Princess Charlene attends Sainte Devote festivities

Princess Charlene attends Sainte Devote festivities

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert celebrated Sainte Devote, Patron Saint of Monaco, on January 26 and 27.

Like yesterday, there are two articles today (because I’m still catching up on the last two weeks of royal visits before Kate reappears on Sunday). This one about Charlene, and one about Crown Princess Victoria.

According to legend, Sainte Devote was a Corsican woman who was persecuted for being Christian during the Diocletianic Persecution in 303 CE. Her body was saved from being burned and sent on a ship to Africa, but due to a storm the boat landed in present day Monaco. Sainte Devote’s Feast Day is January 27.

Since 1874, the Grimaldis have attended a procession on the evening before Sainte Devote’s Feast Day, January 26, where they burn a fishing boat. On January 27, the Grimaldis attend Mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.

The photos where Charlene is wearing a grey dress and scarf with a beige cape and boots are from the evening procession on January 26. The photos of Charlene in the navy coat are from Mass on January 27.

I like the navy coat outfit much better, and it’s probably one of my favorite outfits from Charlene in a while. It kind of reminds me of the navy Beulah London coat Kate wore to the Service of Commemoration in March 2015 which I also really liked.

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28 thoughts on “Princess Charlene attends Sainte Devote festivities

  1. As usual, Charlene is gorgeously beautiful. Her aura reminds me of Princess Grace. Albert is lucky to have her. Hopefully their marriage will last.

    1. We’ll have to wait and see what the rest of the year brings, but the navy outfit may be a contender for Charlene’s best of the year. I really love the navy outfit.

      1. I agree!! The extra flair at the bottom adds so much to what otherwise might have ended up being a basic navy coat. I’m also drooling over both pairs of her tall boots. If only I could fit my big, athletic calves into a pair!

  2. Charlene looks gorgeous in both outfits. The beige boots are just perfect! I love that she wears scarfs in the winter not like Kate. I am always cold when I see her without scarf in the winter 🙂

  3. I don’t like that first outfit at all. It swamps her delicate frame, making her look bulky and frumpy. I don’t care for boots like that in general either. Miss for me this time.

  4. I love both outfits on Charlene. I like most of what she wears. There are some that have me shaking my head, but I love that she knows her style and is confident and pulls it off.

    I think that she and Albert are in it for the long haul. They both seem so much happier now that the babies are here.

  5. I kind of liked the overly layered look, I can be guilty of piling on the layers myself, I think it looks kind of chic in a way.

  6. She’s wearing my favorite boots and I see she has it in navy too. Love both outfits and the signature red lips. The navy coat – I own a similar one in grey. The caped outfit – others would have “drowned” in it but not Charlene. Tres chic!

    1. I agree. Princess Charlene looks elegant in both outfits. I like her simple style, but sometimes miss some of her softer feminine looks from the past. Like we saw recently when KMR did a series of photos on her style over the years.

  7. It’s interesting that the tradition only goes back to 1874. Usually when I think of monarchies and their associated traditions I assume the activities have gone on much longer, especially when they are commemorating events that happened thousands of years ago.

    1. True. Especially compared to the BRF which is my touchstone because I followed them first. When I looked up when the Orders from various countries first started I was shocked that most of them are only a few hundred years old, which is so odd because the one I first got to know – BRF Order of the Garter – is about 700 years old or so.

  8. I would never wear or recommend wearing a cape when setting something on fire. Thankfully, no harm done but note to Char for next year. The pictures with the children are very natural and cute. Her navy outfit is fabulous, and I like how it accentuates her figure without trying to be sexy leg split up to thigh

  9. Beautiful, confident, tres chic, indeed. Charlene is just amazing. I think the people of Monaco have to love her!

    I would have liked a longer navy coat on her, though. In the full-length photo, something seemed a tad off and I think it was the length on her. Still, a gorgeous coat and oh, those boots. I liked the other look better, though.

    Charlene has such a way with children, too. She is special, I think. You cannot help but be dazzled by her, but you like her, too!

    1. “You cannot help but be dazzled by her, but you like her, too!”
      @ Jenny
      I agree! And I love her boots too!
      (Just wondering if she would like to share her gloves with me?)

      Charlene is a great example of someone stepping into a royal role and doing it well. She all ready had her foundation before marriage and has added other causes since marriage too. It must have been nerve racking marrying into Albert’s family, not only compared with the couture wearing Caroline but have comparisons with the late Princess Grace too. And she has to learn French as well.
      plus knowing that you would have to supply a legitimate male heir too! I think Charlene is doing really well.

      1. Hi, Cathy. Agree with you, totally. I cannot imagine the pressure Charlene has been under, but look (like you said) how she has thrived. I know Kate is under tremendous pressure, too. Somehow, though, she does not have the inner strength or the desire to really amount to more than she has so far.

        BTW, I am not on as often as I once was, so I don’t always reply to comments quickly enough . I did post a response to your query as to what type of Adrenal Optimizer I used years ago, and I believe it was manufactured by Jarrow.

        I think it is wonderful that you will be asking your doctor about it. I hope you can take it and that it helps you.



        P.S. Gloves are awesome, too.

  10. I am in couture heaven. Perfection from head to toe. I love the navy. It’s just beautiful. This is what tailoring, styling, and accessories can do for you. Plus, it helps that Char is wearing the heck out of the outfit versus the other way around.

    Thanks KMR! for covering Charlene!

  11. Love Charlene! She is so self-assured. So lovely!
    She seems so content with life and I’m sure things have been overwhelming at times.
    Being compared to Princess Grace, having to face all the media about her being “unhappy” on her wedding day, under the gun to present Albert with a male heir! I guess all her training in a competitive sport has made her work hard to succeed in her new role.

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