Prince George turns 3

Prince George turns 3

Prince George is 3 years old already! Wow, time has flown. To mark George’s third birthday today, July 22, Kensington Palace released four new photos of George.

Prince George's 3rd birthday photo 4

Kensington Palace shared the photos on social media saying Prince William and Kate Middleton are “delighted” to share the photos.

A spokesman for Kensington Palace said: “The Duke and Duchess hope that people will enjoy seeing these new photographs. They would like to thank everyone for all the lovely messages they have received as Prince George celebrates his third birthday.”

Prince George's 3rd birthday photo 1

The photos were taken by Matt Porteous – a Jersey-based photographer specializing in sports, travel, and wedding photography – at Anmer Hall in mid-July.

Porteous said: “I really enjoyed the opportunity to take these photographs of Prince George. It was a very relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. I’m honoured that they have decided to share these images with the public to mark his third birthday.”

Prince George's 3rd birthday photo 3

My favorite photo is absolutely the one with Lupo where George is feeding him ice cream. It’s the cutest and it’s just good to know Lupo is still a part of the family.

I like the one with the whale shirt, too, except his right foot is missing. Really odd place to crop the photo. Two of the photos have some odd cropping, actually, as royal photographer Mark Cuthbert pointed out on Twitter: “Some very odd framing or crops on the birthday pics of #PrinceGeorge. Feet and hands would seem to be an optional extra !”

Interesting to note the swing George is on in the last two photos says “William & Catherine”. Wedding gift?

Prince George's 3rd birthday photo 2

Photos: Matt Porteous/Kensington Palace

135 thoughts on “Prince George turns 3

  1. I love the picture on the swing and the one with Lupo! Also, *did* notice the odd cropping, especially in the picture where he’s sitting.

    Wish they didn’t do the severe part in his hair and put him in other colors besides blue. I think the only other color we’ve seen him in is red. Sigh. They do realize there is this great thing called color combo, right? Like blue and yellow? Red and black, or green and (gasp!) watermelon, right?

    Also, why no brother/sister picture? That would’ve been so sweet! Ah well.

    Happy 3rd Birthday, George!!

    P. S. I would’ve loved if they had attached a bit of trivia with each picture. Example: Currently, Prince George’s favorite food/movie/et cetera is “blank” or he calls his grandfather, the Prince of Wales, “blank”
    Something to make these photos and/or this day more memorable.

    1. I agree about the colours, also a sweet idea about the trivia. Interesting without compromising his privacy!

    2. Kimothy: Not just blue – one of these pictures has him in a beige outfit! 😉 Anyway, the picture with Lupo is my favorite but it would be nice to have more formal portraits thrown in with these casual ones. Maybe not Annie Leibovitz or Mario Testino, although that would be great, but some combination of formal and casual.

  2. I had just looked at the pics of George on the DM website. It said he was/had? a party Ma and Pa Miidds, friends from his school but no mention of any members of the Royal Family.

    1. It is hard to believe he would have had a party already unless was celebrated before today which is possible. That DM article came out awfully early in the morning. It just seems more likely to celebrate later today or this evening or tomorrow when might be easier for others to attend. I do not believe everything I read any where.

  3. Hmm – I have always thought Kate was an average photographer at best. Did they deliberately choose the worst shots ? If I was the photographer I would not be happy to be associated with these – hardly a career boosting move

    1. Agreed. Not the greatest pics. Sometimes I wonder if KP/Kate/Will crop the pics this way and the actual picture has more to it.

  4. Wow, today is Georges’ 3rd birthday. I remember how today his birth. It was a Monday and I was watching live the arrival of Pope Francis to Brazil when the narrator said that “the Duchess of Cambridge had given birth to a boy.” I was very happy and was alternating transmission of the Pope’s arrival with CNN reporting the birth of the prince. The next day I was watching live CNN broadcast waiting William and Kate to show up with the baby and when they didi in the hospital door, I can not say how much I thought of Diana and how she would be happy to become grandmother. Since then, unfortunately I have not developed an emotional bond with George because of the paranoia of William and Kate on the boy’s privacy. I feel more connection with the princesses of Spain (Leonor and Sofia) and the princess of Sweden. George seems a stranger to me, and so does Charlotte. I was angry when I saw Kate on the balcony tidying George’s hair and super happy when I saw him all disheveled when he and his parents saw the planes. Let your child be a child, William and Kate. Childhood goes by so fast. Happy Birthday George!!!

    P.S: I have to say how much I hate now the word “delighted”, like as I hate the word “keen”.

    1. I remember being glad that he was a boy because all of the hoopla would be toned down; the press had been hoping for the second coming of Diana. I wish Charlotte had been a boy, too, but the second child never gets the fuss of the first in the media.

    2. Jamel you are so right! “keen” has been much overused by Kate and now it seems the go to word for them as a couple is “delighted”

      Maybe we should get them a dictionary and thesaurus, but they’d probably just use it for Charlotte to stand on in the next group photo.

  5. I’m a press photographer’s granddaughter, so I was really surprised these were taken by a professional photographer. The cropping is really odd with George’s foot partly missing in the first pic and parts of all his limbs missing in the swing picture. The photos also look almost violently overexposed to me. It almost hurts my eyes to look at George’s face, and in the picture with Lupo I can hardly make him out among all the blurred light areas in the background. But it was nice they released some pictures, although I’d love to see a picture of both George and Charlotte together!

    1. I agree with you Grace. All the photos look odd. There should be one photo of George & Charlotte & another photo of the family of 4. Except the photo of him with Lupo, the other photos makes him look lonely. What’s wrong with W+K? Can’t they produce a decent photoshoot without all these discrepancies? I don’t feel any joy or love in these photos. Poor George!

      1. “There should be one photo of George & Charlotte & another photo of the family of 4”

        I mean, that would be nice but I don’t know about “should”. It’s George’s birthday, so I kind of think the photos should be about him.

        1. They could have released a photo of the kids as a surprise to people at some stage, like the Swedish royal family releases summer greetings every year. I think it’d be good even for the kids if the public felt connected to them through pictures.

          1. I think releasing photos of George and Charlotte together and a family pic with all four of them at times throughout the year would be great. But I do think the birthday pics should just be of the birthday person.

          2. Many royal families have released pictures in which even the other family members have been included, just as William and Kate did when George turned one, so I don’t really mind if there are other family members in pictures too, as long as the birthday kid is the focus of attention. I didn’t think about George’s birthday in particular, I just thought I’d love to see the two of them (G&C) photographed together. They’re old enough now so that there could be some spontaneity in the picture, like we could really “see” the children. Quite honestly I didn’t even remember it’s George’s birthday, I’ve never felt he’s close to the public the way e.g. the Swedish, Dutch or Danish royal kids are.

          3. I ‘d love to see the photo of just George & Charlotte together: would they sit side by side quietly or hug each other affectionately. Remember the photo of Estelle & Leonore together?

  6. He’s so like Michael Middleton in the eyes. Gorgeous little boy. He looks so cute and I love the fact that he seems to have quite a tentative, thoughtful nature…..that bodes well in thinking about others and not just himself. As I remember, William was just a little bruiser at this age, running out of control (Andrew & Fergie’s wedding anyone?). Early days but they do say ‘show me the child at seven and I will show you the man’ so we can see glimpses of George’s emerging personality with what we’ve seen so far.

  7. George is a really cute boy but can’t help myself and find these pics a bit odd. Maybe it’s the cropping (why would anyone crop out his hands and feet like that), the light (really like the pic with Lupo but could have been done better), or clothes or general the way the pics are. Anyway hope he had a nice birthday!

    Would also agree with some here, it would be nice with a decent family, but as it his birthday it should be about him. I think most royal families do it that way… maybe it would be also a nice idea for a post to put some nice birthdaypics of royal children together to see how the different families do it

    1. Thank you, Kristin. I was not impressed by the photos. Odd, is right. The picture with Lupo freaked me out, actually. The dog did not look real. It was as if he was “painted” in as an after thought. The idea of having George share an ice cream with the pet was fun, but I swear the photo was freaky to me.

      George is cute and becoming quite a boy now. Not so much a toddler. I hope his birthday is a special time and I wish him a happy life. He’s really quite a lovable little guy. Would have loved to see a photo with his sister, too.

      Oh, and that swing is really nice. I like what you asked, KMR — A possible wedding gift? If so, what a great idea.

      1. Now that you say that, yes the pic with Lupo looks like photoshopped. There is smt weird about it…

        Yes it would be nice to get more pics. We get birthday pics quite similar to these of other royal children too but as we get more of them in between one is bit closer to them. Estelle in christmas videos, the Danish cycling home, Leonor running around… not much but still one gets to know them better.

        Oh yes, the swing is lovely. Would have loved it as a child!

      2. I read online that the SPCA already released a PSA to never feed ice cream to a dog, due to this photo. See, the Cambridges are good for something.

  8. My favorite is also George and Lupo with standing on the swing coming in at a close tie. Amazing how can one get a dog to stay in just the right place etc. Happy 3rd Birthday little guy.

  9. The picture of George and Lupo is super cute. I’m glad KP has finally figured out that they need to open the wall of silence. If people don’t know about G&C, they aren’t going to care about them or want their tax dollars to support them.

    I was looking on the KP site, and I didn’t see where Kate’s diary is. Do they just release upcoming events whenever or is there an actual schedule for the year, and then open dates get filled in as well? It seems very random to me, almost like they add events if the public gets irritated at Kate’s lack of work, but otherwise, she’s wide open to have a really expensive life of leisure paid for. Thanks KMR

    1. The royal websites have always been crap at updating not only Kate’s but William’s and Harry’s future appearances pages. And KP usually only announces an engagement for any of them two weeks (at most) in advance. Who knows what their internal diary looks like, though.

      1. It got me wondering if that’s a strategy, when it may have started because security has to go over wherever the royal is going to visit. But then I thought about QE being able to go to 500 visits without issue, and while her security team is probably much more extensive, it didn’t make sense that K&W’s team couldn’t crib from QE’s team how to get more done so that the diary could be filled. I was trying to look at it fairly, but the lack of solid visits looks deliberate to me, like K&W want to flomp around the house until they have to “work” if Jason or Charles puts a hold on $. That’s disappointing but not surprising.

      2. It’s abit from column A and abit from column B. Meaning that the public diary isn’t filled until last minute for security reasons for all royals, and WK are so lazy that appts aren’t made until the very last minute.

        There is also the danger that they cancel at the last minute as a result of which the public diary is now left blank to give them plausible deniability that they were ever scheduled for events. They don’t want fiasco of Irish guards again where event was publicly listed, then cancelled a week before she was supposed to attend to a shifting no of reasons.

        1. I can see the plausible deniability concept. On the security front I’m sure the professionals that look after them can handle more appearances. The members of their team are probably bored silly more often than not.

    2. +1

      Entitled lazy whiny lambridges seem to show for meet and greet as the PR is needed or HM send out an order.

      Totally agree with Grace 6:50 other Royals do have their birthday photos with family members. Especially for this very secretive entitled hidden family (should).

    3. I’m with Jenny. I did not like the photo of George with Lupo, because I swore Lupo was a giant stuffed dog. His eyes actually looked dead! Lupo’s not George’s.

      These shots did not look professional and did not bring out the cuteness of George, which has been on display recently when out with his parents.

      Why not have PG eating a cookie and waiting for Lupo to get a sniff and rush over to grab some? That would have been real and charming. I am a feline fancier, so I did not know that dogs should not have ice cream, so how dumb of everyone involved to have PG feeding poor Lupo some. Thank goodness for PSA’s warning others not to follow suit.

      All in all, this seemed like the Cambridiges were throwing crumbs to the masses. “We’ve shown you our son at a few recent events. Here’s some pictures, now leave us alone.”

      George is growing by leaps and bounds and has a very cute look to him. Serious in these photos, but he also has shown that he’s quite a little scamp some of the other times we’ve gotten a glimpse at him . Hope he had a very Happy Brithday. And, that his life will be a good one.

      1. Yes, Lupo looked like a cadaver in the photos. He did not look real at all. I said it before and I will reiterate it. He was dropped into that photo!!!!!

        Looking at the pix again, I am left rather cold. As others have said, George is being micro-managed greatly. He’s three, for God’s sake. He just was so tightly watched in this photo session. Why not let his spunky self come out?

        William and Kate are ridiculous. What are they afraid of? Can anyone say?

        George is a cute little boy and won many hearts at recent public appearances. These pix do nothing. Yes, he’s a good looking child, but there’s apparently so much more to him. Let it fly!

        Gosh, in those teen years, PG and PC are going to have many things to rebel against. I wish William and Kate luck getting through all of that!

          1. I see. I was going to say ew but I think it probably is a childish response. Thank you KMR. I actually came across it in the Bell jar and wasn’t sure.

      2. I agree that Lupo looks weird, but I think the photographer caught him at an awkward moment. I have a boxer, Cody, that we caught in a picture almost with the same look. We have a four year old, and Cody was frozen in this weird way with the same eyes as Lupo, like he was mentally evaluating, can I grab that food from the kid? Am I going to get smacked? Yes or no… It’s right before the bite. We still laugh over that picture, poor dog looks like he’s paralyzed by an SAT question.

        1. Hi, Sunny. I just did not see any connection between “a boy and his dog!”
          I get what you said, but the photo looked shopped to me. And, I am really struck by how tightly wound George looks. I know a stranger photographing a kid can be daunting, but the photographer should have been able to have George open up. I can just see W and K off to the side, rigidly scripting the entire shoot. Ugh!

          1. Hi Jenny, you’re right, it does feel off. I think its off because George seems oblivious to Lupo and looking at the ground instead. I could see W&K having a toy photoshopped out and Lupo put in “for warmth” and to “appeal to English traditionalism.” Is Jason’s master hand at work here? Could be. It could be just one of those awkward photos, but it’s hard to trust what W&K put out after the family photo which looked photoshopped too. Lupo’s expression just made me laugh because we have a similar picture.

      3. fionamarie, to be honest with the way Kate apparently doesn’t eat I was amazed to see George with an ice cream. I can imagine she may be strict with what they are allowed to have.

        I’d love to see him running around with Lupo or just having fun in his backyard like Leonore did in the field. We so rarely get to see him cracking a smile and I don’t ever think we’ve seen him running rampant (like his dad did at the same age).

      4. OMGosh….can peeps get over the ice cream issue with the dog please. I owned a dog day care and boarding facility. Dogs can have a very small treat of ice cream or cheese if they are not lactose intolerant. Remember when (for the older gals on this site)we had dogs who ate pretty much anything and lived for years??? A little modicum of sense goes a long way. I do agree that Lupo looks as if he’s on meds/mesmerised by George or is indeed a photo shopping in image. Strange…but then so are the Lambridges.

  10. Happy Birthday to George! I can’t critique the photos as I’m not a pho graphed by trade, but I do like the 2nd photo, the one where he’s walking wearing that hideous sweater and looking thoughtful, the best. I think it shows a facet of his personality, IMO. The rest of the pics don’t really seem to be ‘him’….Lupo and the ice cream seem to be props put in the pic to make Georgie look cute.

    Interesting that WK throw the public these tidbits about their kids like bones thrown to a hungry dog. Rest of the time, these kids are hidden away while the public continues to pay for this little boy and his useless family to own Anmer Hall, run around in its massive estate and live in complete undeserved luxury. Frankly, I find these occasional pictures that WK deem to share with the world, very patronizing! Sorry to sound so bitter, but I hope the monarchy is long gone by the the time George’s turn to be “King”
    Comes up. I hope that this little boy will actually grow some character and learn that you work hard to get the things, both material and non material, in life. A lesson that his useless parents have not learned.

    1. Ha! I like the whale sweater! It’s not predominantly blue so has a different shade on him and I like whales . I’m in my 30s and I have a j crew belt that has whales on it =)

  11. Happy Birthday to George! As a person who is a terrible photographer, these pictures look like something I would have taken, some are over-exposed and like everyone has mentioned, the cropping is odd, with partial feet showing or missing hands. Also, I find these pictures rather stiff, seems to me when you see pictures of other royal children (Sweden, Denmark etc..) the kids just seem so natural and happy.

    1. Isn’t that the BRF tho, every image so tightly controlled that they are stiff and generally void of emotion. Kate’s over the top expressions don’t count as they seem more theatrical than anything. That’s what I like about the Swedish family, they let little free spirit Leonore run wild, Victoria and Dan loves on their children, they let people see actual glimpse into their lives (at least for a moment)

      1. It’s their effort to be “normal” since Kate is such a “down-home girl.” Yeah right, with that deliberate pronunciation to sound posh and overpriced duds, Kate sure wants to stick to her roots.

        That’s what irks a lot of people (besides upteen dozens of other points). Kate, Midds and KP all play this “marrying a common girl just like you” theme and Kate’s family are dedicated social climbers who repudiate who they are first thing every morning. They want to play both sides. But when you are just a shadow impersonator, you don’t have substance anywhere.

    2. Maybe the difference is that see the other royal children laughing, running around, having fun in public and we see them also beside official events so their birthday pictures, which might be stiff too, show just another part of them… them as “little royals”. We don’t have the bigger first part with George and Charlotte so it’s just stiff…

  12. I like these pictures and George is really cute. I do wish that the clothes were a colour other than blue, but at least they don’t look like they were previously won by William (maybe they were?!).
    Anybody else puzzled by the swing? Very formal to have “William and Catherine” on a romantic, rustic item, why not Wills and Kate??

    1. Since one has married into the royal family, one is the majestic Catherine who turns everything to gold with a touch of her signet ring. One is not “Kate” like one of the lowly peasants. *sniff*

      1. I think she actually tells people to call her Kate. I think the Catherine comes from William. Who ever guessed wedding present probably had it right. Probably from Carole! =) who does probably want her to be called Catherine now

  13. Hello!! I’ve been lurking for awhile but it’s my first time commenting. So hi, everyone!

    I just wanted to say that I’m SO grateful Kate didn’t take these. Then we’d have the “isn’t Kate talented, taking such professional looking pictures of her kids??” Ugh!! She’s not a talented photographer. I’m sorry but she needs to take lessons or leave that “talent” behind. Having a professional photographer take official photos was the right move. Leave the Kate photos for scrapbooking sessions with Carol.

    On a positive note, George is really a doll. I’m not a fan of giving dairy to dogs but seeing George with Lupo was amazing. I was starting to think poor Lupo wasn’t in the family anymore because we haven’t seen him. So yay for Lupo!!

    1. Hi, Olivia. So glad to meet you on this blog.
      I’m also happy that the family still has Lupo, but I didn’t see any connection between George and his dog. Lupo looked medicated to me!
      I must have PMS, because I am in one cranky mood. Happy weekend to all.

      1. Lupo looks like he’s looking at someone behind George for instruction. I think someone is definitely giving him commands at that point.

  14. I think George is so cute! But I agree that the cropping is odd in some of these- it was the first thing I noticed before I even looked at his face. NO HANDS, NO FEET?! Every time they release family photos I almost feel like they’ve kept the very best shots for themselves and only release some of the out takes for the public. Every photo shoot may have hundreds of pictures but there are a few good ones that look just right. Then there are some that almost made the cut but look a little awkward. I feel like that’s what we get from Will and Kate. But I love seeing George and Charlotte so I’ll take the scraps over not seeing them at all!

    1. I wonder if maybe they keep the best photographs for their own, personal use?? And give the public what they think is acceptable enough. Like “this one would look perfect on the wall in Kitchen #2! We’ll keep that one and give the public the one with the foot cut off.” 😉

  15. When I first saw these photos on Instagram this morning it was when I was half asleep, and one of my friends photos of her kid fell into Kensington Palace’s line of photos of Prince G. It was a simple photo of a kid (who looks like G) just watching tv in the midst of their younger sibling’s toys. I thought, ‘how nice! Not a staged photograph! Makes them look like a normal family just living in the mess of having two small children’, then I woke up more.

    I can’t get over how staged these photos are. It’s not of PG doing his thing and being a kid, but more ‘here, feed the dog’ or here, ‘play on the swing you’re normally not allowed on’. For me, these photos lack feeling, and the authenticity of personality.

    He is a cutie though and I hope he had a nice birthday….and that he doesn’t get too blinded by the sparkle of Auntie Pippa’s ring.

    1. When i saw that picture,that was the first thought for me , no wonder why will says criticism is part of their job.i think that is actually part of their life.
      They work and get criticized for how much they have avtually worked.
      They dont work and they get criticized.
      They release pictures and get criticized.
      They dont release pictures and get criticized.

      All the pictures are absolutely cute…except the cropping detail

  16. Wow. FOUR whole (or partial) photos of George…do you suppose that they release just 1 more than his age each year?

    It’s very…Town & Country-ish to me; “a young prince relaxing from his first engagement”! My son turns 3 in 2 weeks, and we’re just planning on a simple family barbeque…no particular plans release staged “English Boy at Play” photos to the press!

  17. Wow, I think Kate takes better photos than these. Each photo has something not quite right. I don’t understand the way his hair parts. Are they encouraging that strange hairdo? I want to take my hand and swipe it the other way. I do love the khaki outfit with the whale. But a sweater in July? Is it always cold in England or what? Would there be something terrible if a photo was taken of George just sitting down someplace like most kids go to studios and have their photo taken? The swing is cute, I assume it was a gift. It doesn’t even look like Lupo is eating the ice cream, George is just holding it out towards him. Happy Birthday George!

    1. Matt Porteous is a professional photographer but why are his photos of George so amateurish. Or did someone edit his photos to look bad. Strange…

      1. I suspect something ‘revealing’ was in the cropped area, as heaven forbid we should learn what flowers are in their garden or what shade of green the grass is. Privacy!

      2. Well, Kate is always altering her clothes (and not to great effect) so I don’t see why she wouldn’t alter professionally done photos too. After all she knows best, about everything.

  18. I liked that the photos had him dressed more of this era and not the 50s! The one with lupo and the whale sweater are my favorites. I think pets are great for kids to love on and teach responsibility. now we need one with Marvin=) I would also like to see a pic with Charles, William and George. Charles supposedly has a faboo tree house, why not one with him in it?
    Their thought process is baffling sometimes…

    1. Lupo is looking elsewhere (a trainer?), not at George or the ice cream.

      The names of “William and Catherine” in two of the pix? Yeah, their highnesses are in the photos.

      You make an interesting point. There has never been an official photo of either of the babes with Charles published.

      1. You would think they’d release one with Charles and grandkids. There was one with the queen, Charles, William and George but that was so formal and they were all spaced so far apart except william and George. Even one with Harry as the cool uncle! They are either oblivious or just don’t care what would make easy good pr for them. I think we all wouLd love a pic with Harry and the kids.

        1. I would adore a photo with Harry and his niece and nephew. Even a photo with Charles as well. I don’t understand Kate’s coldness towards her in – laws. It might be William also but Kate is deluded if she thinks she can snub the royal family. It really is good to see George in different clothes. I was worried that the poor little guy didn’t have many clothes and had to rely on handmedowns. Nothing wrong with that but Kate’s spending on her own wardrobe ranks a higher priority.

          1. Hi Laura, I think it’s more William who ignores his side of the family and Kate just goes along with whatever William wants. But I’m with you, a photo of the kids with Charles or Harry would be adorable.

          2. Kate and the Middletons are said to be very family oriented. That means Middletons only. They don’t seem very family oriented in terms of rest of their wider family or in-laws. Some of the wider Middleton family members have complained about this.

            To me a family oriented person encourages and or facilitates all aspects of family, including wider family and in-laws, not just your tight nuclear family.

          3. Herazeus, they probably don’t want any other family members near them possibly cashing in on their royal connections.

            And there’s the possibility that they don’t want the curtain of success and “respectability” they’ve thrown up around them brought down by family that may balk at hiding the stories they weave to the public. The fewer people who know, the more control they have.

            I would think that Carole would be doing everything in her power to encourage a melding of the families so that she can get her regular dose of hanging with the BRF.

  19. Happy Birthday George! He is growing up so fast.

    A few weeks ago, there was a photo of the two kids with nanny Maria in the park. At that time I stated that the kids were dressed up in winter clothes as opposed to summer, and they were most probably hot. Again, in one of these photos, George is in a sweater even though it’s summer.

    It’s obvious that Kate does not know how to dress the kids for different occasions. She has this tendency to dress them in preppy outfits, and I have to wonder whether Kate has any idea of the meaning behind this type of style that screams *wealthy*. Also, why blue and stripes again? Does she not know that there are other colors that a boy can wear? But, why am I bothering to say anything as Kate only values opinions from her self-indulgent family. She has umpteen dresses in royal blue and other variations of blue, and several sweaters in the same striped style and blue color. And, now she is accumulating for George, an abundance of blue and striped sweaters and pants. I suppose when one has a never-ending supply of money, then one can waste it. She’s not like us ordinary folks who try to stretch our wardrobe by mixing and matching colors.

    These photos, that are of very poor quality, has me wondering if Kate felt compelled to throw the public the proverbial “bone”, and while probably thinking,”here, take this, and that’s all you’re going to get, hope you’re happy now.” For me personally, she can keep her photos.

    1. Is it possible that all these clothes of Blues & stripes are gifts from friends & relatives? Kate is making George wear all of them & did not want to waste buying new ones ‘cos George will outgrow them soon. Just a thought.

  20. The more I look at the picture of George with Lupo, the more I think the dog was photo-shopped into the picture. I would think that the dog would be more interested in getting his paws on any type of food and be staring down at the food instead of languidly looking off in the distance.

    1. Not necessarily. I once tried to feed my dog giblets (from a turkey) and she turned up her nose at it. If my dog can turn up turkey bits then Lupo can turn up ice cream.

        1. I noticed that too. Perhaps Lupo lives with William which I hope isn’t true that they are living separately. Or Lupo is kept away from George and Charlotte.

    2. I got a “the dog is Photoshopped in” vibe too. The dog does seem to be paying attention to someone just out of the photo.

      1. I didn’t know the dog could be photoshopped. I think that is more likely. Thank you Cathy. It has gained the interest from the RSPCA. A new cause for Kate perhaps to hit the ground running 🙂

  21. Happy Birthday Prince George!! Today is my 30th birthday, I remember fondly going on my way to my birthday lunch when they announced his arrival. I learned a week later I was pregnant with my son.

  22. George is adorable but I wish they would let his hair alone. They seem to be determined to make it like his grandfather Midds hair.

    These don’t come off as very spontaneous to me. I don’t think it’s George’s fault, someone is tightly controlling what they want the public to see.

    The cutest photo was the one with Lupo and I could have done without him on the W&K swing. I think we know who his parents are.

    1. Lisa, you are so funny. “I think we know who his parents are!”
      Indeed! God bless little George. I hope you give them hell, honey Shake up
      their tight, little world

  23. Happy Birthday George!!! And to all others born on this day!!

    Cute photos, cute little boy!! I like all of them and am glad that they hired a professional photographer this time. I would hope at some point we get to see a photo of George with other family members such as Grandpa Charles, Uncle Harry, heck even Auntie Pippa. I’ve always enjoyed the SRF photos of Silvia with her grandchildren or Uncle Carl Phillip with Estelle.

  24. Prince George is 3 years old. Happy Birthday little guy. I like these photos of George. I mean they are not terrific but I do prefer them. I like the second and third photo of George. It is nice seeing George on the swing and making eye contact. I do find it rather formal that the swing has the full names of William and Catherine as mentioned.
    It is a shame not seeing any photos of George with Charlotte. One photo of them together would have been lovely. Maybe there is some sibling rivalry there or something. I can’t put my finger on it. Thank you KMR, for a great post.

  25. I think the fact that George has a large cowlick above the right side of his forehead is the reason for the part starting in that area. That hair is not going to lay flat. It actually wants to stick straight up. I know because I have the exact same thing in the exact same place. I could see the familiar backwards swirl in his newborn photos and knew it was coming lol. However, this time she used product in his hair to try and tame it, especially in the blue shorts photos and it doesn’t look good. His hair has a wave and with the cowlick, she’d be better off just letting it be natural.

  26. The photo of PG with Lupo reminds me of photos with the family Alsatian (German Shepherd) dog. The dog (female) was trained to follow word and hand commands and everyone in the family knew how to communicate with the dog. She was a sweetie-pie and was especially gentle with little kids (she was a pup when my brothers were toddlers). The ‘look’ of Lupo recalls how our dog looked when watching hand signals from someone out of range of the camera. She loved ice cubes in the summer and if the little kids had ice cream she would take a lick and then walk over to the refrigerator and sit down in front of it. We would supply her with ice cubes (on a towel so mother didn’t get upset over melting cubes) while we ate our sweet cold treats. The dog enjoyed those ice cubes and played with them while cooling off in the summer heat.

    The family photo album has a few ‘odd’ photos with the dog and the kids because if she had not been signaled to ‘heads up’ the photo would have been of slobbered dog licks with no view of the child’s face nor the dog’s. In sum, it looks like Lupo was kept ‘heads up’ in order to take the photo. I suspect a little lick of the ice cream but not much else. Our family dog did not like sweet things and would spit them out after tasting. But there are a few photos of ‘sharing’ an iced treat with the dog when all she did was sniff, tiny lick and ignore the offer.

    1. Your dog sounds wonderful. We had an Alsatian, but my parents had to give him away when they moved to another city (with no housing in sight, living with relatives). He was so protective of me as a baby, and quite gentle with my brother.

  27. George is precious but he always looks so miserable and micromanaged, as if he can never be a spontaneous, happy child. When have we seen him smile? Not often. It makes me sad for him. What a sweet kid with such loser parents.

    I part my kid’s hair like this, as otherwise it would be all over the place, but I don’t bother with hair gel as it just makes it look ridiculous and helmet-like. I think with how reserved George seems in these photoshoots the hair just makes it look more Stepford Wife-ish? Does that make sense?

    I want to see him smiling, running around, being a kid, not looking serious and managed to the nth degree.

    Happy birthday cutie.

    1. I agree 100% with your observations. George does not smile a lot and when he does in the pictures we have seen, I do not get the full on carefree child like vibe coming from him. I hope it is only because these photos are so staged and I hope in private that he is is more like a full on spirited and happy little kid.

    2. When Papped with Maria, he is usually relaxed and happy, smiling, radiant. It’s quite a change from his demeanour with his parents.

  28. Do you think maybe Will, Kate, or Nanny Maria was by George’s side helping to get him to pose for the cameras and Will and Kate didn’t want people to see that so that’s why the pictures or cropped in such an odd way? I would say especially the close-up picture of George on the swing where you can’t see his hands or legs. I could imagine someone standing beside him and asking him to look at the camera. Just a thought.

    Besides that, I think George is adorable. I like the blue shorts with stripped shirt. I think that is the most casual I have seen him look. I think that picture of George with Lupo is sweet. We had been saying for a while that we wanted to see Lupo again. Lupo isn’t actually eating the ice cream so I see nothing wrong with the picture. I have two dogs and I know not to feed them ice cream, but the idea that George would want to share with Lupo is sweet and harmless to me. I can remember when George was a baby posing in a window with Will and Kate. He was looking directly at Lupo in that picture so I bet he loves his dog. Lupo has a beautiful, shiny coat. The Queen has a chef prepare chicken and steak for her corgis. I bet that Lupo has an excellent diet for him to have such a shiny coat even if W and K don’t have a chef.

  29. Thank god they didn’t put him in old timey clothes! These look like a normal kids clothes.

    I know this is mean but I just don’t find George all that cute. I also can’t really see his parents in him. He looks like he turned up out of the genetic nowhere.

    Still, an improvement in these photos. It doesn’t look like 1954.

    1. “Looks like he turnef up out of genetix nowhere.” I totally feel what you mean. Sometimes he almost gives me a test tube vibe… in that he feels almost sterile in his lack of personality and human-ness? Not sure how to say what I mean. I’m sure it falls back on the hypervigilant control of WK.

      1. George has a blank look on his face most of the time. I can’t put into words those feelings, but, because of his distant look I often wonder if he is borderline autistic. He does not seem to make eye contact and his hyperactivity also contributes to that feeling. I don’t see George as a happy child, and I’ve never seen a kid that displays such grumpy faces.

        1. He seems startled and confused when there are lots of people about. George comes across as anxious to me, a little guarded, instinctively wary. If his parents behave in private as they do in public, I’d imagine George lives a very micromanaged existence.

          I realise the Europeans introduce their children differently to the public though a number of factors, such as the Scandinavian temperament, see a less frenetic response to the children.

        2. I don’t think it’s appropriate to judge whether a three year old that we’ve never met has a serious developmental disorder. We don’t know George, we only get tiny glimpses of him. We do not have enough information to judge whether he is autistic or not.

          1. I don’t think that I’m judging George. I stated that “I often wonder if he is borderline autistic.” Had I stated that “wikthout a doubt” emphatically that he is autistic, would be judging him, but “wondering” is not judging. You’re welcomer to delete my post if you deem it necessary.

          2. Replace “judge” with “speculate”. Either way, it makes me uncomfortable to speak like that about a three year old we don’t know personally.

            I know we speculate on William and Kate’s mental health status frequently, but they are adults who knew what they are getting in to when the decided to get into and stay in the public eye. George is a child. William and Kate are fair game, but I think the kids should be a little bit off limits with some of this stuff.

      1. I feel like I’ve just seen one of those age advanced pictures that police do for missing children. George definitely looks like that.

          1. You are welcome.

            The Churchill resemblance struck me when they released these pics of him

            That’s a mini Winston.

            Many people don’t realise how closely related the two families are. The Spencers are the cadet branch of the Spencer-Churchill family. To me, he is moving rapidly away from Middleton resemblance to the Spencer-Churchills. The very blonde hair is from that side because they are all very blonde. When George Smiles, he looks like so many members of the Spencer-Churchill family.

      2. At least he’s not bad looking at all! I think George has the potential to be a handsome man when he’s grown up.

        1. Let’s hope the Windsor genes don’t win out in the end. They seem to start showing mid-20s.

          Someone like Charlotte who is already showing Windsor genes needs to have tonnes of personality.

          The Windsor genes are not kind.

    2. “I know this is mean but I just don’t find George all that cute. I also can’t really see his parents in him. He looks like he turned up out of the genetic nowhere. ”

      I agree with you re: George’s cuteness, I don’t find him to be cute/adorable. However, this is the first time I’m saying such, because I’m in a minority. I wouldn’t venture to say anthing on any of the other Kate blogs because I’ll be eaten alive. I’ve seen much more cute and adorable kids, and I usually wonder why I don’t see the same cuteness in George.

      George looks so much like Mike Middleton, who IMO, is not a handsome man. I don’t understand why they comb/brush George’s hair in that style, as it looks like an old man’s hairline and accentuates George’s huge forehead.

  30. The Strange Incident of the Dog in the Photo : I wonder if, in the original photo Charlotte was sitting with George on the blanket. They’ve then photoshopped her out and put Lupo in !!!!
    There’s a very amusing article in The Telegraph (British Newspaper) Prince George’s Birthday:The secret diary of a threeager.

    1. I was just wondering the same thing!!! Ive been zooming in on these photos all morning trying to figure out why they cropped (and maybe photoshopped???) these images the way they did. I didnt realize Lupo was that large of a dog… Wonder if he was used to cover up Charlotte? Surely not right?

  31. These photos left me cold. Othertimes, when George has been out and about recently, I have felt more of a connection to him. To me, he bears a remarkable resemblance to Mike Middleton in these photos. Other times, I see much of William in him, but not here.

    I don’t know. I think the Cambridges are way too controlling and felt they had to have photos for the boy’s birthday, but wow, I don’t believe they wanted to do so!

    All in all, a bust. I think the photographer did a lousy job and I agree that Lupo appeared to be dropped into this picture. No warmth, no feeling at all. Between either George or the pet.

    I really know how difficult it is to get such “staged” photos of children. But, I am sure William and Kate were right there and they should have been smiling and encouraging a hesitant child. George looked like he was not having anything with this! Well, George, at least you are your own person. Hope you had a Happy Birthday. Wishing you a long and healthy, happy life.

  32. Lupo looks almost exactly the way he did in the famous Cambridges in the window picture. I thought way back then Lupo looked a bit nervously uncomfortable around George, and also thought his eyes seemed to be focused on something else perhaps.

    1. That photo was very clearly a composite photo where Kate and G were photographed separately from William and Lupo. The blacked out window wasn’t helpful.

      1. I didn’t know it was a composite!!!! Wow…. There’s even more distance in this family than I knew then. It’s kind of sad 🙁

      2. Why the need to make composites at all? Are they honestly thinking that they need to portray perfection or something akin to it? Their collection of photos look cold and staged, with no spontaneity.

  33. Happy Birthday, sweet Georgie! He is an adorable little boy.

    I find these pictures to be a bit perfunctory at this point. I don’t have any real connection or feeling towards him.

  34. So well said, rhiannon. It’s hard to have a connection to these children (George and Char) because their parents keep them mostly hidden from view. Hope you are doing well.

  35. There is an article on the Daily Mail website concerning Lupo. There was a lot of comments from posters decrying the offering of icecream and chocolate to the dog, almost to the point of hysteria. I don’t know much about dogs’ diet, but some of the comments suggested that both foods would make the dog violently sick. At least I’ve learnt something from those comments.

  36. I have been a lurker for ages. But the responses to this post prompted me to reply.
    1. We are assuming the Camebrigdes are a family unit-living together. There enough rumors to suggest that Wills does not live at home. Perhaps Kate and the children live at Ammer only part- time and the remainder at her parents’s. In fact, I perceive we know very very little about their actual family life.
    2. The assumption is made that Kste selects her children’s clothes. In reality, it could be Mrs. Middleton seeking an outlet for her aspirational values. It could be the nanny or even her assistants. What we do know is that George’s clothes are part of an image being projected about the Cambridges being “normal” when they are not.
    Most of what is written is speculation based on image and a hodgepodge of actions that don’t quite add up to normal. Where are the kiss & tell articles or planted stores about they way the actually live? It feels like we are living in previous eras of royal secrecy, where it will take many years before then Cambridges’ image is split wide-open in a courtroom if ever. Is everyone so cowed by prince’s William’s attorney’s and law firms that everyone is afraid to leak even the smallest detail?
    I am truly in awe of the many insightful comments on KMR. So I hope that my comments will not be construed as disrespectful or demeaning in any way.

    1. 499lakr, welcome! I agree with you. We know nothing about how or where the Cambridges live. Nothing would surprise me at this point. The cloak and dagger tactics are unnecessary. I am looking forward to the eventual tell all that will surface.


    Herazeus, you seem to know a lot with respect to photoshopping and photography, as a whole. Please take a look at the hand which is offering Lupo icecream. To me, it appears that it’s the hand of an older person, which is tanned, and the fingers are larger than Geoge’s. This has me thinking that the picture of the hand is photoshopped to make it appear as George’s hand. There is another set of two pictures on the Daily Mail website which shows more clearly what I’m talking about.


    1. That is George’s hand, without a doubt!

      Clearly the dog is not engaged with George though, he is focused on treat in someone’s hand just out side the frame. Who cares if we see the dog’s face, I would have loved a pic of Lupo following George around of even jumping up on him- something to show a bond.
      Hey, wasn’t there talk of George getting a new puppy for his 3rd?? Or is that info quarantined (like Kate’s shopping purchases) till deemed acceptable to share with the world at large. Remember when Lupo’s very name was a secret of national importance(insert Kate wrapping presents in NY level of eye roll here). These people, sheesh.

  38. Here is an interesting article that I found, where an executive with the British Council, criticized these pictures and called it what it is, “white privilege” and the fact that he will continue to live on public money and will never face any real hardship. She is a proud republican in her views. And now her organization will investigate these comments because apparently it is wrong to criticize these Royal Family freeloaders who live off of public money? This lady’s criticism is sound and just and I hope that she doesn’t lose her job that she has worked hard for (unlike George’s mother who got where she has, due to being known as “The Mattress”) or offer up an apology for her views.


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