Prince Harry included handwritten note with Party at the Palace tickets

Prince Harry included handwritten note with Party at the Palace tickets

Back in February, KP announced that William, Kate, and Harry will host a Party at the Palace – a tea party for children of those who have died serving the armed forces – at Buckingham Palace on May 13. Well, tickets have gone out, and the Army Widows Association received a handwritten note from Prince Harry which they posted on Twitter.

Harry’s note reads:

    “Hi Guys, I just wanted to put a note with all your tickets to say how much William, Catherine and I are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday 13th May at Buckingham Palace.
    “We have been planning this party for a long time and are all really excited that the day is finally nearly here. We hope it will be a great opportunity for all of you to relax and have fun; to meet friends and hopefully make some new ones.
    “I know it’s Buckingham Palace but please don’t worry about dressing up, there’s no need, I won’t tell if you don’t! Loads of fun stuff organized so wear what u want, I dare you! Fingers crossed for sunshine.”

In the tweet, the AWA put the word handwritten in quotation marks, which makes me think that Harry wrote one note and then it was copied for all the invites. But either way, this is a really nice thing Harry did, to include a note with the tickets. Very thoughtful.

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    1. I totally agree and this is something that’s close to my heart! I have always loved Harry and this is exactly why. He may have his moments but at least he knows that he needs to look a certain way and this is something he certainly didn’t “need” to do. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Yes, I can’t see anyone telling him to do this. He did it because he knew it was a sweet, thoughtful thing to do that would make the kids and families very happy. That’s how he is, it’s pretty evident.

        A shame W&K didn’t do the same, aren’t they supposedly hosting this too?! I’m sure Harry is loving planning this.

    2. Why can’t we just congratulate Harry on showing such amazing effort without making a comment about William and Kate? You don’t have to make them look bad to make Harry look good. It’s so exhausting.

      1. I agree. It’s not necessary to put down other royals to make the royals we like look better.

        1. Except they are part of this charity too and adding that to how Harry did the video for Heads Together and they couldn’t bother to speak like he did, the comparison has to be made.

          Kate has also sent many “letters” instead of attending to some of her charities but has never handwritten them, making people question if she even wrote the letters and certainly not making the effort to hand write the message.

          They should be compared on this.

          1. I think there is a difference between saying this person did this, I’d like to see this other person do this, too, and saying this person is bad therefore this other person is good. Most of the time the comparisons between W&K and other royals is the W&K are bad therefore these other people are good variety. It happens all the time on here and other sites as well where people bring up W&K, especially K, when they aren’t relevant just to put them down. And at some point it just gets tiresome because we can praise other people without throwing shade at W&K, especially when they aren’t relevant at all.

            It is relevant to question why only Harry did this note thing, or the recent HT video, since W&K are also involved in those projects, but then it’s about how we phrase things. Because there is a difference between questioning why W&K weren’t involved and insulting them for not being involved. We don’t need to insult W&K to make others look good. Let others stand on their own, and then question why W&K aren’t showing up.

        2. I can certainly see why you feel this way, but this also seems to be a pattern with the poster. It’s exhausting to seem someone continually defend Will & Kate when they do very little that is good. ๐Ÿ™ Just my two cents and since this is their “charity” too it would seem that they could do something besides just showing up to an event that appears to be a Harry cause.

  1. That is so sweet, thoughtful and kind of Harry. I bet the kids are delighted! Also nice they are covering the transportation on the tube . A little thing, but considerate.

    W&K conspicuously absent. I have a feeling they are not involved in this at all, just tacking their names onto it, while if there are meetings for planning Harry actually shows.

    1. That’s always been the way. Going back to the Daiana concert and William’s own wedding. Harry (and others ) planned, and William showed up for the end result. No wonder he always looks awkward at these things. He doesn’t have a clue what or who, meanwhile Harry, being involved in the planning, is much more relaxed and at ease with everyone because he has been getting to know them via that process.

        1. You are being deliberately obtuse. Herazus said Harry (and others) planned various events and William just showed up. The meaning was obvious.

          1. This is a pattern with the poster who feels the need to defend Will & Kate. I believe people were calling her Carole in a previous thread. It gets exhausting to have someone who is purposely “obtuse” or defends someone who has no defense. I would prefer not to call someone out, but since they seem to be purposely attacking other posters it appears necessary. My guess is that they will stop half way through the threads until they get bored again. ๐Ÿ™

        2. I think she’s referring to the fact that William didn’t even show up for his own wedding rehearsal. Instead, Harry stood in for him. I suspect that sort of behavior goes a long way towards explaining why Kate always looks so happy to see Harry.

          But yes, it’s unlikely that Harry had much, if anything, to do with planning the wedding. That seemed to be a mix of the palace, Middleton, and a bit of William. I always thought that the weirdness of inviting only one half of a couple was his idea. I think they asked Charles for help with choosing the music, which was nice.

          1. He didn’t attend his own wedding rehearsal?! For heavens sake, that’s just… asinine? Is that strong enough? I always really enjoyed photographing rehearsals because the anticipation and affection were so evident. But we’ve all commented on the lack of emotion from William during the ceremony. I like to think that he was like my husband, who is kind of serious in general and was focusing on the words. But more and more I just can’t with William.

        3. Memyself: Google is your friend. You can find the interviews, photos etc that show Harry (and others) planning and being credited for the planning whilst William is nowhere to be seen and or the Palace repeatedly claims he is at work during the planning of any event.

          Ditto people working on these events saying they worked with Harry (and others) and William was either absent or barely present.

          Including his own wedding.

          1. He missed one wedding rehearsal for work, apparently, and Harry stood in for him then. He was present for the final rehearsal, though.

      1. I agree with your threads. Whiny entitled lazy lambriges I am a prince – only show up as they are so Godly’ – the public should feel so blessed in his presence. They seem not around HM the royals as they were curtseying/ bowing to TQ.

        middleton need to visit stay at AH luxury and church practice for pipa wedding and of course his brother and father- The Wales not present.

        Lazy chutney, whiny. couldn’t bother to bring kids again, only carol middeltons pepa wedding are family with royal tax payers funding.

        The York Princesses PEdward Wessexs, PR/Philips are all very lovely. Of course looking at HM and her hat brings a smile.

        1. Above comment also referring to HM the Royal family at Easter Sunday Church. The entitled lambridges could not be bothered to take the kids to visit POW and attend church there.

          carol the middeltons needs are priority and she middeltons need to be at AH TQ estate.

      2. This is why I wish Harry would ditch the Cambridges. Just cut the cord to their raft and set them adrift in the sea of awkwardness while Harry charts a course to emotional honesty and social respectability.

  2. That’s such a sweet touch. I agree with Ellie that it was a nice gesture to pay for transportation.

    This is what the role is about: awareness and making someone’s day a bit bette. I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

    Thanks for the post, KMR!

  3. Very thoughtful indeed, I guess his girlfriend love of hand written notes is rubbing of on him. This would put me at ease, If I was going to somewhere so imposing as the Buckingham palace. This to me says that Harry would be a good host, thinking about the people’s needs and feelings. That’s a rare quality, especially in men.

    1. Diana wrote handwritten notes to most people. Her notes are legendary. She was a stickler for them.

      That’s why it’s surprising that William sends typed formal notes on postcards to people. Nevermind that it is a no-no, it is also a departure from his mother’s way of doing things.

      Harry, on the other hand, sends hand written notes. We’ve had examples for years, including one he wrote to a soldier’s son when he was stationed in Afghanistan.

      They are warm, affectionate letters in the style of his mother’s letters.

          1. Regardless of the handwriting, the sentiments expressed by William are thoughtful and genuine. It would have been very difficult to write under the circumstances.

        1. Wiliam’s handwriting actually looks similar to Harry’s in this example and I could read the entire message. Most doctors write far more illegibly than either of these two.

          1. W’s handwriting is completely legible from the samples posted.

            Both sons benefited from Diana’s example of always writing handwritten thank you notes as soon as she returned from an engagement. Only one son chooses to emulate her graciousness in this way. The article about Harry’s lovely note to the families re: this upcoming event begs comparison. Harry went above and beyond to make the guests feel comfortable and at ease. The other son has yet to display this generosity and kindness.

  4. This note is not about being with the 3 KPs. It is about meeting others who have a similar experience. ”We hope it will be a great opportunity for all of you to relax and have fun; to meet friends and hopefully make some new ones.” As a host he builds a bit of anticipation about activities at the event. It’s ‘I borrowed my Gran’s yard to have a big party. I think you’ll like it.’ Or so it seems to me. The handwritten note, though not an original to every attendee, is representative of PH because it used his handwriting and is in his voice. It is a keepsake for the memory box collection. Well done PH. You’ve built anticipation for the event and extended a welcome before anyone arrives.

  5. This is such a sweet note. It’s thoughtful to think of the cost of getting there too as I’m sure money must be tight for some of these families.

    1. A lovely note and certainly a way to reach out even more to people than just the event, itself.
      Harry is a delight and cares for others. One can tell.

      And, helping people with transportation to the event is also considerate. Truly, a way to let people know that they are wanted at the event and will receive any assistance in getting there. I am eager to see the outcome of the event.

  6. A lovely touch, I look forward to seeing the photos of this event. I’m glad that Harry is taking initiative and distinguishing himself from the other two attendees, I mean hosts. I hope to see more of this if he continues to third wheel the Cambridges.

    1. That’s a good point. Assuming Harry is taking the initiative here, he is better off making unique contributions that play to his strengths whenever the trio does engagements together. Being a third wheel has no purpose.

  7. What a wonderful note! Clearly it was his words, in his handwriting which makes it genuine and sincere. This is how you write a thoughtful note. It only takes a few moments of your time, but can mean the world to its recipients. Well done Harry. Although I can’t believe I’m praising someone I don’t know for an action I was taught to do often from the time I could write.

    1. Your last sentence made me smile. Weren’t we all taught to write notes to say thank you, wish someone well and so on? It’s just good manners, whether on a personal or professional basis.

        1. I have a small collection of cards โ€“ many of them letterpress from the US โ€“ which I use whenever I need to send something. Good quality stock, a good pen, and nice stamps = perfect.

  8. It’s things like this that remind me of why I like Harry. When he works he does good things and I’m sure this brightened all their days.
    I’m actually looking forward to this event as some of my favorite Royal engagements are like this. Madeleine’s princess tea party with tiara and Camilla’s Christmas tree decorating party.
    I hope they do it justice
    Happy Easter to all those who observe
    and hope It’s a beautiful spring day!! Except you Jen, I hope it’s a beautiful fall day for you! Spring and fall my favorite seasons

    1. Ha! It’s supposed to be 27 C (80.6 F) today, Easter Monday! We’ve had a few crisp autumn (fall) days but it’s generally pretty warm. But I’m with you – spring and autumn are my favourite seasons too. Hope the Easter bunny drops some chocolate eggs your way.

    1. It also addresses the dress code issue very sweetly ie it is sensitive to the fact that some families may feel obliged to get dressed up, and who wouldn’t, going to Buckingham Palace? Spending money on special clothes, given a parents death, might be a bit hard financially, so it sends the message to just come as you are, indicating that Harry will be in casual clothes too. It’s a signal to both kids and their caregiver not to worry. Nice.

      1. I loved that part too. And it also sets the tone for how the event will be. I’m sure it will help put a lot of them at ease.

  9. The art of letter writing is so lost to us so it’s lovely to see someone of Harry’s generation using it. You can almost hear the words coming direct from Harry’s mouth. Just delightful and talk about building the excitement for the big day.

    His stationary is Smythsons as was always used by Diana. It is well known as Hera says, that Diana was a prolific letter writer and I have to confess I order mine from there simply because of the thrill it gives the recipient when that beautifully crisp paper in it’s tissue paper lined envelopes plop through the letterbox. I have my name in the centre of pink paper with a high heeled stiletto character in the bottom right hand corner and fuschia coloured tissue paper inside the envelope. Really decadent but I want my letters of appreciation or thanks to feel like gifts to those that receive them.

    Why am I rambling on about letter writing and writing paper……because it’s such a lost skill and taking 15 minutes to express your gratitude is like giving a hug but in an envelope. When I was at boarding school we all had every colour under the sun of Hunkydory writing paper and wrote letters home every Sunday. Letter writing was drilled into me at ten and I never lost the love of picking up a fresh piece of paper, writing positive happy things and writing in ink and using blotting paper. Simple things that make me feel good.

    It’s another link to Diana that makes me appreciate how Harry really has connected with her emotional intelligence. He gets that reaching out in words by letter will be the most exciting treasure to the children who receive these. That they can keep it forever, show it round their friends and teachers at school……an actual letter from a actual Prince, from a real palace to them. Oh boy does Harry get what Royalty means to children.

    1. Letter writing is a dying activity, thanks to smart phones and texting. I have one friend with whom I exchange letters. My handwriting has gotten worse over the years, but letter writing forces me to plan my thoughts and words, and try the odd poetic flourish. I don’t have stationary of your caliber, but I have a chest of drawers full of stationary I buy here and there, thank you cards, and lots of blank cards for whatever situation presents itself. I also have lovely calligraphy pens, but my ink keeps drying up, so I rarely use them.

      Has anyone read the ‘Griffin and Sabine’ books? They are a love story of an artistic Englishman and a woman from a fictional island chain in the South Pacific. Their relationship unfolds through letters and postcards, which you open and read. I might pull these out and read them tonight.

      1. I just got done listening to this podcast and am blown away by Harry’s openness and all that he’s done that hasn’t been made public (at least not to my knowledge). Bravo Harry bravo!

    1. This is actually what their campaign has been missing. One of them talking openly about their MH issues. Kate’s this cause is near and dear to me becuase I had such a wonderful upbringing is tone deaf and just weird.
      So kudos to him

      1. I love Harry’s new interview. And yes, it’s exactly what I’ve been wanting and missing from their HT campaign. I’ll be covering Harry’s interview on Tuesday – Kate at Easter comes first since this is a Kate blog.

    2. Oh, I heard about this in the car on the radio as I drove home from a meeting. Just a tearful moment, indeed. Good for Harry admitting he needed help. That’s what we have been looking for from Heads Together. The one thing I heard, and sorry, I don’t have time to read the article yet, was that William insisted Harry get help. Earth to William, maybe, you could use some help, too. I’m sorry if I am rude, but come on!

  10. I agree that this is a lovely note, but had it been written by William or Kate, I know I would be among the first crediting it to Jason Knauf or another of their communications team, as I think many others on this forum would as well. So why is it different with Harry? Do we really think that he came up with the idea for this note on his own–that he was that involved with the details of planning the invites, tickets, etc.? I’d like to think it was his own initiative, that he was following his mother’s example, but I rather suspect that someone else on their team thought of it, wrote it, and then passed it to Harry to copy. It’s exactly what I would have said had it come from the Cambridges, and I can’t think of a good enough reason not to do the same with Harry. Maybe someone here can convince me otherwise, because it pains me greatly to credit Jason Knauf and/or his team with such a thoughtful touch.

    1. Given how little Jason’s team does, and how poorly they do it? I wouldn’t think that team capable of thinking of it. We’ve seen them copy-and-paste previous letters and speeches, recycle them, and have them given or signed by W&K (Kate Middleton particularly). Not much original or careful thought coming from that team.

      I’m more inclined to think it was him not that hack, Jason. Here is an example of Harry from 2011, long before Jason appeared on the scene (scroll down for the Arizona governor letter)

      1. Harry does write thoughtful and expressive letters, so perhaps he did at least contribute parts to this Party at the Palace piece, but I still don’t think that this letter was his idea. I just don’t see him being involved in the fine details of this or any project….as much as I would like for him to be, anyways.

        Does this event fall under the royal foundation? This letter, and the cute packaging, seem more like ideas that would come from Lorraine Heggessey, the foundation’s new director. Lots of creative and original thinking from her, I bet. (Another topic, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Heggessey should be credited with writing Kate’s best speech to date–the one about maternal mental health at the launch of the Out of the Blue video series. Wonder if William, Kate and Harry will start to rely more on her direction and advice.)

        1. Numerous reports have him heavily-involved in the fine details of running Sentebale, in the designs of the Sentebale gardens at Chelsea, Invictus, and picking up the wedding slack because his brother had no interest in the planning and rehearsals for his own wedding. I can see Harry involved in these fine details too.

    2. You make a good point, Lizzie. If this had come from William or Kate then a lot of people probably would be side eyeing it.

      1. But have we ever seen William’s handwriting aside from his signature? His articles for FT regarding conservation are the only times I can remember William really going into depth with the written word.

        I don’t mind if someone writes a draft and Harry copies, to be honest. It seems personal, and the receiver will appreciate it.

        But, to me, it sounds like Harry’s voice…if the PR team was professional, they probably would avoid somewhat awkward phrases like “the day is finally nearly here”.

        I think both Charles and Diana are/were known for writing their own letters, with their personality shining through. So, Harry wouldn’t have to look far for inspiration. My guess is he wrote the letter in his own words. Whether he thought of the idea, I don’t know, but after his interview about mental health, I’m inclined to think he did. He seems very serious about the work commitments he does make.

        1. I’m not saying we should be side eyeing this note from Harry; I’m just agreeing with another commenter that if either William or Kate had written this note then we would be side eyeing it.

          And yes, we do have an instance of William’s handwriting:

      2. Whether Harry wrote it or not, I just love that he wrote it in his own hand, even if someone told him what to say. It shows extra care that he took the time to transcribe this (if that is what he did). A typed note, I never believe a royal has anything to do with it, but a hand written note shows some effort on their part. If Kate had done that, I would give her credit for actually caring enough to take to time to write this in her own hand. The problem is Will and Kate both show they don’t truly care enough to take time to invest. We learned that when William mentioned he doesn’t read his briefings. I am sure Harry had help with what to write, but the care of actually writing out a copy is more than I ever see William and Kate do. So, I would have been very happy if Kate or William did this, regardless if they wrote it. The royals don’t write their speeches but we still give them credit. A typed message I don’t believe the royals ever have anything to do with, but a hand written note shows they actually were present.

        1. I agree. I think the note was a great idea, no matter whose idea it was. And it’s a great idea even if he wrote one note and then it was photocopied for all the recipients. Either way, it’s still a good thing.

          But I still agree with Lizzie that if it had been William or Kate we’d be side eyeing it more. Like, they wouldn’t be given the “it’s good even if they were told to do it” or “it’s good even if they only wrote one and it was photocopied for everyone” thing as much as Harry is getting. We just have a more negative view of William and Kate.

        2. I agree, Overit, that, even if for nothing else, Harry should be credited with taking the time and effort to hand write this letter. Much more personal than a simple signature at the bottom of a typewritten page.

    3. I don’t know if Harry wrote this himeself or if he had help but if it was the latter it shows what a great speech writer can do. Write in the person’s voice. Either way it was good work
      Jason seems too incompetent for it to be him but could be someone else on Harry’s team.
      I think that’s why so often Kate and William’s speeches are lacking at least for me. They are either poorly written by whomever or that is how they both sound/talk. Kate’s last speeches have been somewhat of an improvement for her previous ones that I found lacking in substance, style and length

      1. Sarah, in a reply just above I commented that I think Lorraine Heggessey, newly appointed director of the royal foundation, might be credited with Kate’s newly improved speeches. If Heggessey didn’t write them herself, perhaps she is responsible for guiding Kate to a competent speech writer.

    4. Because Harry has done this before, on a regular basis in fact, sending notes and letters to people. It’s not unusual for him nor unexpected.

      For William and Kate, it definitely is. Especially Kate, who sent a form letter to parents of a little boy who was with EACH who died.

  11. When Harry gets it right, he knocks it out of the park! I love that he wrote the letter in a fun way that a child would gravitate too. And very nice of the Palace to include train tickets and for Harry to let the kids know that their families don’t have to spend money in buying a new and fancy outfit to wear…at least monetary concerns won’t exclude an invited family from attending.

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