Princess Charlene and Prince Albert christen Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert christen Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella

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Princess Charlene and Prince Albert christened their five month old twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, at the Cathedral of Monaco today in Monaco.

Charlene held Jacques while Albert held Gabriella. The babies were both very calm during the almost two hour long ceremony, and neither made a peep while they got water poured on their heads.

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Jacques’ godparents are Christopher Le Vine Jr (one of Albert’s cousins) and Diane de Polignac Nigra. Gabriella’s godparents are Gareth Whittstock (Charlene’s brother) and Nerine Pienaar (the wife of a retired South African rugby player).

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After the ceremony, Albert and Charlene stood on the cathedral steps to watch a traditional folk dance before heading into the crowd to greet guests and well-wishers who had come out for the occasion. The princely couple walked back to the Prince’s Palace of Monaco through the crowd, who held pink and blue balloons.

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Charlene looked really happy today, which is always nice to see, and she was very beautiful in her Dior ivory wool dress and cropped top – which is a bespoke version of a look from the Haute Couture SS 2015 collection.

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Here is the video of the ceremony. It is very, very long.

More Photos:

The princely couple and the twins with the godparents:

Close up of Charlene and Jacques:

More screengrabs from the video:

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38 thoughts on “Princess Charlene and Prince Albert christen Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella

  1. That was really a beautiful ceremony to watch. The twins are beyond adorable. Charlene and Albert look very content and happy. My one complaint is Gabriella’s nanny…ugh!

    1. I love that other royal houses have public christenings. It’s awesome to watch.

  2. That is the most beautiful photo of Princess Charlene holding her baby. That kind of happiness cannot be faked. Looks like things are turning out to be alright in Monaco.

  3. Those babies are simply adorable and Charlene was radiant! Parenthood certainly agrees with both her and Albert, who by the way looks very confident holding his daughter. I love that they shared this event with their people, so fitting as Jacques will be the next Serene Highness.

    I loved this outfit on Charlene, so glad that she had the hem raised from the original Dior. And the pillbox hat and gloves were the perfect accessories, to me she really oozed elegance. Is it just me or is anyone else liking the retro fashions we’ve been seeing lately? Sophie wore a great, green retro style dress at the Liberation ceremonies at the Channel Islands and looked great! Here’s a link to that event and the great dress.

    1. I so want Sophie’s dress. It’s perfection. Btw, I’m totally fangirling over these Royal women and their fashion. No flyaway hems for Sophie. She got her accessories spot on. Simple and classic wit the right amount of color and punch. Charlene is a minimalist too and has just enough “oopmh”. I love that Sophie he gets jewels from HM to wear. She chooses them and has them spotlighted just so and not hidden.

        1. I’ve heard numerous times the HM and Sophie have a very close friendship, HM apparently pops over for tea on Sundays, so it’s great that she loans Sophie jewelry. I like that HM gets to enjoy a somewhat normal mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship with at least one of her sons wives.

          1. I’ve heard that, too. HM visited Sophie in the hospital after nearly dying giving birth to Louise, even though HM has a no visiting people in the hospital rule.

    2. I thought Sophie looked great in that dress. And Charlene looked so pretty in her outfit. I really love the look on her. I’m so glad that she’s got her style back. When she was pregnant it was like all the style got sucked out of her – I didn’t like any of her pregnancy outfits.

    3. I love the retro look outfits as well. Especially when they are properly fitted. I love watching the “I Love Lucy” shows just to see her clothes. Everything was fitted so wonderfully back then.

      1. I love the fit/flare style dresses, they help hide some sins and always look stylish. The only thing about the 50’s style on TV is that they always looked dressed up, even in the evening at home dad would be in a tie with sweater. I couldn’t live without my comfy, old, worn yoga pants 🙂

  4. Such lovely photos. Charlene looks very comfortable and happy with her babies. I always find her to be very poised. I love these public christenings. The pepole bond with the family and feel like they are watching the children grow. And yes, that was a veiled jab at a certain couple in Norfolk.

    1. I love the public christenings, too. It gives the public a change to be a part of the family for moment and, as you said, bond with them. It sucks that the Brits don’t do that.

  5. What a sweet occasion. Charlene does indeed look much happier since she had the twins, and Albert seems to be more cheerful, too. I hope that the birth of their children has helped to draw them closer (no idea if they were actually not close before, but any relationship can become more tightly knit).

    Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I almost can see a bit of Grace in the twins, especially in the picture of Charlene holding Jacques and beaming.

  6. Wow, a public christening. How awesome is that. I always feel they make “the people” included (I remember seeing the parties, etc. at the time of their wedding)in their affairs.

    Charlene looks gorgeous!!! She is always so naturally elegant, and her face is beautiful. I love how she isn’t afraid to try new styles with her hair and is such a fashionista. Motherhood suits her wonderfully. It is great to see her so happy. I don’t think she had always been incredibly miserable (as thought by many), maybe just camera shy?
    I love her outfit, her accessories, her hair, her makeup. Everything.

    The babies are adorable. I’m sorry but I liked their gowns more than Prince George’s :$

    1. Allowing the public to be a part of the family for a little while through public christenings is so wonderful.

      Definitely camera shy. Or at least, I don’t think she likes posing for photos. I think it makes her uncomfortable.

  7. I was looking at the calendar wondering what was happening on this day and then I go to DM and I see the pictures of the Monaco Christening. I just love the picture above of Princess Gabriella looking at her brother.

  8. I wonder where Adam went to. S/he would be in paroxysms of joy over this. 😉

    PS SO agree about Sophie’s dress. Beautiful!

  9. Those babies are very very bald! I absolutely melted when they showed the twins playing with each other during the ceremony!

    Char’s pancake hat is doing nothing for me though. It’s nice that she and albert look so happy these days, Parenthood suits them as individuals and as a couple.

  10. OMG, those babies!! I can’t handle it!!

    My son was born with peach fuzz but then he was a baldy for awhile, just like these two.

    They are ridiculously adorable, especially when J is trying to play with G!

  11. Such a tacky couple… one cannot help but remember all the other children he had and the minimal role of this so-called “state” which actually only is a safe heaven for anybody who does not want to pay taxes…
    Been there once and never going back…

  12. Thanks for posting this KMR. Charlene looks truly radiant and seems to have a real foundation of happiness at last, especially given the pre-wedding rumors of her trying to flee. The shot of her with Jacques is wonderful.

    And just because, I can’t help wondering if the children will carry any of Grace Kelly’s looks. Albert is the one with the greatest resemblance to her, so I can’t wait to see the kids grow up.

    1. Given the rumors that have surrounded their relationship ever since the wedding, it really is great to see Charlene look so happy.

  13. KMR, this is so wonderful. Thanks for posting.
    How happy Charlene and Albert look and oh, those babies! They are beyond adorable!
    Charlene has found her place in life and looks happy and so incredibly beautiful. Loved her dress. Loved her hair and the way she sported that pillbox hat. Princess Grace would approve!
    In fact, Charlene has much of Grace’s beauty and class. She is just lovely!

    The public christening is a beautiful way to let the public in on the Royals’ happiness and grace.
    Truly magnificent.

    May they always be a healthy and happy family. Those babies, like all babies, deserve the best in life. Not the riches, just love and the warmth of family.

    1. I thought Charlene’s hair and hat looked great on her. I’m not a huge fan of hats in general, but this one looked really good.

  14. Charlene looks absolutely amazing, she’s like a Grace Kelly come to life. So stylish, yet dignified, I’d say REGAL.

  15. How wonderful to see these beautiful babies and their very happy parents.
    The public christening was a wonderful way to share the love of the Royals with the people who care so greatly for them.
    I, too, think Charlene is just gorgeous. Truly, motherhood suits her! She just is radiant.
    And, reminds me of Princess Grace. So beautiful, so poised, so loving toward her family.
    Yes, Emilia, she is REGAL!

  16. Princess Gabriella is beautiful…. I think she will look like her grandmother Grace Kelly. Her brother is such a character and he looks as if he really loves his sister. Princess Charlene does look lovely and happy at last. I hope Prince Albert lives long enough to see his children grow up to be adults.

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