Is Prince Harry dating a US actress?

Is Prince Harry dating a US actress?

Camilla Tominey over at the Express has two new articles about Prince Harry‘s love life up today. The first is a story claiming Harry is dating US actress Meghan Markle, while the other has a quote from “A source close to Harry” which is funny and the only reason I actually decided to write this article.

I’m going to talk about not the article relating to the actress first because I find it funny. It’s pretty much just a run-down of all the women Harry has been linked to over the years, but it does have an interesting quote from “A source close to Harry”:

    “All of his pals are either married or spoken for and he’s almost the last man standing. He would love to find the right wife and become a dad, because everyone knows he loves kids, but it’s very difficult. He’s always wary in case women throw themselves at him to make a name for themselves. And often the sincere ones who love him for who he is don’t want to live in the goldfish bowl that is the Royal Family for the next 50 years. You have to be a very special kind of girl to want to be a Princess.”


“You have to be a very special kind of girl to want to be a Princess” HAHAHAHAHAHA That’s probably not supposed to be shade, but I can’t help thinking that that line is throwing so much shade. Because marrying into the BRF means giving up your life, freedom, and anonymity. And yeah, it takes a “very special kind of girl” to be willing to do that. I mean, just look at Kate.

Let’s talk about the second article. Tominey says Harry is dating 35-year-old US actress, model, and human rights campaigner Meghan Markle. I have never heard of her. Apparently she’s on a TV show called Suits which airs on USA Network, but I’ve never seen it. I think I remember seeing ads for it when I used to watch Psych (before it was cancelled 🙁 ) but from what I remember about those ads it didn’t seem like my kind of show so I never watched it. Anyway, let’s check out some of Tominey’s article:

    “In recent weeks royal watchers have noticed that Harry, fifth-in-line to the throne, has had a notable spring in his step and can’t stop smiling. ‘He’s happier than he’s been for many years,’ said a source close to the Prince last night. ‘He’s in a very relaxed period of his life and Meghan has come along at the right time. They are taking each week as it comes and just enjoying each other’s company but it’s fair to say that they love seeing each other and there’s a definite chemistry between them. Harry has been desperate to keep the relationship quiet because he doesn’t want to scare Meghan off. He knows things will change when their romance is public knowledge but he also knows he can’t keep it a secret for long. It’s too early to say if the relationship will lead to anything long-term but who knows? At the moment they are just taking it a step at a time and seeing how things develop.’ […]
    “She has made several visits to London and has been on discreet dinners with Harry and out with his friends. Friends say Harry has been treated to her ‘excellent cooking’ and they both enjoy yoga. She has stayed with him at Kensington Palace and met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. ‘William and Kate really liked her and she fitted in straight away,’ added the insider. ‘Meghan is a very confident and intelligent woman and she’s not overawed mixing with royalty. That’s one of the things Harry admires about her.’ […]
    “The source added: ‘Harry loves to hear about Meghan’s humanitarian work and he thinks she’s doing a fantastic job. She is sassy, smart and vivacious and he just adores her love of life. There is a definite meeting of minds between them as well as a physical attraction. The romance is in its early stages but it’s no exaggeration to say he’s besotted with her.'”


Harry does yoga?? Was that mentioned before and I just missed it?

The parts of the article which I cut out are about her background and some quotes she gave in interviews which I don’t care too much about. I absolutely have to 100% disagree with this line, though: “In 2011 she landed the role in Suits which has made her a household name in the US.” Meghan Markle is absolutely NOT a household name in the US – I’ve never heard of her until I read this article.

So, what do we make of this? If this is true, I think it’s hilarious that a “source close to Harry” is leaking this to the press even though Harry “has been desperate to keep the relationship quiet”. Like, if you’re his friend or someone who works for him and you know that he is “desperate to keep the relationship quiet” why would you go running your mouth off to the press? Or did Harry want this story leaked? Or did Markle want this story leaked?

I will reserve judgement until there is more evidence of the relationship. But I was thinking a little while ago that wouldn’t it be interesting if Harry pulled a then-Prince Philippe circa 1999 and announced an engagement without telling the press he was dating anyone? That would certainly be interesting.

This is Meghan Markle, by the way:

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  1. She’s not a household name, I’ve never heard of her. I have no idea who she is as a person but to me, the one with her bra hanging out doesn’t really give off the refined or dignified vibe that one would expect to see a princess embody.

    1. Oh, I didn’t even notice that. I just noticed that she was smiling in that photo so I grabbed it.

      The Express article has some info about her. She’s an actress and model who runs a cooking/travel blog and is a humanitarian.

      1. So did a bit of snooping around online it seems Meghan Follows Harry on his private Instagram. So they do know each other. As for the source my guess it is Arthur Landon as he has commented recently on Meghan’s Instagram. Mario Slippers…. She all so posted a photo of herself and Arthur’s cute little dog a few weeks back. Oh Harry. But then Harry all so likes a lot of Elizabeth Marks photos on Instagram as well so are they secretly dating too

    2. Yeah, and what is with the spray painted on leather trousers/skirt in the photo? That’s right up Kate’s alley. And, this American never heard of her until this post.

      1. May I add to my post? I have re-read my comments and I need to add that I think this woman is gorgeous and is obviously, not just into her acting career. She is a serious person, who wants to make a difference in the world. For that alone, she deserves recognition and if she would make Harry happy, then, great. She surely has more going for her than Kate, ti seems.

    3. Pfft. Are you kidding? Based on the current Princess, having your naughty bits hang out seems to be practically a prerequisite for being a royal wife in England these days :).

  2. It always gives me creeps when “sources close” to someone are cited. Why would someone betray trust by telling something like this? I think Harry has said he would like to keep a potential relationship secret until they are absolutely comfortable with each other to protect his partner from her private life being intruded.

    I have never heard of this lady before, but she seems to be a caring person if she’s a humanitarian, and I find her beautiful and nicely dressed as well.

    1. The only time I think it’s okay for “sources close to” someone to tell stuff is when the person has given the okay for the source to leak the info to the press – which happens. So that makes me wonder if this was okay-ed by Harry or not, because based on the quote the source gave it seems like this wouldn’t have been okay-ed, and if that’s the case then why tell? The source literally says Harry is desperate to keep it secret, but then spills the secret? Seems odd. But it may have been okay-ed and Harry may be testing the waters or something.

      1. Yes, it happens that a person in question gives his/her consent to the news getting leaked. But I don’t get that impression here. And “sources close to Harry” have told untrue things before, so it’s of course possible the whole thing has been made up. Time will tell. But if he really is dating this lady I hope they will be left alone.

        1. That’s why I don’t want to comment much on this story and specifically on her until we have more proof of the relationship. This may be totally false. Other than the “insider” quotes the story is based on the fact that two people were in the same city at the same time.

          I thought the “it’s a special kind of girl who wants to be a princess” quote was funny and wanted to share, otherwise I wasn’t even going to write about the dating story.

        2. It’s a fact sometime actors/actresses have untrue things leaked to media just to get a front page and big article written on themselves. One way to get a lot of quick attention. Every magazine and newspaper will want to interview her/him to get the story. All they have to say is I don’t know what you’re talking about. But every agent, produce, director has seen your name. But this it can open doors for them.

          1. And sometimes they leak false info, get in the news, then deny the false story to get in the news for another news cycle. The Kardashians do it all the time.

  3. I always wonder what kind of friends or family people have if they would share private information with media. And do those “friends” just think one day that a phone call with some newspaper would be a good idea? Are they bored and need someone to talk to? Is it about money? A fun way to spend the day? I don’t really get it to be honest.

    Especially when it comes to dating and after one, like Harry in this case, had said he would keep things private and try to protect the one he loves, I don’t see the point… I really hope his actual friends are better than this.

    And ofc there is the chance that someone wants things to be leaked or people close being like “they are happy” after everyone got the information but doesn’t seem to be the case here.

    Often it seems that “close friend”, “family member”, “someone close” is just a way to make the story more reliable but at the end that person doesn’t even exist.

    1. Totally agree Kristin. These “sources” are always questionable. There are always stories about Harry dating some woman and in the end they are totally false. Harry is dating princesses, socialites, models, actresses, maybe you, maybe me…

  4. I often wonder if actress’ publicists are the close sources. For example, even if Cressida wanted to keep the relationship quiet, her publicist would know it would get her roles and probably couldn’t keep quiet.

    As for Harry with someone famous, I always thought Joss Stone seemed really talented, fun, and interested in humanitarian causes. But, they’re just friends, and thankfully she’s been able to avoid the “Harry needs a girlfriend” stories in tabloids.

      1. My first thought was publicist too. Often ‘sources’ are publicists.

        If this story shows up in people, it will confirm publicists because peopke magazine works directly with publicists.

  5. I may be wrong, but this seems highly unlikely. I don’t think Harry does yoga, nor does he know how to cook. This is simply based on the fact that she was in London, and took a picture near Buckingham palace. I don’t see Harry dating for another 2-3 years, let alone getting married.

    1. I love Harry with all heart but I agree I can’t see Harry getting married for along time. Even thou he’s great with kids I don’t think he’s ready. I could really see him committing full time to his Royal duties which he enjoys doing on his own. He’s living lthe life and good for him he needs to be around people. He is a people person that’s why he’s good a what he does.

      1. I hope this not another lets throw Harry under the bus with all the good work he has been doing Lately and his tour is coming up. It will certainly upset a few people. She’s American, Actress she’s older then him and did mention a divorcee. Duke of Windsor history repeating it’s self. Why Harry Why.

        1. Charles and Anne are divorced and remarried to divorcees.

          Princess Michael of Kent was a divorcee when she married Prince Michael.

          I think we are over the *divorce thing?

          Besides, Wallis was a twice divorcee, so unless the American is also twice divorced, nothing to see here though it might make for good gossip.

          *i’ll also like to remind everyone that the Church of England was created to grant the King a divorce so any and all pearl clutching over divorced congregants is really hypocritical.

        2. Is she divorced? The Tominey article pointed out that it wasn’t known if she was just separated or actually divorced.

          I too question it until I see proof. Like them walking together hand in hand.
          And how do we know she’s on Harry’s private Instagram account? Does someone know what he’s signed up under and track this?

          The show is good, haven’t actually watched it in a while as I no longer get that cable channel, but she definitely is not a household name. I watched the show regularly when it first came on and honestly didn’t know the actresses name.

          Another thing that has come up is that they are wearing similar bracelets. In other words it must be real because Harry gave her one like his. My cynical side asks if she picked up one like his on her trip to Africa and it’s just a coincidence.

          I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Don’t forget he was just recently supposedly dating Ellie Gould and she was actually questioned about whether or not she was carrying Harry’s baby…yeah, I know.

      2. It looks opportunistic to make mention of a new, rumoured private relationship on a Wikipedia page, and within a heartbeat of it being leaked to the press. I’d think such a move would end it, unless Harry has okayed the release of the leak and Meghan felt secure enough in that relationship to update her page. I don’t think such leaks are accidental. I thought Harry was into blondes?

        1. I don’t think actors etc. actually update their own Wikipedia page. I believe this is more a fan thing. Megan might not be a household number but Suits is known in Germany, but her role will always be overshadowed by the to-to-dy-for character Donna! That said I think this whole story is just a big lie. The Sunday express is just a tabloid and not known to be reliable.

        2. Anyone can update a Wikipedia page. That’s why most, if not all, educational institutions don’t consider it a true source for research purposes.

          1. If not Markle or her representatives, it must be one super keen fan to update the page within hours of hitting the papers.

        3. It’s funny because my first thought was, I thought he had a penchant for blondes.

          I find it hard to believe no one would have seen them out and about at some point and reported it, thanks to Twitter. I don’t believe the rumour.

          1. His 3 main relationships have been with blondes, but he has had flings (or snogged) with dark haired haired gals in the past.

            If memory serves correctly, he has 3-4 dark haired gals in his romantic history.

          2. That was my thought too! Can’t be real, she’s not blonde! Maybe he’s learned the brunettes are way better!
            I’ve thought he’s been secretly dating chelsea,she used to be papped out at shindigs and whatnot and hasn’t seemed to be in awhile. Or maybe the media just gave up on that rumor? Rhiannon, you better hurry up and make your move!

          3. With the exception of Chelsy the one common of the women Harry has dated or has been said to date, whether blonde or brunette, is that they were actresses or models or in the media in some way.

          4. Seems odd that if Harry truly wants a wife and kids that he would consistently go for women who aren’t going to be interested in giving up their careers for him. I think Harry may want a wife and kids but isn’t truly ready to settle down. He’s having fun banging models and actresses and not being tied down.

  6. I’m liking this rumor. I was all ‘meh’ from her photos, but watching her speak at the UN, I found her impressive. Humble, funny, well-spoken.

    She does charity work because *she* wants to. In addition to being successful in her own right and -most importantly-keeping her mouth s-h-u-t. No selfies in front of Buck house giggling “Im dating the ginger Ninja!!”

    JMO, I think she seems ok. Harry could do a LOT worse.

    ps Did you see she’s mixed race? Af-Am Mother. Wouldn’t that an interesting addition the the BRF 🙂

    1. Someone who shares my name! I’m so thrilled!

      I think this is mostly rubbish. I expect a Philippe-and-Mathilde type coup. He’s engaged! Oh wait, he was seeing someone? Really? Whoa! (AFAIK nobody knew about Mathilde until the engagement was announced.)

  7. I think the Express sees how popular Harry is and would love to get him dating or engaged because it would sell lots of papers. W&K on the front cover doesn’t do much as we saw from British Vogue. I strongly disbelieve she’s his girlfriend since privacy would be paramount and her Wikipage has already added tgis rumour. She or her publicist are opportunistically using him, maybe hopeful he’ll be attracted to someone with a similar physique to Kate. If he wanted that, he could have had Pippa.

    The man is working hard to find joy in his life, and is finding it much as his mother did by helping people and giving out to them. I don’t think he’ll get married unless he really falls in love; sometimes wanting kids and/or a partner is not enough, especially when he’s wise to know a foundation for the house built on quicksand destroys everything. I wish him every happiness and more importantly, peace.

      1. Not uncommon, but for women, the fertility rate goes down each year after, gasp, 30. Especially, if a woman has not been pregnant, or given birth before. It’s a fact of life. Not to say that they would definitely have problems. Then, there are treatments today that assist couples, but one of the unfairest things for women is that each year after 30 — some docs, even say after 28, one’s possiblity of conceiving, if you have not done so before, goes down. And, it drops considerably more into the early 30s and beyond.

  8. IF this rumor is true so might it be. I don’t know anything about her apart from the article mentioned above. In the pictures I see a beautiful woman with a gorgeous smile. But if there is one thing I highly doubt it’s the sentence about the “Kate approval “. Never ever would she approve of of a woman who is older than her but looks 10 years younger (and apparently knows how to handle an eyeliner pencil).

    1. “Never ever would she approve of of a woman who is older than her but looks 10 years younger (and apparently knows how to handle an eyeliner pencil).” Fantastic Greta.

    2. I find it funny that these articles always mention the Cambridges and how they “gave their seal of approval”. It was the same thing with the exclusive of Eugenie getting engaged and moving into KP, Beatrice breaking up… This is a bit conspirational, but it makes me wonder if maybe there are Cambridge-related sources leaking these things?

      If Kate did meet her, I’d love to have been a fly in the wall to see how that went. This woman is beautiful, and she seems confident and way more of a humanitarian than Kate.

      1. Most 35 year old women are more confident and put together than Kate. They have life experience to draw from as opposed to being weird Victorian throwbacks.

        1. Apart from her mother and sister, Kate seems not to have strong female relationships. She sees every woman through the lens of competition. Pretty much any woman will be more accomplished than Kate in that she will have presumably worked and supported herself.

      2. I agree with you. Plus, how hard must it be to fit in with the two most condescending and full of themselves people in the world? (if you really want to?) Kiss their behind, never breath a word of them, laugh uproariously at whatever William considers a joke, listen to Kate for 15 minutes about her children drooling (if she deigns to mention them to you, discuss luxury vacation spots you’ve all been to. If you have a family fortune that your family is willing to let you squander and do whatever you want with it, eventually they’ll overlook your commonness long enough to be friendly with you until one day they throw you under the bus.

        1. Lol, I’m just imagining Kate going on about how Charlotte just loves to watch TV and wants to be an actress when she grows up. It must be torture to have to do small talk with these two.

          1. Kate would probably say she loves Suits. Saying she loves whatever TV show the actor is on is her go-to line.

  9. If this is even true, Meghan seems to be involved in a lot things that would make her appeal to Harry…working with the UN and something called World Vision in Canada. However, is the BRF progressive enough to accept a woman of mixed race who is also Jewish? It shouldn’t make a difference, but with Harry as 4th in line to the throne, it could be a problem.

    1. There is a Moari in the family. Married to the daughter of the Duke of Gloucester.×594

      Here they are with their daughter at the polo with the cousins in Gloucestershire.

      An asian nearly joined the family. Rumour has it Prince/Princess Michael were devastated that engagement didn’t happen. they adored him.

      And Queen Charlotte, wife of George 3, is rumoured to have been descended from moors. Her portraits show someone of dark complexion.

      The heir to the Mountbatten earldom is engaged to a black nurse. This is the only picture of the happy couple in mainstream media. They are living together.

      One of the younger sons in the Laschelles family is married to a black woman.

      The Laschelles are the Queen’s second cousins, descendants of her father’s sister Princess Mary.

      The Dowager Duchess of Marlborough is Iranian.

      Harry is rumoured to have had a fling with a black girl several years ago.

      Never forgeting Diana’s last 2 boyfriends, an asian and an arab.

      It’s a matter of time before it happens.

      I think it’s the public that is not ready for the royal family to have a non white person join.

        1. Nicholas Knutchbull is a mess, but i think given how close his family and the royals are, to extent that Charles gave away his sister, and not simply because of blood ties, it’s not insignificant that they accept his black girlfriend/ fiance.

          1. Do they, though? I’ve never seen evidence of it. And if she was presented at the sister’s wedding the Daily Mail missed it (and was absolutely on the lookout). Now, if they don’t, I don’t think it’s because of her race. Actually was curious if you’d seen them all together, etc.

      1. Understood, but none of these people are a grandson/daughter of a reigning monarch. If this rumor is even true and progressed to the point of marriage and she is not Anglican then what would happen? Would she need to convert like Autumn Phillips did ?

        1. The point is that people assume that the royal family is lilywhite in it’s entirety and would have issues welcoming anyone non-white in their ranks. Ditto their close intimates.The assumption is that the family would never accept anyone non-white

          Plus the non conclusive portraits of Queen Charlotte which show that we’ve had a consort who wasn’t lilywhite in appearance.

          Gary Lewis, the moari husband appears at all family events, including Trooping the Colour, and i’m willing to bet the public thinks he is on the balcony with rest of the family in a staff role rather than as a member of the family.

          1. At least for me, I would think a person of color wouldn’t be allowed to marry into the family (the main royal line) specifically because of Philip’s past racist remarks.

            I also don’t think the majority of people pay attention to most people on the balcony during Trooping. They pay attention to the top royals and that’s about it.

          2. Prince Philip is not racist.

            I’m curious why you think he is?

            And if it is a conclusion drawn from his humour, then we should call his entire generation racists because they all make those types of jokes.

            The jokes do not come from a racist culture in the same way that American culture has been racist.

            British humour is such that there are no sacred cows, however that doesn’t always translate and people take it seriously.

          3. “Gary Lewis, the Māori husband appears at all family events, including Trooping the Colour, and i’m willing to bet the public thinks he is on the balcony with rest of the family in a staff role rather than as a member of the family.”

            This statement makes me feel sad as Gary Lewis was warmly welcomed into the Royal Family. I am sure that those who follow the royal family know very well that he is a member of the family and not staff.

            The following link is a photo of from the Thanksgiving service being held to mark Her Majesty’s 90th birthday, that’s Gary in the photo kind of behind William.


            It’s a sad world if people make judgement calls on the colour of somone’s skin. New Zealand has so many people of different ethnicities that we generally don’t judge like that, we get to know the person and not just the colour of their skin. I know Gary was warmly welcomed into the royal family because he makes Davina happy, and to make her family happy he was willing to move permanently to the UK. If you want to know more about Gary – he is a carpenter, he surfs and he is the nephew of one of New Zealand’s best authors, Witi Ihimaera.

  10. She’s an actress from Suits (available at Netflix) and I love the series, I think she’s really good at the show. She plays Rachel Zane, a paralegal studying to be a lawyer. The whole story about dating Harry just seems really off and strange I don’t think it’s true.

    1. Doesn’t he always date blondes?! lol. It’s funny the first thing I thought when I saw a picture of Megan, who’s very pretty, was that she didn’t look like Harry’s type.

      1. Lindsey, I thought the same thing. Harry likes blondes, so this seems off to me. Maybe they picked her because she sort of resembles Kate if you step back far enough. Long, brown hair, the legs, even the manic smile and not quite put together overall look.

        1. Harry has dated non blondes. He is stuck with the image of blondes because his 2 known, long term relationships were with blondes.

      2. Agree, I was also surprised to see that she was not blonde. Of course one dates people woth several hair colours, but everyone has preferred types, often subconsciously. And Harry has clearly fancied blondes over the past. Chelsea. Cressida. So many photos from the pool in Vegas of him looking after blondes.

  11. If it’s true, then cool, I wish them every happiness. If they met a few times, hit it off, but decided ultimately that it wouldn’t work out… then the leaks make sense. I know I just checked out her website/blog thing that looks to generate her some additional income.

    If it’s true and she did meet the Cambridges as a solid contender for Princess Harry, then they were likely polite and gathering intel with which to throw her under the bus at a more opportune moment.

    1. It occurred to me that it may be the Cambridge’s or Middleton’s throwing them both under a bus. The bit about having to be a very special kind of girl to be a princess kind of gives the source away…

      1. I tend to think that Cambridge and Middleton PR as a Cameton or Middlebridge sort of a creature. But yeah, it does sound like something Carole would say, thinking that it makes her daughter look good.

      2. Special = lazy, entitled and oblivious to the purpose of the monarchy and how to keep it afloat in a constitutional monarchy. Also must have horrible fashion sense and inability to wear trousers that are anything but skin tight.

      3. A very special type of girl to be a princess…. This woman appears to have it rings around Kate when it comes to working on issues that are important to her and having a career, too.

        I wonder, if this is her representation’s idea of getting some PR for the woman. I also don’t like the idea of a “source” close to Prince Harry making comments about the relationship. How does anyone in his postion ever know who to trust?

        I do think that all the hoopla about it taking a special kind of woman to be a princess has got to stop. How special is Kate, may I ask? I guess it depends on what one’s definition of “special” is.

  12. I know who she is since I have watched Suits from the beginning. They film in Toronto and often near where I work so I started watching because it is fun to play “which part of Toronto is pretending to be New York today.”
    I also follow some of the actors on Instagram and while you can’t tell that much, Meghan seems to be a pretty regular person for someone in that business. She also promotes Reitmans, a Canadian clothing store so she is in commercials and fair bit in Canada.

    Honestly the line I laughed at was the Kate approval. No way Kate approves. Meghan is prettier and has done way more with her life than Kate has and ever will.

  13. I think “sources close to” could actually mean Meghan’s PR office. Does anyone really think Harry is going to marry an American actress? I think the relationship is probably over and now’s the time to use it to get some attention. I’m a cynic like that.

  14. KMR, I loved reading your hilarious reaction to this article!

    Seriously, (cough) this story is ridiculous. Anyone who actually leaks a Harry love interest story is a jerk. Most likely it’s a made up source to give the story credibility. And yeah, never heard of this supposedly well known in the US actress.

    Don’t believe for a second that KM would approve of any female marrying Harry, not even her own sister.

    1. Well said Indiana Joanna. Not even Pippa would be approved by Kate. I don’t believe this story either. It says they met in London this summer but Harry spent the summer in Africa. Ridiculous story.

      P.S. I LOOOOOOOOVE your username. I always smile when I read it. My relatives too.

      1. The article says they may have met in May in Toronto. Also, Harry was only gone in late-July to early September. The article says this woman was in London in early July.

        1. The Sun the other day said May 2017, but who knows if that’s accurate at all.

  15. “You have to be a very special kind of girl to want to be a Princess” HAHAHAHAHAHA That’s probably not supposed to be shade, but I can’t help thinking that that line is throwing so much shade.

    LOL! I didn’t see it as throwing shade because they do mention the goldfish bowl existence. I think it’s meant to uphold the ideal of a Disney princess, how radiant, special, self-sacrificing and virtuous (humanitarian) she must be. They just can’t let that theme go. They’re still trying to sledgehammer that square Kate into that round Disney slot.

    1. Well, the PR has to promote the BRF as superior to all, otherwise why bother with them? Of course, they are no better than anyone else, and in some cases, considerably worse. A pointless exercise, treating everyone as fools.

    2. I think there’s a little undercurrent of shade here at the very least. It’s true that most people who live very purposeful and free lives would probably not want the constraints of living with the BRF. A girl like Meghan would be more effective at doing what she is passionate about outside of that situation. The sad truth that no one wants to state is that becoming part of the BRF — unless you are a high-ranking noble to begin with — basically means giving up any semblance of normal friendships or family relationships. In short, only a loner who had never fit in as a commoner would want this. Kate fits the bill.

  16. The more I read about this supposed romance, the more skeptical I become. Maybe Harry and Meghan do know each other but until I see a picture of them together and their body language shows that they are more than just friends, then maybe I will believe it.

  17. I’m in the minority here, but I believe the article. The thing about him only going for blondes always seemed like an exaggeration from the press, it fits the party playboy narrative better.

    I do find it funny how everyone is already talking about them marrying. It’s either party animal or “besotted” man longing to settle down for Harry.

      1. He didn’t spend three months in Africa. He spent six weeks in Africa. He was in UK in June and most of July and most of September.

          1. Hmm probably the article exaggerates some bits, as they always do. But I don’t think it’s impossible that she went to London a couple of times and they are giving it a go. And isn’t Camilla Tominey usually reliable? I haven’t been royal watching for long, so maybe I got the wrong impression.

    1. Sometimes when someone dates against type, i.e., seen with a petite brunette when it’s usually a leggy bonde, that signals that it’s serious.

      I thought Harry had a mystery girlfriend around the time of the Invictus games, a blonde who worked with athletes? Tabloids supposedly couldn’t get a picture of her.

      1. There was some report that Harry had a mystery blonde gf and we should all be looking for her to be with him during the IG, but then nothing ever came of it.

  18. It could be true, but it’s Natalie Pinkham 2.0, that’s all.

    Harry goes out partying a lot more than gets into the press. I do not think he always goes home alone.

    1. Yeah, I think it’s silly to say that Harry hasn’t been with anyone since Cressida. He hasn’t been with anyone publicly but I’m sure he’s been with many people since. Meghan may be one of them. Who knows.

      1. I mean, he may even periodically hang out with her and “Netflix and chill”, etc. It could all be true, but it’s not boyfriend/girlfriend or couples, etc. They (may) see each other periodically. That’s it. Unless she gives up Suits and moves to London.

  19. Also the quote about the fishbowl, etc. — it’s a reworked version of the standard line they’ve been issuing on him since he broke up with Cressida.

  20. Here is what I think. Ms. Markle has dated Harry a few times. It isn’t really going to go anywhere but her publicist thinks it would help her name recognition (I haven’t heard of her either) so he/she “leaks” this story.

      1. Hi Jenny
        I have to admit that when I read the title of this post my first thought was… Rhiannon’s an actress? Why hasn’t she told us she acts?

        Darn, I’m with you Jenny and wish it was Rhiannon too!

        And how is Miss Maddie? Been on any adventures lately. I have a friend with a baby of a similar age and he has started climbing everything!

      1. Hi, Duchess and Cathy:

        Time to start planning the Royal Wedding. We will all converge on London, or wherever you want, Rhiannon, and have a bridal shower for you. Then, on to the Big Day!!! Ms. Markle does not stand a chance!

        Hope you ladies are both well. Thanks for asking about Madeleine, Cathy.
        We have baby-proofed the entire house and she is INTO EVERYTHING. Walking, chattering and enjoying her new found freedom . Mobility is her new passion. Toddling, crawling, and demanding to go wherever is currently striking her fancy.

        “Don’t let her in my room,” is the latest catch phrase from each of my stepsons. Like that is going to stop her!

        I need a nap and it’s not even 11am!

        Cheers, ladies. Hope all is well!!!

  21. LOL The fact that you put this post under the category of “annoying articles” says a lot, KMR.

    I’ll believe it when I see a picture of them together. Otherwise, I will say this was probably a little bit of dating/snogging like the whole Ellie Goulding thing. I can’t see an actress wanting to give up her career.

  22. I think they are dating she was in London last month just before Harry’s birthday before he went to balmoral. She tweeted to a friend in Kensington London. She was all so in London this month bc she is pictured with Aurthrs dog at his house 2 weeks ago.

  23. Hey if you guys read the Royal Forums someone just posted saying that Meghan Markle was actually in Mexico on vacation the day that Harry was in Canada for the Invictus Games. She posted a picture from Mexico on that day. So there’s that. I mean, they could still know each other, but if reports are wrong about that they could be wrong about everything.

    1. I don’t know. So many people conspiracy-theoried Cressida Bonas’ relationship with Harry but that turned out to be true, so I don’t know what to think.

      1. I don’t know, either. Now people are going through every single picture of her and examining it for any ‘clues’ about the relationship. They say Meghan and Harry have similar bracelets so that must mean they are dating.

        I tell you what, if I was her and all of this attention was thrown on me after just a few weeks of dating (which is what it would amount to since they live on opposite ends of the earth, even if they do visit each other every so often) I would run for the hills. The media attention would definitely freak me out.

        1. Yeah, but she’s an actress. Actresses thrive on media attention to up their brand to get more/better roles and more pay. So while this type of media attention would freak out the average person, an actress or model wouldn’t necessarily flinch at it – they might even welcome it. Tominey claimed Meghan was a household name in the US which is categorically not true, but now more people know her name and may check out her TV show. Meghan is used to giving interviews and doing red carpets and posting photos all over Instagram. So I’m not sure the same rules apply to her that would apply to any of us re all this newfound media/fan attention.

          1. Oh yeah. I’m sure it is different for her because she is an actress (which is why I don’t 100 percent buy the story that Cressida didn’t like the attention, she goes to an awful lot of events and runway shows and poses for pictures, she doesn’t seem to shy away from the media). That’s why I think we will know if and when Harry meets his future wife if we find out he is dating a teacher or a librarian or something like that. Someone who doesn’t thrive on the attention and really just loves Harry for who he is. Someone that is more discreet. But I doubt that he will find the one if he keeps dating actresses. Surely he must know that they are using him to get more press? I had never heard of Meghan Markle before in my life. And there was that one Juliette Labelle who was an aspiring actress, too. Plus Cressida.

            I am not sure if Harry really is ready to get married. He likes to flirt too much. He may want kids, but I don’t see him settling down for at least a few more years. I’m just saying that for me, personally, I would freak out if I got all of this attention after a few months of dating someone. I would have to be in a serious relationship and really in love with that person before going public and changing my life forever. In all honesty, I think Kate was like some of these actress types Harry has supposedly dated. I remember how she would smile and pose for the cameras after coming out of nightclubs when she was dating William. She seemed to really love the attention back then. (I read an article recently that said Kate never like to party, I guess some people’s memories are short because I can remember lots of nightclub pictures from her single days!) She was grinning from ear to ear like the cat that got the cream and really seemed to love having her picture taken when she was in her early twenties. Hopefully, if Harry ever gets married, he finds a woman of substance who really loves him. If Meghan is that girls then that’s great. I just don’t know what to believe since every week the media makes it seem like Harry is dating someone new. They even made up a story about him and Emma Watson. The difference is she came out on twitter and denied it right away because she didn’t want the attention.

          2. I doubt Harry will ever travel in the circles that would allow him to meet a teacher or a librarian, or any real working woman really. Just not the circles he is attracted to either. Middle class Kate is in William’s life solely because of the Middleton stealth-like plan to infiltrate the upper classes for decades, via school choices etc. I would not wish another Kate on Harry; she is the result of determined familial manipulation, that to our eyes, has not worked for the couple concerned.

            Harry is able to do what he likes, when he likes, not many people know exactly how he spends his time, and he has no financial worries. Harry can take his time though he needs to build more substance into his life, anchor it, rather than flit about; charm at 30 can turn like a flash to profligacy at 40. If he is seriously looking for a life partner, I truly hopes he finds a strong, spirited woman with humanitarian values and a fierce work ethic in place. She’ll need it to continue any work she has done to date, as well as combat the inertia of the BRF.

    2. I think Meghan got what she wanted which was free publicity. Lots of people who didn’t have a clue who she was do now which helps her career. And we wonder why Harry is still unmarried. Way to use him for fame. Disgusting.

  24. I wonder if things get serious between, if the story is true, would he be allowed to marry and older women how is a divorcee and a women of color, without having to give up his line of succession.

    1. You cant really give up your rank or loose rank, unless you don’t qualify. For example, if he was an atheist, then the crown would skip him. It’s usually when someone is an actual ruling monarchy can they abdicate and remove themselves from the line of succession .

      As far as his dating goes. I don’t think either side leaked anything. It’s just the press filling a slow news week. PH always seemed like the uncle who would never marry, yet he would have many female friends. that’s the impression I get at least. I don’t know how, PH marrying a divorcée would be played out. I assume he can without loosing rank. Since his father remarried with a divorced woman and he is still the heir.

      1. Why would the crown skip him for being an atheist?

        The only rule about religion or lack thereof was about catholics only.

        We removed that barrier in 2015.

        We’ve also removed the barrier to marrying divorcees.

        There has never been a barrier to other races or ages.

        1. The ruling monarchy is the supreme governor of the church of England , the defender of the faith. A very symbolic position. Part of their job is to promote the Agilican religion. A ruling monarch appoints the Bishops and Archbishops from pre selected candidates or recommendations and he/ash has excuse the pun free reign over the churches and cathedrals that are Royal peculiar’s such as Westminster Abbey and St Georges Chapel Henry. The queen and the royal family attend attended church diligently- well some do at least.

          From the Acts of Settlement, 1701:That whosoever shall hereafter come to the possession of this Crown, shall join in communion with the Church of England, as by law establishedThat doesn’t actually forbid them from being an atheist prior to that (though they are forbidden from having been Catholic). If they refuse to join the Church of England, then they’re not eligible and the crown passes to whoever is next in line”

          You can thank Henry VIII for this he wanted a divorce so he could marry another wife and the pope walnut agree so he made his own church where he could appoint the bishops and no one would be able to question him etc Although even before that the sovereign would appoint the bishops etc

          Sorry for the long post.

          1. Technically Henry VIII wanted an annulment, stating that the marriage was never legal in the first place.

  25. I just went and looked at Meghan’s Instagram to see if it is still public. It is. And most of the comments on the newest photo are asking about Harry. There is also one that is actually very racist and sexist (and I reported it). I truly hope this relationship is real and that both Harry and Meghan gave the okay to release this information and that she was ready for the incoming attention/backlash, because if not then I feel truly sorry for her that she has to deal with this stuff.

    1. If this relationship is fabricated that poor girl is being attacked for no reason. And if they are dating either way she doesn’t deserve that. Together or not I wish both of them happiness

      1. The attacks are not okay and not warranted. It grosses me out how some people have reacted to this story.

        1. Arthur deleted his message to her so Harry knows its a shiit storm. I’m now wondering whether this all came from her PR team. Then I don’t have any sympathy for her she brought this on herself that’s if there not together and just friends then she is using him to further her image. Again she can simply make this all go away like Emma and Jenna did and say something. Instead she seems happy to put up with all the Drama. Again we have another Cressie. If they are together and sneaking around it’s only gonna make it worse for themselves. He was open some what about his relationship with Chelsy and everyone grew to love her and still love her.

          1. People loved Chelsy AFTER he broke up with her.

            And only in the years that followed when people saw that she wasn’t the drunk, party girl image that the press has constructed for her.

          2. I’m still not sure why people love her. They kept claiming she was this dedicated lawyer but then she quit her job only a few years in to travel for a year and then switched careers to design jewelry.

    2. Yeah, the attacks are ridiculous. And the questions and comments are on a few photos she’s posted. At least she’s continuing her posting. If it gets too crazy I’m sure she’ll go private. I’m curious as to how many followers she had before this story broke.

  26. I can see Harry pulling a Felipe and Philippe engagement announcement someday. As for this story, I love Suits and she’s a pretty girl. Will wait to see if more comes out of this story.

  27. If this is true, great. Harry deserves to be happy.

    But I find it very curious that this is coming out now when, according to the Daily Mail, she has a clothing line coming out in a couple weeks. The cynic in me says this is nothing but a PR move on her part.

    1. Was just going to post the same thing–that her clothing line is supposed to debut during the first week or so of November. How coincidental that this story is sprung now.

  28. Somebody has worked with her on a commercial and the reports are not good

    7:23 pm on 10/31/16 PattyD0
    While I don’t doubt she’s very charming to the press who can give her visibility, I’ve been on set with her for a commercial and, not to burst anyone’s bubble, but she was a royal pain!! Totally unreasonable, demanding and petty. She had a very talented and all-around great member of our team fired from the set for no justifiable reason. She threw a fit because she didn’t like the bottled water in her dressing room. She treated the entire crew like dirt, had everyone turning cartwheels and, to be perfectly honest, didn’t work very hard. It was clear to us that she was just a B-list actress who felt she was doing all of us a big favour while cashing in a major pay check.

    This was posted at go fug yourself, don’t know if true or not but thought i post it.

    I read this on a royal forum and copied it

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