Four new appearances announced for Kate

Four new appearances announced for Kate

It’s that time of year again, folks. That time when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s press office realize that Prince William and Kate Middleton haven’t done hardly any work in the UK, and stuff their calendars full of last minute appearances to boost their yearly numbers. It’s happened every year since they were married. Both Will and Kate have announced four new appearances for the next eight days. Plus, as I was in the check-out line I read a Globe article that was funny, so I thought I’d share.

Will and Kate will carry out two joint appearances in Wales on November 8. They will visit the Valero Pembroke Oil Refinery in West Wales for the celebration of their 50th anniversary, then they will attend the Wales v. Australia rugby match in Cardiff. During half-time (?), Will and Kate will meet injured veterans. William is Vice Royal Patron of the Welsh Rugby Union (since 2007), and Patron of the Welsh Rugby Charitable Trust (since 2012). Will and Kate attended a Wales v. match last time she was pregnant, too, in 2012.

Kate will attend a SportsAid athlete workshop on November 12 where she will meet young athletes whose goal is the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This will be Kate’s second SportsAid appearance this year – her first was on July 29, when she stopped by a SportsAid reception during her time at the Commonwealth Games.

The same day Kate is visiting SportsAid, November 12, William will attend Skill Force’s 10th anniversary gala dinner at the Imperial War Museum in his role as Patron. He’s been Patron since 2009.

The next day, November 13, Will and Kate will attend the Royal Variety Performance at the Palladium Theatre in London. Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall attended the show last year.

By the way, what ever happened to William’s air ambulance training thing? Wasn’t he supposed to have started whatever BS he’s going to be doing with them back in September? Yet since he was supposed to have started that he’s visited Malta, done an Investiture, made the President of Singapore uncomfortable with his inappropriate small talk, taken a vacation to Scotland, and now he’s visiting Wales and attending a gala and a variety performance. That seems like a lot when he was supposed to be working super hard with only two days off a week.

I want to mention that according to this article Kate declined to make an appearance at an Art Room opening on October 28, citing her “ongoing morning sickness”. Yet a day or so prior, Kate flew to Scotland. So it wasn’t her “morning sickness” that caused her to decline the event, it was her Scottish vacation. Now, Kate’s patronages are constantly doing things, and Kate can’t attend everything, so I don’t think it would be too shocking if she declined an event. My problem is declining because of morning sickness and then flying to Scotland instead – proving morning sickness isn’t an issue. Just be honest, you know. Now, all we have is the word of one sentence in this one article, and who knows, maybe they thought Kate would show up and when she didn’t the journalist (whose name is not actually on the article) just assumed it was morning sickness since that was the line from the previous two months. We don’t know. But either way it makes Kate look bad declining her charity’s events while jetting off on vacation.
*Thanks to bluhare and My2Pence for bringing this to my attention.

Now on to something funny. As I was standing in line at the grocery store, a headline reading, “William gives up the throne… to save pregnant Kate” caught my eye. I glanced through it and then took some photos (because I wasn’t going to spend five bucks on a Globe, no offense Globe). The story is pretty funny, it’s about how Queen Elizabeth II (who is dying, apparently) had by-passed Prince Charles and made William first in line and will be abdicating soon, and how William wants to not be king because Kate can’t handle being Queen Consort AND raising two kids all by herself, and something about how Camilla is evil and “true love” and there’s a Wallis Simpson reference thrown in there for good measure. It reads like a work of fan-fiction – which is is. It’s got everything: a dying Queen, a scheming Camilla, William jumping Charles in the line of succession, a poor sick Kate who is just so brave.

Some highlights:

“The sight of Kate suffering like that reduced William to tears.” – LOL! More like William was reduced to tears at the thought of having another screaming baby to deal with.

“But when he broke the news to his wife at the mother’s home in Bucklebury, Kate was shocked by his decision. She immediately urged William to change his mind and forget about her sickness and her worries.” – Ah, she’s just so selfless. “Don’t think of my current sickness, Will, think of my the long term goal of being Queen Consort!”

“Of course he wants to be there for her throughout this difficult pregnancy, but he also wants to be around as much as possible for the first couple of years of the new baby’s life.” – He’s been mostly MIA during the pregnancy so far since Kate’s been in hiding at her mom’s. And he seems to really dislike George and his screaming, so why the sudden interest in the new kid?

“William and Kate are becoming the love story of the 21st Century… much like his relative King Edward, who abdicated back in 1936 so he could marry his American divorcee lover, Wallis Simpson.” – For real? You’re making THAT comparison? You do know that both Edward and Wallis were Nazi-sympathizers, right? Like, they were BFFs with high-ranking Nazis; he and Hitler were buds. THAT’S why Edward was forced out; he didn’t give up the throne for love.

Below are the pics of the article (these are thumbnails but if you click on the image it takes you to the full size image). I’ve transcribed the article in a separate page (here) so that this post wasn’t even more ridiculously long than it already is, in case anyone wants to read the full article and doesn’t want to read off the images. It’s pretty funny.

Globe 1 Globe 4 Globe 5 Globe 6 Globe 7 Globe 8

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  1. my favorite line from your post has to be “making the President of Singapore uncomfortable with his inappropriate small talk” a – burst out laughing at that one!

    I saw the globe article on Yahoo yesterday. Immediately came here to get your opinion on it – knew it was a load of crap. It’s obvious to anyone with a passing interest in these two that they only care about themselves, period.

    1. You know, I actually wouldn’t mind if they hired Pippa. I don’t think she’s that interesting, and I’m doubting whether the American public would care that much about her, but I’m not opposed to the idea of her working for Today. I hope she does a good job.

  2. The Globe article is priceless. Thanks for posting it KMR.
    I am not a fan of Kate Middleton, but it is startling to read how many people don’t seem to be fans of Prince William. Do you really believe he isn’t that into Prince George? All the photos I have seen of him with the baby lead me to believe he’s a proud Papa.
    I feel sorry for both William and Harry. They lost their mother when they were so very young.
    I cannot say I believe Kate is the best choice to be the future Queen (is the correct title, Queen Consort)? – I’m a Yank, not a Brit, so excuse me — but, if William loves her and with the proper guidance, maybe she will work out?!? One can only hope.
    I agree with this blog’s premise that she is making many mistakes. She appears to be lazy and self-centered. Not the type of lady that people can be proud of, but again, I am startled by people’s disdain for William.
    Reading through some of the posts, I can see how many of his actions may be setting people off, but I think that he and Harry will always have trouble accepting the media’s major interest in them and their families — considering how the media hounded Diana to death.

    1. I think the perception of William as a father mostly springs from the comments he makes to the press. He always seems to be complaining about how noisy George is or that he has a baby’s sleep schedule or somesuch. I think most could understand new parents complaining a bit about adjusting to their new life, but William never really balances it out with a positive comment.

      1. Thanks, ABKM for the William info. Sad, that he is saying such things to the media about his baby. I guess, like many men, he feels uncomfortable saying too many things that are more positive. You know — make flippant remarks as to how tough it is to have a baby/toddler in the house. That makes him seem more masculine.
        I love this blog. Learn new things about the Royals each day and it’s nice to visit a site that isn’t all positive about every little thing that Kate does!

      2. I noticed the same thing about William. He always complains about George. Never a positive thing said to the random people who line up to meet William at appearances. Parents who really like their babies usually have a balance of complaints with loving comments. The closest thing to a loving comment I’ve ever heard William say is that George has a big set of lungs on him (for crying). Even that was a complaint. William just tried to say it like it was a compliment.

        1. Exactly–it would be one thing if he said, “He’s got a big set of lungs on him, but I love his baby laugh” or “I get a lot less sleep than I used to, but it’s fun to watch him learn about the world around him.” Maybe William just can’t express affection; maybe he resents his kid. Either way, it makes me glad once again that I’m not married to him!

    2. I think William wasn’t expecting George to be so loud and baby-y, so he was shocked when George turned out to be a screamer. And it seriously didn’t take long for Will to start complaining about the baby. When they did the interview outside the hospital, Will mentioned George’s screaming when he said, “he has a good pair of lungs on him”. And since then William has not stopped complaining about George and his loudness. I seriously don’t think William has ever said anything nice about George publicly. He’s always complaining about him.

      Will and Harry really weren’t that young when Diana died. Will was 15, Harry was 12 (almost 13). It’s not like they were little kids, they were teenagers. Yes, they were still minors and it’s always horrible to lose a parent in such a tragic way, but it’s not like they were super young and couldn’t understand what was going on.

      I think William had a lot of goodwill for a long time, but lately he’s shown himself to be a responsibility-dodging, tantrum-throwing, entitled brat and that just doesn’t sit well with people. It’s William’s own actions that have turned people against him.

      Yes, Will and Harry are going to have hang ups about the press interest in their life, and not just because of the death of their mother, but their father also has shown disdain for the press and that would have rubbed off on them. But they don’t seem to realize that if they want to continue to live the royal life, they must accept that they need the press to publicize their charity work, and keep the public interested in the royals. Otherwise the royals will be kicked out. The press interest will always be there as long as they are royals, and just dealing with it as part of the job would make their lives a whole lot easier. They expel so much energy in hating the press, and if they let that go and just got on with things, they’d probably end up much happier because they wouldn’t be stressing themselves out so much.

    3. It has always been my impression that Diana baited the paparazzi….her death was sad indeed as is the death of anyone that young but this constantly being blamed on the paps? She didn’t have to get into a car with a drunk driver and she I would hope could have said….hey! Slow the hell down! No seat belt….no, I am not degrading a dead woman but to me her choices put her at risk and she didn’t think things thru….could have stayed at the hotel….William’s blaming the press is to me just an excuse to not step up to the plate….and he is always always always blaming someone or something to serve his selfishness and excuse himself for whatever…..I find it interesting that conspiracy theories crop up when a famous person is snuffed…but if I did the same thing it would be listed under….she’s dead…no conspiracy and maybe a line or so about ‘alcohol’ involved…no seat belt…lots of people are motherless and manage to carry on….and lots of people have crappy childhoods and make themselves better for it….Harry doesn’t seem to avoid the media…he uses his position to help others imo….William is just a self pitying spoiled snot who wants it all…his privacy and his goodies…waity is just a social climbing, money grubbing, attention seeking, product of a social climbing greedy attention seeking status driven mother (basically a pimp)….her dad escapes the criticism but to me he simply doesn’t have the drive to protect his family FROM his family….what decent parent watches their child self destruct and not say anything….I’ve read that ma midds the pimp had a couple of nervous breakdowns because will ditched waity….who does that??? I can see that people are fed up with william…he’s going to do this…he’s going to do that…but somehow he always doesn’t….he has been given every opportunity to ‘save people’ and if what I read is true he was fast tracked to the top of the list and forget that he has eye problems….waity and wills are not whole people imo….and two damaged people can’t help each other unless they love each other unconditionally and I don’t see that with wills and kate…maybe they will grow into a loving caring couple but they’ll have to do it around two children, people who see thru their crap, and a public becoming disenchanted with the fairy tale…in this day of social media they can’t hide….don’t need a paparazzi…cell phones and etc will expose them…and the economy can make people who ordinarily would just be indifferent to decadence and hedonism more aware and borderline bitter…..’my money pays for that what’s in it for me’…end rant.

      1. You are correct, Diana played a ton of games with the press, and she played them well. I do think Will uses every excuse to avoid stepping up to his role. He, in my opinion, only uses the Diana card when it suits him/gets him the most sympathy, otherwise he really doesn’t seem to give that many sh-ts. Everything is an excuse with him. I don’t trust Pa Midds at all. I know people give him a pass, thinking he’s the only sane one, but I disagree. It’s like Bruce Jenner, if you’re going to stand around and let your daughters be pimped out, by their mother no less, then you are equally at fault. And yes, Will wears glasses, which means he should be disqualified from getting a pilot’s license, but he was given a pass because he’s the heir and it would have made him look bad to not be accepted into flying school or whatever.

  3. Thanks for the laugh. That was great. I thought we could always trust the Globe;)

    On a side note, I have commented on the Art Room article of Kate declining the engagement. It is sad because she has hardly made any appearance and once again she shoved off another one. It ridiculous that she lied about the morning sickness when in reality she was on vacation. And yet people don’t think she ever lies (like about the HG)-and yet this proves she does. It would not be a big deal if she had declined for the real reason and not the made up one. Maybe she thought people would not find out? Its funny, you try and mention that on other Kate sites and they won’t even post a comment about it or even mention in. The Kate obsessed sites that put her on a pedestal cannot handle any criticism of their perfect Kate. It gets nauseating. I like following Kate to see what she wears, but I am realistic and know she is not perfect. I wish those sites could see that too. Thanks for not being afraid to point out these things!!

    1. “Maybe she thought people would not find out?” – Probably. I’m sure she’s declined a number of events during the year, but we’ve never heard about it. And it’s not like the main papers picked up the story, from what I understand it’s just that one article that mentioned it. So yeah, I’m sure she didn’t expect her reason for declining would get out.

      Those type of sites are what drove me to make my own blog, because I couldn’t comment freely. Also the sites that are super critical to the point of not seeing reason are part of what drove me to make my own blog, because I couldn’t comment freely there either.

  4. Not looking forward to seeing her at all, especially now because she will press her clutch bag to her crotch to show off her baby bump. Ugh, get ready for the headlines…

    1. Ugh, right. She’ll of course do that (like she does all the time, even when not pregnant), and the press will be all over her “bump”. Can’t wait for the cloying press fawning.

    1. I enjoyed the article! I’ve always seen Michelle Obama as more stylish and influential than the Duchess.
      Michelle is older and has a completely different body type, but she’s a truly accomplished woman with a keen mind and a good heart – this shows is how she wears clothes and the clothes she chooses. Sometimes Michelle’s risks don’t pay off, but Kate seems like a bland mannequin in comparison.
      A few times, I’ve seen Michelle in a dress and literally gasped at how beautiful she was and how she pulled it off. I’ve gasped at Kate too, but for the opposite reason.

        Please check out this blog. Michelle Obama’s style is not always so chic.
        Let’s not forget that she wore a cardigan sweater the first time she met the Queen.
        Her constant showing off of her perfect “guns” in sleeves numbers grates on my nerves. Often she is way out of line in her ensembles. The title is First Lady, not First Runway Model. She thinks she’s Beyoncé, rather than the wife of the President of the U.S. She needs to tone it down and I often find her choice of looks just downright ugly.

        1. I said that her risks don’t always go well – but at least she takes risks. If you think she dresses like Beyoncé, you really don’t follow either Beyoncé or Michelle Obama.

          I looked at your link for a few minutes before closing it in disgust. Calling Michelle Obama MOOCHelle is offensive. Plus, so many of those pics are photo-shopped and chosen for a nasty agenda. I prefer to criticize clothes and fashion without delving into the dark side of ignorant, ill informed politics, thank you.

          1. I agree, better to look at clothes without the politics when critiquing. But I will say Liz, just because someone has a different political view than you does not make them ignorant and ill-informed. That is what I am getting from your comment. And if you really believe that, than that in and of itself is very ignorant. That was a low blow on your part.

            I don’t really care for what Michelle wears. I think she dress inappropriately for her age. So, on that account I agree with Chloe. I think she wears sleeveless dress too much to show off her arms (which are not that toned). Last year she wore a mini dress with thigh high boots to church!! Not something a middle aged woman should wear and definitely not to church. Anyway, I know this blog is about Kate and not Michelle, but I wanted to add my two cents here.

          2. @Overit

            That blog is ignorant and ill-informed because they are spreading outright lies and racism about the Obamas. For example, in one photo, Michelle is wearing a red dress to greet the president of China. On that blog, they say it’s the president of South Korea and use that misinformation to blast the Obamas for being rude and communist. THAT is the kind of stuff I’m talking about.
            I am not a Democrat and I did not vote for Obama, but I cannot stand the flavor that the opposition to the First Family has taken by many on the Right – which is what I was referring to.
            I have no idea what Chloe’s politics are, but I know what is on that blog – again, that is what I was calling ignorant.

          1. @Liz

            Hi I was not trying to pick a fight with you. So I apologize. I misunderstood your comment. I see what you were saying now. Thanks for articulately correcting me:)

          2. @Overit

            Apology accepted, and I hope my tone wasn’t too harsh. I almost always regret commenting on the internet because it’s so easy to misinterpret, etc. I’ll try to be more clear (and polite) in the future!!

        2. When Michelle Obama was a guest on The View along with Jill Biden she was wearing a sleeved top and when she raised her arm there was a huge sweat stain under her armpit. I’m assuming she knows about her excessive sweat and thats probably why she wears sleeveless dresses/tops. Its not to show off her toned arms, thats what the media gave as a reason as to why she goes sleeveless.

          1. Or it could have been the incredibly hot under the tv lights. “Excessive sweat”? Seriously? IF she was concerned about what is probably a normal level of perspiration when under tv lights, she would get botox injections in her armpits like half of Hollywood.

    2. I was just thinking about Remembrance Sunday and wondering if she’ll make an appearance. If she does I hope she doesn’t play with her hair the whole time.

      ““Her influence is not what it’s being made to be and, in the eyes of the modern woman in both the U.S. and the U.K., she’s not heralded in that way,” Sehdev said.
      “Does she even deserve the title of style icon? The answer is no, because she doesn’t measure on the criteria of the style icon,” Sehdev said.””

      OMG I love this! Unfortunately, I’m not a huge fan of First Lady Obama’s style, though.

  5. kates fashion is one of the most boring! Same coats in different colours, same shoes, funny hats clutch at crotch and top it all maniac grins with no speeches, she really is a robot!!

    1. I watched the remake of Stepford Wives three weekends ago. The one with Nicole Kidman in it. It is a cringeworthy movie. I have to see the original to see if it was a better film. However, the robot wives totally fit Kate to a T.

  6. I think her lack of style began with her choice in her wedding gown. The dress was Blah as far as I am concerned and it won so many rave reviews. Kate’s choices are always safe. She does not have to be outlandish, or tasteless, but she could be a bit less restrained in her looks.
    I also think she needs to cut her hair. It’s obviously thick and healthy. But at her age, she needs to be a bit less girlish and a tad more sophisticated. She’s a perennial schoolgirl when it comes to her mane. I bet a top hairstylist would LOVE to get his/her scissors on Kate’s locks.

      1. She has stated that William likes long hair. So I believe she will always keep it long for him. I like her hair, I think it is pretty. I also don’t think she has to cut it to make it more sophisticated. Part of the problem is the way she curls the ends tend to look more juvenile. Maybe some layers would really help?

        Sometimes I wish she would let her curls out, or maybe just turn them into soft waves. Does anyone know why she always straightens her hair? There are photos from university where it is pretty curly/wavy. I think that would be a nice look on her

        1. If she would just put her hair up for her appearances, so it’s not in her face all the time when she’s talking to people or giving a speech, then it would be fine. She could keep her long hair for William or herself, and it wouldn’t get in the way for work, if she would only put it up when she’s working.

    1. I thought Kate had a lot of messy not quite right outfits before she was married but she was a woman without access to the royal family’s war chest at that time, so I forgave Kate her little too short skirts, her ill-fitting jeans, her boring clothing combinations and so forth. For someone who dressed herself, on the whole, she did better than a lot of people I see walking down the street. Now, I’m harder on her because she has access to unheard of resources to the rest of us. She should be impeccably dressed for appearances. She shouldn’t have all of these misses and not quite making the mark outfits. Not with her resources. She has the flyaway skirts, the too short skirts, and clothes that aren’t quite tailored right. The sleeves are too short or she’s trying to alter her regular wear for maternity wear and the fit is off on a jacket. Sorry to ramble.

      1. I actually think Kate’s style has improved since she married, because I actually like some of her married outfits and I was not a fan of her non-married outfits.

  7. I love Kate’s hair. My issue with Kate’s clothes are that she will wear something that is appropriate and doesn’t use the weights (causing her dress fly-ups to overshadow the event) or she totally get’s it wrong i.e that UGLY black dress she wore at a recent appearance (causing that UGLY dress to overshadow the event). I really want to support Kate, but she can be very frustrating!

    1. She can be frustrating. There are times when I want to love an outfit, but something will be off and I just can’t. And then of course all her missteps. So annoying when she wears something that’s proper length and then it flies all over the place.

    1. If Pippa can do a good job at GMA why not? She’s not a royal person and she is in the spotlight because of them. I think it’s ridiculous of people to expect her to act like a royal without any of the resources of one. A royal box for the day is a nice perk but not a living.

      If the rumor is true we will see if she can do a good job …

    2. I don’t mind it if she wants a job at NBC. Like Jennifer said, Pips isn’t royal so it’s not like she shouldn’t be able to have a job if she wants one. I doubt the palace would be too thrilled, but they can’t tell her not to take a job if they aren’t going to give her a job to replace the one she’s missing out on. If she does take a job there, I hope she does a good job with it.

    3. Problem is, just like when Diana’s brother did this, it is clear that IF she were given a job on TV, it would be because of her sister – not her. Pippa has no media training, she doesn’t have a life-long passion to be a reporter, she hasn’t put herself through school and struggled to make a career as a woman in front of the camera.

      She’d be handed a job because of her sister, taking the opportunity away from someone else who has worked AND TRAINED for it. That’s my problem with most of what Pippa has done – it isn’t earned on her own merit.

      1. My2Pence I am in complete agreement with you! Pippa has absolutely no education and training for this job. There are people who have sacrifice so much to get this type of job and have done everything to earn the right for this type of position. Pippa shows up after wearing an inappropriate bridesmaid dress at her sisters wedding and moves to the top of the hiring list….unbelievable!!!!

        1. Pippa isn’t even a media personality because let’s face it, she doesn’t have enough personality. I wish Pippa had stayed at the two jobs she had when Kate married-party planning for Table Talk, a society party planning service amd writing an online newsletter for Party Pieces. Who knows? If she had stayed out of the limelight (and not associated with those gun flashing fools in Paris) she might have landed Alex Louden or one of the other aristo boys she was chasing. It seemed like that book was slammed shut on her when she chose to make her loving as a celebrity instead.

      2. Pippa has no credibility. It’s unfortunate that a University education was wasted on her. When she appeared on the Today show and said she thought her sister’s wedding was just another “family wedding” and didn’t understand what the fuss was about, I nearly lost it. Clearly, someone who doesn’t read newspapers or follow current events has no business being any kind of correspondent. Frankly, I think she should stick to what she knows best: attending weddings, making appetizers and gold digging. Oh, where is Nico in all of this? Are they on a break?

  8. Oh and BTW did you see the interview she did on the Today Show!!! It was awful! I think someone at the Today Show is trying to get close to the RF or something. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe it’s in alignment with having Jenna Bush and Chelsea Clinton on the payroll (both Jenna and Chelsea are more qualified than Pippa). There is a motivate here by someone at the Today Show….come on Today Show… Pippa!!! You got to be kidding me. Pippa should stick to the family business or marry up like her sister 🙂 ! Not a big Pippa fan, can you tell!

  9. 1. Does Pippa even have a “personality” to go on television with? It seems to me that all the Midds are airheads.
    2. Edward VIII did abdicate b/c it was unacceptable for the monarch to marry a twice-divorced woman (and an AMERICAN to boot). It seems really hard for us to understand, but divorce back in the 1930s was VERY, VERY rare and scandalous. Divorced people had a very hard time in society. It went so far as divorcees’ being forbidden from being in the monarch’s presence until the 1970s.
    The fact that Eddie and Wally were pro-Nazis didn’t help, but most of the British Establishment (including King George VI and Queen Elizabeth) were pro-appeasement after living through the horrors of the First World War. There is a big difference between appeasing Hitler and supporting Hitler but it wasn’t as if the rest of the British Establishment were itching to go to war to beat the pulp out of the Nazis. Also Western society at that time (and especially the British aristocracy) were notoriously anti-Semitic.
    The main reason Edward abdicated was because the majority of his subjects would not accept twice-divorced American Wally with two living ex-husbands as Queen. The fact she had a hermaphroditical appearance didn’t help. But it was a matter of morality and fitness to serve the Crown as much as politics.
    3. I don’t even bother reading any of the supermarket trash liners. They are full of factual errors and have a hysterical tone that grates on me almost as much as Willy and Waity’s lack of work ethic.
    4. What DID happen to the Air Ambulance? Maybe it dropped by Cambridge University to take away that pesky agricultural course that Willy was supposedly studying in the spring.

  10. Did anyone else hear that Kate was seen shopping for kitchen stuff today at Peter Jones store? I know it is pretty shocking that she was seen shopping because she never goes shopping. I can’t blame her though. With 3 appearances almost 3 weeks ago, followed by a vacation in Scotland, no one could blame her for needing retail therapy. Especially since she is still dealing with her morning sickness. Life must be pretty rough 🙂

    1. I saw a tweet about that, that someone saw her while out shopping. Lol, she’s got five appearances in the next week and a half, she’s got to shop to mentally prepare herself. Then she’ll need a nice vacation to New York City after that to de-stress. 😉

  11. I do not hate pippa! I know she is attracted to fame & fortune! pm has to be careful not to be a target, so no one uses her to get to the r.f. I am hoping pip does not get in trouble? This is not to put her down, but i wonder if Pippa Middleton can be trusted to stay out of trouble? CrazyAMG & My2pence i agree with you!

  12. Seth, I agree with you. And I do not think the Middleton family has nearly the money they want the world to think they have. There is no way that silly party costume mail order house is worth 30 million pounds. Has anyone ever examined Party Pieces books? Or is it just taken on faith that everyone is telling the truth.
    Did you know that William paid for their Bucklebury “estate” with money he inherited from Diana? Now if Carole, Michael and company are so fabulously wealthy, e.g. jet-setting to Mustique blah blah blah, why couldn’t they pay for their own bloody manor house? The truth is, they can’t even pay for domestic help. Does Party Pieces have any other employees whose last name isn’t Middleton? And, how is Carole running that 30 million pound company if she’s constantly on vacation or enabling and coddling her daughter? It makes no sense. I suspect the whole family is financially propped up by Carole’s brother and the “amazing success” of Party Pieces is just a smoke and mirrors act.

  13. Julie, I did hear that Willy helped pay for their “estate” with part of his Diana inheritance. I wonder how much of it he has left. I don’t know much money Party Pieces actually makes but I bet the number is inflated.

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