William is heading to Cambridge, without Kate and George, for 10 more weeks of schooling

William is heading to Cambridge, without Kate and George, for 10 more weeks of schooling

Prince William is heading back to school… for a 10 week course at Cambridge University.  He will be learning such things as geography, economics, and land economy from early January to mid-March to prepare him for later in life when he inherits the Duchy of Cornwall—a £763 million 130,000-acre portfolio of land, property and investments.  Interesting fact about the Duchy, it was created as a hereditary estate in 1337 to provide private income for the monarch’s eldest son.

The course is specifically designed by the Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership and will cost several thousands of pounds, which will be paid for privately by either William or, most likely, Charles.  It better be paid for privately.

So… maybe William is really stepping up and trying to become a better royal?  Maybe he really does want to be king one day?  There goes my theory that he really hates the responsibility of “future king” and the hope that he would abdicate in favor of Harry?  Or maybe this is just a way to put off more royal duties for William?

If he takes this course seriously (unlike when he was at St. Andrew’s and fell asleep during a lecture, ironically about where a king’s power comes from), then good for him.

The article states that “by September, [William] is expected to start a two or three year role in public service, perhaps with a Government department such as the Foreign Office, or a major charity.”  I doubt he would be offered a government position, because is he really qualified for that?  Eh, whatever.  He’s the heir so the rules don’t apply to him.  Just like how he became a pilot even though he wears glasses (that’s a disqualification for anyone without an HRH in front of their name).

As for William’s living situation, he will be given a private place to stay in Cambridge during the week and will probably go back to KP on weekends, or he might decide to commute each day (because he might miss Kate and George so much)—at least according to a “senior royal aide”.  LOL, you know how William has been complaining that George cries too much and too loudly?  Well how much do you want to bet William will relish in being away from the baby while staying in Cambridge.

As for Kate, she will spend the next 10 weeks “focusing on baby George” and won’t be taking part in many appearances until the spring (after her super busy schedule in the lead-up to Christmas, lol).  So… Kate won’t be doing much until she goes to Oz for the official tour, is what I’m gathering from that.

Just a thought, you know how the Cambs take a vacation every year in Jan/Feb, I wonder if Kate will go on vacation with her parents and if William will come or if he will stay in Cambridge for his schooling. Hm… much look out for that.

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