Prince William & Kate Middleton meet BBC Radio 1’s Teen Heroes 2016

Prince William & Kate Middleton meet BBC Radio 1’s Teen Heroes 2016

Prince William and Kate Middleton met with BBC Radio 1’s Teen Heroes 2016 at Kensington Palace on October 18.


William and Kate met with six teens who won the 2016 Teen Heroes awards – which celebrate the selfless, brave and exceptional achievements of young people age 12-17 – at Kensington Palace (not sure if it was in their personal living space or the State Rooms as the reports in the DM and People make it seem like the meeting was in their personal living space).

William and Kate met with: Lewis, who, despite his own health problems, has created a social platform for poorly and disabled children; Niamh, who has a rare auto-immune illness called neuromyelitis optica (NMO) and is a children’s ambassador for the NMO UK charity and helps to raise awareness of her condition with a blog while running a support group for young people; Joe and Toby, who are both active volunteers and fundraisers for Cancer Research UK; and Lucy and Lauren, who were members of a team in the 2015 TeenTech Awards and whose idea for a lightweight medical emergency kit, the Medical Military Shuttle, went on to win the People’s Choice category. You can find out more about them all here.

BBC Radio 1 released a video of the meeting. In the video, Kate tells the teens: “[Unintelligible] I don’t know how all of you sort of find time to do the volunteering. It’s such a great thing… Keep it up.”

William told three of the teens “You guys are shining lights for your age group”, and then told the whole group:

    “Thank you to Radio 1 as well for doing the teen awards, it’s fantastic to highlight all you champions. You’re a huge inspiration and I know you’re the most modest people I have ever met. You should be very, very proud of all the hard work and all the effort you put in. You’re leading the way, so well done.”

Just on the superficial side, this video allows us a good look at Kate’s ugly McQueen poppy dress she wore to the Team GB reception. It’s much worse now that I see a good front view of it.

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  1. If it wasn’t for the guy in the Union Jack shirt, all eyes would have been on…the old lady in the dressing gown who has inexplicably turned up and been wandering through the palace grinning and smiling at all the nice people. No one has the heart to separate her from the crowd and send her home while the media is about.

    1. I haven’t had my morning coffee yet and I didn’t realize that this meeting took place on the same day as the reception. So my first thought was “so it is a bathrobe after all! Kate has slept in it!” 😀 :-D. She looks out of place in this dress among the youngsters. The more I see this dress, the more I dislike it.

      I guess Kate’s comment about not understanding how the youngsters find time to do the volunteering was meant to give them credit, but in my eyes it just made Kate look very… Don’t know how to express myself, but hearing this from someone who obviously always finds time to buy new clothes but does not appear prepared when attending her engagements… This makes me feel she does not have a clue how normal people have to manage their schedules and just find time for things.

      1. I thought the same thing, Grace. And it’s a weird comment, because usually teenagers who don’t work and only have school to care about have a lot of spare time.

      2. I agree with you. Can’t she find something more inspiring to say? Her remark is a ready-to-say sentence that we would use at the end of the day, when we have to run our last errand and crave being at home to take off our shoes… because our day was busy working!
        Kate and William visited a group of wonderful teenagers who are creative, smart and courageous. They deserve praise and encouragements to pursue their task. Something like: I admire your organization skills that make you able to be so involved in our community. You improve the well-being of others. You make a difference in our world.
        At least, it is a comment that shows how active and energetic this group of teenagers is. When I read Kate’s comment I see her waking up on the morning, trying to put herself together to get something done! This kind of remark is vain. It put the emphasis on disorganization and laziness.
        I am sure she can do better. She should be more prepared.
        Besides, I keep thinking: too bad this young woman did not have a teacher training before, or work in a school as a counselor. It is eyes opening about our society. It would have given her credit and probably ideas to target the right charities for her to support.
        Do not take me wrong, her charities Do fit the needs of our society, but I am not sure that she has the right rationale to justify her involvement. As a teacher she would have been involved in real situations that she would have had to solve.
        Kate does not convince me. And, I am pretty sure that she is not convinced by herself. She does not feel at ease at all. I think that at the beginning of her married life, when she started solo engagements she was more enthusiastic. It was nice to see her embracing her royal life with gusto. I wonder what happened! Is she already tired of her job? Did William tell her unpleasant thinks that made her unsecured? Some women changed drastically after giving birth. It might be her case. Who knows…

    2. These extraordinary children have accomplished more in their short lives than Kate and William have in a lifetime. I would have been disappointed meeting them. Heck, I’d rather speak to a royal who actuall ,um, worked.

    3. I couldn’t take my eyes off that amazing woman with the fab hair! I kept thinking, “is that a hat?” She looked great too.

      It’s like Kate was trying to look like a portrait to be hung on the wall. That dress is beyond ugly, and the white fabric pulls it down rather than giving it a bright, light feel.

      1. Sunny, you are right. That young woman is beautiful. Both physically and spiritually. All the volunteers are, no doubt, doing wonderful things to help others.

        As for Kate’s dress? Ugh. She did look like she was trying to blend into the wall — be part of one of those portraits. Someone, somewhere, please take her by hand and help her. Not only with her apparel, but with her small talk and help boost her self-confidence.

        She shrinks at all these appearances and she’s been at them for a long time now.
        It’s painful to watch her.

      2. Yes, that hair does bring on afro envy. It’s a gorgeous head of hair. When I think stylist, I think of someone like her who rocks her own look and can help someone else better theirs.

        1. She’s fun, isn’t she? I’d love to meet her. Her smile lit up the whole room and she was just waiting to start the party.

    4. Ha! Spot on, that dress does look like a robe, with the crossover in front. Ugh, with all her money and assistants and access to some of the top designers she comes to a party wearing….this.

    5. Oh Grace, I’m sitting here enjoying a latte trying not to look at that abomination of a dress that Kate is wearing and you nearly made me cover my new monitor with it.

      I started watching the video and stopped after Kate gave that oh so sincere smile and said “Keep it up!” If only someone would give her encouragement to keep it up when she gets something right. Maybe we could come up with some kind of reward system…a new bag, shoes, bauble for every thing she does right, escalating as she continues the streak. But the second she blows it she’s back to level one.

      I actually wish they could have met PA or Harry or PC to meet real royalty that actually work and would sincerely tell them they’re doing a great job. Even Prince Andrew…anyone except these two cardboard cutouts.

  2. I think the meeting took place in their KP offices. The entrance that they came in (walking up the stairs) looks a lot like the place that was shown when William and Harry did their interview for the Prince’s Trust anniversary, and they said it was part of their offices.

    Also, after watching that video, I noticed that Kate seemed to light up more posing for the group photo (1:56) than she did talking to any of the teens.

    1. I would be shocked if W&K invited that large a group into their private home. It annoys me when the press says W&K met with people “at their house” when they really met with people in the public offices or State Rooms. Sure, it’s all Kensington Palace but the State Rooms, offices, and Apartment 1A are completely different.

      1. This is definitely their KP offices.

        The KP offices are housed in Diana’s old apartment. They use one of the upstairs rooms for receptions and meetings.

        Only POTUS and FLOTUS were met in their private apartments.

        Harry met FLOTUS in these rooms because his private space isn’t grand enough for such a public meeting.

  3. Kate just doesn’t do herself any favours, does she?
    Confused as to how the teens find time to volunteer? I wonder how they responded.

    1. Coming from someone who works full time plus takes care of their kids and home without the help of staff, I could see that “Where do you find the time?” question as a funny/exhausted comment that I’ve heard people make. But coming from Kate, it just seems so stupid. Like, girl, you have all the time on your hands. You barely work, you have nannies and staff for your home and office, you have plenty of time to do a ton of stuff; so don’t give me that “Where do you find the time?” crap.

      1. That was my first thought as well. It’s really about her and the implication is that she’s so darned busy all the time, and she’s just like them trying to juggle an overwhelming amount of balls in life. She has no idea what volunteering/giving of oneself entails or means nor any sense of balance.

      2. Here’s what I don’t get: didn’t her mom work to build the company while raising three kids? That’s always been my understanding, but if that’s true and that was her model then how did she become so far removed from that understanding?

        1. She’s dumped her real life experience for her imaginary born to rule persona, which is made of straw. I wonder if she really believes the things that come out of her mouth or if, like a goldfish, she’s forgotten it by the next time a ‘gosh, how interesting’ comes along.

      3. KMR you forget how much Kate has to do. There’s the kids, planting the organic vegetables that she feeds them with, taking care of them while they are growing, harvesting them and then cooking them deliciously with no added fat, sugar or any of that other bad stuff that might make them gain an ounce of weight.

        Then there’s all the briefings she does for her patronages. Don’t forget the scientific papers that she reads to get the facts that she bestows upon us with every outing she makes in support of mental health.

        Add to that the new list of solo engagements she’ll be doing to keep the other countries happy after Brexit.

        And then there’s keeping William happy and on an even keel. Throw in getting her exercising in and hair and make-up done and shopping so she can continue her transformation into dowdy grandma and well it’s an honest question coming from Kate. The time she spends with her bestie HM, I mean really they are super close. Giving advice to her younger siblings to keep them on the straight and narrow and mummy daughter time with Carol.

        How does anyone find the time to do anything???

        1. Lol, love this. Don’t forget she also has to keep up with all of Prince George’s interests: swimming, tennis, toy tractors, helicopters, airplanes, dinosaurs, baking, cycling, playing with pasta… That must keep her busy for a good part of the week.

    2. A more appropriate question for Kate to ask would’ve been, “What are some strategies that you use to balance school, family, friends, volunteer commitments, a part-time job? I would love to hear of them!” This line of questioning would show an interest in other people, of course.

    1. And so inarticulate: “[Unintelligible] I don’t know how all of you sort of find time to do the volunteering.”

      William fares marginally better but both he and Kate keep talking in generalities that reveal their lack of preparation and interest.

  4. They look so akward. Oh my yes Kate, volunteering truly would take too much effort for you. Thankfully not all people are the same.

  5. I’m someone who is always hopeful for Kate, and I do try and find some positive aspects during her interactions, and I’m sure my past comments will prove that. But this comment of hers has really irritated me. Kate, if people are passionate about something, they will do anything regardless of time constraints to find a way to do it. I work full time but I’m passionate about giving back, so I always find time to volunteer at 2 places. But obviously Kate won’t understand this, because she hardly attends any charitable events. Now I’m not saying I want her to start volunteering and take part in charitable events, because not everyone can. But all I’m saying is before you make such statements Kate, try and understand the audience your talking to. Understand, that we volunteers love giving our time to those who need it, and we can always find time.

  6. My parents encouraged me to be the best – in terms of personal achievement and a fine member of society – hopefully that is the case – substance is more important than so called style

  7. I was thinking the dress had to look better in motion than in pictures, as it was bespoke McQueen, but, sadly, no it doesn’t. It is one of my least favorites she has worn. I was really surprised how awkward she seemed. Her hands clasped in front of her, her searching for words, even when meeting a small group of young people. I figured this would be an easy few minutes – walk into a room with awestruck good kids and offer smiles, hugs, congratulations, encouragement, and give them a badge. But, instead, she deferred to William, and looked like she was ready and waiting to leave as he made his final statement. Sometimes I feel like I’m too harsh on Kate – she’s in front of the world stage, and she hasn’t add any major gaffes – certainly none that the general public who don’t follow royal news would be aware of (I doubt most people would ever know about her flying skirts). But, for the life of me, I cannot understand her. The job should be getting easier with time and practice, and yet I still feel she’s not comfortable with even the most cheerful, intimate events. Maybe she felt lost because she can’t relate to the teens by discussing how her kids are already avid volunteers. To me, it seems like if she can’t directly link her family to the event, she has no idea what to say.

    1. Anne, awesome. Kate does seem so frightened and stiff at these events and this one should have been a joy to do. Congratulate these wonderful youngsters on all their efforts. Actually, read up what each one does and then talk to each one a short period of time about his/her work.

      And, yes, if her family doesn’t have a direct link to the event, she doesn’t seem to have any clues as to what to say. Doesn’t George love volunteers? He can’t wait to become one, can he? What about Charlotte? I’m surprised she didn’t rattle off a version of those two comments.

      I do think I am hard on Kate and William, but they make it so easy to become so exasperated, don’t they?

    2. Astute observation Anne! Kate only ever looks thrilled and like she is enjoying herself when she is on a tax-payer funded holi-tour or watching a sporting event. Otherwise, she looks miserable, anxious and is itching to leave. What an ungracious person she is.

    3. +1. And most likely because she chooses not to do any prep or homework. What a waste. She could be doing such good work if she’d only make an effort.

  8. Who else thinks Will and Kate walked into that room only knowing these kids were great volunteers but not knowing anything else? I am confident Harry would have learned about their actual work beforehand so he could comment on their projects rather than the “awesome job, you guys are inspirational!” stuff we so regularly get from the Cambridges. It’s great these teens were honored and I’m sure they were excited to meet royalty and get recognition. But can you imagine how much more meaningful it would be to them to know the royals were so impressed they even knew their names and what exactly they were doing for their communities?

    1. I was struck looking at the final picture, which will be what the kids have to look at for years to come. W&K striking the traditional fig leaf pose– what many other celebs/figures do, and thinking how Harry would have had his arms around two of the kids in the back while everyone was laughing at a joke. That memory would have been so much more sweet.

      I appreciate W&K meeting these kids but they need to amp it up, which they aren’t capable of.

      1. “fig leaf pose”–hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! So true Sunny! Good gravy, he doesn’t need to clutch his jewels that hard, especially since he’s been showing them off lately by going commando! 😉

        And yes, Harry would’ve totally done his homework, talked to each one individually over what they’ve accomplished (and given out compliments) plus had his arms around them and pulled them together into a group hug!

        1. Sadly, we probably can’t draw a picture of the two ala nude with appropriate fig leaves and post for a chuckle. If only, if only.

          Hope you are doing well Kimothy, and enjoying the fall weather!

      2. The fig leaf pose! I love that – and it’s so very true.

        Will and Kate need to get it together. They need to read their briefing notes and begin to make some meaningful statements. Heck, I could do a better job than they do! If they get some substance, the conversation will turn away from their appearances or their clothing.

  9. Kate had much time after university, she was a grown woman with a lot of money. She could have done something like this active children. As far as I know, she only spent time and money for herself or other rich friends who have to be pleased. Either Kate didn’t know it better because most of her friends didn’t do anything on this part or she is just ignorant.

  10. I’m glad these teenagers got the attention they deserve and I truly hope it will encourage others to give smt back too!

    But I can only shake my head on Kate’s comment. Yes, sometimes I wonder how people manage to have a full time job, raise children, take care of their parents, volunteer, do sports and have hobbies as the day has only 24 hours but she makes it sound like it would have been impossible for her to do so.
    It doesn’t take much time on Google to figre out which possibilities you have to do voluntary work at St. Andrews. Neither would it take much time to figure out which organisations have groups at universities… From my own experience I know it can sometimes be demanding to study, work and volunteer, especially during time of exams but I think if she would really care she could have done more in past and could do more now!

  11. All I can say is that W & K are like 2 sticks of wood. To William’s credit he seems a bit more relaxed, but Kate looks so stiff , anxious and closed off. I always get the feeling that the both of them are trying to have as little physical contact with the “regular folks” as possible, so when they are talking to these groups of people it is like there is a 5ft gap between them and the people they are meeting. Or is that a protocol thing. Someone wrote in another post that Kate should have a voice coach, and I agree, if she wants to use her posh accent she needs to learn to speak a bit louder, more slowly and not be swallowing all her words into one big pot of mush. There is nothing to say about what she spoke about because as usual, she never has anything intelligent to say.

    1. To be fair, maybe Kate doesn’t like being touched in general? I don’t like being touched by strangers or acquaintances, and stand with a good amount of space between me and them. I don’t like shaking people’s hands either.

      1. Do people touch royalty in these public situations? I’d imagine the protocol is made clear to people. If there is any touching, it is initiated from the royals themselves eg shaking hands. Anything more personal – such as hugging – again is mostly royal-initiated.

        As for Kate, why after 5-15 years are excuses being made to explain poor performance? She has dug her toes in for years to do only the absolute minimum; Kate is no shrinking violet. She exhibits classic signs of the narcissist such as not being engaged with others, hiding behind her version of a 1950’s female passivity or the ‘demure’ nonsense. Kate’s world is small and centred around herself. She is courteous, but clearly not engaged, but that’s all that’s on offer. There appears to be no demand placed on William and Kate to improve the depth of their engagements, only to do more of them.

        Go back to articles written 2004-2011 about Kate (and Pippa); these two were confident, ambitious, media savvy, pushy, brazen in going after goodies touting their royal association, looking for power and money and nothing was going to stop them.

      2. KMR, I’m totally with you about stranger danger touch, but she knew! Shaking hands, taking pictures where everyone has to crunch in is standard fare. I do a lot of volunteer work, and just regular me has to shake hands, give a speech or info, picture snaps etc. If Kate couldn’t handle the fire, no negative to her, but she shouldn’t have gone into the kitchen, I don’t care how awesome the Cullinan diamonds are.

    2. But it is now becoming increasingly rude, for Kate to engage with people verbally, when her non-verbal language is communicating a closed-off, uninterested attitude, due to the constant hands crossed over her front. Frankly, if she is unwilling and incapable of doing this simple job, she should just stay home and her clothing budget completely cut.

      1. After certain events in Canada, I have come to the conclusion that Kate is indeed very rude. I have no use for her at all, and I hope she never becomes Queen Consort.

  12. “…I don’t know how all of you sort of find time to do the volunteering. It’s such a great thing… Keep it up.” My sigh is as deep as the Grand Canyon. Anyway, why do you think they released a few days after the said event? Is this their way of making the “secret visits” thing credible?

    1. What 34 adult says “sort of find time”? Sounds like a 13 year old.

      They bar press and release after the event so they have control. Not a privacy issue, but protection from poorly prepared principals making gaffes.

      1. Left out “year old”. I should get a job at KW’s office.

        KMR, do you not think the KP has some control over what was released by BBC?

        1. I’m sure KP gave their input but I think BBC Radio 1 was in control. Like I said, KP hasn’t even mentioned the meeting or video.

      2. Oh, Fifi, thank you. When I read that she said, “I don’t know how you guys sort of find the time,” I nearly collapsed. As you said, what adult speaks this way? Her speaking may be so low that it’s often hard to hear, but obviously, that Valley Girl vocabulary came through loudly and clearly. She’s beyond hopeless!

        I wish those amazing kids met with Harry. Now, that would be great for everyone. Harry would have loved them as much as they would have loved him.

        And, to the beautiful young lady with the amazing Afro, you are divine! Maybe, there’s a job for you as a personal shopper for Kate. You could also be in charge for her total makeover!!!

        Congrats to all these youngsters for “sort of making time,” You deserve to be thanked for all you do.

        1. Personal shopper? How about duchess of Cambridge? She volunteers her time without having to be asked, is a good conversationalist, and has great style. Now that is a duchess I can get behind.

    2. KP/W&K did not release this, and they still have not tweeted about it.

      BBC Radio 1 released this. I would imagine since BBC Radio 1 put the video together with the editing and everything, that they were in charge of when it was released and not letting the press be there.

      1. Their social media team is just as bad as all their other teams. If they aren’t going to support their charities with their presence, an easy “look we care” act would be to retweet what some charities are doing. I get if they don’t their Twitter feed completely bombarded that waysi they could do: mental health Monday, art Tuesday, conservation Wednesday…..

  13. Best part of the video: The young man who made made the funny mock curtsy and head bow. Also the woman with the gorgeous Afro and gold hoop earings. She was so vibrant and intelligent.

    W&K should be locked away never to be seen again. They obviously hate meeting people who in reality are far superior to them in every way including heart and achievement. KM is plastic and inane and doesn’t connect with people because she doesn’t want to connect with them. Carole molded KM’s mind to only mingle with people perceived to help her get a foothold into aristo society. All others are to be avoided or tolerated for a few seconds.

        1. They could live on William’s EAAA salary and his private funds. I agree bout being cut loose from royal duty… but also the allowance too.

          1. Now Jen, we all know that William “donates” his salary! Just don’t ask to which charity ?
            Were you able to catch the PBS show on Hamilton? I enjoyed it!

          2. Hmm… I don’t think the charity receiving his salary was ever mentioned. That salary was always been mentioned at full-time rate which implied early on (and never corrected) that William was working full-time. So how many hours does he work now?

    1. I agree–Kate doesn’t seem to have any problems when she talks to Ben Ainslie.

      Now, without snark, if Kate is more comfortable talking about sports/sporting issues, then KP, get her involved in sporting charities like we all suggested two years ago!

      Jason, let mental health be Harry’s issue because he’s awesome with caring about people and getting them to open up. Kate can do sports, and Will can go fly a kite.. I mean, helicopter.

      1. Is Kate interested in sporting charities or is she interested in hunky chaps who play elite sports like tennis and sailing?

        Kate has her choice of pretty much anything she wants; her choice is to do nothing. That’s the long and short of it, sadly.

        1. Yes, Kate has no interest in anything except herself and her limited little world. She hasn’t an ounce of empathy in her pinky finger.

  14. A few observations:

    1.) I remember doing volunteer work at churches during the summer starting at the age of 12 and even today, I volunteer my time via social media by speaking with those connected with transplant. In this day and age, it’s not difficult to make the time to help others so I majorly rolled my eyes at Kate’s “oh wow….blah blah…how do you do it?…..keep it up” I’m surprised she didn’t give them a ‘thumbs up’

    2.) Like I mentioned up thread, William needs to stop his crotch-clutch. He’s just as bad as Kate now! Dude, we have a general idea of how your manhood looks based on the fact that you’ve started copying your wife and omitted underwear so it’s too late to be a prude!

    3.) Congrats to all of the teens for what they’ve done!! YAY!!!

    4.) Who is that tall guy, in the suit on the far left? He’s cuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    5.) That dress now reminds me of when Maria created the children’s play clothes from her curtains in ‘The Sound of Music’ except this would’ve been during the 1960s or 1970s. It needs to be burned.

    That’s all I’ve got for now!

  15. Something I have been wondering for awhile and I am curious about (I know this doesn’t have to do with this event, but their work in general). Will and Kate are wanting to ‘shine a spotlight’ on mental health. Yet all the events they go to concerning mental health seem to be about preventative/younger kids. While that is all and good, they don’t seem to be dealing with the nitty-gritty part of mental health, i.e. those adults who are struggling with it. I am mostly confused because there are so many kinds of mental health problems out there like bi-polar disorder, bulimia, depression, even schizophrenia.

    I just don’t seem them addressing the tougher mental health issues and breaking the stigma that comes with those. It is like they are being credited for dealing with this tough issue, when in fact, they seem to be only dealing with one side of it and arguably the easier/non-messy part. So, have I missed something? Did they say they are only ‘shining a spotlight’ on one area of mental health or are they not really wanting to get their feet wet and therefore generalizing mental health? I just have been confused on this for awhile since there are so many aspects of mental health, yet they don’t really address any of them. I just don’t understand what it is they are really keen to help on. Any thoughts?

    1. They don’t have the depth to tackle any of the more hard hitting issues.
      I think one of Kate’s L&D nurses committed suicide after she was pranked by some radio station, they could talk about that, to make a personal connection to one of their causes but when I was thinking how they could address the high suicide rate among the 1st nation people, I realized, I don’t want these two insensitive dolts to handle the harder issues! William (Whether joking or not) couldn’t even pretend to take a hard call for the hotline. So maybe it’s better that they are only addressing the easier side.

    2. Actually, this is one small point of near-consistency in Kate’s message. She has said that meeting with addicts has awakened her to the role of preventative measures that can be taken in childhood. Many of her charities have as a secondary mission to give children the resilience and coping skills they will need as adults (and so not need to turn to destructive coping methods). I think the term “mental health” that they bandy about with such gay abandon is misleading, although Will has spoken up against (adult) male suicide and of course, Harry works with PTSD-suffering veterans.

      1. What preventative measures? She inferred way back that coming from a ‘normal’ family is the key to mental health, *her* extra amazing family. She is not awakened to anything excepting judging others.

        I doubt that she has any clue what resilience means. And should we applaud her consistent show of ignorance?

        1. Talking to people when they feel things. That’s been the message from William and Kate for months now.

        2. I agree that she doesn’t know her ass from her elbow when it comes to mental heath; I was just looking for some overall theme she might be referencing. The actual preventative measures, as I meant to point out, are being proposed by the charities. Art as a way to express oneself, a safe place to hang out with people with whom you can trust (and perhaps confide in), and educating parents on neurophysical brain development are all things her charities emphasize — even if all she can manage is to say “erase the stigma” and “talk about it”. (Quotes are paraphrases. I’m too lazy to look up what she actually said.)

    3. I think the pair does the bare minimum by turning up to this and that charity for a short time, and repeating similar phrases. The reason I’m not convinced they care about mental health is because they do nothing more.

      All royals attach themselves to some cause to (1) give the impression of relevance (2) justify public monies flowing to them (3) keep the royal brand/image in the press.

      I agree with Sarah in that mental health matters are serious, and dabbling here and there does not cut it, by any standards. Best they stick to cutting ribbons.

      1. Oh my gosh, how hard is it for us all to assert bluntly that they just don’t freaking care about almost any cause (lots of behavioural evidence)? I’m saying it, and I know you are as well as many on this blog.

        1. I agree. When Will admitted in Canada that he doesn’t read his briefings, I lost the modicum of respect I still had for him.

          I couldn’t believe how lazy and spoiled he is to be wasting taxpayer dollars as he attempts to pose as a ambassador of peoples’ issues, in order to hold on to his privileged position. He has his capable moments but then pulls back in and assumes the old royal position of “worship me from afar.” His mother would be ashamed of him.

          Kate has never cared about anything other than being Queen Consort and wearing the Cullinan’s. I hoped for better, but the silly remarks are disappointing. She’s only meeting with these people for a few minutes. If Kate is struggling, she could ask Harry or Sophie how they get comfortable talking while having to keep moving through a crowd.

        2. I agree. I think if they could, they would skip the charitable stuff and keep the money and houses and live the country life with lots of vacations. I bet they wish they could go back to a time when royalty didn’t have to all this “work” and just live the life of the idle rich.

  16. Kate appears to actually be regressing. She started out vibrant and full of life and now looks out of it in most engagements (when not pulling manic faces) and she is almost always with William now. She is also deferring to him in nearly every engagement she’s on with him.

    He speaks, she adds little asides. He gives speeches, she looks on adoringly (or looks out into the audience bored beyond belief). She can’t even get the plaque unveilings right after 5 1/2 years. She’s always looking to William as if to say “Is this what I should be doing?”

    I don’t understand what’s going on with her. But I hope this isn’t the Kate that is being locked in for the future because if things keep deteriorating everyone will be better off if they just brought a life size cut out to stand next to for photos.

    1. In a blue dress coat. With nude pumps. Aaaand… sausage curls. Because she loves them so and the wind won’t mess with the cardboard perfection that is the Duchess.

    2. Omg, you just created a new meme. Cutout Kate. Whenever she shows up somewhere, has little to say and just poses for the photographers, I’m going to say ‘Cutout Kate!’

      1. Maybe we should start commenting #CutoutKate on Twitter when she does this. I doubt anyone from KP will pay attention but maybe someone would show her and try to shake her up a bit.

  17. It’s a bummer she doesn’t let cameras (video) get close to her because I think that’s when she’s shown in the best light. Captured in the rigid stillness of a photograph she looks, as you’ve all mentioned, manic and mannequin-like. I think her best moment here is when she tells to “Keep It Up!” There is a light and emotion in her face that doesn’t translate the same way in still photography. I’ve seen some other candid videos of her chatting to people in the crowds in Manchester and Amsterdam and she’s infinitely more appealing in those moments. She and William— she more so than him —are shooting themselves in the foot by not let the press sit in or get close during their engagements because it’s through that medium you see traces of life from them. Otherwise they look detached, like cardboard cut outs.

  18. I feel like she chose the McQueen mistake in order TO stand out, not to fade into the background. She either goes slyly sexy or bright and loud and I do believe it is to make sure all eyes are on the shy but sweet (channeling a young Diana), barely speaks above a whisper and gratifies everyone around her with a toothy smile and enviable dimples Duchess. It’s certainly contrived. The queen dresses to stand out, and so does Kate- she definitely took that lesson of grandmother in law’s to heart! So I think it’s just so much karma that the one guy shows up in a Union Jack tshirt and the fabulous girl with Afro caught everyone’s attention I need the most positive way.

    I also wonder if she hates all those people wandering about KP so close to her home and children? Too bad missy! Comes with the territory, get used to it.

    1. The State Rooms part of KP which is open to the public is closer to Apartment 1A than their KP offices.

    2. Ray, I agree that Kate’s current strategies are utterly contrived; she needs to be the centre of attention one way or the other. Yes, the young woman with the splendiferous afro and the young man rocking the Union Jack t-shirt were a bright spot.

  19. I haven’t had a chance to read all the comments yet so please excuse me if I am repeating what others have said.

    I did look at the photo at the top of KMR’s blog and immediately noticed the gorgeous confident lass on the far right of the photo. The confidence just pours off her, she is (as the French say) comfortable in her own skin. I’m loving the hair and that dress? I want a close up and I want to know where she got it. I think she’ll be someone to watch and will go on to do great things.

    And then there is Kate. She’s positioned into the very middle of the photo but she’s so darn tense and stiff that I’m feeling tension in my jaw just looking at her (that’s where I carry my stress, then my shoulders). IMO she’s positioned herself in the middle so the photo will feature her, and she’s so stiff because she aint gonna move. But my eyes went to the confident lass on the far right so I guess that’s a fail?

    As for that dress? Where to start? Someone on made a comment asking if Kate had gotten the dress from one of those Chinese copy a dress sites as it’s just not right. Firstly, as poppies are usually associated with Remembrance Day and Anzac Day it’s a little insensitive to turn up to an event a month early wearing poppies. And the design of the dress? It doesn’t sit well as the side seams have been taken in and the waistband has been lifted. I think the length has also been altered as couture houses doesn’t do hems like that.

    A plus for this occasion is that BBC Radio 1’s Teen Heroes 2016 have been acknowledged and I hope they enjoyed going to see part of KP?

    1. Why wearing a poppy print this close to Remembrance Day insensitive? Is wearing a poppy print in April insensitive? What about December? Or late November? What about ahead of Remembrance Day in early November?

  20. This girl landed a future King, something many girls tried to do. Sure, he’s no catch but it’s an aspiration of many. So where, where is the steely determination, perserverence and stoicism demonstrated by playing the long game? Was it all her mother all along? She seems so insipid and incapable of the scheming required to keep William despite his reluctance and fend off interlopers. Who is this girl?

    1. She has been joked at mocker at and laughed at. Still she didn’t loose her sight of her goal. He dumped her, but she still managed to get back. This is steel nerves and determination.
      One would think that with the same determination she would master her duties.

      Like Lis said was that all her mum?

      They thought that when she got the ring on the finger that they had reached the finish line, instead that is when everything actually started. These 5,5 years have shown that Kate doesn’t have the stamina.

    2. Lis, you are absolutely spot-on My mother was schemed towards my father by her mother. The end-result had been a disaster of unspeakable magnitude for my father, for the children, and for herself. God have a mercy!

  21. I was just reading up on some older posts about W&K and have an idea about the two of them and how they want to live their lives. I think they both subscribe to the idea of the 1950’s when men did the work (not saying much for W), and women ruled the home.

    Charlotte’s christening was like visiting the set of Mad Men; the old pram, George’s outfit, the nanny in uniform. Top that off with how we rarely see K without W these days and when they’re together, she’s constantly looking to him for guidance. K won’t even wear red nail polish because W doesn’t like it?

    I get the general sense that these are two people meant for one another because K wants to be the ‘stay at home mom/socialite’ (nothing wrong with that, kids are hard work), and W wants to rule the roost.

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