Kate Middleton: Guest Editor of the Huffington Post UK

Kate Middleton: Guest Editor of the Huffington Post UK

After a nice breakfast, I’m ready for part 2 of Kate Middleton‘s guest editor-ing of the Huffington Post UK – go here to read about her blog post. A makeshift newsroom was set up in Kensington Palace apartment 8 where editors from the HuffPost held a meeting with Kate, and published the stories they commissioned. Kate also met with some kids.

Kate at HuffPo guest editor meeting

The morning started way too early for me – at about 3 AM here on the east coast of the US. But Kate didn’t arrive until about 10 AM London time (still too early for me, though, I was sleeping). The first order of business was a meeting with the HuffPo people, includng editor-in-chief Stephen Hull, in which they discussed the day’s articles (you were right, Em, this is what the “news conference” was).

Apparently, Hull told Good Monring Britain that Kate had several private meetings with HuffPo prior to today’s event.

From the Press Association via the Daily Mail:

    Kate said to the people in the meeting: “Can I just say a huge thank you to Stephen and obviously the huge team that’s been involved in this, turning it around so quickly.”
    Hull joked: “You’ve been a good boss.”

Apparently the meeting only lasted about half and hour.

Though Kate’s article was posted earlier in the morning, Kate helped post at least one article to the Young Minds Matter blog. She was helped by executive editor James Martin.

Kate posting article HuffPo guest editor

Kate sat down with four kids – Solei Neil-Brown, Kiera Mullins, Haydan Pearce, and Joshua Hogan – who took part in the ‘Real Truth’ video blog (which I can’t seem to find, please let me know if you come across it) to chat. The kids are Diana Award anti-bullying ambassadors.

Kate told the kids: “Your videos are brilliant, you really got your messages across. You should be very proud.”

Kate chats with kids HuffPo guest editor 1

On first glance I thought Kate’s outfit for today’s guest editor stint looked nice, but after seeing the length of the skirt and the sheerness of the blouse I’ve had second thoughts. Is that her bra I’m seeing?

Kate broke her 2016 streak of repeated outfits and wore a new shirt and skirt. Kate wore a Reiss “Vinnie High Neck Shirt” ($230) and a Dolce & Gabbana “Boucle Wool Blend Skirt” (currently $537, was $895). Kate paired the new pieces with her trusty Annoushka Pearl Drop Earrings and Cartier watch.

Reiss Vinnie High Neck Shirt Dolce & Gabbana Boucle Wool Blend Skirt

KP announced today that Kate has become Patron of the Anna Freud Centre (like I predicted months ago – to toot my own horn).

Peter Fonagy, Chief Executive of the Anna Freud Centre, said:

    “I am honoured that The Duchess of Cambridge has chosen to become a Patron of the Anna Freud Centre. I’m particularly proud because I have come to recognise just how knowledgeable she is in relation to what is a complex and difficult issue that so few people genuinely understand. It is my hope that her future work in this field will serve as a catalyst for all and that we are able to achieve the quality of care that children and their families so richly deserve.”

[press release]

This article was just about Kate’s appearance; I’m going to do a follow up article about some of the reactions to this event, as well as some information on the other articles from the Young Minds Matter campaign which I wish to discuss. That will be later, possibly tomorrow.

That’s it for this article, I’ll leave you with some more photos.

Kate chats with kids HuffPo guest editor 3

Kate chats with kids HuffPo guest editor 2

Is Kate looking directly at the camera in these photos?

KP newsroom for HuffPo guest edit 1

KP newsroom for HuffPo guest edit 2

Photos: Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal / Getty

182 thoughts on “Kate Middleton: Guest Editor of the Huffington Post UK

  1. Hey look at me – my happy face, my concerned face, I’m having such a jolly day editing this post. It is in her home and she doesn’t turn up til 10am? ‘Her’ blog was posted first thing. As she is not at Anmer it is not as if she had to do the school run first.

    I am with JL – give us some simple ways that we can spot problems and help young people .

    I feel a rant coming on I just feel so disappointed by all this airy fairy nonsense, so I will walk away for a bit. Actually I’m just going to glance at one of the sugar sites – bad for my blood pressure but I just need to see how adoring they can be!!

    Great posts KMR, hope you catch up on some sleep tonight.

    1. Well that was interesting – she is apparently ‘engaged…energised…thrilled..’ and has ‘such a full calendar’. I just suggested to my boss that I could start work at 10am – needless to say he didn’t agree.

      1. Great idea Birdy, I think I’ll do the same!!! I wonder how it will go over when I ask to start work at 10am and leave by 1pm, because you know, 2 hours is all I can do.

        1. I’m with you both. In by 10am? Gee, thanks, Kate, for showing up. I guess it was an easy commute to hustle downstairs.

          Lauri, her shoulders said it all in so many of photos. “I am in over my head. I don’t know what to do. Ok, I will look concerned. Now, happy. Now, engaged.” Ugh.

          This is too important a subject matter to be glossed over in such a “thoughtless” way. She is being thoughtless by not giving more to it.
          So, are those who handle her. If, handle is the right word. So is the Huff-Post.

          Thank you, KMR, for getting up so early. For doing your research. For championing a cause that is important to your heart and to many of us, too. I guess if she was editing for a non-fluffy media outlet, work would be done . The Huff-Post is just getting a rise in their readership thanks to Kate’s presence. I don’t think they are really worried about delving into this subject with sincere effort. It’s all about the numbers, to them.

          My heart is full of sadness for those who are looking for help for themselves, their children, their loved ones. This is an issue that deserves sincere effort.

          P.S. The skirt would have looked better teamed with a black turtleneck. A sheer blouse with a tweedy woolen skirt doesn’t float my boat . I keep looking to see if I spy bra straps.Perhaps, a camisole? With Kate, it’s easy to say, “Yes, I do spot bra straps,” though.

          1. Jenny, it wasn’t downstairs, it was in a completely different apartment in the palace. I mean, Kate had to walk all the way across the courtyard to get there. Don’t you understand how stressful that is? Kate can’t be expected to traipse the entire courtyard and be there any earlier than 10.

          2. Oh boy. I’m here with my pet photographer so I’m going to look my best.
            (dang that skirt is short and that top is see through – a lesson in appropriate dressing is needed here? That least there were no fly ups?)
            As for the traveling time, wot no helicopter to take Kate to work today?

            Sorry, I should have read further down and then posted my comment.

          1. I think being carried by big, strong, hunky men would have been the preferred method. I guess Ben Ainslie was busy.

          2. Or perhaps someone could have pulled her across the square in Georgie’s wagon. Though, only if the beacon could be attached, I suppose

    2. I totally agree.

      KP PR stint for the laziest set of royals is minimizing a VERY important issue. Hand picking one media over all others that should be covering the royals and the issue (as they belong to serving the people of GB UK and CW), is a huge mistake for arrogant, petulant Willnot and kate..

      The other local media didn’t even cover this lazy Will*Kate PR show. Shame!

      Thanks KMR.

    3. She does not look like a serious businesswoman. I am seriously embarrassed for her. No one smiles that much (and with that much fakeness) in business. You simply wouldn’t be taken seriously. I think about how Diana would handle this engagement– or even Princess Anne, Crown Princess Victoria, etc. and this is just so sad for the monarchy. The Queen must shudder on a daily basis. If you watch the video: http://www.independent.ie/videos/style/video-kate-middleton-edits-the-huffington-post-34462084.html you can see that she totally lacks confidence and has never had a real job. She acts like a 23 year old intern– rather than a 34 year old executive. It really is quite sad. Isabella Calthorpe and Chelsy Davy (who has a real career as a lawyer) must roll their eyes at this and think she is just so pathetic!

      1. Kate’s lack of confidence really shows in her speech. I can’t even make out all of the words she’s saying.

        Chelsy isn’t a lawyer anymore; she ditched that job to design jewelry. Has Isabella done anything other than have a baby since she married Heir Branson?

        1. Totally did not know that Chelsy abandoned her law career for designing jewelry. I had to go google this… Wow, it must be nice to just drop everything and say hey, I want my own lifestyle boutique and I want to make jewelry with emeralds. Why did I not hit the family lottery? Must be really nice to have been set up to do whatever I want in life and if one doesn’t work out, I have so many other resources right at my fingertips. According to the DM, she will be donating most of the money she makes from sales to schools and local communities in South Africa.

          1. It must be really nice to flit around doing whatever job strikes your fancy and just donate most of the money you make to charity because you can just live off your trust fund and then inheritance.

          2. Whatever she ends up doing, she’s still a smart woman. You can’t take away the fact she was a lawyer. Who better of a person to start their own business. And donating proceeds from her sales to a charity close to her heart. I am totally on board with this. I did side eye her “DJ” stint, but thankfully that came to nothing, and maybe was just a charity/publicity one off sort of deal.

          3. KMR, I agree. That was where I was heading. I really am jealous that they can float around and do whatever they fancy and live off a trust fund from old money family. I am just the average, break your neck to survive type of woman and can barely open an Amazon store to sell discounted items I find because all my money goes to bills, gas, food and necessities. I have zero support financially from anybody and it just makes me envious these type of people just have the world at their fingertips. I can only imagine what that must be like and it’s something I have thought about from time to time (without trying to make myself feel depressed), how some really were luckier just in general, hence my “family lottery” mention above. It’s a touchy subject for me in general. It always strikes a nerve.

            @Ray, I wasn’t trying to discredit Chelsy at all for her accomplishments. I was pointing out how much easier the world and life is for a woman who’s family set her up for life and provided as KMR pointed out, a massive trust fund. It is very nice that she will donate the money, I agree. She is smart and giving because she has had the set up and support to make her who she is today. I wish I could give to poor communities here in my area but I simply cannot even afford to give $100 or buy a few homeless people lunch. My heart is there but my money is not.

  2. I really *want* this to succeed. I see £1.5m in funding has been announced – whether that would have happened anyway… I don’t know. That and FLOTUS kissing up to Kate seem to be the stars of today – if you discount Kates sheer blouse, thigh-flashingly short skirt & big, bouncy blowdry.

    I’m assuming the hair was why she didn’t turn up to post her own blog? Who starts work at 10am? It all seems to have ended – Rebecca English hasn’t posted a new update for hours now, so it was really just a morning (that started at ten….!)

    The fact is that Kate has done so little, had very little to say and the day as a whole hasn’t educated me in any practical, helpful ways whatsoever – and yet she will get heralded like the second coming.

    There are real mental health nurses out there who would have great to listen to – heck, Kate could even have interviewed one to get their ideas out in the open. Anything, really, other than buzzwords, inappropriate clothing and manic grins.

        1. Government money announced before by Cameron nothing to do with today’s fiasco. Cameron has been talking about mental health improvements for several years.

          1. Yes, that’s true. He was interviewed by Fiona Bruce yesterday as part of the Beebs #InTheMind campaign. I guess it was a good time to announce what with that & #YoungMindsMatter

            It has been snatched up by HuffPo as a direct win though of today though.

        2. Thank you JL for the link.
          I would like very much if funding became true and hopefully get to the people who needed through great and competent professionals, it could help so many people!

    1. I think we all wanted this to succeed, too.

      From the moment Kate entered the room and “greeted” everyone, you could see she felt awkward and out of place. It’s sad, actually. People seem to come up with these wonderful ways to make her relevant, and she blows that relevancy each and every time.

      I agree that she put little thought and time into the guest editor position And, yet, maybe, she thinks she knocked it out of the park.

      I can only imagine how prepared Sophie would have been if she were handed such an opportunity. The late Princess Diana, too.

      I think Kate is a lost cause And, all the hype surrounding how much she has done for this issue is all fluff. Just like Kate and her bouncy hair. Even the way she dressed was disrespectful to those who have worked so hard to make the day mean something.

      I said it earlier this year and I will say it again. I am so sick of her.

      1. She could really be making an enormous impact on an issue that needs positive coverage. Those children deserve more. So do their loved ones. And, so do the professionals in the mental health field who give their all each and every day.

        I’m sad about this because it smacks of garnering positive press for the Duchess rather than bringing important focus on mental health issues in kids — and adults.

        1. Diana and HIV/AIDS comes to mind. Clear example where someone Royal with real passion can change not just local but world perceptions. Diana never claimed to be an expert she just claimed to care, ask for advice of how she could help and Just Do It ( sorry Nike!). Whatever people may think of her imperfections she did genuinely change global perceptions of this and the Land mine issue. Come on Kate, step up to the plate .

      2. That’s my conclusion too – she’s a lost cause, content to smile & wave and accept adoration for doing nothing more.

        She doesn’t have any depth whatsoever.

  3. How nice for Chris Jackson to be the only photographer there! KMR, it looks to me like Kate is wearing a camisole under her blouse, I do the same as these blouses can be rather see through. Glad to see that she’s (so far) keeping the shorter hair length but appears to be growing out the fringe.

    That’s it as I really don’t have much more to say about today’s engagement. It wasn’t quite what I expected but really having no idea what a “guest editor” would do, I’m not sure what I expected.

    1. I also like the shorter haircut, but I wish that she would style it differently. I don’t like the flipped out ends. I also thought it looked like a camisole under her blouse. I actually thought that she looked quite nice. I tend to think you can get away with a little shorter skirt when you’re wearing tights.

    2. I like the shorter length on Kate. I recently cut my super long mermaid hair to a length just shorter than Kate’s and I’m loving it. It’s so much easier to take care of.

      I wonder what Chris Jackson will do if he ever breaks up with Tash. Will he not be invited to royal events? Will he have to quit his job or find another one? Hm.

      I didn’t know what to expect either. But I was hoping Kate’s article would have been more substantial. We got more photos than I was expecting, which is good.

      1. I was also hoping for something more substantial in the article. It grinds my gears that she claims to be an influential leader in children’s mental health (or, at least, wants to be seen as one) but she can’t write an article that truly dives into the issues. I feel like this article is precisely what someone who didn’t know anything about the subject would write.

        1. “but she can’t write an article that truly dives into the issues.”

          Because she neither knows enough information on them nor has any actual experience with them.

          “I feel like this article is precisely what someone who didn’t know anything about the subject would write.”

          Very true. ‘The conversation around mental health needs to change, I would encourage my kids to be open about their feelings, here’s what the other articles are about.’ Anyone could write that.

        2. Yes I could write this with no advice. And I know more about mental illness from hearing honest stories written here from people including KMR with the courage to share.

  4. My first thought was ‘great outfit’, and then I saw the length of the skirt and the see-through blouse. I think she would pull this off if the skirt was at knee length or if it was a pencil skirt, and if the blouse had open neckline. That been said I like the pieces as separates.
    For this event I which she would stayed in her “2016 streak of repeated outfits” because this cause deserves the right attention.

    Other things I did not like: Rebecca Deacon – KMR, you haven’t shown a pic with her on the corner, but she often looks angry/not present at events, would one be acting like that in a situation where people are bringing their efforts together to support a magnificent cause? I would probably be jumping around with happiness and joy for participating in just thing (which I know it wouldn’t be very professional as well…)

    I don’t understand why Kate only got there after 10am, some people were there before 7am… if those were my offices I would like to be there to welcome everyone, but is probably the way I was raised and learn to work…

    I’m sorry but I don’t believe she did have as many private meetings as they claim, Kate didn’t seem to know anyone from the room, not even the Place2Be president (the lady with grey hair sitting left to Kate at the oval table) that said minutes earlier, to CNN, how Kate influence has been “huge”.

    On the positives Kate has been putting her arms around kids! She never used to do it before. From the Kensington twitter I saw some very beautiful videos,”commissioned by kate”, I particularly liked the one about Art Room – I love this charity, I would love to work there, it sounds so much fun and rewarding 🙂

    1. I have to shake my head until my brain rattles so many times at the fawning from these charities. To lie about Kate’s influence? To lie about her meagre ‘contributions’? Heck, if you have to lie for your charity what does that say about everything? She’s always portrayed as a dynamic, magnificent tower of strength. I understand being politic, but really….this is so over the top! Is there no one with integrity anymore?

      And now I see she’s become patron of The Anna Freud Centre and these words,

      ” I have come to recognise just how knowledgeable she is in relation to what is a complex and difficult issue that so few people genuinely understand’.

      So now she possesses a towering, superior, exceptional intellect? Sh’yeah, right. The sugar is killing me.

      1. Seriously. I guess these charities think lying is worth it for the reward of having a royal as a patron.

      2. It’s sending me into a diabetic coma.
        Yes, the rhetoric from these charities is cringeworthy. I would like to know the evidence of ‘huge’ influence.

      3. I think these charities are going to pay the price in the near future for having her as a patron. She’s not going to be able to hide behind them as the public continues to turn against both her and Will. These activities, rather than help demonstrate that she’s a caring, helpful, working royal make her look shallow and foolish. Both have little to say and offer, often looking awkward or making confused statements. It’s too late for her to try and look like she’s not a free-loader. The only chance she and Will have(had) was to participate in something(s) they honestly connect with and show some sort of compassion/empathy/demonstrated leadership ability. Both are coming up woefully short and the public isn’t buying.

      4. Yes, she has so much knowledge about MH that she doesn’t know what to do with it including how to articulate it or write about it in a coherent manner.

        Maybe her head is too full

    1. I guess the “news conference” was the meeting at the start of the day. Either the Times was wrong or I misinterpreted the Times.

      1. I was thinking the same thing, looking at all of her overly animated expressions and over the top smiling.

        She just has to show up and smile. That’s it. The super concerned face is our bonus.

    2. I just never quite believed there was going to be a “news conference”. Being interviewed with questions to answer would be a bit too revealing. And Kate prefers to be mysterious and private.

  5. It feels likes one big sugary kiss-up to Kate and how “huge” her influence has been, and how hard she’s worked, and what a “good boss” she’s been.

    Which, I suspect, is just what Poor Jason intended. PR gold, riding on the backs of needy children.

    1. + one zillion

      I would like to hear the real conversations these journalists had about their day with Kate the guest editor and what they really think of her.

  6. I wonder if these people are being paid to kiss up to Kate and say her influence has been huge? If it has been huge, why don’t we hear specific examples of where she has had the most influence and the things that she has done and when? Why don’t any of these editors, journalists, charity workers let the ‘cat out of the bag’ and actually say the truth- that Kate has had minimal influence; she has only given her name and face to the work, but the article commissioning and writing and organizing the event and getting the kids involved was done by everyone else.

    1. I think the old phrase “actions speak louder than words” fits perfectly here. We hear over and over again that she cares, she’s good with children, she’s intelligent, she’s funny. Yet, I see no actual evidence.

    2. That’s what bugs me, the fact that we never get examples of what influential thing Kate has done, or what great comment she made or question she asked. It’s always just vague “she’s influential”, “she asked great questions”. Nothing of substance behind the words.

        1. I think her job was to just show up. There are about 15 people visible in the picture. They work, she is just for decoration, spotlight. Perfect for her to promote herself as mentor but in reality she seem to be very vain and wants people to see her and her main achievement – getting skinnier and skinner. Because you never can be too skinny and too rich, goes the saying. Only this can explain change in her personality; first she was outgoing and for a grab, now she is protective and on guard, but ultimately she is the one who laughs all the way to the bank.

  7. KMR, you are SO right about visible bra. Even indoors, it’s clear that she’s not wearing a camisole. Bra in view. Thanks for posting some full-body shots – sorry to sound like a negative Nelly again but skirt is too short. Bra is visible. She looks like a 13-year-old who was told to dress for a “day at work” — a 13-year-old who has no clue what a day at work involves, sartorially or otherwise.

    I laughed out loud when I saw her pose with the children outside and I’ll show you why. I honestly think she and Orangina have spent hours together posing in front of the mirror! The other day I was horrified to see Pippa posing the red carpet at that heart charity fundraiser in the “I need a toilet” celebrity pose. See here: http://img2.timeinc.net/people/i/2016/news/160222/pippa-middleton-435.jpg

    If that wasn’t funny enough, today I see her royal highness in the same silly pose! I truly hate that pose when I see celebs do it. First it was the childlike pigeon-toed pose. Now it’s the “find me nearest toilet pose.” http://www3.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Duchess+Cambridge+Guest+Edits+Huffington+Post+pMyteBN9TDux.jpg

    These two – but more importantly, the DUCHESS – are no more than two-bit celebs.

    1. Lol, I noticed that Kate took a cue from Pips and posed with her feet crossed. Kate’s never posed like that before.

      1. I think that the Midd girls like how it shows off their super skinny legs and makes them look even thinner. I think Kate should participate with a body issues campaign. We might finally see her have a breakthrough when she realizes she has a fixation on thinness.

    2. Agree with you, Sage, and love your calling the stance, “The I need a toilet” celebrity pose. She is truly clueless. Again, let me say, she needs a thoughtful, experienced, topnotch professional to guide her through these presentations. The mistakes she makes are a sure sign that she really doesn’t give a hoot. Oh, she says she does, but look at the entire picture and you will see, she does not.

      Indeed, Sage, she looked like a teen-aged girl who was heading along with her Mother to “Take Your Daughter to Work Day.” (Do, they still have that btw)?

      She certainly makes sure to flash Big Blue in the photos, doesn’t she? I am angry because this could have been such an important day to shine light on an issue that needs as much positive energy around it as possible. What a WASTED OPPORTUNITY.

      Forgive me for drawing comparisons with other Royal Ladies, but does anyone who cares that William and Kate succeed realize how lazy and ineffectual their “work” is. Who among us would not have given her all — worked hard in advance, and on the actual day, too?! I guess “just showing up” means everything to Kate. I am not only angry, but sad.


    I’ve just seen a news report on today where, at the news conference she says:

    “I just want to say a huge thank you to Stephen [editor], and obviously the huge team that’s been involved in this turning it around so quickly as you’ve done has been amazing. (inaudible) fantastic to s…(inaudible)”

    To which editor replies that she’s been a good boss & Kate laughs, looks down & flicks her hair.

    The Chief Exec of Anna Freud then says she’s the first one to highlight children’s mental health & the eagerest (?) advocate for cmh for many, many decades.

    *transcribed as best I could from stopping & starting the news report *

    1. Cool. Hopefully there will be video online I can post later. She spoke to the kids, too, when with them. I wanted to post a video but I couldn’t get the thing to give me the embed code.

      I take issue with this, though: “she’s the first one to highlight children’s mental health”. Um… I think that’s giving Kate WAY too much credit.

    2. “I just want to say a huge thank you to Stephen [editor], and obviously the huge team that’s been involved in this turning it around so quickly as you’ve done has been amazing.”

      Turn around what? Why turn around? I don’t understand anything she says.

      1. A quick turn around – like they didn’t have a ton of time to get everything written and ready, so it was a quick turn around from the time they commissioned the pieces to time of publication. It’s not the most common expression, but it’s one I’ve heard several times before.

          1. No, your scribing is fine. I understood it to mean it was done very quickly. Which I don’t get. Because haven’t they had quite a while to put it all together? Or, did she make herself unavailable until almost deadline time?

        1. It makes it seem even more like this was another “quick, look like you’re doing something” event. They made the deal with HuffPo (in exchange for what we may never know) BEFORE they’d done any research or put any thought into this at all. Announced it then had to find people to research, write, submit, edit, and complete all the work in 4 weeks with no help from her.

  9. Well, it’s going to do its aim of making Kate seem like she works oh so hard (since the beginning of her marriage, omg!) for this issue and is so knowledgeable and wonderful. As my dad says: gag me with a flavor straw.

    Part of me is glad these issues are getting the attention they deserve, and yet it is so unfocused and simply using these children and these issues for Kate’s PR makes me so very angry.

    On a forum I went on a rant about this last night (I’m sick and peevish!). Showing up in a Dolce and Gabbana skirt, taking credit for all sorts of research and real work done in regards to these issues, argh. I’ll have more articulate response later after I take a freakin’ nap, but needless to say, I am really angry as I was when she went on about how if you have a happy family home, no mental health problems in your children, so it’s all the parents’ fault!

    1. Hey Ellie, I got your email but I was already in bed when I got it so I didn’t reply. But I got it, so thank you for letting me know. I decided to sleep instead of stay up and wait for everything to happen which I’m happy about since Kate’s article disappointed me.

      Is Kate making you sick or is it germs? Because I can see it going either way.

      I’m not so much angry as I am just disappointed. I wanted this is be a great thing that was really informative and her article just wasn’t.

      1. It’s disgusting for (at least) four reasons:
        1. The blog/issue is inadequate in terms of content and whatever is the ongoing intent ie is HuffPo committed to ongoing special issues?
        2. It appears to be primarily a PR exercise to rehabilitate Kate’s appalling image which is of her making.
        3. I feel as if I am being made a fool of, telling me that black is white. The obsequious comments from journalists and charity heads are insulting.
        4. Reasons 1 and 2 are hugely disrespectful of those who carry mental illness with them every single day, and have the inner strength to go forward each day.

      2. I’m glad you got to sleep instead of staying up for this mess! I have bronchitis so I was up coughing and started seeing all this come in, so had to email you, haha.

        Maybe I can blame Kate for making me sick. The PR and using children for it, and such a sensitive issue, that’s sure enough to make me throw up. The praise she gets for doing nothing but marginalizing mental health, the charities complicit in this BS to make Kate look better… It’s trending on Facebook and friends of mine just LOVE her and think she is so amazing!

        1. Bronchitis sucks.

          That’s funny that you’re seeing this event on Facebook. None of my friends have posted about it.

  10. I think KMR brought up a good point. Why did this cause become an area of interest to the duchess?

    With Psychologists in the family, it has been brought up that sometimes people “enter the field” to “try and fix themselves”. I could be 100% off base, but these two are so very private, disinterested in their roles and still trying to find their way as adults. I mean, they do not seem to have the same enthusiasm or comfort in their H.R.H. roles as many of their counterparts.

    While Kate looks nice, I wonder about the sheer fabric of the blouse and the length of her skirt. It seems like she wants to remind everyone she is a yummy mummy.

    1. I mentioned to Candice in the other article that my main question is why this cause and not all of the other ones? What specifically about children’s mental health draw her in? And why now? She’s been patron of Place2Be since 2013. Why did her interest in children’s mental health start in fall 2015?

      1. And why do her,her PR team, and the press have the need to change those facts by affirming ‘she’s been doing this since she got married’?

        1. PR team just taking advantage in an attempt to change Kate’s narrative, which is not one to inspire, let’s be honest.
          So, where is the evidence of her public involvement with mental health since shortly after her marriage? How many engagements has she had in this arena? Maybe compare with (a) number of fun events, and (b) self-serving ‘royal branding’ events.

  11. I’m not one to pick on appearances but I find this set of photographs particularly disturbing. Is it just me or does she come across as a really bad caricature of herself? The sheer range of emotions she displays, none of which seem to match those of the people around her, really do make her seem quite unstable and completely out of touch with reality!

    Just how she was allowed to take on such a substantial issue, let alone use it entirely to generate good PR for herself, is mind boggling. This whole event just smacks of insincerity and only confirms that she is indeed out of her depth. The children, their loved ones, the charities and the U.K. deserve better!

    Seriously, does this woman have even one redeeming quality? As she only seems to care about her own appearance, one would think she’d at least try to put on a good show, if not for the people she is supposed to be helping but so that the history books remember her favorably.

    1. I have noticed Kate is very awkward in videos. She tends to be extremely aware of the camera and will “pose” to make sure the camera gets a shot.

    2. Caricature? Yes – huge head loads of hair weird expressions then the tiny body. In the photo outside with the kids it looks like she is fading away. D & G dress shapely women and Kate just looks like she has a child’s body.

      BBC 6 o’clock news just started – no mention of Kate!

    3. Imo she is just playing the game. She knows the majority of people will only come in contact with her pictures, and because they have a tendency to focus solely on her, they don’t get to see how out of sync her behavior is when compared to other. And so the public goes on believing she is very fun, interested and connects well with people by using her normal girl background (which is another press fabrication).

    4. I’m looking at all the pictures (didn’t watch the videos) and they all scream *fake.* She is one bundle of utter phoniness. I just can’t take her seriously. Is she off her meds that she can’t wipe that pasted on manic grin off her face?

  12. Snarky coverage of the “event” on Gawker. Comments are funny and a little brutal.

    I am not a sugar at all, but I didn’t think it was the most awful thing I have ever seen. I agree that a black or dark top and hair up (even in a ponytail) would have been better, but she did hang out with some kids and since we know her team reads this blog they may have been trying to avoid black when talking to kids. I do hate that blouse, though. It’s like what a 23 year-old thinks is work appro – but is REALLY wrong.

    And MAYBE she didn’t arrive until 10:00 because it took that long to get everything set up and get all of the real editorial team past security, etc. Maybe. I’ve got nothing in defense of her inane facial expressions. I will leave that to the Gawker commentators. And 30 minutes?? Child, please!

    1. Things could have been so much worse, so I agree with you that it’s not the worst thing ever. I’m mainly just disappointed in Kate’s article because it didn’t tell me the one thing I want to know from Kate: Why she chose children’s mental health as her cause versus all the other causes she could have chosen. What drew her specifically to this cause? If she had answered that, I would have given everything else from this day a pass.

      1. You are 100% right that there was no insight into her thoughts or feelings. I don’t really believe she has any. I think Diana spoiled us by being passionate about her causes. And really well informed. A little like Camilla with battered women or rape victims. We’re hoping Kate steps up because it seems like the blood royals have had all emotion drained out of them through training. The spouses have to bring the emotionality. Kate isn’t.

          1. Camilla’s been far more vocal and present at the events related to those issues, though. She cried and showed real emotion, she offered support to real survivors, etc.

      2. Well it doesn’t seem like a good enough reason for us but she thinks it is and her team advertised the article that way.

        Like I said I think many of the royals choose charities because they have to, even though they might find it takes a tool on them like Camilla. Perhaps it might have touched her heart all those stories not to mention she knows something about being used and abused – the papz were very vicious to her and her kids, including stalking, chasing, and harassing. It’s not the same but could give her an understanding of what those survivors are going through.

        Amy, some members of HuffPost were there before 8am and her article was published around 8.30/9am so there was not a security issue, plus the first pic of the place has arround 6/7am so not due to get the place ready either.

    2. Lol Amy! Good walk-through on the points. I see Kate attempting sausage-pho curls to her hair ends, blouse and skirt of a 20-something, skinny legs= Kate in her happy place. I think body image is her security blanket and she’s been rough lately because she cut the curls. Now that they are peeping back, she feels like she’s “beautiful” ie. someone who is in control of Will which means she’s in life’s driver seat. I’ve ranted on KMR’s other post so I’m just going to go pour a glass of wine. it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

  13. I’m so “meh” on this who thing. I would have loved it of she said ” This is why I’m involved and here’s how I learned and which I learned it from.” Or even something similar to what you posted about abuse and resources.

    Imho, she’s out of her league here. There’s not one photo of her taking notes or working. It’s all posing. I was thisclose to loving the pic with her and the kids until I noticed her eyes. There’s nothing there. Let’s just face it: she’s just Royalty Barbie now.

    Thank you, KMR, for putting this up so fast and encouraging all of us to share our struggles around this topic.

      1. Rhiannon, you said it all. Royalty Barbie! So true.

        Kate was indeed out of her league. She looked like a little girl going to the office and seemed so insecure and not willing to put anyone at ease. The others who were there had the confidence of working professionals. Polished and dedicated. How must they have felt to have gotten there so early, so prepared, only to have to wait around for the Duchess to make an appearance?

        I am surprised how angry this is making me. I should be angrier by the overall way mental health issues are dismissed by so many. “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.” Or, “An idle mind causes emotional concerns.”

        Well, at least, we are talking about the subject, aren’t we?

  14. Her Huffpo stint turned out pretty much as everyone here all suspected, little substance. They used her for “putting butts in the seats”, and it probably worked for them.

    As to her outfit, the first thing I thought was that she was rewearing a blouse from her Canadian tour (see Calgary Stampede); sheer, white, with long sleeves. But apparently she has gone and bought another. See green/blue coats phenomenon. Is the closet so vast, that it’s just easier to repurchase something similar? Ok, if it’s a white T or a lipstick or something, but that blouse was Temperley, people! Ugh
    I liked the photo of her outside with the kids best, but the crossed legs – that’s a celebrity/socialite affectation. Kate, if you’re doing it to appear thinner (those legs, whoa), we know you could waft through the gap in a closed door at this point; so not necessary.

    She really needs to sweeten the lady in waiting deal for Pippa. The way things have turned around, little sis could be her ace in the hole.

    1. I didn’t like that blouse she wore during the Canada tour, so I’m fine with her no rewearing that one.

      1. Nor did I, and her new peek a boo sheer is just as bad. She certainly doesn’t need 2! On the other hand, peek a boo sheer worked wonders for her, back in the day, so I guess she has a soft spot for it.

        1. Lol. Maybe Kate thought everyone would fawn over her like William did the first time she wore sheer.

  15. I realize this is a critical blog, but I was impressed by Kate today. Let’s be honest, her job is not to actually be a journalist here – she is drawing people to click on Huffington and hopefully read the other articles – and since her job is to raise awareness, she did well today. How much time she was in the room isn’t what will matter to the general public. The comments on Huffington are overwhelmingly positive and mental health is now trending worldwide on Twitter. Plus those kids look happy to be with her, so she made their day. For once, I noticed the press is talking more about the issue than the outfit. This may be the first time that is the case. So, I’m cautiously hoping this is the start of a trend (wishful thinking, perhaps, but she has engagements next week and we’ll get a better idea then).

      1. Guest editor for a day, so I don’t think we can have high expectations that she will bring something profound to the conversation. What I am saying is I think today she was a positive influence…Mental health issues are getting a spotlight they might otherwise unfortunately not get. I think working (even a half hour) here is way better than appearing at a James Bond premiere. Her status can ignite conversations about important issues, so to me, this was a good day for Kate. She can stay home but get positive press, and hopefully people will click some of the articles and debate them. Win-win.

        1. What a sad reflection on a human being who has the power to make a real difference. I fundamentally disagree with you but to avoid trouble will respond no further. Someone with the power to make a real difference should do so. Why on earth can she not bring something profound to the conversation? She is well educated and has unfettered access to almost anyone she wants. Yet she chooses to turn up for half an hour and smile. For me it is very far from win win.

          1. Birdy, this is a cogent paragraph on why we are so frustrated with Kate (and Will). She is so very, very lucky in so many ways, and could do much for those struggling in this world.

            If she did the work and made a difference, I for one would quit being hard on her about posture, clothing, hand placement ect. The problem is Kate will not grow up and take responsibility for the role she married into with the BRF. She wants to take the easy route and for this we are disgusted.

          2. Well said, Birdy.

            Kate can be dragged to do a photo op where little is demanded of her, whether it’s a cause or a premiere. This has always been her style. I doubt that she distinguishes between them.

        2. I see what you mean. That her involvement is getting Huff Po UK more clicks than it would’ve otherwise and as a result more readers will get to see the Young Minds Matter articles and talk about it- I mean even we are discussing it in this blog. So on that note, Kate’s involvement has been successful.

          But where the criticism for most in this blog comes from is that Kate doesn’t follow through. She takes 2 steps forward and 5 back. She will do one or two good things, then completely disappear for weeks at a time.

          I hope that this time around, she starts and maintains a sustain, open and long-term involvement in this very important issue. She should use her visibility to get people talking about this and deepen the conversation.

          1. http://news.yahoo.com/duchess-of-cambridge-shows-us-how-to-dress-for-the-133747797.html

            I spoke too soon? This is about her fashion rather than mental health. I think it may be of interest here though since it mentions multiple times how it was rare to see Kate working…I’ve noticed as of late the press (even those usually complimentary) call her out on the lack of visibility. I still say today was promising, and I hope that next week’s events build upon this.

    1. Anne thank you for your honesty. It is of note that there was no emphasis on what she wore or her hair. Because of her royal position Kate had to find a cause to back and be interested in following. It did take 4 years or so but yes this is definitely a good start. We have no idea how much planning is involved behind the scenes. I hope she continues to bring awareness and what to do options to help those children and their parents succeed in the many areas of mental illness.

      1. Can I ask you please Kat what you have learned about children’s mental health from today? I know Kate wore D & G and Reiss but haven’t learned anything about how I could help a child I believe needed help from bullying or not coping with life.

        1. You are spot on Birdy. Since I already was aware that mental illness is and has been occurring in childhood in all walks of life I did not learn anything new today. The area that needs more emphasis are the answers to the questions many have asked in these posts on the needed options to provide corrections. We are clearly aware the problems have existed…how long are we going to tout this message?

          1. Yeah, I learned nothing new. Everything they said is stuff I’ve known for a long time.

    2. Anne, I”m with you on this one. Critical doesn’t mean you have to be critical every minute of every day on every thing.

      And talking about the issue not her clothes is a big step forward!!

      1. For me I think two things:

        1) It’s entirely possible that I am too close to the subject to have an objective opinion.

        2) I got my hopes up – which is something I told myself not to do when I asked us all to compare Kate to herself earlier this year. I overestimated what Kate’s article would be like, and therefore was overly disappointed. If I had kept a neutral outlook on the article, I wouldn’t have been so disappointed and probably would have been less critical of Kate and the event in general.

        One the one hand, I want this cause to be championed and talked about, but on the other hand I don’t think I can be objective about it because of my personal experiences with it. I may need to take myself out of the discussion when it comes to Kate and children’s mental health.

        1. I think exactly the opposite KMR . Because of your personal experiences you are exactly the person who has a right to comment. If you are so close because you have been personally affected you are a much better person than say me , to discuss whether you think today’s initiative was beneficial. Please have faith in your judgement you have so many followers who trust your instincts even without having to agree with your every opinion. Your courage gives others courage to share their stories too.

        2. I didn’t expect much is the difference, and something is better than nothing. I have personal experience in this area as well, so it’s not something that does not resonate. My hope is that she actually finds a focus that does give her life out of this. It was a really good idea; I hope that she or her staff can expand on it going forward.

          All that being said, I am starting to feel stupid for thinking she’ll finally get something going. I’m holding on to this one; not sure if I will be so kind next time if she doesn’t follow through on something.

    3. Hi Anne,

      As pointed out here numerous times, none of the essays/articles gave focused advice on what to do if a person has a concern that someone is in need, care advice, newest approaches, councils, websites….there were different points of view given illustrated by stories and a little bit of points but not the main feature. That’s not Kate’s fault, but as an editor and not just eye-candy opener, she could have pulled the team in this direction. She’s had years to “learn” now and direction is always a critical point focused on at every mental health group/team you name it. I work in mental health, my youngest child has autism, I know a lot about this and it’s a glaring mistake. It makes me wonder about this Huff team she worked with. They must have asked for personal stories (heavy on that). I wish I could say more than, nice smile–no manic grins, showed up, made an effort. I can’t believe from outfit choice to insipid demeanor and fawning crew what a miss this is IMO.

      1. Oddly enough the one article I found had the best info in terms of what to look for in someone you suspect is suffering from mental illness actually came from Michelle Obama’s article because she talked briefly about five signs to look for.

    4. Oh, mental health is now “trending” on the social sites. How long do you think that will last?
      Maybe, it will, if Kate keeps making these appearances. Come on, Kate, two hours isn’t too much to ask.

      I’m sorry, but saying that mental health issues are trending on social media sites is such a “trendy” thing to say. It will all blow over, ya know. The next new trend is just around the corner. Forgive my snarkiness. I am just so angry about all the positive and glowing reviews theh Duchess is getting for doing almost nothing.

      1. #KanyeAnalPlaylist was treading on Twitter for a while a few weeks ago. Trending on social media isn’t that big of an accomplishment in terms of actually changing the conversation around a cause.

      2. Jenny she is not trending where it matters. No mention of her on the BBC news last night, and no front page photos on national papers. As I said last night her trending in Twitter was usurped by the Champions League tweets .

        I’m not quite sure where to put my next comment so will put it here.

        Mental Health is a massive topic, almost as huge as saying physical health. For Kate to make any inroads I think she needs to focus so it is clear which area of MH she wants to target support and help. Reading everyone’s comments on here over the last few days has been truly humbling, but wow the breadth of issues, the vast range of timescales is just mind numbing. Kate can’t tackle ‘children’s mental health’ it is simply too huge.

        1. “Mental Health is a massive topic”

          Exactly. We still don’t know what she means when she says mental health. It’s just a buzzword at this point. Kate should pick one area of “children’s mental health” and focus on that.

        2. Well, exactly, Birdy. She is not “trending” where it matters. I don’t know how my snarky words ended up where they did. I was replying — or thought I was — to the person who commented that Kate made a difference by this guest editor gig because now mental health issues are trending on social media sites. Really deep, right?

  16. Thanks for the overview – very interesting. They say ‘pictures paint a thousand words’ and these images most certainly do. I think Kate looks lovely but when looking at the photos, there is something ‘off’ – a disconnect that jumps out. Maybe it’s composition of the photos! Kate seems a great distance from the other people in the photos. It’s like some has said “Kate needs to be at least three feet away from other people in each photo”, and someone has actually got a ruler out to measure the said distance before taking the photo. There is the exception which is the photo with the children, which looks like Kate has been photoshopped into. am certainly no expert on body language and really do not want to a appear unkind or petty but why does she also have her legs crossed (a la red carpet celebrity pose) when posing with these children? I understand wanting to look your best in photos – who doesn’t? – but I don’t think this sends a good message. Where are her spin doctors and image-makers – again I am no expert in this field but a few simple tweaks to these photographic poses would have made a world of difference to the photographs.

    1. The pics are off, I think, because they are posed and self-conscious, equating to false. A documentary-style approach could have been more insightful and less intrusive, using screen grabs. A PR approach is always pretty plastic.

  17. It seems to me that Kate has had some training in looking interested and involved and they did hide her clutch, too. But this awkward posing with crossed feet is terrible.
    Why does she always insist in wearing skirts which are to short ?
    Of course she got lots of praise for her ‘work’, but I think her blowout was more timeconsuming than her 30 minutes appearance.

    1. I just realised why that new pose was so jarring to me (she looks like she has toothpicks for legs). She is that self-conscious and self-absorbed, so how she presents her image matters above anything else, no matter the context. This is prime evidence that it is all about her surface, innerly indifferent, ignorant and disengaged. Alienated and alienating.

      Thanks, Carla!

  18. I live in the same time zone as London so when I got up I thought ‘I can’t believe i’ll have to wait until 10 or 11 to know how the HuffP is going to be like’ but I got the most amazing surprise when I checked my computer and Kate article was already posted and more articles from other contributors plus so many people were discussing it on twitter, it was just awesome. Than after a couple of hours I start thinking ‘when are they gonna releasing some pics of Kate supervising the blogs?’ and then I came to know Kate was not even in the room, and the *day* of guest-editor became the *two hours max* guess editor. The cause deserved better.

    All that being said is very nice to see so many people coming together and trying to discuss Mental Health: some of my favourites parts were the art room video, people working with refugees remembering everyone those kids/people need urgent help and Michelle Obama’s article which highlighted a soldier struggle with mental health – even though it’s an adult example and this was about children I liked that Ms Obama keep it real by talking about problems she *knows* and supports.

  19. i agree with all you said. Entirely. She s a lost cause and talikng about this big issue unprepared and without caring makes her even more ridiculous.

    Sorry but am I the only one who find a see through top ( you can see her bra) and a short skirt so utterly inapprpiate?
    i ve never ever gone to work with a see through top

  20. I had hopes that Kate will “lead” this event today, but as soon as she rocked up to the “newsroom” my heart sank and she looked like an awkward intern. Her outfit was lovely for an intern but the skirt should have been longer if she wanted to look like she had authority. This girl has no substance or authority and it shows. She simply has no “presence” in a room.

    The only thing she has to contribute to the mental health issue is her name. The reality is Kate has done so little yet she is portrayed as as the new Mother Teresa.

  21. Just one question. Have they change her piece. Because when I first read it, the introduction was a bit different. It started out with her usual inspirational bla, bla, bla and was basically just her usual lingo, that has been used and re-used in several videos and speeches. I wanted to recommend a new dictionary to her PR-Team so that they could come up with some new synonyms for her in the future. Now I’ve looked at it again and it is quite different, like someone has worked on it. Also, as far as I know the Royal residences are not strictly private, the Queen, Prince Charles and in former times Prince Charles and Princess Diana received people in their private residences. There are representational rooms and there are private rooms. If they now need Prince Charles’ old Apt. for working meetings, I find it rather grand. They already have the biggest Apt. in Kensington Palace, surely there is a room big enough for representative meetings. How many houses and Apt. do these two need? I find it very odd that a couple that claims there biggest wish is to be normal displays a detrimental behaviour.

    1. No they didn’t change it. I cut out the first paragraph in the interest of space since it was just filler.

      1. Ah, you are so organized! Outstanding job, as always. I wonder what I read this morning. 😉 Probably a former speech from her, it sounded so familiar with inspirational and her usual dictus, that I couldn’t believe she would start her piece like that.

        1. There are several lines that have cropped up in her video from last year’s CMHW, her Place2Be speech, this year’s CMHW video, and this article. She really does reuse certain lines.

  22. Is Kate looking at the camera or is Kate looking at the kids? I cannot make out the photo. Because there are two kids that Kate isn’t looking at. If a strange kid follows you why would they do that just out of curiosity.

  23. When she was getting dressed this morning for editor of the day and meeting with the children, what made her think yea, the see through blouse and mini skirt will be great??? Who does that? And the photo of her crossing her legs, was she trying to look thinner than the children? Completely inappropriate pose for the occasion. It’s not the time or place for a cross your legs to look thin pose. It makes one think she really isn’t as interested in the children as she is looking thin in a pose.I guess she thought since pippa got good reviews and she was standing like that, that maybe it would work for her. Bless her heart

  24. Outstanding job KMR in reporting what happened with Kate and HuffPo. I’m just left underwhelmed (again) as it seemed to be more about Kate and Huffpo.
    The only thing that left an impression on me was that they had coffee cups (with hot coffee?) and no coasters on that highly polished table. Something will have left a mark for sure!
    I am perhaps being hard on Kate but we have a celeb in NZ representing Depression and John Kirwan does this job so well. I’m sure that with the involvement of an ex All Black that more have turned to the website and then got help.
    I can’t see this happening with Kate 🙁

    1. I saw someone mentioned the lack of coasters on Twitter. I am surprised they don’t have coasters at KP.

      It’s especially helpful that a man came forward to support people who suffer from depression. So often men are supposed to just power through and not show any emotions.

  25. I am so very very late! I hate it when Life gets in the way of a good rant.

    The points have been made before so I will be brief.

    30 MINUTES??? DID SHE REALLY ONLY STAY FOR THAT LONG? If that is true then she should be shot. A lot of decent people put in a LOT of work for that day and madam can only drag her sorry butt there for 30 MINUTES.

    It was “Bring a 12 year old to work day”. As others have said, Kate looked totally out of her element, like a deer caught in the headlights.

    Who the hell calls 10am EARLY???????? Especially as other people had been there since the crack of dawn and would have had to have travelled FURTHER THAN THE COURTYARD.

    The outfit was atrocious. It was like she had watched, “Bridget Jones’s Diary” in order to get fashion tips.

    I noticed that in the table photo it looks as though other people have their diaries/books open while Kate’s is closed and her hands look like they are trying to strangle each other.

    I felt sorry for the kids to be subjected to this grinning mad hatter.

    That pic of Kate doing whatever the hell she is doing with her fingers. It looks like she is trying to learn to type or something. If I am wrong can someone please tell me what this is she is doing.

    And the I need to pee pics outside are just so fake with the smile. The kids look genuinely happy while Kate looks like she is so relieved that she is going to be free very soon.

    All in all I am incredibly sad at this. I did not get my hopes up that Kate would shine through but it did not even reach the very very low expectations that I now have come to expect of the Queen of Laziness. The really tragic part is that she is in a position to do so much good and she really could not give a toss about the kids.

    As soon as Kate sees something else shiny that takes her attention she will be off with her new plaything and these kids and their charities will be left behind.

    I really hope that Poorjason will read the comments on this site when he is sitting down having a very stiff drink and it makes him give some thought to the people who have employed him and the shallowness of their lives. They have the ability to be an incredible force for good and instead we are reduced to a 34 year old woman who has no idea how to function in the real world, and is held up on a pedestal by millions around the world simply for existing. It is a very sad day indeed.

    1. I agree.

      For such serious issue, to see this is just another PR trial for lazy uninterested and uninformed ‘normal’ ignorant willnot*kmiddleton

    2. Not sure if SHE meant she was working early. Rather THEY got an early start. And she used WE in the sense of the whole team.
      30 minutes is enough time to take photos and get an overview. The question is why couldn’t she stay longer? What was important?

      1. Well, the KP ‘newsroom’ was for photos, wasn’t it?
        All the real work would have been worked out months prior. The only thing left to do on the 17th was to extract publicity for both HuffPo and Kate by making live a particular article(s) when she rocked up.
        While Kate was there for an hour all up, for all we know the HuffPo folk packed up and returned to their offices shortly thereafter.
        Despite the spin, I don’t think anyone believes Kate was leading this initiative. She has no work history, skills or experience to bring to the table. Thus far, she has demonstrated only sporadic interest in her royal ‘work’: that is her narrative. To what extent she wrote her article we will never know, but can be assured that it was edited by HuffPo and KP. At best she lent the status she enjoys through marriage, and that’s fine if it brings mental health upfront for discussion, and more importantly, action. But let’s not pretend her influence and work is ‘huge’.

  26. I got up on the judgemental side of the bed today, so I will begin my comments with the negative and end with the positive. I apologize in advance if I sound super snarky.
    1. I no longer care what Kate wears as 9 times out of 10 it is boring or boring and inappropriate for the event.
    2. Her hair will always be long and flopping around.
    3. Her make-up is terrible and aging
    4. She will alway cross her hands over crotch.
    William and Kate want to appear as normal, but they never think that every action has consequences. If they wanted to be normal Kate would have showed up to this event no later than 9AM like a normal working person. The consequence of showing up at 10AM, just opened the doors to more criticism. After all, it is not like she had a bad commute to work and was late because of a car accident or bad weather.
    To end on a positive note, at least she is making the effort to be involved with a cause, whether or not she really picked this cause to champion or it was chosen for her. I do not think she will ever be warm and fuzzy about it as that is just not in her innate persona but I do agree that she will bring attention to the issue.

  27. First time to comment: I find it interesting how many people hated what she wore today. Personally, I’m so tired of seeing her in button up, belted straight jackets (or coats, if you prefer), that are have no life or movement and tend to hide her from people. It feels like when she goes out, she puts on a coat as armor, so no one can see who she really is. Underneath the coats are soft dresses that have movement and life but which are seldom seem. To me, that’s the image she has taken on, to look professional and to be somewhat untouchable (like Her Majesty the Queen), when underneath she’s a small town girl with a chic soft look that she tries not to show to anyone. All that to say, I liked the outfit today, because it showed her softer, more real (at least in my opinion) side. I think we’re watching the small town, country girl who’s in over her head and it’s not getting any better. Just a thought. . .

  28. Re… The new crossed ankles pose. I think she’s copying Pippa. That’s how she posed in her latest photos. Also most of the stars, celebs pose like this on the red carpet.

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