Kate Middleton not “too posh to push”?

Kate Middleton not “too posh to push”?

It seems we’ve learned some new details about K Middles’ birth plans.  The news is as follows:

  1. Kate will deliver at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital.  The same hospital that William and Harry were born at.
  2. Kate is planning on a natural birth.
  3. William plans on being in the delivery room with Kate, but will be on duty in Anglesey until then.
  4. William will take the standard two weeks of paternity leave after the birth.
  5. William and Kate do not know the sex of the baby.
  6. The birth will be announced by a proclamation placed on an easel outside Buckingham Palace after getting the ok from the family.

That’s all well and good.  No surprise re the Lindo Wing.  Finally people can stop speculating that she would give birth in Bucklebury, which was never going to happen.  I love that they’re keeping it old school with the proclamation first, instead of heading straight to Twitter or something. It’s a nice tradtion. Not all traditions should be thrown out the window in favor of “going modern”.

Now, onto the fun stuff!  Supposedly some of this information was leaked a few days ago, and now the palace is officially confirming it.  My take is that the Midds leaked the info early in response to the unexpected delivery of Kim Kardashian’s baby.  I think the Midds leaked the info in order to force the palace’s hand and have them confirm it.  It would not be the first time they have done so.  I truly think they released this information in order to get the public’s focus back on Kate and her baby after Kim K was hogging all the baby fever attention since she unexpectedly gave birth five weeks early.  Everyone was talking about Kim K and totally forgot about Kate, so now they have released all this information to get some press attention.  Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t think it’s any coincidence that this information came out so soon after Kim delivered.

The “natural birth” reference is what is most intriguing to me.  The fact that they are pushing this natural birth line—when it was a growing public thought that Kate would be “too posh to push” and opt for a cesarean—raises a huge red flag.  I think they are emphasizing that Kate is planning on a natural birth so that when she does in fact opt for the cesarean they can spin it and say that she had a complication that forced her to get the cesarean against her wishes.  That would get the blame that she was “too posh to push” off of her because it wasn’t that she didn’t want a natural birth, it was that the cesarean was a necessity.  People wouldn’t criticize her for it then.  Also, it would get her a ton of sympathy.  She had a complication, just like the (totally fake) hyperemesis gravidarum, it would make people forget all the criticism of her since they would feel bad for her.  So win-win: she gets a cesarean without being called “too posh to push”, and she gets sympathy from the public for some (fake) complication.

As far as William being there: I don’t know why he would want to be there for the birth since he wasn’t there at all during the pregnancy.   I really don’t think he cares much about Kate or the baby; he hasn’t shown that he cares at all.

I think Kate will go into “labor” early, be rushed to the hospital, William will be on duty and won’t be able to make it to London in time, Kate will have a “complication” and be forced to have an emergency cesarean, that information will get “leaked” and everyone will feel bad for her, and royal baby fever will commence.

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