Kate Middleton and Prince William in Portsmouth for America’s Cup prelims and 1851 Trust

Kate Middleton and Prince William in Portsmouth for America’s Cup prelims and 1851 Trust

Kate Middleton really loves 1851 Trust. It’s her favorite patronage, just judging from how often she visits it versus her other twelve patronages. Kate and Prince William visited Portsmouth yesterday, July 24, visiting Sir Ben Ainslie for the second time this year.

Kate and William at 1851 Trust July 2016
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William and Kate were greeted by kids from 1851 Trust – because they have to tie this visit into Kate’s patronage somehow in order to make it count as work.

Tayah, 17, said of meeting William and Kate: “It was so surreal meeting The Duchess today. We spoke about how the first day went at the Race Village and also about the Tech Deck and how it felt to go sailing with Sir Ben Ainslie. It was so nice meeting her and The Duke of Cambridge!”

Zak, 10, who won a competition to design the trophy said: “It was actually quite amazing meeting the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, they were really nice. They asked me how I came up with the design of the trophy.”

[1851 Trust]

William also discussed Prince George with Zak. They talked about George’s birthday and what he got for presents. William’s response is… as grumpy as expected: “‘What did he get for his birthday? I’m not telling’, William, 34, said. ‘He got too many things. He’s far too spoilt, he’s not into boats yet.'”

Kate also discussed mental health with Tayah: “She spoke a lot about mental health and how we need to stop people from feeling ashamed about themselves and come out and be very open about their mental health. And she sad that we are the voice reaching out to people because we are working with them on the ground.”


Why are George’s birthday presents such a secret? And if William really doesn’t want to tell people what they bought George, why not lie and say some random toy? Why “I’m not telling”? Why play that game?

That’s cool that Kate talked about mental health, though. I wonder what exactly she said.

Kate at BAR seeing boat technology
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

The 1851 Trust is the Official Charity of Ben Ainslie Racing – the British team aiming to win the America’s Cup in 2017. The Trust works to enable, engage, and encourage young people from a wide demographic to: Experience sailing and give them opportunities to continue in the sport; Understand the career choices and wider opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM); and Consider the environment and act sustainably.

After meeting with the 1851 Trust kids, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited with the Ben Ainslie Racing team and took a look at the technology which goes into the boats. They then met all the teams in the Race Village.

Kate and William watch sailing July 2016 1
[Land Rover BAR @LandRoverBAR]

William and Kate then watched the six teams from USA, France, New Zealand, Japan, Sweden, and Britain compete in the America’s Cup World Series preliminary races. The Cambs got to ride in a boat to watch the races, rather than watching from the shore like the rest of the thousands of people in attendance.

Kate and William watch sailing July 2016 2
[Land Rover BAR @LandRoverBAR]

At the end of the race, William and Kate presented the winners with the medals and trophy. There were three races, and Ben Ainslie’s team won races two and three.

The America’s Cup finals will be held in Bermuda in July 2017 with Oracle Team USA defending on behalf of the Golden Gate Yacht Club.

Both Kate and William wore Henri Lloyd official Land Rover BAR team gear customized with their names (titles, actually) on the back. Kate wore the Land Rover BAR Replica Pique Polo Womens, then the Land Rover BAR Team Elite Jacket, and finally the Land Rover BAR Replica Half Zip Tech Top Wms. She paired all of these with skinny jeans.

Kate wore her Monsoon Fleur Wedge in taupe for the first part of the day. She previously wore these wedges on day 1 in India and for the Heads Together video. She changed into her Adidas Pure Boost sneakers for the races.

Kate wore her Kiki McDonough Lauren leaf earrings.

Here’s a closeup of Kate’s rings.

The Express claims that William, Kate, and Harry will not be going to the Rio Olympics this year due to fears of the Zika virus – just like Princess Charlene.

A ‘source’ said: “They definitely wanted to go and it’s a great shame that they are not. Obviously they wanted to support the British team but Kate decided several months ago not to go after taking the best advice. It’s well known that she would like to have a third child and so she just couldn’t take the risk. It was still hoped that William or Harry could go but there is still a risk there, however small.”

Despite what the “sources” say I’m not sure Rio was ever a real possibility, regardless of the Zika virus. The only reason they went to the 2012 Games, and were “Olympics Ambassadors”, was because the Games were held in London. They didn’t go to the 2014 Games, and never went to any of the Games before 2012. Also, this “will they/won’t they” didn’t happen in 2014.

The Zika virus is a nice little excuse, but I doubt they were ever really planning on going. Seems more of the “tell the public they cancelled in order to make it seem like they were going to work more but never really intended to” type of thing that Kate’s PR did in fall 2014 when they would announce she had cancelled engagements due to HG.

So far there is nothing on Kate’s schedule. I think she probably won’t add anything to her schedule until at least September, and her next engagement won’t be until mid to late September. Judging based on her previous years’ schedules.

By the way, Ben Ainslie and his wife welcomed a daughter on Thursday.

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  1. Ok, silly question. But was it necessary for Wills to join her for this outing? Is it a joint patronage? If Wills is gonna be accompanying her almost every time, then we can’t expect her to become independent, can we?

    It is really painful seeing her in leggings/jeggings yet again. LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS!!! Geez, have some decency Kate! I can see your ovaries through it! My mother always tells me that if it’s too tight that people can make out your vajayjay shape, then it’s a very inappropriate outfit choice. If you’re gonna wear a tight fitted polo shirt, a slightly loose pants will help balance the look. Is this what you call a fashion icon? Puh-leez!

    She could’ve worn cotton cropped pants that’s not super tight! Don’t get me started on her neighing. Poor dolt …

    1. +1 – too tight skimpy pants are a terrible look on anyone – and it is laughable that this will count as “work”

    2. I think they make her look too skinny, like those brown “pants” in India. There are plenty of other types of pants that are figure flattering without looking sprayed on.

    3. We all can see she is skinny. Stop proving it with your stupid leggings, Kate! They’re fugly! It’s sad because she wanna be ‘Barbie’, but the body says ‘waif Ken’.

    4. No this is not a joint patronage with William. I think William probably just wanted to watch sailing and count it as work. There was no reason for him to be there.

      1. I think he wanted to keep an eye on her when she’s around Sir Ben. You know how giggly she gets around him. 😉

        I too don’t like the uber-skinny leggings. Just…..ugh. Not flattering on anyone but especially someone who unnaturally slim.

        P.S. Ben and his wife named their daughter Bellatrix. I’m sorry but I can’t help but want to add a “Lestrange” after hearing that for a first name. 😉

          1. HP references aside, Bellatrix is the name of one of the brightest star in Orion constellation. I’m going to assume that is significant for a sailor like Ben since stars are often used in navigation.

            Bellatrix also means female warrior so perhaps they think she will be feisty as a grown up.

            That said, despite the negative characterisation of Bellatrix in HP, she was a very feared and fearsome warrior for Voldemort. Truly lived up to her name. She’s also the only character i thought was perfectly translated by their film counter-part. All the other characters in the films always felt underwhelming, as if they were waiting for one more piece of the puzzle, since all each new book tended to do that. HBC played Bellatrix as a fully realised character from the first moment you saw her.

          2. Agree regarding HBC as Bellatrix, Herazeus! She was absolutely perfect!! Just the right balance of crazed villain and crazy-in-love-with-the-bad-boy (you know that if Voldie was into women, she would’ve totally had his offspring and created many Slytherin babies!).

            Just realized I went way off top and into HP land LOL! Sorry! I’m just SO EXCITED for the release of HP & the Cursed Child! Can’t wait to get it on Sunday!! I’m a Hufflepuff/Gryffindor!! (First time I took the test on Pottermore I was sorted into Hufflepuff but then after the upgrade, Gryffindor!) I’ve always said that I’m a combo of those two houses. 😀

          3. What?? Cursed child is coming out as a book?

            Grrl, i’m elbowing everyone out of the way to get a copy.

            On a different note, though i can’t stand theatre, i am trying to make an exception for the play.

            I am seriously and annoyingly fidgety in theatre. Always have been. I can’t suspend disbelief, and i’m distracted by all manner of things.

            I tend to read plays rather than watch them.

            Oddly unaffected by Musicals, ballet or opera. The heightened frenzy going on at all times keeps me focused!!!

          4. Thank Herazeus, knowing that Bellatrix is the name of star and Ben being a sailor this name makes much more sense. It’s so nice to have you here to help educate us!! thanks again.

          5. I thought the same as you about their daughter’s name, Herazeus, and found it very fitting and personal to their family- the stars being a point of reference for sailors. I like it.

          6. Yes. JKR used several stars and constellations to name her characters. Sirius (star), Bellatrix (star), Draco (constellation), Andromeda (constellation). These are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. She probably would have used Betelgeuse (Beetlejuice) if it hadn’t already been used for a popular movie character.

          1. Whilst I knew about the navigation star I think Bellatrix has been well and truly high jacked. Hope this little girl is called Bella or she will be in for some teasing at school. Let’s hope she’s not teased about Daddy being adored by a princess. Kate’s behaviour around BA is becoming a bit of an embarrassment, she needs to grow up.

          2. To be fair though it is the only time I think the real Kate comes out. I don’t like the skinny jeans for proper engagements and I do not think Kate realizes how she looks in them.

    5. I agree! Buy a real pair of trousers that fit properly. Even some jeans that contain less lycra would make a huge difference. Although, ideally she would wear a nicely tailored pair of chinos. These “jeans” look cheap and even appear to be worn on the knees.

      1. I would love to know what the queen thinks of these ‘show the world your assets’ skinny jeans. She should save these for her personal life…..of which she has plenty .

      2. I was too stunned by just how tight those jeans are to notice that they are rather well worn!

        My first thought on seeing those photos was to wonder if Kate wanted to rock up looking hot (or her version of hot) because the papers have been going on about how hot Pippa is, especially now Pippa is engaged?

        Here’s a thought – Note how Kate is standing in the top photo with her hair swept over one shoulder, makes me think of Madde as she usually has her hair like that in photos, could it be Kate is taking note of what the other young Royals are doing? Kate mostly has her hair over both shoulders so that is why I noticed the difference.

    6. I’m not only one that can’t help laughing at those he-haw pictures! Hi Sarah B, thanks for making me laugh. Hope you have a good day.

    7. Whiney, lazy over privilege bill kate middleton is trying to convince themselves that lazy BONES waity is not flirting with Sir Ben…

      Her wedges expensive jewelry at sailing proves how unearned her use of Prince *Charles Duchy/ tax payers funds really is. She could have left the ring and jewelry with the RPOs/Rovers.

      About george as spoilt as his parents unearned luxury lifestyle, how about recording all those excessive gifts then giving to charity, the homeless and sick underpriviledge kids.

  2. KMR, how does this count as work? It isn’t either of their charities. Or does it count because she talked to a child about mental health for a minute? Does it count for William too? This kind of stuff really gets my goat.

    1. Yes, it is one of Kate’s charities. Kate is patron of the 1851 Trust. The 1851 Trust is the charitable arm of the Ben Ainslie Racing. Kate met with some of the 1851 Trust kids at the beginning of the day.

    2. Has the 1851 Trust anything to do with mental health? I thought to have understood it is about sailing / sport… If not about mental health: then very odd to start a conversation (especially with a young person) about mental health …. It smacks of needing to tick boxes….

  3. She stands quite far away from people and then bends in to talk, giving the impression she is getting close, when really she isn’t all. I’ve noticed this a lot with her. Quite the slight of hand, Duchess, but I see you!

    On the other hand, Ben Ainslie’s wife, simply gorgeous. Congrats to them both ?

      1. Common waity middleton is as stated of carol the middletons trademark, only to get close to rich titled or celebrities. She ignores the support staff or people at meet greet walks, or hour long sailing events unless accepting flowers or cameras.

    1. Do you think maybe she’s just uncomfortable getting close to people? I know I personally require a lot of personal space, especially with strangers. Although, then again, being warm and greeting others isn’t part of my job!

    2. I’ve noticed that too.

      Perhaps that’s also why she sticks out her neck when talking to people because she is very soft spoken, so sticking out her neck, rather than standing closer also accomplishes the same effect that you describe.

      The other thing she does is holds out her hand for a handshake when she is still very far from the person whose hand she intends to shake. It forces the receipuent to shake her hand when they are both at a distance from each other.

      I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s not comfortable with people in her space. She tends to use her arms to body block people who move into it uninvited. She’s done it to several children, she’s done it to William too.

      With William, at first i used to think they were so used to not showing pda that it continued after the marriage, but he is very touchy feely with other people, and videos of any pdas show either very awkward body-language on her part or she’s pushing him away. Thus i’ve concluded that she’s not a touchy feely. That is not to criticise. Some people simply are like that.

      1. She doesn’t seem to have a problem being close to Sir Ben though 🙂 But yeah, I agree that she doesn’t want anyone to get to close. I’m like that too but my job isn’t to meet people and be friendly (thank god), hers is and she needs to work on that. Not saying that she needs to be all touchy-feely just more comfortable around others, not so stiff and closed off.

        I did notice very little crotch clutching today, which is another way she keeps others away. I guess she doesn’t mind having handsome men in her personal space, just sick kids and people with troubles.

        1. Yep. Her behaviour around Ben is exceptional. It’s these little things one notices that are different from how she normally behaves or holds herself. She is also less slouchy and exudes overall confidence when she attends his events.

          No awkwardness at all.

        2. No, she doesn’t seem to have a problem getting close to Ben?
          See Kate flirt. Flirt, Kate, flirt!
          Her wardrobe choice leaves a lot to be desired. I meant that quite literally.

          Ben and his wife have a beautiful baby. And, Herazeus, thanks for the lesson on the name!

          1. I doubt that Ben’s wife has a problem or any concern at all, she’s married to a handsome accomplished man who from what I’ve read is head over heels in love with his tiny daughter. Pretty sure that despite the DM’s trying to make it sound like there’s ‘chemistry’ and mutual attraction that Ben has no interest whatsoever in Kate and is probably a bit embarrassed at her blatant flirting. It’s cringe worthy and so obvious. She’s acting like a teen aged groupie and that outfit is downright vulgar in my opinion. Totally inappropriate for any lady, and I mean lady not woman or female, let alone a supposed rep of the ‘firm’. I’m not sure if something was said about why Billy came along but some people are thinking that it’s to keep an eye on waity and Ben. I consider that laughable, since no way can I see this successful and very married man giving waity a second look. No, I agree, that Billy wanted to to go so he did. It would have been nice if a child was able to sail with Ben rather than Kate, she who needed ‘help with her helmet’. Kate may consider herself as appealing to men but I don’t think too many men consider her respectable let alone attractive in her behavior and choice of dress. She’s a joke. Posing posing posing and flashing Diana’s ring, not to mention getting as close to flashing her body as possible while wearing clothes.
            And Billy is a flat out jerk. Not even polite. Not even trying to be polite or even kind to that child who asked a child’s question. What a mean spirited bitter man.

  4. Wow William really out-douched himself today. What a mean thing to say, to blow off a child that way who was probably asking out of complete innocence and kind interest!

    And holy thigh gap Kate, REALLY?!?!? I know she’s thin, but these jeans look as though they were put on out of an aerosol spray can.

    And those wedges make her feet look enormous.

    I am trying to think of something positive to say. How about this: Ben’s wife looks absolutely beautiful in that picture. I sure hope she is not disturbed by all this Kate/Ben gossip.

    1. I doubt Ben’s wife even knows there is “Kate/Ben gossip” considering the “Kate/Ben gossip” thing came from royal watchers saying Kate seems happier when she’s doing engagements with Ben then at her other engagements.

      1. Oh I think she will know it’s pretty openly discussed in the UK. Assume they just laugh it off, they look very happy .

        1. He’s famous and I agree that she’s used to having groupies around her husband, but he goes home to her and his baby daughter at night. They do look happy and that baby is the ‘star’ so I don’t think this malarkey about Ben and the Duchess bothers her a bit. As Mike Warnke said ‘when you have steak at home why settle for green bologna’. Not an exact quote but you get the idea.

    2. So unroyal and classless… another site comment that she could ‘have a genocological exam wearing those’ bones fitting spray on…AWFUL and another middleton trait as poor role model/s to young girls and her children.

      Is this another middleton example whiny intend to send from the British Monarchy?!

  5. I’m going to chime in on the pants – they are really distracting and it’s uncomfortable to look at. She looks so weird standing there in the hanger with that fella. That she dressed like this for an official engagement as an official representative of the people is very telling of her immaturity. IMO she does not look beautiful, she looks desperate.

    1. And if she is able to wear inappropriate painted on jeggings, why not wear some decent pant suits on other engagements that a skirt wouldn’t quite work because of weather or engaging in children?

  6. The only thing I can say is that it’s interesting KP’s social media acconts are overloaded with this event, and the event Harry hosted for Heads Together obviously yesterday is not even mentioned. I spotted that on BBC and he obviously talked about the loss of his mother and how he didn’t talk about it early on. I’m happy that at least one of the trio is doing something for Heads Together and even admits he personally hasn’t always been able to deal with things.

    By the way I believe Kate’s collection of those sailing team tees and fleeces will soon compete with her coat collection.

    1. I didn’t even know Harry had an event yesterday since KP didn’t announce it and none of the royal reporters mentioned it. It wasn’t just KP’s twitter account that didn’t mention it, none of the royal reporters’ twitter accounts mentioned it either.

      1. I didn’t see any mention about it anywhere either… It was just on BBC and on the Telegraph website this morning. Some sportspeople were in attendance. There was a short video on the Telegraph site, which I haven’t had time to watch yet, but it feels odd this event wasn’t mentioned anywhere beforehand as it sounds like they were talking about crucial issues.

        1. Information was just released about it and KP did tweet about it. The event wasn’t yesterday, though, it took place on July 14.

          1. And I noticed you covered it as well :-). I was out and about so early this morning KP was dragging behind :-D. However, it’s funny BBC made the event public before KP did…

        1. Speech? I haven’t seen any reference to any speech at the recent Heads Together event.

      2. I was chuffed that Kate was not on the front page of today’s Times with this sailing event – only on page 7 🙂

  7. I am going to say how animated Kate was whilst watching the sailing. It is good that Kate talked to the child. Being the other way round that William was rude when only asking a questions. William is paranoid, as if a mere mortal should ask about his son. How can Kate wear such expensive earrings to an event which I would like to know as well counts as work. Is it me or does Ben give Kate a lot of eye contact?
    Congratulations to Ben and his wife on the birth of his daughter.

  8. Oh my I won’t even bother to comment on her outfit as I feel like I have dine that a million times already (at least in my head and it’s always the same problems).

    And these kind of events start to annoy me soooo much. Idk, maybe I wouldn’t bother with other Royals or if it wouldn’t be nearly the only thing she does! Her kind of work is one fun event after another! I know it’s her patronage but what stays after the visit? Things she said? Focus on topic by media? No, it’s what she wore and how happy she looked!

    And for Wills, George isn’t into boats yet? Big surprise. And why not simply say he got some car or plush toys.. whatever 3 year olds get. It’s not like he got smt super-secret. Well nothing new here…
    And he should support Kate, be interested in what she does but I don’t feel like going so often with her is doing her any favor.

    Maybe that we won’t see them for a while won’t be a bad thing…

  9. I think she ought to buy trousers that are a bit more suitable, I’m thinking of the rear view here – it’s a bit blatant. Either looser trousers or jeans, or a longer top. I’m wondering why she wore the high wedges with the outfit, she should have kept the trainers on all day, they look more appropriate. All the other women wore flats or trainers. William said that George got too many presents and is spoilt! Easy solution, give them to charity!

    1. I agree on all accounts, Bea! She clearly has the money for a real pair of pants that don’t fit like leggings. Buy a pair of chinos from J. Crew and get them tailored. These are the types of pants my 15 year old sister wears, not something I’d expect from a future queen.

    2. Always negative circumstances surrounding George coming from that nasty mouth. Rather than George was delighted in a plush toy or something, he says he’s spoilt. Such a devoted, hands-on, loving father. All he does is whine about the kid, Ironically, pot meet kettle.

      1. They are setting him up for negative press as he gets older. If he’s ever caught partying or acting out, the press will clamp onto these comments. “Ohhh his own parents say he’s been spolit since he was a toddler, how can we blame him for partying?”

    3. Those high wedges with the tight jeggings were beyond awful! The trainers looked so much better–even with the terrible jeans.

  10. Yeah William, if your kid is spoilt who’s fault is that? We all know he wouldn’t get within a nautical mile of anything the public sent him so these ‘too many presents’ are from you! So typical of William to cause something then complain about it, he must be an absolute pain in the backside to live with. George is THREE! Stop complaining about him, its not his fault.

    As for Kate? No words. Is it too late for the UK to do a WKexit and get our money back from these two wastes of space?

      1. I don’t understand how a three year old can be spoiled.Why do people go around bad mouthing their children like that? Poor George having to read all this criticism from William in the future.

        1. Oh I totally understand how a three year old can be spoiled. But usually that’s not a term parents say lovingly. It’s usually a term parents say when their kid is being a brat.

  11. If parents want to limit the number of presents given to their child from family, or keep extravagance at bay, it would be easy enough to just ask relatives to keep it simple. George would be none the wiser. I do feel for the child who innocently asked after George, only to be rebuffed rather rudely. It was such an easy save: “Oh,he got a couple of books and a red truck”. Goodness knows why William bothered to attend the 1851 event at all. What’s happened with his job?As for Kate’s tight pants: really, we’ve seen enough. Her vanity is really tiresome and embarrassing. WKexit = funny!

    1. Those pants are worn purely to put the “vanity project” on full view. Why else would she wear them? Her faux demure game is still going strong. “Nothing to see here, nothing to see here, buttoned up to the neck, move along people- them bam! Back of the dress wide open. Skirt slit to upper thigh! Jeans circulation restricting tight. See through slip worn as dress.” Oh she’s good at it, alright.

  12. Whenever I watch William and Kate together I cringe , some marriages bring the best of both people , like that of king and queen of belguim , Mathilde really supports king Philippe who is a shy person, and this is obvious when they are together completing each other in a peaceful classy way , now back to William and dear kate who are in a marriage that is taking both of them down , both want to control this marriage , Kate craving attention and fighting her husband for it whenever they are together , and wanting his attention as well “as it seems she doesn’t have it at home” , somebody on another blog hit the line when he said william married his stalker,and william who had a bitter adolescence being in the middle of two publicly fighting parents with scandals on both sides,I once read that he used to be taunted by his friends about his mother with all the stories and rumors about her at that time , so the boy might have been spoilt materially but mentally I think he lacked and suffered , which turned him into the bitter man we have now, who is paranoid that every single word he says will be published, and of course as much as they plan what they will say , like him saying georoge is not into boats as in contrast to george is into every activity they do in life , and like sweet kate god bless her heart making a great contribution to her charities by talking about them instead of going there , and whether this is the result of his upbringing or his personality, but William lacks the ability to make spontaneously nice friendly smart answers “something that a future king should have especially at this time and age” . On the other hand instead of having a wife like Mathilde who supports him and turning him into a nice man,he has a wife who craves attention and is so image conscious, something any normal man would hate , let alone when you are in the public eye , she is always ahead of him or lagging behind wanting to attract the attention to herself in a way that shows there is no harmony between them,and he seems to be embarrassed by her, always pushing her to do the next step “she is very slow that even officials sometimes nicely motivate her for her next step” , along with her always wearing high heels even when not suitable, to tower over people and show she is as tall as william, while being in trainers show she is an averagely tall person . Apparently for one reason or another william is dragged into these functions , maybe to show how happy they are , and instead we have a wife who is competing with her husband for attention and a husband who is fighting it, in events where already the attention is focused on the woman,this would have been OK if the husband is a normal man with normal background,but given william’s circumstances I think he should have chosen a wife with a more human or generous personality, like Mathilde , instead of a self centered person who even stopped pretending that she is doing the merest and visiting her more human charities even once a month, somebody nice who could have brought his nice side ” the side that sometimes we see when he is alone” instead of making him even more bitter which shows in his actions and words whenever he is with her, despite they’re both trying to show the opposite .

  13. The jeggings are horrible. I noticed that the knees are a bit worn as evidenced in pictures 7 and 8. What the heck? If you are going to wear black cotton blend, make sure it is not faded. The wiglet was also in effect. Notice how the front of her hair blew, but not the back.

    Kate looked and acted like an absolute fool. And William is a straight up tool. To say that comment to a child is so wrong on so many levels. The sad part of this “engagement” is that the both of behaved exactly as expected.

    As far as George, I agree that his toys could be regulated. We got 4 gifts for our birthday and we turned out just fine. Finally, congratulations to Ben amd his wife. I hope for her same she is oblivious to Kate’s actions around her husband. If that were me, it would sting.

    Thanks for the review, KMR!

    1. Well Rhiannon, you said just about everything I was going to say, so I really don’t have much to add. I totally agree with your assesment of William, really he refused to tell a child what George got for his birthday? What an ass! At this point I don’t really care if he goes back into hiding at Anmer Hall, as I don’t care to see him again if he is going to continue being so rude.

      Geez, could Kate’s pants be any tighter? Such an inappropriate look for a royal woman attending any event. If she wanted to wear jeans, then a straight leg pair would have worked much better. What is with this woman and her pathological need to display her body in such a public way? I was going to make a rude comment as to why the knees of her jeans are so faded but I think I’ll pass on that 🙂

      I think I’m going to take a break from these two dolts and go read about Harry and how he’s really trying to make a difference.

      Edited: shockingly there was little to no crotch clutching today. I guess since her jeans showed everything there was no need for her to use hand gestures to bring attention to that part of her body.

      1. **says in sing-song voice** I bet I know the rude comment… 😉

        Seriously, those pants are just too flipping tight and show how alarmingly skinny she’s gotten. Even when I was slim (and wore “skinny jeans”) I’d always wear a baggy top to kind of balance it out. There is no balance with Kate. It’s always tight but totally flat, no va-va-voom or anything!

        1. I bet you do too Kimothy 🙂 🙂

          I wear skinny jeans, mostly in the fall/winter, but I always wear a looser top or tunic to, as you said, balance it out.

        2. * chuckle* I’ll bet you do too Kimothy! So naughty are you… Mind you, Kate has form: French pics on the balcony sans jeans.

      2. Lol!! Lauri i was thinking the same thing about the worn jean spots 😉

        I agree with both you and Rhiannon on all of this.

        On another note, does Kate’s hair look lighter to anyone? It almost looks as though it has some ginger/copper toned high lights in some photos.

        1. I noticed the lighter hair too, Lindsey. Wish she’d pull her hair back like she does in some pics (just a few bits from each side in a clip).

        2. I actually thought the white marks were salt stains from the sea water. I gave her a pass for that because I couldn’t believe she went out in unclean & unwashed jeans. Mind you I don’t know why I would be surprised given the state of some of her suede shoes and boots.

          1. Those boat shoes are disgusting. My mom always told me to take good care of my shoes. She felt that people judge you from the shoe up….or at least she does…lol.

    2. It is definitely possible to regulate the number of gifts kids receive. A friend of mine has a one in-one out policy for toys. Her kids, who are seven and nine in age, now ask for get togethers without gifts for their birthdays because they don’t want to give up any of their current toys. They get a couple things from mom and dad for their B-day (along with books and clothes which are not subject to the rule).

    3. I’m sure Ben’s wife knew he was going home with her at the end of the day, so Kate wasn’t a concern.

      Kate is just embarrassing herself with this high school crush on Ben.

      William going was just akward. It looked like he wanted to keep an eye on his wife and have an easy appearance for his yearly total.

      What William said to the kid who asked about George’s presents is grumpy, cantankerous old man stuff. It reminds me of the time when William refused to tell everyone Lupo’s name. He eventually did under pressure. What a tool. No wonder all of the women who already have money and titles turned him down while he dated Kate.

  14. Her legs are thinner than the children attending – much thinner. She’s also wearing extremely tight jeans to accentuate her skinny legs. And wedges to make herself look taller and thinner. We get it Kate, you restrict your food.

    1. I find the first photo actually quite disturbing. Her size compared to the kids is something that cannot be ignored. At the very least what is this telling girls who adore her and for whom she is a role model?

        1. +1

          I had to scroll up again to look at the pic again and wow… I know some people are just naturally thin and to shaming for someone which they can’t control isn’t a nice thing.
          But with Kate it seems more like smt she can control and being that thin seems more like a desirable thing to achieve. It doesn’t look healthy, alone looking at her face and skin…

          1. I agree that shaming women who are naturally thin isn’t nice. It’s the same as shaming someone who’s naturally a little overweight. However, we know from earlier pictures of Kate that she’s not naturally tiny. If anything, most women get bigger after having kids and she seems to continue to shrink. I think putting on 10-20 lbs would make her look younger. She always looked more beautiful to me when she was pregnant and had a little extra roundness to her cheeks.

          2. I’ve Googled pictures of Kate during her teen years and she looked 1,000% better with some natural curves. Still slim but sporty with some nice womanly curves that gave her a softer look.

          3. Kate is naturally slender and athletic with a nice waistline. She has taken it to ridiculous extremes. Too much time on her hands and far too self involved. What a shame

  15. If William doesn’t want to answer polite inquiries from the public about George and what he got for his birthday, then William and Kate might want to use their own money to buy George his presents (hopefully there were some new clothes in colours apart from blue were given)! Since WK are using the public’s money, as they barely work and have little money of their own, they should be ready to answer to the public about George anytime that they are asked! Money talks and these spoilt and repulsive pair need to realize that the UK public owns them, as they are one be ones funding their lifestyle!

    William is an ugly and repulsive man inside and out! Kate is an empty headed Barbie doll, wearing crotch displaying skinny jeans and bouncy wiglet to attract the attention of a married man and a new father!

  16. The only positive thing that I can say is that at least Kate did one of her sport patronages, and this is further evidence that she should take on more sports patronages as it really makes her happy and engaged. Heck, when WK’s body language look a lot more close and loving than usual, when they attend sports events together.

    But seriously, I read here I think that 1851 Trust already gets a lot of government funding and Sir Ben has privately raised a lot of money. So it’s not a charity that requires the public and media attention from a royal patronage. So why does Kate even support this charity, when there are so many local/community sports charities that could use the attention of royal patronage?

    1. I’m not concerned that Kate take on sports charities/ events because they are fun for her. The point of her role is to champion causes that need to be brought to public attention. If she wants to flirt with attractive men and test her attractiveness, she should do it on her own dime. And preferably out of public view.

    2. But what kind of sports/events is she even interested in? She goes sailing, she watches matches at Wimbledon and plays bit of tennis with Andy Murrays mum, so is it actually sports she is interested in or the glamorous part of Wimbledon ot the fun part of going sailing… if she would actually be interested in she could join local clubs and charities. As a tennis fan she should know about for example Rally for Bally. Or there are even those with focus in mental health too but she does nothing.

      1. Yes to this comment, Kristin. Kate enjoys the glamour of high-profile and elite sporting events as a spectator, and of course soaks up the attention from mere attendance. All for personal enjoyment and ego which seem to be the purpose.

        Since Kate has only demonstrated disinterest together with equally disinterested and few follow-ups with several charities over the past five years, linking her with sports looks like a last-ditch attempt to get her working. So ‘work’ has to be made fun for her and tailored to her interests rather than others’ needs eg the India vacation tour, and sport. It would be cheaper and less work for everyone else picking up the bills for Kate just to do nothing.

  17. William is such a curmudgeon. Why couldn’t he just say “George got some books and some toy cars. He adores his little cars.” I mean, he didn’t ask him for the toy company’s name and the exact toy so it’s not like people could go out and buy George’s toys. Saying something vague like he got books and toy cars would make sense for a boy his age but it wouldn’t be too revealing. All three-year-old boys have cars. He is so standoffish and aloof. This paranoia must come from his childhood when he felt overexposed and manipulated during the War of the Wales. But he really needs to lighten up.

    Kate should have put her hair in a ponytail from the beginning. Her hair was really blowing all over the place in the Daily Mail. But besides that, I really think that Kate and William both should do something more substantial than this. This event doesn’t feel like work or a charitable endeavor. It feels like a jolly. Even the safari and hike during the tour of India and Bhutan felt like a vacation. Are they getting paid by Land Rover to promote their stuff? Isn’t that the car that was seen in the back of one of her Vogue pictures?

    Thanks for the close-ups of her jewelry. Is that diamond band an anniversary ring or a push present? I personally would have just worn my wedding band to do something sporty but Pippa was also pictured jogging with her massive engagement ring so I guess the Middleton women don’t like to take it off. I would be afraid to scratch it or lose it during events like this.

    One last thing: Ben’s wife is glowing in that picture. So sweet!

    1. I think at this point because Kate has made a habit of wearing big blue for almost everything, the media would probably go into a frenzy if she took it off for an event. If she was forward thinking, she would’ve started taking it off for sportier events from the beginning.

      Alas, it’s not in the Middleton nature and they must be constantly flashing their “status”.

      1. Her hair, jeans, and wedges were a complete mistake for this (or really any public) event. I won’t fault her for wearing big blue, though.

        I’ve worn my engagement ring nearly non-stop since I said “yes!” 26 years ago. I take it off for the occasional stone check, cleaning, and kneading bread. I hike, swim, paint, shower, and do everything else in it. My ring finger has a groove now to accommodate it and I feel weird without it on.

        I’m no fan of Kate, but sapphires and diamonds are tougher than she is and can take anything she dishes out.

    2. She bought herself the diamond band sometime after she had the boy. People were speculating that it was a push present, but the jeweller said she bought herself.

    3. LoveLolaheart did an article about the Royal Family and their ‘connection’ with Land Rover, it’s worth checking out if you’re interested in this. ‘One if by Landrover, Two if by Sea’

    4. The pictures in the DM showed a ridiculous situation. Why on earth would anyone go to an event where one’s hair was all over the place? Surely they’d remembered harbour, wind, put hair back? Again, insatiable attention-seeking behaviour, along with the skin-tight leggings.

  18. Hello everyone, this is my first time commenting. I wonder how much of Kate’s style if you can call it that is dictated by William. For example, he wants her hair long, he wants her to wear dresses almost exclusively and when not wearing dresses she must wear skinny jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe Kate is an exhibitionist and compulsively shows off her body. But when you think about it, who is the only person on earth she has to please? Not HM, not the public, but her husband. As long as he is “happy” with her, she’s golden, what does she care what the RF or anyone else thinks? I think William likes her flashing her privates (why she still hasn’t sewn weights into her hems, such an obvious solution), he wants her to be thin, maybe he doesn’t want her wearing underwear because it excites him. He could have even instructed her to always, always wear Big Blue.

    1. Welcome Sophie!

      While it wouldn’t surprise me in the least, I’d still be quite disappointed that she’d allow herself to become his “doll” or puppet who does this or that only whenever he pulls the string (so to speak).

      1. Apparently she doesn’t wear nail polish because William doesn’t like it so I imagine it’s a case of anything to please him. What William wants, William gets. It’s been that way since he was a baby.

  19. It’s good that Kate hasn’t forgotten all about her great cause, but I’m concerned about her talking mental health with random children. It almost sounds as if she’s just advocating that vulnerable people open up to… well, anyone. That could backfire horribly. Maybe talk de-stigmatization to those who believe themselves to be mentally healthy and place therapists in view of those willing to ask for help. I haven’t been paying enough attention to know what this campaign’s goals are to judge if she’s doing a good job with it or not.

    1. Graymatters, I also found the fact that KM spoke about mental health with children who were there for a STEM event is about as strange as it gets. The program is about technology, you Waity idiot. I really think she is unhinged. Her clothes are meant to be sexual enticement for the sailors. This so called royal and her daft husband are hideous.

  20. Who cares, we all know Kate is a bone-rack and that will never change. I wonder if she even ingests more than 1000 calories a day and if she feels hungry all the time or if she is really one of those rare individuals who is truly not interested in food. Any way what is important to her is how she looks because she has nothing to offer intellectually. Hate the wedges and hate that reddish hair of hers.

    1. You must have misspelled your name or email. There’s no other reason you comment would have got caught in moderation.

  21. Kate’s bringing out the inner snob in me because she just dresses so commonly…..like a footballers wife. I just cannot believe she turned up in those jeans and those wedges no doubt to titillate Sir Ben. She could look so elegant……hair in an unstructured ponytail, chinos, cotton shirt, Tods loafers but no she has to look like a trollop with it all on display. What an embarrassment she is. And don’t get me started on William’s attitude……such a dick.

    1. “no doubt to titillate Sir Ben”

      I would agree with you if she only ever wore skinny jeans when with Ben. But since she’s worn them many times for years, and before even meeting Ben, I doubt it. This is just Kate’s go-to casual outfit. I doubt it has anything to do with Ben.

      1. I bet she didn’t think twice when she got up and decided what to wear though. Even allowing for the fact she’s worn them on many occasions I bet she gets a frisson of excitement coursing through her knowing that she’s wriggling about in them in his eyeline. Why it’s almost like going to an RAF base in heels and a Stella McCartney dress that rides halfway up her thighs as she gets in and out of planes and helicopters. Anything to titillate our magnificent men in blue eh Kate? She gets off on knowing she’s attracting attention and admiring glances from men, it’s why she dresses as inappropriately as she does. And I think William enjoys it too.

        1. Mrs. BBV, I agree with you! And, I also think William gets a sick kick out of his wife’s trashy dressing. Her flashing, too.

      2. I was thinking KMR, that Kate wore those expensive earrings because of Sir Ben. Why not wear the cheap earrings from accessorize if wearing the skinny jeans. Maybe overthiking too much.

      1. Ma Middleton trained her to put the goods on display. Good grooming is an anathema to her. Ridiculous really…….just look at Diana in Angola and that was twenty years ago. Chinos, cotton shirt and Tod’s loafers. It’s a timeless, classic combination that offends no one and is the epitome of understated style. Her total inability to absorb these details just demonstrates such arrogance and a total determination to do what she wants regardless of how inappropriate it may be or how distasteful,others might find it. I dread to think what she’ll turn up to a Mosque or a Synagogue in. A little thing like religion won’t stop her.

        1. I agree, Mrs BBV. I’m in the US and I always figure out the atmosphere that I will be in. The last thing I would want to do is offend.

          Kate also has modern women to draw from: Mary, Charlene, heck even Autumn Philips.

          1. Ever Sarah Ferguson made less mistakes and had a greater sense of appropriateness. Good old, impoverished Fergie. Xx

          1. And the Synagogue…..that I will await with keen interest. This girl thinks hot pink at a memorial is appropriate.

  22. Notice how for so many occasions she’s buttoned up to the chin, skirt falling well below the knee. Such a contrast to these paint-on jeans. Was it for Ben’s benefit?

    As an American I’ve wondered why their helicopter bills haven’t provoked a major public outcry. Or has it? Just curious.

    1. Because the public often don’t know how they’ve travelled until either a member of the public sends in a photo or the annual accounts are published. It’s all ‘security’. Yesterday’s jolly was £8000 according to @Niraj Tanna but the tabloids haven’t really picked up on it because a member of the public hasn’t sent the photos of them getting into helicopter…….yet. Shocking isn’t it? And William says George is spoilt.

      1. Ah. So then it falls under the murky category of “security/transportation”? Well then it’s only a matter of time, no? Sooner rather than later someone will snap a pic that goes viral. These two have yet to adjust their behavior/attitude. But they can’t continue this forever. I foresee a day of reckoning in the not too distant future.

      1. Even worse. I wonder if it was £8000 each way of £8000 in total? If the combined there and back is more than £10 000 does it get published or is it each leg of the journey. I dont even know it the helicopter went from Amner or London……Niraj never said. Just made mention of the fact they they were using it……again. We can’t have them itemising too much. Prince Andrew would be on it every month heading to some golf tournament.

        1. I’d hazard a guess that the helicopter is the only way to get William and Kate to ‘work’. They want the engagement to be over and done with asap.

      2. Wow! So any bill under 10,000 (don’t have the pound symbol) is no big deal? My sympathies to the British taxpayer.

        Speaking of which, something else I find outrageous is this: In a dangerous world with violent acts of terror a constant worry, this ridiculously privileged family enjoys the best taxpayer-funded security money can buy. But the taxpayers themselves are the ones left vulnerable. Has this led to any discussion in the UK? Thx.

          1. There’s no comparison. An American President a) may use it for 4 – 8 yrs max; b) is on call 24/7 for the most important job in the world, basically with the world on his shoulders. Whatever your politics show some respect.

          2. Ines, I meant no disrespect. Just saying all of us taxpayers carry a heavy burden for heads of state. Not limited to just the royals

      3. So they need a heli to attend a “dramatherapy” meeting and anti-bullying workshop in Scotland? Outrageous.

      4. Just had a good look at that. Two things. We need to get rid of the Royal Train when the Querns reign ends and Princess Anne puts some hours in doesn’t she? But the £10 000 cap, what a cheat.

        1. If they do 4-6 engagements in a day, as Anne and Charles do often, I have no problem with the helicopter. but for one damn trip? Take the train, Charles does–the Queen does–but nah, the Lamebridges get the heli.

          I think the Queen just does not care. It will be Charles’s problem, as are the other issues she will leave him like poor maintenance on the palaces.

          1. I don’t think the Queen cares; anything to get those two working, even if it not really work.

            The BRF has been enabled by successive governments to spend and so it does; it is about shoring up the family’s privilege while QEII is alive. The Queen will not be unaware that the monarchy still exists due to her longevity on the throne which is often confused in people’s minds as ‘stability’ and ‘love’ since her reign is all that most alive today know in terms of consistent leadership. Shifting as many costs to the taxpayer is the game while dipping into other funds for personal use that are earmarked for building upkeep and so on. The Queen is as complicit as Andrew, William et al.

            Scrutiny of real spending has been largely removed with the BRF’s successful petitioning for its exemption from the Freedom of Information Act. There is also selective shuffling of costs to obfuscate real costs of the BRF to the UK people. William and Kate’s spending is a very public symptom of a larger problem. It can be boiled down to one thing: greed. Doesn’t say much for the BRF ‘sent from God’, eh?

          2. ‘Sent from God’ indeed! Does William ever ponder the fact that he will ostensibly be head of a national church? Such an odd notion. Him, I mean. Associated with something so profound. I just can’t picture it.

  23. Can I ask a stupid but serious question? How the hell can someone
    A. get those disgustingly tight pants on and
    B. then get them off again?

    Sailing is such an expensive sport – seems ridiculous to patronize something that is not readily available to most young people unlike soccer or baseball or football. I know – I had a family friend with a Sunfish. I fell head over heels in love with sailboats, but there was no way that my middle-middle-class parents could afford the boat, the trailer, a vehicle to tow the trailer, the parts, the place to keep it over the winter, etc. It was thousands of dollars even forty years ago.

    1. I’m my experience the only way to get them on is to lie on the bed while you pull them on and get your other half to pull them off but it’s years since I’ve worn jeans tight like that. And yes it is a rich persons sport and well beyond the means of your avg. Brit but they might just get away with it because it’s an Olympic sport we tend to do very well at even if very few people know anything about it.

      1. Modern version of whalebone corsets and bound feet. Such a delightful role model is the Duchess. [Would someone please invent a Sarcasm font!]

  24. Oooh, Kate is hacking the gap! This woman is a disgrace to the RF and women in general. What is wrong with this string bean? I should probably answer my own question and state: “she’s man crazy and an hopeless attention-seeker. I know my husband would not allow me to leave the house in such revealing clothes. Whenever he sees women wearing such tasteless and vulgar pants, he’ll state that he is convinced some of them do not own a mirror. And, why wear suede shoes?Suede is not water repellent.

    Kate should take a long, hard look at herself in the mirror at her awful facial skin and understand that regardless of the tight pants and expensive clothes she is still haggard looking. Her cheeks are drooping, and there are folds when she does one of her huge open-mouthed forced laughs. What a mess! I honestly feel sorry for her because she is so blinded by her self-importance.

    On DM, there were a lot of pictures focusing on her ring. She ensured the thing was on display at all times. I expected she’d do something like that as she had to upstage her sister’s ring, and put a little spanner in her happiness.

    Considering that W&K both put emphasis on wanting the children to be “normal” is probably the reason why William made the statement of George being spoilt, to deflect any criticism. Once again, William has shown them to be incongruent. A normal family will not spend a lot of money on a kid’s toys, because the kids become tired of playing with the same toys and want something new. I suppose it’s easy to waste money as they don’t have to earn it, but have it given to them. I used to like William, but now, I find him to be a total bore.

    1. I notice in the first picture that Kate is not doing her usual crotch-clutching, making sure the thigh gap is very clearly on display. Just saying.

      1. Hi Jen: Yes, KM ensured that the “V” was on display for all to see. Never mind that when she’s seen from behind she looks like a 12 year old boy. I suppose she read the book entitled “Hack the Gap”. She honestly needs something with which to occupy her *little* mind other than her skeletonized body. I hope her doctor informs her that her starvation diet will have huge deleterious effects on her bone structure.

          1. I agree. We all saw Kate’s insentivity towards Charlotte on BP’s balcony. Charlotte was not even allowed to alleviate her ear pain and teething problems using her hands. KM removed her hands, and stood there laughing with her mouth agape instead of going indoors. That scene for me is telling, spoke volumes. It should convey to her charities for kids how oblivious KM is with respect to another’s pain. If she cannot show empathy for her own flesh and blood, how can she even begin to understand the suffering of other people? I remember when my second child caught a cold @ 6 weeks old how much I cried every time she coughed, because it was as though I could feel her suffering.

            In sum, KM is one cold, heartless woman, and God help her children. It’s easy to lavish gifts on a child, which they can do without, but a mother’s kind, unselfish acts are what’s neeeded for a kid to bloom and grow.

          2. Very true, Vonnie. I hope that Nanny Maria exerts a strong influence of the children. It’s not the same, obviously, but better a kind nanny than a self-absorbed, cold mother any day.

  25. An interesting tidbit – I just downloaded the financials for the Royal Foundation of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge & Prince Harry. Guess who is the Chairman of BOTH their Foundation and Ben Ainslie’s 1851 Trust (BTW, I couldn’t find their financials online)? Yep, Sir Keith Mills – who is also the chairman of the Invictus Foundation. Let’s keep it in the “family”.

    Also I’ve never seen a financial statement quite like it – the first 20 or so pages are vague prattle like “…robust projects and initiatives…”, case studies, pretty pictures and quotes from people who have benefited from Foundation grants.

    I rather liked this quote on page 21 describing the We are the Rangers Minecraft map by United for Wildlife – William’s the President (I assume this game is something brainless zombies play on their phone like Pokemon or whatever…)

    “We’re thrilled to be working on such innovative projects to raise young people’s awareness of the plight of today’s wildlife…” Signed Professor Jonathan Baillie. Name sound familiar? Yep, Jecca’s husband.

    Interesting read. Now I remember why I don’t donate to charities without reading their financials first. I dearly wish Harry could divorce those two.

  26. KMR, one quick thing, I believe the US won the third race, or at least I’m pretty sure the British only won one of the three races and came in 2nd for the day but 1st for the whole thing. Not a huge deal, just thought I’d let you know. Thank you for everything you do!!!

    Anyways, I agree with everyone about the pants – too tight and too faded. The top is one size too small (although maybe would have looked alright with a different cut of jeans) and the wedges don’t match. I’m not sure why she didn’t just start off with a ponytail and the sneakers.

    I do disagree with one thing, KMR – I do think that Rio was originally in the plans. Kate and William love sports, and they used London to up their engagement numbers. I think the reason there wasn’t the same will they won’t they in 2014 is because they never were planning on attending. Remember, the Winter Olympics are early in the year, and so at the time of Sochi, George was barely 6 months old and Kate was technically still kind of on maternity leave. Not to mention they had the tour just a little while after the Olympics, and the tour required being away from home for 3 weeks, so I’m sure they didn’t want to travel for a long time officially so soon before that, too. But most reliable royal reporters indicated that Rio was originally in the plans, and that wouldn’t surprise me – they love sports and free tickets to watch the Summer Olympics for free and in a warm place (which they also love)? Think about it, unless Kate is pregnant, she has to do a minimum number of engagements, and I’m sure she would much prefer the Olympics count toward them than other, more serious things. And I’m not sure Kate’s office would leak the Olympics as planned work because I think they know that most people would view getting a free trip to the Olympics and the best seats at competitions as more lucky than work. But who knows 🙂

    1. Oh completely forgot but when Kate wore that white dress to the Natural History Museum, I believe that of her shoes, dress, and earrings, 2 of the designers were Brazilian, which makes me wonder if originally she was going to wear them to an Olympic event (the slightly more revealing than usual gown would have been perfect for a warm tropical place like Rio imo…well, minus the fabric looking like a sweater).

      1. Oh that’s true. I forgot about that. Yeah, maybe they were planning on going.

        1. Plus Rio is not far away from Mustique: go watch the Olympics, then recover from the hard slog by going to Mustique before heading home to the UK.

    2. I didn’t watch the races nor did I look at the official standings. I said the British team won the second and third because that’s what the Express reported.

      Re Rio: Who knows. It’s entirely possible that they planned on attending and didn’t because of the Zika virus. But to me this whole will they/won’t they thing that’s been happening for months now is just annoying. Either announce something official or just stay mum about it. If they wanted to go but decided not to because of Zika, we don’t need to know that.

      1. I’ve noticed with KP it’s always a will they/won’t they situation. They don’t confirm things until it happens, pretty much, which is so disrespectful and obnoxious to boot. I understand security concerns but the Court Circular is up to 8 weeks out. I think because they never arrange engagements except at the last minute because we know how they’d rather not show up.

        1. I would like KP to confirm engagements more than two weeks in advance, but that’s not what I’m talking about when I say I’m annoyed by the will they/won’t they. It’s the “sources” who leak stuff to the press and the will they/won’t they is played out via “sources” in the press for weeks/months before anything is ever actually confirmed. That “sources” BS is what annoys me.

          1. Ah, yes. That too! I get what you mean. I think KP plays it that way to see reactions and if W&K pull out because they don’t want to do this, that, or the other there’s no commitment. Just supposed hearsay, when we know it comes from KP testing the waters so to speak.

            Maybe I’m paranoid. 🙂

          2. I think the ‘sources’ are just teasers of a sort to keep the Cambridge brand in the public eye: they are considering this and that to fit into their oh-so-busy schedule.

            The reality is more likely to be something along the lines of William and Kate having to be cajoled into engagements with inducements such as helicopter rides to and fro, holiday time promised or whatever else rings their bells. I’d imagine it is a matter of whether they feel like doing something or can be coerced to do something, hence no point in putting it in a diary if it then has to be scratched.

          3. Exactly. I think it’s KP trying to make them seem busier then they are.

  27. When I saw the first pictures yesterday on Twitter I was so disgusted by the jeggings and the wedges that I just didn’t want to know any more about the whole thing.

    Kate is always outgoing around Ben Ainslie. It would be comical if it weren’t so pathetic.

  28. le sigh
    A couple of things stood out for me:
    1. Are we seeing the wedges of doom 2.0 here?
    2. How pretentious flying the Royal Standard on the bost Kate and William were on
    3. Like everyone else I’m thinking eewww at those tight tight leggings! Girl must have chaffing down under

  29. Today, on my way to work, I read this small article about Prince George’s birthday (the number of gifts Prince George has received for his birhtday to be precise). As the newspaper is in French (I live in the French speaking part of Switzerland), I googled to see if the English speaking press mentions something similar.
    Turns out (according to the Telegraph (not sure what it’s worth in reliability: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/prince-george/11344929/Prince-Georges-most-memorable-gifts.html) that George has gathered over 700 gifts over the last year…
    Now, in reference to the article above concerning Billy’s response about George’s birthday presents, I really don’t understand Billy’s response! Why would someone accept so many presents for their child, then complain that the child is spoilt!? Personally, it seems like backstabbing an innocent child… I understand George is the heir, to the heir, to the heir, but come on! And Billy has the guts to promote awareness about bullying!!!!

    1. Another thing just occurred to me about this whole ‘spoiled’ fiasco and William’s horrible rudeness: remember being little and finding out someone had just had a birthday? It didn’t matter whether they were young or old, family or complete stranger I can GUARANTEE you’ll have asked ‘What did you get for your birthday?”. (Whether your Mum told you off afterward for being nosy is irrelevant)! This is the one sentence kids never fail to master and use, they are 100% curious and interested and delighted to hear the answer and for William to effectively shut that child down is beyond appalling.

      I just think it’s awful, especially from a father who is so ‘hands on’ to treat other children like they are nothing. It’s really ‘them and us’ with him, what a disgraceful, horrible human being he is. JMO obv but grrr! I’m due a birthday soon and my nieces and nephews are more excited about it than I am, it’s their version of social media and I love it!

      1. Happy early birthday!!! Am sure your nieces and nephews are thrilled and hope all have a wonderful time!

        I agree! Am sure the question was asked to William out of curiosity, no bad intentions behind the questions… William’s response is very telling about his state of mind / personality and I really don’t like it so far 🙁

        And yes, I would have asked out of curiosity what the person receive for their birthday. If they had a birthday cake, what flavor, and what they did during the day / what activity took place at the the birthday party…

        1. Perhaps, the boy was being polite and trying to make conversation with William. William has morphed into an all-time inconsequential jerk who is best ignored.

          1. I wonder if George is so temperamentally different to his father that William can’t quite cope? I am secretly hoping that both children will be nothing like their parents and rebel by being studious, thoughtful to others, and in Charlotte’s case, not a tart.

          2. I’m with you Jen and hope George is a more balanced kid. I think of that photo at his christening where he is clapping his hands and I thought at the time – that kid has character!

            As for William’s response to that question *sigh*, now if he had phrased it slightly differently he still didn’t have to give out information but it would have come over better? What if he had said… “George’s birthday presents? I couldn’t tell you as he got so many, every one is so generous and he gets gifts where ever we go”
            And then he could say something about donating the gifts to a hospital or charity? But then those places probably couldn’t take the gifts as Health and Safety probably want to know where the gifts were sourced?

    2. Big ‘yes’ to both this and ABC’s comment too. William does present as a very bitter and unpleasant man, with some serious psychological issues.

      I thought his response to the child really thoughtless, as well as rude. Of course someone will ask about presents! And again, badmouthing his son. Maybe he’s jealous of him?

      Don’t most gifts sent to the BRF end up being either burned, discarded or recycled? In some cases they are given to charities as long as there is no identification on them indicating they were intended for a royal. Why people waste their time and money given the above is beyond my comprehension.

      1. Some people feel obligated to do what they feel is expected of them when it concerns an occasion to celebrate. Unfortunately, when dealing with the cambridge clan, it’s best to do nothing. I remember seeing a bit of news on TV that one of Wills’ friends had a painting made for Charlotte’s baptism which cost several thousands of dollars. The reporter felt that the gift would most probably not be hung in Charlotte’s room, and/or kept in storage.

        I think that KP should print a manual of don’ts on how to behave when dealing with these two who are on another planet.

        1. I can understand friends and relatives giving gifts, even governments or officials if the birthday is auspicious. But to get 700 gifts indicates the public is sending things too. It is a sweet thought and the gift giver will get an official acknowledgement. But George will most likely never see the gift making the thought and gift redundant.

  30. Just seen on Twitter the following post.

    Kate reportedly landed at Pau-Pyrénées this afternoon in a plane under name “Duke of Westminster” to visit friends.

    Private plane of DoW no less. Is it a holiday or lunch with friends? Who can say? Somebody have a word with our ‘brain dead’ Duchess will you?

    1. Haven’t the Cambridge’s made use of the Duke of Westminster’s private plane in the past? I think it was the trip to France earlier this year for their skiing holiday. No doubt they will also have the use of Pippa and James’s private plane in the future…

  31. Yes that’s right, his wife is William’s Godmother but it just goes to show she’s totally unbothered by public opinion re. her private air travel. Another freebie probably. Eden Rock will probably be a weekend retreat now they have access to James’s private jet.

    1. I honestly don’t think Kate cares a bean about public opinion. First, she is well-insulated to criticism by the royal system itself, and second, her family is incredibly thick-skinned to the point of a leathery arrogance.

      If there is a really, really bad backlash from the public – enough to alert and worry the RF – only then would she and William ‘reform’ and only until criticism receded. Then it’s back to business as usual (aka doing whatever they want). The Queen’s initial reaction to Diana’s death was one such example that comes to mind. Kate’s arrogant dismissal of the Irish Guards earlier this year still rankles with people and I’d go so far as to suggest this is one big almighty nail in her coffin. When ‘Kate’ and ‘lazy’ are twinned, ‘Irish Guards’ is not far away.

      1. Well, poor deprived thing hasn’t actually gone on holiday since her and William frolicked in the snow as though posing for the Sears Christmas catalogue. She is way overdue for a break?, but I hope she’s mindful of the press. Last time in France the world ended up with an eyeful of greased up bits on a balcony- oopsie daisy!

        1. LOL! But in all likelihood, they have been on a holiday since the ski trip. You see, William likes to play cat and mouse. I hope some more info comes out on this French retreat. Is she having some work done? Are Willie Boy and the blessed children with her? Inquiring minds need to know!

          1. The report said she arrived alone. Whether William, children and the ubiquitous Carole follow is anyone’s guess.

            Yep, they do like to play cat-and-mouse with people. Their contempt for the public is palpable, isn’t it? Don’t the European royals announce their holidays eg from x to y they will be on vacation? Because the rules of engagement are so deliberately loose with the BRF, it is hard to discern the amount of work done over a year and what constitutes legitimate down time.

            Hopefully no more photos of naked Kate on her knees will emerge.

          2. Even though the reports stated “she” Kate arrived alone, I’m thinking that maybe William was the pilot or co-pilot, and they planned this trip all along? The news will eventually leak out. Perhaps, Kate has a pole dancing/stripping performance lined up to entertain Wills. LOL. These two are more slippery than an eel. It has got to be stressful though, for both of them to go about life while trying to duck the paps at every turn. Or, could it be a game for them?

          3. I don’t think William is trained to fly that large of a plane. William is trained as a helicopter pilot.

          4. The ski trip proves that they can sneak away on holiday without people knowing. So yeah, they’ve probably been on holiday since then.

          5. Gossip, gossip, gossip…..apparently William is there and as only the Queens flight or a scheduled carrier approved by the Queen is allowed to fly an heir and spare together there is speculation in the press that the jet was used twice. Once for Kate and the children and again for William. Ooooh I say……there may be trouble ahead.

        2. Course she had a holiday…she’s been lightly tanned through April – June. That’s not an English garden / country walk suntan. Check out her legs…….they’ve been displayed enough. Xx

    2. She might care a bit more when she brings the Monarchy down or the calls for a referendum get louder. She’s a dozy mare she really is.

  32. How are we not talking about the fact that it looks like William finally broke down and bought some decent jeans?!?!? All of his other ones always looked so blah
    Hmm could be because we need to bleach our eyes after seeing Kate in hers=(

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