Kate Middleton and Prince William to attend America’s Cup World Series

Kate Middleton and Prince William to attend America’s Cup World Series

Here’s a quick update to Duchess Kate’s schedule. Two Sundays from now, on July 26, Kate Middleton and Prince William will visit Portsmouth to attend the America’s Cup World Series.

Kate's July 26 appearance announcement

On the final day of the Series, William and Kate – as Royal Patron of 1851 Trust – will tour the international team areas, visit the new Land Rover BAR headquarters, watch the teams compete, and present medals at the Waterfront Festival Arena. [Portsmouth]

Is this the first time William will show up to one of Kate’s patronage engagements? William doesn’t usually accompany Kate to her patronages, though Kate has accompanied William to his plenty of times. It makes me wonder why he chose to show up to this one. Maybe it’s just because he gets to watch some sailing, and we all know the Cambs love to watch sports.

OR… Is that hottie Ben Ainslie going to be there? He is heading up the British America’s Cup team and is patron of 1851 Trust, so it would make sense he would be there. Maybe William saw how flirty Kate is with Ben and decided to accompany Kate to shut that down.

OR William just wants to watch some sailing after working for two whole weeks (that’s, like, two months in William time – he’ll need a break after two whole weeks of full time work).

Speaking of William’s work. He apparently already flew his first mission. He was called out on Monday a few hours after he started work, but that mission was aborted. Then he was called out and completed a mission yesterday. [Cambridge-News]

Also in William’s work news: Apparently one of his co-workers is a pretty 33 year old brunette woman doctor named Dr. Gemma Mullen. She’s pretty, she looks a bit like Kate (and Jecca Craig), and apparently the DM wants to stir some stuff up and devoted a whole article to her. [Daily Mail]

Kate Middleton and Ben Ainslie at Maritime Museum

Kate receives mini Ben Ainslie Racing team kit for Prince George

Kate tries the 'power grinder' at Spinnaker Tower

Photos: Emily Andrews Twitter / Kensington Palace Instagram / Ben Ainslie Racing Twitter

212 thoughts on “Kate Middleton and Prince William to attend America’s Cup World Series

  1. I feel like Will went to one of Kate’s charities another time, but I can’t remember which one right now. I will have to look into it. I’m glad she is visiting one of her charities, but of course, she is only visiting her fun one. Is this the several engagements that were mentioned were coming, or is she only doing one?

    That DM article is so stupid. I get tired of them comparing every brunette to Kate. Give me a break. The poor girl is just doing her job and they make up such rubbish. She is a doctor and actually doing something with her life. Don’t put her down by comparing her to Kate who is far to lazy.

      1. Exposing a private citizen in this way to gossip and innuendo and violating her privacy just makes me so mad. The doctor is way out of William’s league anyway as far as her accomplishments are concerned. And Kate just pales in comparison to this lady for the same reasons.

        And this visit doesn’t surprise me. It’s a no-brainer that this pair attends yet another fun, glamorous event that they’re willing to get up off their lazy arses to do. Kate sure gets to be selective about what she’ll attend while on her so-called maternity leave.

    1. Quote from Celebitchy “Smart and accomplished women with real jobs aren’t William’s type so Kate has nothing to worry about.”

      But serious question now, would Will’s coworkers all have to be trained as pilots or co-pilots? In their regular helicopters they only have a pilot. From what I understand, Will is the only co-pilot. I would suspect that they would need training to fly the helicopter in case the pilot is incapacitated. If that is true, that makes Will’s coworker even more impressive. Not just a doctor, but a co-pilot as well.

    2. Thing is, it’s disrespectful to this woman’s husband and Kate. Say what you will about Kate, but this is pretty low. The DM has done everything except say it’s only a matter of time before William and the doctor join the mile high club. And, for what it’s worth, the only thing that woman has in common with Kate is dark hair.

    3. A stupid article, indeed.
      Who are they kidding? This woman, this doctor, is a seasoned professional. She’s working to save lives every day. How can one even dream of comparing her to the empty-headed Kate?
      What has Kate done to help others? Really? Attended a few events?

      It seems the tide is finally turning against Kate. So sad that an accomplished professional like the doctor has to see her name in the paper in such an insulting way. I’m sure being an attractive Kate-look-alike is the last thing on her mind when the chopper takes off on a rescue mission.

      1. The doctor may be relived to find the readers aren’t picking up what the Mail is putting down.

        The Mail’s interest is so obvious when you consider they haven’t done a story on William’s aging, MALE pilot. Just the attractive, accomplished female doctor.

        1. There’s another article out there too, by Sarah Vine, that is extremely harsh. I have to admit that it’s satisfying to see, only because Kate is being called out so blatantly in the media. Something I have been expecting for a while. I really do think it’s a shame that this woman is having her privacy invaded, when she is a private citizen. One positive aspect to that though, is that she will probably inspire little girls to want to grow up and be badass flying doctors who save lives. She’s definitely a role model for little girls, unlike Kate.

      2. The first article about Dr. Gemma was eye-roll worthy. The others, especially with the press digging into her life, is insulting to her both as a professional at her job and as a private citizen.

        I did read somewhere, and I would have to go digging to find it again, but that Dr. Gemma is only working with William for a short period of time and will be moving on. I’m happy for her in that regard. I would hate to see an innocent by-stander to be pulled into a press scandal of their own creation.

  2. He went with her to the National Portrait Gallery, of which she is patron, to see her portrait.

    This is the NZ/Aus tour all over again. Yachting for Christ’s sake. Just like us!!!1! And I wonder if Will is using one of his scheduled days off or if he’s taking an extra day to do this. I mean, it is *work* after all.

    1. Oh true. I forgot about that.

      Switching topics, is it bad that her NPG portrait is kind of growing on me? I hated it when I first saw it but since then I’ve kind of grown to like it.

      1. I’ve never had a problem with it because it does look like her. She’s not air brushed and glossy in person. I think the artist nailed it.

        1. I agree that the artist nailed it. At first the outrage was “She looks terrible” because we had never really seen the real, non-super made up, non-photoshopped version of her. But after reflection I think the artist did a wonderful job showing such realism. He really is a fantastic painter. Some people still think that painting is terrible, but I disagree. I like it the most out of all the other paintings of her that have been around. I remember earlier this year when some kid presented Kate with a painting of her and people were saying how that kid’s painting was better than the NPG one which was ridiculous because that kid’s painting was, well, a kid’s painting and not that great while the NPG painting is so well done and true to life.

          1. I think people don’t like it because it is what she really looks like. The Kate fanatics want to believe she is utter perfection with no flaws. They believe the photoshopped version of Kate is the real one and thusly the painting is a terrible portrait since it shows normal human imperfections. Kate doesn’t look stunning in it-so the sugars can’t handle it. I agree with you though KMR, the painter is a very good painter. And I like that it shows a little more realistic version of Kate.

        2. But the photo was airbrushed into glossy perfection, and the artist ignored it and painted her as she was/is. The footage of Will and Kate talking to the artist at the unveiling is amusing. Kate is manically over the top in her enthusiasm, subtly giving the artist the middle finger the whole time. And Will is gleefully delighted at her discomfort. I’d love to know what they said to each other in the car on the way home. By the way, the unveiling counted as an engagement for both of them, and they were there for 15 minutes. Seriously.

  3. Wow, Kate’s doing another fluff engagement. Whoop dee doo! And William is accompanying her. I too wonder what his motives are, but in the end it’s another check mark in his work column too. And they get to have fun watching a sporting event.

    1. They are really sort of …. shameless, arent they ? They make no bones about the fact that they want to use their royal status to have fun and nothing more.
      When you look at the latest reports on poverty around the world one can’t but help feeel quite angry at the amount of perks they get.

  4. I agree, Newbie and Lisa and everyone. This is shameful. If she’s on maternity leave, stay home with the kids. If not, then have the decency to do something beside attend a sporting event like you did for Wimbledon.

    So many people in the world are suffering and struggling these days and W&K go on their merry way. I agree, KMR, perhaps, William is a tad worried that Kate might get all flirty again with her crush.

    I wonder why Kate didn’t take a few hours out of her busy day on 7/7 to attend the ceremony in rememberance of those who lost their lives in the bombings. I’m glad William went, but she should have gone, too. And, worn a bright pink dress. Shades olf her visit to the 9/11 Museum.

    1. I’m surprised her team thinks this is a good move PR wise. She got flak for attending Wimbledon over 7/7 and the flypast, and then instead of visiting one of her charities that actually does something, she visits the one that allows her to basically just go watch another sporting event. So since she gave birth she went to one RF appearance, and two sporting events. Does not look good.

      1. I don’t think Kate gives a fig about what her PR team recommends. She, like William, will continue to do what she pleases when she wants. Her past history is proof of this. What amazes me is how tolerant so many people are of this incredibly selfish and lazy woman. Is there no one capable of getting her to step up to her duties?

        1. I actually think Kate is getting WORSE in regard to her public image. I didn’t think that was possible, but her behavior lately give me that impression.

          1. I realize now that Jason has no say or influence in respect to what these two do and his job is to spin like a whirling dervish. I hope he has an endless supply of whitewash since he’s going to need to it as long as the disastrous duo continue to thumb their noses over public sentiment. I’ll be curious as to how much more he can tolerate and when he’ll be saying bye-bye.

          2. He’ll probably quit after a year of working for them if they continue down the path they are on.

          3. Jason’s reputation is as a spin doctor and crisis management publicist. That’s what he did with the bank before he came to W&K. He’s just trying to keep there heads above the ditch they are digging themselves into and he’s having a really hard time doing it.

    2. I sometimes wonder if she was simply told not to attend because it takes away the seriousness of the event.

    1. Sorry, should be does not is. I started to ask why was he sleeping, but changed it to eyes closed. Should have paid more attention.

    2. I think he was either blinking or resting his eyes for a moment or maybe nodding in agreement to something someone said and the photographer just happened to catch him in a moment where his eyes were closed.

  5. I find this to be insulting. Wake up Kate and Will. GB is dealing with tough austerity measures. She is not getting any good press. At all. Brangelina. Wimbledon. New tennis court. Brand new frocks. Sailing is quite exclusive and elite. Normal folk can’t do it or even watch. Let’s get over the normal crap here and see her for what she is. She’s workshy. She doesn’t want to make an impact. She married for perks and she’s getting them. I find it apropos that Prince Philip made a comment in an inner city engagement about who they sponge off of. He should have said that to Kate.

    No kne would begrudge her is she worked with causes like vets, homeless, etc. She wouldn’t even show up to support vets or 7/7 victims.

    Jason needs to quit. Like now.

        1. It will be a task. I think that the next two monarchs, and their consorts, will have a tough time ahead. They will need to show their worth through hard work. I know I can do it. And we know good king Henry can do it.

  6. I think he is going so that people don’t begin to expect too much work from poor kate… That way if it is a joint engagement they can continue harping about her slow transition back into work- thus continue her maternity leave without many engagements that require her to be the ‘star’ and talk the most.

    1. William is going because it’s too much work for Kate? What work? Flirting with a handsome guy and watching some gorgeous sailing on what is hopefully a gorgeous day?!
      I agree that Kate is shameful. So lazy and taking all that she can from the Royals and the people who pay their bills.

      Life is getting more and more difficult for the middle class and the poor all around the world. Stepping up whenever one can to do something that makes a difference is what everyone should try to do. Especially, if you are living a privileged life. I guess I thought I could not be shocked anymore when it came to Kate’s laziness. Still, I’m shocked by this latest appearance she will be making. Disgusted, too.

      1. But to be fair mary elizabeth, William does his part for the middle class and poor by deigning to fly in and pick them up in an emergency. And yes I’m being sarcastic.

  7. Appalling that this ‘trust’, effectively for the insanely rich, is one of her patronages. The hardship of watching the rich sail competitively? Well, lah-di-dah. It’s all so loathsome and offensive. Now Wills is on board. Very fitting.

    Off with their heads!

    1. Well the 1851 Trust is supposed to be about helping children and young people gain confidence or whatever through learning to sail. It’s not supposed to necessarily be for the rich kids, because those kids would already have that opportunity to learn to sail. 1851 Trust is the charitable arm of the Ben Ainslie Racing America’s Cup bid thing. I mean, it’s still stupid, but the Trust is not about rich kids sailing competitively.

      1. I think it is a stupid idea — this charity.. Not one that will serve much of a purpose for kids in need. Come on, even if many fall in love with the idea of sailing and competing — learning the ropes, so to speak — what chances are they going to have to continue to pursue a rich man’s sport? It just seems totally meaningless to me.

        I remember reading about a charity in NYC many years ago that taught inner city kids to actually build small boats and sail them . Now, that was something that taught many different skills and was not aimed toward a sport which is essentially for the very rich.

        The world is falling apart and W&K just keep on keeping on. Their luxurious lifestyle and interests are so ridiculous.

        I think Prince Harry gets it. He is truly interested in making a difference in the world and he’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves to do so. All William wants is his privacy and his ability to go to the rich and famous events that interest him. Same is true for Kate. I wish someone in authority would set them straight. It’s getting more than tiresome.

      2. Will this turn out like her 1 hour visit to the charity that tries to get impoverished kids out into the woods for camping? When she gave them a lecture about how much more fun being in the country is, so they should totally turn off the televisions and go to the country? Oh, dullest knife in the drawer, they cannot afford to go to the country. Hence the charity.

        I think the charity is just a political masquerade, only created to try to dispel criticism about the amount of taxpayer money being spent trying to get the America’s Cup race to the UK.

      3. The trust is about finding the talent in the poor and middle class to work for the rich folks in their pursuit of the America’s Cup. It’s about training engineers and whatnot for the purposes of excellence in sailing. It’s the equivalent of a Nanny College – you will end up working for the rich.

        1. I suspect that the charity was only formed so the Cup part would benefit by not paying taxes. To be able to take part in the America’s Cup they will need ever penny they can. And I suspect that William is going along as Kate isn’t really up to doing appearances. It does make me feel like they are doing an appearance that is not really an appearance at all… The racing on the America’s Cup boats in Auckland harbour was “billed” as being a chance for William and Kate to meet Aucklanders, not really. All they got to meet was a few people when walking from their car.

  8. Kate used to have a job on the boats didn’t she? Ben Ainslie and Kate do have a certain chemistry and they are standing rather close. This seems a PR opportunity to show the world that William and Kate are a united couple. Trouble is William looks a lot more animated on his own. Rather stilted with Kate. I remember the portrait in the National Gallery. Kate looked smug, older and William looked less than enthused.

    1. I wish I knew where to find it, but there’s also a picture out there of Kate meeting Idris Elba and she is completely and totally losing it. Her face is bright red and sweaty and she has a maniacal fangirl facial expression, but the best part is that he looks completely horrified and is actually leaning back away from her. The only times I’ve seen her be animated (not manic, which she also does a lot. See: Wimbledon) have been when she’s meeting someone famous, handsome and charming. Then she turns into a giggling, hair twirling 14yr old and can’t keep it together. Most of the time she fake smiles, poses, plays with her hair or looks tense and unhappy and has her lips pursed. She also has that specific fake concern look whenever she’s discussing children’s hospice stuff. Other than those three “modes,” she is only ever happy and spirited when there is a famous, handsome athlete or actor around. I can kind of empathize, given the fact that William looks like an balding gopher, but just think that since she is unable to muster up any real enthusiasm for charity work, she is utterly unfit to be in that public role. William should step down for Harry.

      1. In Kate’s defense, Idris is hot. I used to travel a lot for work and would frequently see him at the airport. He is a tall and sexy drink of water. After seeing him for a 3rd time, he said “If you are going to stare, you can at least say hello, love” He smiled and I damn near soiled myself. I gave him a shy hello and froze. After that, I would say, hi and tease him about how long it would take him to get through security.

        Kate just freezes. You need to learn to step out of that zone and show people who you are and it puts both at ease.

          1. Yep. He is a nice guy. Very kind and patient with his fans. His smile is even better in person. If I can manage to talk to him then Harry will be putty in my hands.

            I’m actually quite shy and introverted. But I also have a sense of fearlessness. I figured that if he’d speak to me once, he’d do it again. And if he didn’t then it would be his loss. Harry won’t have too much of a choice

        1. OMG! How have I never seen that photo before???? It is hilarious. Kate looks so crazy in it and Idris is looking at her like she is crazy. I can imagine Kate’s crazy laugh/giggle to go with it!

        2. Hahahahaha!!!!! I don’t’ think I’ve ever seen this pic before, poor guy looks rather frightened by the crazy woman in the white dress.

        3. KM: I thought you were in prison, that’s the movie we’re going to see tonight. How did you get out? Is it like that other guy I met who had a beard in a movie but didn’t have a beard when I met him? That was SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOO confusing.

          Isn’t it funny you aren’t in prison anymore! How did you get out of the movie screen, did you have to tear the fabric to escape? Do you like my hair? It took the hairstylist $300 to do this.

          IE: I thought all the hyenas were in Africa. Security? Security! SECURITY!

    2. Yes, a job to which she wore the shortest of shorts everyday. Her long legs drove the sailors crazy! See, she has always loved showing off her bod.

  9. If she shows up in anything printed with sailboats, rope knots, Ben Ainslie’s face, and/or trimmed like a faux nautical sexy sailor costume in predictable navy and white, I will barf. I’m just so over the theme dressing. That’s for little kids’ parties…oh, wait

    1. Oh, I know. All her little cutesy outfits that are tied in to the appearances she is making are very juvenile. It reminds me of one of my sister-in-laws who always wears a stupid looking Halloween vest around October 31st and a ridiculous Christmas vest — decorated with X-mas stockings, wreaths and candy canes during the Holiday season. So stupid!

    2. I will barf if she shows up in skin-tight jeans, striped shirt with blazer and wedges of doom. That is also one of her nautical and sports outfits. I don’t know why she thinks she is so clever theme dressing. It is for little kids, not a grown woman!

      1. Hahaha Overit, I was thinking the same thing, although since she is presenting medals I imagine that she will wear some coat dress closed all the way up to her throat or dress that makes her look like a 3 year old. However, I do like the cream dress with navy trim that she wore for her first flirting…I mean event with Sir Ben.

  10. You know she’s a very simple person. And this must be her way of thinking she’s being clever by dressing with a print that corresponds to the event she’s attending.

    1. She probably does think she’s being clever when she dresses to the theme of the event. It has never been clever, it’s not even cute anymore. It’s overdone and silly.

      1. This is where Kate and Tosh are clueless. Style doesn’t have to be literal. This is where you bring in brooches and pins. Madeline Albright always sent messages with her jewels.

    2. I’ve got the Simpleton vibe as well. I honestly don’t think Kate is very bright. In America, the best students don’t study Art History as a major – it’s not considered a rigorous discipline. It’s what the wealthy, not bright students (usually female) study. Those with artistic talent – pursue their art. So I’m not knocking Art as a discipline, just the pursuit of Art History as a Degree.

      Of course she pursued it because William was in the program and she was chasing him – and that tells you a lot about William as well. He eventually switched to Geography – another “lightweight” as far as academic rigor goes.

        1. Maybe she wears the nautical theme to remind her of the engagement she is going to. Otherwise with her very short attention span she might forget that she is going to the water for a sailing engagement

  11. This really does show what is important to Kate, Downtown Abbey, meeting Brad and Ange and meeting Ben. Not poverty in the UK, children, mental health. She’d rather be supporting rich men with rich men’s sports… It’s shows what she will leave home for?

      1. I believe that was Linda Evangelista, and I’m pretty sure she meant $10 000 American or I pity the fool

  12. kate thinks shes is an A list celebrity, shes not and never will be, celebrities work really hard to be where they are, as a Royal shes has failed and still failing, she thinks now she has the heirs its all good, well its not and will never be until she steps up, look at leitizia the spanish people are now starting to appreciate the monarchy but that did not happen by leti looking cute and grinning, she proved herself!!

    1. Letitia often wears business suits and brings a briefcase to business meetings with her patronages. It seems a natural extension of her professional demeanor. Imagine how odd Kate would look carrying a briefcase to a meeting!!

        1. Carrying a briefcase to a meeting instead of silly little minaudiere would make it look like she’s actually there to do some work! She surely doesn’t want anyone getting that idea. Much like her tiny clutches- Kate is only there for show. I just get a picture of her walking in to a charity meeting with a briefcase…it slips out of her hand while she’s shaking hands with everyone and comes open…we discover it’s totally empty!

      1. Well, we might, but it would certainly be another case of theme dressing. She would probably accessorize it as the sexy librarian look. Tortoiseshell glasses, slicked back bun, filmy blouse under severe but form fitting suit jacket and pencil skirt, and the requisite killer heels. Nobody would notice that she can’t figure out how to open the briefcase or fire up the laptop, because she would then do the eyes focused forehead wrinkle ” I’m following and totally understanding every smart word you extremely smart people are saying to me” face. (I’ve seen her do this, and people seem to buy it, so if it isn’t broke, why fix it, right?!)

        Lordy, I could do this in my sleep! She doesn’t need what’s her name, I’m ready to cash in haha

        1. Great images, Ray.
          One thing was missing, though. Can we make sure that her bra is visible through the filmy blouse when she removes the jacket to roll up her sleeves and do some work?!!! Needless to say, it has to be an ultra-sexy Victoria’s Secret bra with tons of lace around the push-up cups.

          1. Oh, most definitely Jenny! The peek a boo bra brings the whole look together. And you meant ” work” (or whatever that means) right? 😉

    2. Completely agree! Queen Letezia also had a successful career before marrying her husband She is gracious, stylish, appropriate (has never flashed her bits across the world) warm yet genuine with people and works extremely hard 9-5 and then devotes her free time to her family. In her non-working time, she dresses down and she and her family live a fairly low key, casual life, especially compared to other royals. I wouldn’t compare her to Diana, but like her, she understands that looking like a glamorous queen will draw attention, you can then use that attention to help people in need. I think Kate feels entitled somehow and believes that she is more special than other people. I seriously think she thinks she deserves everything she has and doesn’t feel the need to give back at all. Letizia has given interviews where she states her intentions to do good and help her countrymen and women and then she follows it up with actually working hard.

  13. Sigh…I actually cringed when I saw that Will and Kate were going to attend this event. This is a pretty brazen way to say “I will do as I like so eff off”.

    I have noticed on a certain sugary Kate blog that a couple of the posters are starting to become disillusioned with Kate because of her recent actions. Which in my opinion does not bode well for her, if her most ardent supporters are starting to question her actions and choices then you know something is off.

    1. From Berkshire to Buckingham? I went on there too and thought ‘yes the tide is turning!’ it shouldn’t be long before people wake up to Kate’s uselessness.

      Didn’t you used to comment on that blog? I swear I have seen your name somewhere before 🙂

      1. Hi Rebecca, yes I used to comment there and on the HRHDuchessKate site. I really enjoy Jane’s writing style and used to enjoy commenting there before all the restrictions of what we could or couldn’t talk about in our comments. Of course it’s her site so she can set whatever parameters she likes but personally I don’t care to be told what I can and cannot say, so I no longer post there. As for the HRH site I still enjoy reading that blog but wow some of fights between commenters can border on ridiculous so I don’t comment there anymore either. It’s great to see you here and others that I’ve gotten to know over the years from other sites coming here and feeling free to say how they feel without restrictions.

        So you can imagine my delight in finding this wonderful site and being able to be a part of this wonderful online community. KMR does such a great job, her writing style is so humorous and witty, this is my go-to blog first thing in the morning 🙂

        1. I too like both those blogs and their writers, I just wish I could say what I want to say without sugar-coating it for fear of being attacked! The thing is though I really enjoy royalty and have so much respect for the Queen and Harry, I thought I would for Kate too but she hasn’t done anything notable in her four years so far or anything before her marriage.

          The fights on Duchess Kate are vicious so I don’t comment much there, this site is brilliant, and I’m often laughing at the things KMR and other commenters write 🙂

        2. The reason I stopped commenting on certain other sites was also due to the restrictions on what I could and couldn’t say. I can understand not wanting hateful comments directed at other commentators and other such guidelines, but when I try and post an honest comment about Kate that happens to be negative (and t’s not even that negative) and it gets removed, that bothers me.

          1. What makes me shake my head it on those pro-Kate sites is that I have encountered some of the nastiest, most mean spirited people, all in the name of “protecting” Kate. Such wingnuts 🙂 However, on this site I have only ever seen someone get upset with another poster once or twice and that seemed to revolve around a troll not a regular poster.

        3. Lauri I used to comment, under my real name, on both those sites. But with ‘from berkshire’, I actually got tired of the comments section as well as the writing. It became apparent to me that that site is for 15 year olds. Especially when Jane wrote this overly sugary piece about Will and Kate and how they were meant to be and blah blah blah. It was obviously written after watching a Disney movie, but I couldn’t believe people would believe stuff like that. I like Kate and Will but I am realistic about them without putting them on a pedestal. I also realize they are human and so is their love, so the whole article made me sick. I stopped going to that site since it is for love-sick teens.

          I do still like HRH. I think Charlotte does a good job. But you are right. The comments section is ridiculous. There is one commenter in particular who worship Kate so much that she attacks posters who question anything Kate does. It actually is just funny to me. I just don’t think it is healthy to put anyone on a pedestal and think they can do no wrong. I agree about this site. At least we can have normal discussions here 🙂

          1. What got me was the post about how Kate’s rich through her parents and William so therefore it’s okay that she doesn’t work and spends her time on things she enjoys. My jaw hit the floor. To me that whole article made Kate sound like a trust fund baby, who can live off the hard work of others and it’s perfectly okay in fact applauded, instead of setting an example of duty and dedication as befitting a future Queen. Of course the comment section was closed on that post and any further discussion on Kate’s work ethics is strictly forbidden. As I said before it’s Jane’s right to set what ever parameters she wants for her blog but as you said it’s just not healthy to put anyone on a pedestal like that so I decided to end my commenting there.

          2. I have never commented but I have visited those sites and read the comments often. The Berkshire one – I agree is run by a 19 year old, probably. She is devoted to Kate and would gladly kiss the ground Kate walks on. I find that level of sychophancy quite repulsive, but I follow the blog to see what the super fans are making of things. The owner of that blog falls over herself using all the right titles and calling Kate a “lady” left and right.. and is just quite funny to follow. I get a laugh just from reading her descriptions of Kate.
            The Duchess Kate one is hilarious for some of the characters that post there. They are all very strident in their opinions and have some epic fights – I love it ! I would never dare comment there, though because I am sure some of those ladies would eat me alive.
            One thing that comes across is that most of Kate’s super fans are older ladies – 60+, while most of her detractors and critics are the younger ones <=50 or much younger. Obviously there are exceptions everywhere.

    2. Yeah, it really is a huge FU to all of us.

      Which blog? I usually don’t read the comments section of certain blogs* because I always just disagree so much with the comments.

      *Though I do read the actual blog posts.

      1. I used to post on a particular site until it became too much of a giant sugar bowl over the fawning of Kate. You could overdose on the comments of the sugars and they’d turn on you big time if you disagreed with them. Balanced, well-reasoned comments didn’t count there! It was also very restrictive and downright nasty to the point where the moderators would have to shut down threads for cleanup and a cooling-down period. The site was also restrictive as well in what you could comment on.

        1. Wow. I used to post on a forum that was that way but in the negative category. The forum was very, very negative toward Kate and William. And I got the opposite response to when I would post on pro-Kate sites. I would try and have a balanced argument, that was still actually negative, and would get crapped on so hard. To the point where people would be rude to me personally, and take personal swipes, and not just keep it about the argument. I guess I wasn’t negative enough for them. Not negative enough for them, not positive enough for other sites.

          1. I feel like I’m following you around agreeing with you this morning, KMR. I agree on this as well.

            Problem as I see it is everyone is so invested in their opinion one way or the other that they don’t seem able to be very objective and even consider that there could be another point of view that’s possibly even as viable as their own. I don’t understand why the uberfans adore someone who’d probably cross the street rather than talk to them, and the uber non-fans waste so much time on energy on someone they can’t stand.

      1. I predict the two of you will get along splendidly. You really must invite Tanya and I along when the two of you get together for drinks, I bet Camilla would be a hoot to hang out with! And in you, she and Charles will finally have a daughter-in-law they can be proud of 🙂

        1. Can I come for drinks, too? Camilla is on my list of royals I’d love to have a drink with (’cause you know she’s got stories). I’d love to have drinks with you guys and Camilla.

      2. A very Happy Birthday to Camilla.
        We’re counting on you to make sure W&K tow the line. Your word with Charles will mean so much!

        1. Happy Belated birthday to Camilla. I don’t think I will be able to come for drinks I am afraid as I am not in America.

  14. PW is actually working!!! This is great news. I really thought he wouldn’t show up and it would just go away like a lot of the things he starts and never finishes! Kate totally flirts with Ainslie!! PW should sue the DM immediately!!

  15. The bar is so low that I actually found myself thinking for a moment, “Well, at least she’s doing SOMETHING.”

    Then I realized that that’s exactly the goal for William, Kate, and company: to set the bar so low that going to watch sailing is considered work that people should laud them for.

    1. That probably was the goal. Set the bar so low that anything is acceptable. How sad.

      1. I must admit, the bar is low! PW isnt my favorite, but I know that if he doesn’t work, Kate will be useless as well. PW is the key….Kate doesn’t have the confidence in herself to do the right thing without encouragement from PW. Maybe Carole is the key….she’s running things.

  16. I get the impression Kate enjoys Saililng. Isn’t that why she had a job doing it. I wonder if Ma Middleton sent Kate to university to find a rich husband.

    1. I think Ma Middleton sent Kate off to St. Andrews to find the ultimate rich husband, PW. I absolutely believe it was planned and orchestrated by her mother and I wouldn’t be surprised if they started engineering their lives to throw them in the path of the Royal Princes from a very young age.

      1. I also believe that she did go to St Andrews to hook William. Look at her record: went to Chile after it was known that William was going, went to FLorence after it was known that William would go (and he ended up cancelling) and then went to St Andrews, AFTER deferring admission to Edinburgh. And Edinburgh is the better school. Plus, she took up art history when her A levels had been in Chemistry, Biology and Art . It’s just too coincidental not to be planned.
        It is actually unbelievable that she pulled it off though.

        1. How dumb can PW be? If we could see this in Kate and her Ma, couldn’t he?
          I really would love to see someone write an expose on Kate and her scheming mother. It would be a world-wide bestseller.

          1. I think Carole and Kate played William very well. They knew what he wanted and they gave it to them. William wanted the happy family he never had, and to replace the mother he lost, so badly that he was willing to be blinded by the good things he got from the Midds.

          2. You know I do think that Kate is a nice friendly young woman, but I do actually have to believe that there was some latent ambition – maybe a pipe dream in the Middleton family that they would one day rub shoulders with the royals. Look at the Middleton children’s names:
            Catherine Elizabeth (after the Queen), Charlotte Philipa (Prince Phillip), James William.

          3. Oh, yes, I realize that Carole and Kate played poor motherless William who was looking for a close family, but truly, I mean it, how stupid could he be? Even if he didn’t get it then, isn’t he a bit clearer now on the way he’s been played? And, wouldn’t you think Harry, who has more sense, would talk to him. I guess love is blind. Love for Carole and company. Love for his kids. And, maybe in their own way, he and Kate love each other.

          4. Jenny you also have to remember that in his mind he is rarely, if ever, wrong. He has also said that he tends to do the opposite of what the gray men or anyone advises him to do. And from what I understand they did question his choice of Kate because of her lack of work ethic, etc. and that combined with the united, loving front the Midds put up he dived right in.

          5. I doubt that William cares whether Kate plotted or not. From his perspective he has a perfect wife and the perfect in-laws. He thinks that he has hit the jackpot ! And I am one of those that do believe that William adores Kate – I actually think that they have a very happy relationship. They have a ton of history and now a beautiful family, he probably does not feel the need to question any of it.

          6. I tend to agree with Newbie here, that William thinks he won the wife jackpot. I mean, Kate has devoted her whole adult life to date to making William happy and feeling as though he is the best thing since sliced bread. Even now she never looks as happy in anyone else’s company, even her children, as she does when she is around William. In her, he has found a delicate flower that needs to be coddled and protected so he is able to protect her the way he wasn’t able to protect his mother, while at the same time having a woman totally devoted to him must be a very heady experience.

          7. I appreciate everyone’s take on this, but I still question William’s IQ in regard to choosing a wife. Seriously, it may be all roses now, but in the long run, don’t you honestly think he is going to stray? Kate and her insipid ways, her fawning, will eventually grate on his nerves and the truth will come out to him about Ma Middleton. It’ s sad to think he wanted a normal life so badly that he fell for the Midds. How normal did they turn out to be? Aren’t they the biggest social climbers ever?

            The photos of him walking to the helicopter showed a great deal of sadness around WIlliam — at least to me. He seems to like his job — so good for him — but, I don’t think true happiness will ever envelope him. He seems to be emotionally hurting. I don’t think Kate is the best person to be with in such circumstances. I could be wrong, though.

            Well, back to work.

          8. I for one, don’t really think that William will stray. I think that he genuinely loves Kate and things like her idiotic ways won’t turn him off. People stray in their marriage when there is some sort of deep rooted source of unhappiness – like lack of trust, support, intimacy, attraction, respect or regard. I think that their relationship has these things in plenty. Why do I think this – well, let me just say that I have seen enough of different types of marriages to know what works and what does not and I can read couples in real life quite accurately. Of course, I may be wrong here as I know next to nothing about them except what videos and pictures say, and they may split up tomorrow. But I really doubt it, I doubt it very much. And to be honest I would like to see them succeed in their marriage. The world needs to see lovely intimate and nurturing relationships, not horrible dysfunctional ones.
            As for William’s ‘sad’ face – I think it was like Kate’s serious face, the one that says “oh I am so serious about this”, his pilot face.

          9. I don’t necessarily think that William genuinely loving Kate will stop him from cheating on her. People cheat for all sorts of reasons including power and boredom. William may love Kate, and still cheat on her because he can, because he’s a royal and he knows there is nothing she can do to stop him or to retaliate.

          10. I agree with you KMR. Just because he loves her, it doesn’t mean he won’t cheat on her. Reality is he’s done it before during their dating years and would probably do it again because she won’t leave. She basically let him walk all over her. For all we know he already has.

        2. I misspoke. She did not defer admission to Edinburgh. She actually gave up her place. To the better school. So she could do art history at St Andrews. She does not strike me as the artsy type.
          Maybe one can excuse bits and pieces if you look at each piece of information separately, but taken together, along with the names of the children (mind you, the other Middleton cousins are Lucy and Adam – simple modern names), I absolutely believe that it was a pipe dream of Carole’s to have Kate marry William. All it takes is one or two casual passing sentences when the child (Kate) is maybe 8 -11 and it becomes rooted in her brain as a possibility that she could marry William. Children can be totally shaped by their parents and by all counts Carole was superbly engaged with her kids. She planted the seed of the dream in Kate’s brain when she was young. By serendipity Kate did cross paths with him through Emile Erlanger at Marlborough in their last year. She then realized that it was within arms’ reach and decided to go after him. That is what happened in my mind at least 🙂

        3. For the longest time, I thought it was mostly coincidence that Will and Kate that met at university, but after reading Katie Nichol’s book, which is similar to what you summarized Newbie, I realized that it was much more orchestrated than that.

          One thing that I wonder, how did Kate manage to be put in the same dorm/building (can’t remember how close they were) as William. After all of that, I doubt they would have left that to chance. And considering how many students would have wanted to be in that dorm, how did they make that happen? I want to know what back room deal or phone calls that went on to make that a reality.

          1. I still believe a lot of it was a coincidence. There would be some type of paper trail that showed Kate/Carole was requesting certain accommodations. Carole’s money and pedigree would not afford her that type of luxury at St. Andrews

          2. The accomodations were probably a coincidence. Either way Kate would have met William at St Andrews. She and William had a good mutual friend Emila (now George’s godmother) and would have been introduced sooner or later, if introductions had not already happened at Marlborough (as KN suggests).

          3. Could they have been put in the same dorm because of shared interests. That sometimes happens. I wonder if Kate is still good friends with Emila? Or did Kate drop her like a hot potato once she was with William. I read that a girl was making a play for William and Kate put her arms around him so that he was grateful to her. A woman who ran a café said that William used to go there and Kate would jog/run by when William happened to be sitting at the café.

        4. The hunt started further back, with the false bullying accusations at Downe. She got in to Marlborough – the sister school to Eton – a year after their biggest application year ever. You know, all those girls wanting to get in because of William going to Eton. Did a sob story about elitist bullying get her in to Marlborough as a second year student?

          If Downe was such a terrible place for self-made millionaires (ha), they wouldn’t have sent Pippa there.

          1. Pippa went to Marlborough not Downe, notasugarhere. As did James. I don’t think that Kate actually made any real accusations about bullying, one way or another. The press made some speculations based on the fact that she had an anti-bullying charity on her registry.

          2. Pippa went to Downe House, then later on scholarship to Marlborough. Graphic details given out about the bullying, proven to be false (day student, etc.). The school felt the need to publicly deny the bullying, stories around for years before the engagement.

            Funny, since she openly bullied B&E. Like so many things with the Middletons, the source of the stories can be subtly tracked to them. Like the Doors-to-Manual story made up by the PR guy they hired (now with the Express?).

          3. From what I understood from Nicholl’s book, she just felt like an outcast because she was a day girl, not a border and she came in a few years late. Girls that age are so mean, they were probably very clique-y and Kate wasn’t invited in. It was also mentioned that Kate struggled because she couldn’t get into the sports there. I think she may have been bullied; aren’t we all from some point in our life? The issue was just blown out of proportions just to gain sympathy for Kate.

          4. Her mother only contacted the mothers of artisto girls, asking them to make their daughters be friendly to Kate so she’d feel like she fit in. She didn’t contact mothers of any other girls there, only aristos – because those were the only ones that counted to the Middletons. And there’s that story about her birthday party where she only invited aristos – and none of the girls invited knew her or were friends with her. She didn’t invite the girls who were nice to her or were her friends, because they didn’t “count” if they weren’t aristocrats.

          5. The social climbing web was being spun by Carole, obviously, years before Kate and sibs ever realized what was going on and they were already caught up in it. I’m sure it was all explained away as “mummy just wants the best for you”. It was a vanity project on a massive and ballsy scale ( pinning Will to the wall asking his intentions for her daughter??), and she pulled it off. The Middleton children did come from a loving,close knit, albeit competitive family. That is not a lie, and yes, William was drawn to that.

            I don’t think any aspect of Will and Kate was a coincidence from the time she pulled her application from Edinburgh on. I also believe that they are a happy close knit family themselves, to the exclusion of the rest of the BFR, based on any public encounter I’ve seen since before George was born.

            We all want the Cambridges to become the power couple they were touted to be, but right now they’re content playing “happy families”. I think Kate would benefit from doing online courses to bring her up to speed on relevant subjects, so she can make educated contributions to her charities when the time comes. It would only be right ( and she can do that from Anmer or KP OR Mustique 😉 )

          6. Completely agree with you Ray. There is still time for Kate to prove her worth and I do hope that she steps up some day, but given the lethargy and apathy we see now I doubt that she will ever be a true transformer in the spirit of Diana or Rania or similar royal ladies. Even CP Mary or Letizia.

          7. Wow notasugarhere, you seem to know a lot more details on the Middeltons. Do you have articles where these were presented ? I have never seen anything saying that Pippa also went to Downe, I was under the impression that she went to Malborough straight away.

    2. Kate does enjoy sailing. It’s very obvious by the way she lights up when sailing. The only time she ever seemed to have any fun during an engagement was when she was sailing in Auckland in April 2014.

      1. I think she had fun running through the sand in her wedges and flinging her hair around. And she definitely enjoyed the winery.

    1. Thanks for the link but I just went to the site and couldn’t get past the home page, the events listed don’t seem to have anything attached to them. Have you had this problem?

      1. probably still mostly empty because it’s new. Is it new? Maybe the author has yet to fill it up.

      2. Yes, I was not able to click on anything on the page since there are no links to the “events listed”. I can’t see a date to know when the site was created. But it could be new which may be why it doesn’t have much there yet.

      3. If this is done by the person who posts as Maryland Moxie on DuchessKate it will be good. She gives them fits over there, and she goes berserk when Kate wears high heels to events where she plays a sport. 🙂

        Speaking of DuchessKate, someone also posted that Action on Addiction had a fund raising event recently. It was last night and Kate did nothing for it.


        I’m a recovering alcoholic, and I’d have jumped up and down and cheered had she acknowledged this. Plus, read about the restaurant they’ve started. What a great project; it’s not too far from my hometown, so next time I go back I’m going to go!

        1. Kate seems to not give any shits about Action on Addiction anymore. At the time she took on that charity it was said she was really interested in it (and she did two engagements for it close together). But she’s moved more toward the children’s hospice thing now. I guess her PR team thought making fake sad faces at sick kids was better PR than making fake sad faces at people who are or have battled addiction.

          The last time she did anything for Action on Addiction was October 2014 when she attended the Autumn Gala (which is just meeting the rich donors, not any of the people they actually help). And before that it was a February 2013 visit.

          Kate can’t go to every single event each of her charities puts on, but it’s not like Kate has anything else to do right now and she hasn’t really supported this charity in quite a while. She could have supported this event.

          1. I agree. It really highlights the disconnect when you see something she could have supported and didn’t (even a video or one of her world famous personal notes), and what she’s giving her time to support.

          2. I was thinking the same thing today,when did she last do anything for Action on Addiction, you and bluhare must be physic. I was pretty excited when she decided to become patron of this worthwhile cause and thought her reasoning behind it was well thought out. Even if she couldn’t/wouldn’t attend this event she still could have had Rebecca…I mean she could have written a letter showing her support for this event and this charity.

            Also, I don’t’ believe that she’s done anything with the Scouts since she was pregnant with George. So I guess art and sports are the only charities that she is really interested in. I know she issued a 3 sentence statement for children’s palliative care after Charlotte was born but can anyone remember the last time she actually visited on of those charities?

          3. I think that she will do her yearly visits to her charities in November like she usually does. Until then I think that we will see the fluff.

      4. I don’t think it goes any deeper. Which I think is the point. What is deep about watching sports? That Kate does it “royally” and often is the joke. That’s the way I interpreted it, anyway. No one else in the stands is getting work credit for watching the same competitions.

        1. I know, snore, who wants to watch Kate’s expressions as she reacts to sports? How about she actually digs in deep and actively participates in her charities on a regular basis? But that’s too much to ask.

  17. Hi, this is my first comment here but I’ve been reading your posts for the last couple of months, and thought it was about time I comment 🙂 I love your blog, and share your views on Kate, I liked her a lot at the beginning, but what a disappointment she’s turned out to be! And what a surprise, Kate can take time off of her mat leave for her sporting patronage but no other.

    I was also just reading your ‘Princess Victoria turns 38 post’, and it made me feel sad, she obviously really enjoys her role and has a sense of duty to her country, why can’t my future King and Queen (aka will and Kate) feel that way. They act like its a chore, I want them to love their country and enjoy representing us but they act like they couldn’t care less.

    1. Hi Rebecca, welcome! This is such a fun site, I think you will enjoy commenting here and getting to know the great group of people here. I used to be Kate’s number one fan but like you have become very disappointed in her and Will.

      I agree with you about Princess Victoria, she is such a joy to watch in action although sometimes her fashion choices are a bit off. I hope the Swedish people know how lucky they are to have her and their future Queen.

    2. Hi Rebecca!! I’m glad you like the blog, and welcome to the comments section!

      Such a disappointment that Kate doesn’t need maternity leave when she wants to watch polo, Wimbledon, or the America’s Cup thing, but needs maternity leave when it’s Order of the Garter or the 7/7 memorial. Not surprising that she’s making sure to visit the sailing charity. I knew she’d end up visiting this one the most.

      I like what you said about wanting Will and Kate to enjoy representing you and your country. The royals don’t just do service to the public through charity visits and whatnot, they also represent the public and should be (or at the very least should act like) they are proud to do so.

      1. I also like what you said, Rebecca. And, you, KMR.
        How very sad that W&K seem to have no clue as to how much the people of their nation would love to see them showing pride in the country. If only they would come around. There’s so many meaningful things that could be done to not only raise awareness of problems that people are facing, but to inspire others to get involved in worthy causes, too.

        William’s late mother understood that and worked tirelessly . Harry seems to understand that, too. And, Charles and Camilla do their part, just as HM and Philip and Sophie and Edward and Anne do. Sadly, W&K think they are special.

        If William works diligently and tirelessly at his air ambulance job, I will be happy to give him credit. But, Kate? What is she doing?

        Anyway, it was nice to read your post, Rebecca. This is a great blog and you’ll find yourself commenting constantly, I am sure!

    3. Hi Rebecca, I remember seeing you a few times over on DuchessKate. Nice to see you! I can understand why you don’t like it over there. Sometimes I feel the same way.

      1. Hi bluhare, I frequently read the comments there are more often then not you are on the receiving end of some not so pleasant remarks. I marvel at your patience for those people, I just didn’t have it in me anymore. Such a shame as Charlotte does a great job coming up with interesting facts and posts, to have it hijacked by crazies.

        1. You just can’t take it personally. Oh, there’s times I’d like to reach out and choke someone, but for the most part I find it pretty funny. It helps that I’m not personally invested in the subject matter; I read about Kate because of the position she holds, not because it’s her personally, and I really don’t care one way or the other about her or what she wears and eats or whether she’s madly in love with her husband. I care about what she does in her position and find her lacking.

        2. This is the only Kate blog I go to. I logged on to the ones you all were discussing and no where did I see a comment area. Am I blind?

          1. Jenny, this is the only blog I read as well. I can’t figure out how to comment on the others and after reading some of the comments above, I don’t think I want to! It may be a little to much for me. I like a more positive atmosphere.

          2. Jenny on the Hrhduchesskate blog you have to click on each new blog to see the comments. On the main page it just shows the recent posts, but at the bottom of those posts there is a display that shows the number of comments (not the comments themselves). But you won’t see the comments until you click on the individual posts. I hope that makes sense. :). Be for warned though, on that blog critical comments are allowed, but there are some crazy fanatics on it who go nuts! Most go by ‘anon’, but there is one who doesn’t and she is so adoring of Kate that she attacks anyone who says something critical about Kate. Apparently critical=negative and a Kate hater/jealous, lol.

          3. Thanks for the explanation about commenting on the other site, Overit.
            I don’t think I will do it, though. I imagine it must be funny, at first, to see so many favorable, gushing things being said about Kate, though.

    4. Welcome Rebecca 🙂
      The SRF is a pretty cool bunch. I have followed them for less than a yr but really like them. Princess Victoria seems to truly love and thrive in her role and has the cutest family. It is great that KMR covers them. If we had royals I would certainly want them like Victoria.

    1. wow – I’m impressed that finally a newspaper has started calling them out of their laziness. I know it’s the Mirror newspaper but still it has quite a high readership among the “ordinary” people that PW so desperately wants to be. Have the gloves really come off? Has the tide finally turned? Fingers crossed!!!

      1. Wow is right!!! In comparison with his father, Wills is coming up very short. Harry has the Invictus Games to add to his roster of accomplishments with more to follow I hope, what exactly has William done, what impression will he leave behind?

        1. William hasn’t done anything notable in his life, if he were to die tomorrow he wouldn’t have a legacy left behind, people wouldn’t remember him. Look at Princess Diana, she had done so much more than him by the time she was 33. Obviously there is nothing wrong with being ‘ordinary’ but that’s not the way it should be for a Royal, they are not normal and never will be, they have to make a role for themselves, something that will be remembered for a long time to come, Harry seems to understand this and I wish the throne could be passed to him.

          1. William’s only legacy is that he is Diana’s son and for that, he has ridden the coattail of her accomplishments and fame. Other than that, he’s just a hollow shell.

          2. Harry really is turning out to be the Gem in the Royal Family’s Crown. I have noticed lately an increase in the visibility of Harry especially at some high profile events / commemorations etc and it has made me wonder (and wish!!) if they were grooming him because they no longer view William taking the crown as an absolute certainty?

          3. wow, that is a bit harsh, Rebecca. If William were to die tomorrow, he wouldn’t have a legacy left behind and people wouldn’t remember him? I think William’s wife and kids love him.
            I think the work he is pursuing now with the air ambulance is making a difference and if he chooses to do this prior to taking on more of his Royal duties, then, it is admirable. I do agree, however, that perhaps, he does not want the “role” that others want for him. If that is true, he should say so and pass the mantle on, so to speak.

            Diana made a difference, but she was so iconic. Her personality and her overall demeanor were things that come along only once in a while. I do think Prince Harry has inherited much of his mother’s charismatic ways and her interest in doing good.

            I have become a bit more careful in my thoughts of late. Sometimes, I wonder who I am to be so critical of others. I would like to be a tad more kinder to William and become a bit more understanding of Kate, too. However, William seems to step up to the plate more when it comes to important Royal appearances. Kate does not and I am going to continue to be critical of her until she does.

            Just my thoughts.

          4. @Mary Elizabeth:

            I think Rebecca was talking long-term, historical remembrance. Yes, if William were to die tomorrow, then of course Kate and their children and his family would remember him, and all of the people he saved would remember him (if they knew he saved them). Hell, we’d all remember him because we know who he is. But in the long-term historical context, William would be lost to history because he never took the throne and did not do anything worthy of historical remembrance.

            Let me ask this, do you remember the name of Henry VIII’s older brother? If you do, then high five; if you don’t, that’s totally fine. Henry’s older brother (whose name was Arthur) died as a teenager and never took the throne. Arthur is pretty much lost to history (except to those who study that era) because he never did anything historically significant. Hell, many actual monarchs are lost in most people’s minds because even though they were monarch they never did anything really notable.

            It may be harsh to say that if William died tomorrow no one would remember him. There would of course be people who would remember him, right now. But long-term he would be only a small part of the history books because he never took the throne and did not do anything historically significant. In the list of British monarchs, he would not exist. He would be an asterisk in the family tree saying he was first born but died before his father and never took the throne.

            I don’t know if that is what Rebecca was going for, but that’s how I interpreted what she wrote.

          5. Hi, KMR,

            Nice of you to give your take on what you think Rebecca meant. I wish she would do so, too.

            I am understanding that the comment may have been in response to William falling short on his Royal responsibilities and thus he would not be remembered for any Royal achievements if he died, but I did think the comment was harsh. Any and every life matters (contrary to what former Gov. O’Malley of Maryland recently apologized for saying), so I am trying to be a bit more charitable in my comments of late — especially about William.

            If he does not make it as an air ambulance pilot, if he ducks out of that job, then I will be a bit more critical of him. However, the idea that he wants to do something worthy with his life now — even if it’s not tied in to his Royal duties — is something that I can admire on a few levels. Who knows, fast forward twenty or more years, if William does become King, maybe his work with the air ambulance will have made him more in tune to the frailty of human life and the importance of everyone doing whatever they can do make the world a better place. Maybe, doing that will make him more ready to step up to the Royal Plate so to speak. Maybe, this job will give him the resume he needs to become a more compassionate and caring King. I don’t want to judge him so harshly. I would also like him to make more Royal appearances, and since Kate is part of the team, I would certainly like to see her do so, too. She seems much less concerned about helping others than William does. But, I could be misjudging her.

            The cousin I have been closest to my entire life was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 34. She wanted to be an actress since she was four years old and she certainly had the talents to do so, winning awards all through high school and college and a scholarship, too. She even studied in London for one year. Sadly, her theatrical career never took off the way she dreamed it would and so she teaches high school drama at a private school, instead. God forbid, she loses her battle with cancer, then, I would hate anyone to say her life had no meaning because she did not become the accomplished thespian she sought out to be.

            The gifts she has given the world through her many acts of kindness, her efforts at volunteerism and the way she has helped so many of her students overcome their shyness and insecurity by immersing themselves in school productions, has made her a winner in my eyes.

            I was offended by the remark that William’s life would not have mattered if he died tomorrow. Geez, I just wish we all chose our words more carefully. Rebecca, I don’t mean to call you out. I hope you can understand that I sympathize with your frustrations over William not doing more in regard to his Royal status, but I am also going to cut him some slack when it comes to this job. I know few people who would take on such a responsibility — especially, those who already have a huge financial present and future at their beck and call.

            I do resent the fact that William and Kate take all the perks of their Royal status without giving much back, but in William’s case I think his job is allowing him to give back and I hope he succeeds in this endeavor.

            Thanks for letting me vent, everyone.

          6. I am very sorry about your cousin.

            I think it is important to remember that William is not Joe Bloggs off the street. Making assumptions about someone’s comments about him as if he was, that is on you not on the poster.

            We all take things so seriously in print, when it is so easy to miss nuance. I took it to mean what has been explained, that in the historic sense his life as a royal leaves no mark. As an everyday human that it would be something else, but his royal position is not that of an everyday human. Anyone, us or William, pretending otherwise is being disingenuous.

            As someone else wrote, there is only one person who can be the second in line to the throne. There is only one person who can do that job, while others can do the job of helo pilot. The majority of negative discussion about these two is about them in their roles as royals, NOT as everyday humans because that isn’t their role.

            If they want to be a SAHM and a helo pilot, give back the perks and step out of line.

        2. Sadly, I can think of nothing that would be considered his legacy. He’ll be forever remembered as living off the legacy of Diana’s memory (which is what he’s doing). What he doesn’t seem to understand is that there is an entire generation of Brits (and other commonwealth citizens as well) that for whom Diana will only be known via history books and will not give him such an easy pass for doing nothing simply because of his mother. It’s been 18 years since Diana died and for those whom she meant so much to were at the time of her death in their 30s, 40s etc would now be in their 50s, 60s etc – he would be better off trying to gain the respect and approval of this new generation of citizens rather than relying on the support of aging Diana supporters.

          1. That is true, the memory of Diana is fading, William will have to do something on his own merits if he is to keep his popularity.

            I come from a generation that are too young to remember Diana, I’ve spoken to people my own age who don’t think there is anything special about William, and there isn’t, the only interesting thing about him is that he is the son of a hardworking and loved princess.

          2. I was a child when Diana died, and though I can look back and see the love and craziness that she inspired, I can’t fully appreciate it because I did not live through it. I was far too young at the time. I can understand why William got the pass that he did because of the legacy of his mother, but again I can’t fully appreciate or participate in it.

          3. I am of the last generation able to remember what a lovely and charismatic lady she was in life.
            It was genuine. No matter where she was or what she did, it was fascinating to follow her. No celebrity or public personality has been able to come close to Diana.
            Harry inherited some of her charisma and sparkle, but even he pales in comparison.

            Will william still be clinging to her coattails at 40? At 50? It’s embarrassing.

          4. I hope they do NOT do anything big for the 20th anniversary. Maybe a small mass at Sandringham, but not another Concert for Diana.

            My fear is that if William is still in the public doghouse in 2017, he’ll disrespect his mother’s memory by dragging it out again for a Big Public Show to try to cover his ass. If InvictusGames 2016 is a huge hit, I expect William to pull the Diana card big time in 2017.

        3. Hi, MY2pence,

          Thanks for your words.

          I stand by mine, though. I do think that if William sticks to his job as an ambulance pilot (medical), it will make him a better King. And, I also say and said that I wish he were making more Royal appearances. That also means getting a bit more involved in causes, too.

          If I took the initial post one way and you took it another, that’s fine. However, I am still sticking to my post.

          Everyone leaves behind a special mark and let’s give William a chance to make his. As previously pointed out, Diana was one in a million. Not everyone can become another one like her. I do think Harry inherited much of her passion for helping others. I think he is probably more well suited to take on the job of King, but I am willing to see how William grows.

          I’m tired of beating up on him for every thing. I believe the work he is doing now is admirable and I would like to give him credit for it. If he bails out and fails, then I will be more inclined to rail against that, believe me.


          1. Hi Mary Elizabeth, I’m going to comment here because it’s a bit crowded up above.

            I love what you said in your post about William potentially becoming a more compassionate person through his air ambulance job. I never thought of it that way. But it does make sense. I hope you are right and that happens.

            I think it’s easy to hate on both William and Kate for pretty much everything. And people do. It’s easy to fall into that trap. Sometimes we need to take a step back and examine things. So thank you for saying what you said about William – I think maybe we need a palate cleanser like that sometimes.

            In regards to your cousin: I have many teachers, both from high school and college, whom I still remember and think about because they made such an impact on me as a person. And I will remember them even after they pass. I have no doubt that your cousin has students who feel that way about her and would remember her if she does not overcome her battle with cancer. Hopefully all goes well with your cousin and that they caught it early and she defeats her cancer.

          2. Thank you KMR, for understanding what I was trying to say.
            And, for your kind words concerning my cousin, too.

            I often think I come down way too hard on W&K and I am trying to be a bit more fair in my views. I so hope that William rises to this challenge and does well on his new job. Of course, that means people have to get sick or hurt for him to work, doesn’t it? But, hopefully, his work and the work of others will save many.

            Thank you again for your thoughtful words. I did not mean to come down heavily on Rebecca and hope my words were fair. I know it is easy to become frustrated at times with the Cambridges.

            Best to you and everyone for a good day.

          3. As someone pointed out on tumblr, no one is questioning the value of the work done by EAAA. They question why William is doing this work instead of the work only he can do ie. the work of being second in line to the throne.

            There is so much more he could be doing, of far more benefit to far more people, than being a co-pilot at EAAA. That isn’t devaluing EAAA, it is pointing out that William has a different role in this world that no one else can (or is allowed) to do. By working at EAAA, he is failing to do the one role he, and only he, can do.

            I did not see an increase in his compassion during his SAR days. I do not expect to see an increase in his compassion during EAAA. What about the change he could undergo by actively working with charities, everything from bereaved parents to Centrepoint, the homeless charity he’s basically abandoned? His role in this world requires a much broader scope than rescue co-pilot.

    2. That is an interesting article! Thanks for posting it. It’s especially interesting that they are calling out Will instead of putting all the blame on Kate.

      In comparison to both of his parents he is really lacking in work ethic. Charles has received his fair share of bad press for his opinions and habits. And it’s not to say that Charles hasn’t lived the life of a royal, and he definitely has his faults. But he has shown that he is passionate about causes and has actively given back to his people.

      I realized the other day that Will is 3 years away from being the same age his mother was whens he died. It makes you think about all that she had accomplished.

      1. He is obviously not cut out to be a public figure.
        It’s hard to feel bad for him, he makes such a big deal of being heir to the heir and will take all of the perks. Yet he hides away and claims privacy.

        Kate maybe a pathetic “royal,” but william is the major issue.
        It’s good that people are calling him out. Enough of hiding behind other people.

        I think Charles has seriously mellowed in a big way. He could be quite pompous. A much more relaxed and seemingly happier person these days.

  18. williams wife and inlaws want to be more royal than the royals themselves, and they think that is by not working, social climbing, demanding, entitlement, taking freebies, partying with celebs!!

    1. Yes, Kate and her family seem to have a distorted view of what Royalty is. Surely William could have found someone who would have been better for the role.

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