Charles V Carole over access to George & Charlotte: 2017 edition

Charles V Carole over access to George & Charlotte: 2017 edition

Another year, another round of Prince Charles V Carole Middleton over access to Prince George and Princess Charlotte press wars. Is anyone else getting sick of this? It’s like a terrible movie they keep making sequels of. Anyhow, this year’s edition is focused mostly on Charlotte, since it’s her birthday on Tuesday.

The article is long, so I’m not quoting all of it. Most of what I’m cutting out is stuff we already know, like George was a fussy baby but he’s easier now, Charlotte is feisty, and where the kids are going to go to school in the fall.

    “Both Charlotte and George are frequent visitors to the Middletons’ £4.7 million home, Bucklebury Manor (it is Charlotte’s maternal grandparents who play the biggest role in her life). It is a haven of tranquillity for the children, who can run around the 18-acre grounds, dip their fingers in the pond teeming with frog spawn, or collect eggs from the chicken coop.
    “None of it compares with the cosy familiarity of their own home, Anmer Hall, on the Queen’s Sandringham Estate, where Charlotte and three-year-old George live — and that William and Kate insist will remain their principal home, despite a move to London later this year. (As if to emphasise the point, they’ve just employed a second full-time housekeeper.) […]
    “Lively Charlotte — a second child like Princess Anne and Aunt Pippa — is proving to be a chip off the block when it comes to her adored ‘Gan-Gan’, her great-grandmother, the Queen, who sees the youngest member of her family regularly.
    “It was certainly no coincidence that William chose to live close to his adored grandmother in Norfolk, rather than his father in Gloucestershire. Charlotte has also taken to horse-riding, having none of the alleged allergies to horses that her mother has.
    “A beach which borders the Sandringham Estate is a favourite place for Charlotte, who has also been taken to International Horse Trials and a Georgian market town for shopping trips. Mother and daughter have also been spotted at a discount chain store where they bought arts and crafts supplies after Christmas. Arty Kate is keen on her children getting their hands messy.
    “Both Kate and William, who does his best to be home from his job as an air ambulance pilot for bath-time, are hands-on parents. The Prince has said having a daughter was a ‘game-changer’ for him, not just because he is one of two boys. It has made him, he says, more vulnerable.
    “Their Spanish Norland nanny, Maria Borrallo, who has been with the family since 2014, is an important influence on Charlotte. Kate’s habit of dressing her daughter in Spanish brands such as Pepa & Co and M&H is down to Maria’s guiding hand.
    “But what of Charlotte’s other grandparents, Prince Charles and Camilla? How much influence do they have on her life? Since George’s birth, there has been talk of grumblings from the Prince of Wales over access to his grandchildren. Such complaints are not unfounded. But it would be unfair, it should be stressed, to suggest there is a permanent rift.
    “Charles is far more pragmatic than many give him credit for and while he may rant and rail about the situation in private, more often than not he caves in to his notoriously truculent eldest son over everything from his career decisions to money. But the sad truth is, like many grandparents who don’t have the easiest relationship with their offspring, he is also nervous of provoking a situation where he never gets to see his grandchildren at all.
    “Indeed, a member of his inner circle told me that the number of times he has seen Charlotte since her birth was nowhere near what most grandparents would hope for or expect.
    “This couldn’t be more different from the access enjoyed by the Middletons, who, as one who knows them well says, are ‘virtually part-time nannies’ to the children. I understand that after Charlotte’s birth, the Middletons were encouraged to pop in to see her whenever they liked — including coming to the hospital when she was born.
    “Charles and Camilla, it seems, were not given the same freedom. They have had to drop everything on several occasions to go to see the baby at short notice.
    “‘William chose the Middletons as his surrogate family long ago, even before the children were born. He has nailed his colours to the mast in that respect,’ says one who has observed the family at close hand.
    “It would be inconceivable for the Cambridges to leave their children with Charles and Camilla when they go on a foreign tour, as they do with Carole and Michael.
    “The already delicate situation is exacerbated by the fact that while Charles has many official commitments — almost 600 public engagements a year and a growing number of duties on behalf of the elderly Queen — Carole and Michael, by contrast, have the luxury of being able to help with the children whenever needed. And it is made more difficult by the fact that — while Charles’s own schedule is arranged meticulously six to seven months in advance — William and Kate’s office at Kensington Palace is notoriously tardy in confirming their diary (unusually for a royal household).
    “This has resulted in the frustrated Prince having to turn down last-minute family invitations as he is already scheduled to attend a public event that day. Whether any of this is likely to change when the Cambridges move to London is not clear.
    “Having based themselves close to the Queen in Norfolk (a four-hour one-way trip from Highgrove and a six-hour round trip from his London home, Clarence House) for the past few years, Charles’s opportunities to see Charlotte and her brother have been limited — and even then very much on William and Kate’s terms.
    “‘Let’s just say they haven’t really done anything to make it easy for him,’ said one familiar with the set-up. ‘Charles does the best he can, but there are constraints.’
    “It’s a shame as the Prince is far better with children than people might realise and clearly adores Charlotte (he and Diana longed for a daughter when they were married) and her brother. Both have handmade wooden swings at Anmer, carved with their names, courtesy of their grandpapa. Charles visibly melts at the mention of Charlotte’s name.
    “As for the Duchess of Cornwall — being a step-grandmother is never an easy line to tread at the best of times. A doting grandmother herself five times over (her own grandchildren often visit her Wiltshire country home, Ray Mill, and enjoy annual bucket and spade holidays and trips to the theatre with their ‘Gaga’), Camilla simply does her best not to upset the apple cart.
    “‘The truth is she doesn’t come into the equation much. If she’s asked to be there, she’ll be there, but otherwise she has her own family and does her best to support her husband,’ says a friend.
    “When asked about how much the prince saw his grandchildren, Cla-rence House said they would never comment on private arrangements regarding family visits. Sources close to Charles didn’t dispute the suggestion that he would like to see more of his grandchildren, but implied he was now more pragmatic about the situation than he may have been.
    “‘Does every grandparent want to see more of their grandchildren? Of course they do. But the Prince understands that mothers naturally gravitate towards their own families. And he acknowledges that he is in a unique position which means his time is not often his own,’ said one.
    “It’s not clear whether Charles will even see Charlotte for her birthday on Tuesday — he’s in Scotland all week and the Cambridges are unlikely to travel to Birkhall. One thing’s for sure, though, he will send a thoughtful, if slightly quirky gift to mark her big day (no doubt helped by Camilla). As for the Middletons, without the rigours of a royal schedule, they are more than likely to see the Princess blow out her candles.”

[Daily Mail]

So basically, everyone gets to see George and Charlotte more than Charles, even the Queen. How much would the Queen really see George and Charlotte, though? Other than during her Christmas break, she’s not regularly in residence at Sandringham.

The most interesting part of this year’s edition of the Charles/Carole press war for me is that William and Kate invite Charles to events when they know that he has a scheduling conflict – and they know because his schedule is public months in advance. Like, they purposefully schedule family events when they know Charles can’t come. That way, they get to look good by inviting him but get what they ultimately want (his non-attendance) when he has to decline because he’s already booked. This move is so petty and obvious.

The engraved swings the article referenced showed up in two of George’s birthday photos from last year.

Prince George's 3rd birthday photo 2
[Matt Porteous/Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Prince George's 3rd birthday photo 3
[Matt Porteous/Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

153 thoughts on “Charles V Carole over access to George & Charlotte: 2017 edition

  1. The scheduling events on days Charles has prior commitments part is simply petty and juvenile. I’m not buying “the Queen sees the kids often” part.

    1. Totally agree COSquared. The Queen sees the children as much as I have tea with her at Buckingham Palace LOL. It’s disgusting William and Kate act like this, I see that William has many issues with his father but acting like this shows he (William) is not better than Charles. Good or bad, Charles raised his two son as a single father and I think Willaim should have more gratitude.

  2. The Queen seeing Charlotte regularly has me laughing so hard. No, no. I do not believe she sees them whatsoever.

    I’m on Team Charles here, all the way. W&K are petty and cruel to keep him from them and schedule things on days Charles is busy. They know his schedule six months in advance. They can damn well do a birthday party so Grandpa can be there. I think it is pretty obviously done deliberately to slight him and keep him from their lives as much as possible, as William sees himself as a Middleton first and foremost, despite Charles giving him everything. It makes me angry for him.

    Also: lol hands on parents my ass. Yeah, right.

    1. Team Charles! William is being super petty. (I’m leaving Kate out of this because I truly believe that William is running the show with this one.) I get that William has issues with his dad and obviously does not wish to spend a huge amount of time with him privately, but limiting Charles’ access to his children not only hurts Charles but also George and Charlotte. He’s depriving his children of a special and unique relationship with their grandfather. And for what? The joy of sticking it to his father? William should grow up and keep his issues with Charles between them and leave the children out of it. Especially because they are in the unique position of being members of the BRF. Charles could be such a great mentor for them.

      1. I agree that it’s William’s idea to separate his family from his father. If it were up to the Middletons, they’d curry favor with the source of funds and future king.

          1. POW/RF will not want to be at a royal household with the carol ever presence without private, quality time with his grandchildren.

            Lazy whiny bill middelton in his absence from AH, could have nanny Maria take or he and Maria visit his father with the children – waity can continue staying with carol (since she is scared around the RF).

            Grandad POW has so much to teach those children. Let’s hope Prince Harry to his rescue soon – with his kids.

    2. Yeah, i’m team charles too. And i don’t even blame Carole on this one. This is all WK thoughtlessness and pettiness.

      ‘Hands on parents’ is debunked by the full time presence of nanny maria + comment in article that the middleton parents are ‘part-time nannies’.

      We all saw in pap pics that Kate never travels anywhere with the children sans nanny maria and by that i mean even taking them for swimming lesson or to the petting farm, so if nanny maria is that full on, and her parents are part-time to extent that Robert Lacey described them as victorian style governnesses, when exactly are WK ‘hands on’?

      The Queen is on Sandrigham during peak holiday/ tour months for WK, and the kids are parked with the Middletons, so when exactly does the Queen ‘drop in’ to see them?

      Not to mention tye entire gaggle of Middletons that park themselves at Anmer for months which makes visiting impossible. We see the Queen’s LIW detaching WK from the gaggle when they pap walk to church…….

      1. Exactly Herazeus, it’s not Carole’s fault, it’s William and Kate’s. For a long time I thought Carole was the villain in this story, but she is not. If William and Kate wanted Charles to see the kids Carole couldn’t prevent it. Disgusting couple.

      2. I still see Carole front-and-center in this. She wants to be the most important person in the world to a future king – her grandson. No matter what happens in the marriage of W&K.

        1. The odds of Carole still being alive when George becomes King are astronomical. The odds of Carole still being alive when George becomes POW are only slightly better. Perhaps you’re thinking of the hand that rocks the cradle axiom? George can’t help Carole socially.

          1. Look at the relationship between Charles and the Queen Mum. Beloved, close, grandchild and grandparent. No matter what happens at what age, as long as PGTips runs to Granny Carole when he’s upset, she has the power.

            Imagine a child even more spoiled and petulant than William. A child who can tell his sister is the favorite. If that bratty kid lobbies and whines for Granny Carole to get a title, they’ll throw one at her just to shut him up.

        2. With the supposed ‘influence’ CarolE has over Bill and Cathy she could very easily ‘influence’ them to let those kids see and get to know both sets of grandparents. It’s rather like the queen being the **queen**( giving Andrew a forum) when it suits her and then just being the queen when it doesn’t. CarolE wields far more power than people give her credit for, and Charles…really what do you have to lose by demanding/asking for more time with the kids and you might want to shut off the flow of goodies to these entitled selfish manipulative prats. As far as the kids’ seeing the queen? I’m not so sure that she cares one way or another, but for sure this smacks of ‘Billy and Cathy are ever so close to her’. Not buying into this. And KMR, yes I am getting sick of this because two innocent children are being used and will someday be reading these articles. Pawns, but why? To me, this is just revolting and all but blackmail, the problem with that is Charles isn’t with holding any of the goodies.
          I see CarolE’s greed and ‘I’m better than you are’ written all over this. When Charles does become king she may be in for a rude awakening.

          Team Charles all the way, those children need him. He is a vital part of their heritage, and despite everything would be a very fun and special part of their lives. These children are the ones being ripped off.

        3. I agree with your comments, notasugar.

          When George was born, I wrote then that I imagined Carole whispering in George’s ear, “who loves you best, Georgie?” as she raised him and kept him super close.

          To believe that Carole would not isolate George and Charlotte from the Windsors is naive in the extreme given her total isolation, possession and destruction of her own children and their pathological cleaving to Mummy and each other.

          Carole feeds Willy’s victimhood. She sides with him over her own daughter. It isn’t, as some have said, that she has no say in the grandchildren’s relationship with their royal grandfather. She has thrown her lot in 1000% with her target, the only target that has mattered to her for almost 2 decades. In Willy she sees her own and her family’s future elevation. Charles is just an obstacle; I imagine she prays that his reign is short. Carole chooses not to encourage relations because it is not in her best interest. If you isolate someone you can totally manipulate them and their thinking.

          In any normal loving family, the one side of grandparents would be distressed if the grandchildren were withheld from the other. Any generous loving grandparent would encourage their grandchildren to know both sides. And as some have mentioned, George is on track to be king, but has no role models to help him with that position. That kind of denial is cruel. George is as isolated from royalty as Willy is and heaven knows what kind of tales the Midds, and especially Carole are telling Willy and the babes, building up a brittle alternative world of her making that favours the Midds and anti-royal.

          I don’t believe for a moment that something dire has happened between Willy and Charles to produce this result. Harry seems to have no problem with his father, and Charles has shown himself to be a sensitive, caring, loving father (and step-grandfather).
          We’ve certainly had a taste of Willy’s character, and the Midds’.

          There may not be abuse in the traditional sense, but certainly, IMO, there is abuse of emotional power, as Willy holds all the power as to visitation. I think he is one sick puppy and Carole has encouraged that sickness, adding her own sickness to increase his.

          We have seen how Willy and his lapdog, Katie, have used the children as PR props, just like they use Diana to manipulate their narrative for sympathy. It is no stretch of the imagination to believe that of course, they would use the children for spite, to power trip, and to get what they want. The children are missing out on an entire world necessary to them and one that would enrich their lives on so many levels given Charles’ passions as a human being, and so much experience.

          It may not be abuse as to trauma, but to withhold love from a grandparent certainly is a form of emotional neglect/deprivation and control of both grandfather and grandchildren. In effect, Willy is denying them their birthright as he sickly tries to deny his.

    3. Like others, I’m Team Charles on this one. William is being spiteful and mean. Charles is his only parent and while the man isn’t a saint, he’s not the devil reincarnated either. On top of that, Charles does fund his and Kate’s lifestyle and to continually give his father the proverbial middle finger is just awful. There is much that Charles can teach George and Charlotte and not all of it is royal-related. He can appreciate how to take care of and appreciate the outdoors by making a garden together, he can cultivate any artistic talents they might have…..oh he’d be such a sweet grandpa, if only William removed his head from ass.


      1. **face palm** Here is what I meant to say…..

        “here is much that Charles can teach George and Charlotte and not all of it is royal-related. He can show them how to take care of and appreciate the outdoors by making a garden together , he can cultivate any artistic talents they might have….

        Edit: I really need to remind myself to not type/post/comment so early in the weekends. 🙂

        1. If I were Charles, I would be considering cutting back on how much I fund their lifestyles if they want to cut me out. Not sure exactly what I would do, but if they want to be left alone, let them pay for their own clothing purchases.

    4. +100

      Totally agree! Disrespectful – after all the previledge he gave them by birth- millions handed over- Its the same planning excluded Prince Harry from her Baptism – while all the middeltons just about push the RF out of same photo.

      IF whiny willnot cannot g c and the middelton entitled luxury lifestyle, status of Line from the p0POW then , Royal grandpa should scrap whiny willnot middleton from the Line and place Prince Henry above – end taxpayers/Duchy millions, change whiny willnot status, entitlements. carol PP/middelton family can take care of normal bill waity g c.

      POW cant win with whiny middleton/waity- carol on losing a mommy -this will free the funds and RPOs at buckleberry- I am a Prince status …middelton PP MR James can support them.

  3. It’s one thing for them to blow off Charles (and why is his schedule planned so far ahead and traceable yet Will and Kate only release events sporadically and last minute) but their 91 year old great grandma is not going to be the one to chase after time for the kids. Queen or not, it’s the great grand kids who with their parents visit the great grandma.

    It’s also bs that the parents of sons won’t be as involved with their grand kids as those of daughters. This is Carole Middleton power tripping and playing on Wills issues with his father.

    1. I disagree about Carole power tripping. I don’t think Carole has any desire to annoy or anger Charles. If anything, I’d bet she’d like to be closer to him, and get inside his circle of friends. She def wants a title as soon as possible, and Charles can give her that. The distance between Charles and Will is all Will all the time.

      1. I agree. I think William’s issues with his family are so deep seated that he would at least be trying to pull this crap regardless of who he married. He just so happened to marry a woman who will go along with whatever he wants instead of challenging him to face/work through his issues with his father so they can enjoy a more open and healthy relationship.

      2. I agree! Carole would love to be close to the RF. It is just too bad she and Kate seem to fear William turning against them so much they can’t push him to work through his issues.

        1. Perhaps a bribe of cheese toast or a threat of withdrawing it. I’m just so disgusted. I suspect that CarolE is aware of the contempt that Charles may have for her, and the Midds in general (could be wrong) and may be gloating over her access to the ‘royal children’ while she can. How I wish that unless there’s a valid reason or a threat to children that people would stop using them as pawns/weapons/status symbols. Any children.

      3. Prince Charles and his sons {whiny bill to university) seem to have a loving relationship as well as close knit with their royal family. The same closeness Prince Harry continues…. Whiny turn since against all his family especialky his dad, sincewaity carol the middletons enablers got to him.

        Carol may be simple/limited knowledge, to believe willnot bill has the power to grant her wishes/ G C future without the participation of POW/King Charles and the RF Firm. This won’t end well for carol the middeltons. The first/balcony photo -waity smirk grin and the seriousness of the POW – suggest she too believe whiny bill Middleton is all she should care and bow to.

    2. I agree, Nic919. Carole front and center here. She wants to be the primary grandparent to the heirs, shoving aside her husband, Charles, etc. to get there.

      She cannot cozy up to Charles, not if William sees that as a betrayal. No matter what, she’s going to be Number 1 to her grandson. Even if the W&K marriage falls apart, she wants to be the one PGTips turns to – not Charles.

  4. Did anyone else get the vibe that the whole lot cares more about Charlotte than George? When they talk about George it’s usually in not so nice terms compared to Charlotte who gets described in a much more positive way, and in this article it’s like George is an after thought. I hope it’s just the press narrative because she’s the only female descendant of Diana, and they are showing George just as much love in private.

    I still think William and Harry should take their own Heads Together campaign advice and “start a conversation” with their father by getting some family therapy to work through their issues. They are a completely dysfunctional family.

    1. I think so. She’s the daughter they wanted, not the boy they didn’t want. They being William, for example, and even Kate. They seem to fawn over her, and ignore poor George who seems like a sweet, anxious child who wants approval and always must be perfect. I know, it’s reading a lot into a kid we’ve not seen much of but he seems too anxious and pensive for such a little guy. Then again I remember people being upset George wasn’t a princess because, you know, girls dresses blahblahblah!

      1. Willie and Waity pride themselves as the modern royals, game changers who a re writing the rules. I hate to say this but I think they would have preferred Charlotte being the elder child since she would not have been bumped down in line with the birth of a brother. I may be off base but I remember a lot of hype prior to Georges birth and a little bit of a sense of let down when he was not a she

        1. I agree that parents and press alike seemed to be gunning for the first child to be a girl and to bear Diana’s name. I remember being relieved when I heard that a boy had been born because the press mania wouldn’t be so intense the second time around and it would be harder to deify that child. Charlotte did get some of it around her birth, of course, but I think it was only a shadow of what it would have been.

          I’m just grateful that George is the blonde one in the family and not Charlotte. Can you imagine if Charlotte had been the firstborn, been named Diana in some form (as she is), and a blonde lookalike to boot? The pressure would have been crushing from her family and from observers, I bet.

          1. I thought the press frenzy around George’s birth was because GB had just eliminated primogeniture, and people were hoping the next in line would be a girl to celebrate that decision.

    2. I think that would be a great idea, a campaign for all the three, Charles,William and Harry.Would show family connection and would Carole put her in her place for once.Someone really should do.I can’t stand this scheming woman.If Charles would also be so manipulative with a sugar smile, he would see his children more often, too.This whole Middleton clan play happy family on purpose.

    3. I’ve always got this vibe Carter. From the beginning Charlotte was more praised than George. When she was born she became the new “star” although George is the future king. Poor boy.

      1. Traditionally the heir (in this case the heir to the heir to the heir) has had a fraught relationship with his or her parents, as they worry about perfect behavior and resent the power they will lose to the heir who is a constant reminder of their own mortality. The Queen was a lucky exception in her realtionship with her father, but reverted to pattern with her own heir.

        1. THIS.

          This is something people often forget.

          Mind you, the way William is going about this, with Diana the template imprinted on him, i won’t be surprised if we reach George 2 vs Frederick, POW levels of animosity.

          1. Oh, God, that would be VERY BAD.

            But William pulls a lot of the stunts Frederick did with his rival courts. At least Frederick was an intelligent man.

      2. I thought Kate wanted a boy when pregnant with George. I fear for Charlotte in a way. I hope will be allowed to just be Charlotte and not expected to become a new Diana. I also hope that Kate doesn’t become jealous of this little one. Those children are individual little people and with Bill’s resentment of his ‘family and status’ at times I think it was extremely selfish of them to have children.

    4. William obviously has unresolved issues with his father, but I don’t know if I would lump Harry in there. Harry has done appearances just with Charles and he isn’t the one who skips Christmas.

      I think we will really see a difference if / when Harry has kids. Harry has never been as petulant as William and I think he will treat his father with more respect than William.

      As for George being treated differently, I do agree William in particular seems to do that. Poor kid to do that to him because it will affect him long term.

    5. That’s because wk got their wish by hiding away their children. We’ve all pretty much lost interest in George.
      Charlotte still shows some spunk so can still garner interest. If they keep up the same path with Charlotte I’m sure it’ll be the same.
      Yes, people will still click on stories about them to some extent but as I said it’s becuase it’s the rareness of it. I used to love stories of the Loch Ness monster then when I got older I realized there wouldn’t be a viable food source for such a creature so stopped reading. At some point, people will lose their interest in the kids too.
      I get much more excited seeing pics of Madeleine and Vic’s kids

        1. I am finding the Swedish kids more interesting. George is going to get a shock when he discovers he is next in line to be king. I like how Victoria is easing Estelle into the role. When Victoria becomes Queen, she will have less time with Estelle and Oscar. Who knows maybe we will have some high jinks from the Swedish boys. Though I hope they all stay safe.

      1. +1

        the kids becoming like the parents- we don’t care if kept hidden…. only difference – the parents whiny willnot/cannot take millions of Duchy taxpayers funds to represent HM/GB, help the people!

        Carol with so much free time to interfer with already dozens of staff for lazy WK – shows bill Middleton use POW/taxpayers Duchy millions to support carol/the middletons

    6. I think Kate favors Charlotte. And, william favors George. Just seeing Kate early on with George — when he was a toddler — she never looked relaxed. Not just because he was her firstborn, either. She just did not look comfortable. With Charlotte, she always seems enthralled.

      1. Kate knows having a daughter is like the ultimate in PR. Diana 2.0! See how she shoves George out of the way in Canada, to pose with Charlotte. Poor George. 🙁

        1. I don’t agree with you, Ellie. I think that Kate just naturally favors her daughter more. I’ve seen a parent favor one child over another. Even kids of the same sex. Some just will say, “I feel more comfortale with X.” Then, go on to say, they love all their kids.

          I’ve seen photos of Kate holding Charlotte, or buttoning the child’s coat, or standing with her, and if you read her body language, she just seems to favor the child. It’s just factual, to me. I hope I am wrong.

          At any rate, I hope George does not realize this, but he is a very smart child. It’s sad, if he is aware of this.

  5. “Charles is far more pragmatic than many give him credit for and while he may rant and rail about the situation in private, more often than not he caves in to his notoriously truculent eldest son over everything from his career decisions to money. But the sad truth is, like many grandparents who don’t have the easiest relationship with their offspring, he is also nervous of provoking a situation where he never gets to see his grandchildren at all.”

    Whether or not that is accurate, it’s interesting that it’s stated so bluntly in print.

    1. “Notoriously truculent”. Very strong words basically saying William is a stubborn a-hole. If the press is going there then he must be even worse IRL.

  6. Another stunningly false portrait of perfect (Midd) family bliss. Sounds like Carole and Mike are slackers- who’s running that business anyway? Meanwhile sounds like Katie still spends most of her time with mummy and that the taxpayer funded helicopter will get a work out chauffering her and Willy back and forth from London when they move.

    And what’s this? *Another* housekeeper? The entourage is growing like topsy.

    The Midds and Cambs really are venal, hateful and spiteful. Poor Charles.

    1. Maybe James should take of the biz since for some strange reason no one wants giant marshmallows with their face printed on them bwahahahha

      1. Do you think the marshmallows will be favors at Pippa’s wedding? One could be the bride and one the groom. The guests would cherish them!

        1. Heehee
          I shouldn’t be so snarky considering he’s the only middleton child to actually really work but still. Giant marshmallows that can be imprinted is such a specialty niche and also it’s seasonal oriented.
          I did the personalized m&ms for one of my nieces bday but they’re m&ms!!!

  7. KMR, details for Kate’s visit to Luxembourg have been announced by KP–supposedly–because their website is trash and their Twitter only mentions one thing. I wish they’d get their act together!

      1. I was wondering, did you find anything about it? I only saw one tweet about the details released, and the link was to one detail! Bah. I hope you find out more and can tell us the scoop. 🙂 I’m curious to see what will be going on.

  8. I think that the above posters are right. William and Charles should start a conversation. I think most of the difficulties started before Kate came onto the royal scene. The Middleton family have taken the advantage to provide William with a normal family life. Knowing full well from the publicity or if he did confide in them. George and Charlotte, are royal grandchildren and should be mixing with their cousins, grandparents, aunts, and Harry. I wonder how ‘hands on’, Kate and William are. William being away from Kate at the beginning of George entering this world and nannies who I expect pick up the slack when Kate who seems to be the ‘Queen of Slackers’. William cannot cope as he is going from working to nothing. A nanny is a bad idea as Kate and William have duties which they never seem prepared for. I am not a major fan of Charles but he should be at his grand-daughter’s birthday. It seems they only want gifts from Charles. What an awful way to give as an example to the children.

      1. I would like to add having seen photos of William and Kate’s wedding how Charles holds Eliza lopes up to see what is going on. There is no doubt that Charles is protective towards kids.

        1. And didn’t Charles use that photo as his Christmas card that year? If that doesn’t tell you how much his step-grandchildren mean to him….. 😉

          1. I am not sure if it was used as a Christmas card. Kimothy. But even so the way he took Eliza who is adorable and clearly has some good genes up in his arms showed kindness. I am guessing that he must have a good relationship with his step children and their families because he has accepted them. William comes off as petty even though no one knows the true background story and to be honest I don’t want to know the details.

          2. Thank you Hezeraus . A normal family within the Royals. I know that Camillia’s family are not royalty but they behave much better.

  9. Having recently lost a close family member this makes me so sad and angry for Charles. The guy is 70+, how much longer really does he have? Be careful what you wish for Billy Middleton, the time may come when you will need your father and he won’t be there. Not only that but thanks to the internet George and Charlotte may easily find these articles one day – what will you say to them when they ask questions about their Grandfather and why he was such a remote figure? It’s not like he lives on the other side of the planet, my family is 5 hours away – you make the time – and with their transport advantages it is so easy.

    What’s wrong with taking Charlotte for a couple days to Scotland anyway? Why does Charles (the guy who works) have to chase around after these two unemployable wastes of space? What are they doing that they can’t find time in their busy schedules (!) to go see him? He’s your Dad Wills. And soon he’ll be gone and who will you have then when the Middleton blinkers finally come off?

    1. +1000

      With POW loving care before and especially after becoming a single parent (yes, blessed with loads of … than most of us, from taxpayers royal entitlements) and supporting whiny with millions each year with useless family of 4 + middletons – ungrateful disrespectful, lazy waste of space willnot and cannot, should be jumping through hoops to spend time and see his dad POW.

  10. William may have legitimate reasons why he seems to have an issue with Charles- we simply do not know about their filial relationships.

    However, if Big Willy dancer and his silly bag of hair, Kate, live on Charles’s “money” from the Duchy, then they need to make an effort for Charles to be more involved with his grandkids. If Willy want throw in his lot with the Middletons, then he and his wife should go and live on Middleton money then (because we know that they are both allergic to work).

  11. The Queen sees the kids more? Please she hasn’t been at Sandringham in months. She spends the week days at BP and the weekends at Windsor. She’s been at Windsor for weeks as she always does around Easter. Christmas is Sandringham. And the Cambridges couldn’t be bothered to spend Christmas with her even thought she was really sick and you know in her 90’s!

  12. Nobody knows the reasons behind it. There could be many reasons. To state like many commenters here team this or team that is juvenile.

    It’s also normal for kate to go to her family instead her inlaws esp. if you have a good relationship with your family.

    It’s up to william to visit his family more with his children if he wants to and not kate or her family. If william would say to kate come on we are going to my family kate would say no. Ofcourse not. William just doesn’t want to and i am sure he would have his reasons for this.

    Charles is leaking this so he has a excuse why he won’t be at charlotte’s birthday. He has know for two years when she has her birthday so why didn’t he schedule around it. He did the same with george his birthday for the last two years. Birthday’s are fixed days those don’t change every year. He could also make a effort.

    Wasn’t it not that long ago that tiggy called charles and said he should spend more time with george after missing his birthday for two years because he would regret it and his reaction was not to go but go to a squirral something.

    Like most things every story has two sides.

    It would also not help to leak this to the papers for the relationship with william.

    1. Of course Charles knows the birthdays of his grandkids. And he has competent staff to plan things around it. But it is obvious that Will does not make him feel welcome to take part in birthday celebrations hence why he does not attend.

      And Kate should try a little harder to convince Will to let their kids to have a relationship with Charles if only because George is supposed to take over the position. Maybe the monarchy won’t exist by the George inherits and it won’t matter, but both Will and Kate are setting their kids up for failure.

      1. If spending time with his grandkids on their birthdays is a priority for Charles, then he should be there. An invitation is all the welcome that’s necessary.

        Their birthday celebrations fall within a similar window of time every year – and he should be mindful of that window when he’s planning his schedule. It’s fine if he chooses to put work ahead of these occasions, but he can’t complain about being left out when he himself opts out.

        1. He cannot plan his schedule 6-9 months in advance around a window of a several weeks worth of time. His schedule is the busiest, because he’s doing his job, his mother’s job, and likely his son’s job too. They could pick the dates a year in advance if they wanted him there, but they appear to schedule things to make sure Charles cannot be there.

          1. It’s his schedule, he can literally plan it however he likes! If he wanted to, he could even take a week or two away from his back breaking schedule of ribbon cuttings, building tours, and assorted photo ops — and take some vacation time right around his grandkids birthdays. That’s what my mother does – and she’s an actual working professional that doesn’t get to set her own schedule like these princes of the realm do.

          2. Like it or not, these are the things royals do. As long as that is the case, this is what they do. Those bread and butter events are what keep them in their positions, so even if you think they are useless, they are part of the job. It is far from all Charles does, when you look at the Duchy, Prince’s Trust, Dumfries House, and taking over land management of the private estates from Philip a couple years ago.

            So now he has to schedule solid weeks off from work, around the kids birthdays, just to get a scrap of time from his truculent son? Ridiculous.

            No he really can’t just drop things with a days notice. He’s doing three jobs, and things are arranged 6-9 months in advance. If he clears both weekends around the grandkids birthdates, but W&K decide to have the birthday party at noon on Tuesday? And they only tell Charles a few days before, like they sprung the engagement on HM 2 hours before the already-called press conference?

            Charles cannot cancel whatever events are already planned with a day or two notice – with the excuse that he has to go to a birthday party they tried to keep him from attending. They know it and he knows it.

          3. Ok, we’ll go with your take: It is completely outside the realm of possibility for Charles to factor time off with his grandkids as he’s planning his engagements. There’s just far too much work for him to do.

            Meanwhile, Charles is currently puttering around Scotland, hundreds of miles away from his youngest grandchild – who has a birthday next week – and he doesn’t appear to have a single event on his calendar…

          4. We may scoff at what Royal work my entail but Charles’s charities have actually done some good and I’m not going to deride him for actually making an effort.
            He may have some flexibility in his schedule but so do the Cambridge’s.
            I’m a shift worker, since hospitals never close, I also work holidays and wkends. Both of my niece’s bday fall on holidays. When there was just one it wan’t so hard but now that there’s two, I have to decide which one I get to be there for on actual day and which we celebrate later. Of course I know what date their day is doesn’t change the fact that I don’t always get them off and it doesn’t mean I didn’t want to be there on the day. We just stretch the celebrations out =) unlike my family, William and Kate don’t seem willing to work with his schedule
            The sad part is that it’s the kids that lose

          5. Lobbit: Even if he were to take a week off around each baby’s birthday, the article makes clear that WK do not confirm anything until the very last minute plus they deliberately pick dates that he can’t attend.

            It seems no matter what he does, there is no guarantee that WK will accomodate him meanwhile he has to accomodate them including paying for the lifestyle tgat keeps them indolent and or pursuing personal interests whilst nannies and Carole take over the majority of childcare.

            And by yhe way, Charles is not pottering in Scotland unless you consider his management of Balmoral, Castle of May, Dumfries house and investitures at Holyrod pottering.

            If anyone is pottering it’s WK.

            Heck, even Carole works more than these 2 numpties.

          6. @herazeus and @sarah – Regardless, Charles is in Scotland right now and has nothing on his calendar for the next few weeks. You can’t ask for more flexibility than that! Rather than airing his grievances to the press, his energy would be better spent on efforts to connect with his grandkid. Let’s hope he uses his time off to do just that.

        2. You are basing this on the assumption that Charles is actually invited to attend their parties every year. We don’t know this.

          1. Right, every one in this thread is basing their assement of this situation on the assumption that William is deliberately and maliciously blocking his father from his grandchildren – we don’t know this. In fact, the article explicitly states this is not the case.

          2. Asking someone to come to an event when you know the answer is no is a nice/snarky way of blocking them.
            and just because Charles schedule is free doesn’t mean the Cambridge’s are. They could have taken off somewhere for all we know

    2. When they have the party isn’t fixed. Most parents I know have the party on a wkend when the date falls during a wk day. Especially since at 2 there aren’t many kids coming, mainly working adults.
      Just becuase Charles has a work ethic and his son and wife don’t, he shouldn’t be penalized. They could make the effort and see when he’s available to try and coordinate festivities

    3. Because Charles has engagements to do that are planned six months to A YEAR in advance, and W&K always make sure to schedule things for the kids when THEY KNOW he cannot be there for whatever reason. It is deliberate.

      You do your kid’s birthday party on a damn weekend when people can show up.

      This is deliberate cruelty towards Charles, who gives them everything and is afraid to rock the boat because we know William’s temper, imagine how much he knows of it.

      I think it is fairly obvious they do this on purpose to spite Charles.

      My kid is young. I take the effort to bring him to my parents, who are busy, rather than wait for them to find some scrap of time as they’ve not yet retired. I flew across the country so my son could see my grandmother who is HM’s age. It is what you do. You make it work if it is easier for you to make it work, and God knows it is easier for W&K to drop everything because they do nothing to go see Charles, or HM.

      1. “This is a deliberate cruelty towards Charles…”

        William portrays himself as an angry entitled man who believes it is God’s divine plan that he one day rules Britain and it’s Commonwealth. Does he think he needs the goodwill of any living person, including his father, with the exception of his grandmother? It has been decided and it will be what it will be.

        On the other hand, Charles loves his sons and would do *anything* to ensure their personal happiness. Why do I think that? A picture speaks a thousand words and the photo taken of the boys with their father at Diana’s funeral- the one where he is looking over at them as their heads are so bowed in grief- shows the all encompassing love and anguish of any parent who wishes to protect his babies from all of the hurt in the world.

        I don’t think it is deliberate of William to treat his father poorly- it is just William being William. I believe Charles will not rock the boat with reasonable (to regular folk) or unreasonable “demands” because he loves his boys so very much and would accept being vilified for their very comfort.

        Typical dysfunctional family (is there even such a thing as a functional family? The older I get the less I believe in this paragon) on a grand scale. And the Middleton’s are no better, though William does like being kowtowed to so probably doesn’t care.

        It’s all very sad and so much worse that the whole world is a witness to it.

        1. Yes, this is how I see Charles, despite his many other flaws, he clearly loves his children. Diana resented it, as when he was available HE wanted to do bath and bedtime and have that time with them. You can see how much he loves them when he is around Harry, but William has shut him out for the Middletons. It’s all so sad because I doubt Charles wants the same sort of dysfunction he was raised in.

  13. So the child is named after Charles isn’t she? Honestly, we have no idea how much time they spend with Charles – we aren’t privy to it. Kate’s schedule is completely free to take the kids to see him whenever he is free. We have no idea how often they are at Highgrove, Birkhall, etc. Charles is managing the Sandringham Estate for Philip now so he obviously gets over there too. To do family events only when Charles is free is silly — he likes to keep busy with the public – it’s his job. Not everyone has the desire to be a full-time grandparent – especially to little ones. There are other things in the world that are interesting too.

  14. What is also interesting about this kerfuffle is the care taken to emphasise good relations with the Queen.

    In the past when William wanted to justify something to the public, he would sanction articles that emphasised good relations and support of the Queen and POW.

    I guess that fiction is no longer to be perpetuated.

  15. It is fine now they are little. Once they grow up, I think they will spend more time with Charles. Kids always know when people are using them and who is fake.

  16. How very sad that Charles does not have more access to his grandchildren Sad for him and his wife. Sad for the children, too.

    I have many friends who don’t like their in laws, but who would never dream of denying them access to the kids. That causes pain beyond belief.

    As for Carole being such a great help to the couple. What is Nanny Maria doing? Come on.
    Carole has not proven herself to be the best of moms. Look how she has controlled the lives of all her children. What a pity that Charlotte has such poor role models to teach her as she grows. Thankfully, Charlotte seems to have her own strong personality. She is going to be a force to be reckoned with for her parents and Carole. Michael, I imagine, just roles with the punches that Carole jabs.
    And, what about Harry? How often does he really see his niece and nephew?

    1. “ is Charlotte’s maternal grandparents who play the biggest role in her life).”

      Just glanced at the article again. Shouldn’t Char’s own parents be the biggest influence in her life? THe article poses such a stupid point. How very tragic of Char’s own parents aren’t her best role models — especially her mother. Of course, if Kate doesn’t come more into her own and gain self confidence and more of a grasp on what her mark should be on the world, she won’t be a great role model for Charlotte, will she?

    2. Is there a photo of Harry with even one of the kids? That must upset Harry that he does not see them. I wonder if Harry marries Meghan what will happen. My advice would be to stay well away from William and Kate. As for Charles. I would stop funding Kate’s wardrobe.

      1. I think there are photos from one polo event with PGTips, Charles, Harry. Same event where Kate Middleton sat there doing nothing so Autumn Phillips grabbed up PGTips and took him off the path where the polo ponies came roaring down soon after.

        1. Autumn Phillips sounds a quick witted woman to have around. I like seeing her children and Mike and Zara’s little girl, playing together. Apparently Autumn didn’t know whom she was dating. It was only when she saw an event and someone said Princess Anne and her son, Peter Phillips. Peter was very elusive about his parents to her. I think Harry would like to see the kids more. That kid in the wellies and him were adorable when he was visiting his charity.

  17. I’ve made up my mind that the monarchy will not last long after The Queen unless there is a miracle/ WK needs to grow up or Charles can cut them off with the Duchy money.

  18. This is another of those articles that reads like he-said-she-said in the same article. The first half reads as pure pro-Middleton PR, evil royals, except HM whom we’re supposed to believe embraces the Middleton family and has no trouble with Charles being cut out. The second half reads straight from Charles’s side about how he’s cut out, the Middletons are controlling the future monarch, William is a petty, passive-aggressive lump, etc.

    If Harry ever marries (anyone), I hope his kids have a close relationship with Charles.

  19. If Charles wants to see his grandchildren, then he should go to them. I understand that the expectation is that the kiddies should be brought to him, but if that’s not happening, and spending time with the little ones is important to him, then he’ll just have to go to them. I mean, its not like he doesn’t know where to find them.

    I mean lol Charlotte’s birthday is the same date every year – if he wants to see the girl, then why why is he holed up in Scotland? Why not factor her birthday into his calendar?

    1. He has a job to do. Three at this point. He cannot guess which date they’ll have her birthday party. Sounds like if he clears a logical date, they’d pick a different one.

      Why should Charles be required to gatecrash at Middleton Manor to see his grandchildren? To be watched and dissected and have every movement reported back to W&K by Carole?

      Charles has the most complicated schedule. If W&K&Carole have spent three years deliberately cutting him out of things, he shouldn’t have to drop all the work he is doing to beg at the gates for a glimpse of the kids.

      1. He doesn’t have to guess – if the kid’s birthday is in May, then chances are they’re gonna celebrate at some point in May. But if the situation is as you’re presenting it — if Charles is so self-centered that he can’t tolerate being in the company of the Middletons for the sake of his grandkids, then it’s probably best that he stays away and focuses on his “job.”

        1. He should not have to (nor can he necessarily) schedule of several weeks of time, just to sit around and hope that this year he might be invited.

          I had a friend who was basically used as sperm donor by an unscrupulous woman. She did her utmost to cut him out of their son’s life. She moved to a rural area, no nearby “neutral” spaces (coffee shops, etc.). where he could spend time alone with their son when visiting him.

          She was there every minute, breathing down his neck, because she made sure that his visits could only take place in her house. Watching every move to have an excuse to make false claims against him and have him legally cut out completely. It was abusive on her part. He had to fight continually to build a relationship with their son that was 1-on-1.

          If that is what Charles faces, not being given any time alone with the grandkids away from Carole’s watchful and possibly negative oversight? I sympathize with him. I consider it abusive that he’d be required to play puppet for Carole and his brat of a son, just to get a scrap of time.

          No matter how it is sliced, W&K&Carole are the ones in the wrong here.

          1. That’s a really unfortunate situation for your friend, but it’s not really relevant to Charles’ case. He’s a grandfather – not a parent, he has no legal right to these children, and no one is trying to gin up abuse claims against him. Charles is not facing anything close to the trauma that your friend had to deal with.

            You are assuming that Charles is being “abused.” And you are assuming that he’s not being invited to be with his grandchildren – there is no evidence to support that.

            At the very worst, Charles is in a situation where he has to contend with in-laws that he doesn’t like in order to spend time with his grandchildren. And if that is the case, I say he should suck it up and deal. Instead of leaking his tale of woe to the press – and risking further damage to his relationship with his already truculent son, he should put his effort into see his grandkids whenever and however he can. Right now would be a good time – he’s not working.

          2. Since George and Charlotte are direct heirs to the throne, the Crown, who is currently the Queen, has more control over them than the average great grand child. And she won’t live forever. If for some reason William and Kate were not competent to be caring for them, the Crown as represented by Charles once the Queen passes, would step in.

            And in the current situation it is Charles supporting the grandkids anyway and not their parents. They don’t have or use independent income.

          3. Lobbit: i wouldn’t be so confident in your assertion that Charles has no legal right to the children.

            Carole better hope that the children reach majority before Charles becomes King because he becomes the children’s legal guardian until their majority and he would be in his right to cut her out completely.

            Right now, the Queen is their guardian which is another reason this article emphasises a close relationship which we all see as PR nonsense.

            Between the money and the guardianship, Carole is skating on very thin ice.

          4. @herazeus and et al. I’m completely secure in my understanding of the law here. Grandparents do not have automatic rights to grandchildren. Charles should be able to see his grandkids, but like or not, that’s a matter for the children’s parents to decide. If Charles is that pressed about it, he could petition the courts for visitation rights, but the bottom line is that the Crown does not and cannot circumvent ones parental rights – and for Gods sake, I can’t imagine why anyone would want it to be otherwise.

            Honestly, it’s absolutely ridiculous that we’re even discussing this situation in such dramatic extremes. This isn’t a soap opera. There is no custody battle here. And Charles isn’t going to cut anyone out of anything just because his boorish son doesn’t care to coordinate his childrens’ schedules with his father’s.

          5. The Windsors are a soap opera. lobbit, you’re forgetting the most important part of the law. These are the royal heirs. Everyday law does not apply here. If W&K died tomorrow, Her Majesty is their legal guardian. Not Carole. Her Majesty.

            Charles is working now, as Herazeus explicated. And even if he wasn’t, W&K would be yanking his chain and keeping the kids away from them. If Charles is not getting 1-on-1 time with the grandkids, only allowed to be with them when and if W&K decide to allow him to attend a party?

            I will continue to think that is an abusive situation designed to make sure that Charles doesn’t get to have a personal relationship with them. If he is only allowed to spend time with them when the Middletons are there, yes I will continue to consider that abusive.

          6. OK? You’ve decided that Charles, heir apparent to the British crown is being abused by a grasping middle class nobody. That is your choice. It’s your choice to bend these people into your preferred villain/victim archetypes. I, on the other hand prefer to acknowledge the complexity of human experience–as well as the fact that i don’t actually know these people and have no real knowledge of the inner workings of their filial relationships.

            The law is the law. that much I know. And I also know that Charles isn’t especially popular – circumventing the law to usurp William’s authority over his family would be political harikari,.

          7. I would be very careful calling something abusive when we don’t know the full story.

            Some people are really good at hiding their own abusive behavior and then playing the victim in public and making their abuse victim look like the abuser.

            Not saying that’s what’s happening here, from either side, but just in general.

          8. IMO, KMR, because this apparently wasn’t clear. *If* (emphasis required) Charles is only given the opportunity to interact with the grandchildren 1) on Middleton turf which includes Middleton-controlled Anmer 2) on the Middletons schedule and/or 3) when the Middletons are watching? Yes, I would consider that an abusive situation. They would be deliberately removing his ability to develop a 1-on-1 relationship.

    2. We don’t know the full story. William may have a legitimate reason for wanting to keep his children away from his father. I completely understand someone wanting to do that, and I would do the same thing if I had kids. But at the same time, we have to then say that we don’t know how much effort Charles has put into seeing his grandkids. He may have tried a lot, and been rejected a lot, and then given up because William just doesn’t want Charles to see G&C.

      I’ve been in a situation where I put in so much effort to see someone, but every time I made myself available or made plans with this person, they would be dismissive and cancel last minute. It didn’t matter how much effort I put in or how available I made myself, they always were unavailable. So at some point I stopped trying and said to myself that if they cared then they would make some effort. They never did, and I haven’t spoken to them in two years. That doesn’t mean I didn’t complain about it in private, but it means I stopped putting in effort when I knew it wouldn’t lead to anything.

      If someone doesn’t want to see you, they won’t see you no matter how much effort you put in or how available you make yourself.

      So this may be a situation where Charles put in effort to see George and W&K constantly canceled or whatever, and at this point Charles has stopped trying and is waiting for them to come to him. Or this may be a situation where William has a legitimate reason for wanting to keep his kids away. We don’t know.

      I will say that if William has a legitimate reason for wanting to keep his kids away from his father, William should probably stop taking his father’s money.

      More than anything, I’m just sick of these types of articles because, like I said in the my post, it’s like a terrible movie sequel that no one asked for. We just keep getting rounds of these types of articles every year.

      1. If William thinks he has reasons for keeping them away, he needs to man up and walk away.

        He would not only be refusing a grandfather access to grandkids, he’s refusing a possible future sovereign’s ability to train and mentor another potential future sovereign.

        William’s entire lifestyle is funded because of his position. He has shown, and spoken, time and again that he despises that position. He needs to stop living off of the institution and family he appears to loathe. Stop playing games, man up, and walk away.

  20. It’s not just Charles. They had charlotte’s christening when Harry was out of the country.
    It’s clear that William’s family doesn’t rank high on his list.
    I get that the groom can naturally be encompassed in the Bridges’s family. My family is closer than my bil is to his. But my sister makes a concerted effort that his family gets time with the kids even when it can be an inconvenience and they aren’t the nicest peeps around.
    I’m not saying the responsibility should fall on to Kate but she could be helping the situation. Charles pays for their lifestyle. I’d love for him to actually cut them off for a bit. When you control the purse strings you could actually make some stipulations attached to it. What does he have to lose? There is apparently already a fractured relationship so William saying he can’t see the kids? It looks like he already does that.

    1. I think they had that christening when they did for a couple of reasons. They wanted themselves front and center, no distracting popular Uncle Harry. They also picked the date closest to Diana’s birthday and had it as her childhood church.

      1st born child, hidden private christening. 2nd born golden female child gets a public pap stroll complete with pre-selected media in the corral.

    2. As a mother Kate should want her kids to have relationships with all living grandparents, especially the one who funds their luxurious and privileged lifestyle. Will may be stubborn, but Kate could work around him if she wanted to since she has done so before on other issues.

      That said I don’t think Charles likes her very much and so she won’t make the effort.

      1. As future monarchs and members of the royal family, these children should be more involved in royal life so that they can be come accustomed to it. Hiding away with W&K won’t make these children more aware of the plights of the every man which they will eventually serve, nor will they be aware of their struggles.

    3. My BIL detests his mother, she would love to see her grandchildren more, when I asked my sister why she doesn’t try & encourage him to build some bridges, let the the kids see his mom…my sister just shrugged and said it was between them…something I think Kate has done.

      1. I actually loathe my sister’s in-laws. If it were me, I’d say f**k it and let the son figure out time (which wouldn’t be that often) so she’s a better woman than I.
        The difference (I’m assuming same with your sis) is their livelihood isn’t dependent on anyone but themselves.
        He who controls the purse strings gets to make some rules in my book. He should watch Gilmore girls and take notes on how they got to see their grandkid =)

        1. How did they get to see their grand kid in Gilmore girls, Sarah? I had to literally turn up at my own niece’s christening. My sister in law’s mother was surprised to say the least, and me being a generation nearer to them than she was to them. Though it is something about the girls being in the female line.So would Charles and Camilla be George and Charlotte’s guardians then? Or would Harry and Meghan get the kids?

          1. On Gilmore Girls, Richard and Emily paid for Rory’s school in exchange for weekly dinners with Lorelai and Rory. So the grandparents paid for access to their grandkid.

          2. Thank you KMR. I have heard of Gilmore Girls. I have been watching ‘The Crown’, on Netflix whilst ill but I have not seen Gilmore Girls yet. In my opinion, Grandparents or any relatives should not have to buy their way in. But I can understand why.

  21. I don’t think anyone is really doing anything on purpose other than the press. Like people say PC has engagements well into 6 months to a year it’s not like Charles can cancel charity events/state visits/meetings with important people, he has expectations as an heir and future monarch , it’s just not done that way and W&k probably end up looking bad because no matter what date they choose he will most likely be busy. I would not be surprised if he just visits her a few days early or late and just give her a gift when he has time.

    1. That the most likely scenario…there are also stories out there that when Camilla’s grandchildren were little, she would never have them at Highgrove because “Charles didn’t tolerate small children”. Could be he’ll be more involved when the kids are older. Not everyone enjoys toddlers & pre-schoolers- Charles might be one of those people.

      1. I read that same thing. But seeing Prince Charles with Eliza Lopes and the way he played with William and Harry, I am coming to the conclusion it might just be untrue. I mean look at Autumn or Zara. They are good mums. But what is printed in the papers is just speculation, until otherwise.

  22. “OK? You’ve decided that Charles, heir apparent to the British crown is being abused by a grasping middle class nobody. That is your choice. It’s your choice to bend these people into your preferred villain/victim archetypes. I, on the other hand prefer to acknowledge the complexity of human experience–as well as the fact that i don’t actually know these people and have no real knowledge of the inner workings of their filial relationships.”

    Your comment is priceless lobbit.

    So funny and so true.

  23. No coincidence that William wanted to be near the Queen in Norfolk than Charles in Glous..whatever it’s called??
    No shit! The Queen gave them a mansion in Norfolk, not Glousblabla.

    Idiotic writing.

    1. They weren’t gonna ever buy anything themselves, they would never be that put out! They’d just kick out the people living in Anmer so they can rip out an already renovated home and spend more taxpayer bucks.

      Charles bought a property Harewood Park and renovated it, supposedly for WK to use one day. I hope Harry gets it instead.

    2. As KMR and others have pointed out, the Queen isn’t in Norfolk. HM lives in London and in Windsor. She is only at Sandringham around holidays of Easter and Christmas.

      Ellie, Harry cannot have either Highgrove or Harewood. Both are owned by the Duchy, not Charles personally. He’d have to sell them, at going market rate, to Harry before William gains control of the Duchy. Otherwise, Wm could throw Harry and his family out the second Wm becomes Duke of Cornwall.

      1. Is Charles still pushing to gain permanent control of the Duchy? I had first thought that move was due solely to selfishness on his part, but now I’m wondering if it is to keep control of that incredible amount of money from William and thus the Middletons, and perhaps also to protect Harry’s future.

        1. Lizzie, I have always had the feeling that once Charles is king or when Harry has a wife and kids that Charles will protect Harry’s family. Also have a feeling the Queen as well.

        2. I could see that being a part of it. Hm. Hadn’t considered it. With all the money it has gained and how good the management is thanks to Charles, I could see him not wanting it to be run into the ground by William, and by Kate’s prolific spending. It is there for every heir, not just for W. It needs to be maintained and taken care of. Not just the portfolio and cash but the lands, the estates, the farms where people count on the Duchy for their livelihood which Charles takes very seriously.

      2. Nota, you always make the same comment about William kicking out Harry family once he is Duke of Cornwall. Charles would do anything for Harry.

        1. It doesn’t matter what Charles wants for Harry. He cannot give away something that doesn’t belong to him. The Duchy doesn’t belong to him. If Harry moves into a property owned by the Duchy, he is at risk. When HM dies, William immediately gains control of the Duchy of Cornwall. He can throw Harry out of any Duchy property immediately.

  24. This is quite typical in any family. The maternal grandparents usually get more access to the children simply because usually daughters remain (or enhance) close ties to their mothers after they give birth. Yes I’m generalizing but that’s typically how it goes. Carole obviously has a lot more free time than Charles and Carole and Michael have equal status and blood grandparents. I’m not surprised Charles doesn’t get to see them as frequently as the Middletons.

    1. Thank you Jessica for the explanation. However a daughter’s relationship with her mother is separate. My sister in law has moved away from her mother with my nieces. It shouldn’t enhance because children are not furniture. Usually the more the maternal grandparent(s) cling the worse the relationship with the grand child. I wanted a relationship with my grand mothers. I even made an effort with one because we were not close. I think it is more about influence. Poor Charlotte with Carole and Kate as role models.

      1. ps Which county is Windsor in? Is it near London?

        I hope Prince Charles gives Harewood House to Harry and Meghan. If he does marry her. Every passing day I wish they would announce and give some good news.

          1. Thank you Ellie. I saw the photos of Windsor castle after the fire in the papers at School. My first thought was what about people who lose their homes and don’t have another one to go too. Unlike HM

      2. True; a mother’s relationship with her daughter is very personal but for generalization sake typically mothers and daughters and her kids are rather close in comparison to the relationship she has with her in-laws. It’s William’s responsibility to make sure that Charles can see his grandkids.

    2. +1, although in my situation it was a case of proximity and I was much closer to my MiL❤️, till she passed away 3yrs ago. Not that my kids were kept from my parents, but my inlaws were a mile down the road!

      Also, yes, equal in blood, but destiny and bloodline of these children make this argument a bit lopsided imo. I really hope these babies are seeing Charles as much as they can, he is a very busy dedicated man. I think the papers print a lot of poo that gets people riled when the news cycle is slow.

  25. I’m going to play devils advocate and say that we don’t really know the inner workings of their life, and the children are theirs and their business how they are raised. Whether or not it’s the right thing and how it will affect them is purely speculation on our part and frankly none of our business, when one of them is a public servant then sure maybe because they are helping run a country, but not now.

    1. They are public servants, or are supposed to be, who fund themselves on public money for a life of luxury. And do nothing to give any of that back.

      1. Technically only HM The Queen and the Prince of Wales are true public servants just like the U.S. President is a public servant but his wife and children are private citizens even though they get Secret Service and other accommodations. I guess I just don’t care about the perception about how often Charles gets to see his grandchildren, that’s a private matter.

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