Kate Middleton supports hospital where George and Charlotte were born, adds two appearances to her schedule

Kate Middleton supports hospital where George and Charlotte were born, adds two appearances to her schedule

St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington is looking to raise £2million towards a new children’s intensive care unit and Kate Middleton has decided to lend her support in this venture, having given birth to her kids – Prince George and Princess Charlotte – at the hospital. And by “support” I mean she/her team released a three sentence long statement which neither their website nor the Kensington Palace Twitter account bothered posting. Kate also added two appearances to her schedule for December.

BTW, today is a two post kind of day. Go here to read about Harry’s speech in Lesotho.

Of The More Smiles Appeal, which was launched earlier this week by Imperial College Healthcare Charity and charity COSMIC, to raise at least £2million towards a new children’s intensive care unit which will help provide more beds for children, upgrade equipment, and build a dedicated parents’ room among other facilities, Kate said:

    “The thought of your child in an intensive care unit is harrowing for any parent. The commitment to expand and transform the Children’s Intensive Care Unit at St Mary’s Hospital will vitally guarantee more space to treat more children and support more families. As someone who was so brilliantly cared for by St Mary’s, I am delighted to support the Children’s Intensive Care Appeal, and commend the important work of all those involved in the project.”


I wonder if she will do anything other than release this statement in support of this appeal. Other than visiting a pottery factory in February 2015, Kate hasn’t bothered to go back and check in on the EACH Nook Appeal which she launched back in November 2014 (seriously, what’s up with that?). And what happened with those bug cups? I want to know how much money that raised.

EDIT: I wrote this article up several hours before it posted and mentioned that I wanted an update on EACH’s Nook appeal, and I just checked Twitter two hours after it posted and lo and behold the KP Twitter account retweeted a tweet from EACH saying they raised £2million. What a huge coincidence!

In other Kate news, she added two appearances to her schedule for December 9th and 10th. On Wednesday, December 9th, Kate and Prince William will attend ICAP’s 23rd annual Charity Day. They will attend as Patrons of three charities benefiting from the global revenues that ICAP will donate during their Charity Day: SkillForce, Sportsaid, and Place2Be. OMG, Kate’s actually doing something attached to SportsAid! Wow. She hasn’t done anything even remotely related to SportsAid since she attended an athlete workshop in November 2014. Granted, she’s still not visiting the actual charity, but it’s quasi-related.

On Thursday, December 10th, Kate will visit the Action on Addiction’s Centre for Addiction Treatment Studies in Warminster Wiltshire. She will be there to see its work providing training, education, and professional development for those working in addiction and other related fields. The last time she did a public appearance for Action on Addiction was in October 2014 when she attended the Autumn Gala. She received the outgoing and incoming Chief Executives on October 21, 2015, but that was a no-press thing.

William doesn’t have an appearance until Monday, December 7th, when he will visit Birmingham for a day of engagements. Kate’s last appearance was on November 20 in North Wales, and William’s was the 24th. I wonder if they are taking a vacation as I type this. This is the longest amount of time they have had off in November (when their rumored trip was supposed to take place). And with Harry in South Africa to take the attention away from what they’re doing, this would be a perfect opportunity for a Cambridge vacation.

SportsAid Kate at workshop 3

Kate at Action on Addiction Autumn Gala

Photos: Getty / Nathan Gallagher/SportsAid / Action on Addiction Facebook

84 thoughts on “Kate Middleton supports hospital where George and Charlotte were born, adds two appearances to her schedule

  1. While I hope the hospital can raise the funds they need, I just don’t really care about Kate’s new engagements. It’s the same thing over and over. I think she visits her charities an average of once a year and considers that amazing.

    I’m just very tired of William and Kate and their little games.

    1. I’m currently working on a page/post about Kate’s patronages and making a list of all the times she’s visited them. It’s really quite sad how little she visits them. What would be interesting to see, though, is how many times other royals visit their patronages and to compare that to Kate.

      1. That sounds like a great idea for a post KMR. Although I’m already cringing at the comparisons between how often Kate visits her charities and how often the other royals do. She really just doesn’t get it does she? Or maybe she does and she’s played us all. By her poor performances, flashing,etc she’s pretty much ensured that she won’t be asked to do much more than she’s doing now, so she’s got the ring, the title, the two houses, the security details to deal with the peasants, the nanny, the housekeeper and on and on and only has to work less than a week a month. Pretty sweet deal! Maybe she is smarter than we give her credit for?

        1. I feel that she should visit more. The Queen, Prince Philip, Charles, and Cam have hundreds of charities and it is physically impossible to visit them all. Kate has a handful. There is no reason why she cannot visit them more. That is the best way for her now. Get to know them, how they work, who works for them and work.

          1. Yes, that was my point and why I’m cringing already, Kate rarely visits the handful of charities she has but I would bet that Anne, Sophie and the others visit their charities much more frequently. Of course Anne has several hundred charities that she’s patron of so it really couldn’t be expected that she would be able to visit each on every year but I imagine that she makes every effort to visit them as often as she can.

          2. Considering that her PR said she was keeping the number of patronages low so that she could devote more time to each of them, yes she should definitely be visiting them more. Once a year or less is shameful.

            For the royals who have hundreds of charities, it’s fine if they only visit once a year or every other year or so. But for Kate, because of the PR “numbers low to visit more” line, once a year or less is not acceptable.

      2. From what I’ve seen the royals don’t visit their charities once a year. Many years go by without they doing some thing for them. I found this mostly okay when we are talking about members like Sophie, Camilla, HM, Charles, Philip, etc – they all have tens and tens of charities.

        But when one has less than 10 there is no excuse for that, the three younger members don’t visit their charities once a year, none of when. (That being said Harry is the only one, out of them, who shows a real interest, connection and effort towards his causes with visits every year to Lesotho and support for wounded vets such as regular visits to recover units and participation in WWTW)

        Someone with connection to one of Kate’s charity said she attended 2 out of 10 scheduled visits – which makes me think that’s why none of the younger member have a ‘upcoming engagements’ page as other royals do, just in case they want to skip it.
        Other person working with a charity with a royal patron said they always have to wait a lot of time for answers about availability which, to me, shows one is not taking the effort towards their charities seriously – if you have less than 10 why does it takes so long for their charities have an answer? And if the being a patron is a way for charities have a bigger profile so why they are treated the same way as other charity, having a royal patron should have put them on the top of the engagements list, otherwise what’s the point of supporting them?

        I would not have a problem with any of this lack of effort if it weren’t for KP baseless PR propaganda when it comes to the younger royals ‘they have fewer charities so they can focus and give a better support to them’ – which is only true for Harry.

        1. As I mentioned to Rhiannon above and as you mentioned, it’s not necessarily that Kate visits once a year or less in and of itself, it’s the fact that she visits once a year or less when her PR team claimed she was keeping the number of charities low specifically so she could be more involved with them. That’s what’s the problem. The more her PR team tries to help her/excuse her, the more they hurt her in the long run.

          Actually William, Kate, and Harry do have an “upcoming engagements” page on their websites. It’s not always fully up to date but it’s there.

      3. KMR did you see that there is an appeal for donations towards the new EAAA HQ? It will cost a quarter of a million pounds and they are wanting a fridge, freezer and 55 inch TV’s. I can’t do links on my tablet, but Celebitchy had a post a few days ago.

        Also The Royalist at Daily Beast has a piece about Kate modernizing the Royal family Christmas.

        Looking forward to your post about Kate’s patronages. I wish there were a way to calculate the value of her association with them.

          1. I thought it was bizarre for them to pass the hat too.

            Why not have William spend his salary buying them the merchandise that they need. The last I heard, William hadn’t settled on a charity for salary.

          2. Isn’t it a bit weird for one of your fellow workers to write the check? I belong to an organization with some extremely rich members and we always find it awkward (and a bit unfair to them) to ask them to fund something we need. So we just fundraise.

          3. I think William taking a salary from EAAA is weird and kind of wrong since he’s supposedly giving it to charity. Isn’t the EAAA some form of charity, or there is a charity attached, or they are run by funds from a charity? I seem to remember that from back when it was first announced that he was going to work there and give his salary away. I thought it was odd that he would take a salary from an organization funded by a charity and give the money to a different charity. Why not just not take a salary in the first place?

            However, I do understand where you’re coming from, J. In any normal job situation we wouldn’t assume the rich person in the office should buy all the things the office needs. That’s on the company to buy their own stuff, and if they can’t then they fundraise for it. It would be normal, though, to expect them to donate some amount to the fundraiser, just like the rest of the office. But they shouldn’t be expected to fund the whole thing.

          4. Not when the co-worker controls the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry Foundation and his father controls The Prince’s Trust and they are going to be Kings one day and all the people in the land pay taxes to pay for their security and lifestyle. Then its not weird for the co-worker to provide the funds.

        1. I did see that. The first thing I thought of was about William’s salary that he gets from EAAA. His team said it would go to charity, but I’ve always thought it was stupid to pay him in the first place. Why take money from EAAA just to give it away to a different charity? Especially with this fundraiser, I’m just thinking that William’s salary is even more stupid. I know they are asking for millions and William only gets about 50K, but still.

          1. I often wonder what charity he is donating it to. I’d imagine to line his own pockets, which sounds so awful, but I really don’t have any good opinion of William think he’d really donate it to anything. If he did, wouldn’t they have announced it? Give it back to EAAA.

          2. I don’t think they’ve announced which charity is receiving his salary. If they have, I missed it. I really wonder if he even works there anymore. We haven’t had a “William the hero pilot” story in quite a while – both seeming PR plants and just random people who took photos of him. They were so frequent when he first started but now nothing.

      4. A very good idea for a post. Also, is it possible to unpack what ‘patronages’ and ‘work’ actually means in this context? Is it just turning up for a particular event – as we have seen recently – or is there ongoing behind-the-scenes involvement where meetings take place? And of course, there’s the reading of all the scientific papers… (sorry, couldn’t resist that one). I’m wondering if and how the charity benefits from the association when any press generated seems to focus on Kate’s clothes, hair, unhealthy skinniness, big teeth, manic grins, and inability to speak properly due to adopting an accent she can’t master. I agree with Art Historian regarding the inappropriate and over-use of ‘brilliant’; a bit too Sloane ranger and too young for her now.

        1. Well, for the most part we don’t know how much behind the scenes involvement Kate has. I would only be counting the events that count toward her year end engagement totals. And without access to site analytics and donation figures, there is no way for me to calculate how much of an impact Kate has on her patronages. I’m still working on that post; I’ll figure something out.

      5. KMR – I think that is a great idea. Comparing against other royals is interesting and I’m curious to see the results. I think in the year 2015 – just putting your name on the letterhead for a charity is not “work”. It is likely that most of the “many” charities that royals are patrons for is simply honorary, or in name only. I also think you have to compare royals of similar rank – Kate is the spouse of a future King – thus her “peers” are actually Philip, Diana, and Camilla – the reason being they do have an expectation of accompanying their spouses – whether it be for government purposes (like a trip to India) or military parade, etc. This is not necessarily true with someone like Sophie, who is spouse to someone who is not often asked to perform official work (the exception being the funeral and wedding circuit of other monarchs) so they have more time for charities. I just wanted to point that out – because folks like Princess Anne are the primary royal in their coupledom – she does not also have to attend events as the wife of a royal spouse. I recommend tracking in 2016 – how often Kate goes solo to event versus being with someone in the family. It’s surprising how few she does alone. Only 40%. (20 out of 49 in 2015) The idea that she is an independent female role model is really a fantasy.

        1. Good things to keep in mind, LBR. Though I don’t think Kate should be compared to Philip. Though they are both spouses to the royal, Philip is the spouse to the Queen, while Kate is the spouse to the second in line. There would naturally be a difference there. We’ll see; I’m still working on it.

          1. Yes – I know the comparison to Phillip can seem odd – but from a logistic point of view – it is possible she can’t get involved in too many projects because as William moves of the chain, she’ll have less time for them and it will look even more like she neglects charities. Camilla is another good example – she’s expected to travel with Charles so her independent work will give you an idea about what Kate’s schedule will look like. Phillip carved out a tremendous workload for himself when he was younger, pretty much to appease his ego and compensate for always walking behind his wife.

            What I am discovering by the extreme interest in Kate – is that folks are realizing how much of UK royal work is not actual, but symbolic. She had 25 days off in a month where she was written about as active and busy. She gave a speech to a roomful of educators in which she came off as juvenile – she had no command or authority, quite the opposite – she was the least qualified person in the room to be speaking on the subject. We learned the very next day that yes, she can pull her hair back out of her face if she wants to, she’s just that immature, at 33, when giving speeches and being in a professional setting. It’s pretty embarrassing for the UK.

            I do think your research into the number of patronages and actual visits for each of the senior members will be revealing – it will probably demonstrate that those patronage numbers are meaningless and just for show.

          2. KMR if you do want to compare her to Sophie, you’ll want to compare total numbers and then break it out by Official/Government, Patronage, Royal to see the percentages of time spent. There is a great blog on Sophie and it should be easy for you to capture the data. I’d be interested in Sophie’s time as an independent versus appearances with her spouse – and how that compares to Kate.

  2. I like the idea of following up on how many times Kate visits her patronages in follow-ups.
    Also, like your comments, Lauri of CA. “Maybe she is smarter than we give her credit for!” Indeed, it could be. I also hope the hospital is able to raise the needed funding. However, Kate’s statement, obviously penned by others, did little for me.

    1. Once again, her bad grammer and run-on sentences are giving me vapours.

      What use is an expensive education at a school and university that pride themselves on being top percentile of educational standards when this is the example of said education.

      I write on here in a stream of consciousness fashion because this is a hobby and i’m not being judged. However, put me in a formal situation, even if my words aren’t being recorded for posterity, and my written paragraphs would improve exponentially.

      I feel that on top of the bad grammer, Kate also wants to say lots of words in order to give impression that she has a lot to say and unfortunately forgets the most important maxim to keep it simple, keep it short and be concise.

      1. Her staff needs to stop using the term “brilliantly” (in fact, they often overuse adjectives) – it grates and it sounds girlish instead of professional. I’m not a native English speaker but I often wince when reading the missives from her office. They are just not well-written. The same goes for her latest speech. When even a non-native speaker can discern the problems with the phrasing and grammar, then it is time to get someone who actually masters the English language.

      2. I agree. I “write” for a living and can say that I get very lazy here. But, if it is something that I have to produce for my client, I can clean up quite well. She needs a good ghost writer. I mean, the best.

        1. I hope my writing on here isn’t too bad. I know I get wordy and use too many adverbs at times. When writing for a job or school, it’s always about cutting out as much as possible and only writing what it absolutely necessary, but here I tend to get lazy and leave in all my adverbs.

          1. KMR: for the purposes of this blog, leave my judgy hat at the door. everyone writes passionately and very well. even the non English speakers.

            it’s aggravating that all this stream of consciousness writing from so many bloggers and commentators is much better than anything Kate and her office has presented formally.

            it’s especially embarrassing for Jason who worked for a bank before he arrived at KP. surely his writing was important to such an institution?!

          2. Yeah, one would expect someone who is paid professionally as a private secretary or a press secretary to be able to write well. That’s what they do for a living.

  3. KMR, didn’t mean to thread-jack, but have you seen this article?


    I usually take this website with a grain of salt, but sounds believable. Prince William demanded HM to reduce Kate’s duties even more, definitely sounds like him. Previously asking for more date nights, then the depression rumour, and now terrorist attack? Seems that they have no difficulties to find excuses at any situations to hibernate. “Adding two appearances” and it became a big story? Can’t even laugh at this ridiculousness…

    Btw, I remember reading one of your comments about Kate’s Anmer organics and how her playing peasant is similar to Marie Antoinette (forgot which post it was) and it struck me. I recently found this article which was written by Love Lola in 2014 but seems to be even more realistic now.


    The two ladies’ similarities are astounding!! Kate is becoming the modern day Madame Déficit.

    1. Celebrity Laundry should always be read with a boulder of salt!!!

      Lola was referring to Marie Antoinnette’s very well publicised retreat(s) to a small palace called Le Petit Trianon so that her girlfriends and her could play pretend shepardesses – just like the common people!!! Nevermind that the common people were actually starving and this was a complete slap in the face that their sufferring.

      1. Ah learned something new! Quoted from Wiki page of Petit Trianon:

        “Marie Antoinette would come to the Petit Trianon not only to escape the formality of court life, but also to shake off the burden of her royal responsibilities. At Versailles, she was under considerable pressure and judgement from both her family and the court, and the Petit Trianon was her place of ease and leisure where she could rest from those trials. Since all was “de par la Reine” (by order of the Queen), none were permitted to enter the property without the Queen’s express permission (…). Such exclusivity alienated the court nobility, which she did very willingly, since only the queen’s “inner circle” … were invited.”

        Sounds familiar?

    2. I do these “future appearances” posts just to inform people about her schedule in case people want to know. And I try to include other information be it this kind of statement from her, or random articles around the web about them, or whathaveyou, in order to give the post a bit more meat and to give commenters more to talk about. These types of posts are more just a heads up for the future rather than trying to give her credit for something that hasn’t happened yet.

      And I never take anything at CDL seriously. They constantly post the most outrageous clickbait garbage that shows they have no knowledge of how the British monarchy even works. They have tried for years to claim that QEII is making William the heir apparent over Charles which is ridiculous because she can’t actually do that without Parliament approval and laws being changed.

      Re the comparison to Marie Antoinnette: That has been around for years. I remember writing a comparison between Kate and MA on the old Glitz Glam and Gossip forum. The two really are similar.

  4. Okay, so hopefully someone can answer this for me. I know there were reports about how much St. Mary’s hospital costs when Kate gave birth there and it is incredibly expensive. Does anyone know if St. Mary’s is only for the rich then or is there a portion of it for normal people? I’m just wondering since they are trying to raise money, I just thought this hospital was only for the elite? Thanks

    1. St Mary’s hospital is an *NHS hospital. It has a private wing that caters to private clients who pay for the privilege. That’s the wing Kate used to give birth.

      The private wing is still run under the auspices of the NHS and you can transfer between the two sides of the hospital depending on the services – private care doesn’t always mean every operation is covered which means you might still find yourself in the NHS side.

      *NHS: National Health Service is free healthcare service for everyone.

      Generally even though our healthcare is free, it isn’t efficiently run and there is a shortfall. some hospitals find that they need to raise extra funds to keep operating or to expand. St Mary’s started by turning one of it’s wings into a private wing for paying customers who nonetheless receive the same healthcare as non paying ones except perhaps living in better quarters, and now it’s having this fundraising drive.

      1. Thank you so much! That makes a lot of sense. I just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t a private hospital garnered toward the wealthy that was asking for money :). It is the NHS side that is asking for funding, which makes way more sense. Thanks for clarifying for me Herazeus! 🙂

  5. Yawn
    What? Kate and William are popping out of the house for a bit to support a charity?
    How about them doing some behind the scenes work too? Or going back to see how things are going?
    Like *cough cough* Harry?

    1. And by “support” they mean listen to people talk while nodding and smiling and not actually doing anything. It has really bugged me how Kate seems to have completely dropped her former main cause, EACH.

      1. KMR: don’t you remember the kerfuffle a few years back when EACH tried to drop Kate and the palace had to persuade them not to? I’ll try and find the articles if they haven’t been scrubbed off the internet and post later.

        The CEO of EACH is also quoted as saying Kate didn’t do anything for them. Her exact words implied that Kate both didn’t participate in any positive way nor did her addition to the mast head create any positive upswing in their visibility or financial or general public support.

        EACH appointed Ed Sheeran after the failure of Kate. Much of their publicity is all about Sheeran and less about Kate.

        1. Oh my gosh! I had no idea. I am glad you posted this. I hope you can find the article. That is embarrassing to Kate. It is pretty sad when a charity tries to get rid of a free patron!

        2. Hm… I vaguely remember something to that effect. I’m not sure. Were you able to find the articles?

  6. Bug Cups. It’s quite possible you don’t hear anything about how much the Bug Cups raised because no one really wanted Bug Cups to drink out of. If they sold out, I’m sure they would have said something.

  7. The last time Catherine looked blissfully, unguardedly, genuinely happy was when they presented newborn George on the Lindo Wing steps. Show me any picture since, and the look in her eyes has hardened and is wary, no matter how watermelon wide the grin. Life in a global fishbowl? No thanks, you can keep it Kate, even with every luscious piece of outerwear you debut (I covet that coat collection) and the designer homes you professionally beige. By the looks of you, things aren’t great, to put it mildly.

    1. Kate is trapped in a gilded cage of her choice with a moody, spolit, jealous, vindictive husband. Then, add one manipulative, helicopter mum who uses her children to further her social ambitions and two siblings who use her to advance their get rich quick schemes. Not to mention a loud, bruiser of a toddler. Nope. I don’t envy Kate’s life either even if it meant I could have my slim high school figure back and $100k per anum of Prince Charles’ money to spend dressing it.

      1. I am glad that you pointed that out. Her hospital pictures with George and Charlotte are so jarring. No amount of photoshop can mask that.

        1. Have we considered that maybe the difference is because she left the hospital the same day as giving birth? I mean my god, look at these comments about a woman who had to give birth and then get all dressed up so that millions of people around the world could see her..on the same day she gave birth. It’s incredibly rude imo to make judgmental comments about her appearance in that situation and exemplifies everything wrong with this world in terms of how much pressure there is on women to look good.

          1. Hi, Maggie. In all due respect, I’m commenting more about how she seems physically different. When Georgie was born, she was ebullient. At one point, she even looked close to tears. She and William had closer body language. In comparison, she seemed somber when she left with Charlotte. She and William didn’t look connected as they had before.

            In no way do I comment about a woman’s body. I have only commented on Kate’s recently when she was in Wales as her weight loss was startling. In all due respect, that is one area I will not critique.

          2. Here’s my humble opinion on that…we didn’t ask her to get as dolled up as she was when she debuted Charlotte. Her appearance after giving birth to George was, at least for me, the best and most natural she had looked since joining the family. She didn’t have to wear the new dress and heels. We could tell that her feet were swollen and would not have whooped and hollered at her if she had done the sensible thing and worn flats or at least a lower heel if she felt they were absolutely necessary. She had just recently delivered. I doubt seriously any woman out there would criticize her if she came out in something more comfortable.

            And as for the world putting pressure on women to look good, Kate herself added to that pressure for women who have just given birth by coming out looking like she was heading out to a solo engagement. Imagine the pressure a new mother who admires her may put on herself to look as good as Kate did, or the pressure from people who just don’t understand that she had a team of people come in to get her to look like that.

            There are women who look really good after giving birth, there are those who look like they went through a war and there are lots more in between the two. But the focus should be on the new baby and the mothers comfort.

            I also think it was more of the SWFing she does of Diana because Diana came out looking more polished after having Harry than she did with William.

            Also, we don’t know the reason they decided to leave the hospital the same day. Were there security concerns, did they just want to clear the street of the media? I don’t think anyone would have been the least bit upset if she had stayed overnight and left the next day as she did with George.

            I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. Kate puts a lot of pressure on herself with the choices she makes with her appearance. For some reason, she’s having a really hard time lately getting it right. I don’t know if it’s because she doesn’t have the team she needs, is stubborn about doing things her way or is just losing her focus and doesn’t care. Or all of the above. We just notice the differences and wonder what’s going on with her because she has some many opportunities and options available to her and she rarely seems to avail herself of them unless they are the superficial things surrounding her appearance. Which means that’s all that people can discuss. Maybe if she were more secure in herself things would be different.

          3. Lisa, frankly I think that it’s incredibly unfair to say Kate puts the pressure on herself to look good. Like seriously, hundreds of photographers from around the world were waiting to take pictures of her. Can you blame her for wanting to look nice? Yes, I think it would have made a huge statement if she came out without makeup and her hair blown out, but I also cannot blame her for not wanting to do so. Can you imagine giving birth and then just a few hours later, coming out to get photographed by so many different people, knowing that these pictures will be on the front page of many, many newspapers? I’m not sure you’re being fair to Kate by making it seem so simple for Kate to choose to not get “dolled up” for that moment. Not to mention that she would be presenting to the world, for the first time ever, someone who will some day be second in line to the throne and could easily end up Queen. If she didn’t dress up for that historic moment, she would be criticized for not taking it seriously. Yes, it was technically a choice for Kate to dress up. But please, let’s not pretend like it wasn’t a forced choice. Like how can you say Kate puts a lot of pressure on herself? The eyes of so many people are on her at all times. What women would feel comfortable sticking to their absolutely natural look in her position? I know some exist, and I admire them for being so strong. But I think it’s ridiculous to say Kate had a real choice in the matter, both for presenting Charlotte, and just in all appearances in general. Because society expects women to look amazing. If men could give birth, no one would judge William for coming out in jeans. But the comments about Kate would be everywhere if she did the same. Remember the hoopla just because she was showing some grey hair after George’s birth? And that was just for a random appearance!

            And maybe Kate just didn’t feel like staying the night at the hospital. Being able to go home and be around the comforts that that brings for their first night with their new baby, while still being able to see their other child, seems like it would be a good choice for many mothers. Many DO choose to do it. But most can sneak out the hospital. Kate had to face the media first. And I know they cordon off quite a bit of the rooms around Kate’s birthing suite, so maybe Kate wanted to go home to be considerate of the hospital, who has to do things quite differently while she’s there.

          4. Hi Maggie, that was my way of pointing out how quickly the pressures of life have taken a toll on this young woman, who naively thought everything would consistently come up roses. Happens to the most unsuspecting of us, and the change in her demeanor is marked.

          5. To me, what was jarring was how more dressed up and made up Kate was leaving the hospital with Charlotte than she was when leaving the hospital with George. So I don’t think the “same day versus day after” applies to that. In fact, I think if it were a “day of v day after” thing I would have expected her to be more made up for George than Charlotte.

            Also, I don’t think it’s rude to notice that she was more made up for Charlotte than George. It’s not making a judgmental comment about her appearance, it’s noticing that there was a difference there. I guess the judgement was that it was jarring, so if that’s the case then okay. But I don’t think it’s wrong to notice the difference. We’re human, we notice things like that.

            I also don’t think we’re putting pressure on her or other women to look good by noticing that Kate looked more dressed/made up with Charlotte.

            Correct me if you think I’m wrong, but I don’t think it’s rude to notice differences in appearance and to comment on the fact that we noticed those differences.

          6. @Maggie and Lisa:

            Re pressure on Kate to look good:

            I think it’s both. Kate puts pressure on herself to look good *because* of the media pressure on her to look good.

            Yes, the media will call Kate out if she doesn’t look good… And yes, Kate doesn’t want to be called out so she makes sure to look good.

            Kate puts pressure on herself to look a certain way because she thinks that’s what people want/expect from her in terms of looks.

            Does that make sense?

          7. There was a significant difference when Kate left the hospital with George compared to Charlotte. Kate looked genuine, as genuine as Kate can look, with George. Charlotte outing was a photo opp, planned to every little detail. Kate had clearly practised how to carry Charlotte, so that her ring would be visible. Also she clearly knows that everyting she sais with William are going to be lip read. The couple of sentences she said to William on the stairs was pr. There was nothing genuine in the Charlotte outing.

        2. Rhiannon, that’s totally fair, and just to be clear, I wasn’t just talking about your post, but also all the ones following up on it. Maybe I should have made it more clear to begin with and that’s my bad 🙂
          Additionally, my comment is not just about critiquing a woman’s body, but just in general, her appearance after giving birth.
          And lastly, this isn’t a critique but just a thought – maybe their body language seemed different because a. becoming parents for the first time is a little different than every other birth (not to say it’s not special every time but obviously it’s completely new the first time) and b. the sooner after the birth it is, the more hormones and exhaustion are ruling the day for the mother, so maybe Kate’s demeanor was just different because it was more of a whirlwind than with George, when she had a day to process things.

          1. I’m sorry LBR, but that’s just a sick thing to say. I am disgusted by how many times commenters here always assume that Kate is drugged based on a photo that was taken at 1/500 of a second. I doubt that the doctors would let a patient leave until the anesthesia has worn off, regardless of who that patient is.

          2. It bothers me, too, that people keep assuming she’s been drugged every time we see her. So many people – some here but mostly on another blog – were saying that she was drugged heavily because she happened to close her eyes during the two minute silence during Remembrance Sunday.

            Also, using an epidural is not a bad thing. Who cares if a woman has an epidural or not – it’s her choice.

          3. Also it was colder when Charlotte was born. They could have been more closed off and tense because of the cold weather. It was hot in July when George was born.

          4. It is not uncommon for women to be given drugs to support child bearing – it does not have to be taken as a judgement, merely an observation. Things rip and tear and shit hurts. That would explain the different affectations in the photos.

    2. She seemed much more… natural debuting George. She was so much more done up makeup-wise and fashion-wise for Charlotte and her whole demeanor seemed more forced and less natural.

      1. First of all, why are we even awake right now, lol?!

        I found that whole hospital exit scene so sad and contrived with Charlotte. Kate wanted to up her fashion game and Will wanted to get the heck out of dodge. One of my friends said that Char looked like a robot baby. The only time she looked happy was when Will grabbed her hand. I pitied her because he looked like he made her day. Kate looks very empty. I almost feel sorry for her.

        1. Hahaha I know! I wanted to be in bed hours ago but that just didn’t happen.

          I thought Charlotte looked more like a plastic baby that would be a toy for little kids. Like a true-to-life replica plastic baby toy. She looked so plastic to me coming out of the hospital.

          It made me sad when Kate lit up when William grabbed her hand while walking down the stairs. It looked like William gives her so little attention and affection that any sort of physical touch was the most awesome thing in the world for her. I don’t know how their relationship is, but that’s what it seemed like. Like he withholds affection in order to control her, and all she wants is for him to show her affection.

          1. Well put, KMR. Will is no catch. He seems to be a jerk. He’s a “good on paper” guy who has turned out to be a nightmare. I think that we saway an example of their relationship. Indifference and then reward.

          2. William is a bundle of contradictions. He wants respect and deference, but doesn’t want to earn it. He wants absolute privacy, but expects any good deed to be gushed about glowingly. WRT Kate, it seems like he wants/expects her to be his junior partner during engagements, and a doormat the rest of the time. He gives her mixed signals. Be good at your job, but not better than me! Make me the center of your world and leave me the hell alone. Don’t talk to me, don’t ignore me. Its the same with his own family. He wants to be the Golden Boy, but without any expectations placed on him to actually do anything. He didn’t used to be this way. If you watch the interviews from his (very first) gap year, when he went to Chile, he was warm, funny and fairly down to earth.

          3. You’re right Red Snapper, William is a bag of contradictions which is throwing everyone off.

      2. I agree KMR and would like to add, that in general Kate’s demeanor seems much more forced and less natural than it was during the first year or so after the wedding. It seems that the longer she’s been doing the royal role the less and less confidence and ease she has with it. Weird.

  8. I know this is totally off the subject, but I am wondering if any of you experts on the Queen’s jewelry can give us some information on that tiara with the emeralds that she just wore in Malta. That was some serious bling! Thanks.

  9. Yesterday KP twitter retweeted from EACH “A year after launching in the presence of The Duchess of Cambridge, the nook appeal has secured £2million!” – are they reading this blog? this is getting weirdly ‘coincidental’ folks!

    1. Yeah a bit creepy actually. Again, it reminds me of communist countries where “monitors” are everywhere. it would be great if W&K would fix everything that needs fixing by reading this blog. And this means by working more, spending less, and be genuinely interested in causes “close to their hearts” – they really need to stop using this phrase btw. It gets really irritating to read this phrase when all you see is fake expressions, fake interest, forced smiles, etc. What I see happening now is just KP staffs reading criticisms only to answers back and make excuses. Does that mean that W&K are THAT hopeless?

      1. Dear KP staff,
        If you happen to read this blog, I would like to express my sympathy for you, In my professional capacity I have come across many incompetent bosses and I can tell you that there is nothing worse than working under a boss that is lazy, ignorant, and less intelligent than you are. It takes a great deal of patience and perseverance to maintain loyalty to keep covering up their a$$es. I feel really bad for you. If you have never heard it from your bosses, please believe that you have worked very hard. Some people are just beyond help.
        Salute, Mia.

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