Three new photos of Prince George released for Christmas

Three new photos of Prince George released for Christmas

New pictures of Prince George! Prince William and Kate Middleton have released three new photos of our darling Grumpy Face just in time for Christmas.

Prince George Christmas Photo 1

Apparently the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wanted to thank the media for allowing George to grow up without intrusion, and for not using the paparazzi photographs of George.

A spokesman for the couple said: “They release pictures when it feels appropriate and to mark milestones in Prince George’s life.”

Prince Harry‘s private secretary, Ed Lane Fox, a former freelance photographer, took the photos on the steps in one of the courtyards of Kensington Palace late last month.

Prince George Christmas Photo 2

We haven’t seen new official photos of George since July when they released three photos to mark his birthday. I was wondering if Will and Kate would release photos for Christmas – they are quite stingy with him. It’s nice that they released some photos. He’s gotten so big! My favorite pic is the one where he’s smiling, which is why I used it as the top pic.

In “Will and Kate can only talk about George” news, while at the GREAT event in NYC on Tuesday, Kate told a guest (you can read his account here), “I am listening to a lot more classical music at home with George, so we are all learning together.”

At the same event, William told a guest that “George has been playing iPad games and loves them, and that this was a good way to teach him the inner workings of electronics.”

So Prince George is learning Classical music while playing with electronics. Gotcha.

Prince George Christmas Photo 3

54 thoughts on “Three new photos of Prince George released for Christmas

  1. WOW he has grown so much. I’m not sure if he looks more like Kate or William. Regardless he is adorable! I just wish the background had some color or character to it, the picture itself is bit boring.

    1. I do to. They should have had a Christmas tree in the background or something festive.

      1. Agreed.

        George is a cutie.

        The background 😐 besides looking yucky is quite boring and sad. A lovely green pine tree (since it was taken over a month ago and perhaps no Christmas trees were up) would have been lovely or whatever, something more festive and holidayISH πŸ˜›
        (and can someone please pull out the power hose to wash those steps!! lol)

        Thumbs up for sharing a bit of George and following the other royals in this trend. I love to see little Estelle and Princess Madeleine and little Leonore, Maxima and her girls, etc. πŸ™‚

  2. Holy cow, he’s so grown up! That’s the worst of releasing so few pics- they change so much even over the course of a few weeks. I love the last picture the best. He’s got so much attitude, and those cheeks, kissably cute. Would be interesting to know more about how they want to raise him. Will they be like Diana (no) and bring him out to meet people and understanding all walks of life (like Will’s forgot) or in a glass bubble of their elite making (sadly most probable).

    1. I was shocked at how much he’s grown. Babies change so much so quickly. It sucks that we hardly get to see him.

      I doubt Will will be bringing George to hang with the peasants. Will wouldn’t want George’s privacy intruded by those awful peasants.

      1. I know, and it alternately bugs and worries me. What will the UK be like in 50 years, and will they tolerate an increasingly remote royal family with an obvious dislike of the press and public? I hope that defiant spark in George’s eye turns into a strong, intelligent boy who has the relatable charm of his grandmother.

    1. I read this article, very interesting. Harry has mentioned several times in the past how boring his brother and sister-in-law are, so I wonder if it was more Kate’s wishes rather than Williams. She only seems to want to spend time with her family, which no matter how great they are who wants to spend all their time with their in-laws? While I love my adult children and love spending time with them, I would be worried if they hung around too much. I raised them to be independent and have their own lives and having their own friends is part of that, not constantly hanging out with mommy.

    2. Interesting. They very much are growing apart. I wonder if it’s Kate not wanting to go to these things, or if it’s William not wanting her there.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if these are the same friends who dislike Kate and insulted her and her family during her dating days with William. I could see why she wouldn’t want to be around them, if that’s the case.

  3. He finally looks cheery. Usually his expressions are a bit sociopathic and aggressive. In the last one he looks like he’s appeasing mommy and playing nice

  4. Well, I guess the Cambridges had to appease the British press pretty quickly after William played so nicely with the media in New York, so William and Kate threw them a bone to keep them happy. George is adorable and is displaying so much personality now; I think he really favors the Middleton side except for the light hair, which is good since the Windsors need that infusion of Middleton genes. And I actually think in the last photo, by George’s determined expression and that outstretched hand, he looks like he’s ready to grab something out of camera range. Hopefully it’s nothing alive, lol!

    1. I thought the same thing! William was much more open with the American press then he has ever been with the British press, I wonder if this will change now that they are getting the new PR guy?

    2. he definitely seems to me to look more Middleton than Windsor. Kate had a more rounded face when she was younger whereas William’s face was slimmer. George looks more like Kate to me than William.

  5. He is a cutie. He looks like a mini Jonathan Winters in the last picture. There is something quite cheeky and mischievous about him. I would love to see a picture of him with his hair mussed up, with baby food on his face, with his hands in a pot of dirt. Sorry, I love messy baby pictures.

    1. I always thought he looked a bit like Henry VIII -the fat cheeks and small mouth and not smiling (particularly in his photos before this set). It’s good to see him smiling a bit. He is a cute baby!

    2. I wish they’d just let his hair be messy. I don’t like it when it’s combed down.

  6. He definitely takes after the Middleton side of the family. I think his hair will get darker as he grows up. He is a cutie. Too bad we can’t see him more often.

    Now if I compare them to the Princess Estelle pictures, I have to say they could’ve done a little better with the background, etc. Also, why no pics of the whole family? Or are they yet to come? I guess I’m just being a Grinch, but I’d love a chance to babysit George just to see him be the joyful little boy he seems to be.

    Love the look on his face in the last picture. It’s like he made it to the bottom step and was ready to go and had to take one more so that’s the only face he was giving them…lol

    1. I definitely think his hair will darken with age. He’ll be brunette by the time he’s an adult.

      I agree with you that these pictures, while cute, look a bit sterile due to the background. I wish they’d have gone with a more cheery background since these are supposed to be Christmas pictures.

  7. Great pictures!!! He certainly has that mischievous quality!! William has mentioned more than once how difficult George can be and I can’t imagine that’s going to change as he gets older, this kid will be fun to watch as he grows up! πŸ™‚

  8. I think he looks most like Will’s baby pics in the top photo, with the smile. I, too, like the last one and his satisfied, almost-defiant expression. Yes he is definitely a cutie.

  9. He’s such a cute little boy! It’s great to see photos of him. He’s grown quite a bit since the last time we saw him.

    As others have mentioned, the timing of it is really telling. Considering that these photos were released for Christmas, it would have been nice to have a holiday background or a family portrait with all three of them.

  10. He is a cutie! I love his little-old-man potbelly. And as he grows older, I think he shows a resemblance to Kate and William.

    I did roll my eyes at William trying to present George’s playing with the iPad as an educational experience. Nope, it’s what they all do nowadays, and it’s called “keeping the kid occupied.”

    1. Very true. I remember playing with paper and tape and building entire cities out of that. All the kids nowadays play with electronics from the time they’re toddlers. But I guess playing with games that occupy the mind is better than sitting in front of the TV not occupying the mind.

  11. The photos are ok, but do these two have something against hiring a real professional photographer to take pics for them to release publicly? Their photos always look so amateurish. Cute enough, but amateur. And in order to have a family picture, all members of the family have to be in one place at the same time. Seriously.

    1. Lol to the entire family needing to be in one place. These photos were supposedly taken late last month, so… when Kate was shopping in Norfolk? Was Kate even there when these photos were taken or was George smiling at Nanny Maria?

        1. I, too, thought it was Nanny Maria who took those pictures. Judging by the photos of the two of them playing in Hyde Park, he really seems to light up like that around her. George seems comfortable enough around W&K, but that smile reminds me of him with his nanny.

        2. Prince Harry’s private secretary, Ed Lane-Fox, took the photos. But Nanny Maria was probably off to the side.

  12. Since Kate is such a good photographer (as everyone says), why doesn’t she take these pictures? If they are going to not be professional anyway, why not have them be from the family album.

  13. To me his round, chubby face and mischievous spark in his eye remind me of a young Winston Churchill–who is a distant relative of Willy through his mother, Diana. Maybe it’s just my imagination. At least he doesn’t have Grumpy Face in these pics.

    1. That will never happen. PR gold for H.
      William the “gilded one” would never allow it. He is far too jealous of his younger brother and possibly his son (the baby has more hair).

    2. That would be such a great photo!! I hope Harry spends time with little George. It’s really good for kids to have relationships with aunts and uncles. Plus, Harry just seems like so much fun πŸ™‚

  14. KMR, Kate had a busy weekend it appears, she went to a wedding wearing the black lace dress from the variety show paired with a blanket (JK :)). the link:

    She also was busy shopping. Which was expected after her busy 2 day tour :). Sorry for the tone, but I feel like we hear about her shopping all the time. That feels more like her ‘job’. Though I am surprised she has an appearance tomorrow. I thought we would not see her again until Christmas following the New York trip.

  15. That seems to be the essence of Kate for now: all style and no substance. Given that the BRF sent no family representative to Queen Fabiola’s funeral during that time, Kate could have made basically a 30-minute flight to Belgium if all other family were busy. Obviously, the trip to NY didn’t take a toll on her and she was perfectly fit to indulge in her favorite habit of shopping right afterward. But maybe the BRF could have feared Kate wasn’t a capable representative of the BRF and all focus would have been on her rather than the funeral of a very great lady.

  16. I don’t think she has what it takes to pull an occasion like that off. Seriously, Sophie would have nailed it and knows all the right things to say. What would Kate say and do. She can’t even get the protocol for leaving or entering a room before senior royals right. Not to mention she probably wouldn’t recognize half to two-thirds of the royalty there and Rebecca can’t be seen telling her who everyone is all the time. She’s just a little dress up doll.

  17. How adorable George is! And, looking more like William did as a youngster, too.
    He seems so happy in these photos. May his life always be so.

    1. George does look a lot like him. What I find humorous are the comments from a year ago where people are already calling him “William Middleton” and saying Kate is lazy and comes off quite cold. I didn’t realize there was a 10 year age difference between him and Carole. Well he may have had his issues, but he seems to be basically a good guy.

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