Kate’s taste for Duchess-ing came early when she played Eliza Doolittle in school play

Kate’s taste for Duchess-ing came early when she played Eliza Doolittle in school play

Our dearest Katie Middleton seems to have been the right royal actress in her youth.  She was in a few plays in school, one we’ve known about for a while (where her character was told she’d marry someone rich), and now it’s come out that she played Eliza Doolittle in a production of My Fair Lady in 1993.  Here’s the Daily Mail article about it.  I saw the Sun article about it earlier but I don’t subscribe to the Sun’s website so I didn’t have full access to the article, so I didn’t cover it.

Let’s just say Kate wasn’t the best actress and leave it at that.  I can forgive less-than-stellar acting ability because she was 11.  Something cool is that she was acting alongside Andrew Alexander who is now an actor on Downton Abbey and in the upcoming Monuments Men with George Clooney. Good for him.  Kate supposedly had a crush on him, but who knows if that is true.  And even if it is, it doesn’t matter.  She set her sights on William a few years later and stalked him until she got the ring, who gives a sh-t who her childhood crush was.  What I think is funny/stupid is that Kate could memorize her lines as the star of a play in grade school, but can’t memorize a short speech as a royal Duchess.  She must have actually cared about the play, and must really not give a sh-t about Duchess-ing.

I take issue with a quote from the Mail article, it says:  “Kate… is said to have struggled with the Cockney accent at first, but ‘took to being a lady like a duck to water’.”

First of all, yes her Cockney accent is terrible.  Second of all, said by whom?  The writer has used the passive voice deliberately in an attempt to hide who actually made the comment about Kate taking to being a lady like a duck to water.  You know what that makes me think, it makes me think that the quote giver is none other than the cauldron-stirrer herself, Carole Middleton.  Who else would remember a school play from 20 years ago?  Who else would the Mail have been able to dig up that was actually at that school play from 20 years ago?  Also, the taking to being a lady like a duck to water is just such pro-Kate propaganda (because they think if they tell us how great she is enough times we’ll start to believe it) that it had to have come from the Middleton camp.  It’s like, ‘here’s this commoner who played a commoner playing a duchess who is now totally a real-life Duchess, she’s so perfect you should all love her.’  Ugh.

So, Kate seems to have been in a few plays in her youth, on top of being in every single sport her schools offered.  She was a busy little bee.  I often wonder about kids who do every extracurricular like that, because you know they don’t love everything they do, if they’re doing everything.  Reading about all of Kate’s extracurriculars makes me even more confused about who Kate really is as a person.  Her likes in school are so varied that it doesn’t give any insight to her true personality behind the “royal” mask.  I wonder if Kate wanted to be an actress at some point, and was forced out of it.  It might explain why she wanted to go to Hollywood so badly.  But then again, the celebrity culture of Hollywood would also explain why she wanted to go to Hollywood so badly.  Again, I just don’t know about her.

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  1. I’m not going to rag on an 11 year old’s acting or accent skills! BUT you make an excellent point that she was able to perform on stage at a relatively young age, but can’t do a 3 minute speech now?

  2. Doesn’t the Daily Mail ever get tired of acting/shoveling PR for Waity? Its been old for a long time. Time that rag moved on.

  3. i have already given up on kate, we should concentrate now on who harry is going to marry, and i honestly believe chelsy davy made him happy and she was hardworking, i did not like the way she got soo much bad press, but protected this calculating lazy woman/child

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