Pre-Percy Wedding and Predictions for the weekend

Pre-Percy Wedding and Predictions for the weekend

Quickie, late-night post:

The Percy/Van Straubenzee wedding is today (June 22nd) in Northumberland at 5pm (local time).  It’s being billed as the society wedding of the year, the “Royal Wedding of the North.”  It is the wedding of Duke of Northumberland’s daughter Lady Melissa Percy and Thomas van  Straubenzee–a good friend of Prince William and Prince Harry.  I will cover the wedding and everything when that happens, but I wanted to make a pre-wedding prediction post because I heard something interesting invoving Kate and my conspiracy theorist’s mind went into overdrive.  William, Harry, Princess Eugenie, Cressida Bonas (Harry’s supposed girlfriend), Chelsy Davy (Harry’s ex-girlfriend), and Pippa are all supposed to be in attendance at the wedding.  Kate was supposed to also be in attendance at the wedding but is not attending now because she is worried that she will deliver early and Alnwick is about 300 miles from London and it is just too far for the poor dear to travel.  According to a ‘royal source’, “Kate is gutted — as are Tom and Melissa — but she decided not to take any chances.”

Here’s my thought:  I’m not too sure Kate was even invited.  I know she probably was, she has gotten invited to every society wedding since the early girlfriend days, they just invite her because she’s in with William and they feel like they have to in order to impress the ‘future king’ and keep in good with the monarchy.  Whatever.  But we know that most of those society people strongly dislike Kate and the Middletons, so they probably didn’t really want her there.  Plus, why in the hell would Melissa Percy want Kate to be at her wedding and steal the spotlight from her?  Kate has stolen the spotlight from every bride at every wedding she’s attended in the last however many years. If I were a bride there is no way in hell I would invite Kate Middleton to my wedding and let her take all the attention off of myself.  It would be my wedding day, I’d get to be selfish like that.  Plus Kate being pregnant would only take the attention even farther off of the bride.  I think Kate was asked not to attend the wedding and they let her say it was her idea to save face.

I also think that there is a possibility that Kate could ‘go into labor’ over the weekend.  This weekend is a huge deal for the Percys and all eyes are on them.  Plus William is out of town, at the biggest society do of the year no less, and the last time something like that happened (William was at a friend’s house partying for the weekend with a ton of people) Kate went into the hospital with ‘HG’ and announced the pregnancy early and caused a media firestorm–and a woman’s death (I’ll write a bit about that in a later post).  I think Kate may go into labor, or go into fake labor (I know there’s a thing where the body ‘practices’ labor before it actually happens, but I’m too lazy to look that term up right now), or at least pretend to go into labor just so she can go to the hospital and cause a frenzy and get the attention back on her (as opposed to Missy Percy, or Kim Kardashian), and make William come to her side.

Anyway, those are my predictions.  I just wanted to get them out there before anything happened so if I’m right I can point to proof that I called it and laugh.  Yeah, I’m that type of person.  LOL.

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