Prince Harry, Prince William, and Duchess Kate to attend Rugby World Cup events

Prince Harry, Prince William, and Duchess Kate to attend Rugby World Cup events

This is another “the royals are going to do things in the future” post. But since it includes a new video from someone many on here love, I thought I’d post it. Prince Harry is coming back from his three month trip to Africa and he’ll be making lots of appearances to make up for the three month Harry drought. Prince William will also be making appearances, because I guess he’s bored of his flying gig already? And someone somehow managed to convince Kate Middleton to come out of hiding because she’ll be making several appearances this fall.

BTW, it really bugs me how William, Kate, and Harry all crinkle their foreheads when they make a video.

Let’s start with Harry. Harry, Patron of the Rugby Football Union All Schools Programme, recorded the above video praising the All School’s Programme.

On his 31st birthday on September 15, Harry will attend Goodwood Aerodrome to join Battle of Britain veterans and wounded servicemen supported by his Endeavour Fund in a historic flypast to mark the 75th Anniversary of victory in the Battle of Britain.

On September 17, Harry will attend the Rugby World Cup Official Welcome Party hosted by the Rugby Football Union at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

On September 18, Harry will attend the opening ceremony and match of the Rugby World Cup at Twickenham.

In October, Harry will attend a reception for participating nations at Buckingham Palace hosted by the Queen and Prince Philip.

Also in October, Harry will visit an event in support of the All School’s Programme in Exeter.

Prince Harry will attend a number of matches during the Rugby World Cup.

**Harry will join Kate and William for a Charities Forum BAFTA event in October.

Prince William pre-job interview

Prince William will also be out and about on September 17, attending the Tusk Trust’s 25th Anniversary Ball honoring the impact of their work in the midst of the continuing crisis facing wildlife in Africa.

On September 18, William will join Harry at the opening ceremony and match of the Rugby World Cup at Twickenham.

On September 21, William will visit Hammersmith Academy to support the Diana Award’s #Back2School Anti-bullying Campaign.

Also on September 21, William will attend the Wales Team Welcome Ceremony at the Guildhall in London.

On September 22, William will visit the RAF station to observe the 100th Anniversary Parade of 29 (Reserve) Squadron.

William will attend a number of matches during the Rugby World Cup as Vice-Patron of the Welsh Rugby Union.

In October, William will talk on Chinese TV about the urgent need to protect wildlife.

**William will join Kate and Harry for a Charities Forum BAFTA event in October.

**William will join Kate for a trip to Dundee on late October.

**William will join Kate for a trip to North Wales in late November.

Princess Charlotte Christening Photo Kate and Charlotte

As we know, Duchess Kate will make an appearance on September 17 at the Anna Freud Centre. The entire Royal Trinity is out that day – egad!

Kate will join William and Harry at the opening ceremony and match of the Rugby World Cup at Twickenham.

**Kate will join William and Harry for a Charities Forum BAFTA event in October.

**Kate will join William for a trip to Dundee on late October.

**Kate will join William for a trip to North Wales in late November.

**These appearances have not been officially announced, the sources are People and the Daily Mail. Apparently there was a briefing and these two decided to spill the beans early.

Kate Will Harry Commonwealth Games UNICEF

Oh, by the way, good old Richard Palmer went on another Twitter rant. Do you guys love his Twitter rants as much as I do? Because I love his Twitter rants; they’re amazing. So I guess yesterday, KP announced one of William’s engagements without telling the press about it first, and Palmer had thoughts:

1) “It seems Kensington Palace announced a forthcoming engagement for William today on social media without telling the press.”
2) “Everything that the Kensington Palace press office does at the moment seems either calculated to offend the press or just incompetent.”
3) “If the palace is going to take it upon itself to bypass the media on this and other things, the media will just find another take on things.”
4) “All of that is pretty minor compared to the bigger picture. I think the Cambridges are making mistakes that may come back to bite them.”

Palmer also replied to a bunch of people talking about the current relationship between KP and the press:

1) “I’m not sure about [KP’s] policy but they’ve lost most of the reporters, photographers, and news editors.”
2) “I think editors believe rightly or wrongly that [Kate] sells papers but I don’t think there’s much respect for the Cambridges now.”
3) “All I can tell you is that I have not heard a journalist have a good word to say about the Cambridges for some time.”
4) “The bigger issue is the honeymoon’s over and their communications strategy is a mess.”

Palmer also talked about how the Will and Kate’s actions, along with their PR team’s actions, will end up changing the narrative from positive to negative. He then said:

1 & 2) “I certainly bought the wanting to live a normal life early on and it is still soon after the birth of their second child but it is starting to smack now of wanting to have their cake and eat it, I think.”
3) “Perhaps the wiser strategy is to say nothing but write a big read asking whether Will and Kate want to be King and Queen? ;-)”

169 thoughts on “Prince Harry, Prince William, and Duchess Kate to attend Rugby World Cup events

  1. Wow! Those comments say a great deal. Palmer summed things up so accurately and the
    comments that he supposedly heard from others are very telling, too. Thanks for this list of coming events, KMR.

    So, it’s back to school for children and back to semi-work for Will and Kate. Harry’s work schedule is just a continuation of his efforts, I would add.

    Love the fact that Harry is so involved with anything related to veterans. He has an amazing sense of understanding for all vets endure.

    The photo of WK & H at the Unicef gathering with the kids was really a nice one. I thought both W and Harry looked handsome. It looked to me as if Kate’s head was photo-shopped into the photo. So, who was the woman in blue sitting next to William? Any guesses?

  2. Looks like a chance for Kate to attend an easy event and squash the, “Harry doesn’t like Kate” comments.

    Harry you are going to be 31 years old. Please, pick a wonderful royal bride so we have pleasant things to say. Besides, I am tired of seeing BRF royal grooms with thinning, balding heads. Harry is still fantastic, but the hair is going and I want to see HANDSOME HARRY on his wedding day.

    1. Amen!

      A working, self confident wife – who will honour, respect and represent HM -The Monarchy – BRF with duties, traditions and dedication like himself (Prince Harry).

      With these trips from the country, we can tell how near the end of year Holidays and vacations are for Willnot and Cannot.

  3. will it be the skintight jeans, navy blazer and wedge shoes for the rugby match? Hey Kate, take a look at what Sweden’s new Princess wore for her first International SOLO trip and speech. Or spend some time surfing the web and look at Ivanka Trump’s fall line – elegant, classic and Princess/Duchess Appropriate. There’s probably even a vacation line for your next holiday in Mustique after working so hard this fall.

    1. Oh my gosh…the skin tight jeans! I think back on the Olympics and Kate’s skin tight jeans in every color. I hate to say this, but I’m surprised we haven’t seen a camel toe yet…I know that sounds crude. Her Majesty must have been furious when she saw the pants Kate wore to greet the Olympic torch…they were just ridiculous and left nothing to the imagination… She might as well have been wearing no pants at all, same effect. Poor Queen Elizabeth. I think Kate’s “jeans” are truly hilarious. Camel toe alert. I wonder if Kate has a full length mirror.

      1. Those things made me want to vomit when I saw that. I thought who on the hell let her come out of the palace like that? The too small short on top and those clunky wedges made her look like a two-bit trollop.

        That’s when my view started to change of her. Blue straight leg jeans, a polo, and Tory Burch flats would have been perfect.

        1. They really do look like they were spray painted on. I mean, I understand wanting to show off a nice figure, but given her position, it’s completely inappropriate for her to wear such skintight jeans to an official event. Even when she attends the more casual sports events, she needs to be appropriate. I think after all her flasher incidents, someone in the family or a handler must have sat her down and said “no more un-weighted flimsy dresses with no knickers” and because that avenue for her to flash her bits to the world has been shut down, she is resorting to wearing jeans so tight that I’m shocked her feet aren’t blue and that leave nothing to the imagination. I really don’t think the general public should have the same knowledge of Kate’s body as her team of gynecologists do. She really skeeves me out and I think there’s some weird underlying mental condition going on, where she has to flash herself and reveal way too much in order to get some affirmation. I think that she must secretly hope that it looks accidental and that handsome young guys around the world are lusting after her, but she doesn’t understand that that is totally inappropriate and that William is the only guy who thinks she’s attractive (I have yet to meet a guy who finds her attractive at all…and I’ve asked).While the rest of the world was baffled by why William would actually marry this mildly pretty, unambitious and inadequate rich girl with no star quality or obvious redeeming qualities. I always got the impression that Harry was like “Are you sure you want to settle down with her? Well, okay…” and that the rest of the family and the Queen especially are making the best of it and realize that if they openly rejected Kate, she would become a martyr to the commoners and they’d risk another Princess Diana situation. They kind of HAVE to be publicly welcoming to her, especially as William is clearly very petulant and touchy about it and is acting like Kate is the Hope Diamond, that he must protect at all costs. Unfortunately for Kate, that ship carrying all the people that would have supported her had she been an enthusiastic philanthropist and role model, has sailed and the public that was so hopeful and welcoming to her is now disgusted and disappointed.

          1. “A handler must have sat her down…she really skeeves me out…” Etc etc ad nauseum. There was some serious vitriol there. Take er down a notch, bit much actually

          2. Hi Bets. I do think some of your comments are a bit harsh but I do agree with a lot you have said as well.
            I do feel that I don’t want to see certain body parts that only your doctor should see and I’m talking about more than Kate here (eg Miley). I find Kate’s flashing worrying too and wonder why her parents didn’t address this when she started flashing the boys at her school.

          1. Rhiannon, have people on this site had a bad day or something? I’ve never seen such sustained criticism of us regulars who like the royals, who wish Will and Kate would step up to the plate and behave like adults instead of whiny children.

          2. I had to step away for a moment. I’m a bit incredulous about the whole thing. For one, if anyone throws too much shade or gets personal, KMR steps in.

            I do think that we all have a right to our own opinion. Many have differed from me. While I may not agree, I do appreciate it as it allows me to see a point from all sides. I would never tell someone how to write, edit, or refer to people. That being said, I think that this blog is about criticism. I wasn’t sure if I offended anyone, hence my apology.

            I just don’t understand it. But I do believe that we should not call each other out for writing style. Thas quite personal.

            I don’t want this blog to turn into an attack blog.I consider us to be a good community of folks who can laugh, be critical and genuinely care for each other. And I don’t want to lose it.

          3. Mercury is about to go retrograde and there are two eclipses this month. So much for people having bad days.

            I agree with Rhiannon. Don’t like the snarky comments being so nastily posted on this blog. KMR runs a fair site. One in which we usually feel comfortable agreeing to disagree at times.

            Don’t like such negativity. Hoping it will cease.

    1. Prince Harry to the rescue of the Donothing Lambridges! HM /The Firm had words with Petulant …

      Agree, once again Palmer is spot on -Petulant and km fail to realize the Press and people at home can make or break the cambriodge middletons…

      And more fun/sporting events for Willnot and cannot; where are the duties – time serving with charities, the needy…

      Prince Harry is returning from charities work – and getting back to Wounded Servicemen / Invictus Games planning, other serious work.

  4. While I understand that this blog caters to indulging what appears to be a recreational dislike of public figures for justifiable (or unjustifiable) reasons, Richard Palmer’s comments reveal the gross lack of journalistic integrity prevalent in mainstream press.

    Mr. Palmer implies that by not managing their communications strategy in a manner consistent with the wishes of the media, he in particular (and journalists in general) may retaliate by writing “a big read…” that will paint these public figures in a negative light.

    That sounds like blackmail. Is the role of the fourth estate to manipulate and threaten public figures with negative treatment should these public figures not toe the line journalistic profit seeking organizations have or wish to dictate?

    Imagine yourself threatened with “..a big read…” if you do not submit yourself as dictated to be used to create profits for such organizations?

    Arguments implying that the acceptance of a marriage proposal by a public figure or being born a public figure include the explicit agreement to be thus treated are false. The underlying premise being that no form of abusive treatment to public figures is prohibited simply due to those figures being known to the global public is not logically defensible.

    Is it any wonder that KP releases information directly utilizing twitter? While in the short term, the general media will howl and retaliate, in the long run they have their stranglehold on the message broadcast regarding public figures weakened, along with their ability to blackmail. That is a good strategy.

    1. Thinking that the media ever just writes about things without ever inserting beliefs and personal opinions is a little naive, imo. The media always controls the narrative. Of course usually, there are usually journalists on both sides of the spectrum that hopefully help balance that narrative. But it’s not blackmail to state what is a fact – that up until now, the media has mostly just been spitting out PR for the Palace, but if the Palace doesn’t show them some respect for that and continue giving them things to write about, then the media will find other things to write about. Palmer wasn’t threatening to start writing negative things about the Cambridges. He was just pointing out that if the Cambridges’ press office doesn’t give the royal reporters things to write about, like by letting them release information about new engagements, then the reporters will find things to write about on their own. And those things usually don’t end up being good for the subject(s) at hand.
      No one can write without bias. It’s just not possible. Everyone has some sort of agenda or personal preference that plays a role into how they write about something or someone. Palmer is just pointing that out.
      And what do you think KP is trying to do by utilizing twitter? They are trying to CONTROL how the royals are talked about. This is much more of a threat to democracy and free press than what Palmer is talking about. A few days ago, Palmer also complained about certain reporters releasing information that he was told (by KP) was for operational purposes only. Basically, reporters are told about engagements ahead of time for planning purposes, but aren’t supposed to release the information until given the go-ahead. Yet two of KP’s favorite reporters (Simon Perry, who writes fawning articles about Kate, and Rebecca English, who is also always very positive about Kate), released information early without any sort of backlash from KP. It’s highly likely that KP told less Cambridge-friendly reporters that the information was for operational purposes only, while implying to the Cambridge-loving reporters that they could release the information. Why? Because then the only articles written about the upcoming appearances would be by the reporters who tend to fawn. And so then only positive articles would be read by the public. Whereas if people like Palmer also got to write articles about these upcoming appearances, then the public would not just have the incredibly positive articles to read, and would also be reading less Cambridge-happy articles. The Palace is trying to control the narrative. Everyone is. That’s how media works. And until the media stopped spouting the palace’s PR, the palace was okay with it. This is just another example of how the Palace loves using the media when it says what the Palace wants, but tries to sidestep the media altogether when the media may not be interested in just being the Palace’s lackeys.

      1. Spot on Maggie rest of the thread.

        Petulant use of a commercial bank/celebrity PR (a foreign PR director) – is just so wrong for any RF to use in this Century old, noble Establishment, that is The British Monarchy. HM – POW should not have allowed P William to continue his dodgy, Petulant disrespect towards the RF and his duties; and a mockery of his position.

        William (Jason) need to learn – Freedom of the Press… this wont end well for Petulant the Dictator.

      2. Well said, Maggie. The Palace is getting too selective in how and to whom they’re releasing information, and good for Palmer that he’s calling them out on it. The cracks are starting to show and if there’s any information that’s being withheld because of an agreement between both parties, which he seems to be hinting at, it should be released. These veiled threats are tiresome.

    2. Considering how the RF dictates to and attempts to control the British press, they can hardly expect kid-glove, “fair” treatment. The system in which the press doesn’t treat the RF harshly only works if the Royals give info to the press – tit for tat, as it were. A system that the Royals set up themselves, mind you! If the Royals want the press to respect their wishes about not printing certain pictures or reporting on certain things, they have to play cricket by going to them instead of Twitter and People.

    3. “recreational dislike of public figures for justifiable (or unjustifiable) reasons”
      Really. Is it too much to ask of a person, who is paid millions of taxpayer dollars to show up on a consistent basis, in a professional manner? All of the other working royals seem to handle it.

      It only seems to be William and kate, who need a special pass… After all the queen said it was ok. two years in malta. motherhood. painting. cooking class. co-piloting. insert new excuse here.

      RP only vaguely “threatened” a negative story after the KP office continued to make things difficult for them.
      William and Kate certainly don’t act like they are capable to handle the role of heir, let alone the top job.

      KP sends warning letters to photographers and the media. They restricted the official photographers to just four at the christening. Somehow the pictures in June were released via social media, while the UK press had to wait for the embargo.

      William is notorious for his hatred of the media, unless it’s on his terms. It must be pure coincidence that William’s staff have a poor, difficult working relationship with the royal reporters. Why can’t KP work with them? Relying on social media is slippery slope.

    4. Twitter doesn’t report, either. It disseminates information that the tweeter wants disseminated. Bypassing the press does put their office in total control of what’s released to everyone. This is a pretty benign situation overall, but it does have a feel of state controlled media to me.

      I think William has a very short sighted strategy in a very long game. He needs the press more than the press needs him assuming he really does give a damn about becoming King and what that legacy will be. You don’t do that by tweeting. You get someone on your side who’ll put your POV out there. William’s going to be hard pressed to do that if he isn’t careful.

      You know there’s a problem when the fan bloggers come out on Richard Palmer’s side, as the owners of What Kate Wore and HRH Duchess Kate did. And these are people who are solidly on William and Kate’s team.

    5. Great points raised by Maggie, Kip and Bluhare. I understand Palmer’s comments to be that the British press are not going to give William and Kate the benefit of the doubt anymore and are also going to stop “turning the other cheek”.

      The British press has been selling KP’s “normal couple” and “middle-class values” “just like you” spin but it’s just a cover up for the Cambridges enjoying the peaks of royalty without the duty. They have homes, staff and top of the pick royal tours – which mind you are far more relaxed than everyone else’s, with less scheduled appearances and mini-vacations in nice resorts. The British Press have not been critical of this behaviour at all, they’ve looked the other way and peddled the excuses offered to them.

      Yet KP’s disregard for the British media that play by the rules KP set keeps getting worse, the British press do not run unauthorised photos of George and paparazzi shots of Kate (i.e. on holiday baby bump, nude France photos saga, the honeymoon pictures) that are printed outside the UK and are available online. For all the rule keeping only 4 photographers were allowed at Charlotte’s christening. Their good behaviour is never rewarded.

      And more crucially the British pubic and the British press are the people this institute is meant to represent and serve, its their support which is needed to keep the show going – yet KP isn’t only not mindful of them but actually working towards finding ways to bypass them. i.e. George and Charlotte photos being released on Twitter and not giving preference of the other photos to the British media before the rest (some who went on to break the embargo KP set).

      Interesting how the issues arising are always only around William and Kate and not Harry.

    6. The ability to blackmail may be weakened – but the press still control the narrative form. (Twitter is 140 characters). They can write and publish whatever they like, and Will and Kate have lost their footing in controlling them. Twitter is a “moment in time” buzz. I can search any article ever written by a reporter on line. Not once has a palace tweet come up in that search process. What you also have to consider is “source”. Not many folks put trust in a press release, more then do information from a reporter.

      For W&K to lose independent sources willing to write in a positive manner about them, is troubling.

      For Richard Palmer to tweet about writing less than positive stories about them is odd. Either do it, or don’t. But his account is getting more press, so he’s playing the twitter game as well.

    7. William in his letter for privacy pretty much tried to blackmail the press by saying if they don’t do what he wants, then there will not be as many official photo ops of his family or released photos. So, he is trying to control the media or else he won’t give out photos anymore. And Palmer is now pointing out that the media is fighting back. They should not be controlled by the Royals, especially William. But from your stand point, it is okay that William blackmails the press and the press should just put up with it.

      One thing I will say, is I find it funny when a ‘new identity’ comes on and the first comment they make is pretty much putting down the site or its readers. I love new posters, but it is odd when a new one comments and the first thing they say is negative, which the first comment of blue skyes was by saying “While I understand that this blog caters to indulging what appears to be a recreational dislike of public figures for justifiable (or unjustifiable) reasons”. A regular reader knows this is not a recreational dislike. A lot of good things are said about other Royals on here and in regards to Kate we all keep hoping for the best, but are always let down. I feel like comments like this are usually done by a Kate fanatic who holds her on a pedestal trying to defend her by putting down this site and others like it. Normally the first post by someone new is not to put down the site or posters. It is a little suspicious.

      1. I must agree with your 2nd paragraph, Overit. I wondered the same thing. Obviously not someone who plans on sticking around with a first sentence like that one. Not exactly a way to endear yourself to people. Good posters save the insults for later. πŸ™‚

        1. Exactly bluhare! It is just common courtesy to dish out insult later after other posters have gotten to know you first ;). Ya I think it is just someone not happy with the critical or truthful view about Kate. I wish we could post on the super adoring Kate sites :). LOL

          1. I post on HRH Duchess Kate. Most of the posters don’t like me very much at all either. I think it’s funny as hell that here I’m considered sort of sugary and over there I’m just another jealous hater who wants the monarchy abolished. πŸ˜€

          2. Oh I love your comments on that site bluhare. Although I have noticed that the comments on that site are not as adoring as normal. More and more people on it are making more critical comments

          3. Thank you, Overit. I do try. And I think it’s improved over there as well. The conversations have been a lot more nuanced and there’s some new people there as a result. I hope it continues, because let me tell you I was a hair’s breadth away from calling it quits. The place needs more humor; unfortunately, people aren’t very humorous no matter how I might try to engage. So I’ve given up.

          4. bluhare, don’t give up over there! They need you, even if they don’t realize it ;). Honestly I agree, people take things way to seriously in regards to Kate. I always appreciate your humor on that site. So please don’t give in and not post there!

      2. I think what you wrote above knocks it out of the park Overit. I agree with just about every word you said. Except for “it,” “a”, “is.” πŸ™‚

        1. Let’s see if this poster will be a “one-hit wonder” or will stick around for more reasonable debate. But one would not usually start out with insults as a way of introducing him- or herself to a blog.

    8. “While I understand that this blog caters to indulging what appears to be a recreational dislike of public figures for justifiable (or unjustifiable) reasons, Richard Palmer’s comments reveal the gross lack of journalistic integrity prevalent in mainstream press.”

      Thank you Blue Skye, you are entitled to your opinion, I would like to take the opportunity here to say that if you follow this blog you will see that the people who read this blog are an online community and have supported each other through some pretty bad times (surgery, depression and more) and some good times as well. All of us may have first looked at this blog when they were wondering about Kate Middleton but have stayed here because KMR’s posts are interesting and the points discussed in the comments are about more than “recreational dislike of public figures for justifiable (or unjustifiable) reasons”.

      1. Truth is, we all started out with stars in our eyes over the lovely new duchess. Over the years have been disappointed and dismayed by how she has handled her role ( that she was so keen on making a difference in). KMR followers have the right to disseminate as we see fit, because if she does pull up her socks, we will be the first to recognize it and be truly happy about it. There are a few Kate haters that post here, but 90% of us just want to see her evolve into the woman she signed up to be

        1. You summed it up so well. I was so happy for her to finally marry him after all of those years. I was d*mn near giddy when she had some really good engagements before the wedding and then nothing.

          Women all over the world have choices as to what they want to do and who they want to be. This is a different story. She had to marry the man and the legacy. There are duties that she needs to fulfill. I don’t think that she thought of that during her long wait.

          1. Well said. Marrying into royalty, especially, would require careful thought and understanding of that legacy and all that it entailed by a newcomer. It is daunting, but an amazing opportunity too. Most people posting on this site seem genuinely disappointed that Kate and William have not stepped up; respect for a strong work ethic is a constant theme on the KMR blog as is evidenced by many positive comments about other British royals and European royals. If William and Kate find the job so onerous, such an impost, and is what they really don’t want, then maybe they need to forego succession to the crown and opt for a private – and privately funded – life. I wonder if William is so affected by the nature of his mother’s death that his family are trying to compensate too much by agreeing to let him and Kate off a more hefty schedule.

          1. Hi, Cathy,
            Just saw your reply to my post. Thank you for asking.
            I’m getting bigger and tire more easily. Glad to be nearing the end of this. Of course, it’s not soon enough. My due date is anytime after Nov. 22. Ugh. Sounds so long away, but I guess it is not.

            Hope you are well!

  5. I know little about Rugby but since it’s a sporting event am not exactly overly impressed with Kate’s appearance there….as someone else pointed out and I could be wrong….it’s an easy A ……show up ….smile….and maybe even be able to talk to someone about the sport…I wouldn’t think that she’d need to put on layers of makeup and wear earrings to such an event but again…I don’t know rugby or the tenor of the appearance…..LOVE the Palmer take on things and I know it will never happen but would be cool if waity and wills deigned to make an appearance somewhere and no press bothered to show up…..the slight digs that were mostly passive aggressive are starting to become downright blunt….does Kate still sell papers and mags??? I’m not sure but straying a bit People magazine has taken a nose dive in my view….there are real stories out there with real people doing awesome things…….when George was born J&J had an ad in that mag….from our humble family to your royal one….I hit the roof and let J&J have it….anyway….seems like the press is becoming annoyed and feeling pushed aside in favor of social media…..not a good thing for an institution that depends a whole lot on the media….I am absolutely convinced that the Queen is the reason for what respect the media shows the ‘firm’…when she’s no longer reigning things might get quite interesting…..

    My personal thinking on Harry and Kate….things may have changed but from what I’ve seen Kate was all but throwing herself at him and blatantly flirting and drooling…or was I just seeing things…..I can’t see why Harry would have any use for Kate….at all….she’s been such a huge embarrassment to the ‘firm’ and he is still William’s brother….the relationship may have changed but that bond is still there…those guys have been thru a lot together….

  6. I don’t think it’s fair to say “Prince William will also be making appearances, because I guess he’s bored of his flying gig already?” He’s already gotten a LOT of criticism on this blog, including from you, KMR, about not doing enough royal duties. So now he’s trying to do some and even that is wrong? Don’t get me wrong, I wish he would quit his job and be a full-time royal in terms of work since he’s already a full-time royal in terms of benefits. But he could just not do any royal work and just do this job, but instead he’s kind of trying to do both. Could he do it better? Definitely. But why criticize him for doing it at all?

    1. I think one of the issues with william is that he’ll show up for this and that and then slinks back off.

      Besides a busy november/december there is no consistency and a lack of substance with the cambridges work schedule. This has been the pattern for four years now, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to explain away.

      They should look to Charles, Harry, Maxima, and Sophie for examples of what a modern royal is involved with. They are respectively associated with the princes trust, injured vets/sentebale, un special advocate for inclusive finance, DOE awards scheme. That’s without looking anything up and these royals are actively engaged on a consistent basis.

      I don’t think people expect that much from the royals, but William and Kate haven’t visited some of their charities in over a year.
      What do they spend 4 million pounds a year on? So their staff can practice photography around KP?

  7. β€œAll I can tell you is that I have not heard a journalist have a good word to say about the Cambridges for some time.” They are not making any friends with the press. The press can make or break them. Camilla is a perfect example of that. She was reviled in England 10 years ago. Look at her now. The press love her.

    Kate is going to look like a buffoon during these engagements.

    Omg, Harry looks so good in that video. That voice, those eyes, those shoulders. I just need to meet him and marry him already.

    1. Exactly. They speak highly of Sophie as well.
      Look at Kate; Before the wedding it was waity-katie waits; then post engagement, Catherine was the greatest woman that ever lived.

      No one can accuse Harry of liking the press, but within the past few years, he has seemingly developed a fairly good working relationship with them.

      After watching that video, you may now have some competition for the ginge πŸ™‚

      1. O-M-beeping-G! While I love Harry, there is so much handsome going on in this picture. I don’t know where to begin.

        This means that Kate will be looking and giggling like a fool during the event. And for once, I can’t say that I blame her..

  8. Get to work, K&W. No more excuses. I think it can be done — balancing motherhood with appearances. Look at Victoria, Maxima, Leti and others in the British Royal Family. Kate and William are being cut way too much slack and it’s gone on for way too long.

    I think William is working for the air ambulance and that is laudible, but I agree that he must do some appearances, too. Appearing at a Rugby match sounds a bit frivolous to me, but I think we need to take what we get at this point.

    BTW< Harry is amazing. Great looking, but a great Royal, too. Works hard and gets what his life is all about. Doesn't look for excuses. Hurry up, Rhiannon, meet him and marry him!

    1. Hi Mary Elizabeth…..I disagree with you on William’s working for the air ambulance…..I see it as he wants to play with his helicopters and a selfish dangerous expensive indulgence on his part…..they don’t need him and he most assuredly does get ‘special’ treatment which I suspect the team resents….and can’t say anything about….which makes for some ulcers in the making…you really said a mouthful when you said that we’ll have to settle for what the little prince deigns to be worthy of his appearance…a Rugby match…I don’t know if you realize it but you’re expressing a very insightful and shared thought….the bar is so low that he can go to a sporting event and be lauded…..I absolutely agree with you about Harry (well, I’m old enough to be his mother so let’s set aside how hot he is lest I be a Carole with an e….lol)…, can anyone answer this for me….anyone, just using your opening here Mary:)…..IF the law can be changed in a very short time to allow a female to be first in line if waity had borne a girl first….why can’t it be changed to give wimpo his way…..boot him out of the line of succession and if Harry wants it give him the job….I wonder, though, if Harry isn’t just as happy being his own person and doing his own thing….so many human factors in play here…..anyway…… I disagree with you on the hero co pilot for whom a ‘job’ was created and I’m almost sure a cause of deep resentment on the part of others who are on the team or wanted to be….and can’t say anything that might be upsetting to the little guy….ulcers waiting to happen since they have to spout the company line….but your post is really awesome and an eye opener…..

      1. Succession can be changed. It is a royal prerogative but is ultimately under the control of Parliament. The thing is, there is not yet a level of crisis such that removing Willy and his sire is going to happen. If the Government ordered Willy and Waity to go on an overseas engagement on the Government’s behalf and they essentially said to sod off, there may be a discussion of the matter. But for now, republicanism is low in the UK, the Queen is adored and cheered by the vast majority, Charles and Camilla are even starting to look better and better to many people. William and Catherine are supposed to usher in a new golden age of monarchy with their adorable children–LOL! LOL! LOL!– (Sorry I can’t help myself, that last line is simply too hysterical).

        1. You know…..I just had an off the wall thought….maybe wimpo is ‘asking for it’….like making such a mess of things and throwing tantrums…screaming about privacy and wanting a ‘normal’ life….all the things he does that we know about…is it possible that he WANTS to be kicked out and then he can whine and sob about how ill treated he was……the wrench in that plan, if it is one….waity and the Buckleberry Hillbillies…wimpo is used to great wealth and would probably be extremely wealthy irregardless of being ‘titled and royal’…..on another forum I read that he may very well be sucking everything he can from his ‘fam and status’ …….but can you imagine the reaction from his in laws….they didn’t spend years and years stalking and hunting this title down to have him just be a normal albeit very wealthy and privileged country gentleman (I use that word loosely….wimpo is hardly a gentleman..he’s a JERK)…anyway….maybe he’s poking the Tiger and waiting for it to bite……he’s such a JERK…..doesn’t wannbe be king wah wah wah BUT got hitched and produced new heirs…..probably a turkey baster involved in the production since ‘good/best friends’ don’t do THAT…..

          1. “Wimpo” “jerk” ?
            With all due respect you sound like a joke here, not the royals. You can and probably should get your point across in a more dignified and less frothing-at-the-mouth sort of way.

          2. This is a note to the moderator:

            There are many quality blogs that allow civilized discussion of the royals. I would like to be able to participate in some of the discussions you have here. But your blog has degenerated into ugliness. I am shocked that you, as a public person (IP addresses can be traced ) sanction this sort of language. Free speech is all good and fine. But one must be aware that in society there is etiquette and some rules of engagement.

            The above post is so ugly I read the first and last sentences to decide that I needed to write this post to you. Shame on you for providing a forum for this sort of dialogue.

          3. Irate…. name calling… within… an… unrelieved…. spew… of….. bile…. encased….. in…..elipses….do….not…..make….for….compelling…..reading…in….my….humble….opinion.

          4. I want to clarify the IP tracking comment. I did not mean that ominously. Just that there is really no such thing as anonymity. That is all. My comment was written in a bit of a haste and I could have thought a bit before I phrased it. But I do stand by my initial point – I feel that name-calling really lowers the tone of a discussion. That is all.
            I also understand that this is not my blog and the moderator will be well within her rights to ignore this comment or disagree with me vehemently.

          5. I hate wading into this brouhaha but I have to wonder about commenters who get personal. First of all, celebrities have many nicknames, ones that ridicule them, and otherwise- doesn’t make it abusive but it does dilute the idea of real abuse.

            Secondly, directing a personal attack to a commenter, or mocking their writing style *publicly* is far more egregious than some unflattering nickname for a pair of remote nonentities. Ironically, it is ‘royalsareajoke’ who only mocked a couple of celebrities, *not* other commenters.

            And finally, I find it really bad form to try to *shame* the creator and writer of this terrific blog *in public*, rather than express one’s concerns in private. All I’ve seen is basic rudeness and suspect a desire to control the narrative. IMO, it is better to derogate a couple of layabouts than a commenter and certainly the holder of this blog.

            The fact is if one doesn’t care for the style or the content, skip over it. I do that all the time and it keeps me sane and well-mannered (most of the time). If things go totally off the rails then I leave the blog. I do think any nicknames are better off being used judiciously so they don’t lose their effect.

            PS. Thanks to Mark Twain I just discovered another fitting sobriquet for the Dolittles- the “Givenaughts”! Wordplay is so much fun!

          6. Possibly, Maven, but I also don’t want to see KMR evolve into a hate blog. Sure, we’ve all used “nicknames” from time to time, especially when frustrated with Cambridges lack of being productive. But to be dehumanizing and poisonous… I just didn’t think this was the place for that, and I’m sure there are many sites out there that would welcome that rhetoric. I guess it will be interesting to see how it all ends up. I’ve had such fun reading other comments and posting here and I am absolutely not a sugar! Oh well, change is inevitable

          7. This isn’t a hate blog, and I see no point in trying to shame other posters into stifling their writing style. Unless you just don’t like their opinions and you’re trying to goad them into agreeing with you using this childish shame game.

          8. I was giving an educated opinion on the blog I have been reading since it’s inception and commenting on half as long.

            I welcome other people’s opinion, makes great conversation, I have always subscribed to that. I could care less about snarkiness and petty talk, done it myself.

            KMR summed it up well in her newest post. We all want to be able to enjoy being a part of this blog, it’s always been fun and informative, but the tone has lately changed, and it just doesn’t feel the same.

      2. Hello, Royalsareajoke,

        I am a tad confused over your post. I did not say anything to the effect of a hero job having been created for William. I guess I am in the minority here, but I am under the impression that William was drawn to the job because he likes flying, wanted to do some good for the public and does, on many levels, want to be working a regular gig of some sort. I so agree with you that his crew members must be resentful of the slack he is cut in scheduling, though. Who can blame them?

        What started out as a positive idea of William’s has quickly turned around, I think. He does not seem to be towing the line when it comes to the job. Nor, when it comes to any Royals responsibilities. I am likely to be in the minorityhere, but I don’t think William chose the job as a reaction to his not being able to “save” his mum after her accident. I could be wrong.

        I was being sarcastic when I said, I guess we have to settle for what we get as pertains to W and K appearing at a Rugby match. I agree with you, the bar is really being set so low.

        Another point, if I may ask: What did you mean when you said my opening line left an opening for your post, “if the question If the law can be changed, ….? I am confused. What did I say that led to that? Or, were you referring to someone else?

        BTW, those pix of the Rugby Players, Yes, we should all be able to go to a game!

        Just wondering, Royals are a Joke. Not dissing you, just questioning. Thanks.

        1. I’m actually taken aback that Wills is again on holidays, this time at Balmoral! How long has he been up there already? Will this be added as an official engagement?

        2. This comment is to Ray. This is not a hate blog. This is a balanced blog that points out that the royals are human beings and their concept of reality is skewed so far from normal life it’s really quite sad. It points out that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge want the rewards of (taxpayer-funded) royalty without any of the work. If you find this offensive, don’t read this blog. Go read Hello! or US Weekly or Popsugar. But if you continue reading this blog, you will certainly read criticism of the Cambridges and the Middletons, perhaps quite harsh criticism. Therefore calm yourself down, behave like an adult (which I assume you are) and develop a thick enough skin that you don’t pop off every time someone writes something critical of your beloved royals. Otherwise quit reading articles and posting comments on KMR and leave the site alone. We will carry on very nicely without you.

        3. Hi Mary Elizabeth I guess my thoughts on William and his ‘job’ are that he wants to fly helicopters and I think it creates a whole bunch of problems for other people and in my opinion he is being very selfish and for someone who detests the photographers and media he certainly allowed pictures and an interview. To me, this is simply avoiding what he doesn’t want to do and yes….I think that this job was created for him and there’s bound to be resentment from others and they can’t do or say anything about it.

          I missed the sarcastic tone in your comment about essentially settling for whatever crumbs the Cambridges choose to throw out there attending a Rugby match, and for that I apologize. I think I felt a bit under attack so while it’s no excuse it was stupid actually on my part to think that you were anything BUT sarcastic. Oh, the bar is all but underground these days.

          As for the ‘if the laws can be changed’ I wasn’t referring to anything you said, I was just using the space rather than create a new comment. If William hates his destiny so much and that’s his right as a human being then step down instead of playing games with the people and the press. He has been allowed to do this with his job taking time off with no seniority although I suppose that could have been written into his ‘contract’ that alone, if true, should tell him that he is simply being humored. Anyway,back to my using my comment to you to ask a question since I don’t understand why William or someone doesn’t simply take action and remove him from the line of succession.The law was changed fast to allow a female child to ascend to the throne even if a male child comes later. William is to me just wavering between one world and another and has brought two innocent children into the world he loathes…the heir and the spare. Hope that answers your question and clears up the confusion I caused:) Oh yeah those Rugby players are very very nice looking and I’m pretty certain that Kate will put on quite the show for them and maybe as someone else said can’t blame her. Who knows, I could be wrong but I’m anticipating some sort of look at me moment from her. She needs to remember who she is I think….not a girl but a woman who is representing her country. If she were to act in a humorous manner that would be one thing but that’s not been the case so far. **Do you think that George and Charlotte will end up resenting their father for bringing them into a situation he loathes and won’t give up**?

        4. Hi Mary Elizabeth. So happy that you enjoyed the pictures of the rugby players (Go All Blacks) πŸ™‚
          (The first match is on 18 September and the final is 31 October.)

          1. Hi, RoyalsareaJoke and Cathy:

            Thanks for your comments, RAJ. Appreciate your spelling things out. Cathy, loved the photos. Wish I could attend one of those games!

  9. I detest William and Kate, and am sort of loving it that they are under fire by the press and even these sugar sites (WhatKateWore, etc.). I hope the gloves come off, already.

    Harry is cool.

    1. So true.

      The military fight, lose life and limb to Protect our Rights & Freedom … do Petulant know how grossly offensive his behavior is towards the Press, the people who fund his, his family and the middletons, lavish, pampered lifestyle…

      Like Kip stated up thread –
      ‘The (British) Press need not show up at Petulant and cannot events (there will be a record by foreign media) – the Press should boycott the useless appearances by these two.

      What a waste of taxpayers funds/protection-motorcade!

      1. Some people here read there. And I post at one of those sites and don’t appreciate it being called stupid.

        How’s Charlene these days? Still practically perfect in every way? Sound a lot like what I read over at Duchess Kate.

        1. Ha ha … good one bluhare.
          I used to like this site, but I have to confess that I find the use of epithets like “limpet” and “doolittle” to be beneath me. I have stayed away as I can not and will not engage in this sort of dialogue. Calling someone names to put them down is never okay. Unless the person is responsible for mass genocide or something equally horrific. Of course express your opinion, but calling someone abusive names simply denigrates yourself.
          I feel that these words bring down the quality of this blog.

          1. Hate to say it, but I agree about the name calling. I don’t do that because there’s plenty of other ways to express my disdain of them sometimes and I think that name calling — about posters all well — turns nuanced people into one dimensional puppets. Not what I’m into. But I’ve yet to find a middle of the road blog where that doesn’t happen, so I split my time. And I think this one is better than most although I do agree it gets wearying at times.

        2. excuse me,, thats my opinion and please do not tell me what to do or what not to do!! and stop crititizing people for airing their own opinions thank you!!

          1. I can criticize an opinion if I disagree with it especially when you call a place I post at “stupid”. If you can’t deal with that, then be a little more circumspect in what you say.

    2. I utterly loathe…..L O A T H E William….his repulsive reaction to the tube strike angered me big time….oh, yes….I am with you all the way….waity katie and her repugnant haughty revolting wannabe family make me sick….and I’m not British….I just love Britain and the people deserve the truth and relief from this crap….it’s entertaining but I don’t have to pay for it…..what’s happening on the sugar sites….I don’t tweet or twit or anything like that so don’t know…..hope it’s not a good thing for the dolts….!!!!

        1. No, you’re not out of the loop…..I was just EXTREMELY angry…he was at some function sitting next to Sophie and he stood up, laughed and made like he was running for the tube….and I lost all regard for Sophie then too…she brayed…on RD there are pictures of this….

  10. What I noted was that Kate is only making one solo appearance. The rest is accompanying William. (I wouldn’t say William will join Kate – one of them does not ascend to the throne.) That means they are quite comfortable leaving the kids to the help – for the good of sport watching.

  11. the limpet at it again, always following her husband around, cant one of them go and the other do something else seriously, harry needs to stay away from this charade!! if I see those trashy skinny jeans and wedgies of doom, I will scream!!

  12. I don’t get ‘blackmail’ from that tweet….I see it as a we’ve respected your outrageous ‘requests’ and we’ve been shut out and betrayed almost….William is playing with fire here as far as I’m concerned….this privacy issue is way out of control…no pictures…unless they’re with the gruesome granny….privacy is one thing but these two want to control the press completely which in my readings have caused me to wonder exactly how much power the ‘firm’ has over the press and then following that line of reasoning what happened to freedom of the press? I don’t know the laws in the UK. Even take my thinking and set it aside…..the more they howl about invasion of privacy the more curious the people become…as in what’s going on that we who support these dolts don’t know…how is our money being spent….it’s a given in the free est of countries that there is spin and as someone else said bias….but this is beyond that….this smacks of controlled spoon fed filtered information…..and I personally think that the ‘blackmail’ simply meant that perhaps it’s time to examine the situation….that’s all…these are public figures….supported by the workers…..and transparency is a way of establishing trust and respect….and the press is the key….this isn’t going to end well for waity and wimpo….or the ‘firm’….waity and wimpo are the main bellowers and whiners but this puts the ‘firm’ under the spotlight…who’s running the show here….has the ‘firm’ been taken over and held hostage by the little prince….his ditzy wife and her disgusting family….is that how strong an institution it is these days…some sort of exclusive clubs with secrets… angers me that someone Charles….the Queen…hasn’t put these people in their place…the Queen may be very old and very tired and I get that but either she’s the Queen or an old woman afraid of her grandson’s tantrums….so, the tantrums make it into the press and tarnish the ‘brand’….better it be tarnished by the truth than to have it so secretive and scared that the truth is being hidden from the people who have supported it for centuries….the little girls and elderly who are ‘fans’ aren’t enough to keep it going and in fact the gushers and swooners among the Disney Defenders are making a joke out of the ‘firm’….’fans’….c’mon….there shouldn’t be fan clubs for future leaders however dippy they may be…..these are just my thoughts….and I’m open to any that will help me see what’s really ok and justified…at this point I just see the wimpo and waity show with a very exclusive hand picked audience….and sanitized info approved by the admins of the fan club being the only news allowed outside of the club…..

    1. How true you are. The problem is the Queen’s personality is to avoid conflict and let things fester. Charles clearly has no control. If Philip wasn’t an ill old man (make no mistake, regardless of his packed public engagements schedule, he’s a 94-year-old with heart disease and likely some type of bladder issue judging by the number of infections he’s had), he would whip Willy and Waity into line and send Carole packing.

      1. Haha, the man can hold a grudge, all right. By the sounds of it, he StILL won’t have Fergie around! If he were in his prime, and still really gave a f*#k, there probably would have been a Middleton sized crater in Wills dating history a loooong time ago.

    1. Agree with you, Lily.
      Also, don’t like the bangs. Hair looks very droopy. Not stylish, at all.
      She’s getting a tad too up in age to pull it off, anyway. Thirty-three is not ancient, but
      she’s not in her 20s anymore. Kate, please consider cutting some of the length of your hair.

    2. Lily, very well put have to agree. A very sad state of affairs when this seems to be newsworthy, it shows just how little the duchess can get out and do! They both seem to be too overindulged and very self absorbed. The pair of them initially had such promise, but not anymore.

      1. It made me sick….and I think it was wrong of Sophie to laugh as well….and nope, if he weren’t a prince it wouldn’t have been written up as humorous…it shouldn’t have been written at all because he shouldn’t have done that…he’s a high profile person and this tube strike was a mess for a whole lot of people….better he should have either said/done nothing or made some sort of comment along the lines of hoping it resolve soon….that was NOT future head of state behavior….

        1. I agree. I feel like Will has a casEnos arrested development. He’s still very much a 16 year old boy in a 30-something body. His behavior is horrible. He’s the type of person who gones too far when he’s not on message.

  13. I know I saw some posts that were very unappreciative of my posting style…one from Newbie who went so far as to make sure that the moderator knows how her blog is being contaminated by the likes of me….I do not wish to upset anyone here…and perhaps my choice of words is not acceptable for those with such high standards….one person even went so far as to say that responding to such posts was beneath him or her….I can’t find the posts now….but if my posts are offensive to the regular posters…..the ones who have been here for quite some time I will most assuredly modify my wording!!! Please tell me what you guys think….I’m listening….(not to newbie who took it upon him/her self to ‘report’ me)….I do care what you think and respect others opinions…..I genuinely hadn’t a clue that words such as jerk…would fall into the category of oh dear God how awful…..interesting that the word frothing came up:) πŸ™‚ Anyway….please share your opinions with me…..

    I found the posts….didn’t respond to them….that’s beneath ME! One might be cautious in mounting a high horse….it may turn out to be a bucking bronco…..or not….time will tell…

    1. I agreed with newbie because I don’t like name calling. That being said, I’ve ignored that for a long time and will continue to. I’m not here to tell you how you should communicate your opinions. So as far as I’m concerned you don’t need to anything. I pretty much explained my perspective in my response to newbie. I do agree that the IP tracking sounded a bit ominous, and could have been stated in a kinder manner. You didn’t help your point by devolving at the end, though. You came perilously close to calling her rabid. I prefer to think she had a point that could have been articulated a bit better.

      But if you found my response to be high horse, so be it. I can live with that.

      1. I wasn’t speaking of you when I said high horse…..not at all….and my use of the word ‘frothing’ wasn’t directed at Newbie unless she’s the … poster on another site who consistently defends Kate and that’s where the word ‘frother’ came from….I just wondered if this might be the same person….YOU fit into the category of regular posters so please know that I absolutely DID NOT direct high horse (and you’re right…I should have quite writing a bit sooner) at you….and THANK you for responding……I so hope that this post makes sense…..:)

        1. Phew. I actually do try to keep my high horse in the stables. And I don’t think I’ve ever taken him for a ride here. Well, maybe once. πŸ™‚

    2. Dear Royalsareajoke, this isn’t a comment on your prior post but hopefully a gentle criticism on the excessive use of … dots…. I’ve tried to read your comments but am bogged down by the killer dots :). I sincerely mean this in the nicest way possible and have held off saying anything until now, but you did ask :):) standard grammar would make your comments so much more enjoyable to read.

      Personally I didn’t have a problem with your prior comment. At one time or another most of us have referred to William as the Petulant, Willnot Wilie and other unflattering names. If KMR truly had an issue I believe that she would address it.

        1. I agree and am going to make every effort to break that habit. I can see why it would be off putting to say the least. I can’t always find a reply button to a specific post and I’m not sure why so sometimes I don’t have the opportunity to respond. This time I did, and I sincerely agree with you and understand what you were saying in an earlier post. As I said it’s a habit and one that I see is maddening to others and makes my comments less credible or readable, but I can only promise to try and in trying I might come off as less vitriolic which actually I am for the most part not, but certainly CAN be when a public figure makes fun of a tube strike and that sort of thing.

        2. Red Snapper, I really blabbered on in my last post to you and thought I had edited it. I wanted to say at the end of the post that in attempting to break my dot habit I might also do better at getting my point across without coming across as a perpetual ‘ranter’.

      1. You are absolutely right and I might say that I took your advice to heart. In my post to Mary Elizabeth I tried (it’s a habit so might take time) to delete the dots. I see that I missed some but just wanted you to know I see what you are saying. Thanks for being so nice. KMR doesn’t seem to have an issue with our less than flattering posts about the Cambridges and KMR would absolutely say something if she felt the need to πŸ™‚

    3. You’re wording is rude and child-like with the name calling. And you make it clear in this post that you don’t actually feel bad for upsetting others with the language.

      I would rather you used better wording when you make your points (which, I ultimately agree with!).

      1. Due respect Stephanie if you don’t like the opinions on this blog and how people state them, there are plenty of other places on the Internet where you can fawn over how hard the Duchess of Cambridge has to work at getting her bangs right. You may express any view you want and I am entirely supportive of you doing so, but do not ever dare to think that you have any right to tell me or anyone else on this blog what we can or can not write. I do not want to sound rude but I do not want you or any of the other overly sensitive people that seem to be cropping up here, to think that you or those like you have the right to dictate to the rest of us. I have been posting and commenting on this blog for over three years as have most of the regulars who you and others like you are now lambasting. I have never seen a comment by you on here before and if your attitude is to criticize us all for offering genuine, well-thought out and legitimate criticism of two people in their 30s who receive millions and millions of pounds in taxpayer money and do virtually nothing for it, you are very much in the wrong corner of the Internet.
        Warmest personal regards,
        Seth C.

        1. … Seth. The duchess of cambridge annoys me a lot, and I am horrified by how little she works given how much she takes. I am fearful for the future of the monarchy given how careless WK are.

          I am extremely supportive of the views on this blog. I have posted on here a number of times, not lately, but yes I have. I’m the one who suggested KMR do a bunch of polls about the duchess this year ie. What Diana-similar dress she will wear to certain events, how many engagements she will actually drag herself out to do, etc.

          In fact, I have had discussions (supportive ones) with you on here quite a few times. I’m… a little surprised you feel I am just an over-sensitive Kate-fawner who you don’t even recall talking with….

          All because I said I find name-calling childish and distracting.

          1. Well I don’t ever recall having such a discussion with you before, as there are quite a few people who comment on here. No one except KMR could possibly keep track of us all. My view is that as long as Katie (or the Duchess if you absolutely insist) and Willy wish to act childish, I will treat them as such. In addition, I do consider what you said above to be overly sugarish.
            And to reiterate what I stated above, you may express any view you wish but please do not ever tell me or anyone else that we should not express our views in whichever form or manner we wish because you find it disagreeable. I have nothing else to add to the reply which has already be given.

    4. Hey, no worries, I am sure I’m not the only one who read Newbie’s comments and rolled their eyes. Pompous much? I, too, am not a fan of “name calling” in general, but descriptive epithets of public figures and apt nicknames are not the same as name calling. I know, from being a long-time fan of this site, that the vast majority of us on here really did have high hopes for Kate and would have given her a lot of leeway and room for error. Kate opened herself up to criticism (constructive or not) when she signed on the dotted line and became a Windsor consort. And if you find anything but overly verbose and and stuffy commentary offensive, then you probably shouldn’t be on a site where people exercise their right of free speech and keep things a bit more down to Earth. I’m not speaking up to criticize Newbie, but instead to support royalsareajoke.

      1. Actually, it is. Calling them Petulant, Wimpo, Waity, DoLittle, Middashians is name calling. It’s not intended as a compliment and it reduces them to caricatures. I think Newbie’s point was valid. As I said I’m not here to tell you how to write your posts, but let’s at least call a spade a spade. Most people here have some good perspectives, I think, and I guess I don’t think it’s necessary to use those names to indicate you’re not a big fan of what they do, or more to the point, don’t do. That’s the biggest reason I don’t go to any of the forums any more.

        And, for what it’s worth, I don’t think anyone opens themselves up for non-constructive criticism. Nor do I like reading pompous, long winded posts. But I do like to read something that makes sense and a whole lot of Wimpo, Waity, Cannots lose me. And if that’s what this place is all about, then I guess I need to keep looking.

      1. I just think she will be fidgeting with them all the time. I think the close up picture of her makes her look older. From afar I think the bangs make her look her age. I am curious to see them later this week.

    1. I think that she’s going to wind up absolutely hating them….such a pain to keep up….I have been there done that…..and they look kinda messy to me…but that’s just me…I’m not even a little ‘hip’….I wish that Kate would maybe try on wigs to see what style suits her best…her hair is too long I think for a mother of two and at her age…but again…I’m not hip….

    2. As I recall she sported this style of fringe before, while pregnant with PG and couldn’t grow them out fast enough. I agree with the others, she’ll tire of them about as quickly as Will tires of his job. Also, with her round face fringe just isn’t the best look, tends to make the face look even fuller. I would love to see her hair cut to just below the shoulders or even with her natural curl, it was so pretty when she & Will were in the Solomon Islands and the humidity made her natural curls come out.

      1. Laur C, I think that it is time that you, Rhiannon and I staged an intervention about the eyeliner. I have just had another look at the pics and she looks like a racoon. The hair is terrible. and I have only seen the front of it. It just really doesn’t suit her and people on other sites are gushing about how wonderful it is and how is suits her.

        I think that they might have missed their insulin shot this morning, it is so sugary

        1. Can I join your intervention? She needs to learn that lining the whole eye actually makes your eye look smaller not larger. And she does have nice eyes too, so she doesn’t need it!

          Lol, the insulin comment made me laugh, so thanks!!!! πŸ™‚

          1. She has ok eyes. In earlier pix of her when she was first seeing William, her unlined eyes just did not look right, either. Something odd about the way they are set in her face. You don’t see that when her eyes are lined. However, the heavy lining has got to stop. Yes, an intervention is in order. With all the Midds women

        2. We should stage a complete Middleton intervention!!! Carol, Pippa and Kate all need to loosen their grips on that horrid black eyeliner, imo it’s such a heavy, aging look and rather tartish as well.

          1. OK, if it’s a Middleton intervention, can we also somehow wean Pippa from her addiction to spray tanning. Girl has crossed the spectrum into oompa loompa range. Or maybe it’s just an unflattering shade and overabundance of bronzer. Whatever, it’s got to go

        3. She has nice hair but it is just too heavy for her face. It makes for a great updo but that doesn’t seem to be her choice most of the time.

          Don’t even get me started on the eyes. Is there really no makeup artist in all of the world who can get a hold of her and update her look???

          1. Lisa Eldridge would be able to work incredible magic, I’m sure! Honestly, if I was in the public eye I would move mountains to book a session or two with her.

            Kate just needs to wear very subtle eyeliner on her bottom lashes, and only to the midway point – that would look far more attractive. Wearing it on her upper lashes is fine.

            I don’t like her fringe at all, nor am I convinced she would suit short, or shorter, hair …. personally, I don’t think there’s a rule that women over a certain age shouldn’t wear their hair long – Christie Brinkley, Alana Stewart and Cindy Crawford are all examples of stunning older ladies who wear their hair long and it looks glorious.

      2. Lauri you are right, she did have them when pregnant with PG and told a person she was not sure about them. She gets annoyed with them and pulls them back. I expect the same this time around. I think she had them at Wimbledon and pulled them back at the sailing event. I fully expect her to keep pulling them back again. If she wants bangs she should give real bangs a chance. I also think they may look better with a side part. Most women do not look good with a center part.

        1. The more the merrier Overit. In Australia we call “Bangs” a “Fringe” and when mine gets down in my eyes it annoys me to no end and I get it trimmed

          I have a centre, part but I have always had one. They can look Ok but with her bangs that long in her face like that it is not flattering at all and it just looks like she is in desperate need of a haircut. Of Course this is just my opinion though LOL

        2. I think a side part on Kate would look lovely. You’re right in that most people can’t successfully wear a middle part – to do so, you have to have absolutely perfect symmetrical features, which is a rarity.

          I would love to see Kate wear a chignon … i.e., a low-set, informal-style bun, but with a bit of height on top, hairstyle for formal events – that would look fantastic, and she’d be able to show off all her beautiful jewellery which, at the moment seems to get buried and tangled in all her hair if she wears it down.

          Personally I’m a fan of Queen Letizia’s style – everything about her oozes elegance and I love her bob (I’ve always had one too – it’s incredibly versatile, easy to manage and never looks a mess) … but that wouldn’t look so great on Kate. Princess Mary doesn’t cop the flak that Kate does and has a similar hairstyle, so that’s a bit of a mystery.

          1. Mary’s hair is a bit shorter and doesn’t seem as heavy as Kate’s. I think that may be why. IMO, Kate doesn’t need short hair (I agree with you that Kate looks good with longer hair), but if she trimmed a few inches off the bottom to lighten the weight of it a bit, I think that would look great. Actually, if Kate’s hair was Mary’s length that would be perfect. And I agree with you about a side part, that would look good on Kate.

  14. What era are we living in? The 1950s?

    I am shocked by the big headlines (pardon the pun) about Kate’s bangs. For goodness sake, the woman has been mostly out of the public eye since the birth of Princess Charlotte and when she does make a venture out –with a new hairstyle — that’s big news?

    I know she orchestrated a 50s style Christening for the baby, but this is ridiculous. Of course, she does little to merit any other type of coverage. Still, I am disgusted. What kind of a role-model is she for young girls?

    1. Kate’s new haircut made the front page of the DM online yesterday!! I thought it was a joke and it seems that most of the commenters there did too.

      When she first came on the scene as the Duchess I thought she would make an excellent role model for young women, with her classic fashion sense and decorum she seemed to be the answer to all the Kardashian hoopla. But after reading several books about her and Will’s courtship, her lack of personal goals and the fact that she was content to be a beck and call girl for 8 years has really changed my mind. This is definitely not a woman I would want my daughter to emulate.

      1. Lauri, you are so funny. A beck and call girl. Yikes.
        No, she is not someone young girls should emulate. She made enough mistakes with her flashing over the past years to make her the poster Don’t Girl. You know, “Don’t do this. Don’t do that? Don’t wear this. Don’t wear that? And, for God’s sake wear your knickers!

    2. No, not a good role model. Girls and young women deserve more than emulating someone with no achievements beyond marrying into privilege, if indeed that could be classed as such; I wouldn’t think so as it stunts goals, extending one’s abilities, and independence of both thought and action.

      Regarding the ‘flashing’: is it just that Kate prefers g-strings to more modest underwear and chooses not to weight her wardrobe which is why we see her bare bottom somewhat regularly? She is not actually knicker-less.

      ‘Beckand call girl’: clever and amusing, but naughty!

    3. I think it’s big news because she hasn’t really given the media anything else to talk about due to her absence.

      I hope she’s alright … I have the feeling that she’s not happy and not coping. Some of the things people say about her – especially on that Royal Gossip forum – are just so vile that I hope she doesn’t read any of it (if she does, I don’t blame her for wanting to stay out of the public eye!!).

      I don’t think William would be the most supportive of husbands and aside from her mother she doesn’t really seem to have anyone close to her (aside from staff, but who knows how close she is to them?).

      I agree she does silly things at times and doesn’t seem to want to work, but I think a lot of it comes from a lack of confidence (to me, she seems to be a completely different person now compared to when she was just the ‘girlfriend’).

      As I say, I hope she’s okay.

      When she and William visited New Zealand the media here were so infatuated with her. Absolutely everyone – even anti-monarchists – was quite taken by her and although she seemed very shy (seriously, she did), she made a huge effort to get in amongst the crowds and make small talk with people – she did a great job.

      1. Oy vey, Royal Gossip Forum. They were very, very rude to me over there. I am critical of a lot of things Kate does, but even I wouldn’t wish the comments on Royal Gossip Forum on Kate.

      2. Hi Twinkle, I don’t think Kate is particularly close to any staff. Maybe Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, who was Private Secretary and sill comes around from time to time. He’s one of Prince George’s godparents. I know William and Catherine are supposedly more informal, so perhaps there is a blurring of lines.
        But in traditional royal Households, if a royal even enters a corridor, a staff member is supposed to turn toward the wall and remain where they are until the royal has passed by. Not raise their head to look at them. No bow or curtsey. In Buckingham Palace, supposedly staff have to walk along the edge of the carpets so they don’t wear a path in the center of the carpet, which is supposedly nicknamed “The Royal Path” or something like that.
        Diana used to end up in the kitchens because she was so isolated. It was a taboo because she was fraternizing with staff and not even ones who had a *title*, like Vice Admiral Peter Ashmore or the Earl of Westmorland but a *chef*. The horror lol. She became very close to Darren McGrady, who was personal chef to the Queen for 11 years and then personal chef to Diana and the boys until her death. He wrote a memoir of his time and runs a catering business called Eating Royally.
        Anyway my short answer is, no, she has very few friends.

  15. She went to church on Sunday, she knows we would be looking to see what she wore.
    So she had to wear black turtle neck, so we all would not forget how skinny her neck is! LOL

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