Kate gives speech at SportsAid event

Kate gives speech at SportsAid event

SportsAid, to me, is The Lost Patronage (actually, she has a few of these). This is the patronage Kate goes years in between visiting – her last visit was March 2018, and before that it was June 2016 – and she misses their major events every year. All to say The Duchess of Cambridge finally visited SportsAid! Yay! Kate attended an event on February 26 where she gave a speech about supporting the parents of athletes.


The event took place at the London Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and Kate met several of the current and former athletes, and partook in several activities, including: taekwondo with Lutalo Muhammad and Mia Pachansky; starting blocks with coach Coral Nourrice, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Danny Sidbury, and Emmanuel Oyinbo-Coker; and other track and field sports.

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Kate’s next stop was meeting with the parents and guardians of the athletes to discuss challenges they face.


Kate then gave a speech to the audience.

Thank you so much. It’s been fascinating to speak to so many of you here today and also to hear, just now, about some of the experiences you all have, as young athletes and as parents. SportsAid are a shining example of how organisations can reach out and listen to families, and provide the best support possible to enable their children to flourish.

The crucial role that parents and caregivers play in our children’s lives cannot be underestimated. For all of you here, you go, and have gone, above and beyond the call of duty; you’ve committed your time and devotion to nurturing your children’s exceptional talents. And as a parent, I have a huge admiration for you and I know just how complex and time-consuming your role is.

You are simultaneously the transport and logistics managers, nutritionists, laundry service, psychologists, financiers, and crucially, the ones that provide love, support and encouragement when things are tough. You may not always feel appreciated, or sometimes even noticed on the sidelines, in the car park or sitting high in the stands. But I am so proud that SportsAid recognises how key your role is and that they understand the challenges and worries you face.

On behalf of SportsAid, I’d like to thank all the parents and guardians who have played, or are playing, their part in developing this country’s young sporting talent.

Finally, I know this is an incredibly exciting but daunting time for many of SportsAid’s young athletes, so I’d like to wish the best of luck to all those aiming to participate in the Olympic and Paralympic Games this year. We’ll all be cheering you on. Thank you for having me.


You can hear Kate’s speech in full in the video below, as well as see the activities she took part in.

Kate is gearing up for her Ireland tour by donning an all-green outfit for this event (save for her navy Smythe blazer she’s worn for years).

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Kate sported a new top from Mango, the ribbed knit sweater in green (originally $39.99), and green Zara culottes (originally $49.90). The shoes are also new, they’re Marks & Spencer Ribbon Detail Lace Up Trainers ($50.00).

Kate’s earrings are her frequently worn Monica Vinader Green Onyx earrings, and her recently debuted Daniella Draper monogram necklace.

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I like the outfit better with the blazer to break up all the green, but it’s not terrible. It’s fine, I guess. It’s interesting that Kate has taken such a shine to culottes, though, as opposed to her much-loved jeggings.

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