Let’s predict Kate Middleton’s 2016 (POLL)

Let’s predict Kate Middleton’s 2016 (POLL)

Since we need something to keep ourselves occupied until Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, decides to do stuff (or Prince Harry, I’ll settle for Prince Harry), I thought we’d try some Kate-related polls again – how many engagements Kate will do, etc. I’m also including polls about other royals as well, just for fun. I’ve split the polls into five sections: Kate’s engagements, Kate’s fashion, Cambridge Children, Royal Babies, and Other. Get ready for lots of scrolling, there are a lot of polls and this post is really long.

Kate’s Engagements

The polls in this section are about Kate’s engagements/official appearances in 2016.

How many engagements will Kate make in 2016?

For reference, Kate’s previous year’s totals were: 34, 111, 44, 91, 62.

Not including the India/Bhutan tour, when will the bulk of Kate’s engagements take place?

The bulk of Kate’s 2016 engagements will take place during whichever month she is going on tour to India and Bhutan, but if we exclude that tour, which month will the bulk of Kate’s engagements take place? I’m not including January because obviously it won’t be January.

How many of Kate’s patronages will she visit in 2016?

Kate has twelve organizations she is linked to, though she is not technically “patron” of all of them.

Will Kate take on any new patronages in 2016?

Will Kate give a speech in 2016?

Will Kate make a solo overseas visit in 2016?

Will Kate attend a State Banquet in 2016?

Will Kate attend the State Opening of Parliament in 2016?

Kate’s Fashion

This section if for Kate’s 2016 fashion.

Will Kate wear the Cambridge Lovers Knot Tiara in 2016?

Will Kate wear a new-to-her tiara in 2016?

It could be a tiara that was bought specifically for Kate or one already owned by the British Royal Family that she has not worn yet.

Which tiara do you prefer on Kate?

How many times will Kate wear blue in 2016?

How many times will Kate wear black in 2016?

Who will be Kate’s most worn designer in 2016?

How many times will Kate wear her LK Bennett Sledges in 2016?

The nude LK Bennett Sledges used to be Kate’s favorite, most worn shoe, but they were completely missing from her wardrobe in 2015. Will they make a return in 2016?

How many times will Kate wear her Stuart Weitzman Power pumps in 2016?

The Stuart Weitzman black suede Power pumps swooped in and took that favorite, most worn slot left open by the Sledges in 2015. Will that trend continue in 2016?

How many times will Kate carry her Mulberry Bayswater clutch in 2016?

Kate carried this bag 17 different times in 2015. It was her most carried bag.

How many times will Kate wear her hair up in 2016?

How many times will Kate’s skirt fly up in 2016?

How many times will Kate “crotch clutch” in 2016?

Cambridge Children

This section is about Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

How many times will we see Prince George in 2016?

We already saw photos of Prince George starting nursery school so we will at least have seen him once in 2016, but after that other times we could see him are: Birthday, Christmas, Trooping the Color, and Polo. As well as other times if they decide to release photos or otherwise bring him out. I’m only counting the official photos and such, not pap shots.

How many times will we see Princess Charlotte in 2016?

As with George, the possible times to see Princess Charlotte this year include: Birthday, Christmas, Trooping the Color, and Polo. As well as other times if they decide to release photos or otherwise bring her out. Again, only official photos and such count; pap shots do not.

How do you think the Cambridges should handle their kids and the press?

Royal Babies

This section is about future royal babies, both ones we know are coming and ones we think/hope will come.

Will Kate announce a third pregnancy in 2016?

If Kate announces a third pregnancy, will she suffer “Hyperemesis Gravidarum”?

Will Crown Princess Victoria have a boy or girl?

Will Princess Sofia have a boy or girl?

Will Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie announce a pregnancy in 2016?


This section is about some of the other royals and royal-adjacents. It’s mostly about possible weddings.

How will Zara Phillips’ Rio Olympics go?

Will Prince Harry get an official girlfriend in 2016?

Will Prince Harry announce an engagement in 2016?

Will Princess Beatrice announce an engagement in 2016?

Will Princess Eugenie announce an engagement in 2016?

Will Pippa Middleton announce an engagement in 2016?

164 thoughts on “Let’s predict Kate Middleton’s 2016 (POLL)

  1. I love the ‘crotch clutch” one. And I really hope we don’t see her wear the Lover’s Knot tiara again. That irked me that she wore it in the first place.

    1. It made me sick to my stomach, seeing her in that tiara. Some women are not made for tiaras, and Kate Middleton is one of them. Never mind that I will always consider it “Diana’s tiara”, even though I know it was gifted to Diana as a lifetime loan from the Queen.

      1. I love the tiara, which is why I voted for her to wear it again, but I agre with Lisa, It made me sick to see her wearing it. To me it will always be associated with Diana and her fabulous outfits.

        Thanks for the Poll KMR it was lots of fun to do!

    2. I actually want to see Kate wear the Lovers Knot Tiara again so we can get a full photo of her face and see what she actually looks like wearing it. I actually think Kate may look good in the Lovers Knot Tiara. Or at least better than she does in the Lotus Flower Tiara. That one just doesn’t seem to sit right on her head. I think the Halo Scroll fits Kate’s personality the best. It’s small, and Kate tends to favor smaller jewelry.

  2. Hello !

    I don’t comment much, but this was really fun !! Thank you KMR !

    The only thing is, I’m not sure we should bet about the HG of Kate… I really think she should work a LOT more (I’m 30 year old, have 4 children, a 3 month old baby, I was back to work 2 month after the birth) but I don’t know why, I believe that she is really ill when pregnant. I mean, this would be such a huge scandal if she was not and it could be very easily found out, so I guess she is really ill, and it’s not very kind from us to bet wether it’s just a way to escape engagements.
    BUT she really really should work a lot more in 2016, even if she begins a difficult third pregnancy. It’s time to roll up your sleeves, Kate, no matter what you wear or how you wear your hair ! We don’t care (well, we care a little bit), we just want to see you working like a real royal duchess and future queen !!
    Have a nice day every one !

    1. Hi French Girl! Congratulations on your new baby!

      I don’t know if you suffered from HG with your pregnancies and can give any insight, but from the reading I’ve done on HG since Kate’s diagnosis in 2012, it does seem to be true that if a woman suffers from HG in one pregnancy, then she is more likely to suffer from HG again – and more severely – in each subsequent pregnancy. So if Kate did suffer HG with George, she most likely suffered worse HG with Charlotte, and would suffer even worse HG with a third baby. So if Kate were to get pregnant again, she should be well aware that she would have HG and it would most likely we worse than with her first two pregnancies (if she indeed had HG with her first two pregnancies).

      About whether or not Kate had HG, we’ll have to agree to disagree on that one. I don’t think Kate had HG to the extent they made it out that she had HG back when she was pregnant with George. There were just too many inconsistencies about Kate’s rush to the hospital and actions post hospital and what really bad HG (like they claimed she had) is like (or so I’ve read, I’ve not actually had it). I’m sure Kate was sick, as most woman are, but not to the extent they claimed. With Charlotte, it’s anyone’s guess since Kate did actually stay hidden during that time.

      1. I had HG with all three of my pregnancies, worst with my second when I was in and out of hospital the whole time and weighed less when I delivered the baby than when I got pregnant. If genuine it is horrid, and totally debilitating. In my personal experience it lasted 40 weeks, with good weeks and bad weeks throughout. It very nearly put me off having a third child, though thank goodness it didn’t. I just don’t fully believe Kate had anything more severe than bad morning sickness because when she came out of the hospital when expecting George she was looking too good. Who really knows? If she did genuinely suffer then I can sympathise with her, but add that she was extremely lucky to recover from it so quickly on both occasions.

        1. I think for me the head scratcher was the transoceanic flight she made to Mustique the month after the HG announcements. I’m not entirely comfortable speculating about her health, but that just seemed extremely bizarre to me. If nothing else, it said a lot to me about what Kate is and isn’t willing to muster through.

          1. I agree with you. That’s one heck of a journey when you are that ill. Add to the fact that there wasn’t aren’t any hospitals nearby.

          2. What really got me was that they claimed Kate was super sick and dehydrated, yet refused to go to the nearest hospital (she was at her mom’s in Bucklebury at the time), and refused an ambulance when one was offered to her, and had a civilian (there are different reports as to who actually drove her, whether it was a family member or William) drive her an hour and a half to London to go to a hospital there.

            I don’t want to speculate about her health too much and I don’t want to bring that prank call into it, but the fact that Kate didn’t go to the nearest hospital and didn’t take an ambulance to the one over an hour away made me question how sick she really was.

            Plus, she was perfectly fine to go to the Sports Awards two weeks later.

            I know it’s terrible to speculate about someone’s health like this, but still things don’t add up for me.

        2. Yes. I was borderline hyperemetic with my son. It was heinous. I cannot imagine what real HG is like.

          Kate did not have HG.

          William was also out of the country, so I think it was a little stunt to get him to come back to her. Go to the hospital! She probably felt crappy, as pregnancy can do to you, but HG? No way.

        3. Birdy, you and others are far far more kind than I. I don’t believe for a nano second that Kate had HG severe or otherwise. She managed to fly off to some island and no doctor is going to allow that if a woman is having **any** pregnancy related problem and even with my run of the mill nasty morning sickness I would have been very disinclined to wander far from a lavatory/loo/john/toilet/can/bathroom….**uppa and lowa** class terms to show my cosmo(politan) side:) I think she just found a handy dandy little excuse to be in the papers and oh, how very brave of her to consider a trip as long as an ambulance followed her. Attention, I am pregnant. Yo, mother of the future king/queen here. Also, what mother would take the risk if she had HG so severely. I’d think she’d be just as attached to the Dr.s office and medical personnel as she is to William. HG, from what I have read endangers both mother and child and I can’t see her flitting about risking either her health or her baby’s, and I’m back to no doctor would allow this and Kate is property of the ‘firm’ and wouldn’t be permitted that sort of reckless freedom. She’s dispensable now but at that time she was cooking a future heir. I think she would be stupid to shoot for another baby since she shot out a boy and a girl and I also think that with the atmosphere towards the ‘firm’ right now, the people wouldn’t take too kindly to another unnecessary mouth to feed and person to provide a lavish lifestyle for. That sounds cold but in my opinion, the ‘firm’ is icy and business minded and people are not recognized as individuals but rather have a purpose to fulfill.

    2. +1 French Girl!

      I agree that this post was super fun but I did feel quite uncomfortable “betting” on whether Kate would use her HG as an excuse for shirking duties. HG does not necessarily get worse with every pregnancy, and it IS treatable! When caught and treated many women go on to have manageable and even enjoyable, healthy pregnancies. And many women do see an abatement of symptoms as pregnancy progresses, HG is not a 40-week sentence in all cases.

      And let’s be honest, Lazy doesn’t seem to need any assistance when it comes to being her lazy self… I’d be more suspicious if I felt like she was making up a lot of different excuses over the years but she seems pretty comfortable being a do-nothing and giving zero excuses/explanations for how she spends her time.

  3. Oh how I love a poll! This was an awesome blog and can’t wait to see the results. I will admit that I threw the results about Harry finding love. I cannot cosign on it until I get a chance to meet him this spring, lol!

      1. Come on Rhiannon, we all need some good news. The European royals prove the point that some new blood is a great addition to the royal bloodline. I have my LK Bennett sledges, a designer coat and a saucer hat all ready for the wedding invitation! We could have a KMR section in the Abbey with rows of Kate look a – likes. I will spare you any flashing – wouldn’t want to detract from your day. 🙂

      1. Thanks, y’all. Harry is such a cutie pie. I wish I could tell you that we are currently ensconced in Balmoral walking along the River Dee and trading stories.

  4. Might I add that it would be awesome for Kate to do a solo overseas tour? It would be so good to bolster her image and confidence. Jason needs to find a place that has “Kate fever.” Send her for 2-3 days and boom. Success.

    1. Kate was supposed to go to Malta in September 2014 but cancelled due to pregnancy, so William went instead. That trip was supposed to be 2 days. I think a 1-2 day solo trip overseas would be great for Kate. Maybe with a speech? Somewhere Kate-friendly.

      1. I totally agree. Malta would have been perfect for her. I think that any of the Scandinavian countries would be good. Or even the Netherlands. They also have royal houses who would be supportive as well. I vote those areas first. Or send her to California. Lauri and I can be her stylist and lady in waiting. Give us 2 days and we might get her in shape.

        1. If Kate went to any of the close by European countries she could do a day trip. That would probably work best for her.

          1. Maybe she will be asked to be godmother to one of the new babies and can go to the Christening? (OK everyone I know – that is not going to happen!!)

          2. Yeah, that wouldn’t happen. Kate isn’t close with either Victoria or Sofia. Hell, Kate probably doesn’t even know either of them (though Vic did go to W&Ks wedding, though was not invited to the evening reception).

          3. Wait…Crown Princess Victoria was invited to the wedding but not the evening reception??? W&K are incredibly rude.

          4. Lisa, none of the invited foreign royal wedding guests were at the evening reception. Also Will and Kate didn’t even go to the rehearsal dinner to meet their future and current colleagues.

          5. None of the foreign royals were invited to the evening reception. And William and Kate did not go to the pre-wedding reception the night before which was for all the royals (foreign and British).

          6. Kate and William didn’t go to the rehearsal dinner? Really? That is so stupid of them! It would have been a good move to go along and for Kate to meet her contemporaries in the other royal families. That was certainly a sign of things to come!

          7. I wonder if William’s avoidance of the pre-wedding reception was because he realized Kate just wasn’t ready for prime time and didn’t want to see one snafu after another. After all this is a woman who still doesn’t seem to get the curtsy to HM right.

    2. Well, according to PEOPLE, OK Magazine, and many other U.S. based pubs, the U.S. has major Kate Fever. Imagine her coming here solo? Sorry, I cannot imagine her going anywhere solo at this point, or the next 10 years! (Or, more)!

      1. I really don’t think the US is as Kate-crazy as the press would have us believe. I am the only person I know who follows the royals. No one else I know cares at all. And one of my friends looked at me funny when I told her I run a Kate-focused blog.

      2. I took ibuprofen so waity katie is under absolutely no obligation to visit the US to make me feel better. I do hope that takes some pressure of her bony shoulders:) I am with you. Kate. Alone. Without a keeper? I don’t think KP is willing to risk that sort of embarrassment. Can you imagine the nail biting, white knuckled courtiers and someone might just have to talk Jason off the edge. William might very well need a chiropractor to get his hands out of their clench.

  5. What a refreshing poll! It does put a lot of questions that I had myself.
    About HG: I wouldn’t know because I was sick for the first 5 months of my pregnancy (while working in the same time of course) but not as severely as HG is said to evoke. Unfortunately in Kate’s case we have learnt to take a lot of things as an excuse for avoiding work so I take her level of sickness with a pinch of salt. I hope I’m wrong though. If she has been that sick she may avoid getting pregnant again during this year. Although I had read somewhere that her aim is to have three children before she turns 35- I think like her mother. We’ll see.
    Thank you KMR for the great post!

    1. I don’t doubt that Kate was sick (I myself was unable to work for 2 months during the first trimester due to extreme nausea, vomiting, etc., but back in the saddle now), but everything I have read and been told about HG… just doesn’t add up.

      But, I do find it hard to believe that the palace would like about it.

      I dunno *shrug*

          1. The second pregnancy they referred to it more often as severe morning sickness than HG. Which is what I think she had. Although, Kate seems a bit out of touch with reality, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was normal morning sickness and she overreacted thinking it was the end of the world. From her reaction they said she had HG. Who knows, but I highly doubt she had HG. I think their PR people knew that saying she only had morning sickness, the public would have no sympathy for her not working. But HG gives the best excuse.

          2. Yes, over time everyone refereed to Kate’s illness with less and less intense language. So “HG” became “severe morning sickness” which became “bad morning sickness”.

          3. Overit, morning sickness is so common and plebeian, and Kate certainly had to have something special I think. And just for the record and please don’t hurt me, I think that KP or anyone associated with the ‘firm’ would lie thru their teeth to protect their image. Oh, I think they for sure would lie like a rug. (our politicians aren’t noted for their disinclination to lie either.) These people are getting to the point where the lies are called PR but are flat out and out insulting. Gonna have to start spiking the kool aid with kick a poo joy juice that causes a brain to believe anything from the right source. I really think that it’s the very old loyal royalists and the “Disney” readers who buy anything trumpeted from the Palace, and that they are pretty much the remnants of the ‘firms’ supporters. Just my thoughts.

      1. We will probably never know the truth. I have to admit, I did think Kate looked pale and fragile when she left the hospital early in her pregnancy with PG. However, those who have experience HG have stated they are not sure if Kate was experiencing HG or pretty standard ‘morning sickness’.

        Remember poor Diana when she was pregnant with Will? She said she was sick all the time and received no sympathy from the BRF.

        Kate seems to be a bit delicate (i.e. claims she was bullied, but no proof), always treated carefully by her family (my take due to lack of adult responsibilities), so who knows how tough she is when faced with any physical discomfort.

    2. I think that Kate has never had it tough so the sort of morning sickness that other women may have, and still work on, could have made her feel like she was dying? I still think she picked up that stomach bug which was going round at that time when she visited her old school a couple of days before being hospitalised.
      As for Kate getting pregnant now? Is it even possible as she is underweight?

  6. Can I make a suggestion? How about a tally of KP PR pieces about how she will hit the ground running, about how intelligent she is, etc? Basically stories that really try to put her in a good light. And then we try to corroborate it with her public appearances. Like how last year Jason pushed about how Kate was going to make speeches and stuff and a few days later in her next two appearances she did speak. That way, we know if the PR pieces are leaving up to their promises or they’re really just that, propaganda.

    Anyway, predictions. I do think she might give another speech and that she will get two more patronages this year (the Anna Freud Center and Fostering Network specifically). As for the bulk of her engagements, I think it might the India and Bhutan tour. I’m hoping she and Will go to the State Opening because they need to work on their diplomatic work more and to counter the negative press they got after they did not appear last year. Another engagement I want to see is if she will do anything with the Air Cadet patronage. As I recall, they will have a big anniversary this year so hopefully she’ll do a bunch of appearances on their behalf. I think she might do something with SportsAid too since its Olympic year (which really questions why she hardly did anything with them recently). That being said, I wonder if they will go to Rio to watch the games?

    1. We should totally keep track of how many times KP tells us Kate is keen to work!

      The Air Cadets are celebrating their 75th anniversary this year, I think, so Kate should attend something with them (hopefully).

      I kind of doubt W&K will go to Rio. It’s usually Princess Anne who attends the Olympics since she is a part of the Olympics committee and she was an Olympian herself. Though if Zara does compete this year, it may bring out more royals to root for her.

      1. Your first sentence is something I was thinking of earlier today. The researcher in me wondered what things will look like in, say, 50 years, as history takes a backwards look at someone like Kate. Newspaper articles alone won’t be the only way to analyze her, but they’ll represent one way. For the future researcher, how many of these “Kate is keen to get started” articles will there be to sort through? We’re seeing these things as they happen, and hoping for the best, but if things never improve…I can only imagine how history will view Kate. Things tend to soften over time, but I doubt the collective data will look good.

        Part of me thought it would be fun to do a news search with Kate’s name and expressions like “keen,” “planning to,” and “hit the ground running.” We joke that there are already dozens of articles like this, but honestly what if there are? In only 5 years at that. Not the best track record. If this is Kate’s long-term plan – put statements out there about how she’s ready to go, in order to defer the wrath of the public – she might need to rethink that strategy. It’s already worn thin to the point of being threadbare.

        (I also stand by my previous comment that KN’s article was meant to be a sarcastic take on Kate’s intentions, even if the basic content was fed to her by KP.)

        1. You know what would fun, we could make up a drinking game around the words “keen”, “planning to”, “hit the ground running” and of course “to get started”. Okay, so here’s how it works, if you read an article about Kate and the word “keen” is mentioned then you have to drink one shot of alcohol, if the words “planning to” or “hit the ground running” are used then you have to drink two shots and if the words “to get started” are used then you have to chug a beer or ale. Okay now it get’s tricky, if the words “she will be doing more engagements” appear in any article written about Kate then you must drink the entire bottle of your favorite alcoholic beverage. Don’t worry it probably won’t happen all that often 🙂 So who wants to start?!

          1. lol!
            Can I have a coffee instead of alcohol as I’m at work when I read KMR and my boss may get confused as to why I’m giggling and drinking?

        2. I think there will be enough press coverage of her actual engagements (including the numbers at the end of the year) for researchers to know exactly how much she worked, despite all the “Kate’s totally going to work hard” PR fluff pieces. But it will be interesting to see how historians write about Kate in the future, and whether they will take a positive or negative spin on her time as a royal.

          I can see how the Katie Nicholl article could have been a huge backhanded compliment. Like “Kate’s totally going to fill up her diary for 2016… because she hasn’t for the last five years”.

      2. Also, I read somewhere that either Harry or William might be expected in Rio, but not Kate. Not sure, since it was a random thing, but always possible.

  7. I really loved doing that. Thanks KMR!

    On the tiaras, while I know they are a requirement at certain times, I actually don’t like them on Kate. She doesn’t wear them properly and her hair covers them too much. Eventually I chose the Halo Scroll because the Lotus Flower makes her look like she’s got multiple antennae on her head and I can’t stand her in the Cambridge Lover’s Knot.

    We’ll see George 4 times, 2 birthdays (his and Charlotte’s), Trooping and Christmas. Take away the Trooping and we’ve got Charlotte’s number.

    I couldn’t vote on Zara’s poll because I haven’t been following her equestrian events, but something tells me that if she does qualify she may not medal.

    Can’t wait to see the results!

    1. I think we’ll definitely see a polo outing from George, though I’m not sure about Charlotte attending polo. It would be great to have both kids at polo so we can see them interact with each other.

      1. I’m interested to see about polo bc I don’t think Kate would feel comfortable being in charge of both kids by herself at a polo match (and not unfairly given how much she is scrutinized and corralling two kids under three around horses is no fun) but they will also not want to take the nanny bc of pr reasons. But if she just brings George, people will wonder why since Charlotte will be older than he was for his first polo. Maybe they will pick a different event for both kids to attend? Or just do nothing this year? I certainly hope it’s not the latter.

        1. Maybe her sister or mother, or a friend, could come along to help corral George as well as keep an eye on Charlotte. Bringing nanny Maria (though it makes sense) invites too many comparisons of who the children have an easier affinity with.

  8. What a fun post KMR, thanks!!! I do wish that there had been a choice on the speeches along the lines of “Yes, she will give a speech and it will be okay”. I had a hard time with that one as I don’t think her last speech was “good” , the hair was so distracting and her delivery needs some work but I would rate it as “okay”.

    I did vote that she would do between 76-100 engagements simply because of the tour. Since they are not taking the children I would expect her to do more on this tour than the Aussie/NZ tour, with all the days off and few evening events. I am looking forward to seeing how she handles herself without the excuse of the children.

    I also voted that October would be the month when she will do the bulk of her engagements as we all know rest and relaxation time must be taken before and after a tour, plus the likelihood of a pregnancy announcement that might come at the end of the year.

    And lastly, of course she will “crotch clutch” 100% of the time, just like she does now.

    1. Yes, the tour will boost her numbers. I think Kate will make anywhere between her 2012 numbers and her 2014 numbers – so anywhere between 91 and 111.

    2. But even though the kids aren’t going, won’t this tour be much shorter than Australia/New Zealand? She still got 30+ engagements in on that one…I think the most they could do on this tour is around the same amount. Or am I incorrect in thinking that this tour is somewhere around 8 days?
      I wouldn’t be shocked if they planned another tour for the fall time though…I.e. 2014 (originally with Malta and then with NY). I kind of feel like it probably won’t be solo though.
      If she does get pregnant, I think it will be the very end of the year. But I wouldn’t be shocked if they waited until 2017…looking at Kate’s face during and after her 2nd pregnancy makes it clear just how much of a toll the two pregnancies have taken on her body…HG or no HG, she had two pregnancies in a shorter period of time than recommended by doctors. That’s 18 months (plus more since she was overdue both times she went into labor) in the span of 32ish months. So more than half of that time period of 32 months was spent with a creature inside of her taking all her nutrients and energy and such. For the sake of her body, I really hope she waits until 2017.

      1. They have not said how long the India and Bhutan tour will be.

        Their tours are usually 10 days (they spent about 10 days in both Oz and NZ), so I would expect them to be in India for about 10 days, plus a day or two in Bhutan. So shorter total time than the April 2014 trip.

      2. +1. Should they want another child, waiting until 2017 would be better for Kate’s overall health and well-being.

      3. The cynic in me says that, if Kate does get pregnant again, we’ll know shortly after the supposed year of maternity leave ends, as we did before. She announced in September 2014 when her leave would theoretically have ended in July 2014, so I’ll say that a possible future announcement would come in July or August 2016.

  9. I liked the poll, KMR, and I’m glad it focused on other individuals (Vicky, Bea, Harry….) as well as Kate.

    I truly want to be optimistic about Kate but, unfortunately, I can’t muster up the courage to do so simply due to her history. I genuinely want her to do well as a royal and to grow as a person/as a woman. As we’ve seen in the past, I think Autumn will be her busy season in terms of duties. She’ll definitely do the “crotch clutch” but, hopefully, her speeches will be better.

    I couldn’t help but notice the difference in the expressions on Kate’s face in the tiara poll–such a sharp contrast! In the Halo tiara, I saw light and happiness! In the Lotus tiara (a fave of mine), her eyes looked empty and so sad and in the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara, I saw absolutely nothing in her expression. Nothing that shows that she’s got a personality and interests. It almost made me feel sorry. I say “almost” because she truly chased the life for over a decade. As the saying goes, “be careful what you wish for….” and I’ve got a feeling she might be sorry that she (and her family) chased this life, thinking it would be the answer to everything.

    I can see Beatrice and Dave getting engaged before Harry and it will be great to see her being the center of attention and Fergie back into the royal fold. I’m sure Beatrice will wear her mother’s tiara and look absolutely gorgeous. I can see her in a soft, simple gown and her look will shut up every person whoever called her ugly (or maybe that’s me who wants her to do that because I think she’s a lot lovelier than she’s portrayed). 😉

    I think both Vicky and Sofia are going to have sons and (like Estelle and Leonore) the boys will be close. Heck, I think all of the Swedish cousins are going to be great friends and it will be wonderful to see.

    Zara in Rio? I said she’d win silver but, after doing some more noodling, I should’ve voted that, while she’ll make it to the Olympic team, she won’t medal.

    Quick question: Why wasn’t William included in the poll? Not complaining, just curious. 🙂

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Uh……………. Because I genuinely did not even think about William when I was making these polls. I totally could/should have included some William polls, but I didn’t even think about him.

    2. When she wore the Halo Scroll tiara it was her wedding day, the day she had “worked” so hard for for 8+ years, the world loved her and really didn’t expect anything from her…at least not yet. 4+ years have passed before we saw her wearing another tiara and since then I believe she’s realized that the world is no longer willing to give her a free pass, we do expect things from her (like duty & service) and perhaps taking William’s emotional temperature every day has worn a bit thin. I feel that things haven’t turned out the way she or the BRF expected they would.

      1. Good point, Lauri from Ca. I was just taken aback at how much she has changed in almost 5 years. Heck, William has aged just as much if not, more so.

  10. Thanks for the poll KMR, fun as always! I voted Zara for the gold because she knows how to keep her shoulders and body well positioned, plus is fiercely determined, but she’ll have to crunch to bring her weight to optimal. I think she can do it, and more importantly she wants it. With Kate in her thirties now, she should be finding some strength that comes from having time and experience under her belt. I voted for her to give good speech because we are thinking positive here. I had to select a dress fly-up thinking about Bhutan with the sharp winds that channel down between the mountains and Kate’s potential desire to wear something showy/gauzy that can’t handle weights.

  11. Great poll KMR! Thanks for all the hard work you did to put it together.

    I was surprised how many of us think alike. My only disappointment was how many of us feel 2016 will not be a year of romance for charming Prince Harry. Please, someone (intelligent, hard working, stylish and charismatic) come out of the woodwork and fall for the handsome lad.

  12. Love the poll, KMR. I’ll vote on every subject but Kate’s health during pregnancy. After recently going through a safe pregnancy, but a premature delivery, I just don’t want to vote on any aspects of Kate’s health. I will vote if she announces a pregnancy this year or not, or if she has a boy or girl, though. I think not this year, or maybe the announcement comes around November, or December. As for the baby’s sex? Can I wait to see her in a maternity outfit or two before voting on that? My gut says another girl, but I am going to wait.

    I fluctuate on the Swedish babies. First I thought Vic and Daniel were having a boy. Then, I said another girl. Now, I am not sure. As for Sophia, I thought boy and now I am leaning toward a girl, but something inside says to go back to the initial thought.

    Rhiannon, please pin Prince Harry down. You are what the Royal Family needs right now! And, we are all eager to come to the wedding!

    Today, our little Madeleine is 3 months old. I cannot believe how time seems to have flown — even with so many sleepless nights! Today, my sister is babysitting so I have a chance to come to my fave blog. Still, every time I hear a little whimper, I jump up. Gotta trust my sis more. She’s no Pippa Middleton!

    Quick hello to all and congrats, French Girl on your little one and your others. Is your new baby a boy or girl? And, to Birdy, congratulations to you and your son for his acceptance at Cambridge. Just read that on a previous section of the blog. You must be so proud. I wish your son the best and I know he will be a huge success.

    1. Thanks Jenny . Hope your little baby daughter brings you lots of joy. Trust a few people to help you because the journey is long and tiring ! Me time is so important, but anyone even with healthy children will know they bring years of joy and years of worry! The issues you worry about change as they grow up but don’t go away.

      1. Hi, Birdy. Thanks for your nice reply.
        If you had asked me five years ago if I wanted children, the answer would have been no! Even, three years ago, I was not so excited about being a mother. Times surely change, though. There is not a day that goes by that I am not so grateful for our little bundle of joy. You just don’t realize how amazing life will be with a baby until you have one!

        I realize the worries will never go away — just change, but that is the price one pays for the joy of bringing a life into the world.

        I think you must be an amazing mum to have raised a young man who has achieved so much and will only achieve more! Best to you, your son and all those you love.

        It’s nice to have help today. My sister is getting to be quite the “pro” when it comes to caring for the baby.

        1. Jenny I hope your little daughter will grow in health and happiness. You reminded me of these first months after delivery, what a wonderful, tender and sweet time. Enjoy your baby as much as you can because they sure grow up faster than you think. My own is now almost a young lady and can’t believe the years that have passed.

          Birdy, congrats for your son from me too. I must have missed your post. And you have three! What a proud mother you must be.

          To all the mums in this forum I wish the best for their children. And to all, I just hope we enjoy every day of our lives.

          1. Thanks Elina, all my sons make me proud, but I have to say the youngest has achieved more than we ever expected. I quite agree with you we should enjoy each day as it comes.

          2. Thank you, Elina. I appreciate your kind words. I am sure your daughter is lovely and it must be amazing to see your little one grow into a young lady. How old is she? All the different stages in life are to be enjoyed and cherished.

            You’re so right about that!

          3. Thank you, Elina. I thought I replied to you, but I cannot find my comment, so let me try again.

            Your words are appreciated so much and I can imagine how time will fly by. How old is your daughter? A new phase in her life! A special time, I am certain. I wish you continued happiness and a loving relationship with her, which I am sure you have.

            You are so right, we all need to enjoy every single day of our lives. Wishing you and everyone the chances to do that.

    2. Hi Jenny
      Thanks for the up date on little Maddie! 3 months? Gosh, it has gone fast! I’m sending you a virtual hug for you and her from NZ!

      Hi Birdy
      I missed adding my congratulations about your son getting into Cambridge. Well done! I’ve lived in the UK so know a little about the university system there and how hard it is to get into those top universities! Can I ask what he is reading?

      1. Land Economy Cathy, which is a degree designed to give him a job – some law, economics based around the world of property. It is the only place in the country that does this specific course, and only 50-60 people a year are admitted.

        1. It’s hot and steamy here. It could rain soon so at the moment it’s humid, and my hair is starting to look a bit like a poodle (yikes). There’s a daycare by my work and I can hear the children splashing in the paddling pool. I’m trying to work but I’d really rather go join them!

          1. Oh, Cathy. It is suddenly very cold here and a big storm (blizzard) is coming over the weekend. SO, I wish I were splashing in that pool, too!

            Elina, ten is like the new 13 or 14, I assume. I hope your daughter is enjoying life and you are, too. Hang in there!

  13. That was a lot of fun! Thanks KMR

    Its funny you asked about Pippa getting engaged. I actually think she will because she seems desperate to me at this point. I just read that she moved in with her boyfriend of 2 months! That is quick even if you did date him for a spell 5 years or so ago. And he is a multi-millionaire! You never see her dating a regular guy. I just think the pressure is on from mom to hurry and marry up before she gets too old and her looks fade (though I never though she was pretty). I could just see Carol saying that. The Middletons just feel so manipulative to me.

    1. Where in her social circle could she meet a “regular” boyfriend? This is always quite predictable,isn’t it? She is sporty,intelligent,good looking,her family is wealthy and her sister will be a queen. Do not be naive.

      1. Intelligent? Have you read Pippa Tips: The Book? I agree with you that Pippa will never date a man who isn’t rich. That’s just not her type. She’s always dated men who are rich, and quite a few that have been aristocrats. The “do not be naive” line is a bit rude, though; and not necessary.

      2. The design of the Middleton siblings’ ‘social circle’ has been a carefully orchestrated exercise conducted by Carole and Mike to afford their children the best opportunities for marriage into aristocracy, serious money, and influence. The ‘regular’ among us have never been considered a desired commodity for the Middleton family. However, I doubt the Middletons are desired by anyone much these days: aye, there’s the rub.

        Pippa may be intelligent; who would know? I can’t see why an intelligent woman would consider sniffing out wealthy men – like a truffle pig – as her best option in life. Though handed some amazing professional opportunities, Pippa has been unable or unwilling to perform at either a sustained or required standard.

        What’s a girl to do? Well, she could harness the degree she has into areas of interest and forge an independent career by sheer hard graft. Idleness and social climbing wrapped in a year-long tan are not attractive qualities.

      3. ‘Good looking’ is a matter of opinion and I don’t know one man who thinks she is attractive.

        ‘Intelligent’ you must not have read anything she has written.

        And how elitist to think people can only date within their social circle. She is trying to marry up. Everyday she meets regular people like at a store. The point is she doesn’t want a regular guy but a rich one. If she wanted a regular guy she could easily meet one. That’s what these girls were taught to hunt for, wealth and/or title. Hence the nickname ‘wisteria sisters’.

        As it stands I will not be responding to you again as you obviously have to resort to rudeness in order to defend Pippa. Which just weakens your whole comment.

        I didn’t know carol was now coming on here to defend her daughters ;). KMR I wish you could delete clearly rude comments. I’m getting tired on ‘new’ commenters who are Kate fanatics in disguise who just come on here to be rude.:(

          1. I know you are right Birdy. But I hate that they even get their comments posted. On the Kate obsessed sites, any comment that isn’t adoring is not posted. So, I wish it was the same here: if the comment is clearly from a Kate fanatic just trying to be rude, their comment would not be posted. That way they don’t get what they want. Even if they are ignored, they still know their comment is visible for people to see. So they keep changing their names and coming back. They are like a disease. The only good thing is, when a comment is as rude as above, it actually makes them look baf. It actually defeats the whole purpose which is to make us look bad and ends up making them look snarky.

    2. As I recall Pippa was always the sister who was talked about making a ‘good” marriage as opposed to Kate, so I imagine she is really wanting to get married and start a family of her own. I have to admit that I sometimes feel bad for James and Pippa, for the last 10 years all of their mother’s time and energy went into their sister and her boyfriend, making sure the relationship ended in marriage and now all of her time and energy is going into her grandchildren and making sure she gets invited to Sandringham and Ascot.

      1. “… for the last 10 years all of their mother’s time and energy went into their sister and her boyfriend, making sure the relationship ended in marriage and now all of her time and energy is going into her grandchildren and making sure she gets invited to Sandringham and Ascot.”

        That’s just it, isn’t it? The whole family is marshalled to feed Carole’s sick fetish for status. Pippa can make a good marriage, of course she can. But ‘making a good marriage’ in Middleton-speak seems to equate with ‘providing a well-heeled lifestyle’. Sadly, whatever personal attributes Pippa possesses have no chance to bloom when status/money are the drivers.

        Of the two sisters, Pippa by all accounts is the one with greater personal charisma, drive (in sport), and intellect. Just from her school days, she could lead quite naturally and fit in. Goodness knows why she doesn’t work in the sport field where she could excel. James, I think struggles too. Kate and Carole’s ambitions have come at a cost to that family. Over the years I have observed that whenever a family paints itself as rosily as the Middleton’s have, it is usually the exact opposite behind closed doors.

        1. Oh, Overit, you are so right. Whenever anyone paints their life as a bed of roses, and continues to do so, it is not a surprise to find out how bad things really are “behind closed doors.”

  14. I suppose it may be difficult counting her engagements with all her secret work and all.
    A close friend of mine had HG with both her pregnancies. She could not eat at all. She had a central line put in and carried around a backpack that was her IV nutrition that was flowing in her. She was also trained to give herself IV medication for nausea as needed. It lasted the entire pregnancies.
    Great polls, I laughed so hard With the question how many times will Kate’s dress fly up!

    1. H.G. is a nightmare. I will never forget the degree of nausea! I feel for your friend. Mine was so severe, I believe it led to my miscarriage. My doctor told me that if a woman has it in her first pregnancy, she is very likely to suffer through it in all pregnancies. I made sure I never got pregnant again because I have had to work all my life and it simply wasn’t something I could contemplate going through at work again. Yes, I laughed also at the poll on the dress flying up. I voted that it will happen a couple times. 🙂

  15. If Kate does suffer during her pregnancies with H.G., she has my sympathies. I suffered from it during my first – and only pregnancy. I had never been so sick before or since. The extreme nausea would wake me at 5:00 a.m. and I would start vomiting until 1:00 or 2:00 p.m. I couldn’t even hold down water in the smallest amounts. The only time I was free of nausea was between about two in the afternoon until 5:00 p.m., then I would start severe sickness and intense vomiting every 20 minutes until I went to bed, only to wake up at 5:00 a.m. the next morning with more vomiting. It is nothing like “morning sickness” and it can jeopardize your life and your baby’s. Not that Kate has to worry about this, but I had to work through mine, which lasted for my entire pregnancy. I would sit at my desk at work and get up every 20 minutes to go to the bathroom and vomit. I was very dehydrated and should have sought treatment, but this was MANY years ago, I was very young and just thought it was a rough bought of morning sickness. By the time I made an appointment to consult with my doctor, I had a sudden miscarriage. So in that respect, if Kate suffers from H.G., my heart goes out to her and it makes me a bit sad to see people doubt her condition.

    1. Oh Lisa, I’m so sorry for your loss. That must have been terribly painful, both emotionally and physically.

      1. Thank you, Kate Middleton Review. Your sympathy and words mean a lot to me. It was a long time ago, but whenever I hear about H.G., it does bring back bad memories.

        1. To Lisa, I also want to extend my sympathy and let you know that you are a brave woman. To have suffered such a loss is something most could not deal with and I am sure you will always remember this with sadness. I wish you good health and happiness and I think again, I admire your courage so much. May life be good for you now and in the future. You deserve happiness and the best of health.

    2. Dear Lisa: I am so very sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and I send you a big hug from New York. Just as Cathy, so kindly sent me one from NZ. (And, I just saw she sent you one, too)! You are a brave and caring woman. I loved your post above, too. You have the sense of fun to comment on the dress flying up aspect of the poll. Keep your spirits up and your humor flowing. That’s a gift!

      1. Jenny, thank you so much for your kind hug and loving thoughts. I really appreciate your taking the time to respond to my post. Hugs back to you, Jenny!

    3. Lisa I’m so sorry for your miscarriage too. I know such a feeling of loss cannot really go away. Sorry for my late post. I hope you read it.

  16. KMR, you are right on about questioning why she wouldn’t want to go to hospital. If I could have afforded to, I would have begged to be hospitalized.

    1. Thank you Lisa for telling us about what happened to you.
      I am sorry for your loss and especially that it ended in a miscarriage.
      I’m sending you a hug from New Zealand.

  17. Hi KMR! Thanks for the great polls! That was fun and it will be interesting to add up at the end of the year.
    Can I add a couple of questions too?
    Will Jason still be working for Kate and William at the end of the year? Will Rebecca? Will Tash? Will Chris Jackson still be the photographer de jour at the end of the year?

        1. Oh yes Lisa I like it – why waste time on therapy when a quick slap will do the job!! ( don’t worry everyone I am joking, would never actually smack/slap anyone).

    1. Jason seems to be a very smart guy. If he still works for W&K, I would imagine it is only for the money or the privilege working with royal family gives to his CV. His job is no longer to promote WK good works and enhance their images, but to find excuses for them to be able to get more holidays and fix their images when they themselves do not care.

      I honestly feel really bad for him and his team. Must be hard dealing with such a situation where you mean well but your bosses only need you to be their shield. If I were in his position, I will take a mere 2-3 years to decorate my CV and find another job more worthy than making up stories for gossip magazines.

      1. Trying to make lazy, untalented people with ‘tude look good is nothing short of a nightmare, royalty or not. And incredibly hard work! Yes, stay a couple of years for the CV, and have an exit strategy.

      2. Don’t feel too bad. If he hated it, he would find a way to up and leave.
        PR is a nasty business and you have to be cut of a certain cloth to do it and let things run off your back. I worked in PR when I first left college and left it after a year. Could not stand it. I have picked up a few PR freelance gigs over the years, but never would want to do what Jason does. Not that I would have the chance!

        I think stroking W and K’s egos on a steady basis would take a special kind of person. So, would having the tenacity to spin tings in the most positive way to make them look good. Especially, when they do so little on their own to achieve such results!

        1. What is your opinion here, jenny? Because it seems to me Jason is laying lie upon lie to make the Cambridges look good and dynamic. Are lies okay in PR?

          1. But, that is the game some of the time in PR. More time than one likes to think. I hate that. Agree that making the Cambridges look good by spinning such a positive line, even when it does not exist is just awful. That’s how it is done, though. That’s why I don’t feel comfortable working in PR.

  18. Definitely expecting a third baby this year. Or at least an announcement, as soon as the stick says positive!

    Today sucked (put my beloved kitty to sleep, he was 22; I turn 30 next week, so he’s been my buddy for a very long time) so I was glad to come to KMR and read everyone’s comments and observations! Love this place.

    1. I’m so sorry about your cat, Ellie. It sucks to loose a pet, especially one whose been with you for so long.

      1. Thanks so much. He was my buddy for so long, I can’t believe I won’t see him anymore. The little guy literally saved my life multiple times when I was a teenager. I am glad I got to hold him and love on him when he passed, though.

        It’s just been one of those days.

        I am going to go vote some more. The only thing I did was, “Hell yes, another baby.” Ha. I really do hope for a better year for Kate and for her to really do what all those articles say about hitting the ground running, but considering it is like that every year at the beginning of the year I have very little hope, so anything would be good in my eyes.

    2. Oh Ellie, I am so, so sorry to hear this news. I was thinking only yesterday how he was faring. It is heartbreaking to lose a pet companion (the best friend you can have) but I am glad you were able to hold him close to you as he passed away. He would have known how very loved he was. I am in tears writing this to you. Having been through the same, the absence of love is hard to reconcile. My hugs and thoughts to you from Australia. Be kind to yourself.

      1. Jen, thank you so much. I can’t sleep because I keep thinking about my little guy (it’s 3am here in California). I hope he knew how loved he was. It is just so strange having this huge void in my life, even though he had been living with my parents for seven years. I’ve never had to deal with this. It doesn’t get any easier even though you know they have lived a long, happy life spoiled and well loved. I felt peace about it right after despite the tears but I can’t help but think of all sorts of things.

        What is strange is our little cat, she’s about a year old now, has been doing something my Ollie used to do. She will nuzzle my hand in this very specific way, so your hand rubs up the nose and the head as she moves her head, then nuzzle your fingers with her nose and muzzle. She has never done that before until today. They never met so she’d have never seen that specific behavior. I know nuzzling is a normal cat thing, but our six year old kitty doesn’t nuzzle in that specific way (she likes to squish her face against yours, which my son calls a “squishie” and does to everyone when he says goodbye or to us when we’re putting him to bed!).

        1. Oh, make no mistake, Ellie, animals know who loves them! They really do. They show it in all sorts of ways, but most of all, they are contented in themselves as well as give their caregivers an extraordinary opportunity to give and receive unconditional love. I think you can expect to feel numb. Like humans, I suspect animals know when their time has come. One of my cats had renal failure, and we (vet and me) decided she should live out her days at home, as long as she was happy. The night before she died, she did things that she hadn’t done in a while: sit in the camellia pot, have a snooze in her faux fur bed, and then she came to bed. The next morning she was next to my body, just hanging on until I woke. There wasn’t a sweeter way for a gentle soul to go. Those horrible ‘if only’ thoughts tend to appear in the early hours when things are quiet, but try to be thankful for all those lovely years. I am sure your family loved and cared for Ollie and eased his last few weeks in every way possible. I liked your story of how Miss One adopted the Ollie nuzzle. That’s sweet, and put a smile on my face. Your Miss Six sounds incredibly affectionate too. Take care.

    3. I’m sorry about your cat too. I had mine for 19 years so I know how hard it is to lose a good friend like that. I got her from a little boy in front of a grocery store when she was 7 weeks old and she rode shotgun when I drove out for my move to Michigan. I really miss getting nagged at when I come home late and the quiet companionship. I am very glad that I was able to be there holding her when she passed naturally. Hurts a lot, but she had a long, happy life. I haven’t had a cat since, but I’ve been thinking more and more about getting another. Hugs for you and your kitty!

    4. Ellie, sending you supportive wishes and an understanding of the loss you have suffered.
      You knew your cat longer than you didn’t know him and I appreciate that it will be difficult to adjust to life without your “buddy.”

      I had a cat for 20 years and I had to put him to sleep 5 years ago. It was devastating!

      Lucky pet to have found such a loving and wonderful home. You gave a kitty a wonderful life and may your warm memories of the time you spent together always warm your heart. Take time to grieve and don’t make the mistake of thinking that you weren’t the best to your special cat. Animals know whom they love!

    5. Ellie I am so sorry! I know exactly what you are going through. I put my cat to sleep last year and she was almost as old. I had her since I was a kid (more than half my life). It is always hard putting a pet to sleep, but when they have grown up with you, I think it is even harder. My cat went through so many changes in my life with me and not having her here still hurts. She wasn’t a pet, but my family member. No words will make this time easier for you. But I will say, it will get better. You won’t cry everyday, but the pain will never fully go away. I still think of my old lady and cry when I do. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss her. My thoughts and prayers are with you since I know a lot of people don’t understand the loss of a pet and the pain that comes with it.

      1. Ellie, a huge hug and my sympathy to you. Having a beloved pet for so long is a true blessing. You were blessed and your pet was, too. I hope in the days to come, you will have warm memories to fill your heart and allow you to put grief to rest. It is important to grieve, though. So, allow yourself to do that.

        Where do you live? Here in NY, the Cornell University Vet School has a special number you can call to speak with a vet student to discuss your loss. One of my friends did that and it was a tremendous help. I think the ASPCA may have a number you can call, too. And, Cal State at Davis may have such a program in their veterinary dept.

        I wish you peace of mind and heart. The special relationship you shared with your pet is truly wonderful. It’s a bond that will never truly end.

  19. What will happen to the Middletons now W & K are going to reside in Norfolk amongst all their “Turnip Toffs” how will they “fit in”

    1. Anmer will be their Norfolk home-away-from-home, of course! The riff-raff will be kept away with barriers – actually that’s already happened.

  20. They should totally attend the Windsor horse show. It’s almost like an informal family reunion because several family members attend. That way George and Char can also interact with their cousins – Isla, Savanah, Louise and James.

  21. This was so fun! Thanks, KMR! Since that ridiculous article, that Jason is so clearly behind, came out about how hard Kate is going to be working in 2016, plus the scoffing and derisive reaction people are already having to her guest editing job, I predict that Kate is quaking in her tacky boots and will be pregnant as soon as humanly possible. Having to actually show up, behaving herself on an international tour, having to meet the stunning and beloved Queen of Bhutan, and not have an infant to use as an excuse, yeah, I think she’ll do anything she can to get out of all of that.

    1. I don’t think she will miss the chance to re-create the Taj Mahal, with William, to make herself shine as the better, happier version of Diana in the new millennium.

      I say she will get pregnant immediately after the tour, announce illness/HG before The Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations and Trooping etc in June (I believe they purposely take away attention from the more deserving royals with their own announcements and PR stints).
      Due around Carole’s birthday (so will be off the entire summer and will need to go to Mustique in November, obviously.)

      1. I was wondering about that. They announced she was pregnant during Harry’s Invictus Games, on the very first day, and it took away all the shine and thunder from Harry’s wonderful event. And then Mike Tindall saying thanks for hearing about it on the radio, nobody in the family knew, just the Middletons! So ridiculous.

        I’m very curious to see this itinerary to India and Bhutan. I do not think they will be welcomed with open arms, especially in India, with the fractious colonial past. I know Charles and Camilla went recently; I don’t know about the reaction of people there then, either.

        1. I still think that stunt was by far the shittiest thing asswipe william has done to his brother thus far.
          It was Harry’s big week and they dropped the bombshell on day one. Can’t let Haribo shine, if only for a moment.

          The 2016 Invictus Games start May 8th. Perfect timing for her alleged “3 by 35” plan. I wonder if they have the nerve to do something similar. How else are they going to make it the lamebridge sideshow? Who am I kidding? Of course they do.

  22. i AM TRYING TO POST STUFF BUT MY damn cAT WILL JUST NOT GET OFF MY KEYboRD. HE IS ONLY 9 MONTHS; how can i deal with this for the next 20 years??

      1. Forgive me, but after reading the sad post above about the commenter who lost her cat, I felt this was inappropriate to say. I hope you were not being thoughtless.

        1. mary elizabeth, I’m not sure if you were replying to my post or to r in uk, but I don’t think his comment was inappropriate. To me it was just an acknowledgement of their frisky kitten and what they hoped would be many years of it’s playfulness. I had a furry girl for 19 years and would love to have her walking across my keyboard at this very moment.

  23. This poll was just fantastic. I thank you, KMR. I surprised myself by one answer. The fave Tiara on Kate was the Diana tiara. Of course, in the photo you could not see it too clearly, but I cannot believe I voted for it! I tried voting the other day and only one or two votes went through, the site kept going down. My computer issues, I think. Today, I got to vote for everything. Fun, fun, fun!

  24. I found it hard to predict the Swedish Royal babies. I hope they have a photo of all the cousins. That would photo would be cute.
    I hope Zara is included in the Olympics. Zara really has talent as it shows that both horse and rider work together. I voted for Silver because I know Zara can do better. I just don’t want to raise my expectations. I must admit I must be the only one who voted that Eugenie would announce an engagement. I think it was because the way her boyfriend looked at her during Wimbledon. I think Harry would like a girl to call his own. I hope Grand Duchess Stephanie has a baby soon. I think Stephanie would make a lovely mum. Though it was last year they got married so maybe its too soon. I voted for the Lovers Knot
    Ti era. It was too soon but I would have liked a better shot. Would William have ordered it for Kate? Or would Kate have had to ask? Thank you KMR

  25. NO. No pregnancy announcements; their relationship is over. You can see if you look at their body language, divorce 2017 I reckon.

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