Prince Alexander turns 1

Prince Alexander turns 1

With all of the Prince William mental health stuff that came out yesterday, I completely forgot that today is Prince Alexander‘s 1st birthday.

Prince Alexander 1st Birthday
[Prince Carl Philip/]

The Swedish royal court released three photos of Alexander to mark his first birthday – two solo photos, and one with his parents, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia. The image above was taken by Carl Philip. Alexander has several teeth coming in.

I really like the photo with the present, and the family photo, but I think the beige on beige of the third photo is a bit too much beige.

Happy birthday to little Alexander!

Prince Alexander 1st Birthday
[Erika Gerdemark/]

Prince Alexander 1st Birthday
[Erika Gerdemark/]

20 thoughts on “Prince Alexander turns 1

  1. Be still my SRF loving heart. He is one cute baby! I love the family picture. There’s a lot of warmth and I love the way Sofia is touching CP. I’m not a fan of the last picture, but it’s adorable to see him dressed like a little man. Sofia looks so pretty and content.

    Thanks for this post, KMR. You’ve been quite busy.

  2. Ooohhh, what a sweet little boy 🙂 I hope, he will have a calm royal life with strong parents, but I don’t doubt it, the SRF is a strong family unit.
    Happy Birthday, little Alexander! Grattis på födelsedagen!

  3. So cute and you can tell how loved he is. Happy Birthday to such a darling boy.
    Time flies, doesn’t it? Seems like only yesterday his birth was announced.
    Thanks, KMR. Yes, you are working on overtime, it seems.

  4. Happy Birthday Alexander!!

    I love the third photo, while I agree it’s too much beige, his smile is just adorable!!! And I love how CP, Sofia and Alexander are all touching in the family photo, it gives a very warm, inclusive feel to the photo.

  5. Oh, that darling baby boy! Getting bigger and if possible, cuter! Happy Birthday, Alexander. I hope you will have a happy, healthy, productive life!

    The last photo made me think he was suspended in air against a blue sky! Too much beige, yes, but oh, his smile!! He’s really very sweet1

  6. Happy 1st Birthday Alexander. He really is a happy little guy and his parents focusing on him for the time being is the best thing they can do. I expect all Alexander was interested in was the box.

  7. Hmm I’m not a fan of these pics the first one looks like it could have been taken at IKEA
    The last one he’s in camel color up against beige wall?
    But he always looks so happy which is the nice part

  8. Sometimes having a photography background is annoying because I see silly little flaws. But the dynamic between them is undeniably precious. He is clearly a very sweet little boy. Happy birthday Alexander!

  9. I just love his chubby cheeks! They are a lovely little family, can’t wait for the birth of their second child.

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