Cressida Bonas watches as Prince Harry gives speech at WeDay UK

Cressida Bonas watches as Prince Harry gives speech at WeDay UK

Prince Harry attended the WeDay UK event and gave a speech about children getting involved in charity work and how children are the future.  He made a quip about not being Harry Styles and not singing.  It was kind of funny, but it fell a bit flat.  I’d quote the whole thing, except it was quite long, so go to the Express to read the full transcript.  I watched his speech live on the Weday feed, and he was reading a teleprompter, but he wasn’t terrible.  I could tell he was reading the script, but for the most part he kept it flowing and it didn’t sound stilted.  He did a good job.

Guess who else showed up… Cressida Bonas!  Cressida was there, along with Sam and Isabella Branson, Holly Branson and Sir Richard Branson, and Princess Beatrice and Dave Clark.  Cressida sat next to Harry in the stands, and even gave him what looks like a kiss on the cheek at one point.

All the royal reporters are saying Cressida’s being there is a significant event.  I was hesitant to say that, because all the Bransons were there as well as Beatrice so she had a reason to go other than Harry, but then I saw the pic of the kiss.  That is a big deal.  Harry and Cressida haven’t actually displayed any sort of affection for each other in public apart from going to dinner or a show, until today.  Big step forward for them as a couple.  I hope we get more of that.  I actually thought the kiss was cute.

I kind of feel badly for the Weday people.  Cressida is now the big story here.  It’s not even Harry’s speech that is the big deal, it’s the fact that Cressida showed up.  I would hate for the event and charity to get overlooked because of her presence.

Oh, by the way, no matter what the DM is saying, this was NOT Harry and Cressida’s first official engagement together.  Harry was there officially.  It was his engagement, he gave a speech.  Cressida was NOT there officially, she was merely one of the crowd of supporters.  They were not there together.  They sat together, but they were not there together officially.

Let’s talk about Cress’s outfit.  She wore black skinny jeans, a black jacket, and a printed sweat shirt over a red button-down.  She finished the outfit with silver sneakers.  I would have gone with something different, but it’s a nice casual outfit and she looks put together and it works for her.  This event was a casual thing, going by everyone else’s outfits, so she looked right for the occasion.  Also, I like that she has a flare for fun shoes.

I wish Harry had gone with something other than flannel.  I appreciate that he likes flannel, and I won’t knock him for that, but it was an official appearance, I think that calls for something more than what he wears to hang out.

PS.  Does Dave Clark actually work?  He’s always taking off to hang with Beatrice.

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  1. Great speech by Harry, very natural, and (look!) not a single piece of paper required to deliver it! May e Harry will be the one to save that generation of the Royal Family? GO HARRY!

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