Kate Middleton was photographed Christmas shopping

Kate Middleton was photographed Christmas shopping

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, was photographed out shopping on Friday, December 11, in Chelsea – where she reportedly spent an hour shopping in Peter Jones (a department store).

Kate shopping Dec 15

Kate wore the Reiss “Rubik Houndstooth Wrap Coat” ($620) she debuted on Thursday at the Action on Addiction center, and her Russell & Bromley HalfNHalf Stretch Rider boots (£395.00).

I still don’t like this coat – I’m just not a houndstooth person – but I kind of like her Tod’s D-Styling bag. It would make a great overnight bag.

Kate looks really tired in these photos, right? Did the three events in one week tucker her out or was it all the shopping? Because I swear I look like ten kinds of hell after an hour spent shopping. I hate shopping.

PS. I finally got to covering the Nobel Laureates dinner and Princess Madeleine’s new interview – go here for that article.

Kate shopping Dec 15 tweet

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  1. These snaps made me wonder if she’s trying to tell us something with her sad, tired face. Recall it was several years before how miserable Diana was. I think she’s in way over her head, and it’s all coming home to roost. The chorus line about all the help she has doesn’t resonate with me. Help can’t help depression.

    1. I can’t help but wonder if she is looking sad to garner sympathy?
      She must know she would be photographed when out.
      If she is exhausted then she must need a holiday?
      Somewhere warm, beginning with the letter M?

      1. I, too, find it odd that in an age of on-line shopping and employed assistants, that Kate would go out to be photographed looking as rough as she does. It’s been reported she purchased a $12 per meter wipe down tablecloth. Really? I’m not thinking she’s doing it for sympathy – I’m thinking she’s going bat shit crazy.

        1. I laughed when I saw that she chose the beige tablecloth! Because of course, one can’t have color in one’s home. Is Kate what one would refer to as a “beige cardigan”?

          1. There is a green/ivory version – A little like the gingham chair. I have it on my dining table and side table in the kitchen Available at all John Lewis stores.

    2. I think it’s interesting that the media prints these pictures. Not of Kate shopping–that’s fine, but the tired snaps, unflattering poses and not giving her a quick photoshop to wipe away the bags under eyes, etc. I thought the same thing with Kate’s he-haw picture when they visited the traders. Normally, they would print flattering pictures of royalty as a courtesy. I think it’s a subtle point directed at W&K for not allowing the press more access and suing/threatening.

      1. I agree with you, Sunny, particularly, because of the article in the Express (which usually only write positive things as of late) regarding William being sly as a child and petulant now…

    3. So true.

      With all the wealth, benefits, perks and luxury what a haggard, sad depressed unroyal and somewhat medicated-like look for someone with all the nannies, staff, cooks and household to cater to every whim. Mystique luxury vacay may have been cancelled…

  2. I was pretty surprised to this on the DM as I thought the British press didn’t cover the royals during their private time. Plus there was obviously no photoshopping here so are the gloves off? Is that a pack of smokes sticking out her purse?

    1. It’s a pet peeves if mine when.someone leaves their purse unzipped. And if they are cigarettes, then ugh. She’s making the obvious too obvious.

      1. that’s what I thought too. Too obvious. It looks like cigarettes but she and William would have had the DM take those photos down by now if that was the case, right? I’m so confused by these photos. They seem staged but why would she go out looking that rough if staged? And she doesn’t look very happy to see the photogs? Ahh, questions

      2. And why leave the palace/mansion looking so unhappy, unroyal (who has not a worry in the world as regular people) during the holidays in public. If both snowflake and whiny Wilnot would have sincere work ethics (similar worrisome look in the car ride to BP Diplomatic Dinner), interacting and a true member of the BRF, HM traditions; both would be so much more happy and productive.

        These photos don’t send a positive look for G*C.

    2. I thought that until I saw this article from DM: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3358698/No-wonder-Kate-looks-shattered-Two-young-children-three-official-functions-week-Christmas-shopping.html

      The cynic in me thinks that someone from KP has planted the story to justify an upcoming vacation. “Ohhhhh look how tired the poor Duchess is she needs this vacation!”

      I try to give the benefit of the doubt that there is much work being done behind-the-scene but I cannot find it in my heart to feel that bad for her. I work 40-50 hours per week (not just 3 engagements). I don’t have a cleaning staff, nanny, or someone to drive me everywhere and I still make out just fine. Doing three engagements that only last a couple of hours each does not constitute a full-time job.

      1. Doesn’t constitute a part-time job, given that those engagements combined constitute one day of work for a part-time worker. Also the Court Circular include Kate and William going to and from airports as well as the appearance of them leaving the hospital with their daughter as separate “engagements”.

  3. Not aging well at all. She needs to put a little of her weight back on so she doesn’t look so saggy and if she is smoking she seriously needs to drop that nasty habit as it isn’t doing her looks any good at all.

    I liked her coat at first, but after looking at it again I don’t care for it. Very plain almost dowdy looking.

  4. These pics remind me of of how she looked before wedding and before landing Wills. Of course now she’s added the heavy Diana eyeliner. If you notice pictures from even 8 years ago when she’s shopping on the street you can see similarities with the face. Of course it’s a bit saggier and all with age which happens to all of us.

    Is she a smoker? Heavy makeup combined with years of sun damage isn’t good to the Middleton women. I quit smoking 4 months ago and I now ‘vape’ when I crave a ciggie. They should look into it. My juice has no nicotine and I can see a huge difference in my skin. Granted I never thought I was a “smoker” because I only had 3 in the evenings and never during the day, but it still had an aging effect on my skin. It’s not so much the tobacco itself, but all of the chemicals in one ciggie.

    I think she’d see a world of difference in her skin if she started a light retinol and laid off the heavy makeup. Makeup is so drying no matter what you use.

    1. I see the pre wedding Kate in many ways too. My honest opinion is that Kate is no longer using botox and whatever magical fillers she used before. The lines are very prominent in her forehead and around her mouth, under eyes sunk a bit, etc. She has given it a break and this is what she looks like without all the fuss. She seems to be sick of the whole parade. I see the haircut and her quiting the botox/ fillers as a sure sign that she doesn’t care that much about looks now. Why she decided to chop her hair off and call off the injector we just don’t know. Maybe William told her to stop, who knows.

      I know that fillers can supposedly “stretch the skin” in thin areas such as under the eyes and around the mouth. She also appears to be way too thin. Seriously. Weight adds fullness and youth to the face for some women.

  5. I’m detecting a nose job recently as well. Even a small one. You can see slight changes to the nose as mentioned here recently and it would also cause her eyes and skin to be like this. Swollen, saggy, etc.

    I wonder why the press photoshops her so much and not Bill’s teeth.

  6. Honestly? This is what Kate looks without the over-zealous photoshopping. Add to it the extra make up and eyeliner and weight loss and the reduced botox application.

    If you google pics of her a few days during the engagement period, she looked like this, but we all chalked it down to wedding stress.

    Those pap stroll pics of her days after the here she’s pushing a supermarket trolley outside waitrose, with a green shawl around her shoulders? Looked like this, complete with eyebags.

    I’ll also add that she’s reduced the botox which was the biggest reason for ‘uplifting’ her face. Before she started the botox, and during the girlfriend years, when she wasn’t caught smiling, her face had a droop to it. When she lost all the weight for the wedding, the droop became more pronounced. Especially around her eyes and jowls.

    Weeks before the wedding she started on the botox and went overboard for the next 18mths to extent that she developed bunny lines. She scaled it back after the first birth ie she didn’t use such a heavy dose, and her most recent dose is also very light. The biggest tell of whether or not she has botox is around her eyes. She has serious droop on the outer edges, and the botox ‘lifts’ that part of her eyebrows so that her face looks alive. She also has a tiny bit between her eyebrows and some in her forehead – those forehead furrows used to be much, MUCH deeper in the months after she gave birth to PGtips.

    Botox is also the reason she used to exaggerate her facial expressions because her face had been lacquered into a stiff mask. Her use of it has lessened somewhat over the years, and her facial expressions are more natural as a result.

    Getting off the subject of botox, this shopping spree is the clearest indicator that Mustique is on, and very soon. It’s become a pattern that she shops at Peter Jones for holiday kit in the weeks before each jaunt where the holiday can’t be hidden. She makes sure to look extra tired such that there is sympathy. It’s the only annual incidence where her pictures haven’t been photoshopped in the past 4yrs. It’s a very heavyhanded play for sympathy ahead of the holiday jaunt to Mustique. It’s happened every single year, like clockwork.

        1. Ah yes, and the same Tod’s handbag. i am surprised you remember this photo Herazeus! I guess that’s her pre-Mustique shopping look.

        2. Oh, please! Same sad-sack looks and same blue bag… yep, total manipulation of the paying public yet again. Perhaps the ‘bat shit crazy’ suggested earlier by Lady Blue Ribbon is a result of the on-going games that William and Kate indulge in; that must be tiring in itself ‘cos it sure is tiresome for us on the other end to hear them. If William and Kate choose to behave so, please, could they ramp it up a bit, make the lies a bit more entertaining and original?! This story is so old.

          Given Kate’s purchases were slight, and her shopping trip lasted just one hour, an online purchase or asking someone to pick up the goods/have them delivered could easily have been accommodated. You know, because Kate is so tired.

          Kate has looked worse for wear for some time, not helped along by the tanning, weight loss, smoking and botox treatments. But her mother and sister also share the same hard look too, made more apparent with the heavy makeup. Honestly, she needs a big reality check, or a slap.

    1. She won’t be heading off to Mustique for at least a couple more weeks. She has an engagement on the 15th, then the Christmas lunch at BP this coming week or weekend, then Christmas church service. So they won’t be able to go on vacation for at least two weeks.

          1. Yes I think it was only mooted as being unusually early due to the proposed Caribbean tour Jan/Feb. That was either wrong or got bounced to the India tour in April.

      1. That’s awful! She has to show up to three events in the next 12 days! No 5-star resorts and nude sunbathing for 2 weeks! She’s being held hostage. Someone call The Hague and report the royals for abuse of Kate’s human rights! The outrage! lol 🙂

        1. Lol Seth! That would have been hillarious having a human rights case called Catherine v. The UK (concerning the royal rights to undelayed vacations). I would gladly read that in the bathtub with a glass of wine. Although I would prefer to support the right of every dog to belly rubs!

          A gentle correction, they would have to go to Strasbourg for that as The Hague doesn’t handle human rights cases^^.

      2. usually these pre-mustique pap strolls are a fortnight before the actual holiday dates. Now that she’s done this pre-holiday pap stroll, looking appropriately tired, as she does every.single.time, i expect her to be on a flight to mustique the minute her christmas obligations are over.

  7. Nah, total made up nonsense. She is wearing the exact coat yesterday, why? She wanted to be easily and immediately recognised. If she doesn’t want to be recognised, she would have chosen one of those parka jackets she usually uses, or just anything but a coat that was widely photographed due to the new hair. Richard Ward stated that she cut her hair die to being busy as a mom (not because she received a lot of criticisms for it):


    After strengthening these images: extremely busy, no time, efficient, therefore needed haircut, I think we would be lucky to see her come out two days a week regularly. Perhaps less complains this time since people would have believe how difficult her life is with two toddlers and no help that she needed to shop for cheap tablecloth on her own, and that she had to sacrificed her most beloved locks. Going to Mustique on private jets would be forgiven easily as well because… She needs it?

    Smart but not so smart. She is treating us like idiots.

      1. But where is there time? They have to be around for Christmas. Do you think they’re going before or after?

        And to strengthen your point. I remember the photos of her shopping when she was pregnant with George (she wore the tartan poncho) and she left for Mystique soon after. So perhaps this is a trend…

        1. I would say after. She doesn’t have post-Mustique-tan yet. I think, they were supposed to go in Nov or Early Dec, but since there were so much criticisms about her absence from appearances and Mustique (KMR commenters were especially sensitive about her work absence, and during this period most suspected that she was in Mustique), she had to reschedule. I was confused as to why Carole and Pippa were in the Christmas Carol event but if you carefully think sbout it, after they did, all suspicion about their Mustique holiday were immediately gone.

          So if she really wants to be able to jet to Mustique again, and go for minimum appearances from 2016, she would need something extremely strong to make the case for being extremely busy mom of two, no time at all for other things. Cutting hair, and being seen shopping for “commoner” items with no help are two ways to do that.

          You are right Rhiannon, Kate does things on purpose. Too much coincidence for her cutting those tresured locks right after harsh criticisms about her hair on the speech, while claiming she did it because she is too busy.

        2. I too observed a pattern in her behavior. After each high-profile function she appears doing something ordinary like shopping for a grocery, walking a dog or taking Gorge for A stroll in the park etc. What it says is I am still Kate, ordinary person just like you. It also helps her keep a psychological balance by staying in touch with what she used to do and the life she leads now.

          1. Ale, I think you are right. She did it– brilliantly– after the wedding… Just at the point where women all around the UK could have the propensity to become jealous and as such cut her down– she smartly stepped out grocery shopping and looking casual, saying “I’m just like you.” Ultimately makes her more relatable and likeable. Very smart.

  8. “Because I swear I look like ten kinds of hell after an hour spent shopping. I hate shopping.” This is why I love you, KMR.

    I stand by my love of this coat. I would wear more color with it. The bag is nice as is the color. I agree with the comment about her not accessorizing well. She does look a bit worn. I believe that Kate doesn’t do anything by mistake.

    Thanks for putting up several beautiful posts this weekend.

    1. I really like the shorter version of this coat. But the two times that I’ve seen Kate wear it, I always think it needs a belt. And I’m in love with that bag! Too bad it’s over $1000!

    2. Nice bag, but I have seen bags just as nice for half the price. I like the coat, but don’t love it. As for Kate not doing anything without a reason, I don’t buy the whole ‘Kate is so smart’ stuff we have been hearing lately. I think Diana and Sophie have played the PR game far better than Kate.

      The way she is aging… It won’t be pretty in five years.

  9. I think Kate’s coat is actually fairly smart. I think it goes better without the jeans though. Is the vent the flap under the collar? It could be zipped up rather than buttoned as I know Kate is a fan of Zips. It does look like Kate is tired. When she was in London during the dating years Kate had more of a spring in her step then in the monochrome dress, Kate looked tired. A holiday must be planned though why Kate could not make use of internet shopping as security must be a headache. Frustrated maybe?

  10. In these types of photos, without the blow out, heavy makeup and constant smiling, Kate really is starting to look like her mother.

    I just realized that Kate never seems to be out and about with any girlfriends or even her sister. While I do love to shop by myself sometimes it’s fun to have a girlfriend or sister along to bounce ideas off each other and giggle at the over the top clothes. And today her PPO was a guy and while I love Mr. from Ca. I really don’t like to go shopping with him, too much hovering and unsolicited advice.

    1. Laurie you are right. Kate did party with Pippa but when she was in London while seeing William, Kate was always alone apart from her mother. The York girls are always together at parties, walking together at polo matches or Ascot, church,

      1. I disagree – she attends her fair share and then some of sporting events, movie premieres. gallery visits, and TV set visits – they are just “official”. A large part of her public life is having fun.

        1. Spot on LadyBlueRibbon!

          She also has no right looking this haggard (selfish and thankless) and rough about town during the holiday season – representing HM BRF, from a pampered, privilege wealthy life, compare to the homeless, needy and less fortunate.

          The coat looks a bit heavy and loose for her.

  11. Are we sure this is all staged or are the gloves off? Not to add more info to this thread–but perhaps this will put these photos all in perspective. There have been more negative articles of her in the Express lately regarding her copying Diana, then we get the tweets from Richard Palmer and now this:


    In this article, it talks about how Ken Wharfe, Princess’ Di’s bodyguard said that William was a sly boy growing up and now spoiled and petulant. He also says that he has heard that he is difficult. Lol. It also states that the royals are lazy. He talks about the Republican movement and Corbyn gaining strength and that he is no longer a monarchist. He also said that the only person that would save the monarchy was Harry–that he really liked him–and he should be king! That is my dream, guys. Queen Rhiannon 🙂

    Honestly, my opinion is that the little soiree didn’t pacify the royal correspondents….

    Kate looks sad and tired, guys. I think she thought her marriage would be more than it is…Dealing with William is probably very difficult for her. I know she waited for the ring and all–but I think the toll it’s taken on her is massive. I still like the coat and the bag too!

    1. I’m interested in all your opinions on Palmers comments as I read them differently to you. I read them as he was defending W&K and seeing them as more worthy than the puff pieces that are written about them. Almost as if he was frustrated that they’re not getting the respect he thinks they deserve.

      He was v complimentary about K calling her intelligent & articulate.

      I think Wharfes comment that W was sly is really cutting. What a powerful choice of words to use to describe a child. It really hits the intended mark.

      1. I agree with your assessment of Palmer’s tweets.

        He started out that series of tweets saying: “Disappointed to see that what little coverage of Kate’s visit to Action on Addiction made today’s papers focused on what she looked like.”

        And followed that up with: “The Cambridges are finding it difficult to break out of the ‘bit of fluff’ slots in my paper and others and on TV as well.”

        As in, the media should focus on more than what Kate looks like and shouldn’t relegate the Cambs to the “fluff” slot. Like they deserve better than that or something.

        1. I’ve seen elsewhere that perhaps he was being pass-agg or sarcastic, but I don’t think so.

          I’m genuinely astonished at his about-turn with W&K. Where is his personal integrity? He was the leader of the pack, criticism wise, and now – well. Kate in particular can do no wrong. He’s repeating himself often that she is trying to do more, has more to give. I’ve asked for evidence, but nothing forthcoming. He really is a mouthpiece for KP now.

          1. It does seem strange. Sure, I know that George and Charlotte were at the private meet-and-greet, but just getting to see them that once (and not to write extensively about it or take pictures, mind you) wouldn’t be enough to make him change that completely. They had to have offered something big. I wonder what it was.

          2. I just went back and read all of Palmer’s tweets and replies from Dec 11. His thoughts were… interesting.

            There was definitely Cambridge defending going on – with the ‘disappointed the Cambs are relegated to fluff pieces’ bit and claiming Kate is intelligent and articulate and the only thing stopping her from being perceived as such is the palace-media relationship (and not her own insecurities and unwillingness to show any sort of personality, intelligence, or articulateness). He badmouthed the press for how they write about Kate, basically laying the blame for how she is perceived on the press and not on Kate.

            But there was also some criticism of the royals trying to stifle everything that is not official engagement related and how that is driving away interest in them as a whole. He seemed to suggest that they need to loosen up and let people see more of who they really are because that’s the only way people will care about them, because people don’t care as much about their official duties and whatnot.

            I do not think he was being sarcastic or passive aggressive, but I do think there is something going on because in the same string of tweets he defended Kate and badmouthed the press but also called out the royals for trying too hard to control their images. Palmer has definitely become the palace’s little mouthpiece but I think there is some sort of questioning happening within himself. He could have stopped with the defending Kate/badmouthing the press part, but he chose to continue with the royal’s controlling their image part. It’s almost as if he’s trying to be KP’s mouthpiece but part of his true feelings is bleeding through? Maybe. Who knows.

          3. So, KMR, he seems to consistly defend Kate but not so much William. Its William that controls the image & is a tightarse with their private life.

            Kate – positive
            Will – negative

          4. Was Palmer just talking about William and Kate’s image in terms of being too controlling? Because I got the sense that he was talking about all the royals (including Harry, etc.). But if he was just talking about the Cambs, then that’s a good catch re defending Kate and calling out William. I wonder why Palmer would defend Kate and call out William. Why defend one and not the other?

          5. I assumed it was about W&K, yes. The other Royals either garner little interest or aren’t as neurotic as Kim Jong Will.

            Maybe he feels sympathy for Kate being stuck with”sly” William & a team at KP that couldn’t manage to fight their way out of a paper bag?

            Maybe Kate has had PND & its having to stay off-radar but is causing him to soften his views towards her?

          6. KMR/JL: Have you noticed that across the board when the Cambridges are mentioned by the journalists/royal reporters, it’s increasingly Kate that is defended whilst William is criticised. Any time there is a complaint about KP, even if the problem is K or H, it always falls back to William as the problem.

          7. Yes, absolutely. Almost as history repeating itself when in the 80s & 90s I remember Charles being the baddie responsible for all negative comments & Diana was lauded as the poor victim. In truth, of course, its far more complicated as I suspect it is with W&K. Kate is a grown woman in 2015 & should have her own voice. No woman needs to stand behind her husband in silent gratitude, no matter who they are.

        2. I think that Palmer is toeing the party line from KP… but I also think that if KP and Kate do not live up to whatever was promised (more engagements? more access?), he will be in a unique position to blast them while also pointing out he held up his end of the bargain. No journalist likes being relegated to putting out glorified press releases. As a royal reporter, he needs them to become interesting to maintain his livelihood.

        3. But then if you go back a couple tweets, he himself identifies the houndstooth coat as Reiss. He’s doing what all the other news outlets are doing. I think he is toeing the line. I think he has had enough–but he knows he can’t say anything yet. I believe there still is some passive-aggressiveness in Palmer.

          I also think that William is seen more as the negative party at the moment. I mean, look what they just published about him! They allowed Princess Diana’s former bodyguard to say he isn’t fit for the throne–and that it should go to Harry because he is a good man. I mean that’s a big wow to me.

          It’s the truth though. Harry is a good man. He seems to be just like his mother and has a good heart. He cares about duty for his country and, he will pick up the slack for his brother at his expense. They slam him in the press with lame articles of him with Pippa or getting a 19 year old pregnant to make WK look good. It’s a shame. However, IMHO, Wharfe is a mouthpiece for someone. Who though? Is this coming from Charles camp? I know Charles has a huge soft spot for Harry! Because that’s pretty bold to say that Harry should be King.

      2. I don’t think Palmer is a credible source of opinions. He is the biggest whiner, I wonder if all Brit tabloid hacks are like this? He flip flops in opinion so much. You can clearly detect the change in mood. One day, the Cambs are the death of monarchy, the next tweet, the Cambs are amazing.

        I also can;t forgive him for ignoring other royals in the family such as Anne, Sophie and Harry!!

    2. I agree Runner.

      The gloves definitely seem to be coming off – calling out these two lazy snowflake and whiny ” I am a Prince” Willnot.

  12. KMR have you ever thought of adding an up/down vote indicator next to each comment. Sometimes I just want to add “I agree” or “+1” but I don’t want to clog up the feed for everyone else. Just a thought, do ignore as you see fit 🙂

  13. I think these photos are staged. Every time we get photos of Kate shopping, her car is always right on the curb waiting. And the photos are brief of her walking straight from the store door to the waiting car. So, why did she take a longer walk today? It makes me think she wanted sympathy. She comes out looking ‘tired and exhausted’ and knows there will be paps to take photos of her. I think this was planned on her part so that people would feel bad for her. She wanted her photo taken.

    1. That ploy may be working because DM is now trumpeting how “shattered” she looks with heaven forbid “no fewer than 3 engagements” in one week so she needs a rest. Cry me a river! 3 engagements where she pops in for an hour or two driven by chauffeurs is *not* earth shattering work when working mothers who have careers put in at least 8 hour-days, 5 days a week or more without the benefit of personal assistants and drivers.

  14. Why is Kate caring the table cloth? It doesn’t make sense why she didn’t put it in the bag. Unless she wants to see how quickly it sells out after people see her carrying it? She might just be messing with us.

    1. Reading a bit much into it, aren’t we? The table cloth looks a bit too stiff to be folded any smaller. Maybe the bagger didn’t put it in because it will stick out and make carrying it a bit harder.

      1. Or since it’s flat and easy to carry she didn’t think a bag was necessary. I probably wouldn’t get a bag for something like that either.

      2. J my comment was tongue in cheek, and I don’t appreciate your tone! I don’t really think Kate was seeing if it would sell out. I was being sarcastic. But I really was curious why she didn’t put it in the bag with her other purchases or her purse. The bag was big enough. It just adds more things to carry the way she did it.

        1. Carrying the tablecoth also looked odd to me because it looks like there is enough space in the bag. Oh and I’m sure she can afford to pay a couple more cents for an extra bag.

      3. John Lewis do free next day delivery on line. If she wants the fun of a shopping expedition then go with a friend and buy something a bit more exciting.

  15. If Kate put half as much effort into her work as she does manipulating the public and making sure she is photographed for her supposed advantage, she could be doing a fantastic job.

    Instead we are treated to the endless photos of her looking like she is a struggling Mum of two who has no help and who has to duck out to the shops when she can get a chance.

    She looks like a very sad person who is struggling with a life that has not panned out the way that she hoped. Sure she has wealth and position but she also has three children to deal with, Willls the spoilt, George the normal two year old and the quiet Charlotte. She has events coming up with the extended inlaws and we know that she gets nervous around them as they talk about her behind her back with good reason. She is probably counting down the days until she is on that plane for blue skies, bikinis and no public engagements because she has such a hard life.

    For a millisecond a few months ago I did feel sorry for her. Now I think that she does everything for a reason and remembering the campaign that she and her mother waged to get Will, I no longer feel sorry for her.

  16. I have to disagree with some and say I think Kate resembles her father more than her mother. Mike has the less angular face, dark circles and larger jowls just like Kate. To me, Pippa is the spitting image of Carole and I think Carole has aged well. I actually think Mike is an attractive older man but sometimes the facial features that look great on a man do not translate to a girl especially if said girl isn’t taking care of her skin! Being so skinny is not helping her.

    I like this coat, but I don’t like the way Kate has it styled; buttoned up to her chin and no belt. I find myself feeling this way all the time with her coats. I love the way the designers or stores style them but I don’t like the way Kate styles them. A lot of times I feel like her coats are strangling her! This would look gorgeous with a red scarf, belt and the collar open.

    Last crazy thought: as some have mentioned she has laid off the Botox. Could she be pregnant again? Also, didn’t she do something different with her hair each time she became pregnant?

    1. There could be something in that Klein, someone asked on another site if she was pregnant after seeing her in the same coat on Thursday. Stranger things have happened.

    2. Re Kate cutting her hair when pregnant:

      Kate got bangs about two weeks or so before they announced she was pregnant with George. But she did not cut her hair in any way before or after they announced she was pregnant with Charlotte.

      1. Only right on one of the pregnancies! Thanks KMR for straightening me out! Tanya, you are exactly right, stranger things have happened.

      2. Sad if she is as she seem to need help/something.
        Although this is one strange haggard look doing her absolute favorite = shopping; and then there is the meet and greet official = grinning, hair, smirk- cat got the cream look?!

    3. Klein, I agree with you. She could be pregnant again! An easy way out of the tedious myriad of appearances she may have to make come 2016. No, wait, not really “easy,” since she will more than likely suffer from extreme morning sickness again. Look, if she is pregnant, congrats to the Cambridges and a safe and easy pregnancy and delivery to Kate.
      It just seems too easy to judge her in a negative light because she rarely, if ever, seems to step up to the plate the way other Royals do.

      I think the sad, tired look could be indicative of major depression — a huge disappointment to what her life as Wiliam’s wife would be. I feel sorry for anyone who suffers such deep sadness, but just seems too much to understand for me, at least, how a woman approaching 30 — a woman who was privy to much of the restraints that a Royal marriage brings, would have actually thought she would have an easier time than others so. Diana was 19 when she wed, wasn’t she? Or close to 20? She was really more of a girl than a woman and the overwhelming sadness that she showed so often when her marriage was in shreds, seems to be similar to what Kate is showing. Sad for G&C. Sad for Kate and Willilam, too.

      1. Kate will be 34 in January…. and still very much a little girl. It’s sad that she seems really to have bought into the whole fairy tale princess lifestyle and now can’t seem to cope when reality hits.

      2. I agree Mary Elizabeth. If she is pregnant I hope for an easy pregnancy and a healthy baby but I agree that the missed engagements and months of no-shows will begin.

        If she is depressed she needs to seek professional help as it is nothing to mess with and no one should live with a condition that literally sucks the life out of you. I wonder if Kate “fed the beast” so to speak while she was dating William. She fed/put up with instead of questioning all of his insecurities, demands, insolent behavior etc thinking that when they got married and William was finally able to have the loving, secure family he so desperately said he wanted that he would change. Maybe seeing that William hasn’t changed and is only getting worse is finally getting to her.

        1. Hi, Klein and Mary Elizabeth. Agree with you concerning Kate. Especially, am under the opinion that she never really saw it coming — all that would be expected of her once she wed.

          She looks so tired in the photo. Just totally drained. Unhappy, beyond belief. We’ve all been there and have bounced back thanks to therapy, supportive family and friends. But, somehow, I don’t think Kate is receiving the supportive help she needs. Willilam, either. He does seem very edgy most of the time.

          Who knows, maybe it is a ploy for positive feedback from the public. She may be on the brink of breaking and wants people in her corner and not William’s. I doubt if she learned much about getting as positive media coverage as Diana did, but Carole should definitely have a few ideas on feeding the beast. All in all, rather sad that people who have so much and could help so many, just burrow in their own sadness and hope others will feel for them. I hope help can be received. Also hope that they realize that they are in a position to help others who are in dire straits.

  17. So, I posted this comment in another thread when I should have opened up a new one. So, why the run down Kate photos juxtaposed with the Ken Wharfe statements about William being spoiled, petulant, and difficult to deal with? Why does he then go on to say Harry should be King? Is there one PR department (WK with Kate’s looking old, sad, tired photos) and another (Charles to either promote the idea of Harry as King or to push the lazies to work harder)? We know that the royals are all images–and EVERYTHING is done on purpose.

    Is Charles saying “no, you don’t deserve any vacations” and KM are saying “yes, we do!”? Or is there something else going on here?

    I am sorry for being so inquisitive! Just my lawyerly nature…

    1. I think they were planning for Mustique but was told off and trip got cancelled. The negative press from everyone is starting to get a bit much.

      I don’t want Harry to be king because Harry doesn’t want to be king. I feel that the work Harry wants is better achieved with the status he has now. I also think Ken and other palace staff wants Harry to be king because he treated the staff and RPOs better than William. William has said that he had a mind of his own and prefers to do things his way and that doesn’t sit well with some of the grey men.

      1. William’s refusal to take advise has led to poor decisions and extra work for the staff. It’s also left him without advisors or friends willing to bat for him. We often say how William displays the same behaviour and traits as David, and we all know where that led. David was pushed to abdicate.

        Further, you can’t blame Charles for everything. He isn’t the central figure in the Palace. He needs William to be popular because that makes his own reign steady. His public goodwill is tied to William’s public goodwill.

        As for Harry’s personal achievements, being Heir won’t curtail his work. It certainly hasn’t stopped Charles from acheiving his work goal or for turning the POW role into a substantive one. The best POW in history. William is simply lazy and unimaginative unlike his father and brother.

          1. Prince Harry is his father’s child (and best of both) – steep in BRF traditions and dedication to HM the Monarchy longevity and duty – he will do what it takes willingly.

            Willnot only wants the perks, privilege the BRF and tax payers provides for his family the meddeltons (and whining how hard it is to be royal).

  18. May I say I think William does want to be king. I think it is just speculation that William doesn’t, because he wants to carry on his mother’s legacy. Diana was more royal than the House of Windsor, going back to Charles 11. Something doesn’t fit in the puzzle but I agree William’s behavior is unlike him.

  19. Final point could it be Prince William who is depressed not Kate? I see that Kate is not happy but it could it be the other way round? My brother has endured depression and it has been hard to watch. It is just I see similar traits with both. But who knows what really goes on behind the Palace doors.

  20. I’m definitely in the minority, but I’m still a fan of the coat. Could be because I have a houndstooth coat, and I never tire of it.

  21. Wowsa! This SAHM who is a handful of years older than Kate got a great punch in the arm regarding her looks thanks to this article! Thanks KMR. Made me in my hoodie-wearing, jeans, trainers, and no make up glory feel epic!

    I actually feel really sad for Kate, no amount of shopping, botoxing, and make up can replace happiness.

    The coat feels as off kilter with her current neck-up look as a mom wearing sweats and carrying a Birkin at the playground.

  22. So this is what struck me when I saw her out in that coat.The first, most obvious, is that she really looks like a hag. But it was also her wearing of that coat that I interpret as another dis towards her role and responsibilities. I hope my line of thinking can be followed… and here it is. I look at items in her “work” wardrobe the way I look at “work” items in my own wardrobe. They’re “special” or “formal” – generally something I expect to get me through important occasions/events that don’t include shlepping or wandering the streets on a Saturday afternoon. Maybe I’m a stickler for dressing for the occasion? I saw that she wore the new houndstooth coat for her royal event – i.e. work – last week. And then two days later, she wore the coat out shopping, basically shlepping, in her dirty suede boots, greasy hair thrown up. To me it was proof that she didn’t put any effort into selecting that coat based on its appropriateness for a public event, be it color, silhouette, historical impact, etc. To her, it was just another coat… one she’d throw on for either a royal event or a dirty stroll around London. I hope I don’t sound too extreme, and I understand most of us DO need clothing that’s versatile. But with Waity, to me it just proves she has no clue about the role and importance of wardrobe. And to me it’s almost her in-your-face way of saying that she doesn’t think about or prepare any more for her engagements than for going to a department store, unshowered, with dirty hair. I’m not saying she shouldn’t re-wear her “work” clothing often and styled differently. But she always seems to wear her “royal” clothes when she shleps around. Diana knew this implicitly. And Sophie and on and on it goes. The Queen doesn’t show up to unveil a plaque in an outfit and then wear it out to the pub two days later.

  23. Was Ma Middleton annoyed with Kate for buying her tablecloth at Peter Jones and not buying it from Party Pieces?
    Even the NZ Herald has an article on DM’s article on “tired Kate” today.
    *roll eyes*

  24. I find it hard to believe anyone could look this sad, depressed, aged and miserable unless it was genuine. Unless Kate Middleton missed her calling and is the best actress in the world. I am torn between being disgusted with how spoiled she is and feeling sorry for someone trapped in such a miserable mess.

    1. You’re right Lisa S., for all her privilege, she appears to running on fumes. It amazes me how downhill she’s gone since George was born. Whatever I think of her work ethic (not much, don’t get me started), I hope she’s ok. 2 babies to be thinking about, who will need their mother, no matter what.

      1. You are so right, Ray, the exhaustion is etched on her face. I like the word, “entry-level exhaustion” because that applies to a night or two of missed sleep for someone of her youthful age. Either she is aging horribly and any little thing shows in the face, or, as many have said, excessive smoking, dieting, drinking, stress (could it be Bill?). When we look at pictures of her even just last year, she looks so radiant. I am convinced it won’t be long before the truth will out about what is happening behind closed doors.

    2. She’s definitely not an actress because if she was she would have been nailing all of her appearances so far and making everyone believe she was engaged in the event and truly cared. We all know the looks she gives at times.

  25. I often think that technology and social media might be the undoing of the monarchy . . . but not in the way people expect. I think that Will and Kate probably have much more exposure to “normal” lives through things like Facebook, and are able to see what their friends are doing that is inaccessible to them. It used to be the other way around — the common folk would observe the royals and their privileges. Will and Kate are fully aware of the things they can’t do now, like going out for a quick ice cream cone with friends, going on a road trip just for fun . . . things that we take for granted but that make up the little pleasures in life. They truly live in gilded cages. There can’t be much spontaneity when going out requires things like bodyguards and VIP treatment. I always imagine this is why Kate does things like going out and buying a tablecloth — to escape the cage, if only briefly.

    I imagine that all of this saps the enjoyment out of life pretty quickly.

    I think Kate was raised to have ambition to become the queen, but given that she was not pushed to have ambition to be anything else, I think her life now feels empty. I have often thought that anyone who *wanted* to be a Royal must be totally insane. The rest of us have more privileges than they do. Unless you are going to use the platform to accomplish some service to humanity, it really is fame for fame’s sake.

    1. They can do all that, they should do all that – they just choose not to incase they get papped. They choose to live in a cage because of their ridiculous paranoia.

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