People: Prince William and Kate Middleton are breaking taboos by talking about their emotions

People: Prince William and Kate Middleton are breaking taboos by talking about their emotions

People magazine has a new article about Prince William and Kate Middleton which lauds them as “starting a conversation about mental health”, “opening up in ways royals of previous generations never have”, and “taking on long-standing taboos about seeking help”. Which, sure, but… it’s been two days.

From People, the part praising William and Kate for speaking about their emotions:

    “Speaking out with increasing regularity about the stresses they share with other parents, they are taking on long-standing taboos about seeking help.
    “‘Traditionally, royalty has had a stiff upper lip. But these two – and Prince Harry – are anything but traditional. William has often gone out on a limb,’ says longtime royals author Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine. ‘He is following Diana – and that is further proof of her legacy.’
    “William, Kate and Harry, she notes, ‘can’t promote the idea that people should talk openly without talking openly themselves.’ They have been doing just that. At a parents’ helpline run by Young Minds in London on Thursday, Kate told a small group, ‘I am sure we will face worries. We do face worries, because we’ve got small young children.’
    “Key to the young royals’ goal of fighting mental health stigma is the establishment of Heads Together, a coalition of eight charity partners.
    “A spokesman for their office at Kensington Palace says, ‘The campaign is about changing the national conversation on mental wellbeing, and ultimately ending the stigma associated with mental health by encouraging people to talk to others and reach out for support if they feel they need it. Through their work, the Duke and Duchess and Prince Harry have seen all too often that people feel afraid to admit they are struggling with their mental health. That fear of prejudice and judgment can prevent people from getting necessary help and can ultimately destroy lives and families. That’s why they want to help change the national conversation and are encouraging others to do the same.'”

For almost a year, I’ve been having problems with William and Kate’s mental health kick, because usually when celebs talk about mental health they overuse buzzwords and never really talk about the actual challenges of overcoming one’s mental health problems.

Last October, I said: “My negative feeling toward William and Kate is not William and Kate specific, it’s directed toward other celebrities, too. I’ve never heard a celebrity talk about how truly challenging overcoming a mental health problem is, or how challenging it is to even seek help because you are so afraid to open up about your issues. […] Ending the stigma and promoting understanding are all well and good, but no one will get help if they do not first seek it out, and second be fully open to accepting it.”

And last November, I said: “I find Kate’s answer to why she chose children’s mental health interesting because basically she’s saying she chose children’s mental health because she had a great childhood, which doesn’t make a ton of sense to me. […] Maybe because she’s highlighting the stark difference in her childhood compared to a child who actually suffers (or suffered) from mental health issues and is therefore othering herself from children who suffer (and adults who suffered as children and/or continue to suffer)? She’s not actually relating herself to the cause here. Just going off of what she has said here, it seems she has no idea what it’s like to deal with mental health issues.”

And in May at the Heads Together launch, I commented that their speech was full of buzzwords, that the topic was very broad, and that I want them “to give me detailed information about what the problem is and how they plan to enact change”.

Has enough changed that William and Kate deserve the kind of praise People is giving them? I don’t think so.

Yes, William opened up about missing Diana and about “carrying a lot of things at the moment”. Yes, Kate said she has worries about her children.

But while I am very happy they said words on Wednesday and Thursday, they didn’t reveal anything too personal, they didn’t “go out on a limb” and “talk openly themselves”. They made some personal comments, which is great, but it wasn’t that shocking. They still have not really said why they chose this cause, why they relate to it. And for the most part, they are still using buzzwords. They still aren’t really relating in the way People is claiming, and they most certainly have not said how they plan to enact change. They’re not discussing how hard it is for someone with mental health issues to openly talk about their issues, why there is a stigma and why people have a hard time opening up. They’re just saying that people need to talk openly about their issues because, like, ending the stigma. It’s great that William and Kate words, but this is a baby step.

The second problem I have with People’s praise is that William and Kate aren’t doing anything “with increasing regularity”. It’s been two days!! Two. Days. Wait and see if this trend continues, or if they go back to their old ways, before throwing all of this praise their way.

I want to make sure that I say that my ire in this post is directed toward People, not William and Kate. I am very appreciative that William and Kate said words on Wednesday and Thursday, I truly am. And neither William nor Kate (nor Harry) need to open up about themselves if they don’t want to. I would like them to, so that their involvement in this cause doesn’t seem so sterile, but it’s their decision when and how to open up if they choose to. It just bothers me that People is leveling this much praise on them when they haven’t done what People is claiming they have.

My TL;DR point in all this is: It’s been two days, People, calm down.

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  1. I agree with everything you say. It’s far easier to do something for two days than it is to sustain a deep, enduring, transforming commitment to it.

    People’s coverage of this particular instance epitomizes much of the press to-do about this couple: they take two very ordinary people who are exceptional only by their wealth and privilege and try to create sterling character and profound meaning out of these flimsy materials. The continual insistence on building them up only underscores what little there really is to them. If the media were honest about their ordinariness, I think I wouldn’t dislike Kate and William quite as much as I do. Although there’s plenty to justly criticize them for, publications like People are complicit in it.

    It’s late, so I apologize if what I said is repetitious or rambling, but I wanted to get my thoughts out while they were there.

    1. I agree ABKM, it’s very much like the Kate fanatics who seem to believe that simply because Kate is thin and has nice hair that she must be kind, sweet and caring. It also really bugs me when her charities have to find nice things to say about her in order to build her up, when she should be the one saying stuff about her charities in order for them to flourish.

  2. I agree with what you are saying KMR. Im just a bit too cynical and see this article as more PR promotion than anything else. I do want it to be easier for people to be able to open up. We have a programme fronted by an ex All Black here where he talks about his struggle with depression. It’s helped many, John Kirwan has been very open and this has lead to more males opening up and getting help too. This programme has been running for a number of years. Let Kate and William open up like this and sustain it for a number of years then I’ll be first in line to say well done.
    As that phrase “through their work” had popped up I’m inclined to think that the same person who writes Kate’s speeches etc has written a press release and People magazine are just feeding it back to us.

    1. People is notorious for simply printing press releases from celebrities’ publicists. They work directly with the subjects (or their publicists) of their articles to present the subjects’ preferred version of events/publicity.

      You can be sure that this article came straight out of KP, peppered with Ingrid quotes which may or may have been given on a different context to spice up the article.

      Using out of context quotes to spice up new articles is another People specialty.

      They aren’t nicknamed kneepads for nothing.

      Last month(?) A writer resigned from People and wrote an open letter to them in which she outlined what she had done to make celebrities and articles sparkle when the reality was far from the truth. She was less than complimentary about the reality of several celebrities including Kate.

      1. That was the one who said KM does OTT expressions because her face is collapsing. Unfortunately, a lot of the interesting things she said about celebrities weren’t examined, because so many attacked her for that comment. There was sexual harassment going on in the way she was treated by some male actors, but that was glossed over by reports.

        7. Kate Middleton. According to Hammel, Kate only smiles because her face is “collapsing.” She continues, “That, my Kate Middleton watchers, is why you will see her grinning maniacally at all times in photographs and videos, even when you get the strong sense it doesn’t really fit the occasion, even when you can’t see quite what’s so funny, even when those around her don’t seem remotely festive. Even when she’s staring into space, walking up some stairs. Even at somber events when it’s not right to smile, when she can’t lest she appear soulless, she tucks the corners ever-so-slightly upward.”

        I’d rather focus on her lack of work ethic and overspending, not her genetic physical appearance. But when she puts the majority of her effort into her looks not her work or preparation, that is what gets commented on. Even KM’s ardent fans focus on her looks and her shopping, because there is so little work of hers to examine.

        1. Yes, let’s focus on the IMPACT of ‘work’ and the work ethic overall. Can you imagine an article anywhere about Kate that does not talk about her clothes or physical appearance at all? That talked about the event, what substance she brought to it, and what impact her ‘work’ in tangible terms had/has on the charity?

          The upcoming Canadian junket will focus heavily on clothes, scenery and children, the latter being their PR trump card. There will be scant attention paid to organisations apart from ‘becoming aware’ which is useless to everyone.

        2. What impact and work ethic? Kate has neither. She isn’t Angelina Jolie, Princess Diana, or Audrey Hepburn. She’s too lazy and really doesn’t care about anyone outside of her small circle of family and William’s friends.

          1. I know! There is simply nothing there. W+K are heavily protected by PR and all the power of monarchy because they are perceived to be the future (some future). They don’t need to do much, so they don’t. Only if their future was on the line (= goodies) would they change.

  3. Well said abkm, Cathy, and kmr!

    W&k have a bad reputation after five years of being awful and lazy members of the firm. Unless they recieved new sincerity chips in France, it’s hard to take them seriously.

    People used to be fantastic. I had a subscription for years. Now, the rag isn’t fit to be used as birdcage liner. The reverence for dear waity and Bill is just one reason.

  4. I disagree about blaming People but not W & K. PoorJason has a relationship with People and they are his go to outlet for PR nonsense. PoorJason is almost certainly the KP spokesman quoted in the piece. This article is another attempt to reshape the narrative, and portray W&K as sensitive, hardworking ambassadors for mental health. They are not. And yet… better than nothing, right? Mental health deserves attention whatever the motives of the celebrities providing it.

    1. I agree with you Red Snapper.
      Not only People had to be blamed, but also W & K themselves and their lack of work ethic

      1. Celebitchy also calls him Poor Jason, but I don’t know who coined it. Someone here maybe? Maybe even KMR, I don’t remember. Its used fairly widely though. He must be so proud.

        1. I enjoy how the various CB commentors refer to them as ‘poorjason’,’ Normal Bill’ and ‘Katie Bucket’. I think those are perfect nicknames for all of them.

  5. Great post, KMR, and wonderful response, ABKM.

    Isn’t the ‘People’ article just part of the KP PR cycle of boosting William and Kate in the public eye? It’s the HuffPo stuff again. Same story, moving words around. W+K’s ‘work’ consists of a series of drop-ins at random intervals. It is not sustained, enduring or a commitment, as ABKM says.

    Do they make an impact? if so, what is it and how is it measured? With my cynic’s cap on, I repeat an earlier opinion that such events primarily serve royal PR interests with the inevitable roll-out of articles, such as this one.

    They spoke, but with no knowledge, why bother? What do they add to the issue? They are two propped-up under-achievers with PR spinning like motorised tops to make them appear anything but what they really are.

  6. While the current W&K activity is an improvement on the rest of the year it is still just a blink of an eye. People magazine is not The Economist so I don’t expect anything too thought provoking. It is all window dressing to try to provide a few brownie points ahead of the taxpayer funded family holiday to Wilderness Canada. Another in a long line of freebies with new clothes, jewels etc that will be paid for by the Canadian taxpayer and/or give Charles more tax deductions. Nice “job” to have indeed

  7. My disillusionment with Will and Kate began after the wedding. I had thought that these two long-term lovers would use their wealth of experience and education to blaze a new trail in British society and culture. Then… crickets. Flashing, pouting, some flirting, and posing but mostly crickets. Now when they work that disillusionment carries over to over-analyse the appearance. I wonder if I’m just expecting too much. Honestly, if they bring attention to the charities and leave the volunteers feeling appreciated, maybe that’s enough. They have undoubtedly focused media attention on the issue and even if they’re somewhat incoherent about exactly what that is, they have opened the door for experts to step into the conversation and make the difference. I don’t have to respect them personally to respect the effect of their appearance. If they were to have 45 weeks a year like this one, would we still grumble?

    1. Yes – because while they put in appearances this week – Will wanted an “Easy” call and Kate felt her husband should “push a button”. They have University educations so should be able to make a “real” contribution. But they don’t. They are still on their Twenty Year Gap and are not stirring themselves at all.

    2. The first time she opened her mouth about mental health, she repeated dangerous, decades-long stereotypes that frustrated and angered many in the mental health field. Being incoherent and as unprepared as they are, they are doing harm.

      They don’t make the volunteers feel good. There was one who posted lengthy comments on the DM, about how they had to beg KM to visit them. Something like 10 invitations to one visit. Once there, the people who worked and volunteered at the charity were treated poorly and made to feel undervalued.

      They’ve only worked a handful of hours this week. Unless they’re going to work a bare minimum of 20 hpw each on royal engagements, why should grumbling about their uselessness stop?

      1. Oz Shan, Nota:
        Fair points. I think part of what I was trying to say is that since they aren’t the modern, educated power couple we were sold at their wedding and seem incapable of ever becoming so perhaps we should set our sights lower and settle for more of what we got this week (which included William’s solo to Germany — I don’t know how that went). I had forgotten about the unhappy volunteers Nota mentioned and, upon reflection, may be putting too much responsibility upon the mental health professionals to also run Cambridge PR.

        On an unrelated note, I noticed that in addition to Kate’s face looking fuller lately, her arms are less gristly. Perhaps she gained 5 lbs. It looks good.

        1. You are right about them being sold as something they aren’t ! But you don’t have to have higher academic achievements to be a good patron of a charity. AFAIK Countess Sophie went to a College and did a secretarial course – but look at the difference between her commitments and W&K. Yes – she is older, and more experienced, but after 5 years a higher performance level would be expected – not just the number of appearances but an improvement in the quality of input.

  8. I still after all this time understand Jason’s logic of using People magazine as his go to PR boost. I understand that Jason as an American has contacts to People magazine, but how in the world will this help Will and Kate? It doesn’t matter one thing what the Americans think of these two, it’s the Brits that matter. Will and Kate have during the five years hardly travelled around the British isle. They bring out their kids when they are touring abroad. I don’t understand that logic as well. In this aspect I thik Jason has done a very poor job.
    To be honest I don’t think Will and Kate are as popular in the States as Jason wants everyone to think. They didn’t make any impact during their New York trip.

    1. I can’t figure that out either. People is a US based magazine and frankly it doesn’t matter how much the US likes Will and Kate, it is the UK public who needs to like them enough to want to continue footing the bill for their dilettante efforts into mental health and luxurious lifestyle. Americans don’t have to pay for them at all so their standards are lower. They are just like Kardashians for them in that it doesn’t cost them anything to like them.

      If a UK publication is unwilling to publish the same pap as People, I think it says a lot more about where Will and Kate really stand in the UK press.

      Mental health is a serious issue and so far Will and Kate have done nothing of note. Showing up to places once and trying to look interested is meaningless. The standards are so low that the mere fact they show up and don’t look miserable is viewed as a positive. Sorry. Not remotely good enough. This is a serious issue but neither are serious people and so they do a disservice and should stick with superficial issues like sailing.

      Harry has set up Sentebele and Invcitus Games which actually do something for people. Will and Kate have done nothing. They are older and have had more time to do it. They choose not to because they just don’t care.

      1. Not just people. They seem to favour US outlets for their press. Perhaps they figure if the Americans fawn over them, it will be reflected back here and the UK media will reciprocate.

        Barring his EAAA/ ‘i’m not workshy’ / engagement interviews, WK tend to give their interviews to the US. Those same interviews are then sold to be transmitted a few days later to the UK.

        Harry does a mixture of both countries’ media depending on his latest initiative. Harry has been involved in alot of media since he was 19 and discussing Sentebale.

        If one was dedicated enough, i’m pretty sure you can find a decent amount of documentary/interviews/PSAs over the past decade generated by Harry.

        You’d struggle to find a decent amount of the same during the same period from WK.

  9. I very much agree with your take on this People magazine article KMR, in fact when I read this bit online my eyes rolled so far into the back of my head I almost had a stroke. One of the bits that bothered me the most was they way People magazine seemed to add in “…and Harry”, as though W&K do the bulk of the work but adding Harry’s name was the nice thing to do. Imo, Harry has run circles around W&K in terms of getting the message out regarding speaking out about mental health issues. Harry has spoken time and time again about suffering veterans go through including his own experiences. Harry was the one who spoke up first about his mother, her death and how he wishes he had spoken up sooner. Again imo, W&K are riding on Harry’s coattails not the other way around.

    I have subscribed to People magazine for more years than I care to think about, but I’ve noticed that since W&K’s wedding their coverage of this couple has, at times, been so over the top with the fawning and adoration to almost not be believable. People magazine regularly refers to the Duchess as Princess Kate, which as we all know is not at all accurate and has been pointed out on their online comments fairly regularly. Also, I’ve noticed that they allow some truly horrible things to be said on their comments section on articles not pertaining to the royal couple, that I have to wonder what is going on over at People. I agree with Red Snapper, these types of puff pieces have Jason’s smell all over them.

  10. I read the People article, which was nauseating with drooling praise and seriously underwhelming with any kind of real journalism questions or insight into W&K. Their readership is down and they have to be disappointed that five years in, boring Kate on their cover will largely sit on the stands. They know the glamour factor isn’t really doing much, so now they are pivoting–as is a larger media segment–to W&K being “activists.” I suspect most people won’t bite at that carrot either because it is unlikely that these two will consistently work with their charities.

    Worse, wait until the public gets a load of William making stupid statements like he has at both engagements. “Give me an easy one…” “…just bang it with a hammer?” Wait until photographers catch Kate eyerolling Will when she’s “looking at him with adoration” as the DM ran.

    It’s good that they are visiting. But they are not capable, at least at this point, of anything above and beyond that will get the readership People or the DM would like to see. Maybe it will change when she’s POW. More bling will probably work some magic. I don’t know if it will be enough.

    My main issue with W&K’s 2 visits–it always comes back to them. When the young man was talking about losing his mom and Will talked about Diana, it’s understandable that he would bring her up to relate, but then he didn’t pivot and put it back about being there at the center for people like the young man. He did encourage the young man to talk to his father and others, but maybe it’s just me, Will’s words came out critical. Like the young man wasn’t doing something and needed to, i.e. it’s his fault if he feels bad because he doesn’t open up. When someone is vulnerable, you want them to be supported. It’s supposed to be Will giving HIM strength, not pulling him down.

    Kate is the same. All I got was she’s active in mental health because of her children, and the possibility that they might have challenges at some point. Well that’s selfish. Nothing wrong with protecting your own, but don’t come as a representative to “help” but really it’s to help yourself.

    The DM comments on their second visit were something else! So many people were ripping on these two. My favorite comment though was from Neville in Manchester who blames us Yanks for all the negative comments, saying they are well-loved in the UK. Someone immediately pipped up and said “hi Carole.”

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a Jason-media ploy to try and get a foreign popularity base to take the focus off of the fact they aren’t very popular at home. Like how Hollywood makes a US flop, so they market it overseas.

    1. Kate’s comments are always self serving as far as her children are concerned.

      She first visited Place2be because they had a series of talks about child development for babies and toddlers – PGtips was a few months old.

      It was the first engagement she overstayed to attend an additional talk scheduled immediately after the one she had accepted an invitation to attend.

      The reporters tweeted about her unprecedented extension of her attendance because she did it AFTER arriving at the engagement and seeing rest of programme.

      When she attends engagements, many of the questions she asks are in relation to helping her children whether that’s to play better or develop better.

      Whilst it is commendable that she’s seeking knowledge to be a better parent, i’m always struck by what appears to be an academic approach to parenting and the complete lack of any attempts to tie the charity back to it’s objectives in the community.

      Especially from someone with as fantastic a mother as Carole is supposed to be, who could be the example she follows.

      With all that said, i think they picked Mental health because of something personal to them because they have demonstrated repeatedly an inability to empathise with anything that doesn’t touch them personally.

      And depending on progress, they are bored or engaged. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that they are more empathetic after the French holiday spent at the chateau of a psychotherapist….

      1. Yes, comments made almost always reference her personal needs. As such is displays self-absorption in that everything is about her even when it is so clearly not.

        I do think some comments are deliberate in that they help spin extra column inches about ‘Kate and William would seek help for their children’, ‘George wants to be an ______ (insert whatever you want here)’ , ‘George is so messy/naughty/ loud (insert suitable word)’ etc etc. It’s all rather glib and predictable. The royal reporters imagine stuff from such nothings because they need to keep their jobs.

  11. Camilla is also breaking taboo with her work concerning sexually abused women.People magazine should have also mentioned her,but unfortunately they just post fawning articles about William,Kate and Harry.They are a typical tabloid.And for these reasons I’m glad about the existence of such a blog(media) because it digs through the hype and presents clear facts about the royals.
    P.S:I’m not begrudging the trio’s attention to mental health,rather my displeasure is directed towards People magazine.

  12. “opening up in ways royals of previous generations never have” – No, just no. I have read more openess from any other royal except maybe the Queen than these two. Harry is probably the prime example of an open royal. Whenever he gives and interview or even just a statement he speaks openly. Camilla spoke very candidly about domestic violence and osteoporosis recently. Charles is very sensitive and has shared many of his thoughts. Are these causes not glamourous enough? Saying you miss your mother, who has been dead for 20 years or that you are worrying about your children, is not opening up. It’s the bare minimum of what they could have said. Harry has been talking about his mother for years. Saying he hasn’t really talked about her since about 3 years ago, is much more open than “I still miss her”. IMO. People/Simon Perry are the mouthpieces for them. Quotes that in the UK probably only Hello magazine would print, because even for the most royalist papers this would be too much.

  13. I understand that they have done engagements lately dealing with mental health,but will and Kate have revealed nothing personal to say they are the most open royals.I think that they are trying to take some of the spotlight off of Harry since he recently revealed he never talked about his mother’s death.Harry got a lot of praise and put the spotlight on his charities at the same time.The Cambridge PR was in overtime trying to recover from their last vacation fallout. Will and Kate get praise for just stepping out of their front door,which is really sad. P.S.Will and Kate do not sell magazines. I’ve seen People, Us,OK,In Touch just sit their when they are the cover till next weeks issue come in.

  14. First, thank you for this post, KMR. This is a sensitive topic in which you have covered with meticulous detail.

    Simon Perry/People are on my no-no list. They constantly call Kate a princess and print treacly articles about them. I think it’s because William favors Diana. Diana was a moneymaker for People. I’m sure that KP courted People to further their agenda as they are the only ones who willingly offer sugary articles. I find it ill timed as it’s right after their French vacay and before their Canadian jaunt.

    Only when I see and hear meaningful change on this topic will I believe it. I wonder what all of their charities make of this? Their work shy ways and lack of follow through are a clear representation of what will happen to this topic. In my opinion, People is one of the few tabloids that will bow to them. And I’m sure they say “Americans love us” as an excuse. Heck, I’m surprised they haven’t given Simon an exclusive photoshoot at Anmer with the kids. I can see it now “Exclusive: Princess Kate shows us how she is a working princess yet raise her kids well”

    1. Diana was a sure-fire money-maker for PEOPLE, as you said, Rhiannon. And, anytime she is brought up, sales go through the roof. THey wish Kate was so stellar. And, just because William looks a bit like his Mum — he favored her more when he was younger -, it’s not the same thing.

      When does or has William gone out on a limb — consistently on behalf of mental health issues? When has Kate? I think Harry has done more and will continue to do sol.

      “Princess Kate,” indeed! I do give William and Kate some thumbs up for their latest ventures, but soooooooo much more needs to be done. I’d like them to be stepping up several times a week to make differences. Not just these scattered appearances.

  15. Ugh, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; these two are out of their depth. This topic is too serious and important for them to tackle. Stick to photo ops and ribbon cutting where you just stand around and make chit chat. It is rather sad that two university educated people can’t stand up and speak intelligently or compassionately about such an important subject. I want mental health to get more attention, but not by these two buzz word generating mannequins. This subject deserves better. Maybe Harry?

  16. I agree that the Cams are completely out of their depth and the press coverage exacerbates their ineptitude. Mental health awareness is a highly worthy cause, but imo it’s too big a topic for celebrities, which is how I view the Cams. Research and treatment or even a cure are very much in the pioneering stage. It’s an extremely complex issue that celebrities can’t understand. As for People and other magazines that profile celebs who are struggling with their own mental health issues, the stories have neatly tied up endings–the celeb is now flourishing or their lives are now perfect. That’s not how it is for most people who battle mental health disease one day at a time.

    I think the young royals picked this cause as a tribute to Diana and that is commendable. But their on-again off-again messages aren’t cohesive and are loaded with shallow, tiresome cliches. They simply don’t have a grasp of the issues. There are a number of ways they could highlight this cause by using experts to discuss the latest science, or poverty and mental illness, or nutrition and mental health. but instead they go to a call center or a treatment facility where they play around being a volunteer and invariably end up saying something stupid. Then the press ends up reporting more on the royals than the organization.

    What have I learned from their visits? That the death of Diana is still painful to this day. That’s a poignant story, but it doesn’t move the narrative forward for anyone else, especially people without the priviledges of the Cams.

    I don’t believe Kate has embraced the cause. She herself doesn’t seem to have any self awareness. She accompanies William, but always seems reluctant or girlishly ignorant of the point of the visit.

    1. I was thinking, is it really appropriate for Will and Kate to pursue mental health when Charles’ team called Diana “crazy” and “mentally unhinged?” Did Will pick this topic, does he really think his mother was mentally challenged? I think a lot of people would disagree with that, and what’s worse, it can open up the ugly divorce and Charles’ behavior at a time when he’s worked hard to make a more positive image for himself and Cam.

      Mental health is a serious issue and not something to be used against a spouse or thrown out because of a fight. What if a reporter asks him a question like that, “What would you say about your father calling your mother….”

      Another bad step for Jason? These two have no connection with people where they give any empathy. It opens up dangerous fronts where Will can be seen as the victim and some sap pushes for a vote in Parliament for Charles to be passed over.

      And who’s hand encouraged them to take up mental health….?

      1. Given how William thinks he is a PR genius, my guess is William came up with the mental health angle.

        Given how obtuse William is regarding his own image, I would guess he didn’t even think of the optics when he chose mental health.

        1. Do you think he chose it because of his mother? With all the nasty things said about Diana? Can you imagine the hell he would get if he said that he thought she had mental problems? I can. Carole will probably muzzle him before he can damage the succession. She didn’t make all that damn cheese on toast for nothing!

      2. I think they think this is all they have to do. Show up, say a few words, pat on the back, look how we’re ‘changing the conversation’! Typical celebrity PR garbage when other celebs do so much. Celebrities have been involved in W&K’s causes since W&K never show up – Ed Sheeran with EACH, Henry Cavill with the Sun Military Awards and other veteran charities, are what I can think of off the top of my head. I’m sure those two men do more than W&K have done. And of course HARRY!

  17. Uh KMR, You should have posted and advisory warning that reading this post might cause nausea and vomitting!! Bleh.
    My questions are this: what have they actually done? Are more people talking about mental health? Have people seeked help that wouldn’t have otherwise gotten help? Are they wanting tangible results from this endeavor or are they just giving lip service to cause that needs much help?
    KMR always posts help line #s on her post, which I think is beneficial. I don’t follow any of their social media accounts but do they do things like that?
    I guess I would like to see more results than them just doing talking points. Do we ever get how much money is raised from their fundraising events?

  18. Well, my father is a Narcissist, my mother is a co-dependent Narcissist, I grew up between the both of them. Now I have a husband, three children, a household, a job AND have to take care of…..ALL of it. Thank you, William & Kate for shedding “the light on it”… There is already too much “light” in my life. What I really need actually, is real help. As long as you can’t provide real help, please just show up nicely dressed and distract me from my real life. Thank you…..and shut up.

    1. Amen.

      I think my dad is on the narcissist spectrum and my mom is definitely a co-dependent and on the narcissist spectrum as well.

      I wish I had learned about co-dependency and narcissism years ago. It would have helped me a lot both in explaining my shortcomings and in teaching me how to overcome them.

      Ditto with highly controlling parents. My mom was that in spades (continues to try) and my dad is on the spectrum but to a lesser degree. (At least he knew to quit when we turned eighteen.)

  19. The nauseating articles about them and the new articles about skipping William in favor of Charles make me sick.

    KP wanted this visit the other day embargoed. Why? They were making a film about it to use on social media to promote W&K. Screw traditional media, let’s use them and drop them! What a great plan.

    It is, once again, all about them and their optics. I wish as someone who has suffered with mental health problems and parental abuse that this was something I could get behind. I think, yes, it’s nice and good they are talking about his, but the same old buzzwords and making it about themselves that is upsetting.

    I am a parent. I had no example of how to be a good one or even a decent one. It is a struggle. It follows you all your life. I want to know why they are doing this, other than self-serving reasons to make their image better.

    It is sad too they believe they are probably doing so well when it’s all too little, way too late.

    We all know how to talk about this. Now it is time for them to walk the walk, but they have no substance to do so.

    It also peeves me that real projects and real work in changing people’s lives get little PR but WK get it all as if they are some educated saviors.

    I hate being so cynical but there it is.

    1. LOL

      I think we can all agree that if Kate had taken up athletic-related charities and patronages as KMR, myself, and many others here suggested two years ago when Kate was really starting to flounder and the public facade started to crack, she’d be connecting better. If Kate played to her strengths, she’d be easier to relate to and more believable.

      Will is the problem. What has he ever done in his life except coast? He doesn’t have his brother’s natural empathy. He doesn’t have his father’s work ethic. He doesn’t demonstrate his grandparents devotion to duty. What has ever interested him? I don’t think he’s ever really connected with anything and therein is the problem.

    2. These sycophantic articles aka press releases are written by KP PR, approved by Kate and William and run by lapdog media. Do not buy the magazines, do not click on anything that affords the media outlet value. No sale = no traction for W+K. The current ‘William for King’ article = ‘you helped kill mummy’. Exquisite timing, a couple of days out from the anniversary of Diana’s death.

      W+K’s purpose is to be seen ‘caring’ to justify their continued sucking on the public teat. That’s what these engagements are for. Trying to find a glimmer of interest and genuine commitment is a fool’s mission.

      I don’t agree that Kate would have been better off with sports-related charities. Where is the commitment? She enjoys watching men’s elite tennis and watching men perform in elite sailing events. She enjoys playing tennis. She enjoys enjoying herself. That is all.

      1. Kate took up patronage of Sportaid which everyone thought was a fantqdtic choice for her, yet has barely attended any of their functions or galas except when they came to her and hosted a gala at KP.

        Clearly, whilst she’s billed as sporty, that is an exaggeration of a situation where at best she is a fitness fanatic and a fan of elite sports played by men.

        As exaggerated as her billing as a country woman just because she lives in the country.

        You know who is sporty AND a country woman? Zara.

        1. Zara is an excellent choice for any sports-related charity to look to; Olympic medal winner, and demonstrably active sportswoman. Sportsaid would be better off to ask both Zara and her husband, also a top achiever in sport, as guests to its galas and the like. Clearly, Kate is not interested. Are they able to delicately ditch her? Didn’t one charity want to do this a while back because they could not get any work out of Kate?

          The ‘country woman’ tag of Kate is amusing; more like a SWF of Jecca Craig, complete with hat, hair and eyebrows. If it’s not a SWF of Diana, it’s Jecca.

          1. Was there a charity that wanted to disengage from Kate because she did nothing for them? If so, good for them for believing they deserve someone better to promote their cause.

  20. Somehow, it absolutely irks me that this duo is given so much press and laudations for whatever it is that they do. According to Kate, this matter has piqued her interest and has become very important to her because she had a very good childhood upbringing. Thus far, I’ve yet to see/read anything to even mildly suggest that her statement implying

  21. I think we all need to chip in and buy this! It could be a time share for bling. We of course would let Rhiannon wear to her wedding to Harry=)

    Export ban placed on Queen Victoria’s wedding coronet
    I know the queen has several but she should buy this for the historical context. Or Charles/William could buy for Kate.

    1. The Laschelles’ death taxes must have put serious financial difficulties on the family, coupled with a complete lack of sentimentality because they’ve sold many of Princess Mary’s jewels. The jewels keep popping up on the open market.

      This tiara is the second one to be sold publicly. There is another that remains unsold, but often borrowed by film/tv companies shooting costume drama.

      1. I didn’t realize that these two were in the same family.
        The swedes and I believe the Dutch do it right by having most of their jewels in a trust so they don’t run into these problems.
        I’m surprised a museum hasn’t pulled together funds to buy it. One of my favorite part of the Lourve was looking at all the jewels.
        Does Camilla wear sapphires or does she stay away since they’re so closely related to Diana?

        1. I can’t recall an occassion where Camilla has worn Sapphires. She has her own spectacular jewels and Charles is very generous on that front, but it always seems to be Diamonds or rubies rather than Sapphires.

          Don’t know if that is preference or design.

          ETA: Just googled Camilla and sapphires, and this is the only picture of her in Sapphires that popped up.

  22. This is a magazine that calls her ‘Princess Kate’, I think it’s pretty obvious where their priorities lie and it isn’t with the truth.

  23. Add me to the list of people who agree with everything you said KMR.

    PoorJason obviously has someone in his pocket at People. He’s been using them practically since he started there for these little nausea inducing puff/praise pieces.

    Unless and until they start working a heck of a lot more and talking, not spouting buzz words, but showing through their words and actions that they really understand and are doing things to really try to make it less of a taboo and easier for people to reach out I can’t buy completely that they chose this because it means so much to them. Sorry for the run on sentence.

    Also, I’ve wondered if this dive into mental health and (as Herazeus pointed out) Kate’s interest stems from issues they perceive in their kids or are trying to head off at the pass that they’ve experienced and fear may crop up in their children. Just a thought.

    1. Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK. Where were their parents, and surely Nanny Maria deserves some time off.?

      Full time parents? Give me a break.

  24. I hope it’s not too late for me to chime in.

    This isn’t the first time a member of the BRF has opened up about personal issues. Prince Charles, Sarah, Duchess of York, Diana herself and now Harry have always been open and honest (perhaps too honest-Sarah honey I love you but I’m also looking at you 😉 ). In fact, Diana’s candidness nearly destroyed the House of Windsor!

    The last time I bought an issue of People (related to a royal) was back in May when Harry was on the cover, about to come to Orlando for the Invictus Games. HE was incredibly open, answered questions fully, instead of the usual mumbling stuff we get from William. Heck, that issue is still on my dining room table! (Okay, so it doesn’t hurt that he’s so dishy 😉 ).

    What I’m trying to say is that this obviously-KP-driven-PR-move isn’t going to help them at all in wining over the public (US *or* UK) and PoorJason is wasting his time! If he truly wants to improve W & K’s image, he needs to work from the inside out, not the outside in.

      1. Yes I did, KMR!

        1.) Poor Cheryl BUT everyone knows how tough she is so this might be a good thing for Lochte.

        2.) I’m sooooo glad Derek is back! I love him and I can see him doing well with Marilu (a la, Jennifer Grey)

        3.) Val got a fun partner! Laurie is adorable!

        4.) I know I should say “poor Witney” but in all honesty, she’s not one of my faves *but* Vanilla Ice might surprise us because he *was* a dancer back in the day! We’ll see!

        5.) Maks and Amber Rose? Meh. I know I’ve heard of her but I don’t get the big brouhaha about her.

        6.) I’m so bummed that Mark and Tony aren’t back (they were some of my faves!) BUT I’m glad that Alison got Babyface! Also, poor Emma at getting Rick Perry! Eesh!!

        How about you? 😀

        1. 1) Poor Emma always gets terrible partners.

          2) I’m bummed Mark isn’t on this season as he’s my favorite dancer.

          3) Having not seen anyone dance the one I’m rooting for right now is Laurie because I liked her during the Olympics.

          4) I watch Indycar racing and I loved when Helio was on so I’m rooting for James Hinchcliffe, too.

          5) it’s nice to see Derek back since he’s such a great choreographer.

          6) I could take or leave Maks coming back, though he was great as a guest judge.

          7) I’m looking forward to the train wrecks that are Ryan Lochte and Amber Rose. But only for, like, three weeks tops.

          1. I’m not anti-Maks but I’ve never been a fangirl of his and, I definitely prefer his younger brother (Val) since he’s a bit more even tempered (though still passionate 😉 ) than Maks. Val does seem to try to make his partners shine, even when they don’t have the best vibes (I’m thinking of him and Tamar from last fall. That was super awkward from the word go.)

            Derek is amazing and I love how he gets to know his partner first and then creates the number, not the other way around like a lot of the pros.

            Truth be told, I’m not going to miss Keo. He’s a fantastic dancer but a crap teacher and he needs to go back and learn various dances and watch how others teach to gain experience. Jodie got hosed last season.

            I also kinda feel bad for Arteim because first Misha (she was an uber train wreck and you could tell she didn’t want to be there) and now Maureen/Marcia?! Eesh! Give the dude a break!

            I’m glad Lindsay is still a pro; she was wonderful with Alek last year and her chemistry with Wanya was amazing last season!

            Sasha is adorable and I sometimes forget that he was the pro who danced with Snookie and they made it pretty far (though her dance experience helped 😉 ) and he and Kim Fields were great together last season so we’ll see how it goes this season.

            I can’t wait!

          2. I agree that I like Val better than Maks. I also agree about Keo. He just isn’t a great teacher. It’s interesting to me that some dancers consistently get terrible partners: Emma, Tony, now Artem. I wonder why that is.

      2. Is DWTS worth watching? I only watched it once when Evan Lysacek was on, because I know him and was rooting for him. My stepmom is obsessed with it. I got my folks tickets to the live show as a present, she was so happy.

        1. Well, it depends. Did you like it when Evan was on? His pro is back but she’s partnered with Ryan Lochte.

          I love it because of the pros and their talent and, personally, it has made me add “learn ballroom/swing/whatever dancing” to my bucket list! In fact, a local university here (Go Noles!) will be offering FREE lessons in Swing Dancing starting this Friday night and I’m considering going! 😀

          1. Sort of. I just watched for him! Haha.

            I think I may want to punch the screen if I saw Ryan Lochte of the grills and idiocy…

            That sounds like so much fun! Swing is the BEST and such a blast. I try to get my husband to go with my, I took swing all through high school as a PE requirement then again in college. There was this ballroom near my college where us gals would go every Saturday night for some drinks and food and swing!

          2. My bad KMR! Yes, Evan danced with Anna (LOVE her but she’s been getting $hit partners when she’s on–Gary Busey?!) and Cheryl danced with Chad Ochocinco during that season and will be dancing with Ryan Lochte this season.

            Actually, speaking of Lochte (who is half-Cuban) I wondered to my dad if any Latinos (or, Latinas 😉 ) have ever won (or been in the finales) and me and my big mouth! Duh! Mario Lopez, Welliam Levy (yum!), Cristian de la Fuente (also yummy!), J.R. Martinez (winner and a sweetheart!) and Helio Castroneves (so much fun!) just to name a few! Interesting that there have been no women representing! (My Colombian side was curious hahaha!)

          3. Anna is another pro who almost always gets terrible partners.

            Have there been many Latinas on the show in general? There have been so many seasons now I can’t remember all the people who have been on it.

          4. That’s what I was trying to Google earlier but didn’t come up with any Latina women which surprised me!

            Laurie Hernandez (this season), Alexa PenaVega (season 21), Bethany Mota (season 17), Snooki (season 17-loved her! She’s Chilean but was raised by Italian-American parents),Christina Milian (season 17, dunno) aaaaaand Sabrina Bryan are all I can find! Okay so that’s a fair number of women LOL!

        2. I really like the dancing and the costumes. The did a DWTS tour several years ago which I went to and it was great. Some people on re show are really bad but they leave pretty quickly. And there is some great dancing and choreography on the show. I would say it’s worth watching if you like dancing.

      1. Thanks Sunny. It’s true though! W & K’s PR is going about this completely the wrong way and I hate how they absolutely have to add “and Harry” as if he’s part of all this too! They’re just using him because Harry’s emotional intelligence is off the charts (though he has had his occasional-boneheaded moment 😉 ) and William’s is in the negatives! As for Kate? I’m not sure if she has any emotional intelligence and this isn’t a snarky jib or anything. I’ve never gotten any warm vibes from her in a very long time.

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