoulder sections and the mid section velvet were gone, but I do like the shape of the coat and the velvet on the cuffs and bottom of the coat.

      I find it very odd that Kate hasn’t been doing a lot in November and has nothing scheduled for December. That’s not like her. But I guess since she did two tours this year she figures she has enough engagements under her belt that she doesn’t need to do any more.

      1. I didn’t realize it was just a memorial service, so thank you KMR. I still find it odd that Kate waved. This day wasn’t about her and the crowds weren’t there for her.

        I was thinking the same thing in regards to the 2 tours. She probably figures that was enough. I actually thought this year might be her busiest since there were 2 tours, however, I now think she will average about the same since the other months have been lighter. So much for the Cambridge’s doing more. They just made it seem busier this year with 2 tours :(.

          1. But she’s still only “worked” 58 days out of 365. While her number of engagements has increased this year due to the tours, the number of days she’s “worked” is still dismally low. What does she do on the other 307 days?

          2. That is what I was thinking too Lauri. That even though she has high numbers this year she actually did less. The tours really beef up the numbers. Like in Canada, even though they only ‘worked’ for a few hours each day, every little thing counted as a separate event, so each day was like 4 things. Which is just silly. That beefed up her numbers, but then during the non-tour months she did less. Her numbers may be higher, but she did less each month so it is a deceiving number. Take away the tours and she her numbers are bad.

            Lauri she shopped and worked out the other 307 days, oh and vacationed. It’s obviously a hard life ;).

          3. I’ll have full statistics on her engagement numbers at the end of the year. So we’ll see then.

          4. So, if you take the 4.6 million Charles gives to PW, Kate and PH for their “official activities”, and divide it by 3, then divide that number by the total number of days Kate “worked” it comes to just over an average cost of 26,436 per working day this year!!! Seriously? Can anyone believe that she is worth that much per day?

          5. It’s even harder to be positive about these two when you see it’s the end of November and they’ve “worked” less than 2 months and even then it’s high becuase if two inernational tours peppered with “private time” ?
            After kmrs’s post on Kate’s photo skills I guess we know why she didn’t release any pics from their Indian reserve tour

        1. Oh dear God, I hope not. It wouldn’t surprise me though that an ‘oops’ happened, she may have a difficult time handling the fact that there are other people in the spotlight. And what can William do about it, not one thing. In some pictures I’ve seen lately, Kate looks downright frail, and as much as I haven’t any use for her I hope she doesn’t put that kind of demand on her body, to me she doesn’t look like she’s healthy enough, but then again she might look not healthy because she is pregnant. Again, I sincerely hope not, because I am personally and utterly convinced that her reason wouldn’t be the right reason to have a baby. Just my opinion, with my mind going back to those ads from years ago, and I could be dead wrong.

          1. Not to speculate too much into their reproductive choices but William (they)could have very well taken care of matters so there is no oops

      1. But, Kate often behaves inappropriately. Twirling her hair at a special service for the veterans. Calling attention to a baby kick when leaving a ceremony at Church — which I believe was also a remembrance for veterans. Tossing off a bouquet that a youngster gave her as she left Canada… and so on.

        I don’t know, though,. If they all waved, why not? I guess those gathered outside want to believe that the Royals see them and acknowledge them.

        It’s better than the dreaded fascinators, but I don’t particularly care for Kate in big hats.

    2. +1

      This represent the public funeral even with the family funeral (maybe HM and DOE attended), this was the people ‘ funeral’ time of moaning; waving smiling was inappropriate and poor taste.

  2. The Cambridges received a lot of favors from Grosvenor, some allowing them to travel quietly and quickly to private holidays. It was not an option to be absent from this memorial service because of the connections with the father, his son and the daughter’s marriage to a friend of long-standing. The record shows that the D&D attended, participated and maintained a dignified presence.

    For some reason, I recall that Grosvenor was a close and special friend to Charles. Is that so, or am I mistaken?

    It will be interesting to see if the Cambs maintain the friendship sufficient to still receive more of the same benefits they have in the past.

    Duke of Westminster was a complex character. His life would be an interesting subject for a biography 15 or 20 years from now.

    1. Yes, Grosvenor and Charles were close. I’m sure the Cambs will still maintain the relationship with the Grosvenors. Hugh – the new Duke – is George’s godfather.

      1. Also the Duchess was said to be a support to Diana early on. She was named one of William’s godmothers, instead of the Duke himself being named one of William’s godfathers. Diana in turn was godmother to their daughter, Edwina.

    2. William sure could learn from Gerald Grosvenor’s warmth and charitable spirit. Reading about him, despite his familial problems and the awful issue he had with depression, he did some wonderful things for other people and raised his children to believe the same: you are born with the biggest silver spoon, so you better well give back. Like a rehabilitation hospital for British troops, being involved in a lot of local community projects and getting them off the ground, sending his kids to normal schools and giving them normal lives…

      1. Ellie, thanks for the reminder of how relevant and caring some people are. I do hope that William and Kate not only are aware of the gentleman’s kind and generous nature, but they appreciate it and they hopefully want to do what they can to ensure his legacy lives on I also hope they care enough to make their own mark, too. And, not just flitting around with their mental health issues, but really working on behalf of programs that will sincerely help those who suffer.

  3. As George’s godfather, was Hugh chosen out of necessity i.e. jet or is he that chummy with them? He seems quite young for being friends with them. Nothing to criticise about the memorial though.

    1. I don’t know if Hugh himself is particularly close with Cambridges, but their families are very close, so I think there’s more affection there than necessity. Charles and the 6th Duke (who the memorial is for) were known to be quite close. I’ve read interesting articles about how they’ve both struggled to be themselves with the large burdens placed upon them. Making the 7th Duke a godparent signals to me that the Royal Family under the helm of William intends to maintain a close relationship with the Grosvenors.

      1. I do wonder if having a member of the Duchy of Westminster as a godparent is about financial prudence. Not a very charitable thought I know but I can’t see the new Duke being in the Cambridge’s immediate circle of friends given his age. It strikes me more as form and sound financial planning.

        1. Hugh seems to hang out with Harry and Eugenie. Twitter/IG pics.

          I think Hugh was with Harry during one of his summers in Africa working with animals.

          (Hugh is in the blue shirt in the photos in the article)

          Meanwhile William is often pictured hunting with Edward Van Cutsem who is married to Hugh’s older sister.

          It’s obviously conspiracy theory here, but given the gossip about Edward, it makes sense for William and Kate to maintain relationships with the Grosvenors because they share the same values.

          I’m more willing to believe that Harry and Eugenie are genuinely close to Hugh because of the things they do together which seem to be of mutual benefit unlike WK/Edward which seem to be more grifting with the Grosvenors.

        2. Totally agree.

          Since whiny distance himself and kids from the Wales, BRF and is now bill middleton. He,carol cannot is more about continuing the perks, luxury lifestyle connection than in memory of his dad POW, brother as a royal unit and more about continuing the luxury for the middleton’s and his kids.

    2. Hugh is close to Harry, not at all to William.

      Hugh was chosen IMO to continue the perk train from the Grosvenors. Hugh will feel obligated to give W&K favors and later G&C.

  4. Ugly coat. I didn’t like it when we only saw half of it at Remembrance Day. I definitely don’t like it now that we’ve seen the entire thing. Which makes me kinda sad because I like the silhouette, but the velvet patches ruin it completely for me. Also, does she needs to have so many versions of the same coat?!

    Camilla looked good. Eugenie was a huge miss.

    I get the feeling that Will & Kate are only there so they keep getting all the perks from this family. There’s nothing sincere. But I haven’t seen videos, so it could just be that they look stiff in pictures. But given there track record, it’s hard to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    1. I’m going to be totally petty here. A huge velvet bow on her clutch at a memorial? Rather frivolous IMO. As I said, I’m being petty. In the first pic you can see her over-rouged cheeks coming before she does.

      And I agree, Willy is going to be nice to those who are useful to him; I think he showed up because it’s his duty as First Princeling and because of the perks; from what Herazeus posted downthread, I doubt Willy has much in common with well-raised, dutiful, decent, community minded folk. He’s not hanging out with the heir playing video games.

      Charles is so obviously feeling the loss. It sucks to be that age, I know.

      On another note, is Willy still at his job? No one ever mentions it these days.

    2. I liked Eugenie’s look. The jacket is streamlined and unfussy, suiting her figure. Several men are wearing blue suits, so Eugenie in blue/black is fine. Purple is one of the historic colors of mourning or half-mourning, so the hat color fits the occasion 3 months after his passing.

    1. She and Benedikte in Denmark are some of the most stylist royal ladies out there IMO.

      A quick glance at Alexandra’s picture, then the unphotoshopped one of KM getting out of the car underneath it? Honestly I wouldn’t peg them as 45 years apart in age.

      Of course, I wouldn’t put Alexandra at 10 years older than Camilla, either. She’s just blessed in the “looking younger than her age” department!

        1. There are only a couple of times that I’ve thought, “Oh no, what is she wearing?” when looking at Alexandra.

          Her outfit from the WI Garden Party had me scratching my head and wondering if she was headed to a cocktail party afterwards. Why such shiny silk in the daytime? She also wore this outfit to Ascot.

          She pulls it off, though, esp the flowers in her hat matching the flowers of the jacket.

          This doozy from Ascot needs to be turned into throw pillows. It is almost as bad as the animal print outfit the lady near her is wearing. That lady also appears to be wearing a kitchen scrubber on her head…

          1. I’m okay with the Ascot outfit. The pink waistcoat standing next to her mutes the colors of her coat, as does the simplicity of her hat. I agree about the shiny fabric for the garden party skirt/dress. Check out the pattern matching on the jacket though. Someone did a fantastic job hiding the seams on that floral pattern!

      1. Alexandra is still stunning. She was an amazingly beautiful woman! From what I’ve heard of her she is a lovely unassuming human being and very kind. She does more royal work than W&K.

  5. I appreciate the blog is about kate but on this occasion I think it is about the deceased and his family – Charles is same generation – he should have the priority – Kate is a sideline

    1. And Gerald Grosvenor was a close personal friend of Charles too.

      But Kate’s waving away like it’s all about her. Yuck! Others may have acknowledged the crowd but they carried themselves with decorum as expected of people at a Memorial Service.

  6. I agree with Future Crayon: it was nice to see Princess Alexandra. She always seems kind, regal and beautiful.

    I’m not going to comment on Kate’s clothes as its already been said. And I hate the waving by anyone. This is a memorial service, not an engagement. The DoW was interesting. It will be interesting to hear stories years from now.

    Thanks for the coverage, KMR.

    1. She’s still looking sprightly – like something out of an Edwardian costume drama. The Duke of Kent is looking quite frail, but then he is 81 and should probably be putting his feet up and letting the younger royals take over his 150+ engagements each year.

      1. KM will be more than happy to take the Wimbledon patronage off his hands, should it come to pass. Toss up whether she’ll get HM’s patronage or his, both related to tennis and Wimbledon.

        Personally, I think she shouldn’t be handed either until he has passed away. He deserves to keep the patronage he’s worked at for so long, instead of it being used as a carrot to get KM to work more.

        (I’d also rather Wimbledon went to Edward and Sophie, as they’ve supported tennis for years and met at a charity tennis event.)

  7. Kate looks appropriate, and her makeup is nice. If I remember correctly, the death was a surprise, and his son Hugh suddenly had huge responsibilities on his shoulders. As I am not British, can anyone explain what roles his father carried out?

    1. The only hereditary thing about the Dukedom of Westminster is the title. The wealth is not tied into the title.

      The accolades and achievements held by the recently deceased duke were earned or given by reason of special service/friendship with the royal family and government.

      His wiki page pretty much sums up the old duke’s achievements.,_6th_Duke_of_Westminster

      The wealth came about via very good marriage to property owning heiresses in the 18th century. That property was successfully managed and developed into the current generations’ billions.

      In theory, the new duke could decide to spend the rest of his life in vegas and no one would miss him because his title holds no ceremonial duties and his wealth is held in trust and by all accounts very well managed. Ditto the old duke.

      What keeps all of them from being rich idiots blowing through the family billions is being brought up with a very strong sense of duty and decency. And private jet and family seat aside, they do not flaunt their wealth and are very community minded eg one of the daughters is working on prison reform.

        1. Yes, it’s all entailed to the eldest son.

          I was answering a different question regarding significance of title in terms of inherited responsibilities specific to the title eg the Marquis of Cholmondeley title is also the Lord Great Chamberlain of England as one of the inherited offices tied to the title and can be seen taking part in the annual state opening of parliament every year.

          Further, his family seat and wealth originates from the state as a result of services rendered to the crown by their descendent Robert Walpole, the first Prime Minister.

          The Duke of W’s title wasn’t granted with any offices of state or wealth attached.

          In a strange way, you could say that the wealth of the Westminster title is a combination smart marriage moves together with a dollop of self made ingenuity to turn the marriage dowry into wealth, and that took centuries to grow and maintain vs the Marquis whose wealth and titles are straightforward inherited wealth from day one and little attempt to grow any of it into a business empire.

          Does that make sense?

      1. I wondered if the crowds were actually more for tribute to the late duke than the royal peepers? What I read he did lots for the community and was generally liked.
        There seemed to be an unusually high turn out for people coming to peep.

      2. In another interview with Edwina that I read in August, she told the backstory behind the trip to the rehab center. Her dad had recently heard a horrible story about teenage drug use, or statistics or some such, and said, (I’m speaking colloquially) “Um, no, not to my girls.” So he took them all along. It not only had the intended effect but also gave them (or at least her) quite a bit of empathy for those who struggle because of how her father approached it. This summer was the first I had really known of him but he sounded like a remarkable man. Quirky, certainly flawed, but very remarkable.

    2. He was one of the richest men in U.K, had a massive property portfolio with some of the most valuable land in U.K. Such as the American embassy in his ownership. A huge amount of charity involvement such as Territiorial Army, prison reform and drug addiction. A very highly thought of man not just by his own peer group but by the ‘lower orders’ and his staff and estate workers. He was an immensely kind with in some ways a troubled mind. He was not supposed to inherit the Duchy and was always destined to be a gentry farmer but quirk of fate etc…he seems to have no trouble equating his huge privilege with responsibility though. There is an anecdote that his only real display of ostentation was to buy a private plane when the air smoking ban came into force as he was a very heavy smoker. He also used to be a bit overweight but had lost quite a lot of weight in the last years of his life. But news of his death was received with great sadness not least by the many, many people who had been in receipt of his charity or had worked for him writing beautiful tributes to him online in comment sections of the media.

      Can I just say it is appropriate to greet at a memoiral service. I would have expected the Royals to have acknowledged the crowds outside Chester Cathedral with a small discreet wave but definitely not at a funeral service. A semi walkabout and talking to general public would be a no-no at both. And much as I didn’t care for the bespoke alternations done to Kate’s Alexander McQueen coat I thought the hat looked spectacular. The shape looked fabulous and very reminiscent of things I had seen Diana wear. Eugenie……I adore that girl, but my goodness who let her out in that coat?

      1. I’m just struck at Eugenie’s strong QM resemblance that i give her a pass on the bad fashion because in my brain, her competition is the QM fashion. LOL

        1. Both those girls……there is never any doubt of their lineage is there? It really is like looking back into history. Mind you Freddie Windsor is really the one who most looks like he’s stepped out of a history book. Xx

          1. Definitely vis a vis Frederick Windsor.

            I’m having a very odd reaction to Kate’s fashion ( i know it’s a funeral so i’m being ridiculous) because i think the outfit is appropriate, wonderful and pulled together. Yet i hate it on her because it’s aged her. If you told me she was in her 40s, i would agree because the outfit is a tad too old for her. I know she’s being respectful, but perhaps a jaunty fedora might have aged down the coat?!

          2. I so wish they would get a consistent stylist to help them edit their wardrobe. Such lovely girls and their work and personalities seem to be overwhelmed by their poor outfit choices. Although, this is mostly the media’s fault and not theirs!

          3. Herazeus I have the opposite reaction to her coat. I think it looks like something people would say was too young for Lady Louise to wear. “Twee” comes to mind.

          4. Hera I agree. In theory I like Kate’s outfit (do love the shoes) but it ages her and her posture even more so.
            I saw pics of Leti in Portugal and her posture was it’s normal faboo straight and makes her look even more amazing. Kate needs to take note.

          5. I agree that Kate looked perfectly appropriate for the occasion, though I don’t like the coat.

            Thanks, Sarah, for mentioning the posture. I’m beginning to think it’s a physical problem, because it just takes effort to correct. Leti really has perfect posture.

          6. I don’t know if that would be why she stands that way. The ballet started when she was young, around the age she got bit by the love of journalism too. Ballet was said to be 3-4 days a week for her at the school.

    3. I don’t think the death was a surprise – he’d lost tons of weight in the past year and he’d almost looked gaunt. I almost didn’t recognise him when I saw recent pictures of him in a Tatler article. Apparently he was a supersmoker as well.

  8. Hello everyone!

    I like Kate’s coat. It makes her look classy for such a mournful event. Herazeus had a good point above that the outfit ages her and I agree. I think the fault lies in the hat. That had it a little too ‘over 60’ for Kate. She’s still young and should have worn something a little more chic.

    I love Eugenie’s coat. That fabric is beautiful and her skin looks flawless next to it.

    1. I have to disagree about Eugenie’s coat, I thought it was bloody awful!

      It was bulky, looked like 2-3 sizes too big for her, did nothing to flatter her figure as it just consumed her. The York girls are shocking when it comes to fashion and dressing for their bodies.

      1. It’s a beautiful, minimalist coat (and hat) but I think it’s better suited to a more androgynous body shape; it needs to just hang without womanly curves getting in the way.

        1. I thought it minimalist and flattering too. The high collar meant she couldn’t mess it up with a scarf, which was an added bonus. Almost an Asian feel to the design.

  9. Kate hasn’t been doing much this month and usually she tacks on all of her engagements at the end of the year to boost her numbers in the court circular, so is it possible she could be pregnant or trying to conceive? The moment the Meghan Markle story came out I knew that it was only a matter of time before Cambridge baby number 3. Also, shouldn’t we see a Christmas photo of the Cambridges soon? Or do you think they will just use one from their tour of Canada?

    Princess Victoria always gives the best Christmas video of sweet Estelle decorating a Christmas tree or baking cookies. I can’t wait to see Oscar’s first Christmas video. It’s a shame that Will and Kate have never done that with George and Charlotte. Last year their Christmas photo didn’t even look Christmas-y.

    Hugh Grosvenor is my age. So young to be the Duke already. William never could have handled being Prince of Wales or King at that age.

    1. There will only be a third child if William wants one. He didn’t seem to be in favour of it based on previous statements. In the non photoshopped photos, she looks drawn out and not full in the face so I don’t think she is pregnant. .

      1. But if she has that bad morning sickness it can actual make a woman lose weight the first trimester, not gain it. So if she is sick that might make her look drawn out.

        Since William made those comments about struggling with parenthood I am not sure if he would want a third, either. But people said Kate did since she is one of three with a younger sister and brother.

        I guess I am just trying to figure out why she is not doing more appearances. Is it because of the Canada and India tours? Does she figure she doesn’t have to do appearances this winter because she already brought her numbers up?

        1. “I guess I am just trying to figure out why she is not doing more appearances.”
          1. Doesn’t want to.
          2. Doesn’t have to.

        2. I hope for her sake that she isn’t pregnant yet. I had horrible nausea and hyperemesis with my pregnancies and I had to gain weight pre-conception so that I’d have weight to *lose* during the horrid first trimester. I’d be sick all the way through but with my first pregnancy I lost twenty five pounds in the first two months.

          1. I had severe HG with my last two children and had a bloated face from the IV’s that I was given. I’m fairly certain she has not had HG as she claims, because I could barely stand between hospital visits and my youngest was born two months early.

            Kate has never looked like she was ill with her other pregnancies, but it could be that was the time she was hiding away from work.

            My sister-in-law was/is very much like Kate where she exercises continuously and had a difficult time conceiving. She eventually had to use fertility injections and I wouldn’t be surprised if Kate hasn’t had to use that as well.

            This is only my two cents and I have wrote about my battles with HG in previous blog entries on this site. 🙂

          2. I feel so horribly for anyone who has gone through HG. I have watched some YouTube videos of women who have gone through it and it was life threatening for them and for the baby. I know some women have lost their pregnancies because of it and they have to go through so many hospital visits and even at home nurse care. I don’t want to believe that Kate would lie about having HG, but if she did have it I feel that it must have been a minor case.

    2. The last two years’ Christmas photos didn’t come out until mid-December, so if W&K release a Christmas photo(s) it probably won’t happen until mid-December. Estelle’s Christmas photos also don’t come out until mid-December.

      1. I adore Victoria, Daniel and family’s photos/videos at Christmas. They capture the family and magic at Christmas. Kate and William’s photo last year looked staged. The perfect family that can only have a good time theme with little warmth. Sorry to be harsh. It is difficult to articulate.

        1. I totally agree, Laura. I look forward to Victoria’s pictures and videos every year.

          Will and Kate’s Christmas picture was awful. It was so weirdly photoshopped. I didn’t like it at all. George and Charlotte are lovely, but it looked like George was photoshopped to be in front of Kate and it just looked fake and weird somehow. I don’t know a lot about photography, but there was something ‘off’ about that photo.

  10. Given that the Grosvenors and the Wales’ are godparents to each other’s kids, was there ever hope for a romance between William or Harry and one of the Grosvesnor girls?

      1. Hugh is just beautiful but I always though GG was the most amazing looking man with such soulful, kind but sad eyes. My Mum and I were looking at some photos of him last night after the service and he really was a very fine looking gentleman. Not a florid, chinless, pasty faced wonder like so many of the upperclass stereotype.

        I hope Hugh is ready and able to assume the enormous responsibility that has just landed on his shoulders but I’m certain GG would have given him the very best grounding for his future.

        1. I’m the same age as Hugh, and I cannot imagine carrying the burden of that large of a business combined with the title. Luckily, it sounds like most of the businesses are in a managed trust, but it’s still a lot to carry for anyone, let alone someone without much work experience.

          I hope his new position doesn’t deter him from finding a love match. it would be hard to trust people’s motives when you have that sort of money.

          1. Oh Laura! I would love to see Kate shaking in her boots if Hugh married Bea. Kate would have to stop being so mean to Bea if she wanted to continue to get the perks from the Westminsters. If I were Bea, I probably wouldn’t forget past incidents

      1. In many ways it would have been ideal for both families. Keeps everything (money, breeding, land) maintained nicely with the boundaries of those that are in that circle. No middle class, pesky interlopers diluting the line and making off with the goodies. No frightening of horses and everyone knows the codes of play.

    1. I recorded it. I can’t wait to watch it! I love Drunk History. My favorite mini-episodes are Coca Cola, Sacagewea, and the one about the bad blood between Jefferson and Adams.

    2. Maybe I missed something, but I didn’t think it was great. But, I’m one of those pearl clutchers who thinks finger flipping is very juvenile and tiresome.

  11. I think i I am in the minority but I love Eugenie’s outfit. It might not be the best photo or the coat is not tailored. In combination with the hat it gives me serious Dior New Look vibes. Very elegant and sophisticated in my opinion.
    I like Camilla’s style but to be honest she always wears the same. I don’t mind because if you like that style please do so. She looks good but it is boring (on the fashion front). That’s why I don’t snark when Kate sticks to uniform looks (different when she buys outfits that look almost exactly the same).
    I didn’t like Kate’s cost the first time and I didn’t like it this time.

  12. I like Eugenie’s hat and coat. Eugenie is finally getting her style together and yes looks very much like the Queen mother when younger. I always think Eugenie and Beatrice act so dignified along with Harry. Just the right touch of dignity and empathy. I actually like Kate’s handbag. I am a sucker for bows. Bows from cakes, bows in my hair (when I was younger). I actually have/had a pink handbag with a bow on. Though I prefer the coat Kate wore to the Remembrance Service.
    I think that Hugh, will definitely distinguish himself and for a guy in his twenties that it is a heavy burden to bear. Prince William and Hugh have that in common.

  13. The death of the Duke of Westminster was awfully sad. I am local to the area and each year the family opens part of the Eaton Hall estate (just outside Chester) to a charity that my family (in-laws) work with; they hold a Christmas fair in a beautiful part of the estate. That has carried on this year even with the death of the current Duke. I hope it will continue in the future, it’s a lovely event and a chance to see some of the estate and the amazing artwork there too.

    I liked the top part of the coat from the Remembrance event but I am not a big fan of the bottom part, really. If I had known the memorial service was taking place I would have tried to be in Chester to see everyone in person.

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