Princess Beatrice has a new job in entertainment

Princess Beatrice has a new job in entertainment

Princess Beatrice is working again.  Huzzah!  Beatrice has taken up an internship at Sony Pictures Television.  The Mail doesn’t say what her actual job is.  What I found most interesting about the article is how many vacations Beatrice took last year.  Let’s count:

  1. NYE trip to St. Bart’s with Dave Clark.
  2. NYE follow-up to Aspen.
  3. 3 trips to the South of France.
  4. A Couple of skiing holidays to Verbier.
  5. A wedding in South Africa (the Branson wedding?  Which lasted like a week).
  6. Trip to Venice with Sarah.
  7. Family holiday to southern Spain.

So that’s a total of 10 vacations, give or take.  And we were making fun of Kate for taking so many vacations, Beatrice puts her to shame. Lol, if the Middletons and Yorks didn’t hate each other they’d get along. They both love to vacation!

And of course next month she will be in Verbier again to celebrate Andrew’s birthday—that’s an annual holiday they’ve taken for years.  Last year Cressida Bonas joined them and was spotted skiing with Prince Harry.

It’s about time Beatrice got a job.  Eugenie has been working in New York for months now.

3 thoughts on “Princess Beatrice has a new job in entertainment

  1. hallo their lifestyle is not funded by uk taxpayers, waity had a decade of doing NOTHING unless u call stalking work!!

    1. Yes, Kate did nothing but lay on her back for 8 years, which is why so many of us dislike her now. The Yorks will not gain any goodwill if they follow in Kate’s footsteps.

      Re the York girl’s not being funded by the taxpayer: Their lifestyle is funded by their father, who is funded by the Queen, so technically the money that pays for them comes from the taxpayer.

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