Meghan Markle took time off from ‘Suits’ to stay at Kensington Palace with Prince Harry

Meghan Markle took time off from ‘Suits’ to stay at Kensington Palace with Prince Harry

I’m writing about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle again mainly due to my own laziness – quoting an outside article and adding a few comments is much less time consuming than writing other types of articles. So here’s a Richard Kay article about Meghan staying at Kensington Palace with Harry, and possibly being introduced to Harry’s entire family this weekend since they are all in London at the same time.

I cut out a few lines for space and because they’re things we’ve read numerous times already.

    “Over the years royal women have often shopped on Kensington High Street as it is just down the road from Kensington Palace. Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle is not – yet – a princess, of course, but yesterday the American-born actress was following this royal tradition. She is staying, I can reveal, with Harry at his bijou Kensington Palace home, Nottingham Cottage, which used to be occupied by Prince William and Kate. And after a shopping expedition among the organic produce at the three-storey Whole Foods store, the 35-year-old returned to the palace with two bulging shopping bags.
    “Shoppers no doubt did a double-take on the by now familiar glamorous features of the girl Harry revealed this week he had been seeing for ‘a few months’ as she went around buying what, to them, may have looked like last night’s supper. Her staying with Harry in London is the clearest indication yet that the relationship between the divorcee and the fifth in line to the throne is ‘serious’. And the timing of Miss Markle’s visit is hugely significant, not least because it appears she was in the UK when Harry publicly declared his love for her.
    “She is taking time off from filming her popular US television legal drama, Suits, to be with him, telling her producers she had ‘something important’ to do. Some reports yesterday suggested this may have been to see her lawyers after Harry’s extraordinary statement confirming their relationship catapulted her into the media spotlight – and of course maybe she did. It seems more likely, however, that it concerned her decision to fly to London to see her royal beau.
    “Yesterday, entirely alone, she was dressed for the British winter looking nothing like the glossy red carpet performer with whom Harry became captivated only four months ago. In the chilly November air she was wearing a waxed jacket, leggings and very British navy blue Wellington boots. She wore a brown baseball cap that Harry often wears, pulled down low over her brunette hair. Unusually, she was not wearing dark glasses. Pointedly, a poppy was pinned to her lapel. At the time of her trip to the shops, Prince Harry, 32, was at a solemn ceremony at the Field of Remembrance outside Westminster Abbey. […]
    “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are Harry’s near neighbours at the palace. Well-placed sources have told the Mail that contrary to speculation, the actress had not met William and Kate previously. But Harry’s brother is currently in residence as he undertakes official duties in London, meaning it is inevitable that the two will have been introduced. He is due to be joined by Kate to attend the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall tomorrow night, followed by the official ceremony at the Cenotaph on Sunday. Prince Charles is flying back from Bahrain today and will be in London over the weekend with his wife Camilla. And, unusually, the Queen and Prince Philip will be in London for the next few days too. That means Harry could take the opportunity to introduce his girlfriend to his entire family.
    “For someone who divides her time between her home in California and Toronto, where Suits is filmed, Meghan certainly looked as though she knew her way around the busy West London thoroughfare. This suggests it is not the first time she has stayed with him. In his strongly worded statement this week Harry accused the media of intrusion and lashed out at the ‘sexism and racism of social media trolls’. His message, via his communications secretary Jason Knauf, was that their relationship ‘is not a game – it is her life and his’. The statement added that Harry was ‘worried about Miss Markle’s safety’ and ‘deeply disappointed that he has not been able to protect her.’ In the circumstances it is rather surprising that she was unaccompanied.
    “The royal romance was revealed less than a fortnight ago after they were given away by matching friendship bracelets both have worn for months. Yesterday she was wearing the distinctive beaded bracelet as she strolled back to the palace with her purchases, which included a Whole Planet Foundation bag for life. The bracelet has often featured in photographs Miss Markle, who shares Harry’s fondness for Africa and humanitarian work, has posted on social media. […] Days before the story broke, Harry flew to Canada and reportedly stayed at her Toronto home.
    “Last night royal insiders admitted that her presence at his home indicates that the relationship is serious. ‘To come and go at a royal home is a very concrete sign that they have become extremely close,’ said a courtier.”

[Daily Mail]

The thing that surprises me most is that she went out alone instead of having a bodyguard with her. Jason literally just claimed that Harry “is worried about [her] safety and is deeply disappointed that he has not been able to protect her”, yet he let’s her go out shopping without any sort of protection? I don’t think she should have a royal protection officer with her, but what happened to the private security she had with her in Toronto?

Here are a couple photos and a video of Harry at the opening of the Field of Remembrance with Prince Philip at Westminster Abbey on November 10. Both Philip and Harry laid a Cross of Remembrance in front of two wooden crosses from the Graves of Unknown British Soldiers from the First and Second World Wars.

255 thoughts on “Meghan Markle took time off from ‘Suits’ to stay at Kensington Palace with Prince Harry

  1. Those two fell in love and now she is in London. Good for them. Long distance relationships aren’t easy. Why she was out and about without a bodyguard can be due to the simple fact that she still isn’t used to this kind of intrusion. Of course, she’s an actress and did some red carpets in her life but she wasn’t in the focus of the paparazzi like this before. Maybe it takes some time until she realizes that putting on a basecap and sunglasses just isn’t enough to go incognito. If i were in her shoes I had difficulties to adapt to this new situation as well. In dubio pro reo.

      1. No, but I think she didn’t realize yet that she will be recognized that easy in the streets of London as this isn’t her hometown (yet). Maybe she just went to Whole Foods thinking “Well, I put on this basecap and nobody will recognize me because I’m in London, I’m not popular here and when I look outside the window there is no paparazzi in sight.”

      2. Is it possible there is someone nearby that the press didn’t catch in the photograph ? In any case, she will see this and have someone next time. She has probably been going out incognito and just lucked out not being caught until now.

        Anyway, she would know about wearing a poppy from living in Canada for the last few years during the month of November. We start wearing them on November 1st until Remembrance Day on the 11th. Our poppies aren’t quite as fancy as the UK ones though.

        So I hope the people going on still that this is a fling and isn’t serious stop with that. Obviously she is in town to meet the rest of the family. She was probably already in the UK when he sent the letter, or already on her way.

        1. I honestly wouldn’t be shocked if they announced an engagement by the end of the year. The fact that she’s staying with him at KP isn’t shocking – since Cress stayed their with him, too – but the fact that she took time off work to spend time with him in London during a period where there are important RF engagements going on and his entire family is in London may be. Plus the statement defending her which is unprecedented with other girlfriends.

          But then again I wouldn’t be shocked if they broke up by the end of the year either. I honestly wouldn’t be shocked by anything that happens in their relationship now. I was shocked by the KP statement, though. Eh, wait and see I guess. I just hope the racist, sexist treatment of her stops.

          1. The bit about her taking time off from work is so weird. Makes her look kind of Waity and unprofessional. I don’t know why would they want this info out there.

            An engagement announcement would be glorious. I think we could all use a royal wedding at the moment.

          2. Yeah, I don’t know what to make of the fact that she asked for time off of filming. I wonder if that was always scheduled, or if she just asked recently. If she just asked recently then I wonder if that threw the whole filming schedule for a loop because now they have to quickly rearrange the schedules. I’ve worked on a friend’s short film shoot and those schedules are scheduled to within an inch of their life in order to spend as little money as possible. I also wonder how big a role she has if they can easily film without her for a week – I’ve never watched Suits so I don’t know anything about her character.

          3. Yep, I worked on a film once and have a few friends in TV/movie area, and one of their biggest complaints are actors disrupting production. I also haven’t watched Suits, so I don’t know what to make of this either.

          4. She is one of the main characters on the show, but she is not the lead by any means. The show can function around her. She is an important character since she is engaged to one of the leads, but that is only reason why.

            I thought it was strange too that she asked for time off to handle a personal issue. Having worked in film, it is very inconvenient . And honestly, very unprofessional. She obviously didn’t take time off for a family emergency, but rather to spend time with Harry. That has to say a lot to her coworkers. It rubs me the wrong way and really reminds me of Kate who would drop everything for William. I don’t want Meghan to be the same way.

          5. I have suggested that to a couple of people — the engagement. I wouldn’t be surprised either if they’re engaged by New Year’s.

    1. I’d also guess that there would have been some plainclothes security nearby — even if she doesn’t realize how much attention her presence brings, Harry or someone else in the palace should be aware and take precaution.

      Plainclothes security would help in not attracting even more attention, but still looking out for her safety.

    2. Spot on!
      She seems humble like her Prince, respect for where she is – without the snobbery of “I am gf of a Prince/, stay at KP’, no need to add the expense on security for show – to hide in the forest – all the entitlement of lazy secretive, whiny and flasher middletons.

      Let’s hope she practice the classy dutiful, professional working Royal ladies of Europe.

  2. Hasn’t Harry been spotted grocery shopping in the same area? I’m not sure if at Whole Foods.

    On a fashion note, I really dislike Harry’s uniform coat with the flaps and I think lace on the lower sleeves. I’m sure it is proper and historical, and I usually like uniforms, but not this one.

      1. Herazeus, thank you! Why is this? I could not figure it out when I saw Harry yesterday. Is it that the sleeves are too loose? I have always loved William in this uniform but Harry just looked so overwhelmed.

    1. I don’t know…as long as we don’t see them together I find it hard to judge the energy between them. Just let us wait and see. 🙂

  3. Why must they continually refer to her as the ‘American divorcee’? Who cares if she’s divorced, as long as the couple make each other happy is all that matters. Personally I wasn’t impressed by the way she alluded to the relationship on social media, trying to stir up interest etc. I’m still not sure whether they are in it for the long haul, I look forward to seeing photos of the couple together to decide.

        1. I dont think his kids will even be HRH, so people need to cool off with her being divorced. Unless it was some ugly, messy scandal, which it doesn’t sound like it was.

          1. His kids won’t be HRH while HM is still alive (since they won’t be grandchildren of the monarch nor grandchildren of the first son of the Prince of Wales). But once Charles is king Harry’s children will be HRH since they will then be grandchildren of the monarch.

        2. I agree it is 2016, but Prince Henry is as much in Line as Prince of York or Wessex (current Monarch); than george charlotte without a King William heir.

  4. I have a few questions: didn’t she said somewhere she was super excited to go to a place for three weeks in January, to further her humanitarian water-related cause? And that she was only going to start filming Suits again in Feb/March? I was under the impression she would not be working this few months, at least in the acting front…
    If this is true then maybe the press only invented her ‘taking time off’…

    1. Here in Scandinavia anyone who’d be subject to such a media frenzy would be advised to take some time off to let the things calm down and look after him/herself. If you’re under stress, you’re not always fit to work. So even if she took time off, I wouldn’t blame her.

      1. That is why so many Scandinavian countries end up on the lists of happiest places to live. If only they weren’t so darn expensive, especially the real estate.

    2. From what I read, she was filming Suits last week. So they are currently filming. I think they’re filming the first half of the next season now, and will be filming the second half of the next season in Feb/March/whenever she said.

    3. That would make more sense to me, as television programs do not film year round. Nor would she be in every scene or needed every day. It is more likely to me that she already had this time scheduled off, and the press are spinning another tale because that’s what they do. If she asked for time off, as all employees are allowed to do, her bosses get to decide.

    4. She was supposed to be filming the second half of Season 6 right now. Then in Feb/March they would start filming season 7. USA, which is the channel Suits is on, breaks the season up very oddly with months between the first half of a season and the second half. So, she was suppose to be working when she took this week off.

      1. USA used to split the seasons of Psych up with months in between too. It was very annoying.

        1. Omg, it drives me nuts :). No wonder every show on USA looses viewers. They take way too long of breaks during the season so people forget about the show and/or don’t know it came back on. USA really shoots themselves in the foot with their programming.

  5. Not that I am in a position to declare whether or not they make a likely relationship it still is easier making visual observations to make my ultimate decision.

    I would think long distance relationships might be a bit easier due to modern technology with skyping, etc.

    Best of whatever Harry and Meghan wish for ……

  6. It’s cute and all that they are in the honeymoon phase. They must make each other happy to jump through loops.

    Interesting, that the paps caught her shopping and entering KP. I hope that these photos were not orchestrated by PH or KP though, as it overshadows the Remembrance day festivities, Ironically the photos really overshadow his event. I don’t think KP thought this through if they initiated contact with the paps. Maybe, I’m over reacting, but It’s kind of disrespectful IF they did things intentionally, just my opinion.

    It does seem a bit fishy that there are no photos of her at the airport, but there are photos of her entering KP after shopping and doing a bit of promoting through that bag (though it could have been unintentional.) The paps could of been there to take photos of the royals and she just happened to be spotted?

    I’m not saying they are organizing pap strolls or something for certain, but if they are intentionally doing pap strolls to send a message, then PH has no right to whine about their privacy IF they are doing this. I understand wanting to defend his GF, because the journalist were going way out of line .

    However I don’t think he should whine about his privacy if he courts the press to his advantage. They can’t have it both ways. PH is really starting to remind me of PW, who whines about the press, yet has no problem using the press to his advantage, but then again what royal/celebrity hasn’t done that?

    I know he hasn’t technically whined about his privacy, but he just give me that type of vibe recently for whatever reason.

    I have no idea why I thought PH or KP orchestrated the pap stroll, it just came to mind.It kind of reminds me when kate and her family would organize pap strolls, except this times it seems to be KP doing the plotting, so to speak.

    As for MM time off, she could have finished filming her scenes and flew off immediately to be with him to sort things out. The press probably just added a twist.

    I go from feeling sorry about them, to raising an eyebrow at PH +KP, they seem to be adding some flames to the fire.

    I’m a bit surprised about this post, I usually don’t really care to comment on PH’s private life.

    1. I’m pretty sure there are paps around KP without anyone calling them in these days. They knew they’d get a photo sooner or later and were determined to wait. Cannot imagine Harry wanting them to be there, and it wouldn’t be his way to do things to overshadow Remembrance Day events, we know how devoted he is to veterans. Actually I have been around KP and seen people with cameras which looked way too professional for simple tourist snaps, and a friend told me it’s a pretty common sight there if they’re waiting for someone to come or go. That we haven’t seen more photos emerge yet can mean that at least some papers have decided to let them alone at least for the time being. At least I hope so!

      1. They may be more than usual, trying to play catch up. If she’s already visited him in London several times, they’ll be hungrier-than-usual to get shots of her. Making up for lost time.

    2. “I hope that these photos were not orchestrated by PH or KP .” Well duchesschicana I think you may be right. I looked the DM story about Meghan at KP and there are an part which says MEGHAN MARKLE: HOW THE ACTRESS IS AN ACTIVE HUMANITARIAN CAMPAIGNER. And I noticed the comments are moderated. Yesterday the comments were criticizing Harry and Meghan and today (specifically on this article) most of the comments say “Leave them alone”. It’s odd, it’s like someone said to DM “Look, Meghan is here, take the pictures, and now write nice articles about HER, and only post good comments about them”. It’s all PR. Harry is wrong, this is REALLY a game.

      1. Just a random thought… I think the British press has realized (or at least I hope they have) Harry seriously means they have crossed a line, and understand that unless they want him to retire from the public eye or at least be very un-cooperative in the future, they need to treat him and those dear to him with more respect. I don’t know, but I hope that’s the case. I’m happy to hear the comments are moderated, because journals must understand their responsibility when allowing comments. It speaks volumes if any insults and attacks are allowed, even when they represent the personal views of the commentators.

        1. +1. And as KMR pointed out, one big issue in the verbose statement was the racism from online trolls. It is the media outlets that are not deleting those comments that were a big target. DM regularly allows racist comments about Michelle Obama, and only deletes them after complaints are sent in. The same may have been happening with Markle.

      2. Jamel, I want to second something you said. Harry and Jason put that dramatic line in the KP statement “this is not a game–it’s her life and his.” What they seem to miss is that PR is NOTHING if not a game, and I’m not sure that they a)understand they must ALWAYS play the long game and b)understand WHOM they may be playing the game with and against (trad press, social media, public, Meghan’s team, etc.)

        Here is what’s unsettling to me. All that needed to happen (IF anything) was Meghan could have popped up walking back to the palace from Whole Foods. She could have just been seen in London. Instead, yesterday, in the NYPost, there was an exclusive that she had asked for time off for filming, which beget another round of, is she stressed, is she suing, is it too much, will she leave him, will she be fired? Anyone who knows how PR works knows that that article did not just magically appear in the NYPost. Someone put it there. Who? Why get one more day of stories if you are trying to lay low and not get attention?

        For close observers, this is what just doesn’t add up about this whole thing. Did someone from Suits leak it? Or did someone from her team put it there and if so is Harry in on this?

        1. Yes GreenTrees, Meghan asked time off filming saying she had “some important to do” and now we know this “something important” are being with Harry at Kensington Palace. I usually dislike Richard Palmer but I agree with his post today. He wrote “So, as some suspected, the “something important to do” for Meghan Markle was to be in London seeing Prince Harry this week.” And the story about people trying get into Meghan’s house, One of the three pohtographers at her house AND a neighbour said everything was civil and no garage break in. There isn’t a police report. No one was arrested, warned, detained, anything. Harry boldly and deliberately lied in an official palace statement. I’ve also heard that if Harry feels challenged (like he does now) he doubles down just to prove a point. It’s extremely childish behavior that this woman seems to be encouraging. I think it’s just lust because you don’t know or love a person completely after 3 months of long distance dating. He is risking ruining his reputation/pr image for a woman he may not even marry. Lainey gossip gets their info directly from Meghan (she knows a friend of Meghan). I repeat: this is really a game.

          1. I totally agree with you Jamel.
            I think that the story about the journalists breaking into her house was a lie by Meghan, not by Harry.

            Sorry but am I the only one thinking that asking for time off to spend some time with a boyfriend is highly unprofessional and lack of work ethic like Kate does?

            If things will go on, wil she work hard or ask for time off.

            Sorry but I liked her at the beginning. When I saw how she acted, all those leaks, the instagrams pics, her relative leaking I stopped liking her.
            What the Royals demand is discrecion and she has not, it all looked to me as a successful attempt to give her fame

          2. Perhaps Harry was given bad information by Meghan. I obviously don’t know her, but it wouldn’t be unlike many people to call and exaggerate to their boyfriend when they are scared, panicked, want attention, or any of the above. I know I sure as hell do it when there’s a scary bug or something in our apartment. “You must come home now there’s a GIANT spider in the house!” and it’s just a little one. Perhaps she used hyperbole and Harry put out the statement too quickly before fact checking her or letting her cool down.

          3. I agree, it is totally a game. Harry may not even know he is playing though, which is a bit concerning. He seems to be so caught up in ‘defending’ her that he may not see what she’s doing, or at least what I see her doing. Maybe she really loves him, but I don’t think she respects him yet. If she did no big deal would have been made out of taking time off from a t.v. show ‘for something important’, and personally I don’t think she would have been front and center in London. She is an actress, I’d never heard of her until now but that’s not a biggee since I watch very little t.v. these days and wouldn’t have watched a show like “Suits” ever. Drama can blind people to the real deal, I hope this isn’t happening here. And will someone please explain to me the uproar about ‘misogynistic’ comments because I can’t figure out where and what they are. As for the racism? As the mother of a man who married a gorgeous Hispanic (just being PC here, we call her Mexican, and she was born in Colorado) woman, and the grandmother of three bi racial children, to me that is a non issue. I just don’t see how what Meghan is doing can be viewed as innocent, which is the wrong word but the only one I can come up with, she’s basking in the spotlight. But the lies? Don’t tell me that she couldn’t stop the train. Simple. Shut up. Stay at work. That’s respect and maturity.
            Harry and his statement really fueled the fire, I think. It isn’t going to help at all because people are going to be what they are and nothing he can say is going to change that. Silence might have been the better choice. Show us that she’s the one, take her out, be together, regard the crappy comments as rubbish, and consider the source thereof.

      3. I read those comments before moderation, and some were beyond belief horrible, including one alluding to Diana’s death. They needed to be moderated. Seemed to justify some of Harry’s complaints.

        I would think a pap stroll would involve a clearer picture of her face.

        1. Yes Fifi but unfortunately there will always be racists and haters. Either you ignore them or sue them, but then you’ll spend the rest of your life in court. Harry is dating a woman who is of black descent, he has to be ready for racist comments. I never really liked Chelsy Davy but I wonder WHY did Harry NEVER defend her publicly from the negative (also racist) comments about her? This bothers me about him. Only few months of date with Meghan and he is complaining. To use media or publicity hungry as an insult to someone whose livelihood is entirely based in media and exposure is ridiculous.

          1. Perhaps he learnt his lesson.

            He once said of Chelsy that she was a wonderful person, but he wouldn’t discuss her publicly because it would open doors that couldn’t be closed.

            Perhaps he is serious about Meghan, and he is older and wiser and feels he can say something THIS time.

            A case of learning how bad it got with Chelsy and vowing to protect the next person who came into his life?

            Cressida had friends in high places, so she was already protected without his help, but Meghan is a whole other level of abuse and she’s not as connected as she thinks she is. Just like Chelsy, so perhaps this time he feels he shouldn’t let it get as bad as Chelsy or worse without saying anything publicly.

            By the way, he used to punch people who said rude things about Chelsy, so he wasn’t indifferent to the abuse she was getting.

          2. Herazeus, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. He’s older, he may have already made the internal commitment to himself that *this* person is the one. He’ll protect her. If he doesn’t, he loses her.

            In his little bubble, he didn’t realize how many racist trolls would come out from under their rocks. Not only saying horrible things about her, but insisting he will destroy the monarchy if he marries her. The type of royal watchers who believe “royal blood” exists and “purity” must be maintained. He just didn’t see it coming.

            Reminds me of Grand Duke Henri bringing home his Cuban girlfriend, only to have his racist mother call her “la negrita” when he wasn’t around. That was 35 years ago, and look where we still are today.

            This is why he needs someone who knows how to do the job, instead of that idiot Jason. A statement of a few sentences, highlighting that it was about the racism, would have been the answer. He should turn to his father for advice on this one, not the hired gun.

          3. Jamel, i totally agree.
            Meghan is a 35 year old woman, not a 25 year old girl.
            She is an actress she works in the showbusiness, she loves being in the limelight and she’ s obviously aware and used to negative comments.

            Harry is one of the best of the BRF IMO but is ruining a lot of things he did for a woman who only seems to use him , for a woman he barely knows

          4. Being aware of them and used to them makes them okay?

            That whole anti-bullying thing he’s part of? It doesn’t have an upper age limit. Harry has stood up and decided to go after online racist trolls who are attacking someone he cares about, and the media outlets who are enabling it instead of following their usual moderation practices.

            And he gets criticized for it? SMH.

        2. I agree!
          And speaks poorly of how we have become use to lazy secretive whiny willnot/cannot entitlement/carol the middletons tactics in climbing.

          If Megan is gaming the relationship or our much loved Prince Harry, her career would suffer; and if this is serious and their life – then MM life will be moving to UK for royal duties/charity work, service to her Prince/HM, BRF – monarchy and the people.

    3. Whole foods shares the same building as the DM offices. Shopping there is foolish on her part, but to be fair wholefoods is at the front of the building whilst the DM offices are at the back. She may not realuse that she’s practically walking into the DM’s backyard by going to wholefoods.

        1. Green trees: not really.

          The entrance she’s using is discreet in the sense that it opens into a discreet private road that eventually leads to the proper gates of KP. This private road serves 3 destinations, KP, a street nicknamed Billionaires’ road AND Hyde Park. it’s not a given that anyone using this entrance is heading to KP.

          Contrary to popular myth, there are no hordes of paps hanging out at this entrance. It’s a very busy thoroughfare and tourists do not realise that this road leads to KP. Usually tourists use the park entrances to get to the palace.

          Further, proximity to Billionaires’row AND security conscious embassies in Billionaires’ row mean that anyone lurking about is swiftly moved along by the security services covering that street.

          There is a second more discreet alleyway than the private road that eventually leads directly to the gates of KP, but you have to run the gauntlet of another more public street running off Ken High street before you reach this second alleyway.

          Until she enters the private road or the alleyway, she’s prey to anyone with a camera.

          1. As I say before, Meghan is a woman, she’ s 35 and she’ s an actress, she recorded sexy scenes too ( nothing wrong with that).
            She’ s used to be photographed, she’ s not a teacher or an accountant, she lives to be seen

          2. Looks like she’s at the gates of Palace Ave? You can’t go down that road if I remember correctly. Maybe you can walk though, not drive?

    4. The bag is sold at whole foods as one of their campaigns. So the only thing she’s really promoting is that the ceo of whole foods is a complete tool and a hypocrite!
      Also, as a vegetarian I think they have some of the best produce out there but find it absurd to spend around $50 for two days worth of produce.

        1. Exactly! Why not help the poor by providing nutritious healthy food at a more affordable cost? ?
          John Oliver did a great piece on food waste that was maddening and frustrating.

          1. Whole Foods did open a low cost branch in Chicago in a food desert. I don’t know if it was successful, but at least they are aware.

        2. And the outfit she was wearing while she has every right to wear it was quite costly, no? I think the bag, no matter it’s source was a very poor choice even if this wasn’t a pap stroll since Meghan was out in the open and had to know that in this day and age anyone and his dog can take a picture. And would. I don’t think this was anything but a ‘here I am’ moment.

  7. Regarding shopping without a bodyguard and especially shopping at wholefoods on Ken High street, it’s all about location.

    Whole foods is a skip and a hop outside the Palace. It’s an easy 5min stroll from the gates to the store. And you don’t really get into the main thoroughfare of the street. She may have thought this was an easy and quick excursion especially if she’s been doing it all these weeks without anyone picking up on it.

    Of course she wasn’t outed before, so perhaps she forgot that she’s more recognisable now.

    Secondly, she was foolish to go to Wholefoods near the palace instead of going to Waitrose which is the other end of the street.

    Wholefoods is in the same block as the DM offices. The chances of being caught at wholefoods or nearby by the DM are 99% -100%.

    That’s why Kate keeps getting outed when she’s in London because that part of the street is swarming with DM journalists and photogs.

    Waitrose situated at the other end of Ken High street is almost always empty, of people and journalists. It’s where Harry and other royals tend to do their shopping. It’s possible to get to Waitrose by a circular route using the side streets of Ken High Street and thus avoiding the journalist/pap-filled Ken High Street and DM offices.

    1. Maybe she’ll learn this lesson. Or the paps will start hanging around Waitrose.

      I wonder if, as a California and Canada girl, she headed to Whole Foods because she trusts the brand. It is what she already knows and may shop that chain regularly.

      1. That end of the high street is a snooze especially since they closed the cinema and the post office. No good stores or cafes to entice the general public to hang out that end of the street.

        To be honest, when i find myself that end of the street, i’m always surprised that there is a waitrose in that location. It’s not ideal in terms of walk-in traffic, and you can’t park closeby. If you want to shop in peace with hardly anyone in the store, it’s perfect.

        Harry has been papped there recently so i think the paps have started hanging out that end rather than the Whole foods end.

  8. I find it hard to make up my mind on her and this relationship as I basically everything I know about it comes from some posts on instagram and articles. I never seen the series she in either. At the end it will be most important that they love each other and make each other happy. Maybe it’s not bad for her to be in London to spend more time with Harry, meet the family and learn what being part of a Royal family means. Actually even in if she loves Harry a lot to give up the live as you know it and becoming a Royal, is not an easy decision. Unlike most other partner, Harry comes with a job too…

    And I don’t think she handled her instagram account really well and discreet before the relationship was revealed to media but that’s something she has to decide. At the end we speak of a 35year old who has some experience with media. Also, I think the message KP send out was necessary due to the hate comments she faced, I just can’t see media letting go now that they made the relationship official and they know she is in London.
    Well, we will see what happens in the next weeks and months, anything is possible.

    1. I don’t see Prince Harry and Megan relationship about being discree or a PR game. maybe to allow the people to get use to. But more about PH status and respect to HMs, POW and BRF. They are both mature capable public figures, and Prince Harry is older and serious to settle down (he is not about 10 years stalking/secretive affairs like w/w and carol middleton.

      The uncertainty/worry was the hate spewed and if MM is safe. But I don’t see her PH hiding away.

  9. Her being spotted on the London streets is either a happy coincidence or planned pap walk. It’s obvious hat they’ve been dating all along. However, I still think it too soon to announce an engagement. My worst fear is they did all of this and the relationship doesn’t work. Then what?

    I’m not a fan of the timing as Harry has a tour coming up. Great locations and engagements and it will be overshadowed by their relationship. Any glance, shift in body language will be scrutinized.

    I wish them the best but I feel it’s a catch 22.

  10. I don’t know where else to put this….

    Can you imagine The Queen hosting a state dinner for President Trump and First Lady Melania, possibly attended by Harry and Meghan???

    The Queen would really need her diplomatic skills to get through that one.

    1. I don’t think the Queen has hosted a state dinner for every president so I think they may diplomatically avoid one with the Cheeto.

      1. Keep in mind that people have many reasons for voting as they did and I was under the impression that kmr wanted this blog to be apolitical as she shut down comments about Brexit fairly quickly. Maybe some moderation is in order here?

  11. And also as for her maybe being unsuitable – two things, one it’s 2016 not 1956 and also Harry is very much not even the spare anymore. He can marry whoever he likes. He’s so far from the throne. And given Harry’s family history of trash scandals one would wonder if she wouldn’t be asking if he’s suitable for her!

    1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I think it’s in the Windsors’ best interest to encourage Harry to marry someone he truly loves, regardless of their background. The worst thing that could happen to them is another nasty divorce in the public eye.

  12. I know nothing about Meghan and don’t care to know unless she becomes his SO. I am totally in for a royal wedding so I live in hope..

    She’s living at KP yet she’s shopping for groceries? How does that work? Is this the sign of a cozy domestic relationship where she’s feeding her man who tragically doesn’t know how to cook and the servants have taken the day off? At the very least could she not have ordered groceries in?

    1. KP is a series of private residences with their own kitchens. There are state apartments and rooms and kitchens, but they service the larger spaces not the private spaces.

      Personally, i don’t find any of the state rooms cosy. They are too baroque and dark and red.

      Exception the Orangery which has been turned into a tea room and wedding venue. The light airiness of it is quite appealing.

      1. Isn’t Harry living in a house, Nottingham Cottage? I also doubt he’s been cooking for himself. I also doubt that he doesn’t have servants to meet his every need.

        1. Nottingham cottage is part of the residential complex of KP. There are a few cottages in the grounds.

          Harry does cook for himself or at the very least shops for food for himself which i presume he goes on to eat.

          He doesn’t go to wholefoods though. He tends to go to Waitrose which is more discreetly located.

          KP provides independent living for it’s residents unlike BP.

          The royal staff are available if you wish them to be OR you can live a regular life that happens to be within the palace.

          To that end, you make a fair point that she coukd have delivered the groceries because every supermarket offers this service, but perhaps she needed to get out of the palace grounds.

          KP is situated in a very public space. The minute you step outside the gates, even when using the private roads around it, you are in public. Other palaces offer some discretion and freedom.

          1. Philip used to cook morning eggs on a hotplate in their rooms, until HM decided she didn’t like the smell of old cooked eggs in their quarters. It was something that helped him feel more self-sufficient, normal, and not like a trapped pet corgi.

            Harry’s spent his entire life being watched and served, either in public or in private by the staff. Being able to close the door and know that you’re alone, even if security if just a buzzer away. Time to exhale.

            I imagine being in a 2 bedroom cottage by himself is a huge change and relief. To get away from the constant presence of the staff.

            Remember the rumor about HM not wanting the staff to look at her when she’s walking around inside the palaces? Some think it is incredibly rude of her, but it may be the only time she doesn’t feel like an animal in the zoo (nod to Hillary Mantel).

            The problem isn’t that W&K want to live a private life at Anmer Hall, of course they should have a private life in their home! But when they demand privacy in public places, they’re crossing many lines and missing the point.

            It is all the lies, deceit, and lack of work that is spun around their version of “normal” that sparks the criticism. But the desire to have one place away, private makes sense. They choose to have loads of staff, my guess is Harry doesn’t.

            Strange security issue, having food delivered to a Palace. In the end, you cannot trust that it is safe, that it hasn’t been altered by someone.

            The only “safe” way is to go to the store, sort through the packages and produce, and pick random ones. Better she-or-he do this themselves, then send an RPO out to do the grocery shopping as Kate Middleton has been said to do.

          2. All well and good, Herazeus, but you will never get me to believe that he doesn’t have a housekeeper/servants.

            What the subtext seems to be here with the shopping and all, and supported by fans, is that Harry (and Meghan?) only wants to be normal. Where have we heard this before?

          3. Maven: I understand your perspective, but in the case of Harry, he lives much more simply than his brother as a result of living on base all his army life and at CH when in London.

            Once he moved into KP, before Nottingham Cottage, he lived in a 1BR flat at KP.

            You’d be surprised at jow basic the smaller flats are. His particular 1BR was originally servants quarters and by all accounts, no refurbishments to make it better for him.

            He is only just getting round to refurbishing Nottingham Cottage.

            None of this means he doesn’t have domestic staff or doesn’t use the palace household staff.

            However, considering how often he is papped at Waitrose buying food in quantities that indicate single living, it’s easy to deduce that he doesn’t have someone running out to do that job for him.

            Further, when accounts are separated out for him, his costs are consistently less than all the other royals.

            It could be that his single status is the reason he lives modestly and all that will ramp up to WK levels of sprnding once he gets married, but for now, there is no evidence to support extravagant living royal style.

          4. notasugarhere,

            “Strange security issue, having food delivered to a Palace. In the end, you cannot trust that it is safe, that it hasn’t been altered by someone. ”

            It’s been reported that the gang orders in pizza so I’m scratching my head at this.

          5. Don’t know who “the gang” is.

            I was pointing out that food is a security issue. Pizza would be as well, but if it is ordered by a staff person, it could be assumed to be for the staff person not the royal.

            If royals got into the habit of ordering a box of fresh veggies every week from Store X, under their own names, it becomes a security issue. That might not be something we want to think about, but it is a security issue.

            Anything they do regularly, by habit, makes it easier to track. That’s why the annual trip to Mustique has always been a huge security issue, and becomes more of one every year.

            Picking your own food from a random pile or set of containers? Much less risk.

  13. Just to go back to the KP statement, I read an article describing it as full of “hysterical claims” and I have to agree. The thing that stood out most was that they claimed photographers were actually trying to break into Meghan’s house. I mean, come on. They really expect us to believe a bunch of paps were smashing the windows or trying to break down the door?

    First, if that had actually happened, there would have been immediate arrests (why is there no proof of many of the things they’ve claimed in that letter? Some of them would certainly warrant legal action). Second, it’s just nonsensical. Even if they did manage to break in, what would they do then? “Here’s some photos of Meghan’s kitchen.” “Here’s some photos of a very startled looking Meghan calling the police on us.” Like, the photos they took would obviously be from illegally entering the house. It makes no sense, and I’m actually offended they expect us to believe that.

    1. Well, it happened to Chelsy so Harry’s fears aren’t too far-fetched. You can still find pictures online of Chelsy in her garden, in her living room, on a blacony flat sunbathing, at the library studying…..all in South Africa, all taken by paps.

      1. We’ve all seen horror stories about how some famous people are stalked. How they and their families are in danger from obsessed fans or haters. Bullock has restraining orders against a man who has managed to break into her home. Rebecca Schaeffer from My Sister Sam anyone?

        Another nod to what you wrote here and above. He saw what happened to Chelsy. Her being chased down dead end streets by paps, trapped, obscenities yelled at her to get her to react. He was thousands of miles away, unable to physically protect her.

        This person is important to him. He’s standing up for her now, as clumsily as he is, to make sure that is understood.

        It doesn’t matter what age the person is, that Markle is in her thirties and Chelsy was younger. That type of behavior from the press and fans is unacceptable.

        He knows how much worse it is now, with instant access, social media, and rampant un-moderated online comment. I hope H&M (ha!) turn to his father and Camilla for advice.

        1. We only gave to see what happened in Vegas when fans took private moment and sold it to TMZ.

          If not for fans working as paps, all we would have seen of his Vegas antics would have been the pictures of him in the pool in the public spaces, not of his private entertainment inside his hotel room, a private space.

    2. Livia, ( hey we have the same nickname) the story of the paps was invented by Meghan, it’ s false.

      There were 3 paps outside her home, it all was very quiet.
      If you are dating the 5th in line to the british throne you should expect that your privacy will be affected. Also she’ s 35 year old woman, not a girl in her 20, she’ s an actress, she’ s used to be in the limelight, you are used to a certain life.
      Moreover, Meghan herself has been the one increasing the gossip by posting that pics on instagram hinting at her relation.
      And those leaks happened right before she launched her clothing line.

      Sorry I don’ t buy her

    3. Presumably this break in incident happened in Toronto, and I just wonder at how everyone here knows what exactly happened unless you work for the Toronto Police Service.

      I actually live in Toronto and am a lawyer and can tell you that police don’t always lay charges for break ins if they don’t know who did it. There is way more press, much of it UK press, hanging around where she lives so unless the person comes forward to identify themselves, the police can’t do much but provide more security…. which is what they did.

      I really don’t think Harry is stupid enough to put falsehoods in a statement on behalf of himself and KP.

  14. When readying the release from KP about this relationship, seeing MM’s Instagram, and now seeing these photos, I am seriously wondering if Harry’s not being taken in. I saw the comments on the DM articles and I believe the racism and sexist issues needed to be addressed, but I am wondering if MM made it seem like things are more dangerous than they actually are.

    What she has been telling Harry might be more of an exaggeration of the truth. Livia had a good point above asking why there haven’t been arrests or more news about these said ‘break-ins’. It could be something as simple as having someone in the lobby of your condo building. Not a great thing, but it’s not someone ‘breaking in’.

    I hope this is real and that they are happy, but stoking the fires of media curiosity while requesting privacy seems shady. I think this girl knew that the other grocery store was a better choice but wanted to go to WFs because she would be seen. Who wouldn’t have told her this? If Harry is so concerned about the media and wanting privacy, don’t you think he would have given her a heads up about where to shop and how not to be seen?

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but this girl just seems shady to me.

  15. I’ve only followed bits and pieces of the new royal romance, basically from this blog and the comments from all of you guys. In the past, I had mentioned that Harry needed to take his time and not rush into anything until he’s certain he’s found the one. Instead, this story’s been overwhelming, even shocking. Imo, the big PR mess of the last days is proof that Harry was caught off guard which resulted in an impulsive and emotional outburst (KP statement).

    By now, after a few days, the royal PR machine should have caught up. We should be expecting a sober and planned strategy. So far, I can’t see anything serious or professional in the way MM is supposedly presented to the media or the public, hence the mess still continues, although not as fiercely. Things seem to go way too fast. And I would think that Meghan’s taking time off from filming a popular series should be a big no no for any professional actor.

    Are they truly serious with each other or absorbed in their own little world? I’m afraid I can’t see two responsible adults taking things in their own hands here. But hey, I suppose s*t happen all the time when you’re in the spotlight (I.e. leaks and bad press when you least expect it). Maybe I had too big expectations of Harry. I certainly hope Meghan puts a grin on his face but as far as if she’ s the happy and suitable match for him, it is still to be seen.

    Thank you KMR for all the coverage.

    1. The BRF doesn’t do girlfriend roll outs as if they are celebrities. There was never an official roll out of Middleton, it was pap shots of them kissing on a ski slope. Taken by Arthur Edwards, irrc, who was then attacked by the Palace and banned from events for a bit.

      There weren’t strategies and roll outs for Chelsy or Cressida, although Cressida had friends in high places that eased her path. H&M may have naively thought that it would be the same for her, maybe a bit easier as she was already a (much lower profile) public figure.

      There was strategy after the fact of remolding Camilla’s image, but there was no strategy going on during their relationship up to that point.

      The BRF hasn’t caught up to the idea of social media yet, and Jason looks at it from an unsophisticated outsiders perspective instead of a measured royal one.

      They don’t know how to handle this situation, and should have turned to Charles for advice. While Charles is still old-school in many ways, he can be cut-throat brilliant in PR spin.

  16. Like everyone else I go back and forth, but…

    At least she is exercising some control over what is happening in her life. She is not following the royal dance of stay hidden till we decide you are worthy. We criticize Kate constantly for waiting by the phone for years.

    If things fizzle she has preserved her independence, and will not be just another cast-off unworthy of Harry. Chelsy and Cressida still get lots of snark, but Harry is the golden boy.

    Much as we fantasize, Harry doesn’t seem to be attracted to the librarian, do-gooder in the soup kitchen, or English rose aristocrat. He likes celebs, models, show business types.

    Some comments have mentioned that Harry is punching above his weight in the looks department. Maybe that’s true in humanitarian work, intelligence, character. Maybe it’s not; we don’t really know. Most of what we know about Harry is stage-managed royal PR.

    You don’t graduate from Northwestern with a double major without working, it’s not a party school. I think she has brains and she may have more class then the Windsors. We’ll have to wait and see.

  17. I have a feeling that these photos were organised if only because of the humanitarian message on the bag being so beautifully displayed. I don’t like being manipulated and I’m feeling it right now and I’m not altogether sure that I like where we are being taken by this PR campaign. FGS what will be, will be. It is what it is. The speed of this is making me uneasy too. It’s almost as if she ticks the right boxes so lets get get onboard the Royal Family team. It’s make Harry look desperate and the situation contrived.

    1. I am not sold on a deliberate pap stroll for simple reason that whole foods is in the same building as the DM offices.

      That junction of Ken High Street is swarming with journalists and paps.

      Simultaneously, the walk from KP gates to whole foods is less than 5mins. Perhaps she’s taken that route many times and the only difference is she’s now a known quantity and she needs to rethink this particular shopping excursion.

      Finally, sadly it is that time of year when all the study supermarket bags have worthy slogans on them. Most seem to be about water aid or poverty and something something Africa.

      Irritating as hell, yet the only supermarket bags i’m willing to pay for rather than the blatant 5p govt tax imposed on flimsy plastic bags.

      1. Hera do you not think Harry or his people would have told her to avoid that junction at all costs if she wanted to avoid the press? It’s one of the reasons it feels set up that she should walk around so near to their offices given that she’s already feeling vulnerable and violated by the media. There is so much to admire about MM but I’m not convinced she’s not playing the game that is their lives. Xx

        1. Until she figures out the back routes, i can see this being an easy rush to whole foods via the most direct route.

          The more private alleyway from the palace that drops her into Ken church street isn’t easy to spot when giving directions if you don’t know the area.

          If i were to advise her, i’d send her to Bayswater/ Nottinghill for food shopping. I’d advise her to travel via Billionaires’ row rather than the park. Cars are allowed to drive through there, so she could use taxis into/out of Billionaires’ row and walk the rest of the way.

          1. Yes, if she wanted privacy, and considering how much the press is following her, she could have sent someone out. I mean, that’s what I would do if I really, really, really wanted privacy. She knows how the media work.

          2. The thing is, though, is that there seems to be some sort of presumption that she “should” not be spotted until…I don’t even know what arbitrary ideas people have in their heads!

            She might not care if she’s seen because she’s not doing anything wrong. Additionally, they’ve already been hiding this relationship since May and if they really like each other, why hide it? She/they might be excited to finally be able to just enjoy it without stressing about being “caught.”

            It IS creepy, IMO, the way it’s assumed that it should ALL be on William’s or Harry’s terms. It is her life too and his opinions on the relationship aren’t more important than hers! Yes, Kate played along with that nonsense for years, but many women simply wouldn’t.

      2. That’s a whole food bags. It’s one of their causes. What I do find interesting is why does she have one brown paper whole food bags and then one reusable? Why not buy two reusable…

        1. I find it funny that Whole Foods, which is so damn expensive, has bags that support stamping out hunger. I guess only the elite shoppers care about that. GIve me my local supermarket any day. I’ll donate to my food pantry and still be a caring person.

    2. I think I’m a minority here but this is pure and simply PR. She is trying way too hard to tickle all the right boxes. Just be you, if that’s possible, considering you are for me still portraying.

    3. I agree with you mrs BBV.
      It all is staged in my opinion.
      Meghan has found the easiest way to have fame, I think she’ s using Harry

      1. Not sure what to think about this. When did they first meet? Not too long ago, I think, so this is some whirlwind of a romance. I hate any and every racist and hateful comment addressed toward her. She is doing her part to right some very poor conditions in the world. She is also quite a lovely looking woman. But, I wonder if she is using Harry? I hope not. He’s an adult, though. Should be able to fend for himself.

        If he and she are serious and will be good for each other, I wish them the very best! I like her ability to work hard on important issues and I think she may be the kick in the pants that Kate needs to turn her slacking around.

        Today is Veteran;s Day here in the States. I went to the cemetery to leave a flag and flowers for my grandfather and uncle. I am truly grateful for the service so many make all around the world and for the sacrifices their loved ones make, too Nice that Meghan wore the flower and I think we all need to take time to remember any and everyone who has served.

          1. I’m so baffled at how much people are reading into things here. Like, it isn’t possible that they honestly like each other a lot? They’ve been together for about six months, and it’s extremely insulting to Harry to jump to the conclusion that he’s being “played” – as if there’s no way she could truly like Harry for who he is? Why on earth is that easier to believe??People seem to think it is more likely that she’s using him and for people who call themselves “fans” of Harry’s, it is such a rude conclusion to jump to.

            Plus, at their age, it is much easier to know what you want in a partner and most people don’t want to waste time with someone who they know isn’t The One by the time they’re in their 30’s.

            The older my friends got, the shorter their relationships before engagements were. Same with mine…I was in my 30’s and I knew quickly that my husband was the one. We were living together in under a year which would have been unheard of when I was a decade younger.

            I don’t know, none of this seems odd to me. I hope they’re happy. I believe there will be an engagement announcement soon!

          2. My friend who is in her 30s married her husband two years to the day that they met. Personally, the amount of time the couple are together is not as important as having the in-depth conversations one needs to (or should) have before getting married. As long as the couple has those conversations and are honest with each other and know what they want then that’s what’s most important. You could date someone for five years and not know them as well as someone you’ve dated for six months if you’re not having the proper conversations.

    4. And even IF it was a pap stroll (what I highly doubt), she at least got papped with groceries and not a truckload of Zara bags.

    5. I don’t think it’s a pap stroll nor that she’s using him. Also the fame-hungry narrative the press is pushing is horrible, but they are being naive if they think they can just ignore it. Strolling near the DM offices was very ill-advised of her. The more they help fuel these allegations, the more the papers will push it.

  18. Ha, what I find funny is that he described her show as popular! I don’t know anyone who watches it. I don’t watch it but I catch other shows on USA and thought it was ending? Am I wrong?
    I also think it looks poorly that she took time of work for this. I obviously don’t know her film schedule but she could have done a long wkend type of thing or waited for filming to end etc etc.
    On a side note, I think Philip looks his age in that coat =( I thought he looked good at the state dinner tho.

    1. Me and my co-workers know every single episode. Well, I work in a law firm and Suits is just great. We love it! 🙂 (btw I’m from Germany)

      1. Hmm maybe it’s more popular oversees? I googled and it said that viewership started around a little over 3 million viewers and has gone down to 1.5-1.7ish viewers. I honestly don’t know how that compares/contrasts to other shows but doesn’t seem very high to me

        1. My beloved Psych (which also aired on USA) got cancelled with a similar amount of viewers that Suits currently has.

        2. I’m in the US, used to watch it, and know a lot of people who still do- but I’m a lawyer who knows a lot of other lawyers so I guess I’m biased! 🙂

          Every girl I know drools over the wardrobe on that show.

  19. Oh for heaven’s sake, this woman is an aging two bit actress and very thirsty for more gigs and more fame. Yes, aging…because in Hollywood, 35 is old. Sad but true.

    all her social media posts, the bananas, this pap stroll, the fake story about her house getting broken into, the announcement she is taking time off just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. And her statement that she goes from humanitarian trips to red carpet? Jeez, honey, care to overestimate your visibility a bit more? Fact is NOBODY in the USA (except for 2 million social media followers) knew who Meghan Markle was until her relationship with Harry became public. So no, Meghan is NOT a red carpet actress.

    She is in this for the fame, and to get plum Hollywood movie roles. That’s how these vapid LA types roll.

    1. I have been following this story way too closely and last night it hit me–this is GOING TO HAPPEN. Whether it’s too much too soon, whether she’s too this or too that, whether Jason Knauf is literally too stupid for words, all of that is beside the point. I think Harry is taking this the distance. He is lonely and he is tired, and he’s putting all his chips on the table for this girl. She is bright, positive, and most of all willing because that magical thing has happened for them: timing. What everyone seems to miss in bringing up her age is not that she’s too old for childbearing but that she’s too old for Hollywood. She needs a career change and this is it.

      That doesn’t mean she doesn’t genuinely care about Harry. It also doesn’t mean she’s not playing this with one eye open and loving every minute, whilst keeping her publicist informed wink-wink. But this is why I think Harry has thrown caution to the wind and indulged her in every way. Because she has been more open to the idea and more ready to make the sacrifice than any other woman he’s been with. So they are hunkered down, together, and all the public displays and statements, the coy cat and mouse fun, is simply another way for two entrenched (and slightly immature) people, who are dead set on each other, to say “you’re mine and I’m in this.” Even her letting out that she, the career woman, had “something important to do” was just one more way for her to send a little love arrow across the front pages to Harry–oh and also to get her name in the paper one more time.

      To put it in a crushingly blunt way, I am not sure Harry minds being used this way.

          1. Ha I haven’t heard it called that but sounds true.
            I read this once:
            Avocado:not ripe
            Avocado:not ripe

        1. I don’t remember where I heard or read this, but I have heard or read Re men and marriage: Men are like taxis, as soon as the light goes on, they’ll take whomever gets in first.

          1. It’s from Sex and the City!

            In reality think this theory applies to both men and women. It’s just that we are more culturally conditioned to aspire to marriage, so our lights are always supposed to be “on”, so to speak.

          2. This always reminds me of men like Warren Beatty who sowed his wild oats for decades and then, wham, he met Annette Bening, settled down and had kids immediately.

            You hear that about guys who are in very long term relationships and break up because he won’t commit, and then, wham, the next one he meets he marries and has kids with.

      1. Before the KP press statement, I thought we would more likely see her on DWTS than on the Buck House balcony, but now I agree, I think this is likely to go the distance. And go very, very quickly.

      2. I think her willingness to sacrifice her privacy for the reality of marrying into the Royal Family should not be looked at in too much of a favoarable light. Sometimes, I think she is sincere, but other times, I think she is way to much into the spotlight. Come on, she is an actress. I don’t know, but I find this relationship hard to embrace before more is known about it. But, then again, how much will we truly know? The spin doctors are always in session — Palace ones and entertainment industry ones, too. Gosh, we all keep being so critical of Kate, and often rightfully so, but so far, Meghan seems to be playing things just right and this morning, I believe she is “Playing” and Harry is being roped right in by her carefully tossed lasso.

        Kate waits how many years to win her Prince? And, Meghan just moved so quickly. Of course, they are not engaged yet, but like KMR, I would not be surprised to see a sparkly little something on her ring finger by X-mas or New Year’s Eve.

    2. So is Meryl Streep an aging two bit actress as well? What about the cast of Sex and the City when it was on air? Was Chelsea Handler aging out of Hollywood when she started her Chelsea Lately show? Was Amy Poehler an aging two bit actress when Parks and Recreation first aired? I’m not trying to be pushy, but there are too many examples of successful older women in Hollywood. Can we please retire the idea that women over 30 are too old for Hollywood?

  20. I still do not know what to think of this romance. In many ways I can see why they are suited, but I feel like Meghan is just a bit too self-promoting and coy. I think, maybe because I am American and have a fascination for the aristocracy, I wanted to see Harry with a strong minded, independent and a bit eccentric daughter of an earl or something. Someone who looks great but doesn’t pay too much attention to all of that. Meghan is very self aware. I know this sounds snarky and snooty, but a woman with a “pedigree” mixing with Kate would have been interesting as well.

    1. ++1
      Aristo or royal (although PH has had those); and especially aftter km carol middleton.

      Hollywood and MM life could help some for PH world.

  21. This is all very intriguing. All Harry’s friends have got married, and I’ve heard him referred to as “the last man standing”. I understand that he would love to have kids, so maybe the time is right for marriage. I saw him at the poppy ceremony and he looked very happy and relaxed. If they’re happy, good luck to them, and I hope they get some privacy. She will need to make huge adjustments, but maybe she’s up for that. She’ll certainly overshadow Kate!!

      1. Maybe not literally, but you get my point. When the majority of your circle are settled and you really want children, you’ll settle.

        1. Omg! Why in the world would you assume he’s “settling?!” She is beautiful, smart, and seems to have interests in common with Harry. She’s a catch, too! They could be so right for each other.

          1. +1
            And we already know more about her personality, her interests, her passions and point of views than we will ever know about Kate. And I like what I see.

  22. If PH does get married, just wondering what Dukedoms are available or would he and his wife just be styled Earl and Countess of Blah Blah? Also, what titles would the kids have Prince/Princess? Lord/Lady?

    1. They’d be lord and lady until Charles ascends the throne. Even then, I don’t know that Harry would want them to be HRH. I’ve heard Duke of Sussex thrown around a lot for Harry.

      1. The HRH/prince(ess) styles are granted by right to children and grandchildren of the monarch and the children of the POW’s eldest child in the male line.

        That rules out Harry’s children as long as HM is alive. The minute she dies and Charles becomes Monarch, Harry’s kids move into grandchildren position and are upgraded to HRH/princ(ess) styles.

        Until then, his children are only eligible for Lord/Lady.

        Edward chose to be known as an Earl so his kids have the style of the children of an earl. However, because they are grandchildren of a monarch in the male line, they can still take up HRH/Princ(ess) because they are entitled to it legally and by right.

        HM has expressed a wish for Edward to inherit Philip’s DoE ducal title when he dies. I think it’s a guaranteed deal if she outlives Philip because she will keep her promise.

        However, DoE is one of the royal ducal titles that automatically reverts back to the crown on title holder’s death. It has to be re-created for each holder. This means that if Charles is King when Philip dies, it is up to Charles to decide to give the title to Edward per his mother’s wishes.

        As for available Dukedoms, there are quite afew available:


        *Cumberland is currently in limbo as a combination Cumberland and Teviotdale stripped from it’s last title holder for siding with the Germans in the world wars. Unfortunately, he had heirs and he has male descendants who still hold the legal right to challenge it’s return to them. It’s current claimant is Ernst of Hanover, Princess Caroline of Monaco’s husband.

        **Windsor will not be re-created any time soon for obvious reasons.

        And that isn’t taking into consideration older pre-England/Scotland/Welsh titles that might be revived like they did for Edward whose Wessex title dates from the old kingdom of Wessex.

        My personal favourite are Avondale, Clarence and Suffolk. I hope he isn’t given Sussex because the sex jokes to rhyme with the title will be endless.

    2. Ooh this could be fun!
      1) I would recommend Lord/Lady it would make it easier for them to get a job in the real world. The whole prince/princess title seems to be used as holding people back from real world work.
      2) I hate to say it but Philip is really starting to look his age soo I’d read that the Duke of Edinburgh was to go to Edward but is that written in stone?
      3)would Meghan or whomever it is in the long run actually have to styled HRH? Couldn’t she just be duchess ———?
      4)Herazeus is a font of knowledge so probably knows what’s available! I’m not up to snuff on the available peerage =)
      5) what about housing? I love frogmore but is that available? It’s actually one of the few British housing that I’ve toured

      1. I love Frogmore, too, but it is awfully near burial grounds. Where would they live in London? Even one child would make the Cottage too small. Are there any spaces open at KP?

          1. Unfortunately, he cannot give them either Harewood or Highgrove. Both are property of The Duchy. He could let them live there, but once Charles ascends, William could throw them out.

            Frogmore is lovely, empty, and reserved for Philip if HM passes away first.

            Fort Belvedere, but strong associations with Duke of Windsor.

            Wood Farm on Sandringham, where Sarah Ferguson stays at Christmas.

          2. There was a story of Harry buying a house right near William and Kate in Norfolk, but if I remember correctly that story was denied.

        1. That’s where I think the monarchy needs to change. I don’t think Sofia should be styled as an HRH especially since she has a side business which I think runs in conflict with her being an HRH.
          I know much of what we love about royalty is that is has remained stationary in so many ways.
          It’s time to change the automatic HRH prince/princess status to those borne of the heir.

    3. There are a couple dukedoms available like Clarence and Sussex.

      Harry’s kids won’t be Prince/Princess while HM is still alive (since they won’t be grandchildren of the monarch nor grandchildren of the first son of the Prince of Wales). But once Charles is king Harry’s children will be Prince/Princess since they will then be grandchildren of the monarch.

  23. I’m calling this now: Meghan and Harry tomorrow at Twickenham. Their debut as a couple will be at the rugby match. Classic Harry. That’s why we saw Meghan in London. To prepare us for tomorrow. Maybe they do have game!!

    1. Well if it happens it will signal that he/they feel comfortable enough with each other to go public. I’m getting the feeling this is going all the way too. They need to think long and hard and not just with their hearts (and other things).

    2. Before I get everyone’s hopes up on this, I just realized it’s an official event and he’s meeting with people beforehand so it would be highly unusual for Meghan to attend alongside him, no? I think that would not be allowed. He and Cressida did attend rugby matches together, but I don’t think he was in an official capacity.

      1. Cressida attended WeDay with Harry in 2014. It was an official engagement for him, complete with speech. Cressida didn’t go with Harry officially, but she did sit next to him in the stands during the event. The press made a big deal about it, saying it was their “first official engagement together” (which it was not) and how it was proof that there was an impending engagement. They broke up less than two months later.

    3. If Meghan does show up to the match and sits with Harry then I am done with Harry and his BS. Clearly they are playing the press game and his statement that they aren’t is garbage. I’ve side-eyed Harry more than Meghan this whole time because this Girlfriend Rollout seems to be the opposite of what he’s claimed in the past about wanting privacy and such. If he’s playing games with everyone then he’s full of crap. It’s possible that his Girlfriend Rollout didn’t go as planned – because he didn’t expect the racist comments – and then released the statement. OR he always planned to release the statement and it’s all part of his games. Either way, I’m done with Harry’s crap. He’s just as bad as William.

      PS. Just because I’m done with Harry’s BS doesn’t mean I don’t still think Meghan 100% did not deserve the racist and sexist comments and harassment she received from the press and the public.

      1. Excuse me, but I don’t see the logic behind the BS theory.

        He met a woman, fell in love, they tried to hide it but that didn’t work out the way it was planned. Then the paparazzi and the online brigade went nuts and he tried to make a stand by issuing a statement (maybe even to reassure her). And if she will be his +1 in Twickenham so what. The term “girlfriend roll-out” sounds odd in my ears. She is not a car or a website. She is a human being and not a project.

        1. The “relationship rollout” (a term I picked up on a celeb gossip site) is something that celebs have done for years. A celeb’s publicist will “leak” info about the relationship and the couple will either do a pap stroll or walk a red carpet together or post photos together on social media. It’s a way to “rollout” the relationship to the press and public – either to get more attention or to stop the press from hounding them. Taylor Swift does this with every boyfriend; Chris Evans and Jenny Slate did this; Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom did this; many celebs have done this.

          The reason I’m calling BS on Harry is because I’m questioning whether the relationship was in fact leaked without Harry’s consent. It’s all conspiracy theories since I don’t know for sure on anything, but to me bringing Meghan to the rugby match would be indeed playing the press game when he just claimed that their life/relationship wasn’t a game. That’s what I’m calling BS on: the what appears to be game-playing by Harry after he said it wasn’t a game.

          As I said above, I stand by the fact that the racist and sexist treatment of Meghan by the press and members of the public is absolutely, 100% not acceptable. I still think Harry was right to call out the press and public for their racist and sexist comments.

          I want to be clear: I don’t side-eye Meghan, I don’t think she deserves any sort of racist/sexist comments or ridicule because of her chosen job, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they got engaged at some point in the next few months. If the two of them are happy, then I wish them well. I just don’t like it when celebs claim to not play games with the press/public but then in fact play games with the press/public.

          1. Thank you for the explanation of the rollout thing. This must be a very specific American Hollywood industry thing. In Europe movie/entertainment is not on the same level. Actors might be popular, well known and even famous, but at the end of the day they actors are “only actors” and acting isn’t considered a real profession only something you do. That’s why these relationship rollouts are not half as important as in the US. And that’s why this conspiracy theory sounds odd to me.

            My guess is that they simply want to spend time together (as every loved up couple would) and if she goes to Twickenham with him she will stay in the background, somewhere in the VIP area but never ever right next to him in first row.

            Time will tell which theory is the right one.

            And one more thought on this: IMHO Jason Knauf is not the most talented publicist. I hope harry doesn’t rely on him for advice.

          2. I think that no matter how we may disagree on other things, EVERYONE here agrees that Jason is terrible!

            Honestly I don’t understand how he still has a job…

        2. The whole “girlfriend rollout” isn’t about Meghan being a project; it’s about her introduction to the public (especially the British) as H’s girlfriend. And that is a PR project. The minute their relationship was leaked, both of their teams have been working behind the scenes to make them look good in the press. Like Jason apparently giving more info to the US press to try and make a stand against the British press. Or another example, how K&W’s history was whitewashed after the engagement.

          Also, the reason her going to Twickenham could be a big deal is because the BRF rarely has girlfriends and boyfriends attending official events. They’re very private about relationships until there’s an engagement. When it does happen they usually are for very important events and the relationship is serious. This rugby match is just another charity appearance for Harry and they’ve only been dating a few months.

      2. I so agree and not just about the way this has been handled.
        Harry reminds me of the cheeky naughty boy we all went to high school/college with but we all like him because he’s charming. Now he’s in his 30s and needs to grow up. That behavior isn’t nearly as charming as you age. Just another playboy prince type scenario. We’ve stated that he either needs to find a job that works for him or up his charity engagements.
        I still think he comes off as more engaging and affable compared to William but it’s time to step up to the plate

        1. Harry has gotten away with a lot because of the “naughty lad” excuse. It’s really just another way of saying “boys will be boys” and maybe we should have been looking at him wth more critical eyes.

      3. “And the choir said Amen.”

        I don’t know which side leaked the story, but it’s been badly handled since it hit. It will be interesting to see if she attends. Richard Palmer said he’s heard from two sources she will not be attending. Not even in a private citizen capacity.

        1. Hi! Long time lurker but I couldn’t agree with you more KMR. This whole thing has felt off to me from the beginning and so poorly handled. I had much higher hopes for him (when it came to the woman that was going to be the ONE for him). Yes, Meghan is charitable, independent, well spoken, and has worked to be where she is but I also feel like she is looking for more spotlight and will be more like Kate than she would like us to believe. I just feel so sad that i held out hope for him to find a better person, but he is looking to be more and more like his brother…and it hurts my heart to see the reality :S.
          As a Canadian, I am losing a lot of respect for the Monarchy and don’t see its place in the modern world after the Queen has passed.
          Sorry, i had to put this out here. i don’t have friends who follow the BRF and felt like I just had to jump into the conversation.

      4. KMR, can I ask why them appearing at the rugby match would be the nail in the coffin for you so to speak? You don’t see this as making her “official” and being pragmatic and mature about it, you see this as more games? My first thought was that since this is more in line with how he handled Cressy et al that this was a sign of him beginning to shut down her cutesy IG crap and doing it the usual way (i.e. more dignified and restrained, his hack statement notwithstanding). I believe the second time he and Cressy stepped out in public was at a rugby match a few days after the WE event. That’s why I’d love to hear more about how you see it.

        Edit: I just see that you have a long post that’s gone up while I was writing this so I bet you answered my question!

        1. The thing about “making it official” is that it is playing a game; it’s playing the press game of “Here’s a shot of us together, you got the all-important first shot, now don’t hound us in our off hours”. It’s all PR. Plenty of celebs do this. If Harry had just done that in the first place then I would have been fine with it because he’s done that before with Chelsy and Cressida, and William did this with Kate. That’s how they roll. But the thing that sent me over the edge this time is that he literally just claimed in his statement from Tuesday that “This is not a game – it is her life and his”, yet now they are playing the traditional PR game of “here’s my relationship”. That’s what is annoying me. Don’t tell me it’s not a game and then turn around four days later and play the traditional “relationship rollout” game. Plus, I’m now side-eyeing the initial relationship leak and wondering if Harry truly was bummed that the info got out. It makes a lot of sense to do the initial leak and then do the photo op two weeks later (although I do think the whole thing blew up in a way none of them were expecting).

          1. Thanks, KMR. I have to agree. As I said earlier today way upthread this has always been a game–at least from a PR perspective–and Harry has been losing one way or another from the get-go.

            Even if I could overlook the coy IG posts, the unsubstantiated claims in KP’s statement, and on and on and on–there is one thing that is just way too coincidental for me and that’s that news of this relationship coincided with the release of her clothing line. I guess I just don’t believe in luck that good.

            So, it is highly likely that someone charged with promoting her leaked the Harry news. PR people don’t leak news like that without permission bc doing so gets them fired. And then of course we know they non-confirmed confirmed it.

            That brings us to only two conclusions. Either Meghan did it behind Harry’s back. Or Harry has been in on this the whole time.

            Or if you believe in unicorns, Camilla Tominey just happened to get the scoop of the year at the exact moment when Meghan’s value would be exponentially increased because of it.

          2. I’m bit bummed out if PH and KP orchestrated this whole thing from the get go. Thought PH had more respect considering this is the week they honor the veterans and fallen. He could have waited. He had to have known that the press leaks and pap strolls would take attention away from the Remembrance day festivities/events. It just seems disrespectful to me. I just can help but feel a bit disappointed with him, so hopefully we are wrong about this.

            I Agree with KMR he cant have it both ways If he plays the PR game he can’t whine about the press, he has to endure his bed of roses.

            Hmm people think PW and PH are so different in some areas, but sometimes they clearly are cut from the same cloth. So, I Think we can expect to see more of MM. I think he would stay with her just to prove a point. So we better get useD to her at least for awhile.

      5. KMR,

        Considering that Willy and Harry share the same PR team, this smacks of typical lame Jason manipulation. It’s a mess. And it also tells us Harry is into this 100% and is, indeed, no different than whining Willy. It’s all about disdain for the little people and manipulation. Harry is becoming another socialite celebrity.

        1. Exactly, MavenTheFirst.

          Jason Knauf has become the boy who cried wolf. He has cried harassment and played the victim card so often now that it’s become ridiculous. Meghan and Harry–especially Meghan with her cryptic Instagram posts–put their relationship out there on social media and then expect the press and public to tiptoe around their feelings. I’m not condoning any awful comments made about Meghan at all, but no one has the right to demand that people keep their opinions about Harry and Meghan’s relationship quiet when it’s been broadcast by Harry and Meghan themselves all over God’s green earth.

          Jason does need to step down. I think he came into his position believing that he would be supporting royals who were willing to put in the hours and effort to become actual leaders and spokespeople for worthwhile social issues, and instead he finds himself mopping up royal tears, managing fragile royal egos, and issuing threats to the press and public because it’s all gotten out of control. I think Charles really needs to step in and put someone else in charge of their press relations before more damage is done.

          1. Well said, Lizzie. I love “mopping up royal tears.”

            Remember when Jason lamented that if media interest continued apace, George and Charlotte might actually have to grow up “exclusively behind palace gates and in walled gardens.”

            Oh, the horror!

      6. And, he sat next to Monaco’s Charlene. Where was Meghan?
        This is a roller coaster and I’m not ready for such ups and downs!
        Meghan is amazing looking, though. WOW!
        I was rather turned off by the ovation remark she supposedly made after her UN speech. Did she mean the idea that people stood up to support her cause was what she was pleased about, or, was she referring to her standing ovation, as if it was the curtain call she was owed?

        1. Of course she wasn’t there! He knows how to handle his role! Maybe she was backstage, maybe not. All we know at this point is: she is his girlfriend, she’s in London, she stocked up on grocery.

          1. KMR had said in an earlier comment that if he brought her she’d be really frustrated. This was just a response to that sentiment. I really thought he would have the good sense not to and was pleased he proved us right.

      7. But, do you think he should *not* be able to bring his GF to a rugby match? He can be upset with the press coverage- sent the letter in good faith – but a still want to live his life? If he likes her, of course she will accompany him to things but it could have zero to with the press getting a shot of them together…

  24. This is completely off topic but I’ve been looking at real estate in the UK and perused the “if I did a Middleton”? And married $$ properties and there were some Kensington (Royal Burroughs) apartments and they were listed £26mil and one poa (5 bedrooms)So made me think about Eugenie and her “fair market value” place. Do they release what they consider market value and who does the valuing?
    Just wondering

    1. Ten years ago, Prince Michael of Kent was made to pay the market rate of his KP flat. That worked out at £120K annually.

      It’s difficult to decide if that is a true evaluation of a flat that size given the esoteric variables at KP not available at a similar high end flat in the area.

      It’s also unclear if that sum includes utilities.

      1. Thanks! After I saw how much nearby places were going for made me ponder. I’m sure the places for sale are more up to date but still, I think they’re getting a discount!

  25. Did anybody see the film of Meghan in Rwanda? She was doing a humanitarian visit, it was about getting people fresh water by drilling a well. She came over as very engaged and, dare I say it….quite royal in her approach?! 🙂

  26. From what I see of Meghan, I think she has a true interest in some causes close to Harry’s heart whereas I didn’t see that with Cressida. So, I think it could be a long term relationship. But, the debut of their relationship has been very sloppy. I think Harry, like William, too often expects to have a normal life and then is stupidly surprised and offended and has to scramble when the press gets leaks. It would be far less stressful for him if he had a concrete plan of how he would calmly introduce his girlfriend. It’s not as if it was their first date when the story broke, after all – she is staying at Kensington now so the story broke when they were already serious about their relationship.

        1. ….but how do you know she’s playing a game?

          That’s what i don’t understand. You state emphatically that she’s not at the rugby thus she’s playing a game…..

          1. Herazeus, I didn’t get that from what she said. She said the game (meaning rugby match) just started, not that Meghan is playing games in that statement. At least that’s my take on it.

          2. No, I simply stated some hours ago, the moment the first picture of Harry at the ruby game appeared on Twitter (3:30 pm, German time, 2:30 pm British Time)) that the rugby game had started and that Meghan didn’t join Harry. I’m confused now.

            Edit: Game = match. I’m so sorry. English is not my first language. I apologize for the confusion.

          3. Greta: Apologies. I misunderstood your statement.

            Further, through no fault of your own, i was rude and aggressive.

            I’m going to stop reading any and all comments about this woman because the internet is filled with ha8ers.

            The royal fans are the worst.

            On the one hand, they’ve been asking for a unicorn for Harry aka someone older and wiser, non society blonde, educated, charitable, non white if possible because the royal family needs to be shaken, non British, beautiful, personable, confident, self contained, a go-getter etc

            Here she is, and they are angry and rude because their unicorn materialised!! How dare she?

            It’s mindbogglingly puzzling.

            You were the receipient of my exasperation and i apologise because i misunderstood and your comment was not intended in the way i interpreted it.

          4. Herazeus, everything is alright. Misunderstandings like these are a good opportunity for me to improve my English. Thank you for that. 🙂

          5. Herazeus, I think the results of the election have us all on edge (add bitter, disappointed and judgemental to me)
            Plus, add that racism is alive in well in 2016 and to some extent elitism/classicism
            I was supposed to be working on some applications yesterday but slacked off and saws favorite clip and reminded me to enjoy the little things.
            Like the queen and siting of cows=)

  27. After seeing some pics from the remembrance ceremony, they are either back to Photoshopping Kate heavily, she’s gotten some cheek fillers or she’s pregnant! Her cheeks usually fill out 1st when she is…

    1. Or she had a girlie day at KP with Meghan, sharing recipes for green smoothies and makeup tips. I think that’s the first time she has lipstick on…

      1. Eek! I think it’s Photoshopping cuz I saw another of her sitting on the balcony. Bags under eyes and gaunt cheeks on those. =( I feel like photoshing is false advertisement.

  28. She’s wearing his baseball cap, that’s telling the world they’re an item (again). If she wanted to hide her face she could wear her own hat. Or, any hat. She’s also carrying a bag promoting her causes. She’s just fine.

  29. I think when Diana divorced it came out that British security services monitored every contact of the Royal family, every phone call, every email, and vetted people at every meeting. Not that there isn’t any private time, but security would know where and with whom. This was so they wouldn’t meet with crazed stalker, or international pariah or be caught in embarrassing political scandal. And that this info was shared with the Queen. If this is true, and still goes on, they should have had time to prepare for the Meghan whirlwind. Of course, maybe KP isn’t in on this stuff, looked on as too incompetent, and went rogue?

    1. It’s a given that all govt staff are monitered by the secret services especially the top echelon.

      Anyone who enters their circles is vetted. They might not know they are vetted, but it’s routine.

      That’s why you know the story of Kate randomly showing up in the same halls as William at university is untrue.

  30. She’s got Piers in her pocket; Meghan is a seasoned networker. Either this will burn out fast or they will marry, and soon. She’s 35.

  31. This whole thing is giving me a headache. I agree most other posters, Meghan should never be subjected to sexist, racist, or abusive comments or have people break into her home. That is never OK. But I also feel like the way this entire thing was handled was tacky. I am also going to call Jason Knauf out for his unprofessional handling of the situation. Harry’s statement was melodramatic and over the top. It should have been concise and to the point. There was no need to begin the statement with “ever since Prince Harry was little…bla bla bla” it came across as whiny and preachy. It didn’t look like an official statement. But then again that statement about the press photographing Prince George after he went to the beach with Carole was also too long and over the top. If the press finds out no one actually tried to break in to Meghan’s house and that other claims on the statement were lies Harry is going to hurt his reputation. I am already annoyed by how overexposed Meghan has been.
    Speaking of which…

    Meghan did an interview with Piers Morgan back in June, supposedly around the time she met Harry. She mentioned that someone was being ‘very persistent’ texting her. Possibly Harry.

    And…..Fast forward to yesterday and Meghan is conveniently photographed outside of the Daily Mail’s office. Coincidence? I am not familiar with that area in London so I do not know if the Daily Mail’s office is clearly marked with a large sign or what. But I am so over this already. This is too much, too soon, too fast. And she is not discreet enough for me to feel she is trustworthy. If Harry settles for marrying a woman he has only dated for 4-6 months just because he is lonely and wants kids, that would be very foolish.

    I know some people think that may be the reason why Harry is rushing things. On a personally note, I am single and will be 27 in December, with lots of the people I went to college with getting married and having kids, I see their baby and marriage announcements all the time on Facebook. I have had intense “baby fever” since I was 25. Really intense, like looking at pinterest for baby nursery ideas intense and looking at lists of baby names for fun. I desperately want to start having babies. However, I know better than to settle for someone if I am not 100 percent sure they are the right one. I would rather wait five years (or more) and marry the right person than to settle. Hopefully Harry will marry for love, not just because he is lonely. In the meantime, I have two dogs that are like my kids. So maybe Harry should get a puppy to calm his ‘broodiness’? I really think he should be with a girlfriend for at least two years before marrying them. Quick weddings may work for us mortals when we fall in love, but Harry is not in a typical situation.

    I have been thinking about it, and I realized that part of the reason this whole situation has left such a bad taste in my mouth is because I suspect that Harry may be just as arrogant and petulant as William is. No matter who Harry marries, I think he will interact with the press the same way William does unless harry marries a sensible, rational woman unlike Kate who goes along with everything William says.

    Here is the Piers Morgan interview with Meghan in case you guys haven’t seen it yet.

    1. P.S. Why is this interview with Piers only just now coming to light? Isn’t that weird? Why did he sit on this for months only for it to come out after Harry issues that statement?

      1. Because nobody would’ve been interested? Because it wasn’t a real interview? Because a certain someone loves to be important. And, no, not Meghan

        1. Was it an interview or did they just go for a drink and chat? The article reads like Morgan and Markle had a chat over a drink, not like it was any sort of formal interview.

        2. I think Piers got a long time employee of Charles’ staff fired just when William was starting University. Piers blamed her for something and so she offered Charles her resignation and he accepted it, or something like that. I heard that Piers is a bit of a jerk to the royal family. I believe he probably met Meghan, but I don’t know if I necessarily believe everything he said. Why is he just saying it now?

    2. I tend to think we will see even less of Harry’s kids when he has them than we’ve seen of William’s kids so far. Harry’s kids won’t be HRH/Prince(ss) and he’s not the heir so there is even less of a reason for Harry to release photos and bring his kids to events.

      1. Here is my theory: William and Harry are much more alike then the public realizes. William was even more of a party prince than Harry was but because William is the Golden Child nobody printed stories about him when he was at St Andrews; hence, the media portrayed William as studious and Harry as the party boy when in reality William skipped loads of classes and was a mediocre student, according to professors.

        I like Harry. But I am starting to see some of Harry’s old ways pop up again. I only started commenting on your site this year, so most of the stuff I have said about Harry has been praise. That’s because I thought Harry changed and got smarter about the press and his role after the Las Vegas incident. But if I had been commenting back then, you would know that I though Harry was an absolutely idiot for what he did in Vegas.
        Basically, he invited total strangers to come into his room, play strip billiards, and allowed these total strangers to take pictures of him while they did it. Strangers. That he just met five minutes before. Strangers who could have been hookers for all Harry knew. And then when they put the pictures online Harry was ‘surprised’ and thought he was entitled to his privacy because he was in a private area.

        Really? I mean, really, Harry?

        I think Harry doesn’t always think with his brain, sometimes he thinks with another body part.

        But I thought he grew up. I thought he changed. Now I am not so sure anymore. I think he is very much like William. He wants to have it all, his cake and eat it too. You know what I mean?

        I am glad that Harry didn’t bring Meghan to this event because that would have been super hypocritical. You don’t ask for privacy for your girlfriend only to flaunt her at an official event four days later. Mixed signals.

        I like Harry, but I think he is very gullible. I probably a bit lonely. So I really hope that he finds a woman who really loves him for who he is, and that he doesn’t just settle because he wants kids. I am weary of Meghan not just because she was indiscreet with her Instagram posts or because she comes across as vain or publicity seeking, IMO, but I am also weary of her because I don’t think Harry has the best judgment. I think because he is gullible and lonely he may be tempted to fall in love with the wrong woman. Like I said, I like Harry although I suspect he has an arrogant or petulant side to him that is like his brother albeit not as obvious yet. So I don’t want him to get hurt.

        I bet you are right that Harry will be just as protective of his wife and children as William is. Which is why it is so important that Harry chooses the right partner. She needs to be the type of woman who loves Harry, works hard, and believes in duty but doesn’t court the press. But she also has to have a backbone. I don’t think Kate does. Kate can’t even push a button unless William shows her how. So I am all for Harry marrying an independent career woman. I just don’t want him marrying a gold digger or a fame seeker. This thing with Meghan has the potential of ruining Harry’s reputation which he has worked to rebuild after that stupid Vegas episode.
        Harry can just as easily lose the public’s good will towards him just as William did. There was a time that William could do no wrong, he messed that up by the way he handles his PR and his relations with the press. If Harry is not careful he will do the same thing.

        1. Posting two IG photos with a vague meaning and getting caught by DM walking from Whole Foods is not courting the press.

          Meghan has given no interviews herself and the press went after her family hard core, most of whom seem inexperienced in dealing with them.

          Her web site, clothing collection and everything existed well before the Harry connection came out. She had been with Reitmans for at least a year and any Canadian woman can point that out to you.

          Everything else comes from the press, UK press in particular, digging through her past and since she actually has a career and social media accounts as most people her age do, they have been able to write tons of stories.

          Does she need to wear a burka in public when she goes to the UK now? Or arrange a barrage of black SUVs? Merely going out in public isn’t courting the press.

          1. I don’t like Meghan. The more I learn about her the less I like her. I believe she is only with Harry because she is starry eyed over him being a Prince. She wrote about how every woman wants to be a princess like “Princess Kate” two years ago on her blog and she has not deleted it. Now that the public knows they are together, wouldn’t now be a good time to delete potentially embarrassing things like this? She is immature. She is not acting like a 35-year-old woman, but a 15-year-old.

            I think this is a fantasy for her and she is, IMO, courting the press. After she started dating Harry she posted pictures of Buckingham Palace on her Instagram. After she started dating Harry. That is tacky and attention seeking when she knew that once the press found out she was dating Harry they could easily see those pictures on her public Instagram.
            And she kept taking pictures of her bracelet in the pictures she posts on Instagram as a way of flirting with the press. The picture of the puzzle says it all. It’s her way of saying “look at me, can you tell I am dating a Prince? I dare you to put the pieces of the puzzle together.” Again, how old is this woman? How immature.

            My impression of her is she is fake, thirsty for fame, and vain. I don’t like her, although I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt in the beginning. I think she is bad news. I hope I am wrong and if Harry really loves her I hope that she actually loves him back and isn’t with him just because he is a prince.

            And my comments regarding Harry being lonely are engaging with what other posters said on this thread. I am not saying for sure Harry is lonely, only speculated. This comment was my 2 cents added to the discussion on the rest of this thread.

    3. But can you acknowledge that it is pure speculation on your part that Harry is only with her because he’s “lonely”?

      1. My comments regarding Harry being lonely are engaging with what other posters discussed above on this thread, including KMR herself who jokingly said that “men are like taxis, as soon as the light goes on, they’ll take whomever gets in first”.

        Unless you know Harry personally, everything said in the comments section of this blog is speculation. I only offered my opinion to the rest of the conversation.

  32. Sorry ladies, but I’ ve found out that despite meghan is rich ( you can easily find on line how much she earned in 2015) she didn’ t help her mum who lives in a poor and neglected neighbourhood and her father who was charged of bankruptcy.

    I mean you help african babies and you don’ t care at all about your mum and your father either????
    So it’ s true, she does charities just to have the limelight on her.
    Sorry but to me it would be unconceivable not helping my mum or my dad.
    She’ s nothing but a fame seeker, after seeing that paps stroll outside Kensington Palace I just can’ t stand her ( come on, don’ t you think harry told her that the Daily Mail offices are next to that supermarket? She knew it, she knew it all).

    1. Hear, hear, you found out something that was already all over the internet days ago. I’m deeply impressed. not.

      She didn’t help her father financially? Well, first question that comes to my mind is, why he moved to Mexico without leaving an adress. And why did he have to file for bancrupcy. (I.e. My father in law destroyed his family and his whole existence because he was an alcoholic).

      Second thought: Maybe her mother loves the place where she lives and doesn’t want her daughter to “help” her. Same for her father. Some parents simply don’t want their children to parent them.

      Third thought: why do you hate her so much?

    2. According to Google she is worth 3 million. While good, that is not rich for Hollywood, in fact its middle class by Hollywood standards….if she has a manager, stylist, and other expenses that number is even lower. Regarding her mom, Crenshaw is NOT the ghetto, its not Beverly Hills but her mom does not live in the slums. And with gentrification Crenshaw is poised to be even more expensive. Also when she divorced she did NOT ask for alimony.

    3. “Sorry but to me it would be unconceivable not helping my mum or my dad.”

      But that’s you.

      I know several people, myself included, who would not help their parents out financially. One does not know another person’s situation or history, and just because they don’t help out their parents, or like or care about their parents, doesn’t make them a bad person. People may think me and my friends are horrible people for not liking their parents but if they knew the reasons why I and my friends don’t like our parents they’d be quick to change their minds and apologize.

      We don’t know why Meghan doesn’t help out her parents financially; it could be any number of reasons. So let’s not judge her negatively simply for that.

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