Prince Harry visited The Duke Of York’s Royal Military School (updated with WWTW)

Prince Harry visited The Duke Of York’s Royal Military School (updated with WWTW)

On Monday, September 28, Prince Harry made a surprise visit to The Duke Of York’s Royal Military School in Dover to present medals and inspect the parade. Harry wore his Blues and Royals ceremonial uniform and sported The Ginger Beard. I don’t know how long The Ginger Beard is going to last so we must enjoy it to the fullest while we still can.

UPDATE: Harry joined the Walking with the Wounded walk today. Pics at end of post.

The school was founded in 1803 by Frederick, Duke of York, to educate the orphans of soldiers. It came under scrutiny for mistreatment of pupils in recent years but the investigations were dropped. Apparently, Kensington Palace officials seemed unaware of the controversy before Harry arrived.

Harry agreed to be the guest of honor at the parade as part of his efforts to support military families – 65% of pupils at the school have parents in the armed forces – and after a request from Simon Daglish, the co-founder of Walking with the Wounded (which Harry has supported and taken part in several times), who has a son at the school. Harry spent two hours chatting to pupils and staff at the school.

BTW, Harry was sporting his Royal Victorian Order he received earlier this summer from the Queen.

Only one of the school’s 406 pupils knew about Harry’s visit before he arrived and some of the girls got a bit giddy after Harry talked to them.

Prince Harry at Royal Military School

PS. In some clean up from the last few days, the photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte published by Woman’s Day has been removed from their website. The article I linked to in my article on Monday now redirects to an article with official photos from Charlotte’s Christening. Hrm… Did KP get to them and have them take the photos down?

The State Visit from China will take place from October 20-23. It has not been confirmed if William and Kate will attend the State Banquet, or participate in the visit in any way.

UPDATE: Prince Harry joined the Walking with the Wounded Walk of Britain today. Harry joined a team of six injured service personnel for a 17 mile trek from Shrewsbury to Ludlow.

Harry spoke with ITV News about mental health, saying: “Mental health is a sensitive subject amongst a lot of people but it doesn’t need to be. We need to talk to about it more, get rid of the stigma.”

Harry’s part in the walk was not very media friendly. There were very few royal photographers allowed and there was an embargo placed on his appearance until 1:30 pm (UK time). But Twitter was abuzz with pics of Harry, and Hello (among other media outlets) broke the embargo, as did Harry’s patronage The Endeavour Fund.

Mark Cuthbert, royal photographer, was not happy about it and Tweeted about the lack of access to the last few engagements by William, Kate, and Harry.

Mark Cuthbert Tweet

And of course our favorite Twitter-ranter, Richard Palmer, had things to say about the whole thing.

Richard Palmer Tweets

The KP press office seems to want to do a lot of their own promotion of events these days. And while I think it is a good thing for KP to promote their things via social media, they can’t rely only on social media. Their social media only reaches so far and that won’t go the distance like traditional media. I think it will backfire on KP if they continue to cut out the press.

Oh, and guess who was one of the few photographers allowed to photograph the Walk today? Chris Jackson. That’s right, Duchess Kateโ€™s assistant Natasha Archer‘s boyfriend. Of course he got the nod.

Link: Express on school visit. Express on WWTW.

Photos: Getty / Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal / Twitter

91 thoughts on “Prince Harry visited The Duke Of York’s Royal Military School (updated with WWTW)

  1. *swoon*

    He needs to keep the beard for a while. I love the photo of the giddy girls!

    On a more serious note, I’m curious and concerned for Harry about his involvement with this media standoff that has been created by Will.

  2. Thanks so much KMR, this was the best way to start my day!!! I really hope Harry keeps The Beard, even though the Queen disapproves of them.

    I’m with you Bookworm, concerned about Harry joining William in pissing off the media. If they currently share a press office, Harry might want to seriously think about getting his own press people. The Queen herself stated that the royals need the press more than the press needs the royals. Right now Harry is so popular and well thought of, much more so than W&K, he should be working with the press to ensure the message he wants out will get out. While I’m sure he doesn’t like the media anymore than his brother, he really should let William be the one who throws the hissy fits, since he’s so good at it, while he rises above all that nonsense and continues to work on causes close to his heart.

  3. Oh, look at Harry! He is just so sexy.
    I appreciate the fact that he spent 2 hours talking to students. And, the photo of the women after having the opportunity to speak with him were great.

    Thanks, KMR for a Harry fix. It starts off this rainy, bleak NY great in a great way.

    I agree with Lauri and others. Harry should have his own press office and allow William to keep throwing the hissy fits of W wants to do so. Harry seems so sincere in all his engagements and deserves positive coverage. I hope he gets that and allows the media to have an inside track to his work.

    The Walking Wounded campaign is so close to his heart. It should be close to everyone’s hearts. When you think of what these soldiers have gone through.

    1. I would be one of those giggling women if Harry spoke to me. That is saying a lot because I’m a jaded forty year old when it comes to men and dating. It would be fun to be a giggling girl with a man you know is never going to be anything to you in real life.

  4. yes, Harry needs his own press representatives. Following in William’s path is not going to have a good outcome. Harry could become the darling of the press if he breaks away from his cranky brother.

    The photo of the babies is so cute – and even though the magazine in AU took it off their site, everyone has already seen it, saved it. William and Kate are fighting a losing battle.

    1. Harry definitely needs to break away from moody William. The royals need a star in Harry’s generation and William and Kate aren’t going to be it. They’re too workshy and reclusive.

  5. Apologies for not being totally up with this, but may I ask whether Kensington Palace directs the amount and type of press access to royals/events or is this choice in the hands of the individual royal and his/her/their PR staff? Surely, if you were a patron of an organisation, the main purpose of your involvement would be to garner as much publicity for the cause as possible in order to generate donations, interest and so on?

    That aside, Harry has stepped up and seems to genuinely enjoy meeting people and lending his name and time to causes that he identifies with. Not bad for a ranga (aka Fanta pants)! He is fortunate in not having the burden of the crown which leaves him able to do his own thing more, I’d say.

    1. It may be good for Harry, but is it good for the people to be stuck with Will and his wife. I still think Harry would make a much better king. Diana certainly knew her boys and told us early on about their temperments and desire to serve.

      Harry looks very happy and natural. It is such a contrast to the previous rugby photos of Kate. I think she looks awkward and practiced at the same time. As though she has rehearsed funny faces and gestures in front of a mirror in the hopes they make interesting still photos.

      I know this is strange, but the longer I follow Will and Kate, the more confused I become about their motive. Harry seems to be ‘what you see is what you get’. With W&K I can’t figure out if they are socially awkward/shy or have big egos. I am puzzled about if they are being kept from working or feel it is perfectly acceptable to do next to nothing. If Will was so close to his mother, how can he reconcile his behavior. Is this why he chose a work shy wife? Did he want someone the opposite of his mother?

      Now this has come up with the press. Will and Harry seemed so close at one time. Harry seemed friendly with Kate the first year after she married Will. He seems to have distanced himself from both of them. Was he attempting to be the best brother-in-law on earth, but came to a breaking point trying to deal with her. Did this cause a rift among the brothers? This press embargo seems to put the three of them together on the same issue. It smells like a W&K approach, but not like Harry.

      Will and Kate need to move over. Let Harry get the job done.

      1. The palace has confirmed several times that Kate and Will set their own schedule, so, no, they aren’t being kept from working.

        You asked about their motives in regards to work. I wonder that too sometimes and try to give them the benefit of the doubt. But, unfortunately, I feel as though it’s probably that they just don’t care to work. In Will’s words, “I’d rather not.”

      2. G, I could not agree with you more. I especially liked what you said about being confused by W&K’s motives. I feel that way, often, too.
        Are they shy and socially inept, or are they egotists who think the sun rises and sets on them?

        To me, mostly, they are not worth the trouble of covering because they do so little that truly makes a positive impact. Harry shines. Everything he does is special.

        William must be resentful of his little brother and I think he tries to put Harry in what he thinks should be Harry’s place. Keep on doing what you are doing, Harry. And, get as far away from W&K as you can.

  6. oh my! look at him I say, just look at him; *double swoon* – I’m giddy as well. This is what it’s all about in my view. I look also at those around Harry when he is ‘engaging’ with people, he makes it look so easy. What a star. Of course he should have his own press office, this silly media thing is so ridiculous and childish. *triple swoon*

    1. Ferryman, so true! He is a star. He does engage so well with any and everyone that he meets.
      William and Kate cannot hold a candle to Harry. Triple Swoon, indeed.

      Just did a little researching on what Dukedom Harry may eventually receive. Once he marries Rhiannon, that is.

      Seems like many are pushing for Duke of Ross. Do you like that, Rhiannon? Duke of Sussex is right up there too. I like Ross. Connaugh is a possiblility, too. I don’t think I spelled it correctly. I like that one, too.

      One expert, in particular said “Don’t put your money on Duke of Clarence.”

      Ok, I won’t.

          1. Ross also conveys that I wear a Halston or Bob Mackey design channeling Diana Ross. Yes, my satorial choices will be deliberate and will slay.

        1. I think Duchess of Sussex sounds much better than Duchess of Ross. Ross is too… plebeian, for lack of a better word. I have too many other associations with Ross to consider it properly royal (Ross the store, Ross from Friends, Diana Ross). Sussex is much better.

        2. Duchess of Sussex sounds best to me. Duchess of Ross sounds odd. Except there’s been speculation in the past that Harry may be given an earldom as part of the “downsize” of the Royal Family and hold out for the Dukedom of York when Andrew dies (in about 30 years of course). You wouldn’t style yourself Rhiannon, Duchess of XXX unless you and Harry divorce (which of course would never happen :)) Would you make do with being the Countess of Sussex? ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. Hi Rhiannon, Yes your title would be the Countess of Sussex. You would probably have a subsidiary title as “Viscountess.” For example the Countess of Wessex is also the Viscountess Severn. If you were the Duchess of Sussex, your subsidiary title would be the Countess of xxxx for example. The eldest son would hold a courtesy title as Earl of xxxx and if he married, his wife would have the title of Countess. You would formally be styled Her Royal Highness the Princess Henry, Duchess (or Countess) of Sussex, etc. since you’d take all the titles by courtesy of your husband. You’d also be a Princess of the United Kingdom by marriage, hence the style “Princess Henry”, rather than “Princess Rhiannon.” But you would only use that title if your husband wasn’t awarded a dukedom or earldom. Your children wouldn’t become Prince/Princess of the UK until Charles becomes King, but the Earl or Viscount xxxx and Lady xxxx.

      1. I’m with JL, Rhiannon, Duchess of Sussex has a wonderful, regal sound to it. Sorry, but for me every time I think of the Duchess of Ross I think of the large, chain clothing store here in the states called Ross and it’s simply not good enough for Duchess Rhiannon

          1. I can’t stand Ross from Friends, so Rhiannon I beg of you please go with Sussex! As one of your bridesmaids I think that you should consider my plea.

        1. Thanks so much for your detailed response, Seth. This is why I love this community. We learn something everyday.

          You know, I would be bold enough to use Princess Henry, too. Just to do it, lol!

          1. You’re always very welcome, Rhiannon. This blog’s one of the very few places where my obsession over the details of the royals is actually appreciated. I knew you’d want to be Princess Henry, lol.

          2. Actually you’d be following in the footsteps of Princess Michael of Kent by using your husband’s title. I don’t see anything wrong with it. I’d love to be called Princess Harry.

          3. Of course Lisa, no one could forget Princess Pushy. She said just a few days ago that animals don’t have rights b/c they don’t pay taxes. She’s a German baroness by birth and her father was an Nazi SS officer during the Second World War. I think that should speak for itself.

          4. I never said I liked the lady Seth, just meant that someone was currently using that style of title. From everything I’ve read the lady is beyond the pale with her attitude.

          5. Don’t get the wrong impression, Lisa. I never implied you liked the lady. I was simply fleshing out a few biographical details of the lady for people whom might not know. And I would be greatly obliged if you would not make broad accusations and discourteous insinuations about my motivations without providing specific evidence to back said accusations and insinuations. Very grateful if you would refrain from doing so.

          6. Wow Seth, I’m truly sorry if it came across that way, but it was not my intention. I apologize if I said something wrong. I wasn’t accusing you and again I apologize for any discourteous insinuations. I really don’t know why you read that into my comment. Walking away now, not trying to stir something up.

          7. No Lisa, you weren’t saying (or writing) anything “wrong” per se, it just seemed that you were not taking my account into consideration. Princess Michael is absolutely beyond the pale. Some of her more famous quotes include:
            “I live in the 18th century in my mind.” (Wow!)
            “Go back to the colonies”-to a group of well-to-do, professional African-Americans in a NYC restaurant
            “900 years of breeding must mean something.”
            “No need to get up everyone.”-Said when she arrived 10 or 15 minutes LATE to a “family” dinner with the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family.
            And she also wore blackface when she was traveling in Zimbabwe to in her words “Blend in.”
            Also the story is told of the Queen returning to Buckingham Palace in a plain black Hackney cab, unescorted by police. She was headed toward the Victoria Memorial with an unobtrusive line of traffic when suddenly police outriders came from no where with sirens wailing, held everyone back and allowed a long limousine accompanied by more police outriders and back up vehicles to go through the gates of Buckingham Palace. The limo carried Princess Michael. The Queen was simultaneously amused at all the fuss and not amused b/c of the holding up of traffic for everyone else for her “grand” cousin.
            Also Michael has confirmed cheating on her husband with other men and apparently is quite proud of it.

          8. Let’s calm down, guys.

            Comments can often times be misinterpreted, and not just in writing. Even when speaking to people face to face comments can be misinterpreted. It happens. It’s how we handle it that is important.

            If ever we feel our comment has been misinterpreted, it is fine to clarify. But please do so courteously. Just calmly restate or redefine your position.

            I really want to keep the comment section as fun and friendly as possible, even when we disagree on things.

          9. Of course KMR. Simply a case of Lisa seemingly misinterpreting or not understanding what I wrote. The fact that Princess Michael’s father was an SS officer and she never renounced him (to the contrary) demonstrates what type of woman she is. The “too grand” stuff just adds insult upon injury.

          10. I’m waving a white flag over here. I wasn’t commenting on any statements or the character of Princess Michael. I was just saying that there is someone who currently uses that style of title. Thank you for writing about her background and history of comments. Again, I apologize if I misconstrued what you were saying, but when I look at your posts explaining the titles, I don’t understand how what I said triggered your response. It really was an innocent comment about the subject, not an endorsement of the person or an attack of the comment.

            I learn a lot from comments from people who know the history of the royals and it’s one reason I like reading this blog. Right now I feel like a kid who’s done something wrong and I keep getting put in time out. I’m going to chalk this one up to a massive misunderstanding on both sides and let it go.

          11. Lisa, The misunderstanding came b/c you wrote “I never said I liked the lady, Seth”. I didn’t think what I wrote ever implied or suggested that you did like the lady. What I was writing was that her father is a former Nazi SS officer and she has a sense of entitlement in the truest sense of the word, that b/c she was born a German baroness and married a British prince, she believes that makes her a superior person to the “peasants” (a word she actually uses). I’m not sure how out of that you thought that I implied that you liked her. But I’m sorry if somehow my contributing that she doesn’t think animals have rights b/c they don’t pay taxes and her father was an SS officer during the Second World War somehow implied that you liked the lady. I read your response “I never said I liked the lady Seth” in a hostile tone, as though you think that I thought you do like the lady. Anyway let that be the end of it, ok? ๐Ÿ™‚

          12. Seth, thank you for explaining. Just so you know, there was no hostility on my part towards you at all. I don’t have a reason to feel that way about anyone in this group. It’s a form of relaxation and entertainment that I also get to pick up historical facts from. Now I’ve got the theme from Frozen stuck in my brain so I’m going to do just that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. The two most interesting things about the visit are how KP tried to manage the press coverage and that Kate’s assistant’s boyfriend was one of the few photographers invited. (Talk about who you know being more important than what you know!)

    If Harry is using William and Kate’s press office, I hope he breaks away from them. The way this event was press managed sounds like William’s paranoid heavy-handed work. I doubt Harry asks William what to do but maybe Harry uses his brother’s minions and they listen to their overlord William.

    Someone in that generation needs to learn how to manage the traditional press before the traditional press bites Harry, Kate and William all in the backside. Palmer is right, you can’t do everything through social media.

    We know William and Kate aren’t going to step up and be the monarchs who smartly and successfully manage the press. Maybe if Harry breaks away from them, he will do it.

    Right now, it seems like Harry is the last hope for that generation. A lot depends on his choice of wife and what he does should he break away from his cranky, reclusive brother.

  8. Okay. I’ve been glued to Twitter all morning. I can’t help it. That full bodied picture of Harry looking at the camera from the side. I cannot take it. I literally gasped. I’ve decided that this will be the uniform he wears to the wedding. That Ginger Beard is everything.

    His presence at the military academy was wonderful. His direct combat expenitence has allowed him to truly understand and empathize with what these soldiers will face. I’m often struck by the age and innocent faces that volunteer to serve their country so willingly and selflessly. The pictures of the girls is adorable.

    His 17 mile walk was a good thing too. There are pics of him with kids that did me in. Uniformed, casual, or dressed up…he never disappoints.

    I will say that I am a bit concerned about the embargo. I can understand why Will and Harry held a joint office while they were younger. But now, no. Harry does not need the Cambridge’s. They need him. Maybe he is told that he cant have his own office? Anne, Charles, and Andrew never had to do it. Harry will face the same issues that Will and Kate are dealing with now if he starts to get picky with the press. They adore him and have an easy relationship with them. My fear is that of he goes the way of the Cambridge, the press will destroy him. Let us not forget how they painted him to be darn near demon spawn and Wil was the angelic prince.

    KMR, I love these Harry posts. And I love how the KMR community understands and supports my unrequited love of Harry. I promise that when I marry Harry I will do the following:
    -love and support Harry
    -channel my spirit animal, Queen Maxima, with the fashion
    -become bffs with Camilla
    -give him a few Southern drawled, Ginger babies
    -support and inspire Kate, but throw a tad bit of shade and side eye when needed

    1. Rhiannon, Duchess of Ross. Your post is hilarious. Your cyber friends cannot wait for your engagement and wedding! I like the uniform, too. And, the beard. Both are requirements for the big day.

      KMR. a wonderful post about Harry and his unique way of doing good. I love that he believes so strongly in the military and his desire to help others — his participation in the Walking Wounded project shows he is definitely Diana’s son. How proud she must be of him!

      I also agree with those who say that Harry does not need to share a press office with W&K. He is truly the star of his generation and needs to be presented in a way that allows his efforts to continue to shine.

      Will and Kate are damaged goods. He does not need to be part of their horrible PR fiasco.

      Harry deserves the positive press that his hard work and decent manner will garner. W&K have themselves to thank for the negative press they are now receiving Forget the puff pieces. Those count for so little and they must know that.

    2. You forgot something, Rhiannon, in your list of things to do when you marry Harry, and I think it’s the most important.

      – invite us to the wedding!

      1. How could I ever forget. You all will be guaranteed to get the best seats in the house. I’ll even encourage Harry to dance with you all during the reception, but don’t get too cheeky.

    3. Thanks for the Mission Statement Rhiannon.
      You’all will be invited to come to New Zealand when ever you want post Wedding.

        1. Thank you for the kind words about my country and the other New Zealanders too. You are welcome anytime, with or without Harry.

    4. Rhiannon, I am currently hard at work on the outfits for your tour of New Zealand ๐Ÿ™‚ Perhaps a conference call with Max to get some input would be appropriate?

        1. And when you come to visit Cathy in NZ just pop over to Australia to visit me and I will teach you how to walk along the sand without the wedges of doom!

  9. The way Harry is behaving currently is giving me deja vu and not in a good way.

    When he gave his often misquoted and misrepresented interview in afghanistan, he very clearly said he was kept informed by William of events whilst he was there. I have to google interview to recall one of the incidents he quoted as being reported whilst he was away, but informed by William which was clearly misinformation passed on – as in the version he talked about was either untrue or had been interpreted wrongly or both, but he was relying on William to keep him informed and William was passing on biased or wrong information as it had appeared in the news.

    The first month after he returned from afghanistan, he was pissy with the press and often abrupt. He was also rude during a joint event with William, after William had made an equally rude comment to journalists.

    My guess is that as long as he is being fed garbage by William, who he trusts and has been told to support in every way, he behaves badly to press.

    Soon after that first month, he hired his ELF, and clearly started dealing with the press on his own as well as dealing in his own projects, and soon word came that the press loved him. They even discussed openly the difference in how he dealt with them vs how WK dealt with them. Cue lots of glowing articles about Harry whilst WK’s press has become steadily worse with each year.

    When Harry has been away for a week or a few days, he has used their KP social media intelligently and in a way that bolstered his image. He hasn’t been away long enough to disconnect to the big picture or context.

    This time he has been away for 3mths during which time KP has been listening to WK and only them or their idiot advisors.

    As before, Harry is listening to them because apparently that’s what he does. However, Harry is known to course correct, and to read his own press so it’s good the reporters are twittering their displeasure because Harry and his ELF are more than likely course correct now that he is back.

    On one note, what happens to Chris Jackson’s privileges when he breaks up with Natasha? Will he be thrown out in the cold?

    And why can’t they use Harry’s ELF if they wish to keep it closed to press. His pics of PGtips are some of the best, mischievous,sparkling pictures we’ve ever had of the boy instead of the flat, super photoshopped or miserable pics we’ve had from everyone else who has photographed the boy.

    Harry, himself, is also quite a good photographer. And not just because i’m flattering him. Remember his pictures from Lesotho?

  10. As to the removal of the pictures on Women’s Day. A little research shows that this magazine is owned by the Bauer German family – Bauer Media Group. They do significant business in the UK and around the world and rely on sales of their print magazines, rather then advertising, for their revenue. The new CEO of Women’s Day is a UK citizen who transferred last October. Here’s an article detailing the company and its market share. In the US they own In Touch magazine and Life and Style.

    Whether they were pressured to move it or chose to remove it from site to force print sales is not known. What I take from all this? When you hear of a photo circulating – don’t delay in looking at it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Choosing to remove a photograph guaranteed to get hits (worldwide attention!) doesn’t make sense. Removing a photograph because there was a problem with it makes more sense — either it was obtained illegally (don’t you need a permit to photograph commercially there?) or because they were asked or threatened with action makes more sense to me.

      1. Kensington Palace is open to the public, as are all the fields and gardens, so this was all out in public. I wouldn’t imagine the photo was illegal. I’d think W&K threatened to sue.

  11. Harry needs to separate from William and Kate’s office as soon as possible. I don’t see how this mismanagement of the press could possibly be working and who ever came up with this idea should be sacked. I do wonder if Natasha and her boyfriend should be shown the door as well as Natasha’s skills as a stylist as limited and I feel Chris Jackson is suspect if he is now only one of the few photographers that William and Kate (or their office) allow close.
    Harry needs to get away from this mess quick smart.

  12. I fear Harry, my beloved Harry, is showing tetchiness with the Press. He was sharp with Tim Ewart during his interview.

    Don’t go the same way as Grumpy & Gurny, Harry. Please.

  13. In the last few days Harry has been out and about showing support for the Armed Forces and their families. Going to Manchester introduced us to a programme which is going to give homes to disabled soldiers and their families plus revitalizing a rundown area, then he’s visiting the school giving probably everyone there a day to remember, now he’s shining a light again on Walking with the Wounded. Good for Harry! It’s great to see him actively supporting things he believes in.
    It’s just a shame that too many people will now be thinking about the way the media release have been handled and I hope they will remember what Harry is doing and it won’t be all about the social media b*llsup coming from the Cambridges office.

  14. Late to the party, but Harry is fairly amazing to look at. It’s just funny to me how Mr. Burns William has gotten so bitter and wizened looking while Harry just keeps stepping into his own with his looks, demeanor and attitude towards his work.

    William has go to be having some issues with the adulation Harry is receiving whenever he’s out. It’s just getting bigger and better.

    Rhiannon, I just have one request…he can never be seen in a public engagement in anything other than a uniform. The one he had on at the school, his whites, the one he wore to William’s wedding, whatever, just keep him in uniform. He looks so amazing in them.

    1. Hi Lisa, I think you’re right about William having issues with Harry’s popularity, probably why he’s always making snarky comments about his brother. I kind of chuckled at William appearing at an event to combat bullying as that is what he does constantly to Harry.

        1. I think that’s why he did the bullying thing. He feels bullied by the press so now he feels like he can relate to people who suffer from bullying. His stance was telling. He chose the side of confronting the bullies when asked what he would do if he saw someone being bullied. That’s what he does with the press. Confront them. Of course, he does so in the tantrum-iest way possible and actually bullies the press in the process, but his lack of self-awareness is another issue.

  15. Okay, so not to be too snarky but Kate attended two engagements and two rugby matches and won’t be attending another engagement until the 10th, she really needs two weeks off to recover from such a grueling schedule?? Is this the uptick in engagements we’ve heard so much about?

    1. There was a comment in Twitter today that said something to the effect of Phillip is 94 and has 20+ engagements this month and Kate has two. Hmmm.

      1. kate likes to be catered to by everyone around her and freeloading her way in life has been the norm, shameless middletons, she needs to go back to berkshire, since carole likes to cater to her aged children like they are toddlers, pathetic lot!!

        1. I agree Adam. I started to think perhaps I have looked at W&K and (especially Kate) with too harsh a lense. Then, I started to think of Max and Mary moving countries (actually hemispheres), having children away from their families of origin (Mary having twins), being in a new culture, learning a new language ect.

          The truth is Kate is in her own country surrounded by long time friends and family. It doesn’t seem very patriotic to give so little to your homeland.

          My feelings as Kate gets close to her mid-30’s; is her behavior borders on childishness. We see little work, less effort, no personality or sense of humor and it all seems on the decline. No matter the excuses of getting used to the position, being pregnant or recently having a baby, her behavior next to mature women (Max and Mary) putting their all for their adopted countries makes Kate in her homeland look more pathetic all the time.

          Granted, if she gets out there and changes her ways, I will be one of the first in line to say it is a job well done.

          1. Let us not forget that Max had to distance herself from her father prior to her wedding. She had to rebuke him in a way due to business dealings in Argentina.

    2. But remember Lauri she has the two kids to palm off to the Nanny. Then there is the exercise regime, then the tanning and the hair dressers appointments.

      And lets not forget the shopping that she does, it must take a while to find those awful clothes that she wears. Then there is the practicing of the “Clutch Crotch Clasp” although to be fair I think that she has this one nailed.

      I am just exhausted thinking about all of the work that the poor thing has to do. And on top of it people expect her to turn up to a place, pretend to be interested in what they are talking about for few hours.

      The poor thing deserves her many vacations, She is under so much pressure.

      As for Prince Philip he is only 94 and not in the best of health, we should not feel sorry for him or HM but feel just for poor Kate as she has had such a hard lot in her life.

      This woman needs to grow up and stop being so self centred and the man child that she married needs to do the same. I would be horrified if my Grandparents were still working that hard at the age that PP and HM are.

    3. Lauri you said exactly what I was thinking! She really only made 2 appearances and now needs a week off for each one. What a joke. If she really cared about any of her supposed ‘passions’ she would do more than 2 appearances a month.

  16. Harry really needs to stay away from WK, those two are bad news, lazy, self centered, arrogant, harry is the peoples prince, he is now the one keeping that family interesting, William has failed miserably especially his choice of a doormat wife!!

    1. It’s not that I dislike it (I usually wear a beard in winter myself) but I wonder how he’s allowed to keep it under military regulations. Usually militaries require shaving, especially a British officer I would think.

        1. KMR, So is he wearing one of his honorary rank uniforms when he visited the school? Even so, I think he would need to shave. I don’t know.

          1. No, he was wearing his Blues and Royals uniform. Richard Palmer, royal reporter, said Harry’s allowed to wear his military uniform and wear his beard because he’s a royal and no longer in the military.

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