Will Kate have to miss Wimbledon to work?

Will Kate have to miss Wimbledon to work?

I didn’t know what to title this article, because it’s mostly about Kate Middleton‘s schedule of appearances, so I went with the Wimbledon thing because I’m quoting an article about Kate’s engagement schedule conflicting with Wimbledon.

Kate meets ball people at Wimbledon 2016

Firstly, KP announced a new engagement for Kate for next week. On May 3, which is a week from today, Kate will visit Farms for City Children to see their work with school children from inner city areas. Kate will meet the founders, Michael and Clare Morpurgo, and join students and teachers as they muck around the farm.

Secondly, the DM had a little blurb about Kate’s schedule and Wimbledon which has a little bit of information about her July trip to Germany and Poland. From the DM:

    “The Duchess of Cambridge thought her new status as patron of the All England Lawn Tennis Club would give her the perfect excuse to spend more time at Wimbledon this summer. But pesky politicians have queered the court. Not only is Kate in Germany and Poland flying the Brexit flag during the championships… but the revised dates of the Spanish state visit fall during Wimbledon’s second week. Fortunately, King Felipe and Queen Letizia fly home on the eve of finals’ weekend so tennis fan Kate can cheer Andy Murray (hopefully).”

Wimbledon 2017 takes place from July 3-16.

I never got around to mentioning the revised dates for the Spanish State Visit to the UK. On Friday, BP announced that, because of the recently announced General Election, they have postponed the Spanish State Visit yet again. This time, though, we don’t have to wait over a year, as the visit has been moved from June to July. The visit will now take place on July 12-14, 2017.

KP announced almost two months ago that William and Kate will be heading to Germany and Poland for a visit sometime in July, but never gave a date. A date for the trip has still not been announced, but if the DM article is correct, then the visit will take place sometime in the first two weeks of July.

As far as that DM article goes, will Kate attend Wimbledon? Of course she will. She’s now their Patron and it’s an easy engagement for her. Plus she loves watching tennis, so she’ll make it to at least one match.

So Kate’s revised schedule looks like this (engagements in italics are either unofficial or unconfirmed):

  • May 3: Visit Farms for City Children to meet founders and children.
  • May 11: Visit Luxembourg to attend 1867 Treaty of London commemoration.
  • May 13: With William and Harry, host Party at the Palace tea party for children of deceased Armed Forces personnel.
  • May 20: Will attend Pippa’s wedding.
  • June 17: Trooping the Color.
  • June 19: Order of the Garter.
  • July (sometime in the first two weeks): With William, visit Poland and Germany.

Obviously, any involvement from Kate in the Spanish State Visit has not been announced yet. But I do hope she is involved.

Additionally, the America’s Cup takes place in May and June in Bermuda. The qualifiers start on May 26, and the 35th America’s Cup Match starts on June 17. I don’t at all except Kate to travel to Bermuda, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she did an engagement in Portsmouth to see the UK team off since she’s Patron of 1851 Trust, Land Rover BAR’s charity. EDIT: I’ve been told that Land Rover BAR and Ben Ainslie are already in Bermuda. So Kate most likely won’t do anything with them ahead of the race. Maybe she’ll visit them after or send a video message or something. Or maybe she won’t do anything with them. We’ll see.

168 thoughts on “Will Kate have to miss Wimbledon to work?

  1. Oh, she’ll be at Wimbledon. She needs the numbers!
    She’s only been out 21 days and a third of the year has past.
    She’s averaging 5 days a month.
    Why not travel to Bermuda? What else has she got to do?

    1. Ok, that is so funny! Kate having to miss Wimbledon!

      Great post title KMR!

      I guess she will have to go to see Sir Ben off to cheer herself up?

    2. I would think because Zika (is that still a thing?) that she would be careful about traveling to that part of the world. Wasn’t that the excuse for why she and W&H didn’t go to the Olympics?

      1. I don’t know if it’s still in the same places but there was just talk of a potential outbreak in southern Texas!

        1. Brownsville, TX. It’s on the border. But there are one or two cases of Zika in several counties all over the state, especially in the north.

      2. South Florida at risk, too. I wonder if Bermuda is a risk being pretty far north and surrounded by salt water, which mosquitos usually avoid?

  2. I know you are listing it for the sake of completeness but I sure hope Pippa’s wedding does not end up listed in the Court Circular.

    As for Kate’s attire next week: jeggings with wellies and a striped top that is new to us.

    1. That’s why I put it in italics, because it’s not official but it is confirmed that she’s attending it.

    2. Please no more striped tops, new or otherwise. Unless her and Wills are dressing up as Ernie and Bert for Halloween when they take the kids around. Wouldn’t the kids be cute as Cookie Monster and Kermit?? Grampa Mike could be Snuffleupagus…

  3. Kate won’t miss the swoon-worthy Ben Ainslie for anything!

    Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Germany and Poland visit is moved to later so Kate can show up at tennis, claim it as work, and voila.

    1. Kate only ever goes to the men’s finals so she could fit it all in?

      Or will she not be keen to attend Wimbledon now it is “work”?

        1. Last year was the first time ever, that Kate was seen at a female match.

          As a girlfriend, she was never papped at female matches. Always the male ones.

          Conclusion is that either she never attended the female matches or she convinced paps not to take her photograph when attending female matches.

          1. Maybe she feels obligated to only see British players and the Finals. I don’t think there are any top female British tennis players right now for her to watch (please don’t quote me on this; I’m not a tennis expert). I guess she enjoys the men matches more but I’ve always preferred the women’s.

          2. i can’t blame her. i am a huge tennis fan but am bored stiff over women’s tennis. i love serena but no one else is in her league. i miss steffi and monica selles and the other woman who cared more about winning than how skinny or cute they looked on the court.

            so, no, i don’t hate on kate for this one. women’s tennis sucks right now. men’s tennis isn’t that great either, but it’s better.

          3. I personally disagree – I’m a tennis fan in general and actually prefer women’s tennis over men. It’s just a matter of opinion. But I prefer men’s basketball over women so I’m not saying it couldn’t just be a preference of Kate’s and that’s okay.

          4. I don’t watch sports unless it’s the Olymics, but on those sports I have preferences, too. In beach volleyball, figure skating, and gymnastics I prefer women; in swimming I prefer men. I think it’s fine to have preferences personally, but when one is there officially one shouldn’t show one’s preferences.

          5. As patron, Kate will need to consider her role first rather than her personal attendance preferences. That would surely mean being visibly supportive over both weeks, at matches with lesser-known players, juniors, etc? It’s not about her personal pleasure, or should not be since she is ‘working’.

          6. I’m with you Jen.

            If Kate is meant to be acting as Patron then she should be attending the smaller matches and not just those on Centre Court.

            I’ve used to go to Wimbledon when I lived in London and would often stop and watch the games on the side courts as the enthusiasm on the players was a joy to watch, they were all so excited to be playing at Wimbledon, especially those playing there for the first time 🙂

            It would give those up and coming players a lot of support if they knew a member of the royal family was watching and supporting them?

            But would Kate be like how she was at the Olympics? Only there to watch and support the English players? Kate seemed to forget about the teams from the Commonwealth countries who have the Queen as their Head of State?

          7. It’s a shame vf took down the actual pippa Wimbledon article ( it was her first and it was a doozy) or Kate could follow her sister’s Wimbledon wisdom/pippa tip and be sure to wear her sunglasses so in case she nods off non the wiser on those matches she’s not into. ?
            Snark level high

          8. While everyone loves the established players, they also love to see an outsider have a breakthrough moment and this becomes a new trajectory for them. Imagine those who saw Federer, or Nadal, Murray, the Williams sisters et al when they were just starting out? That would be a special thrill.

            It is important to grow a sense of community at Wimbledon where all participating are acknowledged, not just the big players. And that is surely the job of Patron? Not only going to various types of matches, but also meeting officials, ball kids etc – those who actually make the event happen. It’s not about supporting just English players; Andy Murray is Scottish! UK athletes can bite the cherry a couple of ways by representing Britain or the actual country they hail from! Just think rugby, Commonwealth and Olympic Games!!

            It will be interesting to see what kind of mark Kate puts on Wimbledon as Patron: whether she will attend principally to her own needs (or rather have someone else do so given her need to be taken care of) or grow up and put the needs of others first plus go to her chosen events.

          9. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if Kate did consider her role as patron of Wimbledon, rather than which top match(es) she will actually attend?

            I agree that she should be meeting and watching the younger and less famous players. Of course, I can imagine that as Patron, she should be there for the big name finals, too. But, she should be considering attending matches of representatives from Commonwealth nations, too. And, she should be making it her place to meet with players — if not at their matches, then sometime else.

            We expect so much from her, don’t we? We should. I think. I’m sure she will use her exhaustion from recent HT events to give her room to wiggle out of responsibilities that should be met. That, and Charlotte’s second birthday. And, of course, her sister’s wedding.

            Just how much more can one poor Duchess do, anyway?

          10. I’m waiting to see if she shoves aside the Duke of Kent. She didn’t take over his role as president of the Wimbledon All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. She took over HM’s role as “patron” of the All England etc.

    2. +1

      Sir Ben and his team may need to return to the UK so the patron middelton waste …. to be seen in her role. The kids in that photo didn’t even seem to care or impressed.

      HM need to ban bone fitted jeggings from representatives on duty.

  4. Landrover BAR, Ben Ainslie, his wife & baby daughter (& dogs) have been in Bermuda all winter. The team is already in place for the race.

    1. Oh, well then I guess Kate won’t be doing anything with 1851 Trust ahead of the America’s Cup then.

      1. I was actually thinking it was odd she hadn’t done an engagement yet with 1851 Trust and we are four months into the year. Now I know why :). It is normally one of her priorities but with Ben gone it makes total sense now.

      2. There are no published engagements between 21 May and 16 June, W&K would have enough time to spend a few weeks in Bermuda, perhaps staying with a friend or in government accommodation, before Trooping. It’s a 7.5 hr flight from London to Bermuda. The weather is nice and those pink beaches…

  5. It’s been said before that once something Kate does can be classified as “work”, like things people expect her to do, she would probably not show up or just do the minimal contributions. She started out so strong with that sailing patronage but once it’s not in the UK her involvement diminished. With the Olympics she (and Will and Harry too), once it’s not in the UK we didn’t even see them do something for the athletes until at the very last minute and after it (and to think Britain got so many medals in Rio). Of course there’s the Irish Guards. With Wimbledon I’m pretty sure she’ll attend and the scheduling of some of her events is not her fault but I wonder how committed she’ll be to it in the subsequent years? With HT too how committed will the trio be after this?

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought given Kate’s new role at the All England Club Wimbledon is now classed as ‘work’. She can go everyday if she wants and increase her official engagement tally in the process? And if their are official state engagements she can drag whoever along with her in the name of diplomacy and ‘work’.

    1. She could if she doesn’t have conflicting events. If she’s out of the country for the first week, let’s say, then she can’t go every day during the first week. But yeah, if she wants to and can go every day of Wimbledon, then that’s a huge bump in her numbers.

        1. Never stopped her before but I agree even she’s not that stupid. But I expect she’ll see it as her duty to be there for the Men’s Finals.

      1. She won’t go in the first week if she help it…..that’s when the also rans play. Keen Kate just does finals or Murray rounds.

    2. I think that’s why they gave her lawn and tennis club to begin with. Let her increase her #s superficially
      I think the only time last yr we saw Carole and mike together (sans Kate) was there?
      I do think it’s funny that now it’s “work” her schedule doesn’t really allow it! Bwahaha

    3. For Prince of Kent that would be great, but such a lazy entitled hidden waste of -.there would be an outcry. CH BP will direct KP for waity cannot middelton visit other charities/duties.

      Prince Harry and Meghan should make another UK public appearance before Invictus…

    1. Bwahaha! Best thing one can say about this event. Which reminds me that now that Wimbledon is considered work, oh my, the spanking new girly outfits she can parade and charge to daddy-in-law. I can also see her trotting out the Pipster and new royal hanger-on, Not So Terribly Rich James, to flaunt her status as queen of the show. Perhaps the entire fam! Next, Uncle Gary!

        1. ha! I perversely want TR James to buy the Victoria coronet so pippa can have her own historically rich tiara =) or Bentley and skinner have some other lovely tiara’s for sale
          I would die laughing

          1. That would be terribly common. You only wear a tiara if its a family one or ‘something borrowed’ from either the groom or bride’s family. Therefore I fully expect Carole has rented one for the day from a London jeweller just to match Kate’s. Not a clue that woman.

            TBH if I was Pippa and having a country wedding I would have a very few fresh flowers woven into my wedding hair.

          2. I guess it would be different in the UK since there are people with tiaras with actual history, but I have so many FB friends who’ve worn tiaras for their wedding.

          3. Wasn’t Pip’s wedding badged (by her) as a simple family wedding? Of course, by Middleton standards that seems to mean sponsors (the diet thing an article was spruiking), pap strolls to/from the gym, to/from home, to/from anywhere as long as a photo op presents, PR reps to plant articles in the press, KP involved, plus the actual wedding itself. Now tiaras? Didn’t one come with the purchase of a Middleton coat of arms and the pinky rings? If they shake the cereal box containing the shield and rings hard enough, maybe they’ll find the tiara stuck at the bottom. I’m not sure whether I dislike this family because of their pretensions, brassy entitlement or the fact that people are silly enough to entertain them for a nanosecond let alone give them what they want.

          4. I wore a tiara at my wedding 18 years ago to Mr BBV’s predecessor. I flogged in on eBay after the divorce. It wasn’t a family tiara…..just a bit of Swarovski tat. I thought it was the bees knees. I loved it.

        2. More hoopla in the DM today concerning the Midds visiting the Church where Pip will be married. Carole, as usual, is wearing her resting b face. What a nasty, nasty looking woman .

          It is even suggested in the article that Meghan will be at the wedding and Harry was recently named a member of the wedding party. True, you insiders? Sorry that I am not more up to date on the wedding.

      1. I saw photos of Pippa out and about the other day with a Hermes Birkin……very un Royal behaviour and I assume a gift from Modestly Rich James. Very Eurotrash Pips.

  7. First thing that popped into my mind when I saw the title was…
    “It’s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
    There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do” (chorus of Africa by Toto)

    If she can, she will be there.

      1. Both! She will be there with new outfits, Kiki earrings, fresh botox and a with a big smile! Although if she was forced to choose one, I think she would go with the sailors.

        1. I am surprised Kate has not said George wants to be a sailor. Wasn’t William a Sailor? That was when he had that ghastly beard.

          Is Kate actually going to muck out on the farm? One of my friends who lives on the farm and I actually rounded a cow up. I hope Kate knows that mouldy hay is dangerous.

          1. I am not sure. I mean I would not know if it were not for what I have read in the Saddle Club books about hay .I don’t have any direct experience with hay. I am surprised at Ben Anslie’s silence.
            I think turning up at the Junior’s matches to support the British team would go down well. I think Kate likes the show courts.

    1. ‘I bless the rains down in Africa
      Gonna take some time to do the things we never had (oh uh)”

      Had to finish it for you, EL! 😉

      1. Belated congrats on your article, Kimothy. You have such strength to have gone through all you have and now, to want to help others. Continued good health and happiness to you!

        1. Thanks jenny!

          I’m already (mentally) planning my second one and it’s going to be about the dark side/moments within transplantation (not the actual operation itself, the aftermath affects). Kelly Clarkson’s “Dark Side” will be mentioned but I’m not sure how I can get it to fit with what I want to say. I don’t want to seem whiny, but I also don’t want people to assume that I’m always “sunshiny, rainbow-coming-out-of-my-butt, unicorn-glowing, smiley-faced Kimothy” 24/7 because I’m definitely not.

          I have my down moments either via an episode or a side affect (physical or not) from a medicine where I’m reminded that transplant is not a cure, it is a treatment. There is a reason why these medications are called drugs because they can, do and will make you sick. Some days I can be feeling real good but the very next (or mere hours later) I’m in the bathroom or curled up in bed feeling miserable.

          1. I hope you will be able to talk about how you cope – physically, emotionally, mentally, either in this next article or sometime down the road. It’s the main thing I kept asking myself after reading the last one – how do you do it? How do you stay positive when you face a setback?

          2. I like this idea of yours, Kimothy. Important and something people need to know. Of course, you have dark days. We all do. It’s very vital that those who face the challenges of receiving transplants — as well as their loved ones — understand that it’s not always going to be sunshine and roses. You ca explain that in ways that matter because of your own experiences. Good luck!!!

          3. Kimothy, I am so happy for you in being able to have a transplant. My little sister died because she needed one. I also want to say that drugs impact our emotional health as well, so happy that you aren’t trying to be ‘on all the time’. Will you post a link to your articles, I can’t find them. Once again, I am seeing more good coming from KMR and the posters than from any ‘royal’.

      2. Thanks Kimothy. That song always puts me in a great mood.
        P.S. Loved your article and I ended up reading a couple of others as well. I wish you continued good health.

        1. LOL! You’re welcome EL! Funny enough, I had TLC’s “No Scrubs” stuck in my head in this morning but it’s much better than when I had the *bleeping* Olsen twins as an earworm once. That drove me bat sh!t crazy!! 🙁

  8. Kate “worked” about 10 hours last week, the bulk at the marathon, so she needs a week and a half off before she can spend 30 minutes at a farm?

    Oh, I’m sure she’ll find a way to attend the men’s final match.

    1. Kate will certainly find a way to be seen at Wimbledon, especially if Meghan Markle attends again this year, which would not surprise me at all. I am sure Kate would not want to be upstaged and she can debut one of her boring short sleeved A-line or shirtwaist frump dresses that she seems to favor for Wimbledon.

      1. That scenario begs some questions:
        • Will Kate invite Meghan to sit with her?
        • Will Meghan be required to look and behave less than her true self in order not to upstage the Bland One aka know her place, much like Harry is subservient to William?

        1. 1) I doubt it.
          2) I would be shocked if they were in the same shot if they were to be at the same match as it (presumably) would be considered an official engagement for Kate, not a private thing. But if that were to happen I would fully expect Meghan to not down play anything for Kate’s sake. Don’t know have any good reason for that, just a hunch.

          Also side question, Is Harry even going to be in town then? Isn’t he going to be doing his own ridiculous excuse of “work” by going on tour with the England rugby team (aka dream holiday for any rugby fan)?

          1. MM is friends with Serena Williams. She sat in the players’ box last year by Serena’s invitation.

            That indicates that she has options beyond Harry and we shouldn’t presume that if she attends this year, invitation was via Harry.

          2. She really has worked hard at her contacts hasn’t she? She almost has an antenna with hooking up with the very rich, famous and powerful. It’s most strange that such a jobbing, unknown actress should have the access to people that she does. It’s almost as if she purposefully groomed herself for someone in the public eye? ?

          3. Mrs BBV, some people are that motivated. Look at Wendi Murdoch. From a backwater of china to having the ear of Murdoch, Putin and Trump.

            And that’s just 3 people on her friends’ list.

            Any random picture of her throws up the great and powerful across all fields, not just politics or media. She’s besties with Elon Musk, Eric Scmidt, Those 2 google guys, ivan and sergei (or have i mixed them up), barry diller, david geffen, diane von fastenburg, Abramovich, various royal ladies including Rania and Maxima, and many, many more.

            In her small way, Carole groomed her kids to do a Wendi/MM takeover of the rich and powerful except her target was British aristo as opposed to world domination like those other 2 ladies.

          4. I think it’s similar to people joining clubs/organizations to put them in vicinity/path of movers and shakers/celebs.
            My friend’s mom paid a memeber ship fee so she could “meet the right kind of guy”?
            We clearly need to be members of Soho house! It says it’s for people in the arts but I think as long as you have $$ and the requisite recommendations you can get in =) anyone (2) memebers? I swear I would only make googly eyes in a non creeper way at Eddie Redmayne

          5. Seriously correct. MrsBBV. Great contacts and she’s not even a good actress. Obviously needed to find some other means since she never became an it girl.

          6. Wendi Deng (also Cherry, Murdoch) is very intelligent (MBA, Yale) but also a shrewd player, using and then jumping to the next sucker to get up the ladder of her choosing. No different in essence to the Middleton’s, Markle. It’s a matter of infiltrating the circle by any means (contacts, sex, accessing the circle’s favoured rutting grounds) and then working it until you claim your mark. Must be attractive, and available, such a polite euphemism, and hard as nails. I’ve honestly given up on merit being the standard in any sphere.

          7. I suppose if it floats your boat. I’ve always found Wendy Deng rather impressive because of her single minded determination to achieve and her ability to get what she wants. I can’t say I’d want to hang out with her or have her as a girlfriend but that woman has a core of steel and the resolve of no one else.

            I guess this is why my instinct feels Princess Sparkle is all wrong for Harry. She has the same sort of core which states that failure is not an option. It feels like he’s just a pawn in her game for worldwide attention. Does he even know he’s being played after all he’s not the brightest crayon in the box?

            As for The Soho House crowd…….my step daughter’s Aunt is a member and no thank you. Talk about luvvie, shallow as a paddling pool and keeping up with the Jones. I mean her Aunt is lovely but the need to belong in that crowd is like being in the in crowd at school. It’s just all for show and connections. A secret society for grown ups. I have a theory it’s just for sex swapping anyway.

          8. Mrs BBV, I share your instincts about MM, though Harry is no innocent; he uses his status to get what he wants – he chased pretty girls, regardless of whether they were in relationships. He had no respect because prince. I’m sure Harry knows that a large part of his attraction is access to unbridled visibility, status and wealth.

            Yep, Soho House is a predator’s paradise but again, everyone knows the score. No illusions of anything else but using people in any way to get yourself where you want to go, or give yourself a phony boost of self-esteem. All pretty pathetic.

          9. eeeekkkkkk

            Lions Tour of New Zealand! How could I have forgotten as it will be coming to my city soon!

            Hope Harry is coming here 😉 😉 😉

            (and maybe Meghan will come here too with him?)

          10. Where’s that reply button when you need it? I wanted to reply to Mrs. BBV’s question. You wonder if Harry realizes he’s being played? Do any men? Ego, ego, ego! I have also wondered if William ever hat an inkling that Carole and Kate were playing him — and still are?

            I do want to like Meghan, but I have my doubts, too. She is going to shine, no matter what. I admire her on some levels, but also am from the school of thought that the real movers and shakers of the world are those who do the nitty gritty work each and every day. They make the hugest impact on others. Sure, it might be nice to have the ear (and heart) of many a famous man, but I am coming from a romantic place when I say that I wish Harry could find a more simple and honest love. Or, maybe, I am wrong and Meghan is very honest in her feelings for him — not just his title.

          11. Jenny, I think you are spot on. I wonder if one of the reasons William is so sour is he now realised he got played and it’s too late!
            Some people were never meant for ordinary and humdrum…..Princess Sparkle is definitely one of them. Xx

          12. Mrs. BBV, perhaps, William does realize he was played by the Midd women and that is, as you said, why he looks so sour. Sad.

          1. If Venus plays, then perhaps Serena will be there. But if no Venus, then definitely no Serena. She doesn’t go out of her way to show support or interest in anyone else. Perhaps if she is in the area, we will get a selfie of her and her “baby bump” with Meghan.

          1. I couldn’t follow that chain of friendships/lovers, but it makes me wonder if anyone in the aristocracy is genuinely friends with anyone else. That looks like plain old social networking.

          1. Hilarious thread.

            Re: the link supplied by Boston–that photo of Carole dressed in a desperately ugly maxi dress (meant to look cool and sexy) says a lot about how predatory she is. She never misses a chance to horn in and co-opt her daughters’ boyfriends. It’s like she uses her daughters as chum to scoop up the big fish.

          2. Carole needs to oversee things to an uncomfortable degree. Has she no life of her own?

            Her dress brings to mind one of my grandma’s sayings re. inappropriate dressing: “There’s mutton dressed up as lamb.”

          3. It’s as though Carole wants her daughters’ boyfriends to see her as sexually attractive and available. She also hopes they will end up taking care of her financially. And they have. W helping with the down payment of her home (and who knows how much the taxpayer is inadvertantly paying for other big ticket goodies). Moderately Rich James Matthews will find himself bankrolling the Midds before long.

          4. Yes, Nota. And what I read it seems that his business is filing bankruptcy.

            I imagine Carole’s next marriage project is herself. Too bad Rupert Murdoch is taken.

      1. Haha! It seems that way! They rescheduled the state visit and now cancelled this. You’d think an advisor would have given someone a heads up about a date that would work better.

        Though (without getting too political), can I just say how awesome it must be to only have about 2 months before an election instead of two years of campaigning that happens in the US!! By the end of an election cycle I’m so fatigued. It would be so nice to only have to deal with a two month campaign cycle.

        1. I know! I wish we would pass a law that campaigns can’t start (announce you are running, raise money, debates) for 1 year prior to the election. I too get election burnout. Our elections are bloodbaths with disgusting amounts of money spent on them.

  9. Just caught the tail end of a documentary about Kate & William and here’s a question I have no clue to the answer.

    Did William ever discuss with the PoW about using Diana’s engagement ring before he gave it to Kate because we know Harry had no say in it? Was that the ultimate f**k you his father? Was is as much of a surprise to PoW when the engagement was revealed and Kate was wearing the ring? How much knowledge did PoW have of the engagement because we know HM wasn’t asked for her permission but was told about it the morning before it was announced?

    Any ideas or thoughts? Xx

    1. Hmm… I’m sure nota, Herazeus and others will know the answer to this chapter and verse.

      For what it’s worth, I’d say that if the engagement announcement was sprung on the Queen, and Harry had no idea, then Charles would not know either. It was clear the Middleton’s knew of the announcement. My guess is that William is so estranged from his family that he wanted to spring the announcement on them so that they had no time to stop it.

      Diana’s jewellery had been left to her sons so, presumably, they had free access to it and did not need to ask permission. Whether the ring was chosen by Harry or William just took it, who knows. It’s a bad luck ring. William may have wanted to stick it to his father, but also couldn’t be bothered or was too cheap to buy something special and unique for his bride-to-be. After all, he used Kate for years and clearly she’d lap up any bauble he threw at her, even a ring that represented a failed, unhappy marriage, a ring that Charles did not choose and Diana hated. William is a complete twirp.

      1. I feel like this ties into the question of did they actually get engaged- as in ring on finger- in Kenya. I’ve heard the story of Wills toting it around in his backpack till other last possible moment was actually a proposal story lifted from a friend.
        They came home and William went to have “the talk” with Mike. Maybe Carole dropped some hints…
        I have no issue with her wearing Lady Di’s ring, but not as her own engagement ring. On the right hand as a cocktail ring, once in a while would have been much more appropriate imo. Diana didn’t even like it that much, she was sticking it to Charles by picking the biggest gaudiest rock on the tray that was sent her way. If the story is true, of course.
        Maybe Harry was secretly relieved to pass that fraught piece of jewellery on.

        1. I see Harry as more sensitive than William. So in my mind, I can see him wanting the ring just because it was his mum’s and giving it to his bride as a piece that belonged to her and thus her sharing in his life that way.
          I see William (and Kate) as seeing the ring as what it represented and not the symbolic aspect of it. It was the ring of a much beloved figure thus Kate get’s the comparisons and adulation becuase she is the wife of the son that looked like her for awhile. Thus Kate’s constant putting on display of the ring
          Of course, that’s my take becuase I like Harry and not William and Kate. I also think William is too cheap and lazy to buy Kate a new ring ?

          1. The ring is priceless and world famous simply because of who it belonged to. Clearly Kate is very proud to wear it herself, as she should be and William is glad for her to have it-whatever his motivations in giving it to her.

        2. That ring has so many associations with its original owner that whoever wore it next would invite comparisons right off the bat. Kate has tried on too many occasions to swf her late mother-in-law and failed; if anything, it has accentuated her blandness. The ring would have been better retired for a generation at least or the stones re-purposed.

    2. I always heard the story that Harry got the ring William got her watch. Then William ended up with the ring so who knows if that’s believable.
      So I’m sure the expectation/possibility was always there. I don’t see Charles caring about the ring.
      I want to know who got the rest of her jewels because she had some gorgeous ones we haven’t seen. I think Kate has only worn a couple of pieces that could’ve been hers

    3. I’m guessing that, since Charles and Diana had been divorced for a year by the time she passed away, the ring wasn’t his concern though I DO thing William sprung the engagement upon everyone in his family.

      Sarah: I too had heard that Harry got the sapphire ring and William got the Cartier watch and then, suddenly, Harry sees the ring on Kate’s finger!

      Can someone please remind me which pieces of jewelry were personally Diana’s? Thanks!

      1. Here is a good site for the jewels she wore, and if they were hers or loans. I want to know when we will see that amazing sapphire choker again. I don’t think Kate can wear it, it will make her look like a pale imitation with no signature style of her own (except for her minimalist approach to jewelry).


  10. Thanks guys……You see I feel that PoW would care about the ring being used again but only because it stopped Diana’s memory fading a bit more and brought the history of the ring back into public conscious where it stays as a reminder of Diana for as long as it’s on Kate’s finger. Like you I had heard Harry got the ring & William the watch.

    I’ve just sat through the tail end of a documentary about Kate & William so sycophantic and fawning I felt quite nauseous. But it was made in 2012 so explains quite a lot but the commentators talked about Kate like she was the saviour of the RF. Little did they know.

    1. If you have to whitewash Kate’s past, it stands to reason the BRF already knows the score. They would know all about the Middleton’s; they would have been investigated.

      Your point about the ring stopping Diana’s memory from fading is interesting. Maybe that is the reason why Kate is so intent on positioning her left hand so prominently all the time? It’s odd for a right-hander to do that. This was the instruction from William?

    2. I honestly think the media (and the boys to some extent) bring Diana into play when it suits them regardless of what ring she got.
      Kate doesn’t help the issue by trying to emulate her in superficial manners and constantly putting the ring out there. She wants the comparisons being made
      In my opinion Camilla got the much better ring

      1. Sarah, the media keep on dredging up Diana at the drop of a hat because it sells papers but since people buy the drivel they print, they keep on. Her middle-aged sons invoke her memory to gain sympathy (yet again) and to deflect their own laziness. Kate will do whatever is in her best interest.

    3. Camilla’s ring is my absolute favourite. If I was designing a ring I would go to that for my staring point. Love, it, love it.

      1. To answer the question, the 2 boys were taken to pick a momento after her death, Harry chose the ring whilst William chose the watch. This was confirmed at the time by everyone close to the situation who was willing to talk to the media.

        How William got the ring is a mystery that won’t be solved publicly, and a PR lie has already been spun about it that variously has William picking out the ring to keep OR a pact that whoever married first uses the ring.

        I think William had access to the ring because her effects were not in the possession of the royal family per se. Some of her things are held by the Spencers, and presumably the brothers have somewhere they keep her things that they can both access without asking HM or POW’s permission.

        The engagement story that William told was also a stolen story because it had already appeared in the DM as *Natalie Pinkham’s engagement story. The only detail William changed was the country.

        * Natalie has been friends with William and Harry since their teens.

        All the broadsheets reported the surprise engagement sprung on HM and POW. For many years, it was known that William didn’t cooperate with CH or POW and would keep things from them unlike Harry who checked with them or at the very least informed them of his intended actions. Nothing has changed in that respect.

        The broadsheets AND the BBC are much more respectful of the royals than tabloids even if they don’t necessarily report on them, so they wouldn’t repeat a falsehood unless it was sanctioned by the Palace to repeat it.

        The fact that they all reported and repeat it in reprints of ‘fact sheets’ about the engagement makes it more likely to be true.

        OR one could say that the royals wish the public to read between the lines about William’s disrespect by letting the public know about this 2hrs heads up given to HM and to POW.

        The other giveaway that this engagement was a surprise was the lack of coordination between the various members of the royal family. Usually, ahead of important news, they stay away from anywhere they might be met with media and if they must, have a prepared statement.

        In the case of WK’s engagement, they were all out at separate engagements and some were informed by the media of the engagement eg Sophie and Anne. They all acted surprised when confronted by the media, including Charles.

        Harry expressed the family’s surprise in an interview he gave a month before the wedding.

        As for the Middletons knowing, WK told us in the engagement interview that the Middletons were informed as soon as the engagement happened.

        It also brings up the falsehood of William’s engagement story because he discusses it as being in Kenya, but immediately Kate says she returned from Scotland to her mother’s kitchen not knowing if her mother knew via her father that she was engaged.

        Timeline of Scotland would have been September/October which means the Middletons knew a full 4-8weeks at least before POW or HM.

        1. Thanks Hera…..I do wish we could find out a bit more about what actually happened because I feel if people had looked a bit deeper then they would have seen what a little sh*t William already was. I remember Sophie being asked by the Press and Camilla but I’ve never seen or heard anything about PoW reaction and how he felt about that ring being recycled. I remember Burrell saying that the boys took whatever they wanted and where the watch and the ring went but I never really knew how they changed hands. Xxx

        2. Do you know who has access/what happened to the rest of her jewelry? I wondered upthresd where it is. She had some beautiful pieces that should be worn!

          1. The Spencers were given all her effects to keep until the boys were 30yrs old.

            We were told that they were ALL turned over to WH as soon as Harry turned 30.

  11. Off topic-Pictures of soon-to-be Lady TR James leaving the gym in the DM yesterday, is it me or does it look like she’s had some work done. Maybe botox in the forehead is making her eyes look different?

    1. She looks like she’s lost a lot of weight. She looked tiny…..and very tired. I believe she is at the church today with Ma & Pa doing whatever you do in the church three weeks before wedding. No sign of Increasingly Impoverished James though.

      1. I did not want to say anything about her weight here, but I agree with Mrs. BBV, for a person who was already at a good weight, Pippa does look very tiny, so tiny in fact, that her head looks too big for her body. I once read that celebs have been told they photograph better when they have the big head look, so maybe this is a temporary thing for the wedding pictures. There is something pathetic about it.

        1. I know what you mean…..I did think twice about remarking on it but it’s so drastic and so to not mention it is seemed a bit odd…..one great big elephant in the room.

          All brides diet but she’s gone for a total body overhaul and dropped two dresses sizes and as you say she was fine as she was. I know Carole was famed to have used the Dukan Diet before Kate got married. The Mail yesterday (no doubt assisted by Middleton PR) was full of whatever diet Pippa was using and the supposed calorie intake was pitiful. Silly girl…..her groom clearly loves her as she is not some emaciated waif.

          I spent my honeymoon eating like a woman possessed. We went for a month and on the last night I couldn’t zip up a dress I wore at the start……Yay. It was bliss.

          1. Sad that the sisters had to lose so much weight prior to the wedding. Every bride wants to look fantastic, but Pippa’s weight seemed fine before.

            One of my friends lost so much weight before her wedding that the seamstress had to sew spaghetti straps on the strapless gown’s bodice to keep it up. She just got smaller and smaller and complained that she was too stressed to eat.

            Marriage lasted two years. Maybe, her body was telling her something. Like, this is the wrong guy for you. In Pippa’s case, if money is the key, then this is the right guy. But, is she has any second thoughts, well, run for the hills!

          2. That’s the thing, jenny. They didn’t have to lose the weight.** They had it put in their heads that it’s a requirement in order to look like the ideal bride.

            **though, technically, W did make an off-the-cuff, crude remark to Kate’s Uncle Gary about how he doesn’t like it when a girl’s boobs are bigger than his hands. **makes vomit face**

          3. But it’s not just about the wedding, is it, in Pip’s case? She has more invested than the day itself – monetizing the event, despite initial claims it would be just a family wedding. We’ve seen one potential sponsor emerge (the diet people) who’ll want some payback as per the E! article. We’re guessing that photos of the day will be sold.

            She also has a high-profile PR woman on contract, initially for the wedding in the first instance, implying that the relationship may continue for other purposes. We don’t know what else Pips has in mind post-wedding; I doubt she’ll fade away if intending to hold onto someone of that level.

            The Middleton’s are best known for their thirst; I doubt that Pip’s will be quenched by marriage to Moderately Rich James. She’s after more time on the stage, preferably front and centre.

      2. The Middleton women certainly took the saying one can never be too thin or too rich to heart. That can be the motto on their crest =)

      3. @Mrs BBV ‘Increasingly Impoverished James’ lololol!

        I can’t quite figure out Pippa’s personal style, so I am interested to see what she will choose as THE dress. I hope they will be happy.

        1. I will be really surprised if it it Giles Deacon…..I would have thought he was too fashionable for a country wedding. I’m expecting someone like Phillipa Lepley who I think would be a perfect match for Pippa.

          1. If I had the money when I got married (and lived in the UK!) I’d have used Philippa Lepley or Suzanne Neville, such gorgeous gowns! Haha.

          2. Both designers are quintessentially ‘British wedding’ designers and I would adore to wear either too. I thought Geri Haliwell’s PL gown was one of my most favourite wedding dresses of the last decade……her gown was soooo pretty.

          3. If i ever get married, i’m taking a picture of Carolynn Bassette Kennedy’s dress to a dressmaker and tellling them to copy it.

            Don’t care about the weather.

          4. Yes! Geri’s gown was stunning. were I a royal bride I’d totally do something like that, honestly, it would be so gorgeous in one of those lovely big churches…

          5. ** Goes off to look up CBK wedding dress** I do remember her being so willowy and lean she could really wear anything.

            Yes…..just checked it out…..it’s exquisite Hera but not for a 5ft 3 shortarse like myself. Xxx

          6. I remember seeing Geri’s dress but couldn’t quite place it so I Googled it to jog up my memory and I totally agree with you, Mrs. BBV and Ellie: it’s understated but stunning, very flattering and doesn’t overwhelm Geri’s petite frame.

            Interestingly, my favorite royal bride dress was Fergie’s! I loved the satin material, look (though the bows would definitely go), etc. Soooo lovely on her and she truly was a glowing bride that day.

          7. Fergie’s was lovely. She was really smart in her gown choice. It really suited her silhouette and it’s stood the test of time quite well. Like you say if the bells and whistles were removed and it had a sleeker look. I remember thinking on the day that Sophie looked so pretty and fresh but when I look back at that dress now it’s so dated and frumpy.

            Diana’s for all it’s issues when she got out of the coach was just a little girl’s dream of what a Princess should be wearing on her Wedding Day but I do remember my Mum telling me many years afterwards that she winced when she saw it but said nothing because everyone else was cooing over it.

          8. I was almost 19 months old when D & C got married so I didn’t really see it until I was in my teens (during the ’90s) and all I could think was “it looks so wrinkled!” and I feel that way even today. As for Sophie’s gown? That was the first royal wedding that I watched on TV and I thought it was so plain and understated but, when you think about it, that’s kinda Sophie and Edward. Understated but very together (if that makes sense) but yes, it’s very “blah” to me.

            Autumn Kelly-Phillips gown was lovely as was Zara’s. Both ladies gowns flattered them via cut, material plus, the pièce de ré·sis·tance, were their bright, beaming smiles. 😀

          9. I never understood the hype around Diana’s wedding gown. To me it was dingy, wrinkled, and made her look heavier than she was due to all the poofs.

          10. Diana’s gown was hideous and so 80s. My mom’s wedding dress in 1985 was a carbon copy, but not as huge, still ridiculous. She is mortified now by it. I wish she kept it, as the fabric was beautiful and would have been great to re-purpose for my wedding gown, but I did a traditional late 2000s A-line that was strapless (I wanted all lace and sleeves but they were so unflattering on me!).

    1. Probably true in a sense considering we know Carole practically raises those kids with Maria. I mean, she can’t stray far from Kate who can’t function without her mother.

      It’s so sad Charles has so little to do with his grandkids. And he was so thrilled to become a grandpa!

    2. What Ellie said.

      It has all been but confirmed that the grandparents that G & C see/spend time with are the Middletons. While it’s fine if they’re supposedly drawn to one set of grandparents but it’s a true shame that Charles is (supposedly) not allowed to spend with with those little ones, especially since they’ll only be this young and innocent for so long.

      1. I find it very cruel on W&K’s part to keep them deliberately from Charles, who is wonderful with kids and no doubt would be a really wonderful, loving grandfather. He was a loving father. But Charles is afraid to poke William. It’s sad. I can’t imagine keeping my kid from his grandparents.

        Judging by the comments, most people are on W’s side and think Charles is awful and hates kids. (WTF?)

        1. +1 times infinity on that “WTF?!” in parenthesis.

          We’ve seen the photos and footage; Charles was a loving, doting and attentive father and Diana even admitted it. She just had a knee-jerk reaction when stating (during the Panorama interview) that she’d rather the crown skip Charles which (when you think about it) is not criticising on his style of parenting but his potential as a monarch (didn’t she also regret that foot-in-mouth moment?)

        2. I can understand it, as I would most likely keep any children I had away from my parents. Maybe if I understood William’s motivations more, then I would take his side. But since I tend to agree with Charles – judging based on what I know about his points of view and interests and what I know of William’s – I tend to take his side here (that’s my bias showing). But I can understand why someone would keep their kids away from their parents. Having said that, if William wants to keep his kids away from his father, maybe he should think about not living off his father’s dime. Because if one’s parents are paying for one’s kids, one can’t really keep one’s kids away from one’s parents since one’s parents hold the purse strings. It’s just a shame, to me, that Charles won’t use the leverage he has.

          1. Yes, in this situation, it’s not like Charles is some toxic, abusive parent one cuts out of one’s life. Charles is funding William and Kate’s extravagant lifestyle, will not confront them on all their crap because he’s probably too afraid of William’s temper tantrums and his power over him in the public sphere… so Charles probably walks on eggshells around William. Heck, I bet Kate does, too.

      1. I hope you don’t mind me dropping the occasional article as the end of a thread? I have terrible insomnia so I often find gems late at night. Xxx

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