Prince William and Kate Middleton at Stewards Academy for Heads Together

Prince William and Kate Middleton at Stewards Academy for Heads Together

Today, September 16, Prince William and Kate Middleton visited Stewards Academy, a Place2Be partner, in connection with Heads Together.

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William and Kate arrived at Stewards Academy in Harlow, Essex and were greeted by local dignitaries and children from the school. The day began with 72 year old Vice Lord Lieutenant of Essex Jonathan Douglas-Hughes falling flat back during the greeting. William rushed to help him while Kate stood where she was.

William and Kate then sat in on a class where the topic of discussion was changes the students have faced. When he walked in, William joked that he was “absolutely terrified” to be back at school.

The children revealed some of the biggest changes they’ve had to cope with in their lives:

    Kai, age 12: “My big change was when my swimming coach left and I was anxious about who would be my next one.”
    Mia, age 13: “My big change was when I was 7 and my parents split up.”
    Myles, 12: “My cousin really supported me when I was badly bullied and now I’ve moved to secondary school it’s much better.”
    Seven, 12: “My biggest change was my brother dying, it was really hard but coming to school really helped and playing golf.”

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Afterward, William said: “I think you should all be leading the Heads Together campaign, seriously. You are all incredible mature and speaking such sense. It’s fantastic to hear. If that’s come from the school then brave to the academy for encouraging you to embrace that. Thank you for sharing those stories with us as well.”

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Here’s a video of Kate clapping that I was asked to include. It also includes William’s statement above, and Kate adding: “And it’s so powerful because … so thank you so much.” She speaks so softly and her head is turned so I can’t hear the middle bit.

After the classroom lesson, William and Kate attended an assembly where William gave a speech. He said:

    “Catherine and I are really impressed by what we have seen of Stewards Academy, as we’re both strong believers in schools where the emotional wellbeing of young people is nurtured and protected just as much as your learning and academic skills. It is particularly good to see the role played in this positive culture by Place2Be, a charity that is in the team that is part of our ‘Heads Together’ campaign.
    “Catherine, Harry and I have decided that we can use our positions to make a difference on the subject of mental health. It should not be a taboo subject in the year 2016. So, the Heads Together campaign is all about getting people talking about the difficult times that many of us will face and have faced in our lives. Talking can make us realise that we’re not alone. The opposite of talking is isolation and fear. Sometimes getting something off your chest is an important step in coping with a situation – so you know that you’re not alone, you’re not failing, and that it is perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed or sad at times. Everybody does.
    “To be honest, if we could end the old fashioned idea that feeling down is something to be ashamed of, something that you shouldn’t burden others with, we would make our society a much happier and healthier place. Everyone needs someone to turn to – even if it’s an anonymous phone line or web chat service; or a friend, teacher or family member. Someone who you can trust. That’s what we are working towards – we know it’s a big ambition, but we think it’s very, very important.
    “One moment that our campaign wanted to recognise was how tough it can be when young people go through major changes in their life – such as moving schools. For many of you who have just made the move, this will have been a positive and happy experience. But for some, it is hard to move from the comfort of a school that you know, surrounded by friends, to one that is new, unfamiliar and so much bigger. So, Catherine and I were really pleased to learn about your buddy system just now, and we hope it means that you have a happy and fulfilling time at school. We hope that it helps bring about a habit in your life of turning to someone when you need help, as that will be just as important to your adult lives as academic success.
    “One final word – about your parents. The Heads Together campaign is for them, too. We know that parents sometimes don’t know how to help their children open up and talk about difficult times. Heads Together has today published, on its website, some top tips for parents – to help them talk to their children about big changes you may be going through. We hope this is helpful.
    “So thank you, Stewards Academy, for supporting the Heads Together campaign. When we get our Heads Together – when we talk to one another – we can get through the big changes together and achieve great things. Good luck, all of you, this school year.”


William also wrote a blog post for Heads Together in which he discusses the same themes as his speech – with some of the same wording. You can read his blog post here.

After William’s speech, he and Kate listened to others give speeches.

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William and Kate were greeted by the students and walked around outside chatting with them.

The final part of the day was a group discussion with parents of Stewards Academy children who have been helped by the school and Place2Be.

During the discussion, William joked about still feeling like he’s 16:

    “The second-in-line to the throne joked that he still acts like a teenager, saying: ‘Sometimes I still feel like I am 16, to be honest sometimes I still act like I am 16,’ while Kate agreed, saying: ‘I still think your 16,’ to which he agreed, telling the fellow parents: ‘Yes Catherine often tells me that.'”


Kate spoke words during the parent discussion. She asked a question of the group. From Rebecca English’s video, I can make out Kate saying: “… like more support for yourselves so there’s your children, do you feel you’d like to get more support whether it’s advice or whether it’s people you can turn to, do you fe- dealing with things…”

[Place2Be Facebook]

Dr. Fiona Pienaar, Director of Clinical Services at Place2Be, spoke to HELLO!, but I can’t find that article so I’m quoting the DM quoting HELLO! (article linked above):

    “Catherine has been an absolutely fantastic patron and since the Heads Together campaign has come together that has really raised the profile even more of mental health. Having met Catherine on a couple of occasions, she’s so knowledgeable about mental health and they are really passionate. I just think it’s marvellous what they are doing. I have been in situations where she’s in a small group asking questions and it’s clear that she understands the impact of mental health and early intervention so that you don’t get to a stage where young people need more specialised support and they are having mental ill health.
    “The other thing she does really well and I think they both do – you could see it on the stage – how they talk to young people and they share their experiences and I think that that shows how they really connect with young people. I imagine having their own children has also brought issues to the fore for them. I like the way the Heads Together Campaign is covering eight charities covering everything from early childhood and pregnancy right through to Harry and his returning servicemen.”

[Place2Be Facebook]

I’ve thought about what I was going to say about the children opening up, William’s comments, and this visit in general for several hours now. And I realized that there is no way for me to discuss it without my comments coming across as angry. Because that’s what I was when I was 12 and moved states & changed schools and had the only students I had met insult & shun me: very, very angry. It was not Sadness or Fear controlling the console in my mind, it was Anger.

So I’m going to say that it is very brave of the children to open up, that I hope this helps people; but that this visit and William’s comments would not have helped me due to lack of understanding of what I was actually going through (No mention at all of children being angry at having to change schools? No mention at all of children not actually having a support network to turn to because they literally know no one in the new school?), so I’m bowing out of the conversation because all it will result in is angry comments. So yeah, anyway, I need to stop commenting now.

Kate debuted a new-to-her designer today: Altuzarra – a French-born designer who works and shows in New York. She wore the Altuzarra Aimee Polka-Dot Button-Front Dress in Blue (which retailed for $2,150). It’s a light blue color with white and black polka dots, a V neckline, buttons down the front, a slit on the side, and some odd bib-like ruching on the front.


Kate accessorized with nude LK Bennett Fern pumps and her nude LK Bennett Nina clutch, and her Mappin and Webb “Empress” earrings and necklace.

I don’t particularly care for this dress – it’s too smock-ish to me, like something one would wear while painting on a lazy Saturday. It definitely shouldn’t cost over two thousand dollars. Oh and Kate was totally wearing a giant padded bra in Cornwall. She wasn’t today.

William and Kate spent two hours are Stewards Academy.

Here is a video of William helping the fallen Vice Lord Lieutenant.

Here’s a video of William’s speech.

256 thoughts on “Prince William and Kate Middleton at Stewards Academy for Heads Together

  1. Maybe because it’s Friday and that on its own has put me in a great mood but I am liking Kate’s outfit today. It’s appropriate for the occasion and it’s a great colour on her. From what I have read, I am not sure how meaningful or what impact their visit will have BUT they do continue to draw attention to mental well-being and the challenges being faced by youngsters so I’m going to give them that.

    1. Hi Loyal Canadian Subject, not trying to be too nit picky but how is a dress with a thigh high slit appropriate for a school engagement? I agree that this pale blue is nice on her but imo the slit is anything but appropriate.

    2. Kate’s dress today makes me remember Diana’s ‘caring dress’. Remember that one? It had splotches of bright pink, yellow and purple. Supposedly she wore it because the bright colors made kids happy. She usually wore a necklace with it so any kid in her lap would have something to play with. Compare that to Kate’s dress today. Muted colors. Minimal jewelry. High slit in the skirt and deep plunge in the neckline. She didn’t dress for the kids….

    3. Appropriate? With that huge slit up the side? When I first saw the dress only from photos of her sitting, or standing from the waist up, I thought, “Hideous. Yes, a smock!” Then, I saw the slit and I was disgusted. You are meeting with children, Kate. You are married to the future King. Why is it always about your bod? WHY? And, yeah, I also saw the difference in her bustline. The padded bra is gone.

      I will comment more about the actual event and Kate being having such great knowledte of mental health issues, below.
      Sorry LCS, I just hated the dress!

      1. Did you really just call a woman’s legs disgusting? You have some major problems going on. Sexualising and calling a woman’s legs is bad for children, not wearing a dress with a split that ends halfway her upper legs and reveals nothing.

        1. Her legs are not disgusting. It’s her total flashing, her ability to always bring everything back to her appearance, that I find disgusting. With Kate, everything is always about her. And, yes, there is an appropriate time and place to wear such a dress. This wasn’t one of them, Memyselfandi

  2. Must she always wear thigh slits up to her hip? Geez! She has beautiful legs, but I would feel over exposed innthat dress around school-age children!

    1. Yeah, I was thinking that maybe I am just too old fashioned, but I would never wear something with a slit in it that high around kids. And I have worked with kids. It’s almost like she wants to flash us.

    2. That was my thought as well. The thigh-high slit is so inappropriate. Leave it to Kate to always want to show off some part of her body. I think a slit is fine for an evening event like a movie premier, but not for a day event with school children

      1. Makes you wonder if she poses in a mirror before choosing a dress and doesn’t see the reality of the dress in motion. This style dress was not a good choice for the school visit.

        All the students, dressed in their uniforms, waiting for HRHs arrival. Look at the school employees. All of them are dressed modestly. Here comes Kate in a thigh high slit and deep V neckline.

        See the photo of her sitting with PW, knees together and pointing in the opposite direction from him? She had to do that else the slit would have exposed even more leg if she pointed her knees towards her husband. There is video on YouTube recorded at the school today where you will see her bending over talking to children (not stooping, just bending over) and … it was the Oz visit all over again in the pink dress sitting at the table in the youth centre leaning over to talk.

        Dressing appropriately shows respect to those you are visiting. Modest dress keeps attention focused on the meeting, not on yourself. It prevents discomfit of those whose beliefs and philosophy adopt more coverage of the body in public.

        If you want respect, you need to show respect. The haphazard choices for some of her engagements indicate that she has not learned how to choose appropriate outfits. Sadly, there is no one willing to tell her she looks a fool in her choices.

        1. The problem is Kate doesn’t want the attention on the meeting, but rather on herself. That is sure how it seems, especially when she dresses like this.

          Do you have the link for the video? I haven’t seen her bending down in this dress today, but I was worried about the slit with that:(

        2. Thanks for sharing the link Grace. It was rather sad to see that all the school children here had much better posture than the Duchess but on the bright side they did appear excited to meet and talk with her.

        3. I think she knows full well the reality of a dress in motion with a high thigh slit in it. Why else take a gigantic step so it could be photographed in all its revealing glory. She lives for that stuff, as evidenced by her flying hem ‘accidents’. Girls know how to walk in a dress with a slit and you can choose to shorten your stride- she knows what she is doing. I find her public flashing Contrasted with the rest of her mute public persona perplexing.

    3. This is one unroyal cheap, and Ill-fit looking flasher dress, and so flimsy – what a waste!

      To the 74 year old falling… With all due respect and I hope he is not hurt, but how convenient for Mr. Douglas to fall at whiny willnot feet, the air ambulance questionable worker that lacking in duties. Some people, and Cannot didn’t look fearful or worried for Mr. Douglas falling/on concrete, considering the younger Natasha Richardson fell and die from the fall. The incident seem off…

      1. Waity was totally unconcerned about the older man’s fall. She was too busy showcasing herself and the ring. How dare that guy steal her thunder?

        I need to stay away from blogs concerning this duo as they represent everything false and fills me with anger.

        1. Late to the party, but feel the need to comment. THe photo of William attending to the man is most telling. First of all, kudos to William for his concern. As for Kate? SHe is leaning away from the situation and her left foot, the one closest to the poor man, is raised as if she is thinking “Eww, what to do?” It is apparent she has no clue and as in most issues, she is leaving it up to William. And, I hope the gentleman is well. What a scary thing to happen.

          The slit in the dress? She really is an exhibitionist, imo. I am surprised she is not being called out more by the powers that be.

        2. You are so right about big blue. If you look at any of the pictures she always has her hands crossed with big blue on top. It really is sad that she feel she needs to show off her trophy.

  3. Where do I begin? Good on Will for helping the Vice Lord when he fell. I’m shocked that Kate just stood there. Also very rude to turn, look and turn back to whoever she was talking to. I think in this case, the person she was talking to would be ok with Kate giving her attention to the gentleman who fell. Clearly she doesn’t care. At the same time, not shocked either. Her clap… I have no words. Also don’t care about the dress. It almost looks muumuu-ish. No shape to it. It needs a belt or something. Not sure about the bib looking part either. And the slit. *sigh* clearly she needed it to show off some leg.

    I guess they’re in London until they leave for Canada? I’m in London too. Maybe I’ll see her hanging around when I head to Kensington Gardens. I’m more hoping I’ll bump into Harry.

    1. +1 Miss K

      She claps like a seal, she’s so thin that her chest is nonexistent and concave (personally, I love my curves and my girls 😉 ), the dress is too “girlish” when she really has a boyish/androgynous figure (she really needs to wear power suits like Letzia, Rania, Victoria or Maxima), inappropriate slit (seriously? A slit-ed dress to a children’s school?), and finally…….not helping that man get up!!! Seriously?! I saw other pictures and she’s just tucking her hair behind her ear like “ho hum whatever.”

      Who the flip doesn’t help someone when they stumble and fall, especially an elderly person?! Sigh…

      I have to give William credit for immediately going to help that man, speaking, his words weren’t just the usual gibberish and he didn’t throw Harry under the bus in his speech.

      P.S. I’ve recently created a Facebook page related to my transplant! I posted it on my blog so let me know if it’s okay for me to post it here. Ideas are starting to come back to me (YAY!) and I hope to do more with the FB page, more with my blog (yes, I’ve slowly dusted the cobwebs), hope to post a YouTube video soon and so many things related to transplant. YAY!!!

      1. Way to go about creating a FB page on your transplant! There are a lot people who can definitely benefit from all you’ve learned. Glad you are doing well.

        1. Thank you, Sunny!

          KMR, let me know if it’s okay for me to post either the blog or FB page link! (I’d rather double check with you first before I do it. 🙂 ).

        1. Thank you Birdy and Indiana Joanna! Like I said, I have so many ideas swirling in my mind that I may need to borrow Harry’s assistant! 😉

    2. I felt bad for the older gentleman falling over.I am glad William and that lady helped him up.Not liking the dress,fabric looks cheap. I wish she would cut her hair and try a shorter haircut.It would make her look so much younger,the hair weighs her down.

    3. Miss K. so well said
      I posted my Slit dress comment, before reading others, so I am glad so many feel the same way. My concern is for the poor man who fell. What happened to him? And, I hope he is ok.
      William acted appropriately and showed concern. Kate just was so foolish that I am embarrassed for her. What a dimwit. Really!

  4. I don’t like the dress, it looks like the dress she wears after the birth of George (and I didn’t like this dress) : I think that the price is too high for this dress. For me, she shows too much skin (personal opinion).
    When she speaks, I don’t understand what she is saying : I have the impression that she repeats what she said on their “private” engagement in August.

    I think it is interesting about the different writing on the press : UK press on DM Kate put a concerned face when the lieutenant falls. On a french article : the embarrasing indifference of Kate Middleton in front of the falling of the lieutenant. Good for William for reacting.

    Apparently, the royal trio will have an engagement for their campaign on 10th October : I wonder when the next solo engagement of Kate will appear.

    About the impact of this visit, I don’t think that these type of visit have a real impact

    1. That is interesting about the French interpretation of Kate’s expression. Could it be in part because she first glanced at the man, then turned back to her conversation, and then finally turned towards the Lt and asked if he was ok?

      What do the French think of William, in general, since they’ll be dealing with him as head of state someday?

      1. I first read your last sentence and thought, the Queen isn’t Head of State in France. Then realized that you meant dealing with him as in William will be Head of State in GB and will interact with France as HoS of GB. Lol, English can be weird.

      2. I will give you some parts of the article :
        – Il faut parfois se dépêcher de ne rien faire. C’est la maxime que semble avoir suivi la duchesse de Cambridge -> sometimes you have to hurry to do nothing. it is the maxim that the duchess appears to follow.

        -la duchesse de Cambridge a assisté, passive, à la scène. Elle poursuit sa conversation dans un premier temps, préférant ne pas intervenir. Une chose est sûre, si la mère de George de Cambrigde et de la princesse Charlotte confiait dernièrement qu’elle « aurait secrètement aimé être agricultrice », elle ne semble jamais avoir songé à devenir secouriste.
        -> the duchess appears passive. She goes on on her conversation on a first time, prefering to not act. One thing is sure, if the mother of George and Charlotte entrusts that she wanted to become a farmer, it seems that she never think to become a rescuer.

        -> To answer to your answer, it is yes.

        1. That’s our Kate: passive. About everything except getting big blue, that is. Maybe she should become a farmer. Then at least she’ll know that chrysanthemums will grow in England. And she won’t have to deal with anything pesky like… other people.

        2. These French comments are amazing burns. I am francophone and the contempt is just dripping from them. The authors clearly are not fans of Kate.

      3. I forget a part of your question.

        In France, people really don’t give attention to the royals (apart for the wedding, for the record of the Queen, the birth of children or for the visit in France this year :but it was not important) : there are in tabloid but it is all. William appears mostly as the son of Diana (this year there was article of lack of work), for Kate the media talk only about her clothes. I think that indifference is the best word about them.
        Globally article talk about fashion, infos about the children.

        1. So in a post-Brexit world, the future head of state and his consort are doing very little to impress the citizens of a major European player. At least they’re entertaining.

          1. I think in France we give more credit to the PM than to the monarch. For us, their role is traditional and for the ceremony, not for influencing the political aspect.

    1. That was my thought exactly about this boring, cheap looking dress, that was also too big on Kate. It reminded me of a cotton house dress a grandma might wear. Also, maybe she wore the dress precisely because of the slit sides. Kind of like doing a bit of flashing practice for the Canada tour.

    2. I just watched the latest episode of Samantha Bee’s “Full Frontal”, episode titled “Super Delegates” and Samantha wears this dress for her interview! It looks as bad on her as it does Kate.

      1. That’s so funny when I saw that clip I had to do a double take cuz I thought no way is she wearing the same dress!
        And I concur about how it looked

  5. i have a theory that the reason why Kate presses her purse to her crotch is because she’s not wearing underwear. Right? Like its some kinky sex thing between her and Will. she seems to flash her legs a lot more when he’s around.

    1. Ewwwwwwww. I didn’t think of that but you may be right, Red Snapper. Geez, both going commando?! I’d wanna do that kinky stuff in private, not “tease” in public!!

    2. Ick! This idea just reinforces my feeling that I would never shake hands with her. Her hands seem to be either in her crotch or her hair and there isn’t enough hand sanitizer in the world to get me past that!

    3. Or maybe she wants to ensure that it’s still there, or maybe signaling to William that she’s keeping it warm. LOL.. It’s blatantly obvious that they are an empty-headed duo who has way too much free time to even think of doing such things. They are poor examples for their children to emulate.

      They need to fix their own brokenness before attempting to try to fix others. This mental health stuff is now their pet project but how long before the novelty wears off, then they’re off to something else. I wonder if the doctor at Place2Be truly believes that Kate is deserving of the doctor’s accolades? Or is it her way of making them feel important.

      It’s funny that William feels he is still 16. I won’t disagree with him as his behavior definitely affirms him to be 16. Kate should put herself into that category because her behavior is one of a giddy-headed teenager who still needs to be counseled on what’s appropriate for her position as DofC.

      What a pity the press took pictures of them. It would have been a huge ego deflater for them if the paps had ignored them, and deservingly so.

  6. Tried several times, couldn’t hear a word of Kate speaking in the first video except the ‘thank you’ at the end.

    Kate’s words in the 2nd video,’ Like more support for yourself, so that you can support your children, do you feel you’d like to get support yourself, whether it’s advice, or whether it’s people you can turn to, or whether do you, do you, dealing with things….’

    The commas are pauses as she speaks. She’s speaking in a stream of consciousness that lacks articulation. The hands are distracting and she struggles to form a sentence thus keeps repeating herself as she talks. It’s not helped by the fact that she is asking a question yet delivering in a monotone that makes it a statement rather than a question. Not looking at her audience is also a problem.

    It’s a relief when someone grasps what she’s trying to ask/say and jumps in. It cuts her off, which might be rude in any other person, but honestly she was rambling. It had to be done.

    I really hope she is articulate in her private life because i don’t know how anyone could stand that level of inarticulateness. I know i would not.

    I think it’s more than just a padded bra. She was visibly bigger during Cornwall and Luton. Not just her chest area. Overall weight gain. I think she’s been losing the gained weight because she’s back to looking frail rather than slim.

    1. Yep, seeing those videos it’s really hard to believe “she’s so knowledgeable about mental health”. What angers me is that she has all the resources to hire someone to help her with her oratory skills, yet she doesn’t. It’s just laziness. Same goes for her clothing choices. That huge slit is not appropriate for work. She could use a stylist. Why is she so against getting professional help?

      1. I agree Paula, we have these people from the organizations praising Kate. Yet the videos, show the opposite. She doesn’t seem knowledgeable at all. In fact, she lets William handle most of the conversation with her only throwing in a few incoherent sentences. In today’s age, you can’t say something about a person when there are video’s disprove it now.

        1. I think people get overwhelmed when they meet royalty so people gush to praise them. As you say the videos on every occasion show something completely different.

          Kate is too busy playing the part for the cameras to actually be present. She is very aware of herself and her body and it colours every interaction. Yes, she lacks empathy and is also narcissistic; her role feeds the latter. Whether she has NPD, I don’t know, but there’s something strange about a person so devoid of empathy time and time again. She was not remotely concerned with the elderly gentleman’s welfare; she took her cues to look concerned when others went to help him.

          1. I’d say it’s more out of fear of losing a royal patron rather than being overwhelmed by them. Seems like their stamp of approval is still valuable, even if they don’t do much for the charity.

        2. I’ve stated on another blog that I doubt Kate actually graduated and has a worthless degree. I’m of the opinion that all those Ivy League universities would never fail a rich student because they want the monetary support and to preserve their reputation. From what I’ve read, Kate used to copy other students’ papers and present it as her own.

          I actually knew someone who copied answers from his friends, and in one such instance also copied his friend’s name. It’s a true story which proved how dumb he actually was. I hope Kate did not copy her friend’s name, but I won’t be surprised if she did so. lol.

          1. I read that too, Vonnie; another student claimed she realised her work was being copied so wrote some rubbish to find Kate copied that too. A tutor also thought Kate plagiarised some work. Maybe ‘Turnitin’ (plagiarism software) was not in place at St. Andrews at that time though it would be easily picked up now for essays. How an institution chooses to deal with plagiarism is another matter. High profile students (children of the famous, children of senior staff etc) are treated ‘carefully’. At times, a blind eye is turned. If the university is a good one, there will be plenty of genuinely good graduates to carry the university’s name so allowing a few go through who are less than meritorious is factored in.

          2. St Andrews is an excellent school but it’s pretty much known in those circles from what I understand that William was certainly handed his degree. He got to change subjects because he was flunking out. Charles was FURIOUS.

          3. To be honest, St. Andrews management would have bent over backwards for William; they would not have needed to be leaned on at all. It would have been incredibly trying for the lecturer and students to have a drunk/sleeping/hungover William in class. He didn’t need a degree, education was just a means to avoid work, get drunk and have sex on demand; everyone else, though, was trying to set up their lives through acquiring a good education. William became everyone’s burden to carry. Shameful.

        3. I assume they have to praise her. But, she is so inept, it’s apparent to so many around the world. I’m still upset that she did not show more concern and interest in the poor gentleman who passed out. William, was appropriate. Kate showed us once again that she is not a very mature person. Her response was that of a child or a teenager.

      2. To ask for help translates to being aware that one has a problem and wants to fix same. However, Kate’s ego is too huge for her to acknowledge that she is flawed and she will continue to remain in that vein. Waity’s biggest achievement in her entire life will be hooking William. Everything else pales in comparison.

      3. They are out of their depth. I really wish they would stop talking about mental health. They are ill suited to talk about this. It is too serious a subject with life-impacting consequences for many. Their casual and shallow approach to this subject (all subjects, really) is an insult to sufferers. And if Kate can’t even get a sentence out coherently than she should stick to ribbon cuttings. Listening to her try to speak is as painful as watching her clap.

    2. William’s face in that video…

      Sometimes I wonder if she took some personal hits after that first year and lost her confidence, if she thought it was going to be relaxed fun and games, if she had a different expectation of what this was all going to look like or the what happened after they moved to London (perhaps that’s why they moved out of London again, maybe she wasn’t prepared for the scrutiny she discovered… It was also the same she had Geroge so maybe PND, I don’t know), cause she’s rarely happy and bright like before and has aged so much in such a short time. I’m aware being a mom of young kids and sleepless nights can take their toll but she’s really not the pre-wedding, 2011/2012 Kate. Maybe there’s a reason why Carole has to be so present all the time.

      People give Charlene the unhappy princess flack but something’s been up with Kate for while.

      1. I’ve thought something’s been up with Kate since the birth of Charlotte. However, after France, she at least gives the appearance that things are better

  7. Who just stands there when an older man falls over hard? She looks like she’s puzzled about what’s happening rather than concerned. But she stayed true to her Kate-ness and stayed back while Will stepped forward. It was probably better; she would have dropped the poor man if she was helping to hold him and Will started to move away.

    The visit doesn’t offer much. A lot of sugary flattery to the kids, smiles and waves, another visit to get the numbers up. I am glad to see that they stayed more than 30 minutes and Will gave a speech, but I think this is why they are doing joint appearances. Has anyone else noticed that they rely on each other for interaction and affirmation continually?

    I hate this look on Kate. It’s ugly, unflattering, too much slit–lady, you are going in to connect with kids and here we go again with it being about you. Maybe she rationalizes sharing some major leg with garnering media interest for her charity visit, but Mary does visits without looking like Holly Hobby meets Betty Boop. At least the padded bra would have brought something to the table.

    1. Bravo. All the comments in here are great, too. Kate showed who she really is at this appearance, and it isn’t good. She is unfit for this role she has taken on.

      Why didn’t she make a speech? Is this HER charity???? And when she did open her precious mouth, it was like a word salad, even worse than what comes out of Sarah Palin’s mouth and that is pretty bad!

      As Lolaheart said on her blog this morning, Kate is just a paper doll.

      1. Agreed, it’s sad that we’ve all been hoping that they will make more of an effort to get out and involved with their charities, and when they do, we get this. I’m always amazed at the overtly sappy write-ups they get from people within the charities–I understand they appreciate the publicity and royal support, but I would be begging for Anne or Sophie or Camilla to come instead.

        I’m sure Kate gets higher coverage, but I would be willing to bet that a little positive media goes a longer way with the British public than a negative media splash. JMO

        Can you imagine if a kid caught a glimpse under Kate’s dress and told everyone she wasn’t wearing knickers? No one would be talking about HeadsTogether, they’d be talking about Kate and her lack of apparel. I think Kate feels so insulated and protected that she can do whatever she wants. Thankfully that didn’t happen, but she continues to risk a wardrobe malfunction with bad choices.

        Would Kate wear that to parent-teacher conferences for George or Charlotte? Would she want their teacher to show up wearing that dress? Kate needs to start asking herself some tough questions. She’s either boring or WHAT? Girl, get a clue.

        Will is the same, his attitude has probably fed hers. They both seem to be daring the media and public to take what they get and accept what they must. Not a good plan.

        1. I think Kate (probably guided by mom) tried to learn from Diana. So they focused on 1) she will be photographed a lot, 2) how you look is more commented on than what you say, 3) very fashionable clothes can look dated a few years later, and 4) you will exist in the public eye mostly through photos. So Kate chose to focus exclusively on her appearance at the expense of all else (knowledge, passion, personality, public speaking, etc) which to me proves one thing: a princess is more than her clothes. Diana would still have been loved if she dresses as boringly as Kate does.

          1. The Middleton women are all about physical looks rather than substance. It’s the way they operate. Developing purpose, knowledge, et al has never been in evidence and I suspect is foreign to them. Of course being photographed is a huge part of the role BUT if intelligence, empathy, preparedness, and personality are lacking, then Kate won’t exist much, if at all, in people’s minds. She can barely speak, and when she does, can barely be heard or understood; she comes across as dull with no spark or interest in others.

        2. Sunny, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Kate is heavily insulated and knows she need not improve her game. William holds his family to ransom so again, gets all on his terms. And yes, Kate takes her cues from her husband. Both are very silly. Can’t believe the UK wants this pair to represent them.

    2. Mary has also shown up for visits with kids in inappropriate outfits, and she is fond of high-and-peekaboo slits in clothes too.

      One of her many navy or black skirts, which she wore to interact with teens about bullying iirc, has a really high side slit. Her button-up white blouse gaped open during the event and she wasn’t wearing a camisole.

      In the last year, she’s debuted 5-6 outfits with big slits either in the skirt or in the top. When she stands still it is fine. When she starts moving, she starts flashing.

      This outfit for the Women Deliver conference was way too short. She knew she’d be sitting for most of the day and be in the front row.

      Basics, but after 12 years in, she shouldn’t be making these clothing mistakes.

      1. I stand corrected; surprised and a little disappointed in Mary, who seems to be pretty level-headed about how to appear in public venues.

        Thanks notasugarhere

  8. Kate and William seem more relaxed in each other’s company. The dress is awful…..she looks like a cross between her Mother & air hostess. Ironic really. I like silk tea dresses but the split showed too much thigh. God she does love and live to flaunt herself doesn’t she? Poor Vice Chamberlain, I expect his pride hurt more but I’m glad William tried to help instead of leaving it to others. As for Kate…..God forbid she did anything that departs from the ‘pretend poised princess’ routine she’s got going on in her head.

    Ok I’m as shallow as a paddling pool but I am still waiting for those Sergio Rossi Blush suede pumps to come back into stock….after Manolo BB Pumps in almond they are the perfect colour nude pump. There I finally like something Kate wore.

    Can you believe Kate’s one year younger then Diana was when she died… the achievements of both women and it speaks volumes.

    1. I actually thought this dress reminded me very much of Carole’s dress she wore when visiting George after the birth. I almost posted a picture of it, but I decided against it. It has a similar sleeve and ruching and color/pattern feel to it.

      1. I thought Carole looked lovely on that day. But I think it was the happiness that radiated from her that was infectious but I liked her dress. Sadly this one was probably 10 times as expensive and did nothing for her.

      2. What Joseph Altuzarra said to The Telegraph:
        ‘The Altuzarra woman works and she has a family and a busy life. She probably doesn’t feel the age that she is. She’s into fashion but not obsessed with it.’

        ‘I feel really proud and honoured that those women buy my clothes. Gone are the days of turning 50 or 60 and you were expected to put on a tweed suit and let go of your femininity or sexuality.’

        So, there you have it. She is dressing like her mother.

        1. I’d be surprised if her mother is not advising her fashion choices. The chosen clothes often have a Carole vibe about them.

          1. +1 Completely agree Jen.

            It’s not surprising that Kate would be influenced by her mother’s style. Carole probably continues to pick clothes for Kate from catalogs, etc. sight unseen sometimes which explains why many don’t fit Kate properly and aren’t tailored. I’m expecting more of the same on the Canada trip.

    2. Hi Mrs BBV, I saw photos of William’s solo visit the other day and was struck by how relaxed and open he seemed. He does seem to relax more when away from his wife.

      1. I imagine having to babysit her constantly is stressful for him. He must be wondering when if ever she’s going to be ready to go solo. Diana was doing solo engagements within the first year of her marriage….. And not even 21. And speaking a few sentences in public too. But to be fair the last couple of engagements he’s been laughing with her as opposed to that tension jaw thing he does when he’s irritated by things. I know I shouldn’t compare her with Diana but what else shows her for what she is or rather isn’t? 34 years old and unable to dress appropriately, respond to the public with interest and empathy, speak in public with an articulateness……Hell she can’t even clap properly. What are we left with? A broodmare and someone to satisfy the Royal oats?

    3. Mrs. BBV, thanks for the reminder. It is hard to believe Kate is one year younger than the lovely Diana was when Diana was lost to the world. Diana, even as a young bride, had more poise, more dignity, more care for others than Kate will ever have. Even if Kate lives another 60 years.

  9. I’m not in a very charitable mood towards these two today. So I probably shouldn’t say anything buuut…..
    I don’t get why she’s sitting with her legs at such a angle. I also think that dress looks ginormous on her. My one nice thought if you want to call it that, is that I’m shocked that William actually went over to assist the gentleman who fell.
    As a copilot does he have to get certified in any sort of BLS or equivalent?

      1. I think the reason it looks odd in that one photo is because Kate is looking in the direction of her angled legs. Her legs are pointed to her right, and she’s also looking right, so it makes her look overly contorted.

        1. Is there really such a thing as a royal protocol, or do they rely on common sense? Kate dresses so inappropriately sometimes that I think she’d do better if they put in place more strict rules to follow.

      1. With her hands crossed across her body, along with the legs pointing away, Kate’s body language is very closed. Modest? Not this woman.

        1. My mum said that when the mini-skirt was introducced then girls would try and cover up their modesty. However I think the crotch clutch is showing that she lacks confidence and is insecure. I notice in the girlfriend era Kate was always dressed classy or appropriate. A bit too late after walking down the catwalk trying to make herself appear to have bigger hips.

      2. I think you’re right. I forgot the slit. Proves if you wear appropriate clothes you wouldn’t have to worry about modesty when sitting.

  10. What about that dress is appropriate to wear in front of kids or a professional function with a slit like that? I couldn’t get away with that at my place of work…on a positive note, these two seems to be making this charity more of a priority.

    Also KMR, I’m sorry for what you’ve been through. If it helps at all, I went through something similar but they were all my ‘best’ friends

  11. I like Altazura , but bless her , Kate manages to make even this looks dowdy . Now done with the looks , and to the way Kate reacted when the old veteran fell , she turned , ooohed , then turned back to the man she was talking to and continued talking “of course for a moment,and it’s very clear in the video “, and had it not been for the reaction of the rest , I don’t think she would have cared less , even William with his pompous way gave the man a hand , but she , I think she didn’t like that somebody took her moment away , God help England when she becomes a queen , the woman has zero empathy .
    You have the right to feel angry KMR , but you also have to realize by now that WK’s coverage of any subject they deal with is quite shallow , something just to make them appear involved and caring , William “and I know you feel that I side with him, but I know his faults” still he showed some care in his heavy way while snowflake Kate’s reaction was typical of the self centered people like her . Anyway , we’ve all been bullied one way or another , sometimes by close people but managed to pull ourselves above the mess and made it through life , usually by ourselves with no help but our own , however , remembering it , and it happens to all of us , feels like being pulled back into the swamp , useless and futile , and I don’t think WK are capable of really helping these children who most probably were happy enough that they met a prince and a princess .
    As for the way she talks , it’s quite obvious she is too self conscious of herself and her fake posh accent , that’s why she’s not bold enough to raise her voice , but trust me , soft she is not .
    Again thank you KMR for the “early ” post 🙂 as it is 1 am here in Jordan now , and I stayed up and waited for it , and thanks a million for the clapping video , what an awkward clapper she is , odd , really odd .

  12. I like the print of the dress. It’s a cheerful color/design, good for visiting children. The neckline and slit expose too much chest and leg, though, for this to be a win.

    William is getting better. He didn’t annoy me much today. He self-referenced too much in his speech, but it was otherwise ok. He did say that parents should check out the website. So he expained exactly what sort of issues this charity could help with and offered a guide to constructive help. That site then gives parents ten ideas to get their kids talking about what’s bugging them. Presumably the school counselor could then talk with the parent/child about what a next step would be.
    So… angry 12 year-old catches attention of teacher, who lets parent know, who takes child out for ice-cream and invites confidences about social life in school whereupon said child says the new kids are mean. Parent then asks around the community about other sources of friendship and encourages child to …. where she can learn a new skill and maybe make friends with similar interests outside of school.
    Would that sort of thing have helped you? I don’t know that it would have helped me; it’s still light on problem solving, but at least William’s charity is taking steps to id the problem.

    I don’t know why Kate shows up. She’s Wm’s +1 and brings nothing to the table.

    1. Have you ever seen the film Inside Out? I just watched it recently and while I think it’s a middle-of-the-road Pixar movie, it did get Riley’s emotional decline after she moved correct (just ignore the beginning and all of the emotions in the mind headquarters stuff). Over the course of the movie, Riley closes off and starts to distrust her parents, and lashes out at them when they try to talk to her. That’s what happened with me. And while I didn’t run away, I did think if I just went back to my old state/school everything would be fixed. There were things I didn’t like about that movie, but Riley’s reaction to moving was 100% accurate.

      My mom did at one point take me to a doctor who diagnosed me with depression, put me on medication, and recommended I see a therapist. That didn’t end well. I didn’t trust my mom and I didn’t trust the doctor. So no, I really don’t think anything William said or any of the suggestions Heads Together provided would have helped me at that time. That’s why I didn’t want to say too much since I didn’t want to be overly negative about this visit and Heads Together’s campaign.

      1. Thanks for sharing. I’m sorry if I brought up anything too painful. I thought that it all seems a bit simplistic, but at least I have a better idea of what they’re talking about.

        Yes, I did see Inside Out. It totally explains cats.

  13. I like the dress. It’s different. I don’t find the slit that bad at all. Love the dots. William and like three other people were looking after the fallen gentleman. I don’t see any need for Kate to join them. It’s embarrassing enough to fall, probably more embarrassing for him to be helped up by a female. I wish Kate would cut her hair again it’s too long. I’m tired of the boring nude shoes already. And she could have livened that piece up with brighter accessories instead of the diamond stuff. And I liked the belt on the model. I’m also pretty sure that soldiers have fallen near the Queen and she just troops forward.

    1. I think around May of this year she had a great hair length. It had grown out a bit from her December chop off but wasn’t as long as it is now.

      1. KMR, you don’t believe that all of that hair is growing out of her head do you? My friend works in a salon and she laughs every time she sees photos of Kate and her inflating/deflating hair. She has viewed HD photos where the additions are visible, especially on windy days. I’ve seen the photos. She can’t settle on how much extra hair she adds to her coiffure. It looks a little odd from time to time.

        1. Did I say I did? All I said was I preferred her hair the length it was around May – that it was too short in December and is too long now.

          1. Occassionally, you can see the front length because the extensions/wiglets are attached at the back and sides.

            There was a visit to Scotlamd where you could visibly see the end of her hair and the attached wiglet because they were moving at different speed plus the wiglet hair was thick and heavy whilst her own hair was wispy and moved differently. It was fascinating.

            Ps: only Kate super fans and people who have no experience with extensions/wiglets believe that is all her hair.

        2. I would like to know how much of that hair is actually Waity’s. I can tell that there’s a wiglet to give her the bump on the crown at the end of the middle part. Then under that there are extensions. On the sides it’s the same thing with extensions which she tucks around her ears. I remember vaguely reading that her former hairdresser stated she uses weaves and extensions. That said, that full look is due to extensions, and the length of the extensions vary.

          From her crazy dieting I would assume that her hair is not naturally shiny, and probably thining. Hair growth is dependent upon our diet, and I doubt that there’s enough nutrients to supply Kate’s skin and hair.

          1. Is she not worried about traction alopecia? So many celebrities have bald patches from wearing extensions after a few years. BTW, does wiglet mean extensions, or something else?

  14. First of all, I am very clumsy and awkward at times. However, I have never in my life seen anything as awkward as Kate trying to clap. What in the world was she doing? Is this the way she always claps?

    Kate really, really, really needs to speak up. She must have access to professionals who can help her with her speech. And not just in formal speeches, but just in casual conversation. I get impatient trying to listen to her to make out what she says and normally stop watching the videos because she is unintelligible.

    That slit in her dress is inappropriate for a professional event or an event with children. This dress reminds me of that overpriced houndstooth dress that she wore that also had a large slit right up the front. There were some pictures of her getting out of a car and walking where you could almost see her underwear (if she wears any). I swear she does this on purpose. I don’t know for sure, but my suspicion is that she is an exhibitionist. I know for a fact that if I were a public figure and my skirt flew up even one time I would be so humiliated I would take every precaution to make sure it didn’t happen again. I mean, look at what happened at India Gate. I am 100% sure that she will flash us during the Canadian tour as well. This is so disappointing, why can’t she learn?

    Finally, I am a bit disturbed at Kate’s reaction to the man falling, or rather her lack of a reaction. My immediate response would be to walk over to him and ask him if he was OK. Even if she didn’t want to run when she realized William did because she didn’t want to get in the way, the least she could have done is say something to him like “are you alright?” I normally don’t like comparing Kate to Diana, but I am positive that Diana would have helped that man or at least instinctively run to him to ask him if he was ok.

    I can recall that there was a man in a crowd during a walkabout who had a heart attack. Diana went over to him as he was on the ground and comforted him the way Harry interacts with people. I even have to give William credit because he acted appropriately in this situation. On the other hand, Kate just continued to cling to her clutch bag in front of her crotch for dear life like she is afraid to let go of it. It’s almost like when she is in front of the cameras she is determined to always be picture perfect no matter what.

    The more I hear Will and Kate speak about mental health, the more it feels like they do not fully grasp the seriousness and depth of the issue. It’s always superficial, generic comments that never go deeper to the heart of the problem. I think that may be what is so upsetting about it. This is not the right cause for them, IMO. Kate should have done something with sports since that seems to be the only time she looks natural and happy. It wouldn’t surprise me if William was the one interested in mental health (he saw his mother struggle with it and he himself has probably struggled) and Kate just went along with it.

    1. Cookie,

      Like I said above, she claps like a dang seal and is trying to appear feminine when, IMO, she’s anything but that.

      I don’t think she wants to “learn” how to behave (IE:, not flash). It’s as if she (and maybe William) find it erotic and get a turned on by making the “Grey Men” worried/angry/frustrated at these episodes.

      As for her lack of reaction I was truly stunned and her lack of anything (compassion, concern, empathy, take your pick on an adjective) is very alarming. Sure, she might’ve just met met the man but I believe that we KMR’s have helped our fellow man/woman/child in times of need, even if we’d just met them.

      Sigh. She should’ve really just stuck with sport-related charities seeing how much she genuinely enjoys it. Leave the heavy stuff (such as mental health) to others who can handle it with the care and attention it deserves.

    2. Kate started doing the mental health thing months before William. William jumped on Kate’s bandwagon there.

      1. Interesting. It just doesn’t seem like she is very knowledgeable about it. With William, he at least will sometimes say that he was bereaved from losing his mother so he can relate to children who have lost parents. I also lost a parent at 17 so I 100% understand.
        All I heard Kate say is that she is interested in children’s mental health because her childhood was so perfect. I remember that speech and it rubbed me the wrong way. It just doesn’t seem like she is very natural or comfortable around children or about talking about mental health, she seems happiest doing sporting things like when she was playing cricket in India or when she is at Wimbledon or going sailing. Maybe she picked this cause because it seemed like something Diana would have been interested in or because she thought it was a hot topic? I don’t know. I am skeptical about it. And it doesn’t help that it is so hard to understand her when she speaks. I wish she would clearly articulate why this cause is important to her.

        1. She did say at some point that she’s interested in preventing problems down the road. Help the child experiencing anxiety about getting a new swim coach now, prevent him from dropping out of the team and turning to drugs later. It’s not a bad idea.

          If she can focus on prevention — as a solo royal — and William work with adults who struggle, leaving Harry to continue with veterans and others coping with PTSD and crippling disability then I think that the triple threat could do some very real good for the nation.

          And I’ll stop kvetching so much about her clothes. Nude shoes? Again? Why?

          1. Because they are the only shoes she could find to wear? Or, she knows that nude shoes and sandal styles with thin straps disguise the foot and make legs look longer. IMO I don’t think she has a database of her clothing so she doesn’t know where all her clothes, shoes and accessories are closeted. So she chooses to wear nude or black because she has several pair in two domiciles.

  15. One final thing: This dress has a very 80s vibe. It looks like dresses Diana used to wear. She would wear dresses with polka dots and the bib-like ruching looks like something from the 80s. Is this Kate’s attempt to try and look like Diana?

    1. Read quite a few fashion mags where their commentary on the shows and the collections available for purchase are referencing the 80s in style elements. It’s been 30+ years so a new generation can experience the look. There were good things and some horrid things but 80s fashion was also reflecting decades earlier styles.

    2. IMO, I feel there’s an 80s vibe to Kate in general (the hair, heavy make-up, some of her cloths styles like this dress).
      I can somehow see Carole Middleton in Kate. Excuse me for repeating a commenter, but seems to me that CM is Kate’s inspiration (as in Kate’s way of applying her make-up, clothing styles, etc.)

  16. I’m giving Kate a pass on not rushing over to help the man who fell. There were already enough people to help and perhaps she didn’t want to embarass him any more than he was with extra attention.

    But I really wonder about the clapping. She claps like a child. Why doesn’t Will just show her?

    Her speech reminds me of the dialogue in the one Barbara Cartland novel I read during the Diana years. The heroine’s dialog had elipses between every phrase.
    Did you notice William’s expression every time Kate spoke?

    She tells him he acts like he’s sixteen? More evidence to me that her little girl lost demeanor in public is an act. I suspect she is a harridan at home.

          1. Oh no. I’m not upset at you – sorry if my comment came across that way. It’s Lola’s comment about Kate’s clapping that is very rude.

  17. The comments from these charity bosses that claim Kate is so educated, prepared, and a wonderful patron make me want to laugh or cry and I am not sure which.

    The outfit is heinous and a bit tarty for school with that huge slit. I am very worried about her weight, I have to say it. She looks so frail a gust of wind could blow her right over, and all the wiglets with her.

    I wish I had positive things to say about these engagements but it’s about them and not about mental health. I suppose it’s good them being here gives the cause attention but it’s all shallow pools and no deep waters. It just makes me angry.

  18. Two thousand dollars is way to much to pay for a nightgown. That is what that ‘dress’ looked like. There was not shape to it and the odd bib seam around the V-neck reminded me of the nightgowns my grandma used to wear. Though, I did like the color of the dress. The slit like other’s have said is so inappropriate for day event with children.

    I thought this dress looked like a nightgown on Kate, but it looked decent on Margot Robbie. Margot definitely wore it better!

    The clapping…..My 2 year old nephew claps better than that. I don’t get how a Kate never learned to clap. I tried her clap and it feels so awkward. So I am not sure why she does it.

    1. I don’t think even Margot Robbie pulled off this dress. It’s just not a good looking dress.

      1. I don’t think Margot looked good in it. She just looked better than Kate in it. The dress is just not a good design and I can’t believe anyone would pay 2 grand for it. I just keep thinking about all I could buy for the price of this one dress

    2. Carole and Pippa also do not know how to clap, hence, it’s a family thing. I don’t think that etiquette is something that the Midds prioritize, or place any emphasis on. They were too busy trying to be aristocratic, accumulate wealth and “how to hook a rich man”. Perhaps, they might eventually get around to learning.

      1. Usually people who are social climbing are careful to emulate the people they are chasing. You would think they would have taken care of things like clapping, walking, posture long ago.

  19. And KMR my first thought when I saw Kate today, was that answers the question about whether Kate had surgery or was wearing a padded bra. She was wearing a super padded bra-kind of amazing really. I always think of men with super padded bras because they refer to them as false advertising 😉

  20. I was so happy to see W come to the aid of the fallen gentleman. First sign of genuine caring from him.

    K is a complete failure at being a duchess. She is just plain scruffy. The fact that she tried to ignore the fallen gent doesn’t surprise me.

    The dress is horrible. Ugly, unpressed and the slit is nearly up to her hip. She dresses for the camera, not the occasion. Her head wagging is to create more hair swishing. Her exaggerated hand gestures, mumbling, and inarticulate speech are really sad coming from a 34 year old woman. She struggles with everything. She compensates by trying to be attractive. Even that fails.

    1. I’m surprised that Kate uses so many gesticulations with her hands. She likes to point and even does so when next to the Queen. I’m surprised the Queen has not taken her aside and told her sotto voce, that it’s not proper etiquette to talk with one’s hands. I know that some European countries use their hands when speaking, but not the English. Another instance of kate’s lacking in social graces.

  21. Maybe The Heads Together Campaign is about promoting very basic knowledge of mental health supports and treatment: that primary and immediate care is best provided within the sufferer’s community, be it their community of family,friends,school, church,etc. Perhaps Heads Together is trying to say that if help is not sought at this very micro level, then the issue will only get worse and could have the possibility of becoming a long term mental health issue. That’s what I gathered anyway from William’s long and winding speech and Kate’s excessive hand motions and near whispered jibberish.

    As for the dress, it looks conservative and appropriate enough until you see the long slit. I work within a school environment and neither I nor my female colleagues wear a skirt with a slit that high. Especially when it’s a day of meeting students and whatnot.

  22. Her dress reminds me of a 1950’s housewife house dress, or whatever they’re called! I think it’s the buttons down the front that make me think that.

    1. I hope Sophie knocks our socks off and gets more press coverage than Kate. I like how the article even says Kate won’t like being upstaged by Sophie. It is funny when the press admits how much Kate likes the attention. It is also funny the jab they made at William and how he has not chance of competing with Justin

      1. Overit, I thought of Sophie too and how K must be gearing up to be thinner (in her mind that equates to being more attractive) than Sophie. I agree, I don’t think it will take much for Sophie to upstage K in every way.

        1. the thing is, is that Sophie looks healthy so I think she is more beautiful because she is happy and healthy. Kate is too thin and jealous/attentionseeker. The day Harry weds we might see a worse side of Kate.

        2. We’ll be reading about Kate’s sophisticated London style and how it compares to Sophie’s. The difference here is that Sophie has access to the same styles of clothing — if she wants to wear it. In a geographically large country, spread across different climate zones, fashion is adapted to the climate. Your wardrobe has to be facile enough to be used in all those climate zones if your life takes you through all the zones. Adhering blindly to the output of one fashion center outside its home country can make you look silly or foolish when the weather is not the same. Perhaps Kate’s stylist is taking that into account. We’ll soon find out.

    2. Sophie is 41 and Kate is 34 and Sophie looks younger and healthier. She also has prettier features than Kate ever had, even without the extreme dieting. Plus Sophie worked in media before she had kids and continues to actually work at various charitable events. Sophie wins any comparison by a mile. And she is far more intelligent than Kate. She is bilingual whereas Kate can barely speak English properly. Kate won’t want to be near Sophie for long because she won’t fare well in the contrast.

      And while politicians here like to slam Justin for being a lightweight, he still has more education than Will and even though he was also born into privilege, he has actually had real jobs and as PM works hard because you can’t be a flake and run a country. His job is a real one, unlike the symbolism of the monarchy. Trudeau also is not provided millions to be a layabout. There were actually complaints when he hired a nanny to help Sophie because of all her charitable events.

        1. Sophie Gregoire Trudeau was on Radio Canada for years before she started dating Trudeau so she had fame in Quebec before marrying him brought her to the attention of English Canada.

          I realize that this could have seemed like I was referring to Countess Sophie.

          Anyway, Kate will look like a dullard next to Sophie. I do find it ridiculous how the DM tried to find matching outfits to compare the two, but Sophie Gregoire Trudeau doesn’t have access to millions like Kate does and yet Sophie still looks better.

          There is no comparison really. Sophie looks beautiful at 41 without a trowel of make up and has an actual personality. She also had a job with the media until Justin ran for Parliament and now she works on charitable endeavours like most spouses of prime ministers do.

          Kate will wear heels to tower over Sophie because height is all she has, but while Sophie can interact with Michelle Obama, another intelligent woman, on the first meeting, Kate will have little to say. Sophie will be smart enough to talk about the kids, because that is all kate can discuss without seeming a fool.

  23. This is the first time I actually think it is obvious Kate is wearing some hair pieces. Her bangs have not grown out that quickly, yet her hair is sooooo much longer than when she first cut it. There is no way her hair grows faster than her bangs. They grow at the same rate. Her hair could not possibly be that long naturally due to the awkward length her former bangs are. And I doubt she is keeping her former bangs that length because every woman hates their bangs that between length. I just don’t get why she would put in hair pieces to make her hair that much longer. That length really drags her down and isn’t as bouncy as a few inches shorter. I used to believe it was her natural hair, but the rate of growth of hair vs. bangs has made believe others about it not being natural. I don’t know why this surprises me since so much of her is fake 🙁

    1. Her hair definitely has extensions. If you compare her length from the India tour to now, there’s no way hair grows that quickly.
      I loved “India tour length”, suited her so well.

  24. Baaahh, I have to white knight here and that doesn’t make me happy. I think it was perfectly fine for her not rush over and help the man. Will was already going and another person too. It is not helpful if a group of people runs in situations like this. Especially if he would have been seriously injured. Too stay calm and just keep going on with the normal stuff is what one should do- if there is help already. She wouldn’t have been helpful anyway. What should she do? Just stand by and watch? That doesn’t mean she couldn’t be ignorant and too sel a sober to care. I just don’t think we can conclude if she cared or not.
    Now, for the dress… I’m really on the edge with it. I like print and colour and I wouldn’t have a problem with the slit normally. Yes there are children but I really think people should stop being so over the top with necklines and slits around them. I think the children couldn’t care less. And if some 15year old boys are very happy now- so be it. Europeans tend to be much more relaxed on that matter. I think the slit is inappropriate because this is business. Maybe she didn’t walk in it before? In many of the flashing pictures she makes huge steps. She is old enough to check that beforehand. Another problem are the shoulders. That gives such a 90′ vibe. I know they are back but as a 90′ child I would prefer them burried forever.
    I know she is older now but I think she could dress more like she did before George was born. Loved her HighStreet style. But those ugly, ill fitting, ridiculous expensive dresses do nothing for me. Back to British designers, more time at her charities and some “candid” foto ops as a family would help them so much. They need to get rid of their PR team asap!

    1. Caro, I agree. She was chatting and it took a few seconds for her to realise what happened. The man she was talking to also didn’t move an inch, neither did anyone that was standing next to them. People are seeing too much into this.

  25. Ridiculously priced dress that is ugly and dowdy, and yet manages to have a racy slit inappropriate for daytime work. Only Kate could manage this.

  26. Why am not surprised — another blue dress and nude bag and shoes. The slit is too high and Kate again shows she has no idea of deportment. She does not know how to walk without striding. Her stride is very unbecoming and unlady like and in this instance she is placing a strain on the slit, which will not lie flat for subsequent wear. But, as we are all aware, Kate does not care about such things as she has a huge wardrobe allowance, courtesy of Prince Charles.

    Her extensions have had a huge growth spurt over the past two weeks since they visited the Scilly islands.

    I laugh every time I see her showcasing the ring. I can’t believe that after 5 years she still has an overwhelming desire to flaunt and/or draw attention to it. She used her right hand to hold the clutch bag and flowers to keep the left hand free and on show. I can understand if she was left-handed, but she’s not, so why?

    1. I didn’t want to say it, Tracy, but Kate does look haggard. Look at her complexion, grey and ashen, next to William’s coloring. What a shame, the botox and fillers are not working for her.

      1. I hope she is not pregnant again.Her skin tends to get like that when she expecting.I remember with George she looked rough then we found out she was pregnant.I hope not I can’t with another the Great Kate Wait.

  27. Hey KMR, there’s a new Richard Kay article that pretty confirms what a lot of commentators have noted here, I won’t go into detail because I don’t want to thread hijack but just letting you know because you had missed the previous one he’s written and maybe would have made a post of it.

      1. He’s a royal reporter and columnist for the UK’s Daily Mail. Sometimes he calls W & K out on their stuff but every once in a blue moon, he’ll write something so nauseatingly sugary sweet and glowing of the duo that I feel like I need to give myself insulin after reading it.

        1. Thanks, Kimothy. I’m not much of a surfer on the internet. I always am a few days late with the news. I can’t stand it when journos try to suck up to W&K, or anybody, and I don’t understand why members of the press feel the need to be nice to them. The recent debacle with the encroachment on Kate’s and George’s privacy should be a deterrent for niceties towards the Cambridges. Perhaps if more journos were truthful about W&K it would force them to want to change.

          1. LOL Lauri! I already saw the Queen/Carole post and yes, it was stunningly awful. I feel bad for HM, who is clearly being used by the Mdds/press to try and have the public be in favor of the Middletons. (I worded that so bad but I’m sure you know what I’m trying to say.)

      1. Lol! Yes… But more so what we’ve been saying that William only does things on his terms, including Ascot and Balmoral, there were questions on the previous post about why William’s friends were visiting with him for the weekend at his gran’s, well if he can’t bring his whole poise and then some he’s not involved.

        For me the article actually makes me think more than ever that the Queen isn’t necessarily a Middletons fan as much as she’ll do whatever it takes to have William around the Windsors, not just to calm the William distancing himself from the royal family, unhappy childhood trauma narrative but also for the future of the Monarchy. For the time being William and Kate, though not like before, are somewhat popular and the kids are fawned over. William with the Middletons is better than no William at all. I won’t put it passed William, having read the article about the Middletons being iced out, to suggest at the lunch his gran drive back with Carole, or for the Queen to see how odd it is for Carole to be driving around with William’s friends and not offer. I do think she’s more thoughtful than made out to be. I don’t think she’d be cool with the snobbery the Middletons faced before and if it found fresh wind after the lack of Royal invites a small gesture that would photographed and circulated to make life a little easier for the Middletons wouldn’t be too much. Ultimately though I think William had a hand in this trip’s details, including insisting on them staying in the castle. With William and Kate staying there he could easily insist on Carole and Mike being there for the kids.

        Which is maybe why we haven’t seen Micheal.

        1. The Queen is queen of the public gesture.

          She’s doesn’t give interviews, but she understands the value of a public gesture.

          She’s not tried to help William until this year when the headlines have screamed about his workshy ways and negative articles of Kate as well as William started appearing.

          Not just in UK media, but across the world.

          For the BBC to dare ask William directly about his workshy ways is an indication of how bad things are because the BBC is the ultimate royal propaganda machine.

          And not just for BBC to ask, but for William to submit to such a question even if he did visibly bristle and then give a terrible response to the question……

          At that point, HM had to step in.

          Her celebratory documentaries of being 90 were cut with footage that showcased WK, yet footage was primarily from their first year as a martied couple and Kate’s recollection of her was from her first christmas and notjing else of substance.

          Ditto William’s extremely shallow responses to her, her job and what it all means to him.

          So HM is using her cloak of popularity to cover WK. If it means having to put up with Kate, the Middletons, William’s entire posse yo do it, so be it.

          Someone who can make William perform his duty and is publicly seen with him is producing the desired effect.

          Charles can’t do anything because William doesn’t listen to him beyond taking his money. Charles will never cut William off and lets him do whatever he wsnts.

          In it’s own way it’s a repeat of William’s childhood where William was so undisciplined due to a complete lack of Disciplining by Charles and Diana that HM stepped in and insisted upon it.

          This time she’s stepping in not just to protect the monarchy by being seen with William and putting the Cambridges centre stage at public events over her own immediate heir, but i am willing to bet that the increased work flow that WK are doing is a direct result of her intervention and insistence.

          Richard Kay is somewhat respected royal reporter with deep throat connections into the Palace.

          He is being deployed to spread positive PR to same effect. Yet if one hadn’t read his previous articles, one might acyually believe what he has written today and a few days ago about Kate and HM suddenly being so tight too.

          That said, he is definitely winking at us because these articles are written in the special brand of DM over the top style they employed back in 2011/2012 after William asked all the media to write only positive stories about Kate and the Middletons which resulted in the most amazingly obseqious, sycophantic writing they have ever done, yet adding little negative details that rendered the articles a masterclass in sarcasm.

          Eg that article comparing Kate and Sophie. On the one hand it’s comparing the two, yet is repeatedly pointing out ways that Kate fails and what Kate’s focus is going to be on this tour. Nothing about any actual work, but only preparation for a fashion showdown. And pointing out that Kate’s fashion isn’t approved by fashionistas etc.

          These articles are all back to 2011/2012 attempts to sell Kate/ Middletons as the great new hope that is rescuing the royals and by extensions British society’s hold on class system.

          Selling this hard is a sure way to know that something is very rotten behind the scenes.

          1. I wonder if the DM average reader sees the sycophancy or takes it at face value? It takes an astute eye.

            I thought there was a sly dig at Carole and Michael Middleton’s marriage being ‘beyond reproach’. Richard Kay knows, doesn’t he? Michael Middleton was nowhere to be seen at Balmoral, or in transit. I don’t believe he was there. I found the elaborate statement about their air travel to Aberdeen odd.

            Of course the Queen is covering for William. She is pragmatic in wanting the monarchy to continue. What is the overall opinion of K+W in the UK? If it’s dicey still, I can see why the Queen would want to shore up their prospects. Ultimately, though, the monarchy is peddling lies in order to keep its privilege intact and public money rolling in. That’s what it’s about.

          2. Jan, yes. I agree. And I also really doubt Mike Middleton was there. There are not any photos of him that I’ve seen. I won’t believe it until I see a photo.

            Herazeus, wow, that is very insightful and I can see exactly what you are suggesting. Brilliant!

          3. Thanks Herazeus. I enjoy your commentary so much and appreciate the insight and context that being in the UK/having follows the Family for so long great perspective you’re able to bring. Thank you!

  28. I don’t see the difference between Kate visiting Place to be and this visit for their campaign: If I remember correctly the charities will receive money for this campaign, but I don’t see how this campaign is different from their action’s past.

    I don’t know if I am clear

    1. From Place2Be web site: ‘Our mission is to enhance the wellbeing and prospects of children and their families by providing access to therapeutic and emotional support in schools, using a proven model backed up by research and training.’

      Their support services are delivered in schools not in set locations like clinics. This particular engagement was to highlight the organizations work in the school that W&K visited.

      W&K are patron to a number of charities but they don’t grant funds to all of them.

      The Royal Foundation has granted funds to Place2Be; 379,000 BP in 2015. They hold the 6th place in amount of funds granted to all organizations through the RF since 2011. They have received grants in 2013-14-15.

      This charity fits in with their ‘Heads Together’ campaign promoting mental health services from a variety of charities.

      1. Correction: That figure is 379,000 over 4 years.

        You can view their grants by downloading the annual accounts from the Royal Foundation web site.

        1. Yes I understand that the royal foundation will give money to these charities (or not it is different each year), that royal give publicity to these charity. It was before the campaign.

          For me the Heads Together campaign is just a way to give more publicity to their work and to the charities (and money : If I remember correctly, I read here that money will be divide with the charities belonging to the campaign). But what I mean, is that concretly if you erase the name “Heads Together campaign”, I don’t see difference between royal’s work before the campaign and work now. I think it is good if there are more publicity about these charities and that they will have money.
          But in term on content of engagement, it is the same (same speech, but we have more regulary video about mental health). For what I understand, the name Heads Together campaign is a way to give more coherence to engagements from Kate, William and Harry, but concretly I don’t see real difference.

          1. Okay, so I’ve clearly missed something: W+K+H’s foundation funds Heads Together, or helps to. So this might explain all the compliments from Heads Together people who gush over W+K’s involvement, their knowledge of mental health issues?

            Yes, I’d like to know of the difference to the organisation(s) pre- and post- W+K’s involvement.

          2. Ah, thanks for that Clem. To be honest, all these campaigns run into each other for me and I find it difficult to discern one from the other.

          3. The Royal Foundation had 3 original Project Groups: Armed Forces, Conservation and Young People. The supported charities’ Foundation grants are reported as part of one of the categories. Within the Armed Forces and Young People groups were mental health related charities. A fourth Project Group has been created: Mental Health. This change may have come about due to their meetings with their Charities Forum. The Forum members have been collaborating in activities that complement their charities’ mission and work.

            W, K +H’s joint engagements with charities are often part of a collaboration. If the PR for the engagement doesn’t emphasize the visit is to highlight a cooperative effort between charities, then the reason for the visit is unclear and confusing. Creating a campaign (Heads Together) emphasizes the collaboration and helps draw connections to other charities involved in the campaign. Since the Royal Foundation isn’t any one individual, it seems joint engagements are arranged when a campaign involves the patronage of more than one person.

            From Jen: ‘I’d like to know of the difference to the organisation(s) pre- and post- W+K’s involvement.’ You would go to the individual charity’s web site and read the year-end accounts to see what effect their involvement with W&K had on their organisation.

  29. Kate’s face seems to be melting; perhaps it’s time for her Botox touchup, which she will no doubt get before the Canada vacation. Perhaps that’s why she wore a dress with a high slit to work, to take the attention away from her haggard face. Can’t wait for Our First Lady, Sophie Trudeau, to outshine her in every way.

  30. I found really odd that William was the one to give the speech even though Place2Be is one of Kate’s few patronages. Also hoe sugary were those directors comments? They are by no means knowledgeable on anything and always come across really awkward when conversing with people.

  31. I think Kate looks very pretty actually, her dress is a bit shapeless, but she came through with the sexy demure and flashed some toned tan leg!

    It now seems to me that the reason for so many dual engagements is damage control. Let’s face it, he will be king one day and he can make more gaffes than should be allowable. Kate, not so much. William is much better at public speaking and impromptu responses. If she can stand in his shadow a bit, it will smooth over her more awkward moments? Also was wondering if she’s been dealing with some anxiety issues and may also be a reason they have joined forces? Since this has happened, I give William credit- he’s been more relaxed and relatable during his royal duties.

    Sorry if this has all been said, I skimmed above comments as my time is tight today!

    1. Ray, I do agree with you. When William actually bothers to work and give speeches, then he is actually pretty good. So William has the potential to be a good leader and representative of his people. William only needs to try harder and actually appreciate the job and the luxurious life that he has. Kate, whatever potential she had, it is gone, imo.

    2. And why on earth should we be seeing Kate’s tan, toned leg? I don’t understand that part of your comment. There is absolutely no reason why she should have a “sexy demure” as you suggest. She’s not a starlet.

      William’s involvement with Kate’s charity demonstrates that he also knows Kate is incapable of functioning in this capacity. He’s helping her, yes that is good, but it’s also a sign that she just cannot do this job unless it involves flirting with tennis pros or sailing guys. What can Kate do? Flirt. Flash. Don’t ask her to say anything intelligent because that ain’t going to happen. She really is a complete mess. Look up the definition of Bimbo and you’ll see a photo of Kate.

      1. The flashing leg part of my comment was sarcasm. Sorry, I have commented many times on older posts how Kate likes to dress like she’s covering up, but not really. Thigh high slits, open backs, etc while buttoned to the throat. I call it the demure sexy- she’s perfected it.

          1. I agree, she makes many puzzling fashion choices, is there no one to properly guide this woman? Still?? 50 lace dresses in various shades and lengths and as many blue coats, boring little bits of jewelry and a complete disinterest in what a pair of black cigarette pants, silky blouse and a great scarf might do to help her image in the “work” place.

    3. About the frequency of dual engagements, I think they’ve also realised that no one gives a shit about solo William engagements.. I know I don’t, because he’s just so… blah.

      I think to get some coverage, they need Kate with William to ensure they get a decent amount of media coverage, as opposed to what William would get by himself.

      1. No one cares about a solo William. KP even came out and said when they were in NYC that they hoped some of the press would actually follow William to DC where he would meet Obama and gave a speech on conservation, instead of stay in NYC and follow Kate to her solo visit. KP has known for years that a solo William doesn’t pull as much interest as a solo Kate.

  32. After reading the comments, I can’t add much more to the conversation. I hate the dress and the slit is too much.

    I will say this: I think that I will enjoy the dark chocolate that is coming my way. Shall we start the shipment now since we got a sneak preview!

  33. The Queen and Charles have created a monster, i.e., William. They should have put their foot down a long time ago whenever William threw tantrums or made ridiculous requests. Instead, they coddled and cajoled him by giving into him due to Diana’s death, and now, it’s too late to do anything but succumb to his terms. He is using emotional blackmail by deliberately distancing himself from the family. I think that this invitation from the Queen to the Middletons, IMO, originated from Kate to William, and William issuing an ultimatum. Also, it’s HM’s way of showing the public that the Middletons have not been frozen out, on account of the newspapers going berserk with respect to Charles’ supposed statement that he is not allowed to see his grandchildren. I see Carole’s interference with the paps and her iron fist at the bottom of it. It’s doubtful that HM is delighted to be with the Midds, but at this point she’ll do anything to keep the peace. It will eventually be Charles’ problem when he is king and we’ll see William issuing sundry ultimatums.

    William is cognizant that he now holds all the cards, is playing his hand to the nth degree, and will milk it for all its worth. Furthermore, William now has two more bargaining chips, George and Charlotte, and he is definitely using them to increase his hold over Charles. Charles’ pleas to see his grandchildren has made him even more vulnerable to William’s blackmail, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there is now a quid pro quo situation in effect. However, it’s not only the children that are being used to hurt Charles, it’s also this perceived closeness William has established with the Middletons, and having the Midds (Carole) running Anmer Hall. I’m sure William is using all of them to pile more hurt/pain onto Charles to make him squirm.

    This situation makes me feel deep sorrow for Charles. How awful it must be for him that he has given his monster son everything that money can buy, and be there for him, only to be treated like an outcast. I can only imagine how Charles feels, because I have two children and I know how hurtful I would feel if they were to treat me in that fashion.

    Another situation I find to be puzzling was William giving 9 million pounds to the Middletons to purchase another house, and then subsequently requesting Charles to pay 100,000 pounds to move the tennis court at Anmer Hall. That could not have gone down very well with Charles or HM, but again, another occasion for emotional blackmail, and to tighten the screws on Charles.

    I’m sure that a lot of people are thinking that there is something mentally wrong with William. It’s kind of strange that W&K want to help children deal with mental health situations when they themselves are so very broken. William, it seems, cannot fully function because he’s walking around with paranoia and control issues, and years of resentment towards his father. Kate is unable to function and/or accomplish anything on her own. She is deathly afraid of work due to not having developed a healthy work ethic, and she’s never had to deal with responsibility or earn a living through work. She is incapable of interacting with adults, but is somewhat at ease with children. William appears to have sociopathic tendencies, e.g., his behavior is antisocial, and he lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience, as is manifested in his actions towards Charles.

    One thing that’s very pronounced is Harry’s absence from all of the hoopla. Harry is doing his own thing, and has been glaringly absent from anything. Only time will tell…l

    1. I always thought William would have issues because Diana subjected him to a lot of emotional manipulation when he was too young (I am not giving Charles a pass on this either). I’m not sure what is going on with Kate, but she doesn’t seems like a happy adult.

      The BRF has got itself in a pickle. The joys of an heriditary monarchy coming home to roost.

  34. I have to ask, why is it neccessary to make a comment about what bra Kate is wearing? Whats the purpose? It made me feel a bit bad personally cause I too have very small breasts and wear padded bras sometimes because it looks better in certain dresses. If someone were the make comments about it I would hate it, it shows disrespect to discuss a woman’s undergarments, unless she flashes then of course, but Kate’s not doing that. So unnecesary.

    1. I am also small chested, but I rather liked the comment on the bra. I wear a padded bra too, but at least I’m consistent about it – Kate is NOT, and therefore it is very noticeable. Her chest size is changing all the time and it’s so obvious – she really truly is clueless.

      1. I dissagree. I don’t always wear padded bra’s, sometimes it makes the dress look better, sometimes it is unnecesary and sometimes I just don’t want to. It shouldn’t be noticible either way because we shouldn’t pay attention to it. Maybe its a little bit clueless to have opinions about what bra someone wears, especially to use it to make her look bad.
        I am no Kate fan but I hate it when she is attacked for doing things so many woman do, she is a human being, talk (and complain) about her work, not about her underwear, unless, as I said before, she flashes it.

        1. Well, you and I have different opinions on the matter, which is fine. You are not in the spotlight, are you? Consider that Kate IS being scrutinized right down the the smallest detail, so her changing bust line will be noticed whether anyone likes it or not. Under garments are part of making clothing look good, that green lace dress she wore in India might have looked relatively nice on her if she’d had the proper support garments underneath – but it was a colossal FAIL because of her bra (or lack thereof).

          1. The reason people pay attention to her bust size, imo, is because they’re trying to guess if she’s pregnant. That was the topic of conversation around her bust size two weeks ago.

        2. The only reason I even noticed her bust size was because people commented two weeks ago that they thought she was pregnant because her bust increased in size. I, personally, don’t wear padded bras because I’m already a D but I don’t care if other people do. The only reason I mentioned it was because people who commented two weeks ago that she was pregnant and I didn’t think she was. My comment was more a “I’m correct in that her bust did not increase in size due to a current pregnancy.”

          1. I notice it because I’m an A on a good day. I saw Kate’s changing bustline when she went to Canada the first time and it was different every day. So for me, it’s nothing to do with pregnancy, it’s how a person looks in clothing. I have no problem with padded bras, and obviously Kate doesn’t either!

    2. I only commented on it because two weeks ago so many people claimed she was pregnant due to her bust size. My comment was not shade at people who wear padded bras. I don’t care what women do to their breasts – wear a padded bra, get implants, be happy with an A cup – makes no difference to me.

      1. Appropriate underwear should show the garment beautifully and seamlessly. Kate makes some odd choices, from no underwear to little support bra (India green lace number) to the visible corset toggle (NPG dinner). I think Kate simply has a need to titillate.

  35. As for the chest changing, I don’t want to add this but I’m gonna do it anyway, the woman had two children, how odd that her chest size has been changing.

    1. She had two kids between two weeks ago an Friday? Lol. The only reason I brought it up was because two weeks ago lots of people claimed she was pregnant because of her inflated-from-the-week-prior bust size.

  36. I feel very badly for any child suffering from anxiety, depression, and/or other mental health concerns. Anyone, actually. Not just children.

    I think William stepped up to the plate more than Kate did during this particular visit, but somehow the words either of them EVER express do much for me. I felt badly about your situation of moving from school to school as a child, KMR. That must have been extremely difficult for you. THere are so many issues that young people face that are not always handled effectively by parents, or by mental health practitioners. Not every therapist, psychiatrist, or nurse is gong to offer the best advice, help or treatment. It often takes the uncomfortable and challenGing acts of trying to find the best match and that is very often overlooked when anyone discusses mental health. It’s not a one size fits all issue. I’d like to hear that come out in one of the handouts that KP prepares when talking about mental health concerns. I’d like to hear that voiced my W and K, too.

    I guess there involvement is better than nothing, but it’s actually more of a fairy tale look at an intricate and difficult health issue. Such a light touch that is being offered makes those who are not benefitting from medicine or other treatment feel as if they have failed. After all, W and K make it seem easy. And, getting appropriate care, getting the family involve,d getting the public to understand the suffering is more than a quick appearance every now and then.


    1. Whether W, K or H is attending an engagement about the mental health campaign, they should be emphasizing the campaigns name: Heads Together. It has a web site and much more information is available there. The logos are hung in the background but the name needs to be repeated many times in a speech to point listeners to the web site. The media accounts should echo the campaign name and the web site. W, K or H’s appearance is supposed to catch attention and focus it on the campaign. They are not intended to be anything but the vehicle to bring awareness of the places to seek help.

      1. Having worked in PR, I agree that those attending such events need to mention the organization several times and hammer the goals home. The best celebrities who lend their names to issues, study up and are good at doing just that. You can count on them to get the media back on target when the media drifts off.

        Yes, the banners have the name of the organization on them, but it is vital that W and K, or anyone else, repeat the name and many of the notable things the organization does. Oh, well. Could we be asking too much?

  37. I have a constructive and a catty comment.

    My catty comment: I do not like her dress. My three year old has one similar without the slit and she is cuter. It also was kinda startling to see how much more slender Kate is than the 12 year old who was next to her. In case I was mistaken, the boy who is sitting next to Wills looks bigger than Kate. I saw her in the next picture with the more mature women, and again, smaller than all of them. I am very scared that this woman, with a prepubescent figure is held up as a model. It is more frightening because she is working in mental health and influencing young minds who are working through problems.

    My more constructive comment: I am seriously concerned about how these public figures interact with kiddos with trauma and pain. I worry that they would make it worse by unintentionally blundering on a child’s history and then do more damage.

    Take some training on trauma. Take some training on active listening. Take some training on …anything.

    ok.. over and out.

  38. I have wondered if we would ever see the real Kate and the real William?

    I believe we have – Kate stands and does nothing. William instinctively goes to help the fallen elderly gentlemen. This incidence, IMO, shows their true characters.

    1. You know…I believe, like others above have mentioned, that William can be saved. If he recognizes that his life is not remotely near “hard” and sees his privilege, embraces his country essentially, he can emerge as a passable and tolerated King. I’m not sayin’ it’ll be easy or that he’ll go down in history for being beloved, but he has the speaking abilities and intelligence.
      As for Kate…well. Her whole goal in life since young adulthood has been to snag the best eligible match. And that unfortunately left little room for anything else.

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