Kate plays cricket in heels after paying respects to earthquake victims in Christchurch with William

Kate plays cricket in heels after paying respects to earthquake victims in Christchurch with William

On Monday day NZ time—Sunday evening US ET—The Cambridges visited Christchurch.  When William and Kate arrived, they got a hongi (traditional welcome where they touch noses) from members of the Ngai Tahu at the Christchurch City Council Building where the chief told them to “Do what Princes and Princesses have always done and increase your family” (ugh).  Next, Will and Kate visited the CTV Building Memorial Park where they met the families of the 185 victims of the 6.1-magnitude earthquake that devastated Christchurch in 2011.  They also visited the Transitional Cathedral, which is made out of cardboard—the cathedral was destroyed in the earthquake.  The Cambs then went for a walkabout in Latimer Square before playing cricket.  The cricket was to promote the 2015 Cricket World Cup which will be held in New Zealand.  Kate played cricket in her heels.  Kate made some hilarious faces when William sent the ball flying past her head.  Then she wagged her finger at him, which was equally as funny—and completely necessary; Will must have thought he was playing baseball given the way he hurled that thing at her head.  Will also made some crazy faces when hitting the ball when it was his turn at bat (is that the correct language for cricket?).  Will and Kate met five sets of twins—I’m not sure why other than that they were there.  Kate and William then opened the new Visitor’s Center in the Botanic Gardens before attending a Future Focus event at the Wigram Air Force Museum.  William gave a speech; then he and Kate unveiled a plaque at the Royal New Zealand Air Force memorial.

Kate wore a red Luisa Spagnoli skirt suit with a black belt that has a bow at the front (£495/~$830).  The outfit is a repeat; she previously wore this to an appearance at St. Andrew’s in February 2011.  For that appearance she paired the skirt suit with a black turtleneck, black boots, and black pantyhose.  For this appearance in Christchurch, Kate wore the suit with black pumps and clutch.  She also wore her Cartier watch and Annoushka pearl drop earrings.  Supposedly this outfit was in tribute to the area, as their local colors are red and black.  I like this silhouette.  This pencil skirt situation is what a lot of people have been saying she needs to do more of to prevent more “Marilyn Moments”.  I think she looks rather sophisticated in this outfit.  The styling is way better than the previous time she wore this suit.  Before she looked kind of tacky, but this time it looks much sleeker.

Kate’s hair was pulled back in a half-ponytail situation.  I’m a fan of the half-ponytail look for Kate; I think it’s a middle ground between what I want and what she wants.  I want her hair pulled off her face and out of the way for when she’s speaking, and bending and talking to people.  She wants her security blank around her at all times.  The half-ponytail gets the front bits out of her face, but leaves the back down so she feels comfortable. However, due to wind and playing cricket her hair got blown around and messy, which is a shame.

Kate and Will Gardens

While at the Air Force Museum, William revealed to Peter Townsend—chief executive of Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce—that William would like to get a commercial pilot’s license.  Ugh.  William needs to stop effing around and get on to full-time royal duties.  Also, if he wants to get his commercial pilot’s license he better tell his granny to force whatever agency gives out commercial pilot’s licenses to overlook William’s corrective lenses.  Seriously though, why does William want to be Mike Middleton when he can be Prince Charles?  Why is it that William seems to want to do anything other than become a full time royal?

kate and will memorial

Tuesday (NZ time) was another private day for William and Kate—how many do they have on this tour?  However, the Cambs are dining with the NZ Prime Minister, John Key, and his family for their final dinner in NZ.  They travel on Wednesday (NZ time) to Australia.  They have a few things planned—like public drives and such—before they leave Wellington in the afternoon.  I’m not sure how many photos we will get of that because the press pack has already moved to Sydney.  We will hopefully get some new photos of Prince George when the Cambs arrive in Sydney—I need more photos of the grumpy face.  The Cambs will attend a reception at the Opera House once they arrive in Sydney.

I am curious to see the size of the crowds in Oz. The crowds in NZ have been fairly large. I’m only bringing this up so I have an excuse to make a new paragraph and point to this picture: wizard!

Before I wrap up, I would like to point out this Mirror article by FleetStreetFox titled, “The Royals are a virus capable of causing a deep and persistent irritation.”  It’s hilarious and amazing and well worth a read.

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Photo credits: First and second photo from G-G on NZ twitter.

10 thoughts on “Kate plays cricket in heels after paying respects to earthquake victims in Christchurch with William

  1. The hemline of the red/black outfit looks longer in NZ. Maybe altered? The royals look relaxed and dare I say happy.

    1. Yes, the hemline is significantly longer. Definitely altered, I think it may have been a dress that was made into a skirt, but I’m not sure.

  2. no wonder nobody takes them seriously, its their first trip to AUS/NEW they should have stayed away from fun events, maybe do them in their second trip, hey but the cambs cant help it can they!

    1. Yeah, most of their events have been fun, tourist-y stuff. Their pension to include fun events takes away from their serious events–this trip to Christchurch was supposed to be about the earthquake victims, but instead it’s all about Kate playing cricket in heels.

    1. From what I understand, they stiffed the PM’s offer to have dinner at his house in Auckland because they wanted to go back to George, but now they’re having dinner with the PM in Wellington.

  3. I don’t mean to be negative & disgusting, but kate is something else! I wonder why she tasted the wine on
    on Sunday? lazy hands her full wine glass to her male
    assistant & tells him to finish off the wine for her! I
    would be really turned off if someone did that to me.
    By the way i’m not a germophobic!

    1. Well, it was a wine tasting so it would have been rude to refuse to taste the wine. Also, there had been pregnancy rumors swirling earlier so she had to quell them by drinking wine and saying how she never drank while pregnant with George.

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