Kate and William take a vacation: Maldives edition (updated)

Kate and William take a vacation: Maldives edition (updated)

Kate and William have reportedly jetted off on yet another holiday, this time to the Maldives.  This makes three holidays for the Cambs this year: Mustique – Kate and George; Spain – William; Maldives – Kate and William.  It is unclear whether George is with the Cambs in the Maldives.  I’m going to guess they left him with the nannies. UPDATE: Reportedly George has been left with Carole while Will and Kate are away. He is accompanied by a full protection detail. /UPDATE Hilarious how Will and Kate say they don’t want to go anywhere with out him, yet William spent a week away from George while he was in Mustique with Kate, and now they are both spending a week away from him. They probably didn’t think they’d get caught going on vacation.

They reportedly landed at around 9:40-9:45 AM (reports vary) today (Thursday, 6 March) on a British Airways flight.  They will be there for a week.

It was first reported they were there by local press in the Maldives.  There has been no confirmation (but no denial either) by the Palace.

This is not the first time Will and Kate have jetted off on vacation before a tour.  They went to France before their tour to SE Asia.  Interestingly enough, that was also right around the time of the Paralympics.  Of course we all remember how that trip ended: Kate breasts and bum flashed all over the internet.  I guess we’ll see how this trip ends.

I’m not sure why they need a “break” before their tour.  A “break” from what?  It’s not like they are actually working right now.  They don’t need a “break” because they have nothing to “break” from.  I understand that the tour will be more work than they’ve done since… well their last tour, which was more work than they’ve probably done their entire lives (that’s not true, William did go through military training which is grueling), but they don’t need a vacation beforehand.  Their tour itinerary is more grueling than they are used to, but I doubt it is any more grueling than the average person has to put up with in a normal 40 hour a week job.  And all the Cambs will be doing is chatting to people and visiting things, and playing dress-up, it’s not like it’s hard labor or anything.  This whole “vacation before a tour” thing is ridiculous.

Also, how many people did they take on their vacation with them?  How many people did the taxpayer have to fly first class to the Maldives?  How expensive are the rooms the taxpayer has to put those people up in?  Ridiculous. UPDATE: The Cambs have rented out the entire 45 villa resort they are staying in to accommodate them and their party. No clue how much this costs, but be sure it’s damn expensive. /UPDATE

PS.  The fact that William has taken two vacations when he’s supposed to be studying at Cambridge makes me think that he really was never that interested in the Cambridge course and that he used it as an excuse to put off full time duties, and to appease the public who were complaining about his second “gap year”.  I had already suspected that when they announced it, but now I think that even more.

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  1. Well if we ever wondered if they care about public opinion, I guess this gives us the answer.

    1. I feel like this is a slap in the face to the public. It’s like they’re saying, “you got so upset when we vacationed last time… so we’re going to vacation again. Suck it peasants!”

  2. And let’s not forget the Middleton annual ski vacation that usually occurs at the end of March to France or Switzerland. I’m sure they’ll manage to squeeze that in before their arduous tour. If they worked as hard as they vacationed, then there would be no cause for complaint. I’d think this time would have been well-spent for William to have gone out in the field and practice what he learned from his bespoke course, unless he’s doing it in the Maldives.

    1. Yes, there is that ski vacation coming, too. Kate has worked 3 days (for only a few hours, if that, each day) in 2014, and after this vacation will have taken two full weeks of vacation time. William has worked 3 days, for 4 events, (for only a few hours each) in 2014, and this is his second multiple-day vacation (it’s almost two weeks, this one full week plus the four-day Spain trip). The balance between work and vacation time does not even out.

      They clearly don’t care, and for some reason no one at the palace bothers to do anything to change their ways. Like you said, if they worked this much the public wouldn’t complain. But clearly they don’t care about what the public thinks. They will bring on the Republic with that mindset.

      1. They will need to sell a lot of junk (oops many items) on Party Pieces to pay for all these holidays?

  3. Referendum on republic please…. now!
    This is beyond joke, but what’s more they’re seem to be getting away with it.

  4. such a lazy woman waity and she is growing so old so fast by doing no work , she already looks like william older antie!

  5. Willy Woo Woo and The Stalker are arrogant and entitled. They do not care what anyone thinks of them. They are determined to do whatever they wish with no regard to the monarchy. They should never be allowed to inherit the throne.

  6. When I heard about the vacation without George it sounded to me like something forced to rekindle their relationship. I bet it was her
    mother’s idea, William has been trying to distance himself away.

    1. Or maybe it’s a make-up trip by William to mollify Kate for going off to Spain on his hunting trip with Jecca Craig and not going to Mustique with Kate and her family. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re going to try for the spare in their exotic locale and we may be hearing an announcement of the new royal grape coming up in the near future.

      1. And to add to my comment, this could also be PR damage control because Wills was with an ex-girlfriend so now he and Kate have to show the world that they’re in love and off for yet another 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. honeymoon or whatever it takes to still the rumors. Baby Grape would certainly prove their love and get Kate another free pass to reduce whatever paltry engagements she has.

    2. Jane and Feeshalori: I agree that this trip may be a way to make up to Kate for going to Spain with Jecca. That was kind of a PR nightmare and made it look like Will checked out of the marriage. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we get a baby announcement in 3-4 months. Another PR baby to smooth things over.

  7. it wont matter how many buttons carole pushes by the end of the day its waity and willy marriage, and waity is the duchesss not carole! The world will jugde waity not carole!

  8. I do wonder if there is sometime not quite right with Kate? She doesn’t seem to have the substance to think through what she is doing. It’s like she is still a little girl in Mummy and Daddy’s home dreaming of marrying a prince. Well she got the Prince but just doesn’t appear to have it in her to carry out the duties of the wife of an heir to the Throne. She can’t sustain more than a few hours at any function (seems more interested in fiddling with her hair?). She does love when the cameras are all pointed at her though – is this (in Kate’s mind) revenge for the girls who “bullied” her when she was at school? I agree with Adam, William’s eye is wandering so Carole probably did insist that Kate ask for a trip away.

    1. I think royal life is not what she thought it would be. Maybe she thought it would be all glamorous and fancy parties and didn’t realize how much of her life she would be giving up. Royal life is supposedly really strict. They let her get away with a lot, though, so who knows. I almost feel like her constant vacations and not doing duties and everything else is a way to push back against the protocols. It’s sabotaging the royal way of life. Unfortunately she is sabotaging herself, too.

      1. Kate knew what she was getting into with all those years she spent dating William. I agree that you always find out more after marriage, but supposedly Kate was spending her time getting Princess-prepped and would hit the ground running upon marriage. She had to know what was expected of her; at the engagement interview William touched upon that. She must have realized there would be more to royal life than galas and parties, but she’s blowing off the more functional and arduous parts of her role. Whether this is by William’s consent or her own lazy nature remains to be seen, but they are definitely dragging down the perception of themselves and the monarchy at the same time.

  9. The Duchess has done very little in the way of royal engagements for quite a while now. She and the Duke are not newly weds anymore, they need to knuckle down and make a difference in this world. Look at what the Queen and Prince Phillip still do.Yes she has had a baby, but so do millions of other women and they multitask. Regardless of the Middleton’s have a family vacation, The Duchess has other responsibilities now and she needs to act accordingly. You go on holiday after you have worked hard. Just take a look at Princess Mary of Denmark. The mother of 4 children, who is a very diligent, keen and hardworking, has been since day one. Yes she goes on holidays with her family but only after she has completed numerous royal engagements, she does flying visits to other countries lastly from memory being Myanmar a 3 day visit, she is out there making a difference. There is no comparison here at all. Very disappointing for Britain.

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