Kate becomes a godmother to university friend’s son (updated)

Kate becomes a godmother to university friend’s son (updated)

This post is dedicated to some Kate tidbits before I get to the reception with the Queen.  I didn’t want to make one super long post.

Apparently Kate has been asked by a friend from university to be one of the godmothers to her son.  Kate, William, and George went to the baptism in Essex Sunday morning where Kate became a godmother.  There were no pictures.  The source is the man who performed the baptism.  The article did not give a name of the friend or the child.

My first thought was, Kate has a friend?  And not just a friend, but one close enough to be asked to be the godmother of their child.  But then I thought, of course the person asked Kate to be godmother, now her child has a royal godmother, you know.  Kate was one of four godparents, so it’s not like Kate will be the one saddled with the “spiritual guidance” part.  Phew, right.

According to the Reverend, William was actually there to accompany Kate.  Is that surprising?  I think it kind of is.  Unless William was good friends with the person, too, then I could see him attending.  I don’t think William would care enough to attend an event just to support Kate.

They took George to the baptism.  He was reportedly well-behaved.  Maybe he’s grown out of his constant crying phase?

There are no photos, at least not yet.  Maybe some will surface.  I don’t know what to make of this.  It almost seems too good to be true, you know, what with Kate having a friend, William being there to support his wife, and George not crying.  But you never know.  I want pictures.  Congrats to Kate, and good for everyone involved, I guess.

UPDATE: The friends are Oliver and Mel Baker. Kate is godmother of their son, Henry. Oliver is one of the godfather’s of Prince George. Oliver has been friends with Will and Kate since university. So I guess we now know why Will was there, because it was his friend, too. And they probably brought George so Oliver could see his godson. Eh, sure. /UPDATE

Now with this next story, take it with a grain of salt.  It is about how Camilla thinks Kate’s hair is too long, and too dark (?), and should be cut, and lightened.  The original source is the Daily Star.  That publication is a low-tiered tabloid, right?  One where we probably shouldn’t believe most of what it says.  The article’s source is a “royal source” so who knows if it is right, or even real.  The odd thing is it says Camilla thinks Kate should go shorter and lighter with her hair.  The shorter bit I get, it’s the lighter bit that I don’t understand.  How is Kate’s hair color a problem?  Eh, whatever.  I thought I’d mention it.  I would believe that Camilla thinks Kate should trim her hair, or wear it up for royal duties (because if we’ve been harping on it for so long, you know the royals and courtiers are, too), but I don’t necessarily believe this particular article.  The “go lighter” bit is throwing me off.  Also, if a royal source wanted to leak this info, why go to such a low-tiered tabloid?  Clearly the Express is willing to publish the story.  Eh, whatever.

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  1. I nearly spat my earl Grey all over my phone when I first read this news this morning!! As you point out, waity has a friend? A good enough friend to make her godmother? William was there, with BG in tow? Wow. Any one of those points would surprise me. All these points in one story blew my socks off 🙂

    1. I’m of the mind with the Cambridges that I need a picture to believe anything they say about them–especially when they’re saying what a happy family they are when there is so much evidence to the contrary.

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