Kate Middleton ruffles it up for pre-tour reception with Prince William

Kate Middleton ruffles it up for pre-tour reception with Prince William

You guys, I just…. Sigh. Kate Middleton joined Prince William for a pre-tour reception at Kensington Palace yesterday, April 6, and… Sigh. I don’t want to make fun of Kate’s fashion. I really don’t. Kate had some great pieces back in the day (note to self: finish Kate’s pre-George/post-George clothes comparison post) but lately… Sigh. Let’s do this.

Kate wore a new Saloni Blue Mary Illusion Dot Dress (last seen for £498 at Moda Operandi UK) paired with her Cassandra Goad Temple of Heaven girandole earrings and her Rupert Sanderson Malory pumps in navy suede.

Let’s start with some positives, because unlike that horrible Erdem last fall there are some positives with this dress.

1) I like the sheer sleeves. The sheer sleeves make the dress seem less heavy since it is a floor length gown. I actually liked the gown from the back – the below Victoria Murphy photo was the first one I saw and I did like the dress from that angle – and I thought the sheer sleeves worked with the dress when I had only viewed it from the back.

2) I love polka dots. It’s a personal opinion. I think if the polka dots had been the defining feature of the dress (rather than one of many), it would have worked a lot better.

3) It does look like Kate put a lining under the sheer chest area for modesty. I can’t see cleavage on Kate the way I can on the model. So that’s a positive.

Now for the negatives.

1) Holy sheer panel, Batman! You know, part of me is happy that Kate wore this giant sheer panel because now I get to vent a frustration I’ve had with fashion for a very long time. I look at red carpet photos of celebrities for the fashion and a trend I’ve noticed that some women often wear is the giant V opening thing that shows a lot of cleavage – as demonstrated by Miranda Lambert at the ACM awards Sunday night. This, to me, is not flattering because it makes the wearer look wider instead of slimmer. How is creating a giant chasm down the middle of your torso flattering? I just don’t get it. I do tend to like a more sleek look so maybe it’s just too “fashion” for me, but it just doesn’t look flattering in my mind. And Kate’s sheer panel did the same exact thing. If it had been just a normal V, or even a deep V, sheer or not, I think it would have looked much better than whatever giant chasm it created.

2) Holy ruffles, Batman! What is with that high-collared ruffle at the neck? The high neckline is so restrictive already, but then they add a ruffle on top of it? And, as discussed on Twitter, the combination of the sheer panel with the ruffle is so odd. Which brings me to…

3) Too much busy! Between the polka dots, and the sheer, and the belt, and the ruffle, I don’t know where to focus. It’s like the designer picked a bunch of design features out of a hat and threw them all on the dress without thinking how they would all go together. Plus, the way Kate styled it with big hair and big earrings that got lost in the big hair, it was just too much.

4) While it’s fun to see Kate in a floor length gown, it is an odd choice for a cocktail reception.

Saloni blue polka dot dress Cassandra Goad “Temple of Heaven” gold girandole earrings

Alrighty, let’s talk about the actual event now that we’ve gotten the giant ruffled elephant out of the way. William and Kate attended a reception at Kensington Palace for young Indian and Bhutanese people living in the UK.

Kate pre tour reception 1
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

I guess the most interesting thing to come out of it (aside from cheesy snacks) is that Kate is a fan of spicy food but William “struggles” with spices.

From the Mirror:

    “Model Neelam Gill, whose family is originally from the Punjab, said: ‘For my generation [William and Kate] have always seemed cool and approachable and I felt they were just that in person. It was really sweet seeing them as a couple.’
    “[Gill] added: ‘She told me that she loved Indian food so I told her that she’d be fine with the spices. But William told me that he struggles with the spices so I told him to watch out. I told them to visit Rajasthan maybe another time because it’s really romantic.'”

Kate pre tour reception 3
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Earlier in the day, William was at Wembley Stadium to celebrate 10 years as President of The Football Association. William mentioned Princess Charlotte saying, “She’s a very good footballer. You hold her hand and she kicks it… Very sweet.” So I guess that means Charlotte is walking now, or at least standing? I wouldn’t know since we know so little about her.

Oh, and the FA chairman defended William against the claims he’s lazy. From the Express:

    “The FA chairman also defended William against allegations of laziness, insisting he did much work behind the scenes that went unseen and held FA board members to account. Noting that there were several members of the media in the room, Mr Dyke added: ‘He asks tougher questions of us than many of the journalists we encounter.'”

So, there you go.

Kate pre tour reception 2
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

They served cheesy snacks at the reception.

In this video of the event, at 0:35, William puts his arm on Kate’s shoulder as they are walking back inside from the courtyard.

If you want a look at Kate’s makeup.

PS. Crotch clutching.

322 thoughts on “Kate Middleton ruffles it up for pre-tour reception with Prince William

  1. Ok I am just speechless. I keep trying to find the words to describe this dress but none come to mind. It is just umm…. I will get back to it later.

    Is it just me or did they just say Bye to their guests and walk away and leave them there? I did like the way that Wills put his hand around Chutney’s shoulders when they were walking back in, as if to tell her that she had done a good job, or to comfort her.

    I still have no words about the dress. I am just shocked by it.

    One Positive thing, though, it was an Indian designer, I am afraid that is the most positive thing I can say.

    You do realise though KMR, that I will now have to go back and have another look at the pics of Harry to attempt to get rid of the image of this dress that is now burned on my retina’s.

    1. It looks like the kind of outfit a clown would wear in the circus. When I first saw it, I was like “Did she borrow that from Bozo?”

      1. Lazy Chutney Cannot do these lowly unroyal dress/makeup attire and behaviour to get back at orders from HM thje Firm- for appropriate royal attire and behaviour.

    2. That dress is all kinds of no. It’s as if someone said, let’s find the most boring Indian style and put Kate in it. Or, Indian outfit, check. Wiglet, check.

      1. “It looks like the kind of outfit a clown would wear in the circus!” Oh, Cherry, that’s so funny, Rhiannon and Tanya S. you are so funny, too.,
        I hate this dress. Just despise it. It’s way too long, too. In the one shot, she looked like she might trip over it. Come on, where is her stylist?

        KMR, you summed it up so well, too.

        The dress is one of the worst. It rivals Erdem, I think. I like polka dots, too, but this? NO! As for it not showing her cleavage due to the little number she wore under it, may I ask, “What cleavage?”

        This reminds me of the types of things Glamour Mag used to put in their Don’t Section. I have not bought Glamour for years, so I don’t know if they still have it. At any rate, for those who don’t know, the mag would send photographers out to photograph everyday women and show the readers what to wear and what not to wear. They would print a Huge “Don’t” over outfits they didn’t think were good. THis dress and Kate wearing it just scream, “DON’T.”

        Ruffles and flourishes, indeed.

        Tanya S. and Rhiannon, I don’t know if you saw my thank you posted on the Maxima thread. I so appreciated your supportive words and those of Elina, too. You all made me feel so much better. I think I spelled my gratitude better on that thread, and if you have time and have not read it yet, I hope you will. I am very thankful for the kind and caring words and want you all to know that I am here for you, too.

        1. Jenny, I’m so glad you got your spirit back. And yes, I saw your reply which was very polite and expressive. Don’t forget, we’re always in this cyber space for you. I know you’re doing great because you make me smile.

          And I hope wee Maddie feels better today. 🙂

          1. Hello, ladies and thanks for everything.
            Hope all is well with you both and that you’re recovering from the shock this dress seems to have caused. Yikes!

            I’m beginning to feel very worried about Kate. She does seem to be floundering. She does not look healthy and perhaps, things are just way too much for her. If so, I hope she gets help.

            Maddie is feeling better. No cold. She was just not too restful a few nights ago and I think that something was bothering her, though we could not figure out what. Soon, she will be teething. Not fun for her, or for us!

            Sending good wishes and xx’s, too!

        2. I did read it. You, my dear jenny, are a light. It’s important to be able to speak and have people listening. Two ears and one heart are what everyone needs. You are an amazing person and a pure joy. Take it day by day with Miss Maddie. Babies can be fickle people. You will have days of smog and days of light. Enjoy the light. But also know that you have a place where people will always have your back 🙂

          1. Oh, Rhiannon, you are a bright light, too. Thank you.

            You bring great love and light to this site. So do Elina and Tanya S and Cathy and so many, many others. Kimothy, I have not forgotten you! Lisa, you, either. M.E., you too!

            And, of course, our fearless leader, KMR.

            What a nice place to visit on a regular basis. We come to vent often, but we also come to support each other. How great is that? We can each say we have cyber friends from around the globe.

            I hope nobody laughs, but Miss Maddie is wearing polka dots today. Navy and white, actually. I think she has it rings around Kate, but then, I’m her mother. What am I supposed to think?!

          2. I love a polka dot. I have so many polka dots in my closet. From a full blouse, to a neck tie, to bracelets. It is about editing and figuring out how to wear it. I am sure that Miss Maddie is wearing her polka dots with pride and sweetness.

          3. Thank you sweet jenny! Hugs, love and prayers sent your way!!

            As for Kate’s dress? Every level of ugh IMO. I *do* like polka dots and Kate HAS been able to pull them off in the past (interestingly, both times were when she had a bit more weight on her) but this time? No way Jose! She doesn’t look well at all. That crazy-wide smile of hers doesn’t reach her eyes at all plus, she’s just too thin, (again, IMO).

            I saw the video of where William gives her a pat on the back? Awkwardest thing I’ve seen between these two, and that says something! Also, can she be crotch clutching her hands any tighter? (Answer: I hope not!).

            I know we may snark and whatnot (and mean every bit of it) but…..I really am concerned. She just doesn’t exude any light at all! Not in her expressions, her body language, her eyes. Like I said in the “queen turns 90” TV interview thread: I really do believe we’re seeing Kate go through her own kind of rejection and, just like for us transplant recipients, it’s a slow and painful process.

          4. Hi Jenny
            Thanks for the kind words. It’s good we can all reach out to each other, let us know when you need us!
            Now I’m going to offer a piece of advice for when Miss Maddie is teething. Get a couple of old facecloths, wet them and then place them in the freezer. Give one to Miss Maddie when her teeth are hurting as they come through. It works two ways, the cold will sooth her sore gums and the roughness of the face cloth will help gently break the skin over the emerging tooth. Plus it means she will have something to hang on to and play with while having a wee chew when her gums hurt. Of course you can’t put her to bed with a damp face cloth and you will have to experiment with how wet the cloth needs to be before you freeze it but it does work. My great grandmother taught me this trick and I’ve passed it on to lots of mums with teething babies, so far it always works! I hope this hint will help you too?

          5. Hi, Cathy:

            Thank you so very much for the teething tip! I think we will need it soon. This is a wonderful idea and I am going to pass it on to other mothers, too! Isn’t it amazing to think of all babies go through and learn in just the first year of life? Everyday, it seems Maddie is doing something new!

            And, Kmothy, hello and all best wishes to you, too! Hope you are feeling better.

            Another bleak day here. March was so springlike and April — so far — just dreary!

    3. as with most of her fashion of late, the clothes wear her instead of the other way around. she is trying So hard to be someone else that she doesn’t seem to know who she is. as a result her fashion choices don’t work, even when she tries to be different. this dress is like is not elegant, I really dislike the panel in front. and the collar, bless her heart that collar. Kate got lost in her quest for her title and now she just flounders. when is she going to find a stylist??? she needs guidance.

      I favor elegant and minimalist styles and it took me a while to learn about color and accessories. somewhere I read that you cannot tell the front from the back of this dress.

    4. I have yet to come across a floor-length gown at a cocktail party – in my experience wrong – floor length is for evening, cocktail is below the knee. Also cocktail should/may be a bit more ‘fun’ – this dress does not do ‘fun’…..

  2. She is crotch clutching hard!! Her right hand looks red, like the blood flow is getting slowed down due to the pressure she’s putting on it. And the left hand looks white, like she is scared. I think she’s out of her depth. That dress is a good color on her but the style looks like something a 60 year old matron would wear. From like 50 years ago. Horrible. She looks like she’s still infatuated by Willie in that last photo though, that’s good. Who knows if that will be enough though.
    I wonder if Willy was thinking this was one of his “fancy dress” ocassions that he mentioned in that last interview for the Queens birthday. :-/

      1. Same here! This dress in prettier fabric and without that weird front business would have been prom dress style when I was in high school. I wouldn’t have even worn it then.

  3. I agree KMR, there are too many dots & I’m not a fan of the high neck. I agree, the gown looks nicer from behind. She seems slimmer, too thin. Despite my criticism I do worry about her. Her smile doesn’t reach her eyes anymore and she seems lost & uncomfortable around other people.

    1. I noticed that too, she looks slimmer and really uncomfortable. The backlash seems to be getting to her (at least phisically). I wonder if this trip won’t be too much pressure. I hope she’ll be alright.

    2. I’m okay with you too : she seems to lack confidence. At the beginning, I saw her from the back and I find her skinny.
      Like Tanya S said, for me William putting his arm around Kate’s shoulders means : good job, it was not so hard, go on.
      I hope that the tour will not be too hard, but I don’t think that the press will be too criticable.
      Sorry if I repeat someone said…

      1. Absolutely agree. Don’t know if you’ve seen the DM pictures yet but some of them are shocking. The term ‘lolly pop head’ is being used frequently in the comments and I have to agree, although it’s a term I dislike. She is WAY too thin, like a stick with an enormous head / hair and isn’t the camera supposed to add a few pounds? She needs help, this isn’t right. None of it is right and the dress… Omg. Just omg.

          1. I don’t like talking about women’s bodies either. Especially in this case because it’s not a royal woman’s job to be thin, it’s her job to be a leader. However, I think this case is a little different because it’s not just about her physical appearance, we’re worried about her mental health.

          2. I want to say something, but do not want to get in trouble, since speculation about a strangers health is not the done thing. I will keep it brief. I will just say, as someone with an anorexia diagnosis during university (a brief issue), I do not think Kate looks healthy.

            People comment about Kate looking like she is on medication, she seems anxious and her eyes are less bright. You need glucose to feed your brain. Enough said.

          3. I think it is worrisome, too. She is looking unhealthy. Not happy, and just overwhelmed. I think she needs support and assistance. At least, William did put his arm around her. I think he was trying to encourage her.

        1. Agree. I don’t like to comment about anyone’s weight but I was so shocked when I saw the Duchess. She has shrunk and is so alarmingly thin, unnaturally so. She does have the enormous head look, she has aged so much the poor thing, cant anyone see what is going on here, slimmers disease for sure. Her mother needs to step in and talk to her daughter. This is not a good look at all, defiantly not a good role model for young girls. I am really speechless, her skinny body is very scary. Doesn’t the Duke see what is happening? It will only get worse, she has lost more weight since she was last in the public eye.

  4. Oh, cm’on. On the photo with Bhutanese students, 5 people out of 6 are crotch clutching. It’s just one way to stand. Dinging only Kate for that is just unfair.

    1. Yes, but they are all CCing very loosely, one of them her hands aren’t even touching. If you look closely, it’s only Kate that is getting her blood circulation strangled and has one red hand and one white hand! No one CCs as hard as Kate. No one. Guaranteed. LOL

    2. I’m not dinging Kate for standing like that in the group shot, I’m dinging Kate for walking like that when William is walking with his arms at the side. And it’s not this one time, she does it all the time. It’s an odd way to walk.

      1. And so darned difficult to do! Try it, walking like that feels unnatural, it curves in your shoulders immediately hunching you over and you really have to think about your gait as your posture is off balance. And that’s in flats, heels must be horrendously hard work. You just can’t do ‘ chest out, shoulders back, head up confidence’ and cc – not in a million years.

        1. I tried it once. I think I lasted about 2 steps before I went back to my arms by my side like a normal person. It’s really awkward!

    3. I agree. What’s more, I was always taught to stand up straight, with my hands crossed across my front exactly as Kate does. I don’t understand the ‘crotch clutching’ comments at all.

      1. If CC walk is that bad or odd,no one seems to care about it in palace as she is always like that.
        It must not be any violation of rule as well or she would have corrected that posture long before.

        1. Hi Aks, yes I am totally shocked every time I see her that no one at the palace has spoken to her about her horrible posture. The Queen and the Queen Mother were known for their ram rod straight posture, so either words have been spoken and ignored or it’s figured “what the heck, she’s out of the house so just let her be”.

      2. That would be fine if she were standing straight but from the side view her shoulders are very hunched over also her hands are constantly in this position, which in the study of body language is a defensive stance signaling discomfort and aimed to keep others at a distance.

        1. Hi Laurie. I noticed back in2011 – 2012, esp when she wore that teal gown that was so gorgeous, that there were comments about how the dress made it look like her shoulders were too rounded. I noticed that her father has unusual posture – I have heard the term Turkey neck used to describe it though I find that term harsh. I just wonder whether Kate has some form of neck or shoulder structure that throws off her posture. When others do the crotch clutch it is unattractive but they do not seem to stoop in the same way. Apologies is this came out harsh, I just don’t know how to describe it. And I am not excusing bad posture or the crotch clutch.

          1. Hi Reilly, if she does have some structural issues then they’ve only developed in the last few years and only seem to occur when she is carrying out charity or royal duties as they aren’t apparent in any candid shots I’ve seen of her. I believe her poor posture is due to the constant hand clutching, it really pulls her shoulders forward and then she leans her hips forward resulting in poor posture.

          2. Hit the wrong button. I am sure that you are right,but check out her father’s posture if you can. She clearly got bit from him.

  5. Am I missing something? I consider her to be so well dressed. If anyone here in the states cares about her they love her clothes, in general. Are her clothes “awful” beacuse they don’t fit a royal? Unlike many politicians wives she dresses for her body, and looks good. I’d take her wardrobe today, but I’m so glad to be a commoner all of of a sudden. In the pictures of the floral dress she looks better than the rest of those women. I understand the criticisms about her work life, but her wardrobe critiques just feel mean. Her body is excellent, I like the thin look. Whether she’s too thin is objective as the US and UK have higher than normal obesity rates. At any rate she always looks good. I’m glad that William showed her affection.

    1. Hi Baffled.

      Eh, if you like this dress that’s fine. Fashion is subjective; not everyone likes the same thing. Whenever I watch Fashion Police (which is a show in the US) I almost always disagree with the panelists because I will like something they dislike or I will dislike something they like. It all depends on what one likes, and that’s different for everyone.

      Physical attractiveness is also subjective. I did not comment on Kate’s body, and I will not comment on her body. But I just want to point out that different people prefer different body types. My closest friend loves the super thin, boy-ish look with small boobs, while other men prefer bigger boobs and a bigger butt. And there are other men who prefer different things. In terms of what women prefer for themselves and in other women, that’s subjective, too. Everyone is different and they like different things.

      “her wardrobe critiques just feel mean” – I don’t see how or why. I’m not commenting on her body or any of her physical features. I’m not attacking her for anything, either. I’m commenting that I dislike a dress for specific reasons. I also said there were parts I did like (I specifically made sure to write something positive here). As for the Erdem, I thought it was terrible. I am not a fan of Erdem’s designs at all – none of them, on anyone. That’s just my opinion, though.

      “If anyone here in the states cares about her they love her clothes, in general.” – If you like someone or are a fan of someone do you have to love their clothes always? Because if so I clearly don’t like, care, or are a fan of anyone. Because of the people I like, care about, or are a fan of, I still dislike some, most, or all of the things they wear. I love Princess Madeleine but she has worn some terrible dresses and I’ve said so. I am a fan of Hayley Atwell as an actress but I think her red carpet style is terrible and unflattering. Just because one is a fan of a person’s work or personality, doesn’t mean one has to love or even like their clothes.

      “Are her clothes ‘awful’ beacuse they don’t fit a royal?” – I did not comment on whether anything was “appropriate” for a royal. I commented that I dislike the wide open V trend because it is not flattering on anyone, in my opinion.

      1. KMR, that was one of the best pointed, respectful replies that I’ve ever read. Congrats on being a class act.

        1. KMR tops in class. You respectfully stuck up for yourself and clarified all of your initial statements.

          Someone needs to reevaluate their reading comprehension.

      2. Well, that certainly was a gracious reply, but I wasn’t talking to you KMR, only you anyway. It was more of a general address to the posters over various articles I’ve read in the past weeks. Had I meant only you I’d have said KMR at the top. Her clothes critiques still feel mean, though.

        There’s an actress I can’t stand, but the sites that blast her are so common I had to stop reading them, and I make it a point not to critique her body, looks, or clothes in in private. That doesn’t make me a fan, I can’t stand her, but as women it just seems that we should be more gracious to each other. We blast men for always talking about our looks, breast size ect, but (some of us) are just as petty. We blast journalist for always commenting on how a woman looks, but maybe that’s because that’s what women do.

        I’d defend my worst enemy the way “I defended” Kate in my original post. I’m an American who stumbled on this site while researching something else. I happen to like the idea of royalty, and we only hear about the BRF over here. But yes, I’d defend Kate, and any other woman, against unfair PUBLIC criticism.

        All right she’s lazy and such shouldn’t we as women have standards we shouldn’t fall below? I’m not a fan of the FLOTUS’s clothes, but that’s all I’ll say on the matter because that’s her body even if she’s using tax money to dress it. How she dresses it is her personal preference that I choose not to criticize her for. That’s what I’m saying.

        From the comments many think that Kate has an eating disorder. I don’t know much about Kate or what she looked like before her wedding day, but if she does how can any critique over how she looks (clothes, body) help her? People in the spotlight aren’t immune to their feelings. They feel them more. Regular people on that show, “The Internet Ruined my Life”, have semi-private social media harassment (which is bad, but removing yourself from social media alleviates a lot of the problem) and they become suicidal. Imagine how real famous people feel when people critique them just to critique them? Work standards are one thing but her clothes? I stopped watching fashion shows in the US for the same reason.

        Yes, Kate (and most celebrities)”chose” this life, but who is anyone else to make her feel bad for her clothing choices? I stand by what I said that her clothes are a petty subject to harangue her over. Just a simple “I wasn’t a fan or I’ve seen better ” would be enough. And I’m talking to everyone here who loves to say unecessary things. Since fashion and beauty are subjective there is no true authority. Stating that doesn’t make one an obsessive fan.

        Having many people agree with us never = right, correct, or good. Historically, people flock to criticise and crawl to praise.

        To be fair though here’s my address. Peruse my stuff and leave a comment, as I sure don’t want you thinking I’m “stalking in the shadows!” I stand by what I said, and I’ll even put a face to it.


          1. Thank you. I’ve had a look at your website and read the most recent post on your blog. You’ve definitely given me a lot to think about.

        1. Can I just point out Kate is not ‘a celebrity’ she is a member of the family who act as the Head of State of Britain, Australia, NZ, Canada and several Caribbean islands. Please don’t think therefore scrutiny should compare to that of Hollywood stars or God forbid, the Kardashians. Neither is she elected or married to an elected HOS.
          She represents my country as a future queen and if she doesn’t do it well I, as a tax payer, will call her out for it.
          She is also championing mental health so the fact that many people feel she has her own issues which she keeps quiet about suggests a double standard .

          1. Yes, Kate (and most celebrities)

            Let me be clear in this meaning. I should have written:

            Yes, Kate, a royal with celebrity like status here in the US, (and most TRADITIONAL celebrities)

            I was likening the FLOTUS to Kate in this response as a user of tax payer money, and I mentioned celebrities to highlight what the spotlight can do to a person even if one chooses it.

            I do appreciate how her role is unique and very European, but to be petty is still petty. Her Job, which I just wrote is up for criticism, even if she has a valid reason, is different than what she wears or how she looks. So yes, I was making a comparison on that one thing. That’s all I was referring to, but thanks for making me clarify my position.

            In my original post I did ask if royals were held to a higher standard of dress beacuse of their status, and no one answered that question.

          2. There is a protocol for royal dressing which seems to be more strict in Britain than in other European countries (just by pure observation). Since you referenced FLOTUS, think FLOTUS. To the knee, not showing much cleavage, pantyhose, clothes toed shoes (mostly). Other royals in the European houses have worn dresses which are shorter and have been called out for it, and Madeleine wore a very revealing gown to the Nobel Prize Awards in the early 2000s that got a lot of negative attention.

          3. ‘Royalty’ sets itself up as being God-ordained leaders of mere mortals. So, they should be held to a higher standard. If they demand that people bow down to them, then yes, they had better be worthy of it, especially as several hundred million pounds per year are compulsorily extracted from mere mortals to keep royalty in their ‘better-than-the-rest-of-you’ lifestyles. That means, at least to me, that a contract is in place. So royalty should do whatever work is required, to a very high standard, and dress appropriately while on duty, as long as the British people want and are prepared to pay for a monarchy. Kate is profligate with her spending on clothes, hence the criticism. The pattern of Kate’s life thus far has been to follow the path of least effort for the most reward; the ‘anxiety’ is just a ruse to avoid work and elicit sympathy. There are far more worthy things to worry about in this world than this lazy, dim woman.

        2. But paring it down to the bald fact that this is a critical blog of Kate Middleton. All of us here started out on her bandwagon, and have since been disillusioned in many ways. That is what we come together, here at KMR, to commiserate on.

        3. Thanks for replying Baffled. I’ve had a think about what you’ve said. You make an interesting point about “how [one] dresses it is [one’s] personal preference”.

          Whenever I am negative towards a dress, in my mind I’m being negative toward the designer. Take Erdem for example, I just straight up dislike that designer. I’ve never seen anything from them that I like. So when I’m negative toward a dress from them that Kate wore, in my mind I’m being negative toward that designer. With this dress from Saloni, I’ve mentioned several times that the designer threw a bunch of design elements together that didn’t work for me. I was very specific that it was the designer’s fault, not Kate’s.

          But I can understand where you’re coming from in that by being negative toward a dress, I am being negative toward the person who likes and chose to wear that dress. So in a roundabout way, I am being negative to the person, and not just to the designer, even if I don’t intend to be.

          1. Yeah, that’s really all I was saying, not condemning you or anyone else. I love this blog because I like royals. Holding a future queen to a standard as far as work or personal ethics should happen. Having an opinion on clothes is just like you said a personal choice. Thanks for your reply as well, and I’m very glad we could get to a common ground, even if we disagree on some things.

    2. Gosh, KMR, you must be doing something right because every post you are getting ‘new’ posters now who are clearly Kate worshipers coming on here to defend her and put you down. Makes me think you are hitting a nerve and the truth! So please keep it up :).

      1. I find it baffling that the Kate Defenders come here to state their business, which is always the same “if you don’t love everything about Kate then you are just jealous and mean” but they never stay around to actually defend their thoughts. Maybe they don’t have any original thoughts?

        1. I find it baffling too Lauri. They just leave a comment, but then never defend themselves. It seems to be happening on each post. I don’t know if they honestly believe they are making Kate look better. But they actually make her look worse since her most obsessed fans are the meanest people and kind of stalker creepy.

          1. I am a bit concerned about this.

            Both KMR and Baffled have points, but it bothers me when someone questions the main point of this blog. So, criticism of clothes is indirectly or directly criticizing the person?

            People judge and make assumptions about you based on what you are and aren’t wearing. You change their minds when it comes to work or actions.

            Sadly for Kate there is no work or action. Are we supposed to let her have a pass and not criticize the outfits as we are going after her? Most of us criticize her inaction and laziness.

            We are all entitled to our opinions, but I think it’s a bit rich to critique the main point of this blog.

        1. Rhiannon,

          Actually, I agree with you, so I think I wasn’t clear. Critiquing her STYLE of clothes so critically when she is dressed demure, discreet, and appropriately felt wrong to me. KMR did admit that Kate put something under the dress to be more appropriate for a royal. Look at it like this: if you doctor wears a bathing suit to your operation I would question him. If a woman wore a negligee to court I’d question that. Now whether the woman had on a dress I like, but was appropriate, vs a dress I don’t like, but was appropriate, is the difference that I’m strictly referring to. I’m all about dressing for your status or occupation and praising a woman for her looks, but to be openly critical about her style of clothes, as long as she’s appropriately dressed, or for what is is wrong with her face feels wrong.

          I wasn’t critiquing the point of the blog, I love it by the way, I was critiquing what felt like unnecessary critiques about her style of dress. I did ask if I was missing something in what’s expected of the BRF as I am American, and KMR answered that question. That’s all.

          If she were dressing like a prostitute then she oughtta get shamed for that considering her status.

          1. I have yet to find something that she wears that is appropriate. Short hems, ill fittingfitting silhouettes, weights in the skirts, towering heels, etc. She has a potential army of stylists at her whim, yet she chooses ridiculous garb.

            Here’s a question and I don’t mean it to be inflammatory…what is an alternative?

          2. Rhiannon,

            If she’s inappropriate then that’s something that I could be missing as an American. That’s why I asked about the UK standard earlier. I love her clothes, but boobs and behinds are what’s in style over here.

          3. Rhiannon, she does not speak for every Amercan. While certain celebrities here seem to think the only way to show their sexuality is through boobs and behinds, many of us find it tacky and distasteful.

          4. Agreed Reilly. While boobs and booty seem to be the thing here, there are some of us who don’t show off everything. Less is more. My only thing with Kate is, she either covers everything up or she lets it all hang out. It’s a balancing act, but there is a way to do it and Kate has yet to find that.

          5. I feel like you’re still not getting what’s being explained, Baffled. It’s a critical blog. We are here to critique anything and everything about the topic of this blog. Her sartorial choices are one of the main things we discuss. Frivolous, maybe, but always fodder for the mill. On the other hand, if she does something or wears something we like, it’s praise all around. Go ahead and say “I love her fashion choices”, but not “It’s unfair for anyone to comment on her style”.

          6. Ray,

            I’m not sure how to really answer you. I’ve been clear as to what I mean, enough that KMR herself understood what I was saying. She even read my blog post about my thoughts on the matter. I think maybe if you’d read that you’d understand what I’m saying, but I totally get what you’re all saying. I’ve always understood the point of this blog, so I wasn’t asking why is it being done (other than if there were a different standard because she is royal , which KMR did specifically answer.) I was asking if it were right in how it was being done, and was the way, not the reason, petty. Semantics.

            Everyone here has the complete right to be as critical as they want, I’m assuming you live in a country with personal rights, but does having the right mean it should be taken?

            And I keep saying that critiques on her work are different, but the name calling from the commenters is petty.

            Saying one likes or dislikes a clothing choice is fine, I personally wish the FLOTUS would dress better for her body, but the meticulous critique of an outfit by me would be attacking her in a way that’s not necessary. And Yes, I’ve done it, so I’m not saying I’m better, but look read my post on the subject, or not, to understand what I was saying. Lovely chatting with you.


          7. Baffled I honestly just feel like you are just trying to self promote your blog. You wrote an article about Kate, so you come on here, a Kate site and now a few times have posted the link. I will not be clicking it for that reason. That is all I have to say and take care.

          8. Overit,

            Naw, but I can see why you’d think that. I’ve been reading this site for a while, and blogging for years. I didn’t come on here to promote my blog as that would be silly. It’s about women who are abused, or have been. The readers of this blog are not my target audience. Click on it or not, but I only put the link up to show my face since there were commenters calling me a one of those hidden stalkers. (At first I’m a Kate fan, and now I’m promoting myself, my goodness how I get around)

            I critiqued KMR’s site so I was allowing her the same privilege, that’s all. KMR read it and got what I was saying, so if no one else reads it, from this site, I won’t miss anything or be sad. I gave Ray the link since I was about to rewrite the article anyway. She asked, and I answered. But thanks for taking the time to share your opinion, it was wrong, but I’m enjoying this discussion ladies.

  6. I have tissues if anyone needs one.
    The dress is nice, it just looked out of place in that room. The group shot made Kate’s outfit look heavy and formally old fashioned.
    I know I say it too much but Diana seemed able to blend in with whatever country she was in. Kate seemed cut and pasted in that photo. Perhaps she should take the advice of Coco Chanel, who was said to have advised the following when dressing with accessories:

    “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

    Anyway I wonder if she understands the clothing styles of India and Bhutan’s people ? I expect she would have been told who was attending and what they would be wearing beforehand so I wonder why she thought polka dots would compliment what her guests were wearing to this reception ?

    Anyway they must have read the comment on KMR as William was lovely toward Kate. Is it me or does she seem too tall for most people? I understand Diana was tall and William as well but Kate is always bending her head and neck forward at a slight angle. Perhaps she just stands too close to the person with whom she is conversing?
    Thanks for the photos KMR.

    1. I think the designer should have followed that advice. The designer was the one who stuck five different design features onto one dress. Kate’s lack of accessorizing was actually a plus on this occasion.

      1. Thats a fair statement. 🙂 My thoughts were just that the dress was nice but perhaps if she had not worn the ring as there was a lot going on? The long sleeves and ruffles along with her hair worn down didn’t need anything more. Just my initial opinion.
        Oh the close up shows she is not sleeping well. I think she is too nervous to eat properly.

        1. I think she’s dieting too harshly. I don’t think she’s nervous so much as wanting to project a regal image that she thinks will outclass everyone. She’s tearing herself to shreds to do it. Ma Midds raised her to have this neurosis rather than Kate to discover and be herself. It’s only going to get worse because she’s chasing an imaginary carrot.

          1. I also think with the whispers about her parents marriage on the rocks, or them living separate lives is making her even more stressed. This also might make her feel even less secure in her own marriage if the whispers are true.

        2. Charlston
          Kate has always looked like she’s not sleeping well. This is her natural state and doesn’t mean she’s lacking rest. Like people with Resting Biiih Face aren’t actually Biiihs.
          It’s just more of the case how heavily her appearance was altered early in her coverage. Now the aging and photoshoping have been relaxed. I refer you back to the infamous portrait. How she looked so tired in it when it was more accurate to her natural state than her photos that get printed. And this was not only during a time she had a strong of vacations without duties, but also she approved that portrait and the artist finding it accurate.
          A ruffled colar like that demands the hair be worn up.

          1. All the Kate fans hated and still hate that portrait, but I think it’s the best one of her because it shows her true self.

          2. I actually liked that portrait because it was a real portrait of her and the artist did a wonderful job. It was very lifelike, it wasn’t some dreamy princess of our hearts kind of thing. If people had not been inundated with photoshopped photos of Kate, they would realize that is really what she looked like at the time.

      2. Have you ever watched Project Runway, KMR? That’s what this dress reminds me of. The judges on the show regularly talk to the contestants about editing their designs and not putting all of their ideas on one piece. I think Saloni could’ve used that advice!

        1. I agree. And since I don’t really like polka dots much, the dress had little to redeem it in my view–except the color, which is tried and true–so much tried by Kate that it’s getting tired!

      3. Yes, the dress had too many different things going on. Kind of like her wedding dress. That gown never impressed me. Sheer sleeves with delicate lace, and then such a heavy skirt. And, then, — please don’t get me started — the pointy bust! That gown was terrible, imo. I actually found only one designer who criticized it. A Canadian person, whose work I don’t know. Cannot remember the name, but everything that was said, just made sense to me.

        I know that not everyone is a fashionista, but I just wish there was someone with a sense of style who was advising the Duchess.

        1. I hated, absolutely hated, the boob cones on her wedding dress. It looked like lingerie, like something you’d wear UNDER your clothes! Who told her that looked good? Yet I’ve hardly seen anyone criticize it. I don’t understand, people think the cones looked good???!!

        2. I didn’t love the wedding dress for all the carefully critiqued design points you made. Another addition I would make to the list would be the narrow “V”. The proportions seemed a little off.

    2. The average height in UK is 5ft 4in for women and 5ft 10in for men.

      Kate is 5ft 6/7in and adds another 4inches with her heels putting her at 6ft. Seriously, she always wears 4in -5in heels.

      At engagements, she stands slightly too far away from people she’s in conversation with, be they sitting or standing, and then cranes her neck forward as she speaks to them. The rest of her body is unyieldingly straight, not leaning in at all.

      All that said, her posture is terrible because she stands on her heels, hips forward as though she were leaning back. Coupled with the neck craning, and towering over the people she meets due to the height of her heels, and the results are awkward angles. That’s also why from the side her back is rounded because she’s simultaneously leaning back and craning in to talk to people.

      I frequently wish she took in a ballet class with all that exercise she does. If nothing else, it would improve her posture, and save her from straining her neck muscles.

      1. If she cared what she looked like, she’d just wear different shoes that didn’t distort her posture. But I think she wants to tower over people, she wants to be tall, like Diana was. It’s just one of her insecurities. Those shoes cannot be comfortable. They certainly aren’t very interesting, either.

  7. I’m underwhelmed by the dress. It’s modest though! I totally agree with #4. Why did she wear a formal gown? I thought it was strange too when they turn and leave everyone outside. It’s sweet when William puts his arm around her but it’s almost like I can hear him saying, “Are you alright?”
    I too noticed the hand wringing/clutching in several photos. She doesn’t know what to do with her hands! Gosh I hope this trip isn’t a fashion disaster. I’ve looked at lots of articles about this event and you are the only one bringing up points that I had been thinking. That is why I enjoy this site! Is it weird that they only served cheese snacks whatever those are? But what the hell do I know about entertaining.

    1. There were not many foods or many prepared drinking, because the reception lasted not very long (I think)

    2. She clutches her hands with such strength. It almost seems as if one would snap off.
      I think she is so anxiety-ridden and that is sad. She just seems so out of her league and she does not seem to have anyone she can count on to help her out.

      The dress is a horror. Just dismal. I wonder if by wearing something so formal, she made the poor guests feel under dressed.

      That dress had way too many things going on. Sometimes, I do watch Project Runway and yes, it does seem as if it is something a less seasoned designer would whip up. Tim Gunn, please help!

    3. I’m an unashamed fashionista, so i will say that i like the gown, and i think with the right accessories she might have pulled it off.

      Call it grannie chic, the kind where young people deleberately dye their hair grey/lavender, and wear clothes or accessories that are stylistically meant for older people.

      If i were Kate’s stylist, and she insisted on this dress, i’d insist she put her hair up. Not in an elaborate do, but a simple ponytail.

      Add thin hoop earrings.

      Add a long chain. Heck that super expensive cartier trinity necklace.

      Add big bangles on both wrists.

      Make her wear strappy sandals in gold or silver.

      That would immediately make the dress appear fun.

      I’d also make her take a sip of whisky (or whatever hard liquor of choice) to loosen her up. Much of the granny impression is the fact she looks so tense and rigid in a dress meant for an old person, styled to look like an old person without any sense of style.

      1. herazeus, as a nonfashionesta, your comments on styling up the dress are pretty cool. the collar still needs to go, but she needs to learn how to style it up or the dress wears her. I could never pull that dress of because I am too short and drawn to a certain style. When I am comfortable with my style, I am comfortable playing around with contrasting colors in makeup, shoes, belts, etc.

        I read somewhere that no matter what Diana wore, she owned it. stepped out and never fussed with her hair or adjusted her out fit. Kate is always fiddling, insecurity I am sure, and never wears the outfit. Diana also never shyed away from the jewels. Kate is minimalist, but as Jackie Kennedy said, pearls are always appropriate! kate needs to learn how to wear clothes. putting on a new, loud dress (the floral disaster, agree to disagree on that one), the picnic top and skirt, poka dots heaven, is not the same as being fashionable.

          1. I have been trying to put my finger on the issue with the dress all day. Someone on this page made a comment about her dressing juvenile and it dawned on me that my young daughter has a similar dress that hangs just below the knee. No lace collar, but polka dots and sleeves. the kind of dress that you just want to squeeze her when she wears it because it is adorable. Kate’s dress is too young for her if you take away the panels and make it less or non plunging and I think it would be a cute pre-teen dress.

  8. I suspect she’s been laying low for the last week while she’s been having her face freshened up. Her forehead creasing is noticeably less prominent, her brows lifted and her complexion is less ruddy. No judgement intended either – maybe all the close scrutiny and recent harsh observations have led her to go back to her previous routines.

    The dress is so awful. I like the drape of the skirt. That’s it. Even the cute polka dots are lined up in a strange, rigid way that for some reason bothers me. And the function just looked so staged and boring. Honestly, it just keeps getting worse.

    1. Yup, well spotted. She’s def. been botoxed and probably had some kind of peel as well. She didn’t pile on foundation and her skin looks much clearer, even glowing. I don’t blame her, she’s under immense scrutiny and people comment on every line.

        1. But that’s where it proves that Kate is nothing but a mannequin. She’s gone for 10 plus days or weeks at a time to venture out like Punxatauny Phil. No wonder regular women don’t care about her. It takes weeks to get hair dyed, face lifted, goodness knows what else? She should be at a place in her life where she can regularly work, and then step away for a weekend for a hair/face appointment. It adds to the argument that Kate has always been a fake person. She’s had continual work done by Ma Midds to help elevate her personal assets to nab Will. Personally, that’s their choice. But life with Will comes with high media visibility so continual challenge to keep all that work in place. Point: Kate and clan knew what they were taking on so no crying Kate fans.

          1. A french journal Le Figaro give a list of potential clothes that Kate would wear.
            At the end of the day, the press and the fan are more interested about what she wears than who she is. It is sad (it is too a common issue about women in the press/society : looks first, ideas and intellect after)

          2. Sunny, you cracked me with Punxatauny Phil. You also reminded me of one of my best ever films, The groundhog day. 🙂

    2. About the dress, someone on DM commentaries talks about the polka dots at the level of the waist: it is not straight. Maybe it is that which is strange (you can see better on close pictures of the dress on DM).

      1. Maybe that is it. Maybe they’re arranged in too ‘orderly’ a fashion and too close together – i can’t quite put my finger on why this pattern is bothering my eyes!

        1. The poka dots, which I generally love, look like they are velvet or some sort of contrasting material that reflect light in different ways. That drives me nuts. As has been said, too much, too rigid with that comical collar, and out of place for the event. I never comment about weight, but my god she seems to have lost more since her last outing. Her hands and head look so large in part because she is so thin.

          I liked her makeup for a change. she wore a gun metal blue or sapphire eyeliner which helped lighten the dark colors of her makeup. agree that she definitely had some skin treatmentand and that her skin look better. could also be airbrushing. who knows.

          wish her hair had been up in a neutral pin up – something that did not compete with the dress, like anything could compete with that dress. I do not like it at all. I also wish she had worn silver earrings as I think gold earrings do not complement the cooler tones in the gown.

          only positive – I do like the color of the gown and I like poka dots. but wow, that dress is a mess.

          1. I also liked the lightened up eye makeup. It was the first thing I noticed in the close up picture of her face. The second thing was her smoother skin. Either this photo is photoshopped, or she got some work done. If Kate did get some treatments, good for her! I think every woman should make her choice about those things, and if she feels happier and more confident, that’s what matters. Her smoking seems to be aging her so quickly; I wouldn’t blame her for wanting to continue getting cosmetic treatments.

  9. Oh my gosh, no! The first thing that popped into my mind was Laura Ingalls formal wear. KMR I agree, I use to really like and even covet some of her clothes but that was almost years ago now. This is just bad. Why she continues to tinker with/ruin designer clothes baffles me. I’ll end on a high note – that color blue looks really pretty on her.

    1. Laura Ingalls formal wear! Good one. I thought I would never see a article of clothing on Kate, as unflattering as the *student fashion show skirt worn as a dress*, but this is very, very close to that look.

      On a positive note, her eye make-up looks much better. On a negative note, her posture looks worse in the video. Others feel it was sweet when William put his arm around her, but I thought it looked like Kate walked toward him. Will put his arm very briefly around his wife. Very half heart IMO.

      If this is a glimmer of what the tour will be like…

      1. You are right about the makeup. I didn’t even look closely at it before because I couldn’t get over the dress.

    2. Sorry Klein, your comment didn’t appear on my feed last night while I was leaving mine, but we are clearly of like mind when it comes to that dress!

    3. The last time I coveted her wardrobe was during the tour of Oz. She has come close a couple of times but Oz was the standout for me.

  10. Oh my giddy Aunt! What is Kate wearing?
    Ok, so it’s good she is wearing an Indian designer.
    That colour blue is great if you have dark brown hair.
    And that is it, I can’t think of anything nice about that dress on Kate. Perhaps if it was worn at a more appropriate event, like an evening event where all the women would be wearing long evening dresses? Dump the modesty piece in the front too, it looks odd or is it just that it makes Kate look like she has no boobs?
    Is this Kate’s attempt at dressing in culturally appropriate clothing? Does this mean we will be treated to Kate wearing evening dresses all the time because that she what she has determined as modest as it covers her legs?
    And I can’t help but wonder if Kate isn’t trying to channel Emma Barton from Emmerdale?

  11. When I went back and looked at photos again, I noticed the long gown looks out of place inside but when she’s posing outside with the Bhutanese students in their long skirts and long sleeves she looks very appropriate. Maybe she was dressing for that shot and not inside?

  12. Oh my. The dress is hideous. There, I said it. The fabric must be really beautiful, the way it swings when she walks, but the whole assembly is gruesome. One can see, however that Kate has a beautiful, lithe and athletic body. I’m not sure she is too thin, just very athletic.

    Other than the dress, I get the strong feeling, that she is not ok. I agree with what posters here say about the cramped way she holds her hands. One can see that even in older pictures. She is desperately holding on to herself. No, all is not well with the woman.

    1. The dress is plain bad, the color can’t even redeem it. It looks like a nightgown from Little House on the Prairie. I do think she looks far too thin. She has let that lovely athletic build (see training with the Sisters for boat race days) whittle away, because…thinner is better?

      “No, all is not well with the woman”. Too right

      1. “It looks like a nightgown from Little House on the Prairie” – It totally does!

    2. The fabric seems really like an airy which would be perfect for a hot Indian day. I wonder if we will see this dress repeated during the tour.

      1. Daily Mail reports she will forego tights (pantyhose?) during her trip to India. Shocking to the Queen, I would assume. She’s so pasty-white. Do you think she is going to get a spray tan prior to leaving? I don’t mean to be nasty. I don’t tan easily, either.

        1. Did she wear stockings on the south Pacific/Asia tour? Can’t remember. She was very tan on that trip though she HAD been sunning herself in France just prior. I just remember loving her hair on that trip, it was so humid all she could do was let it pouf and wave. It gave her a more relaxed vibe (which I have not seen since). So, is the heat in India dry or humid?

          1. She wore stockings on most of the days in the South Pacific/Asia tour. There were a few days she went without them, like the day she wore a really sunny yellow shirt dress or the day she wore a blue eyelet dress. You can normally tell when she doesn’t wear them. She only did without them a few days on the Australia/New Zealand tour as well.

            I wonder why she doesn’t spray tan anymore? She and Pippa did it religiously. I don’t care either way, I just wonder why she stopped.

          2. Overit, I think she stopped the spray tans, botox and a lot of her beauty regimen because she got all that done in London. She’s looked a lot different after Charlotte was born and I think it’s because they’re constantly holed up at Anmer, and she couldn’t get to London for her beauty appointments as easily. Or she’s doesn’t want to get caught in London since her PR is all about being with the kids in Norfolk.

          3. Overit and Liza, I wonder what level of influence the Queen has had as well. After the NZ tour, there were many articles about the Queen giving her a make over. She resisted but seem she to have given in to it over the years. All of the coat dressed and other changes. I wonder if spray tanning was a part of it or if Kate woke up and realized how poorly she was aging and dropped it from her routine. I think even tanning salons aRe as bad as the real thing.

          4. Reilly, I think the Queen (or someone else) saying something after NZ is definitely part of the reason we’ve seen her dressing more conservatively. But I do wonder whether the palace is actually telling her to dress this matronly or whether she’s choosing this herself. Possibly because she got freaked out from being chastised by the Queen/BP that she covers up too much to make sure there are no mistakes. There is definitely a better way for her to dress that follows protocol, but still allows her to look her age. She just hasn’t found that yet.

          5. I don’t think BP selected the clothing but if she got verbally scolded for all the fashion blunders, it could have damaged her more. It was when George was a baby where most of us agree was the turning point in her seeming anxious, unhappy, and dressing dowdy. She probably took what she was told literally.

          6. Kate would have been fine and could have continued wearing clothing she liked if, IF she had been smart enough to take the advice that I am sure was passed on to her very early to put weights in her hems. If she hadn’t had one embarrassing fly-up after another she would probably still be wearing outfits similar to those she wore in year one.

            It’s one thing to have one accidental fly-up. It’s another entirely to have them continue time and again, especially when you are very pregnant and the public almost became acquainted with George in utero. Any dowdiness in her dressing can be laid firmly at her feet.

            That and I actually think she listened to a few people in her first year of marriage on those tours and once the press went to her head she decided she could handle it herself and proceeded to make one mistake after another. Promoting Tash to “stylist” is proof of that. Tash is not a stylist, she is someone who Kate sends out to fetch the outfits she wants. I don’t even qualify her as a dresser because Kate looks worse for wear a lot of times and no dresser of a member of the RF especially a future POW/Queen Consort is going to send them out with ratty heels, poorly tailored clothing and things that should have been subjected to a lint brush before walking out the door.

            Again, this falls at Kate, and actually to a larger degree, William’s feet. William has given her a false sense of superiority. They don’t always know what’s best, they need to listen to people with experience and stop being so darned stubborn. Or stay on the path they are skipping down and continue to look like fools for the most part.

          7. Ray asked about humidity and temperatures in India.

            I can’t speak of Bhutan, but at this time (mid-April), Mumbai is quite humid, Delhi is really dry during the time but more humid at night (temperatures above 40 daytime), and I would guess Assam is fairly humid in the river valleys.

            I have to agree on the dress. Lovely color, and almost everything was wrong.

  13. IMO she looks like a nun. Too covered for my taste. The original design was more balanced with the cleavage thing on the front. If Kate wanted to alter this feature, and I totally understand why she would do that either for modesty or taste reasons, maybe she shouldn’t choose this dress on the first place.
    Her crotch clutching is constant and epidemic to the people around her but even more annoying when she walks like that. Except of bad posture, also creates balance problems.
    On a positive note, I hope this reception helps them with the tour. They probably got some great inside tips and good ideas for small talk.
    William is attentive to Kate which is great to see but also makes me worry even more about her insecurities.

      1. Ha ha Lauri, that’s right.
        Don’t you also find -when she walks crotch clutching- that she’s ready to fall over if someone even slightly pokes her?

        1. Yeah, it throws her completely off balance. I’m at the point where I can hardly look at pictures of her because her posture is so poor, it makes me want to slap her on the back and tell her to straighten up. Also, the poor posture really makes her clothes not fit well.

          1. Lauri I wish I had you in my life! Anytime I slouched, you would yell at me, until my posture changed for good 🙂

  14. I was meh about the dress at first, but then I saw the pic with the model wearing it and fell in love with it. I think it just doesn’t suit Kate’s style (or lack thereof), only someone really stylish could pull this off.

      1. The designer did make this dress in another style where the under panel on the bottom only goes to about knee length with the sheer outer panel going all the way to the floor. Imo, it’s a much fresher, younger take on this dress and I think would have looked much better on Kate. Also, if you notice the bodice darts are about 2 inches below where they should be and are way off to the side, which is making the bodice of this dress very saggy on Kate. I don’t know if this is the designers fault or if Kate had it altered after purchase either way it does not flatter the Duchess.

        1. This dress could be awesome somewhere ‘clean’ (I’m thinking marble atriums) at an evening cocktail reception or similar. The original version looks amazing on the model. It loses a lot being a) on Kate, b) in daylight c) in Britain. The room in KP is far too ‘fussy’ and if I (who knows nothing about fashion) can see this I really have to question her judgement when she flies her staff halfway round the world to photograph locations to avoid this very error!

  15. She looks so very thin and ill. It concerns me.

    I laughed and rolled my eyes at the FA Chairman’s comment. What an ass-kisser. So full of it.

  16. I agree with KMR and almost all the comments. I would just add if you wear a dress with a beautiful back wear your hair up so it can be seen. And if you wear it down and you ( suddenly) have SO much hair don’t bother buying expensive earrings!

    1. To be fair about the earrings: Kate has had these since the US tour in 2011. So it’s not like Kate ran out and bought expensive earrings that she then covered with her hair; she pulled these out of her jewelry closet and threw them on.

      1. Oh I know they are not new – perhaps she should have looked in the mirror and chosen to take them off. Having revisited the photos too I wonder why an evening gown and then those shoes? A pair of evening sandals would have been better. The whole dress code seems a bit off and it would be embarrassing to have the pleasure of such a personal invitation and then feel underdressed.

        1. Ah. I get you. I think this is the one occasion that I would have preferred Kate’s dinky jewelry to these bigger earrings since the dress was so busy.

  17. I wouldn’t care for the dress on anyone. I liked the dress from the waist down. But I am not one of those people who has an eye for fashion so I might not be a good judge or be appropriately objective or subjective. I have no problem either with Kate’s weight unless she became anorexic and she is not. She happens to have a body that doesn’t even appear to have had any children. I wish too that she would do something different with her hands while walking..I agree that it looks awkward and off. I just hope the India tour has some really good outfits. Thank you for another interesting post.

  18. Like most here, I’m not a fan of the dress. Kate seems to swim in it, and it is far too matronly for someone her age and lithe figure. “Little House on the Prairie” – indeed! She would have been better in that lace aubergine cocktail number she wore the morning after the ball for the Chinese. More suitable for the occasion and a bit more chic.
    The whole event seemed rather forced and uneasy. The little cheese biscuits were underwhelming; not exactly generous hosts… Clearly, it was a short meet and greet. What did it achieve?

      1. Victoria Murphy posted cheesy snacks photo at 12:40 PM, her first photo of Kate – talking to the first woman in line – at 12:50 PM, her last photo of Kate at 1:33 PM, and the Indian food comment at 2:52 PM. KP posted their photos of Kate at 2:14 PM and 2:17 PM.

        I think it’s fair to assume Kate arrived sometime between 12:40 and 12:50, and left that room sometime after 1:33. That would make that part of the reception roughly 40 minutes, 50 maybe. Then there was that bit in the courtyard. I think the entire event probably lasted about an hour.

        **Times are US EST.

      1. Half-hearted hospitality bothers me, royal or not. It looks – and is – ungenerous and dismissive of the guests and event. Even if the reception is just an hour, a little more thought could be put into making guests welcome. Again, apart from a photo op, I can’t see the point of the reception. On previous overseas tours did they have receptions with ex-pats from countries about to be visited?

        There may be health issues surrounding Kate which may explain her very short engagements, although there was a measly 15-minute number to a hospice in NZ. If so, then KP should in all fairness withdraw Kate completely from the public eye while she gets appropriate treatment. I find it all hard to fathom, given her propensity to be constantly ‘looked after’ and entrenched lack of work ethic generally. I have put her desire to be thin down to the fact that she has always traded on her body (rather than her intellect) and this is where she sees her value.

  19. This dress is what would happen if all my least favorite looks from the Duchess got together and had a baby – the dark blue Jenny Packham gown she’s worn a bunch of times + the Victorian blouse from the Huffington Post guest editor gig + the Hobbs polka dot abomination from the Place2Be event. Just awful.

      1. Hi KMR – I do! She wore that bloody dress 3 times in just over a year. Perhaps it’s the letdown more than the dress. ‘Oh, hey, Duchess is going to a formal event, what will she wear?!?!? Oh, that thing again…”. I do stand by my adamant dislike of the Hobbs and Huffington monstrosities.

        1. I agree about the let down, especially the third time in NY, but I still like that dress. Totally agree about the two others, they were not great.

          1. Yeah, back when Kate had better taste. I used to like many of Kate’s dresses and gowns. What the heck happened

      2. That is one of my favourite Kate dresses but don’t like the look because I think it needs an updo – too much hair going on In the right hand photo you posted. But the dress I love.

      3. I think this is my all time favorite dress. Unfortunately she never figured out how to wear it with proper accessories. The gown its self is stunning.

  20. I am already disappointed as this particular designer is named as her go-to in india tour.
    I hope we all can see something good from him in the next weekend..

  21. Like I said on another post, William is speaking about Charlotte who is a very good footballer. We can make an resume of George and Charlotte.
    And the FA chairman defends William : I don’t think it’s a good idea to criticize the press. Contrary to BAFTA, William was more present on the football matchs. It is always the people who are placed on the higher position defended William…

    1. It is because people in ‘higher positions’ have an eye to rising still further in society and therefore play the sycophant card. It’s possibly how they got to those positions in the first place.

  22. Call me crazy, but I kind of like this dress. At first, not so much, but overall I don’t think it was bad. The silhouette is very flattering. The sleeves, dots, colors are all very nice. The only thing I don’t like is the frilly collar. I think the collar worked when the neck-line was see-through. It balanced out how constricting the neck line was by showing some skin. However, by covering the deep plunging neckline, it now looks to much like an old maid.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think a Royal should cover up the cleavage, but not in the way it was done. I think the actual navy fabric should have been filled in where her modesty lining was and the ruffles taken out. Then I think the dress would have been gorgeous. I really don’t understand the point of having a deep plunging neckline if you are just going to do a tan lining inside. It looks strange when it is not see-through. At least Kate tried something a little different tonight.

    I think she would have killed the outfit, even with the awkward bits, if she had pulled her hair up and worn more delicate earrings. With the high and busy collar, those 2 things would have really made this an outfit and not just a dress. Different shoes as well would have helped. Once again, Kate shows she doesn’t know how to accessorize an outfit. Shoot, sorry, I started out positive and then started thinking about the things she could have done to knock tonight’s look out of the park 🙁

    KMR, there are close up photos of Kate that you can see the added modesty paneling in the dress. It looks like it was actually sewn into the dress.

    1. I also agree that it was nice to see her try something different.

      Taking off the collar would be a huge improvement on this dress. I really wish she would get a new stylist… She could look so great with the right person shopping for her.

  23. She looks like a very troubled woman, to me, who hangs on for dear life.
    I don’t buy the adoring looks at W. either, sheer desperation, if you ask me.
    I ‘m starting to feel sorry for her…..well, almost.

  24. Is it just me, or does Kate look a lot like Karen Carpenter in this dress?
    I’ve noticed a few articles in the papers this week questioning if the monarchy will end after the Queen passes away. Interesting to see how things change.

    1. OMG she does resemble the late Karen Carpenter a bit. SOmetimes, I think she looks like Karen Allen, too. (From Raiders of the Lost Ark).

    2. YES. that was absolutely my first thought, esp in that dated looking dress and over all fragility. if you look at pics of Karen Carpenter in therror years before she succumbed to anixoria, the hands and head so out of proportion to the body and rest of her, the similarities are very concerning. I don’t like making these comments. they really do come from the heart and not a place of judgment or negatively.

  25. There are pictures elsewhere of her in side profile and they are horrifying – she is hideously slight and frail compared to the other people. She looks as though she has an eating disorder.

    The media aren’t talking about it, but there is something seriously wrong.

  26. The first picture I saw of Kate was the one of her walking and I got excited because I thought it was a jumpsuit! I was thinking at last something different and interesting then it turned out to be this…. its just so meh. Anyone a good event to do pre tour and it will be interesting to see if the rest of her tour wardrobe will be this “interesting”. It will also be interesting to see the dynamic between her and William on this tour…

    1. A jumpsuit would have been really fashion forward for her and would have made a great statement. If it had been fitted properly and she walked in like she owned the room instead of creeping in wringing her hands.

        1. Me too, I thought jumpsuit and “wow” only to be bitterly disappointed and rather alarmed. A jumpsuit would have been amazing.

  27. Hideous dress.If the back had been the front it would have looked better.I’m not impressed by Saloni’s designs.

  28. I don’t like this dress. This is even worse than the Erdem gown. Too busy, too overdressed. I’ve always thought that Kate doesn’t have bad dresses – she just has really bad styling choices. LIKE REALLY BAD. This needed an updo not the big hair she seems so fond of. And my actual thought upon seeing this on Kate was, “Girl, you need to get a better bra because your boobs shouldn’t that be low on you.” If this is the sign of things to come, then we better be prepared for this tour.

        1. She does need a better bra. Or, a bra!

          I’m reallly confused as to what person advises her before she goes out.
          She always seems to miss her mark. Of course, if it’s Rebecca, I get it. She’s a mess, frankly. Maybe, Kate doesn’t listen to people, or maybe, she thinks she knows best and never asks for assistance.

          I just wonder. When you are such a high profile person, don’t you want to “get it right?” Every time I have to give a business presentation, I think long and hard about what to wear and always, ask people I trust for their take. I guess that’s because I mostly work out of my home and while I do get out of my pajamas and into casual business, I don’t have to get all gussied up every day. So, when I am onstage, so to speak, I want to look just right.

          1. mary elizabeth, maybe Kate believes she is getting it right because those closest to her (William, Ma, her aides) simply lavish praise on her choices. Maybe not so much William because he’s been known to make fun of some choices, but he could have instilled his mentality of “I know what’s best, not the people who work for me” in her so she just doesn’t see what does and doesn’t work. The media (especially DM) haven’t exactly helped that any in the past. She was deemed “stunning” in just about everything she turned up in by DM.

            It will be interesting to see what they think about her wardrobe during the tour.

          2. Oh, she cannot be that clueless. Then, again….
            Lisa, you summed it up, when the media – and those around you – hype you so much, I guess it’s easy to start believing them.

            It just bothers me that there isn’t someone who has her back. Really, isn’t there any woman with a fashion sense who could allow Kate to be Kate, but add a bit of panache to her looks. Or, a sense of elegance? Call the fashion police. Dial 911! (Or, the equivalent number in the UK).

            Yes, it will be so interesting to see what she wears on the tour and how the media write her up.

      1. Agree, she really didn’t seem to be wearing a bra. I’ve just seen Harry post and then I see THIS Kate post. If that dress is a preview of her tour clothes, OH MY GOD. What comes after that? This tour will be, as it’s said here in Brazil, “hard to swallow”

  29. Greetings Everyone…

    Just checking in – being hammered out here in the big blue sea, shelter from the storm would be a good thought right now.

    Well – you all know me to get straight to the point

    This is not about the clothes – the clothes are a metaphor which screams this loudly….

    “I do not want to be here at this reception or any other – William and I are too good for this stuff”

    “I do not want to take part in anything I do not want to, my input will be minimal if I have do anything and we will leave as soon as possible.”

    “The great “We” are not answerable to anyone and we do not care.”

    The dress is appalling, along with the towering high heels over those with less height – an obvious “look up to me” situation.

    The delicate “CClutch” reference is about “I do not like commoners to touch me”

    The weight – goes way back to her being on record as hating her “puppy fat” in an interview years ago, when Scarole took her away for an island holiday break and made sure that her “beauty” regime was put in place by the time she returned – so much so that people did not really recognise her. It is also on record about how she did not like pregnancy weight and wanted to get back to her pre pregnancy weight as fast as humanly possible.

    A few comments back – I had grave doubts about the India/Bhutan Tour and that it would not go well. It will be a copy cat set of photo ops with the dressed in the Diana (equivalent style) but with soppy, forced, and fake “in love – mesmerising” photos with billy boy.

    Unfortunately I stand by my original assessment – Tour or no Tour neither of these two have the interest, will or even mild inclination to think of anyone but their cloistered world.

    Duty and service above self does not register with these two.

    I may well sound harsh in my observation however kate has had almost 15 years (to be able to handle social situations, meeting people and public speaking). There is no excuse for this pantomime.

    No matter how people perceive her mother’s involvement in all the match made in fairy land – kate knew exactly what she was doing. Literally being the last in the list of women left standing and with billy boy running out of options – this is what you get, two people who want the privileged lifestyle but hidden away and not required to do anything.

    Whether or not either of these two are “comfortable in their roles” they knew exactly what was expected of them. I have no sympathy for this pair at all. Alarm bells rang for me when they were first photographed on the ski slopes and I had hoped that there was no re-kindle when they split briefly. I always thought there was something not quite right – something just did not gel.

    Can anyone imagine if Her Majesty at the tender age of 25, with 2 children, who had lost her Dad and became Queen – behaved like this?

    It beggars belief that this farce has not been dealt with sooner. Billy boy is not King yet.

    How is it that the ladies who have married into European Royal Families are highly educated, speak many languages between them, have had less time to prepare (and come from pretty much the 4 corners of the earth) and are in much stricter type “Royal Courts” run rings around these pampered twits?

    Crown Princess Mary – had to learn Danish, Queen Maxima (from Argentina), Crown Princess Mette-Marit (a solo mother), Princess Sofia of Sweden (heavily pregnant and carrying out engagements straight after coming back from their honeymoon). Queen Letizia – first Spanish origin Queen for Centuries – but a commoner and just look at that Lady on the World Stage. Queen Mathilde of Belgium, speaks 4 languages, Queen Rania of Jordan (born in Palestine) – another case in point. Yet each and every one of them put all they have into what they have married into and their adopted Countries.

    What is the issue here really with billy boy and Katie?

    Why is the Diana card pulled every time that trouble abounds or another photo of the kids is flashed for damage control?

    An hour or so ago I heard again that quote from Katie about the Queen being a mentor etc etc, and does not exert control over them – Bill made that quite clear as well. It is another bunch of lies, to cover more lies. These two will not listen to anyone and that is a recipe for disaster. There is absolutely no warmth between bill, kate and the rest of the Royal Family.

    Even Prince Harry has backed away from his brother – too much division and it is now so obvious that you would have to be on another planet to see that none of this is going to end well.

    I swear to God the next person who yells at me for stating the obvious about the pampered and pandering life that billy boy and Katie live – will have me writing another letter to the Queen about this very subject. That would be well worth the effort as the damage is being done daily.

    There is no substance behind the façade. The only comments that can be made are about the clothes, weight, spending habits or poor work ethic because there is just nothing else in the cupboard.

    I would be the first to stand up and say “I am wrong” however, my unease just grows with each day.

    I am just so sad that this has come at the tail end of a reign of a magnificent Queen who has given her all.

    Giving people a chance is something I believe in wholeheartedly however time and time again the opportunity for both billy boy and Katie has been shunned with an arrogance that astounds me.

    If my comments upset anyone – I apologise but trying to find excuses for this continued and blatant disregard for the life they both knew of and accepted willingly is not healthy.

    The cambridges just do not care about anyone except for themselves.

    As for my travels….

    Pretty sad out here in the real world at the moment – however, every day has its own form of beauty which I look for around each corner.

    Keep well, safe and that big basket of happiness that I send to you all is brimming over.

    Thanks KMR and the community for being my joy. You are appreciated.

    The Wild Rose

    1. I admire your efforts to make the world a better place for good people who simply need a bit of kindness.

    2. Fabulous Wildrose. I have no words to describe how I felt about your comment. It’s exactly what I think. There is no excuses for William and Kate.

  30. I don’t dislike the dress, it just seemed wrong for this occasion, although I’m not sure what occasion would do really. I’m bored to death with blue. She seems to have lost confidence, rather than gained it, these last couple of years. Diana was shy wasn’t she? You can’t fake blushes. Kate doesn’t seem shy but she’s very uncomfortable and tense.

  31. Also what is so terrifying that William has to publicly comfort her? These guests are delighted to meet her and the chat would be small talk, for which she would be properly briefed beforehand.

    1. I agree. I cant believe he actually touched her and comforted her. He should do it more. She sure seems terrified about something!

  32. The dress reminds me so much of the James Bond dress in that it is lovely from the back, has too much going on in the front, and from certain side angles she looks skeletal. People with slender, athletic builds have to be especially careful about maintaining weight, otherwise even losing just a couple pounds can make them look frail. I know this from personal experience since when I went abroad and came home people close to me were worried because I looked so fragile. I stepped on a scale and had lost three pounds. To look healthy again, I had to gain it back. It was quite shocking to see how such a small change made such a difference.

    I love the fact that Kate chose an Indian designer but I haven’t liked either Saloni piece on her. From the videos, Kate seems very sweet, but especially outside I think she seems very nervous, waiting for William before stepping forward to shake hands. Her body language is very closed off when she walks with the hands in front, and it doesn’t exude confidence. I don’t mind it so much in posed photographs as it is a formal position but when Walking it seems unnatural.

    As for William saying Charlotte plays football, this would have made far more sense if it was about George who is old enough to show coordination when kicking. I remember my nephews playing with a ball at age two and sometimes I had to hold their hand so they could kick the moving target. Prior to age 1? They could throw a small ball out of their high chair and giggle.

    Kate and I have something in common, a like of Indian food! I feel for William though re: spices. My mom will tear up immediately with even the smallest amount of spice and get a runny nose and red face.

    1. I don’t know which video you saw, but all the ones i saw, she dosn’t shake hands with anyone. She hangs back as William bows and shakes everybody else’s hands, then next shot is the photo being taken and the they walk off.

  33. Greetings Again everyone,

    Hey Tanya S – thanks for your good thoughts and yes I will do my very best to stay in one piece.. believe me the KMR community is my joy!

    Before I go off line again – which will happen in about 10 minutes (satnav issues) – just had a look at the photos in the DM showing the article with this hideous dress…

    I would “hand on heart” reckon that billy boy and Katie have had a row – there is a photo of Kate about (number 3 or 4) she is standing in the room, people are around, she is looking in the opposite direction as if she is trying to catch billy boy’s eye as the look is a real icy one.

    Also noticed that as Kate is in that entrance way the look on her face is one of pure aggravation – billy boy is attempting a childish giggle – put up a front look and there is a gap wider than a barge pole between them.

    She does not want to be there. Stands aloof – looks like she thinks she is going to get “germs” off people rather than being nervous at all.

    Billy boy asking if she is alright is either “will she put on a performance” and get the thing over and done with, then they can get out of there – either way it is false, fake and there is trouble right there.

    A game of cat and cat – there is just a really “get even” vibe –

    By the way, kate has had plenty of training in conversing, meet/greet, deportment (the lot) was in a book written very early in the piece on this and she also said so herself.

    I may be wrong, about the argument, however, I have seen too much of this behaviour in every day life to miss it and not actually comment on it.

    Must close for now – the photos of Crown Princess Victoria and family, just heart warming.

    Look after yourselves, keep a smile in your heart, joy in your soul and a sprinkle of magic to light your way.

    Over and out for now tide is turning – wind is picking up again.

    The Wild Rose

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised. Every time you see her *without* her hands in crotch-clutch mode, they’re shaking. Look at the videos of her handing out athletic awards (where the recipient looked away just as Kate tried to shake her hand) – her hands are not just trembling, but seriously shaking. In the South Pacific when she had to give a speech, you can see the paper visibly shaking when she had to switch pages. She holds on tightly to her hands because that is the one position where the shaking doesn’t show. If you think about it, she can control her facial expressions – that would be the main focus of any photo anyway – but perhaps she can’t control her hands shaking.

      The dress is quite blah, for me. It’s been a long time since she’s managed to pull together a good look: hair, makeup, clothing, accessories. She used to have some lovely updos! Now, it’s a yawn over what she’s wearing!

      I suspect that her makeup will be Bollywood inspired – very dark and heavy – which can look exquisite on an actress and pull off a heavy look. Think – if she wears minimal makeup, she’s going to be washed out by comparison to the ladies in India and Bhutan!

  34. I guess points should be given to Kate for wearing an Indian designer,but that is all. I really feel like going on an out of control rant about the way she dresses. That dress is H-I-D-E-O-U-S! Why is she always so covered up, almost everything she wears is always buttoned up to her neck? Why is she choosing clothes that make her look like a 65 year old “grandmother of the bride”? Why are her choices never appropriate to the event?Whether or not she has has extensions or wears a wiglet, I really do not care, that hair just overwhelms her face and the eye makeup, well that will never change.What has happened to her?

  35. I like that she picked an Indian designer. Yet there are such rich colors besides blue. Get a new color. The dress is just blah.

  36. The only good thing she’s looking forward to is the food? I can’t. The color of the dress is beautiful. Outside of that, there’s way too much going on. Out of all of the Indian and Bhutanese styles she could have chosen, this what it? She looks out of place. It’s time to call in a professional stylist. Tasha ain’t cutting it.

    1. I forgot to thank you for this, KMR! This could have been a great event. This is foreshadowing to an interesting tour.

    2. Agree on all points! I love navy blue, it’s my favorite color, but there is just way too much going on in this dress. I think removing the collar would have made a huge difference.

    3. Actually Kate’s food comment didn’t bother me too much, cuisine is part of a nation’s culture. However the Daily Mail quotes William thus:

      “The Duke told one group that the weather in Mumbai, where they will start their visit next week, will be very hot.

      He said: ‘Mumbai is about 35 degrees – it will be a belter. I’ve had enough of winter time, I want to get away.'”

      I thought he viewed the tour as a holiday with this comment!

      1. Oh, good catch Daisy1000. Delicious native cuisine prepared at their haute spa accommodations and gorgeous weather for laying out on their private terrace for some rnr. You know, in between all those other things they’re being told to do. I do so hope they’re not too slammed and are able to get some real value out of their time(holiday)in India 😉

    4. Crazy isn’t it…..with all the fashion industry desperate for her to be a British style icon she could ask anyone for help with hair, make up, clothes and deportment and they’d be in their like a shot willing to help. TBH if I was Kate and not that interested in formal clothes and that not that good at styling I’d just get someone in to do it all for me. Duke of York did for for Beatrice & Eugenie and they’ve improved immeasurably. Camilla’s got the right idea……she sticks to two / three core designers and a set of tried and tested shapes that work for her figure. I really don’t understand why she hasn’t done that after 5 years of being a member of the RF and everything she wears being analysed.

  37. To be honest, the first picture I saw of Kate in the dress was from behind and I swear to you images of a dressed up Cousin Itt flooded my mind. I wasn’t trying to be mean, it just looked that way. It was all dress and hair.

    I personally like the version the model is wearing better. I don’t know what it is about a lot of her clothing that it just doesn’t seem tailored to fit her well. Obviously they made it a bespoke piece by inserting the lining in the top, they could have done a much better job tailoring it to fit her. Reality is she’s very thin and this dress didn’t do anything for her at all. This is JMHO.

    If this dress is a precursor to tour wear I can understand why that blurb about Kate choosing her own clothing for this tour came out. No one wants to accept responsibility for it.

    Also, does anyone think that William is sporting a new suit? It’s got a more, for lack of a better word, modern cut to it that those he usually wears. Some noted that it looked small on him, but I think it’s just the cut of the jacket. If you think about the kind of suits that Fred of Denmark usually wears, one button jackets with a slimmer cut, the straighter leg pants, this suit reminds me of that. If it is new, good for him for trying something different. I will say I liked the look he had on the last outing with Kate (I think it was the last, the one with the khaki colored pants).

    And while it was good to see some kind of physical contact between the two of them, why does he need to comfort her? Is she terrified about this tour for some reason? Are they being briefed about terror alert issues and she’s worried about that? Is she putting on the “I can’t be away from the children” face? Because we’ve seen her ditch them before. Is she very worried about really being out of her element among the people of India and Bhutan? Or is there something very wrong in Cambridgeville that is causing her extreme anxiety? As a human being I worry for her physical and mental health. Then there’s the side that realizes she stalked that ring for nearly 10 years, she knew full well what she was walking in to, she’s 34 years old and needs to put on the big girl panties already and get on with it.

    I’ve got this niggling feeling that Kate is going to disappear right after this tour and not be seen until there is something to do with HM birthday, if then. I just think there is something very wrong with her and it needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. I could be completely wrong and she could just be freaking out because she has to work, but get it resolved already.

    1. Lisa, I think you are onto something. The idea of possible terror attacks may be fueoling her natural tendency to anxiety. If so, that is sad. When I heard that William and Kate were staying in the hotel where the terror attacks happened, I was a bit horrified, I will admit.
      I don’t know how comfy I wouldl feel about staying there. Of course, security will be very tight, I know.

      Still, something is bothering her. She really does not look at peace.

    2. “If this dress is a precursor to tour wear I can understand why that blurb about Kate choosing her own clothing for this tour came out. No one wants to accept responsibility for it.” OMG Lisa I almost fell out of my chair laughing!!!

      1. Glad to give you a laugh for the day. It’s much needed when we have to face dresses like this one. I’m not getting good vibes about her tour wear Lauri and her posture isn’t helping things one little bit.

        The truly sad thing is Kate could have been presented with a stunning line of possibilities and as she has chosen or been left to her own devices she just doesn’t have the fashion chops to select what is right and will look wonderful on her while at the same time being a tribute to the countries she is visiting.

          1. She looked fantastic on the first tour. Lauri, I was thinking of you when I was looking at photos/videos from the first tour. Kate walked with her arms at her side a fair amount on the first tour. She used to walk with confidence. And now she walks with the CC :(.

          2. That was full on honeymoon phase. Their pda, shining confidence, goofy grinning and fab wardrobe totally bowled us over back then. The post wedding floaty cloud of bliss and universal adoration has evaporated long since

  38. It always impresses me how she always manages to find very expensive dresses and jewelries that are actually ugly on so many levels. Also, Indian designs are famous for colours and oriental glamour, so why choose this mute aging dress? And does it always have to be skin-tight?

    I don’t understand what went wrong. Sometime after the wedding she dressed so well and many of those dresses are memorable, like the sequin pink Jenny Packham or the McQueen dress at BAFTA. Now she mostly dresses like old lady from 18th century, with overly covered dresses, busy fabrics, cheap looking dangling jewelries that cost astronomical. It is as if she chooses everything from how expensive it is, not how it looks. Is it possible that her taste is really that bad? That Erdem still leaves a bad taste, very memorable in such a bad way.

    1. I loved the Erdem, but again, it was a question of styling AND appropriateness of occassion.

      The hair was Texas high, coupled with courts and a clutch and serious jewels.

      Dress was hippy dippy summer in Winter.

      Talk about bad combination.

      Same dress, worn with lose flattish hair, sandals to a relaxed summer event NOT a formal winter dinner, and she would have looked amazing.

      However, her personality also doesn’t fit the hippy vibe of the dress. Imagine drew Barrymore in the dress, it would have been a win.

      I actually thought this dress would be fabulous on cressida because it fits her hippy self presentation.

      1. I think the biggest problem is when she tries to be adventurous and trying new styles. Being so is not wrong, but from what I see, her sense of fashion is very grounded and monotone. She looks decent in her usual “safe” dresses and high heels, but so much repetition (e.g. no smart pants, if there is pants only skin-tight jeans), and always monotone from head to toe. And I agree with you, styling and appropriateness of occasions are the issues as well.

        I somehow got the feeling that there is something wrong with her sense of femininity. What she considers as feminine are skirts, high heels, skin-tight clothing, being super skinny, and you have to shrink when standing next to your husband, and anything else is bizarre. In this modern era where women are empowered, I do not think she sends out a good message to young people.

        The one I imagine would shine in that Erdem is Michelle Obama. Her fabulous arms and curves would look flattering in that dress.

        1. Michelle Obama would Rock in that Erdem. She has worn floral to evening events, but she owns the clothing. On her, what is hippy dippy becomes stately. And i think that’s also her posture and accessorising.

          1. It’s funny you should mention Michelle Obama, I was thinking earlier how nice it would be if KM displayed some of Michelle’s confidence. No matter what FLOTUS is wearing she owns it!

  39. My main problem with the dress is that of ALL the Indian designs she could have chosen…THIS is what she/her team came up with?

    Sheer panel, high ruffled beck, too many polka dots…ugh. I agree with you KMR. Too much.

  40. I have to say yesterday I felt so sorry for her. Watching that brief video clip said so much. Did you notice that when they went into the courtyard she totally deferred to William and whilst he shook hands with the assembled guests she just looked such a spare part and still didn’t know what to do. The arm round her shoulders from William was also very telling. A gesture of reassurance and ‘well done you’ve done it’. I guess now we know why the engagements are so short, she simply cannot cope with anything longer. Her whole demeanour is of a nervy, anxious, troubled woman and she is desperately thin. I wouldn’t mind betting that such is her anxiety level everything she eats tastes of dust. How is she going to cope in India…..the crowds, the noise, the heat, the pace, missing the children. Every gesture, look, outfit scrutinised by everyone. Very desperate times for Kate. Suddenly all the palaces, kitchens, designer clothes and blow outs count for very little? Oh I know she chased this dream but now she got it she’s disintegrating and it’s very clear she needs more help than she’s getting.

    1. I was just thinking Mrs BBV how Kate’s fashion choices are seeming to reflect how she is feeling inside and maybe about her life in general. Pre-wedding she wore fun, fresh, sexy, youthful clothes, her posture was good (not great but not too bad) she wore fun jewelry and seemed to enjoy her life. Five years in and her fashion choices border on frumpy and matronly (and not in a good way) severe necklines and ill fitting outfits seem to rule the day. I think that her life, like her clothes, has become restrained, suffocating, dull yet oddly frenzed. Her posture has become so bad that it seems as though she is trying to roll up into herself and her wide eyed looks uneasily reminds me of my dog just before she has a stress fit (no I’m not calling the Duchess a dog just the wide eyed look, with dilated pupils, is a sign of stress). This is not a woman who is happy with her life. I too was rather surprised by William patting her on the back, reassuring her as most of the times he seems to either ignore her or be slightly perturbed by her.

      And yes, she did chase this dream for years and years but it is rather sad to see any woman become a shell of her former self. I’d really like to see the Kate from the first year of marriage make an appearance, that Kate was slightly nervous yet confident in her husbands affections, willing to muck in and shake hands, she appeared to be caring and interested in others.

      1. Lauri, I agree with you. She is heading towards a long and boring life if she continues this trajectory. If the BRF is to survive, she will need to step it up. I cannot imagine her putting in all of the engagements and time like Prince Philip. I don’t think that she will last that long.

        1. Hi Rhiannon, I really don’t know anymore if she can “step it up” by the looks of her here she appears to be nearing the end of her rope.

      2. Two early appearances that gave me real hope for a Kate ……the first engagement in Anglesey where she was so bubbly and thrilled to be doing her first walkabout and the evening she checked into The Goring hotel wearing that cardigan with the hem dropping down and her hair flat and unstyled. What on earth happened? Red Carpet Fever? Too many goodies in the Royal sweetie jar she didn’t know where to start or a realisation that this was her life until death? It’s easy to pick at the scab that is Kate because she has been such a disappointment when on paper she could have been everything. Something has happened to Kate and until the palace let some light in people are going to have no sympathy for her and carry on kicking her while she’s down. I don’t care for her because she should and could be better than this but you are absolutely right Lauri the clothes reflect the current place she’s at. Something needs to change and quickly because she is a nervous breakdown waiting to happen. The pressure of expectation from so many sources must be huge and overwhelming and now added to the mix is the fact that most of the country has no time for her either. I bet when she’s shopping online for her frocks she sees some of what written about her and it’s crucifying her. She won’t be able to help herself looking and it would devastate the sanest of people unless of course you were born to it. William’s sudden tactile support……I wouldn’t mind betting he’s now realised how close to the edge she really is. He promised Michael Middleton he would make sure she didn’t suffer the same fate as Diana…..it’s not looking great at the moment.

        1. I know the Palace doesn’t believe in airing it’s dirty laundry, so to speak. But I feel like in Kate’s case, if she really is suffering from anxiety or post-partum, that making it known would really help her. I think the negative press would stop and instead start supporting her. It would gain her so much sympathy and honestly explain so much. I think most people may even back off how little she works. But that is if she really is struggling with anything serious.

          1. I 100% agree Overit. I think the public would certainly be a lot kinder to her. The only thing is that the media aren’t speculating about her health. Work ethic maybe. The nearest I’ve seen of personal ‘personal’ criticism was Piers Morgan calling her brittle. Now where did he get that from because when her and William married he praised her normalness and stability. It seems that something maybe known in certain circles but it’s not reached the public domain or been printed in the press yet.

          2. When Victoria struggled with anorexia, which had been apparent for a while, the Swedish court released a press statement stating the situation and asking for the media to be considerate and back off. I think it was absolutely the right approach since it was painfully apparent that she was seriously ill then. I think it took the pressure off her – and I believe that it was around this time she met Daniel and that he has been a pillar of support for her.

            I don’t like to speculate on the health on strangers but it does appear that something isn’t quite right with Kate – maybe severe anxiety? If that is the case then I think it would be better to open with the public – it could take off some of the pressure.

            I know people say that she pursued this role for more than a decade and that is correct. Yet expections never really match the reality and I don’t think she really understood what it means to be a member of the BRF until she became one. I don’t think anyone could – and once you’re in you’re trapped, moreso now since they seem adamant for no more divorce scandals to happen after the mess with Diana and Fergie.

            Fullfilling the role as a member of the BRF may very well be the first time in her life that she’s confronted with a life challenge that someone else can’t solve for her. I don’t think she’s been adjusting well to royal life and to an outsider it she continually seems to get worse, possibly because we only see her at the type of public events that appear to cause her anxiety.

            I do feel very sad for her. She put her life on hold to hang onto William because it seems that if she had pursued her own interests and ambitions, and not being always available, then she wouldn’t have stood the distance (her comments when she worked at Jigsaw hinted that this was the case). She neglected herself on a very basic human level to win a man and that left her ill-equipped for the role that came with said man. I just find that very sad – she’s a cautionary tale for all young women.

          3. I didn’t know that about Victoria, ArtHistorian. How amazing that the Swedish courts explained some of the situation and asked the press to give her space. That is so telling. So caring. Apparently, it helped. Victoria is dazzling. Not just in her physical appearance, but she sparkles wherever she goes. She seems to be happy and well adjusted. Good for her.
            If Kate is having trouble, frankly, I cannot imagine anyone asking people to give her space. Sad, but true. I also can’t imagine anyone even hinting at her having problems. I am saddened to think that she is so troubled. At times, I know I become quite exasperated by her appearances, her comments, and much about her and then, I feel guilty. I think we can all agree that if she is having severe problems, she needs some help and much support. Something is wrong and at least, this one time, William did put his arm around her in public. Perhaps, he is more caring in private, but who knows.

            I think this upcoming trip is expecting much of her and if she is having issues, that is unfair. Something is obviously troubling her greatly.

          4. I think that Daniel played a huge part in Victoria’s recovery and in her current happiness (plus the little ones). Ever since her marriage, Victoria has exuded happiness and contentment. They really fought to get permission to marry and their wedding was a wonderfully emotional event (just like Haakon and Mette-Marit’s wedding – those two had to fight for each other as well).

          5. I agree, ArtHistorian. Daniel has been such a wonder for Victoria. They are such a dear couple.

            I so hope life is good for you. Every time that you post, I learn something new and wonderful. Be well and let us know if you need anything, please.

  41. Kate’s recent apparent struggles with nervousness and anxiety have reminded me of Crown Princess Masako and her struggle with adjustment disorder. I think that KP is doing Kate and William a disservice by not being more transparent about what is going on. I honestly believe people would cut Kate some slack if we knew what she was going through, and she asked for time and privacy for a legitimate reason (like a struggle with mental illness).

    Due to the timing, I have wondered if she struggles with postpartum depression or separation anxiety from her children. My mother had this type of separation anxiety and had to see a therapist for years because she would panic every time she couldn’t be with me.

    I’ve also wondered if perhaps it’s finally set into Kate that this is her life *FOREVER*. If she doesn’t enjoy engagements and royal life, there is no light at the end of the tunnel for her. That feeling must be exhausting. The honeymoon phase and fairy tale heir-and-a-spare phase of her marriage is over, she’s now in the part of marriage where “the sausage is made.” The glamour has worn off and I don’t think she’s doing well. I’m quite worried and hope that she’s able to find some happiness and confidence.

    1. I also wonder how much Carole plays a role in her parenting style. clearly the middleton’st are close, in my opinion a bit too close. you have to let your kids be their own person. Kate is either clinging to the only unconditional love she has, her kids, or she is a suffocating parent who cannot step back, much likeep her own mother.

      1. Reilly, I couldn’t agree with you more! “Suffocating is exactly how I have described what we’ve known about Kate’s relationship with William to this point and what I’m afraid her relationship with her children will be like.

    2. I so agree with you. I would cut her some major slack as mental illness is something that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. It is clear that something isn’t right with her. I do feel bad for her. Bad for her current state. I do not feel bad for a woman who chose to be a doormat in pursuit of something that she’s not suited for. For a life of service, when she does not care to serve. And a life to provide and care and comfort other people, when she can only care and comfort one person who does not reciprocate.

        1. Agreed, she still looked like “happy” Kate at the first few post birth events, but by the time he was a year old things were already going downhill. I just really wonder what happened to her. One big thing, or a combination of things? She’s just not the same person. Too much keeping up with Jones’ (added to whatever other issues there may be) can take it’s toll, and I don’t think she has her mother’s grit/stamina to do it for the rest of her life.

        2. It’s so sad that it has come to that. For some time we’ve been saying this here, that something may be wrong with Kate, speculating of course, but still with a good deal of indications.
          As the commenters have stated unthread, if we take the evolution of her style, we can see progressive lack of confidence and inability to express herself, being in a limbo between either a matronly or a juvenile style. As the case of this dress: the original design has great potential but Kate had to alter it and then accessorise poorly as she nearly always does.
          We’ve seen her in better state, even recently in that sporty tennis event where she looked happier with herself but other than that, where has the fun and spontaneity of her youth have gone? She’s not that old, for heavens shakes.
          If anything, she should practice what she preaches and have an early intervention/therapy if it really is a mental health issue. Although in Kate’s case, I suspect it’s long overdue.

          1. Kate has never been her own person. She has always been what someone else wanted her to be. And I think that now she sees the long years ahead of her doing the same thing day in and day out and I think that it terrifies her. She/Carole wanted the prize of Big Willie but I don’t think that Kate thought of what would happen when she caught him and now the stark reality of her life has hit her and I that she is scared out of her wits. I do hope for her sake that the RF is going to get her some help.

  42. I just do not want to see her standing wit her hands clasped together. Such a pet peeve, makes her look like school child

    1. Hahaha, it reminds me of the photo of her and William with the King and Queen of Belgium, they looked like two little kids thrilled but uneasy to have been invited to sit at the adults table.

  43. I thought the dress very pretty. But for me, the main problem is this couple’s complete lack of charism. Their mundane vacant expressions and small talk, the fact that they walked away from their guests, the fact that the gorgeous Indian model was not shown in the photographs (Kate too insecure), the cheap snacks.
    No regard for their guests.

    Look at photos of Diana and you can’t take your eyes off of her holding the hand of people on the streets of India. Her speeches are so moving. She was magic.

    I wish this couple would just go away and live their country life. They don’t contribute to the greater good.

    1. Oh, Indiana, you summed up Diana so beautifully. She was magic. I guess we cannot expect the same from Kate. But, I wish she would/could find her own way to reach out and touch people’s hearts. She doesn’t have to be charismatic. Just caring. I think she is such an emotional wreck, though, it is not easy. How sad that she suffers so much and gets little help.

    1. I love people seeing the good side of things.:) If the Duchess is being compared to Kim Kardashian with her butt and breasts popping out all over the place, then the Duchess has real problems.

      1. Gee, I’m not so sure about this.
        Actually, I’m quite frustrated by how Kate is elevated and built up through no merit of her own but just because she married someone whose family managed to convince others of their self-proclaimed importance.

        Both Kate and Kim are vain, vapid self-obsessed women who have traded on their looks and bodies for most of their adult lives and both were drawn to the limelight like moths to a flame albeit with some encouragement from their mothers.

        I’m no Kardashian fan and cannot for his e life of me figure out what that family’s appeal is or how we, as a society, have allowed them to become so influential and in such a vulgar way.

        But what I will give Kim, her sisters and even her mother credit for is that they work. They seem to enjoy a certain lifestyle and take advantage of just about every opportunity that comes their way to maintain those lifestyles. I certainly don’t approve of their chosen work or how they seem to think that their looks and bodies are their only comparative advantages but I like that they aren’t just relying on their family money or other people’s money to carry them through life. I can respect that, which is more than I can say about the duchess.

        Also in an age where body shaming is the norm, that “Kim Kardashian with her butt and breasts popping out all over the place” chooses to celebrate her body and shape instead of starving or exercising herself to skeletal proportions to fit in with non-realistic standards of beauty is a good thing!

  44. Haven’t read comments yet. A few things come to mind immediately. One is that Kate is still trying to sex it up pathetically by wearing the illusion of a sheer top. This seems a common thread for her. In the olden days, she revelled in low cut tops. This is a clumsy and laughable attempt, and on her the dress is fugly. It’s also too long and poorly altered. In effect, a giant clang.

    The second is that Willy is lying through his teeth about Charlotte. The kid may be crawling, even toddling a bit, but would totally lack the balance to kick a ball. And why would this be what he’s teaching her? It is so ludicrous and it only cements my belief that he barely interacts with the kids. He’s an absentee sperm donor and that’s the truth. He knows *nothing* about his kids.

    Another is that this deadly, joyless, drab event really helped the Dolittle Diplomats learn so much about India and Bhutan. They talked food. Now they can meet with all sorts of officials, because they’ve done their research and can take their place as leaders.

    Elsewhere, Willy was quoted as saying,”Mumbai is about 35 degrees – it will be a belter. I’ve had enough of winter time, *I want to get away*.” Yep, he perceives it as a holiday. His life is so hard.

    1. Hi Maven, in William’s defense he did say that someone was holding Charlotte’s hand while she was kicking at the ball, 11 months old really isn’t too young for this.

      1. That’s true. In the ski holiday pictures she wasn’t wearing proper walking shoes but I guess by now she should start walking or at least standing with someone holding one hand. She’s cute; these ski photos probably gave her more popularity than George, according to KMR polls!

  45. In the video, I feel like William puts his hand on Kate’s back to comfort her because when William went to greet the students from Bhutan, he held two students hands in his in a greeting. And then it looks like Kate motions as if to ask “do I greet them like that, too”? I can’t make out what William says but it looks like he tells her no and then he goes to greet the other two students. Maybe Will felt like he should comfort Kate in case this embarrassed her? But I imagine they must have been told beforehand what the appropriate etiquette was. Whatever happened in those few seconds, I feel like that is what prompted William to put his arm around her in a rare display of public affection.

    P.S. I noticed there is a commenter called “Cookie” on Love Lola Heart. That’s not me, though! Must be another Cookie. 🙂 Just FYI.

  46. I think if the dress had been cut to the knee and sleeves to 3/4 length, it would have worked for the reception, even with that neckline. Especially with hair pinned up. Maybe add an Indian-inspired brooch, and she’d be fine.

    The length drags it down, makes it look more like Downtown Abbey style, and ages her next to all the young people in cocktail dresses.

    1. It’s prob just me but I’d have loved to have seen her in a hot pink 60’s style dress with a pouffy skirt and no sleeves. I think I’ve been reading too many Jackie Kennedy comparisons lately but in this instance it could have worked? And agree what was said above – flats or low heels. It’s disrespectful to tower over your guests to such an extent, that’s just rude.

  47. I’d very much like to see the post of the comparison before and after George. Please make it happen KMR!!

  48. For the gowns she will need for this trip, all Kate needs to do is to go to LL Bean.com and get some flannel nightgowns (which will be great in in India), throw on a belt and voila, she will look like Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies TV show. Seriously though, why has her style of dress seemed to have “de-volved” since the birth of George? I think she either is very unhappy, or in a diagnosed depression and does not care about what clothes she wears or at heart she is just a real fuddy-duddy, who wore more “daring” clothing to snag her man (and even then she was pretty conservative about her choices), but at least looked somewhat fashionable. To me, the buttoned up clothes and that curtain of hair falling in her face signifies that something is definitely off. Something has undermined her confidence.

    1. LL BEAN!!! hahhahh!!

      She would never… she would find a more expensive version and wear the same flannel nightgown but pay triple for it ;p

  49. I’m really starting to worry about Kate’s weight because she seems and looks unhappy to me. Her eyes look like she is screaming out for help. I know she chose this life, and I try to remember that whenever I start to feel sympathetic, but as a human being I can’t help but want her to be fulfilled and happy, and clearly something is off. I really wish her handlers would intervene for her sake.

    That dress — OMG!!! 20 yards of WTF! Sometimes I wonder if she ever looks in the mirror before she walks out of thr palace. How in the world does she leave the bouse looking like this?? Does she know what she has on?

    I just want to say this about My own posture. I have a similar body shape to Kate’s — I’m just shy of 5’8″, with a long torso, and very long arms and legs (although some outfits and hem lengths can throw off the proportions of waist and legs, similar to the problem she has). I am nowhere near as thin as she is, but I am within the healthy weight and BMI for my height. I’m saying this because all the harping on the crotch clutching on this site has really made me take a second thought about my own posture. And I was horrified to see that sometimes, I do the same thing!!!! I have caught myself walking with both hands holding my clutch (I rarely carry a purse, just a wallet) at my lower abdomen area. Unlike Kate though, my arms and hands were relaxed and not desperately clinging to the wallet because I was in nonway stressed or nervous. I could absolutely not believe when I first noticed it (I saw my reflection in a glass door) but apparently it’s quite a habit because I’ve since noticed I do it a lot. My arms are super long, kind of ape-like, and I wonder if maybe I subconsciously started doing this as an effort to make them not seem so long and awkwardly dangly. Anyway, on me the pose does not tend to round out my shoulders or make me hunch over like Kate does. I do wear heels and wedges sometimes, but I always work extra hard to make sure my shoulders are up and back when I do. Anyway, I’ve been making an extra effort to make sure I find something else to do with my hands ever since this revelation.

    1. Hi Charlotte, if you are looking to improve your posture might I direct you to Queen Letiza of Spain, she is my posture guru and I believe that seeing how she holds herself might help you too. Just a word of warning, improving your posture might be a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, having to make muscles work that haven’t in a long time and stretching muscles that have been tightened. But, be brave one day you’ll pass by a window and will catch out of the corner of your eye the sight of a confident, graceful woman, that’s you!!

    2. Charlotte, you’d better listen to Lauri. If there is anyone who knows about posture, that person is Lauri. I tell you, if I feel down at any time during the day, I try to think of Lauri and put my head up and pull my shoulders back. Like magic, it helps me put my act together and even see things more positively.
      Lauri, keep up the good work in training us in power posture! 🙂

      1. Awww thanks Elina!!! You just made my day!!! As I have worked to improve my posture I noticed an interesting side effect, walking tall and standing straight improved my self confidence, made me feel more alive and dare I say sexier! I know that I tend to harp on Kate quite often for her poor posture but I firmly believe that by improving it she would also feel those great side effects.

  50. Greetings everyone,

    A quick message – weather is rough.. and wild

    Two points only:

    1. I truly believe that she has a “Germ Phobia” – seriously.

    2. Kate is 34 yrs old and has created a false image for herself from the start. It is hard to live a lie.

    Have to go, time is of the essence – been up all night helping out with supplies and need a bucket of coffee, have a lot more hours to put in. I will be out of the picture for a while after this.

    Keep love and light in your heart – my basket of happiness is yours to mind.

    The Wild Rose

  51. So, something was accomplished here, right? Was it just a PR event reminding everyone they’re going to work? Does it count as a work event?

    I just don’t know… How they get away with this still.

    1. They totally accomplished all the things with this reception. I mean there’s…. and of course the…. oh and let’s not forget the…. Okay, I got nothing.

      1. Some weird juice and cheesy snacks. Sounds like a win!


        What I do find interesting are the comments about how they’re young and cool therefore good royals. I see that often from my generation (born in the 80s like W&K)–they’re cool because they’re just like us, being they’re our age! Do not understand this reasoning. Thus they make good royals because they’re…hip! No, they’re not, folks.

      2. KMR…if this is what they consider a reception imagine the horror to come if they ever make it to the throne. State dinners will be turned into buffets, first come, first served.

  52. I’m wondering if they won’t cancel the trip due to terrorists being seen. I watched a video of what Mumbai looked like in 2008 and it was absolutely horrendous. With the publicity about this poorly disguised goodwill tour (a holiday/play time) attempt to make Bill and Cathy relevant and important as ‘royals’ they really would become sitting ducks. No amount of security can stop a madman.
    I don’t think that Kate is happy. Who could be happy married to a paranoid lying control freak. I think he makes her nervous more than anything else, she seems afraid to make a move w/o his approval. She’s rather like a whipped puppy and whoever said that she has absolutely no one who loves her for her is right. Kate really has been a means to an end for her mother and now for William. She has produced the heir and the spare and maybe she’s thinking ‘now what do I do to keep my status and the horse in the corral’. Maybe. Just my thoughts.

  53. Hi everyone! Just came back from my vacation. I’m still trying to find words to get over my shock after seeing Kate. Are the royal authorities (BP & KP) blind about Kate’s condition? Or are they just glad she’s not another Diana, fighting for causes & upstaging her spouse? That poor woman needs help! Her whole appearance & demeanor scream for attention that she is way, way over her head in discomfort land. She’s like Masako & Victoria all rolled up into one!! I fear she’s going to have a nervous breakdown on this trip. And we’ll going to hear more lies & excuses from the royal authorities. So sad!

  54. Your ladies comments or awesome and I always read with great interest!

    I have a nagging feeling that this is an act that Kate is putting on. It seems that if there was something else going on then their PR would be the first to use it to their advantage, but they would have to back it up with something and they can’t do that. William would be the first to yell that his wife is having severe anxiety due to the stress of the job and the press, since he enjoys so much, using the Princess Diana card.

    I feel that Kate’s behavior is to make her look sympathetic to the general public as it always seems to happen when their are negative reports. She wants people to believe that she is having a horrible time, so that everyone will be nice to her again. There doesn’t seem to be any happy medium with her….she’s either extremely happy or on the verge of tears….she’s either exposing herself or covering herself up to the extent that she can’t move. It’s as if she is purposely trying to elicit a “can’t win” response. In that way she can do what she wants ie: hide away, spend money, wear short dresses because it doesn’t matter anyway because people won’t be happy.

    She could very easily overcome every one of her challenges, but I think that William doesn’t want to be married and he doesn’t want to be around his children. William wants what he wants, and he will show care every once in awhile but for the most part he doesn’t seem to care about anyone but William.

    Why is the royal family not intervening? I believe that if there was something seriously wrong with Kate they would, but they know there isn’t so they aren’t. After what happened with Diana I would think they would be right there getting her help if that’s really what she needed. Just as they gave her time when she had morning sickness to lay around at her mom’s.

    I just can’t shake the feeling that this isn’t real. I wish I could, but I can’t. I wanted this to work and bought in to the fairy tale.

    p.s. To rhiannon: I had the honor of meeting Prince Harry when he came here to view our version of the Invictus Games (Warrior Games) at the games and at a reception at the Broadmoor afterwards.. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed cell phones (for obvious reasons) but he is beyond charming and completely and totally real. He is interesting, a flirt, and someone I would easily hang around with, even though I am 48. I wish you the best with him because he is definitely one of the best!! 🙂

      1. I’ve been told that Prince Philip was very charming and a bit of a flirt too! So maybe it’s in the genes?
        I was told by mothers with kids at Wetherby School that Harry was charming even when he was little.

    1. I don’t know SpringsMom, if Kate is indeed faking anxiety then A) she deserves an award; B) how contemptible to fake a mental health issue when her newest “cause” is mental health issues; C) the royal family could intervening and she might be getting some sort of treatment but it’s being kept under wraps. If she is faking it and that came to light wow I can’t even imagine the fall out.

      1. Hi Lauri!
        I have suffered from anxiety all my life, but being a military wife and with the work I do I had to learn to overcome the anxiety. In all fairness I do take a small dose of Zoloft, but no other anxiety medication. My son suffers from severe anxiety and he visits places before he has to go somewhere for any type of event so that he is not as nervous. Both my youngest girls have suffered from anxiety after their father was killed, but are able to function in the world, granted it’s not the same as having paparazzi following you everywhere, but then again this was in their home. Her home with the professional kitchen that they had installed to help them entertain. I just don’t get it.

        I learned to overcome my anxiety by preparing copiously for every event that I had to be at. That included lots of public speaking, and I mean more than any person would normally do in a lifetime I do on a constant basis in front of high profile individuals. She doesn’t appear to prepare for anything. She has to ask constantly and looks to others to see what they are doing. If she was actually preparing then if she did have anxiety, she should be able to overcome it more, by having a few key things to talk about or prepping her greetings. She reminds me of what I use to do a lot: wing it. If I didn’t have time I would wing it no matter what. My husband use to tell me that if I didn’t know what I was doing I should “dazzle them with bu**s**t” and I took those words to heart. As much of a perfectionist as she is I would think that would be easy for her to do.

        I bring up the hypothetical “it may be an “act” because I suffered from true HG and I couldn’t get out of bed for months. There wouldn’t have been someone telling me to get on with it because I would have thrown up all over the place at whatever event I would have been at. It wasn’t until I was about 6 months pregnant that I could actually get out of the house and then I promptly had other issues related to my pregnancy. She wouldn’t have been able to go on vacation if she truly had it and yet she did.

        I believe she may have an eating disorder that she may be using to alarm William, while trying to get the public to pause. I wonder if she wasn’t like many women, who thought that once she was married things would change and they didn’t. Then she thought if she had a child things would change, and they didn’t. Then she thought if she had a girl things would change, but no matter what William wasn’t going to change and reality has set in.

        As I mentioned I really hope that I am wrong, but I can’t help but shake the feeling that she is trying to illicit sympathy with what she is doing….I was one of the few who say Princess Diana’s bulimia for what it was before she admitted it to anyone. I don’t think they would admit that Kate has anorexia/bulimia because then they royal family would look bad, but I just can’t shake that feeling that is why she is doing it…her way of reigning William in.

        BTW-I’m totally just throwing ideas out there because I am honestly trying to talk things out and I totally agree it would be a despicable thing to do. I would think if the family is trying to help her overcome it that they would be doing things a bit differently than they are, but then again I certainly do not know what’s going on inside their palace walls. 🙂

        1. Thank you SpringsMom for your comments.
          Can I say “well done” for finding the way through what life has thrown at you. I’m sure you are an inspiration to your family, especially your children.
          Thank you for telling us about meeting Harry, I just love the way that he is making sure the servicemen and their families are not being forgotten, he’s doing more than just shining a light , he actually getting actively involved.
          I think he would make a great King.
          As for Kate, I tend to agree with your comments – she reminds me a little too much of my sister who plays the “poor little me” a bit too much. And she does it so much and so often that she has made herself sick on more than one occasion. I see similar traits in Kate. One day Kate will crumple, mainly as she is so underweight her health must be affected?

        2. I agree with Cathy’s comments; you must be incredibly strong to come through all that you have as well as keep a family together. Kudos to you.

          I’m with you in that I feel Kate is trying to elicit sympathy, perhaps to hide her ineptness. I think this is all she has left.

        3. Hi Springsmom. I have to agree with Cathy and Jen and give you kudos for facing your fears and getting out there. And I totally understand when you said that you wing your events. It is a tactic I sometimes use, when I can get away with it. I find it a great way for a confidence boost.
          However I have to doubt if Kate fakes some sort of anxiety disorder. You can’t really fake something like that, not for a long period of time anyway. Besides, anyone who would do that implies the existence (in present or near future) of a true disorder coming from attention seeking. Persistent attention seeking and self-victimization for people with low self-worth can be a precursor of some mental health issue. If Kate is serious about battling the stigma surrounding mental health issues, she should be able herself and/or KP to admit this openly and start dealing with it. She will help herself and others, this way.

          1. I agree with SpringsMom too – Kate is no victim. Steely is the word used by journos to describe her. She’s trying to elicit sympathy – for what? Being lazy? Having to shake hands with people?
            Pull the other one, Kate. Just work & stop the stupid games.

          2. JL, I see your point. However I didn’t say Kate is a victim. I said she may victimising herself. Its totally subjective and a matter of self perception. One can do that against all objective circumstances and appearing phenomena.

          3. Elina, I didn’t say you had said Kate was a victim. I wasn’t putting words in your mouth – its my opinion. My reply was under yours as the last entry under SpringsMoms original comment.

        4. Hi SpringsMom, Wow, you and your children are so inspiring! I love the idea of checking out places like your son does ahead of time to help lower his anxiety. And while I don’t suffer from anxiety, I am pretty introverted so before going to large gatherings I take some time to prepare “small talk” talking points so I don’t get so flustered and tongue tied.

          I agree with you that if Kate prepared more for her engagements she would be more comfortable and come across better. And yeah, I agree that she probably didn’t suffer from true HG, she just had really bad morning sickness. Perhaps her doctors threw HG out as a possible diagnosis and Kate ran with it or Carole was cruising the internet playing doctor and diagnosed her daughter herself.

        5. A big round of applause for your entire family. When one member is in the military the entire family is in the military. Your family has gone through so much, yet you find a positive approach to tackling any obstacle in your path. Instead of saying you can’t do something, you say let us find a way and you are teaching your children the best approach to life. What a role model and life instructor they have in you. That is a good parent. Are you listening Carole?

          Who knows what is going on with Kate. We are all coming up with theories. Some of it may be a PR ploy. I thought I read someone say Kate is very intelligent and considers herself a puppet master. Remember the photo of Kate on the street which stirred up all the Kate is exhausted comments? Didn’t this come after some of the work-shy discussion in the media?

          Kate may have more than one issue. My guess was anorexia; which can be insidious. She may have started to get rid of the last of the baby weight and went down the slippery slope. The anxiety may come from not feeding her brain and the control issues which come from the eating disorder. I hope I am wrong. Also, with this eating disorder you do look older than your stated age and many have pointed out how haggard she has looked. The press has also gotten fed up with W&K, so the photo shopped photos have gone bye-bye.

          Your guess about Kate is as good as the guess of anyone else at this point.

          I have to ask about Harry. Did he look any different in person than he looks in photos? I bet he is even cuter in person.

        6. Springsmom, I am posting this after what I already posted in reply to you. Please accept my compliments for all you do. You are a brave and thoughtful woman. An inspiration to all. Your children must be very proud of you and you are teaching them much. All best wishes to you!
          Your courage and your ability to overcome your own issues with anxiety is wonderful.

    2. Hey there SpringsMom, Rhiannon, Cathy (and apologies if I have left anyone out… just very tired)

      Agree with what has been raised on this thread – about the very possible “faking” for attention. It is about the “poor me” game.

      I commented earlier that Kate has always presented a “false” image of herself, right from the start and it is hard to keep living the lie.

      Many times I have seen a look in her eyes that are scream calculating – and also that painting that everyone said was a terrible one of her, to me it was a clear mirror image.

      The false image that Kate has presented is now too hard to hide.

      The other thing I raised was that she hates being touched – again is it a phobia about catching “Germs” – like washing your hands repeatedly etc.

      Whatever is happening, I truly believe that it is self imposed – behind that façade that she has created is just another manipulating move.

      I have two family members who have the same mannerisms and when you catch them at it – the look they give you really makes your blood run cold.

      I will probably get hammered over the comment, but it is my honest thought and has been for quite a long time.

      Please take care of yourselves whatever you are doing – it is now almost 2330, I need coffee by the bucket full as I am trying to clear emails while I have the chance before the next round of boxes to be filled.

      Rhiannon – Prince Harry is a star, a good kind man with a heart that makes life much brighter.

      I will leave you with my basket of happiness to look after for a bit – whatever you are doing I hope it makes your heart smile.

      Must away – coffee is brewed, sleep is a long way off …. the sea is calm at the moment so I will be able to at least have an hour or two without being bashed about by the weather.

      The Wild Rose

      P.s. Just a thought – are we being picked on because some of the comments I managed to flick through, one or two sort of implied that we were being mean? Am I wrong thinking that or am I just tired? It was the reference to the Love Lola that bothered me at bit – I thought KMR was a safe site to air our views/ideas.

    3. SpringsMom, an interesting post. I also wonder why Carole is not doing anything to help her daughter. She definitely has Will’s ear and has made sure that the Midds are included in everything they possibly can be. So, why isn’t she looking out for her daughter’s health?

      Kate does look scared and miserable at many events and then, send her out to a sporting occasion, and she thrives! So, it is confusing. What is going on?

      One thing I disagree with is that William does not like being with his children. Maybe, not on a steady basis, but his demeanor with George shows they have a pretty close relationship.

      And, to royalsareajoke, I also think this is a nightmare of a situation concerning terrorists. If I were William and Kate, I would not be comfy in that Mumbai hotel. Too many horrible things happened there and — oh, now I will sound weird — unless the place was “saged,” I think the negative energy is still there. Ugh! That was such a terrible situation. So many innocent lives ruined.

  55. I finally figured out who Kate looked like in that gown. I was listening to some good old country music while I was cleaning (I like the older stuff – Dolly, Tammy, Willie, etc.).

    Kate’s gown looks like something Loretta Lynn would wear. But, of course Miss Loretta’s was a bit more fabulous.

  56. Don’t be so hard, the dress isn’t THAT bad. It isn’t great but it isn’t bad either. Diana laid a few eggs in her day too. This dress reminded me of one of my least favorite Diana dresses, the Bellville Sassoon one-shouldered ruffled blue dress she wore in 1982. Ironically, Diana was also noted for her thinness from those photos too. The food, however, is unforgivable.

    I also just posted a similar comment on Love Lola, in case anyone reads that. I check on both of these blogs regularly.

  57. I have never liked gowns with long sleeves. Long-sleeved gowns are for old ladies over 60 y.o. I don’t mind the collar. The deep blue colour ugh….and the blue suede shoes…more ugh…Maybe the conservative look is an attempt to respect the Indian and Bhutan cultures??

    Makeup-Her rosy cheeks made me think of rosacea.

    I had to watch the video to see what y’all are talking about. I have seen lots of pix with Prince William having his hand at her back when they walk inside a venue. This is a very gentle, loving gesture that my husband always does in public, at home, in front of family members (leading to some jealousy from my sister-in-law). So I really don’t understand why there are speculations of problems in their marriage.

  58. The neckline ruffle is a pure Lady Di through back. Initially I thought the dress was long wide pants. Gross, heavy shoes aren’t helping either.

  59. I’ve been reading this blog for quite a long time now. Thanks KMR for all of the work you put into making this an interesting forum for debate about Kate and other royals.

    I believe what we are seeing with W and K is their interpretation of the “long game” playing out before our eyes. It’s not about meeting anyone, putting out drinks, reading up on culture or current affairs, visiting patronages a certain number of times a year, or wearing a certain dress or any of it. For them it’s only about controlling what the history books say. It’s about getting the shot at Ularu just like C&D did, it’s about wheeling Diana 2.0 out in a stroller to get the shot at captures the romance of royalty, it’s about Will getting enough shots at the EAAA to put into the history books to tell the story of what he did with this time of his life. It’s not really even about Kate and how much she works or how well she performs her duty or what she says because those things don’t get put into the documentaries about her life or the books that will be written about her and Will. As long as Kate shows up every now and then here and there well dressed enough and says a speech every now and then and touches a random child here and there they get what they want – the pictures and video footage that help them write their history books. It really doesn’t matter what we say or write or if we like or dislike a dress or her hair or this or that. It really is all about them and their personal agenda which is far different from what we think it should be. Regardless of the mishaps that may come out of the India tour, it will be a success because they will get the pictures of Will and Kate hugging a poor child, hiking, attending receptions, and last of all at the Taj “creating new memories”. That’s what their role as royals are to them…not about connecting with people and making a difference! Once they get the photo and video, their smiles go off and they retreat to their pampered life. That’s why they do what they do and why they don’t put any time and effort into their role – they don’t care about really making a difference in the lives of their “subjects”. It Only is about them and their ability to create the perception that they are maintaining the royal customs and traditions. Smoke and mirrors at its BEST.

    1. No, they are not all about maintaining the Royal customs and traditions. They are about putting an end to the monarchy in the UK.

      More and more people are exasperated with their laziness and inept ways. More and more people are saying that. I’m an American citizen, so what I say or think does not matter, but when William and Kate continue to let down their people, things will have to change if the people want the monarchy to continue.

      1. I agree Mary Elisabeth.. I see your point that it feels like he is destroying all of the Royal traditions slowly. May be that’s his end game, I don’t know. That’s what makes this so fascinating to me. William is in full command of his PR team. He believes he can fool the British public with gushing articles, photos and videos. We, the people who really pay attention and question things, really have no control over what happens. Unless the monarchy is ended. Regardless, my point is that he thinks he can fool the public through control and manipulation because he thinks his subjects are powerless and perhaps not quite as smart as him. While W and K are human beings and most likely wonderful people, they just come across as so self absorbed – which isn’t really a good fit for the charitable and duty side of royalty.

    2. Astute observation, Wednesday. I agree that W+K are attempting to ‘create the perception’ that they care; it’s certainly not real on their part, that much is crystal clear. It’s all tosh.They are not very good at it though. They can barely muster the energy for the little they do. Nor do I buy all the stories about fragility about Kate. She and William are both players.
      I’m pleased that they are being called out for their selfishness. History will record more than the photo op. As their smoke and mirrors existence unravels, it will be recorded. Why should ‘royalty’ be maintained when they have such contempt for people?

  60. 292 comments and counting. This looks like it could be another record-breaking post, KMR.
    Thank you for all you do. Kate should take lessons on what it means to be hard-working!

  61. I am so offended to pay my taxes and know that, in part, they will go to propping up these f*ckwits.

    This was nothing more than a weaselly, cynical photo opportunity – the images go in the papers, the general public will be satisfied to see that they have ‘worked’, and only a few will know that their attendance barely stretched to forty minutes.

    This isn’t work, it’s a mockery of all of us who (without any choice or current say in the matter) fund their indolent life.

    I will be embarrassed and ashamed when they visit India.

  62. Dear KMR this is for you…

    I am in the process of clearing 240 emails and have just seen a bit of what has been posted (or as much as I could access in a short time frame).

    This KMR blog has been one of differing views, ideas and opinions however I have noticed this is the second time it seems to have been “led astray” by some misunderstanding the actual point of this community.

    Yes this covers all Royalty. All of your hard work is done exceptionally well.

    The WC issue… is a worry

    Billy boy and Kate are the ones that were set up to be the saviours of the BRF – in more sites, blogs, books, articles, than I can list.

    Yes the clothes are dissected – but why should we be made to feel ashamed, or be considered as “picking on Kate” when the main issues are:

    1. Billy boy and Kate’s poor work ethic and the lame excuses given for it.

    2. The blatant disregard of traditions e.g. Irish Guards being tossed aside for no good reason.

    3. Not turning up to important events – the Battle of the Somme Hotel debacle (another case in point)

    4. Finding time to get to Wimbledon, holiday, shop, spend millions of pounds, hide away – but again they bunk off when it suits them. The Bafta snub is another example –

    5. Months of doing absolutely nothing – disappearing on holiday, then flaunting it to the Public as if they have got one over the people after they have had their latest jolly the French Alps photo op.

    Then when they are called out for their poor work ethic and total arrogance that goes with them not giving toss about what people think – it is those of us who they are answerable to (By being British or a Commonwealth Country for example but anyone can make an observation), we are made to feel guilty about having an opinion.

    6. Then if they do bother to turn up – again less than 40 minutes mixing with the very people they are supposed to be “caring about”

    The clothes are one thing – a matter of taste and observation.

    However the blatant disregard and arrogance, coupled with the poor excuses is what grates the most yet I am now getting the distinct impression that some on this site would rather we play the “fairy tale” card and not have an opinion at all unless it suits the story book.

    I am worried that we can no longer actually “speak” to our concerns – I cannot speak to mine. I have met these two, seen them in action – as well as other members of the Royal Family and believed that at least KMR has an “open” honest critique –

    Yet – what do I see? Some are questioning our very integrity and it worries me greatly.

    No matter what is going on in the World – we still all live in it. We are all invested in what goes on around us whatever our station in life is.

    Billy boy and Kate have great wealth, support, personal security and privilege – yet the pair of them just take more than they give. Service and Duty is what goes with the territory. It is what keeps a Monarchy alive – the goodwill of the people.

    KMR the work you do is amazing, it is a bright light for me in some of the dark places I have to go, or will see. However I do not shy away from what I know are my responsibilities and I really resent having been made to feel guilty for airing a view by some of the commenters in the last 48 hours or
    so who seem to think or give them impression that a “fan club” should be the order of the day.

    I spend a lot of time away from home, helping others, just like many on this site – being able to comment openly, with an honest is something to be treasured.

    However, personally I am worried that this community will end up being a “bleached version” or “the fairy tale” version of the Billy boy and Kate roadshow because our comments are being taken out of context.

    KMR I do think long and hard before commenting, even raising my concerns with you, however there seems to be an element of “something” creeping in and others may feel the same.

    I will keep checking in when I can – have run out of time, have to grab more coffee then go and pack up more supplies.

    You do a great job and I thank you for it, and all the contributors – however I never want to be afraid of saying what I believe in, or have seen for myself, or be bullied by those who consider honest views are wrong just because it is Billy Boy and Kate.

    The Wild Rose

    1. Don’t know when you will see this Wild Rose but I’m thinking along the same lines as you. Not as eloquently but I’m beginning to be afraid of expressing an opinion in my own words, my own way. I didn’t feel that way on KMR before. Her standard’s are high but totally reasonable and now I’m hesitant to post. Thee are gazillions of sugary sweet sycophantic just because you are a royal you can do no wrong sites out there and it seems that some of these sugars who have the right to their own opinions are traveling about telling others that their opinions and thoughts are wrong or mean. There. I said it. They are telling us we are wrong and or mean. I think until KMR calls me out I’m going to say what I want and let the sugary bullies siwtsds. As far as I’m concerned Billy and Cathy owe Britain big time and are in debt up to their eyeballs.

  63. The dress was odd. But in my opinion how odd and creepy does William look?! That really takes the cake. You can tell he isn’t a good listener from seeing the videos. And Kate’s body language with him is baffling. It’s almost as if she’s afraid of him. She’s nearly ripping her hands apart in some photos. At times I truly feel sorry for her. Something about William that is really creepy/strange.

  64. Was this posted? Its not good.
    Duchess of Drab! It’s the mystery of the cosmos… How DOES a beautiful woman make designer outfits look so frumpy?
    ‘ Take the silk chiffon polka-dot number she wore to a reception at Kensington Palace this week — a £500, full-length cobalt piece by Indian designer Saloni featuring a plunging see-through neck and matching sleeves’…

    ‘..On Kate, though, it looks about as tasty as a wet scone. Everything, from her trademark demure Princess-on-Parade stance — fixed smile, hands clasped in front — to her hair, falling in loose curls around her shoulders, and the prissy court shoes poking out from beneath the skirt hem, conspires to turn what ought to be a style triumph into something that resembles a Seventies sewing pattern. Let’s face it, Queen Victoria herself would have rocked that dress with more flair.
    I’m not suggesting Kate doll herself up and lay it all on a platter like too many of the cheap horrors we’re seeing at Aintree this week. But seriously. There are Carmelite Nuns who look foxier…’.

    There is more here

  65. I wonder if Kate’s hand wringing, crotch clutching white knuckled hand clutching is a response to being told to stop with the crazy hand movements. Lots of people talk with their hands so not sure. I’ve heard of hand wringing but I’ve never ever seen it actually happen. A bit off topic but I flat resent the impression that was given that Bill and Cath were going to visit children who lived in the slums and now I find out that no, they’re bringing them to them. Not right, imo. Slum children is a commonly used phrase so hopefully it isn’t offensive but to show those kids a life beyond their wildest dreams, use them for pr, and then brush them off after they’ve served their purpose makes me angry. Once again, if I’m reading things correctly, the duke and duchess of don’t really care but have to pretend are using vulnerable appealing heart wrenching people for their own purposes. Quite frankly, I’ve been watching videos of slums and poverty (even before the scheduled holitour) and these people have more substance and depth than the entire House of Middleton! Kate’s dress was beyond me (aside from thinking it was too long) but fashion aside, Billy’s suit looked too small and like he was stuffed into it. Hated the sleeve length and the pants seemed to well accentuate his stuff and looked uncomfortable.
    I didn’t coin the word holitour. Someone from another site did but I love it.

  66. No, just no. This look is just too awful for words. She needs a sassy gay friend who will do an intervention whenever she tries to wear ruffles of any kind. She looks haggard too. I do like polka dots, but not here.

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